Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 8, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 8, 1934
Page 4
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f A. , '*• I ' --U* ?' \ A President's Mate HORKOXTAIi lj?Who Is the woman in the , picture? 12 Frozen water. 13 Extra tire. 15 Rowing device. 16 Crown of the ,* ftead. 'it Play Ing card. IS To pierce with | a. knife. ) 39 Encountered. _il Slice ot bacon. ?15 glare. | iS Footstep. 129 Ottoman. }30 Drink of gods, f 33 Species of pier. 3 33 To drink dog* fashion. '•'•$$ To Tnlue. '39 Street boy. '•48 Set of three. 45 Emulates. 47 CWW. 4S Chaffy part of grain, 49 Persian gOTernor, Answer to Previous Pti/./U: in New SILotly self- respeef. tpl.). 53 To bo sick. 54 To decamp. 57 Wrath. 55 She was the wife of President . :>.<> And was married in the House. VERTICAL 2 Inlet. 3 To perform. 4 Born. 5 Compound ether. 6 Gaiter 7 Golf teacher. S To soak flax. 9 Call for help at sea, 10 To make lace. 11 English coin. 14 Measure of area. 16 Her father was the president's law . 10 She was born York. ?l> Badge of valor 2^ Form ot "be." 23 Dry 2 t Derby 25 Mineral spring 26 Epoch. 27 Wa.tr.on track. 31 Tatter ;!4 Lump of butter. 06 To be of use. ;'7 Name. oS Ever. 40 Feeble-minded person. 41 Neuter pronoun. •".*. Three. 43 Semidiamelers. 41 Sluggish. 46 To rescue. •IS To concoct. 49 Membranous bag. 50 Chum. 51 Postscript. 52 To observe. 55 Mother 56 Natural powei 23 45 37 36 > 33 46 555" 50 55 1 48 15 £5 Z9~ 10 II Z7 57 Shover Springs Health is good in this community at the present. Everything is being burned up on acount of the dry weather. , Miss Ruby Walker has returned to her home in Naples, Texas after spend • Sell It! Find It! Rent Itl Buy It! in the Hope Star Market Place Remember, the more you tell. Ow guicker you sell, 1 time, lOc line, min. 30a ¥of ,consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one ad, 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c 6 times, 5c line, min. 9flc 26 times, 3%c line, min. $2.VO (Average 5V4 words to the line) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation oi statement, before the first, publi- catiort Phone 768 WANTEI« TO BUY Old gold and silver. Mr. Phelp gold buyer, under Government licens D-12-89, will be in Hope at the Barlo\ Hotel all day Thursday, Friday an Saturday, August 9, 10 and 11. Pay up to 524.00 an ounce cash for a' kinds of old gold, jewelry, watche rings, gold teeth, fountain pen points eye glasses, frames etc. Hunt up your old gold, bring it to the Barlow Hote Inquire for Mr. Phelps. We buy a- kinds of sterling and com siver. Est mates and appraisals freee. Telephon for special appointment. 8-3t STUDENTS interested in making up High School Work call Glenn J. Durham, Phone 213-W. 8-3t BE SURE — Insure with ./Etna. Wayne H. England, Phone 475. First National Bank Building. 