The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 27, 1940
Page 8
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PAQE French Put War In Hands Of Man Now Bitter Ant i- By N'EA Sm'lce In (he hands of a mnii once labeled as ' a 'lover ' of Germany," Prance has put Die job of carrying out more vigorously Die war against HHler. He is Paul Reynaud "llltle giant" of French politics, today the most uncompromising opponent of German Naziism In the French government, It was In 1323 Unit Rc'ynand wns first called pro-German In the Cliamber of. Deputies. The late President Polncalrc was Impudent with Die Germans for their failure to pay reparations. He went to the chamber and asked, (or support to send troops Into the Ruhr. He got Leon Daudet to suoporl him. •'.-•' POINCA1RE ATTACHED PRO-GERMAN LABEL Andre Tardleu' countered opposition, said the British wouldn't stand for it. Then a little mnri ("The. Mexican," tiiey called him) took the floor, siild "No" also. It was Reynauel's maiden speech. , Later, Pplheaife' said to Daudet: "Your speech: was French, Tardieu's was English, but Reynaud's was German." The story got around and Paul Reynaud was 1 labeled. The label stuck even more firmly after Reynand, 8s minister of nuance tmcjor Tardleu,. went to Germany, and began conversations with German leaders with n view toward appeasement between tlm two historic enemies. Nothing cam c of the conversations because of Prenclr'lntolefahce. Had France heeded German appeals there may not have beer) the financial collapse ot the republic. And liad not the republic collnpsed the world might Irave missed Adolf Hltier. -So titter irony Is heaped on the newest crisis- In French politics BECAMfc CHRONIC ONE-MAN M5NORIT1' But crises arc not. new to Reynaud. Hi> thrives on them The French Petit Journal once said: "He seems to have a vocation- leader a', the opposition." Reynaud has been a cabinet membei many tunes. He was mui- ister of finance under Tardieu minister of colonies in the two Laval cabinets in 1931, and lto2 rninlster of justice in the Tardleu cabinet Jn 1932 and minister . of justice and finance In the Daladicr cjbmet of, 1938. He was minister of '.finance when the Daladler government resigned. ,;ln-1934 shocked France by .advocating devaluation of the fr^nc. ,'. '-As 'the greatest French finance *f Pf-?L he w »s the man to tackle the job of devaluation once it was approved. FORECAST. AMERICAN DEP8ESSIOIV IN. 1829 ••When 'the. war started, RoynaucJ *«>;, responsible, for consolidating French resources, finance, produc- tton. He modified the 40-hour week defied trade unions, changed the tempo of -social improvements to geir for the war. ' "•"You cannot pursue n policy cf social Improvements and at the s».iir dme expect the country to get prepared for a life and death struggle mil. a power twice the size of your own in men and resources," thundered Reynaud ,He is a hard-headed pessimist, predicted the American crash hi 1929, also foresaw its length -Hb financial philosophy Is summarized In n (cw words' "It is unsound to borrow money ft «l per cent to buy stocks yielding 2 per cent." > Steele-Cooter Society.—Personal New French Premier,. Wife (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS.. SotM Day for Missionary Society. Social day for the Missionary Society of the Steele Methodist church was held Monday in the ncme of Mrs. Lucille Stephens when she and Mrs. John Frame and Mrs. A. J. Overture were hostesses. There were 18 members and three, visitors, Mrs. H. J. Knight Mrs. J. j. Knight, and Rev H s' Holley, present. The meeting was 'opened with prayer by Mrs o A. Dunivant after which the . devotional was given by Mrs P p. McCutchen »no was then in charge of the World Outlook Program, she was assisted by Mrs. Gerald Brooks, Mrs. Edward Lee Taylor and Mrs Dunivant. Rev. Holley gave sn interesting talk oh "The Haunted House," which is known as the Warrington house which he vls- EXPERT : BEAUTY WORK CALL 106 app.JX.enl Margaret's BEAUTY SHOP REDUCE SENSIBLY Mrs Paul Ke\mud New fii<,( lads ol the Ficiirlj cabniil (lies her own plane. ited In New Orleans. La., while In Ural city two weeks ago attending the Missionary Conference. A cnrd of appreciation from the ladies of the Holland Methodist church was read by Mrs. McCutchen after which it was' voled : Unitl the society would serve at the "Fellowship banquet" which Is to be held at