Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 8, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 8, 1934
Page 3
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. August 8,1934 SOPS, ARK It takes so little so make us sad; n slighting word or a doubting sneer, Just n scornful smile on some lip? held dear, And our footsteps lag, the gon) seemed near, And we lose the courage and hope we had— So little it takes to make us sad. It takes so little to make us glad: Just the cheering clasp of a friendly hand, Just a work from one who can understand, And we finish the (ask we long had planned, And we lose the doubt and fear we had- So little it lakes to make up p,lad. —Selected. Mis. William Mctcalfo, and Miss Sue Coffmnn of Detroit, Texas, and Mr. Lessie Coffmnn of Oalveston, Texas, are the house guests of Mr. and Mr. H. D. Coffman. Mr. and Mrs, Brents McPhcrson find daughter Palsy Jane, left Wednesday for their home in Little Rock after a week end visit with Dr. and Mrs. Don Smith. Circle 3 of (he W. M. S. of the First Methodist church held their August. meeting at the home of Mrs. A. D. Middlebrooks on Park Drive, with Mrs. C. Conk as joint hostess. The business period was conducted by the vice Chairman, Mr. Don Smith, and the ile- otional was given by Mrs. E. M. 'ooley, A most interesting prograii wns led by Mrs. O. A. Graves. During the social hour the hostess servec a delightful ice course with cake. Miss Elizabeth White. The honoree was presented with a dainty gift Fol lowing the game a delightful i cc course war .served. Out or town guests were Misr Hildegard Klrspel, Miss Evelyn Hoyse and Mrs. H. A. Davis Jr ill of Little Rock. ' Frank How?,>n Jr., has returned to his home in DcQueen after a visit with Mrs. Happy Prichard and other relatives. John G. Blaylock wns a Tuesday guest in the home of C. C. Collins, en- route to South Carolina from New Mexico, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Dulin Jr have as guests at "the Pines" Misses Hil- fiiird Kirspel, Evelyn Roy.se and Mrs H. A. Davis Jr. of Little Rock. Mr. and Mis. E. J. Green and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Taylor and sons, Wilbur and Wayne of Beeville, Tex., were Tuesday nighls guests of Mr' and Mrs. Dan Green. Austria Plans to Peach Prices f? 7b Mr. and Mrs. Gene Htill and little daughter loft Tuesday for a vacation in St. Louis Mrs. E. J. Baker and little daughter KaOicrinc Ann, who have boon guests of Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Acker left on Wednesday for thir home in Little Rock. -- o ----Mrs. M. H. Barlow has returned from tin extended visit with' Harry Barlow and Mr. and Mr;:. Frank Howsou in DeQucen. Mrs. W. 'I'. Gorham left Tuesday for a vacation tour to Memphis, Wahington, Philndc>!])hia Atlantic City, New York and other intereting cities of the East. Friends of Mr. Edwin Dosfetl will be glad to know that he is improving after a major operation at the Josephine hospital. o-.— Dr. E. L. Ausliii is making a business trip to Dallas this week end. o——— Honoring Mrs. Diekson Watkins, a charming bride of last month, Miss Elizabeth Middle-brooks entertained Tuesday .afternoon at her, .home on Parkway Drive. The color combination pink and white was very beauti- .Ylly emphasized in the decorations, bridge accessories and refreshments. Bridge was played from four tables with the high score favor going to f. O. B. shipping point information reported for Monday. August fi: NASHVILLE, Ark. Hot and clear, ulhiRs heavy. Good wire inquiry, leniand good, market .steady. Carloads ..o.b. cash track ami usual terms— Klbei-las US NOo. 1 bu baskets 2 in mini.35 to I.Sfl; Commrciats 1 3.4 in min 80 per cent or more US No 1 bu baskets 1.00 to 1.25. CLAHKSVILLE, Ark. Hot, and clear hauling.'! increasing. Twelve cars out on rail, approximately 20 by truck. Moderate wire inquiry. Demand is moderate, market about steady. Truck load.'- cash to growers; Elhortns commercials bu baskets 1 3-4 in min GOc to Oflc, 2 in min 1.00 to 1.25. CROWLEY RIDGE SECTION, Ark. Good wire inquiry, demand good, mar kct steady. Carloads f.o.b, usual terms and cash track. Elberfas, US No. 1 2 in min 1:50. Sales to truckers unclassified 1 3-1 in to 2 in min 75c to 1.00. MACON, Ga. Hot I, showers. Haul- ings increasing. Harvest in Central Georgia is practically complete. Good wire inquiry,, demand good, market ilifihtly stronger. Carloads f.o.b. cash track and usual terms Elbe-Has US Vo. 1 bu baskets wide range in size and quality, early sales 2 in min 1.15 o 1.215, few best as high as 1.50. Six basket crates large, few at J.25, med- .11111, 1.1.0, small C5c. Some shipments in contract. CANDOR, N. C. Hot and clear, Haul, ngs fairly heavy. Movement at peak Major Key Given Sweeping Powers to Complete Campaign VIENNA, Austria — (/P)_ Austria's unrelenting campaign against the Nazis was placed in the hands of Major Emil Fay Wednesday. HP wns under orders (o wipe out the Nazi influence, and has been given sweeping powers to achieve this end. Nine members of the Vienna police force went on trial for their lives