4-6t jig ceveral days with her aunt, Mrs. W. McWilliams and other relatives »re. Mr. and Mrs. Barto Bearden, Mr. nd Mrs. Chester Darwin called on Mr. nd Mrs. J. W. McWilliams Sunday fternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Early McWilliams and amily spent Sunday with Mrs. Silas anford and Mr. Sanford in Hope. Mrs. J. W. McWilliams returned .ome Saturday after spending several ays with her brother Frank Walker nd family in Naples, Texas. j Cecil Laseter spen Saturday night with Parker Rogers . The revival meeting her last Wednesday night there were 35 additions o the church, 15 being by baptism. The church wil be greatly revived jy the new additions. The singing school closed here last riday night. Mr. Davis taught a good school. Work on the E. L. Austin well will .Jart up again this week, the well laving been shut down to install another boiler. •TENDING Two States League Clubs— Won Lost Southwestern .............. - ....... 12 Goodyear ................................ 6 Atlanta ............................ ........ 4 Hope ........................................ 5 Southern Association Clubs— . Won Lost New Orleans 26 Chattanooga 19 Nashville _ 20 Memphis 20 Knoxville 1'f Atlanta • IT Birmingham 16 ittle Rock 15 Screen doors—Hope Bldg. Mat, Co. FOR RENT FOR RENT—Five room apartment in my home, vacant now. J. A. Sul- 'livan. --' 7t P FOR SALE FOR SALE—Gun Shop, Piano ar.d Victrola. Mrs. R. L. Taylor, S15 West Sixth Street. _7-6t FOR SALE—Young Jersc-y cow with three-months-old heifer calf. Reasonable. Phone 1EQ. < "'^ V __ Used parts for all cars. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. 16-26L gest Paint Sold—Hope Bldg. Mat, Co FOR SALE—Trailer, 5 ton Hahor ijr.it 34x7 Duals—16 foot Stake Ber With Ridge Pole and Tarpaulin. Ca! 22. Thompson Bros 4-3 Used cars bought and sold. P. . Lewis Motor Co. 16-26t. Wall Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. NOTICE NOTICE— V/e have moved to Hop Fruit Co., Ill South Wain Street Bring your cream, eggs, and poul try to our new place. Thanks. J. E> 12 15 16 21 19 23 22 22 Pet. .800 .429 .364 .357 Pet. .684 .559 .556 .488 .472 .425 .421 .405 Clubs- National League Won Lost York 67 hicago • 62 St. Louis 59 Boston 53 Pittsburgh 49 Brooklyn 43 Philadelphia 43 Cincinnati 26 36 41 44 52 51 58 61 67 American League Clubs- Detroit New York . leveland .... Boston Washington St. Louis ( 1 hM.,f!'--lr,lin Chicago Won 66 64 36 34 48 44 37 Lost 37 38 46 51 55 54 51 68 Pet. .6331 .602 .573 .505 .490 .426 .413 .350 Pet. .641 .623 .549 .514 .466 .443 TUESDAY'S RESULTS Southern Assocation Birmingham 4, Atlanta 0. Chattanooga 0, Memphis 2. Nashville 13, New Orleans 11. Only games scheduled. National League New York 6, Brooklyn 4. Pittsburgh 4, Chicago 1. Boiton 3, Philadelphia 1. St. Louis 22, Cincinnati 0-3. Anifcrican League Chicago 6, Cleveland 2. Detroit 12, St. Louis 8. Nc-v York 4-3, wasmngton 3-6. PhU-deh-.hia S, Boston 4. l LAUNDRY Properly L 'PHOKE ''6 sh Suits Properly Lacndc d SOc HOWS STAK, HOPE, ARKANSAS OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN OUT OUR WAY Wednesday, August 8,1934 ••mm i i.»inJl^Ll'iL...Ia.^^»»^ l J* By WILLIAMS TRAFFIC A "BOULEVARD TO S16NAL TOR A LEFT TURN, . AND T>OiN6 &<e> NMLES AxN HOUR/ cSOSH, I HWE TO LET YOU ' <=>0 TH-RU.3UST BEIN6 A UTTTLE SHORT OF SETT\N.