the church on Friday evening, April 5th. Mrs. J. if. Workman, Mrs. Raymond Brooks mid Mrs. E. E, Bent on were appointed cis n committee to plan the menu for this affair. The hostesses served chicken salad samlwlclie.1, pickles, angel food cake, fruit punch mid coffee. Next Monday the society will be entertained In the home of Mrs. Gerald Brooks. Caruthersville Society—Personal Miss Margaret Everett and Koyi Lsiwson, both of Ohlon, Tenn., were married here Easter at ihe Methodist church, the Rev. w L Meyer performing the ceremony Monday visitors In New Miid- Mr. and Mrs. Dick Roland were Sunday visitors In Memphis. Miss Esla Bernstein who Is attending the University of Illinois at Champaign, .spent Easter here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs J Bernstein. She was accompanied by Miss Shirley Smith of Chicago Those from out of town .who were ' '— "--o *•»*. tt* tjiiuiil i jvf re l he couple were attended by Miss , ~ TTllynlinlli r\tn4..1.. .. , _ A/ - r,. the liapdst L'.idic!! Have Business meeting. There were twelve members of the Woman's Missionary Society of the Sleele Baptist church who were entertained In the home of Mrs. Sims Michic Monday afternoon. After the general routine of business was transacted, this being the regular monthly business meeting, they adjourned to meet next Monday for n social day. • * • Mr. nnd Mrs. Fenncr Russell and daughters Hattle Lou and Pauline and Joe Hiissell spent last weekend* In ' Ulray, Tenn, with rcln- livcs.'The lattcr's mint, Mrs, Hinson,.of Luray, who had spent several weeks .here vvjlli relatives, a>- turued to .her home in Luray. ,Snpt. and Mrs. Jack Wimp spent Easter at ..Jackson, Mo., as cuesW of'the : latter's- parents, Mr. and Mrs:. Van.-; Ambcrgh. ,:Mrs, • Vivian Doza and family ot Paul Reynaui!; Since he's been In the International swim lie'j been labeled both pro and anti- Gcrmau. ..V.H.ULU UY AJJVl Elizabeth Daniels, it cousin of the brlcle, and Tom D. Vaughn of Cot' Point, Mo. The groom Is of Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank Liwson of Obion, and Mrs. Lawsou Is the daughter of Mrs. Sadie Everett ol the same city, near where they will reside on a farm, I.ncky Nine Itli'cls Miss Cynthia Robinson eiitw- tnlncd members of the Lucky Nine Club nnd three guests tit, her hume Monday night. Guests were Misses Tennle Tlpton sml Janice Bri^il and Mrs. CHfocrl Hanoi of BellvWe High score prize was won' by Mis Rululi Goodhi and Miss Brl°hl received high fjiiest IH-IKC. Both pri/cs were handkerchiefs. Miss jewel Williams cut for consolation «cil received a ticket to the Biisincs.' ami Professional Woman's Bingo After the games Miss Robinson served sandwiches, potato salad fried pies and coffee. * * » Jolly Nine Meets Members of the Jolly Nine Club held their regular meeting-(it die home of Mrs. R. C. Dent Monihiy night ivllh Mrs. Marlon Bnrrovr as guest for the evening. High score prize was won by'Mrs. M. R. Rowland, and Mrs. Miiucl Green won second. Botli received hosiery. At the close of the evening the served n snlnd and dessert course. SI." Mary's, Mo., spent last weekend here with her sister, Mrs. W. M. Johnson, and family ut Crockett and also In Cooler with Mr. and Mrs. James K. Cassldy. Arthur Ashcrnfl of LlJboiirn spent last weekend here with his mother, Mrs. Grace Jones, who hns been seriously III but who is now Improving, slowly. L. E. Cooper Jr., returned to Nashville, Tenn,, Sunday where he Is attending VanilcrblH University after spending Hie Easter holidays here with his parents, Dr. and Mrs. L, E. Cooper, Mrs. Cecil Brown Is recovering at her home from n major operation performed at the Walls hospital in Blythcvllle recently. Andrew Crawford, who was returned home last week from the Memphis Methodist hospital where his condition was considered critical, Is Improving nicely at his home at Maplewoocl. ' Mrs. Fred Fors.vthc Sr. of Tyler, who suffered n stroke of paralysis last week, is unimproved. Kirsl N'lghters Meet Mrs, Robert wllfci hostess to tiie First Nlghtcrs Club at her home Monday night. Mrs. Stanley Green way wns club guest. High score prize was won by Miss Maxuic Baird, low by Mrs. Robert Gross and Mrs. R. \v. Balid brldgo'ed. Mrs. .Grecnway received guest prize. All'-prizes were polled plants. f'-, After the feamcs the hostess served tunafish salad sandwtclies pickles and olives and stuffed an- gelfocd cake with whipped ^crenm and punch. : •.