<=> A RECORD / -7 LETS SEE—-HAVE YOU BEEN SHOOTING ^^ A Y¥ ,-^ ,,,^,^ -m\ "DUCKS,OUT OT- SEASON 9* "DO YOU KEEP / A TEST RUN / W ANY GOATS IN THE >£) OTY LINMTS? S HOOPLE IS THE N. OR DO YOU PUSH J|% A BANANA CART, 1 -^^° WITHOUT ^ -^ HOOPLt -^s@^ , OFFICER—I GO) N^ TO TURN \N GLOWlNCb REPORT OP YOUR ALERTNESS TO DUTY, TO . THE SAFETY COMMISSION! COMPLAINTS HAVE BEEN SENT IN,ACCUSING YOU STERUN6 CHAPS OP NE<&LlGENCE. AND 1 WAS / WO WONDER \ / I COULON' P(WD \ YOU — COME ON HOME/ THEY GOTTA GET Rlt? OF A MILLION TICKETS _ THIS BEAUTIFUL. CAR VOUR TICKET STUBS DATE OP DRAWING TO BE AMNOUMCED LATER. LICENSE-«? A TICKET, / HEROES ARE MADE-NOT BORN, ja \>i4 BT MCA scnviet.i"gf 8-9 Discouraged! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES voo CP\KJT < e>vNv > K wtw. ,TV\O 'T 'B^ EXCEPT VOOR'btV.'F I VOltet 5O<yt ^ VOUR. VvtfVSX.VOU CA>M\ VO\ <b ^.'O 9OV\_ OK> VOO VOO MAM ?>t V-\OY.O\ViG VOOV2. CV\\K> OP, VOO ^tN'T VWDOVNiCb V-Vc. -I ^4¥M«,il^ By HAMLIN ALLEY OOP THERE, \TTV SftURV, THftT'S WHAT HAPPENED TO A FOOL\SH DINOSAUR VJHO DIDN'T ^^AS^ER COME ON, 1TTV 5AURV, WE'RE GOING OUT TO SEE YOUR OLD D1NNV— HE'S STUCK UP IN A TREE AND CANT GET DOWN. HE PROBABLV 15 PRETTV LONESOME- WASH TUBES Wash Speaks Out of Turn! TRY TO THIWK V WELL, THERE'S OP 'OMETHIMQ THAT'D \TENN15 M B/6EBALO BE 1 JM TO MR. BOARPMAN,] 'M'HORSE RACES WA& ^I'M RUMWIMG PRV. 1 'W YACHTlW 'M- IMPOSSIBLE.' CAKJ'T YOU THINK OF SOMETHING MEW? SOMETHIN3 D1FFEREMT AND THRILLIMG. j^ rvC"t-W/y i EASY, I t?OM'r THIM^ MR. BOAROMAN'S By CRANE BRAT.' rtb THROW HIM oar OF THE HOUSE I'VE JUST COME BACK Ff?OM A - TRIP AROUND THE WORU* AMO TXAT BRAZEM IPIC7T TELLS ME 1 NEED A CHAN«3£ OF SCENE. PL . HAVE VOU UNDERSTAMD/ VOUMQ MAN,THAT I HIRE THE BEST MEDICAL ATTEWTIOKl iw AMERICA, ive PAID ENOUGH TO DOCTORS TO MAVBE YOU NEED LIV£ A THOUSAND WARS. J A CHANGE OFSCEME, THEM. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Time on His Hands By BLOSSER TALK ABOUT PECULIAR FISH ! 1 CAUGHT A BIG ONE OM THE BANK OF RIBBON FALLS, AKI' WOULD VOL) < BELIEVE IT, WHEW I PULLED HIM IN, HE HAD HANDS .'.' m^r^-^^ k,.w C-. SURE...I FIGURED MAYBE HE WAS AW OLD VETERAN OF FISHING WARS, AND DECIDED TO GROW A PAIR OF HANDS So'S HE COULD TELL THE OTHER FISH HOW Bla THE FELLOW WAS THAT HE" GOT AWAY FROM.... n WELL,CHARLIE ,1 GOTTA ) ^_ BE GOIN' ; I RECKOKI ! I'M J . V TAKIM' BieFOOT / W !^ T f JOHNSONS PLACE,, y-I^E TROUBLE HE'S LAIP UP,' ' Wl ™ BI&FOOT GOT A JOS STAMPIN' OUT FOREST i ,^ E?UTTw/O DAYS AGO HE RUM ACROSS ONE AN' WAS SO ANXIOUS TO PUT IT OUT HE GOT HIS FOOT CAUGHT IN A CANYON...SO I'M OUT LookiN' FOR FOREST FIRES.' ONLY ABOUT OKIE OR TWO A SEASON.,.1 TELL YOUj IT GETS MIGHTY DISCOURAGIN'!.' DO You FIND VERY MAKIY ? THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) 0 THE PAST WEEK, THINGS BEEN , ALL OVED TCW/N- PW ) LONG'S HAT, HCS. BABY'S BGfTTLE.MCS, 'S PtES- TViE. COME WJCX^G QUIET, NOW-hE AND THE JUDGE HAS GOT FEW QUEST\ONS WAHT TO ASK YOU, <&-.< J DON'T GET TOUGH WTTME-I WNT BEEN IH CHS BEQG TEN i GOT AH THfi THEj ItXDMT BELIEVE. HAD / TW3 THIE.VIN' T'DO WITH XBG'SINESS THE POBBEWES THET'S AS BAD BEEN GC*t4' ON, AND I WAWA LOCK H»M UP A Suspect! 'EWr,WA\T'LL 1 FIND t-IV By COWAN YOU THINK VT iS,fiD- GAVEL, AND WE'LL OPEN couar-wHEOE: IM TADNA-nOH IS i THAT GAVEL 1 ? ~ ps- 'v "^ ' h'a I ve ALWAYS LE>ve rr Tavcnr ON YEQ

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