->.-• * * • Mrs. J. E, Slaughter anil - son, Jimmy, of Memphis arrived Monday for a visit with Mrs. Slaughter's mother, Mrs. C. W. Curlin, and other friends and relatives. Mr. Slaughter brought them here'find returned to Memphis ; the -• snme evening. '-.,'•• '•' • E, B. Hope and M. D. Ambii|-gey The beaver uses a split nail on the second toe of a hind foot ns a comb and toothpick. NERVES? Cranky? HcstlcsaJCan'lslMp? Tir^easily? \Voriled eluc to tcmalc (unctlonal diiordepi? TJien try Lydta K. Pink ham's 'Vc r ctuUe. 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Visit your Chrysler dealer today! ________ ~k Tune in on Major Howes. Columbia Network. Every Thursday, 9 to 10 P. if, E. S. T , sheer to attend tha Bebout- nuptials were A H lilnckshecr of Galveston, Tex fa- , a- ther ol the groom, and Mr. and Mrs, R. L. Wrape, Mr. and Mrs. D ne, Will Mlnklus. Bobby NoWe and Rudolph Epfrussl, all of Paiagould, Ark. Tommle Lcc Blaekford, 9 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Blackford, submitted to an emergency operation at Paragould, Ark , Saturday night, ills mother Is with him and sent back reports thai he is getting along nicely. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Daulton spent the weekend in Nashville, Tenn, ivllh Mrs. million's parents, Mr' and Mrs. I,, Mitchell. Tjjelvin Rlckard of Feslus spent the weekend here with friends. Lynmi Amburgey, a student nl the University of Missouri at Columbia, spent, the Easter holidays here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs M. D. Ambiii-gey. Mrs. N. W. Helm and daughter Betty Ncal, nnd Misses Nonna and Ben Holt spent the weekend In Hot Springs, Ark. Miss Arlene Oliver of Jefferson CHy, Ma., spent Easter here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs Vest Oliver. Miss Charlotte Kay Miller spent ihe Easter holidays In Columbia. Jefferson city and Kansas City, Mo., with friends and relatives Earl Powell of Little Reck, Ark spent the weekend here with his parents. Mrs. Gilbert Hazel of Bellville III., arrived here Thursday for a visit of several days with relatives nnd friends.' Mr. ami Mrs. Sam Sikes of Bly- tlieville, Ark., spent the weekend here with Mrs. Slkes' sister, Mrs Prank Wilks. and Mr. Wilks. Mr. nnd Mrs.- Jack Langdou spent the weekend In St. Ixinls with Mrs. Langdon's -parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Servey. Mrs. Maude Bragg and Wilks spent tho weekend In Cape airardoau where Mrs. Wilks visited her daughter, Mrs. Lcroy Frost, and family and Mrs. Bragg visited relatives and friends. Luxora Society—Personal MJss Stanfletd vVed To Sudie Cftll Jr. Announcement was made today of the marriage of Miss Rayburn Virginia Stanfletd and Sudlc Cecil Jr., both of this city. The ceremony was read in the home of the Rev. and Mrs. Paul Klrseley of Parma, Mo., Dec 20 by the Rev. Mr. Kirselcy. Mrs. Cecil, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. p. s. Stanfiold was a popular member of the Junior class at Luxora high school. Mr. Cecil, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Siidie Cecil Sir., is In business with his father. ' The couple will lie at home temporarily with the bridegroom's oar- '' WEDNESDAY,. MARCH-27, 1940 To Elect Officials For_Pilpt Bail Club CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., March 2T.—Roy w. Harper, secretary n! Hie Caruthersville Pilots Baseball Club, member (cam of (lie North- cast Arkansas class D League, mi- noimccd today that a mass meet- lug of club officials and fans would be held al the courthouse Friday night, March 29, at 7:30, al which time a new board of directors for the 1840 season would to elected, as well as officers. Present officers are; Judge M. R. Ron-land, president; Roy W. Harper, secretary and business inaiin- gw; and board of directors,' V Ralph Hutchison, Sharon 1'ai John Scott, A. B. Rhodes, W. L. Cantrell and D. P. Randolph. Harper and Rowland are also members of the board. Simple Ringworm Itch To get relief from the Itching and burning discomforts and soreness of simple ringworm, use Black find \Vbtto Ointment, the soothing, cooling antiseptic dressing that destroys the responsible fungi upon actual contact. -Use with famous Black and Whito Skin Soap. Wear] Omirler Mews u-am ans Metropolitan FARM LOANS las. B. Clark Olencoe Building niythevllle. Ark. 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