Wednesday on charges of high treason for participation in the raid that resulted in Dollfuss' death. -~«o» IV«». — Transcontinental Run Made on $31 Magnolia Economy Tost Covers Route 'of MISS REED SCORES (Continued from Page Onfe) row from the R. F. C. "Hnrvcy Couch says if a bank in Chicago could borrow 95 million dol lars then the whole state of Arkansas ought to be able to borrow half thn much." Miss Reed scored conditions nt the stale penitentiary, where 14 convicts were shot to death, charging that i was "peculiar that escaping men should be shot in tho face." She nsked: "Did you ever r-ee an escaping man run backward?" She scored the use of convict guards, and the practice of keeping men guards at the women's prison farm, resulting in tho death of Helen Spencc Eaton. Miss Reed further charged that executions at Tucker Farm were made public spectacles, open to everybody, notwithstanding the fact that tho law -icverely limits such attendance. She snid that conditions were cle- ilornble at tho Stale Hospital for Nervous Diseases, assorting that when Kingsland patient, died in thn hospital his relatives sent up $109 to the lospilal to pro-pore him for tho funer- 1; but when they wont to the hos- lital his body was delivered to them or burial stark naked. Using Mobiloil and Mobilgns exclusively, mid Airflow D<; Solo has just crossed America, from Now York to San Francisco at an entire cost of 31.57 for pus and oil, according to data ro- crivcd from the technical staff of the Magnolia Petroleum company, refiner • """'> POLL TAX LAW (Continued from Page One) and distributors of Mobiloil and Mob. ilgas. No attempt was made to set any speed records, as the trip was purely an economy test, officially supervised and sanctioned by (he American Automobile Asocialion, to show how little it need cost the average molr.rist to cross the country in a modern car uHng modern gasoline and motor oil. The test was folowcd with intense 'y to I'c held August U to all residents of the county, regardless ol whether they possess poll (ax re- Will Rogers at SaengerThursday "Handy Andy" Co-Stars Comedian With Pea-cry lETT 1 Wood A total of li.OOO persons is expected to cast ballots in (he primary as a result of the action, officials said, although the total vote at the last primary WHS only 1.77C. Members of the committee said the action was taken because of distress interest by Magnolia dealers and ag- i among residents of the county as n cuts throughout the Southwestern' result of the drouth and depressed states a.s it verified their statements regarding the economy of these world famous products. An officially evonomy murk of 21.'112 miles per gallon of gasoline was met on the ,'i,OI9 mile trip and the Mobiloil was changed each 1,000 miles, no other additional oil being used. Harry Hart/, famous racing driver, who poloted the car, termed the transcontinental run a real test of Mobiloil and Mobilgas. "Four days of travel over roads of business conditions, explaining that the number of poll taxes paid has been reduced drastically. The vote of the committee was 14- to-7 in favor of the action. Subject (o Tine LITTLE HOCK.—In its ruling on poll taxes Tuesday the Scott County Democratic Central Committee ignored an Arkansas law which has been all descriptions in altitudes ranging incorporated as a part of the rules of from sea level to "l.tffi feet, in heat and cold, showed us that: Mobiloil and Mo- bilgas perform under any and all con- the Democratic party in this state. Section 8!l of the party rules, which is a statute, road as follows: ditions," Mr. Hart/, said. "It is a com-! "No person shall be allowed to vote forling fact (o know that these pro-' at any primary election held under duct are of uniform Infill quality right, the Jaw of this state, who shall not across America and will give perfect I exhibit a poll tax receipt or other ev- performance in any climate or alti- idcnce that he has paid his poll tax tucle without oven a miner carburealor adjustment." Mobiloil and Mobijgas were purchas- within the time prescribed by law to entitle him to vote at the succeeding general state election." ed at. Socony-Vaciumi stations en route i Section flit (also a statute) makes it anc'l the trip was made in about the same time a train would require for the journey. About 38 miles per hour "fr- '""'.j •«•-*««,,. j,iv**.iuv:iii. it i ijv:uiv j,,.' .. ,. • i Monday and Tuesday. Moderate wire : '? tl , lal c n Y ln « timc was '";«'<-• in H P ltc ; nquiry. Market about steady. Car- ol "cadwuxls, rams, sandstorms and Never play Tennis on Matinee days (Tues. & Thur.) because fou'll find it much cooler at the— NOW Every day i.s "Contest Day"—vote for your favorite when buying tickets—contra!, tickets NOT good after Saturday night. U.v<- them now! MARY BRIAN PHILIPS IIOLAIKS XASU PITTS oads fo.b. cash track and usual terms Elbertas US No. 1 bu baskets 2 in nin ajid 2 1-4 in jnin mostly arond 1.50, occasional car fine quality and condition heavy to large sizes 1.55 to 1.60, few low a.s 1.35 to l.-IO. Cartoon "Gypsy Fiddler" -Addi'd- IMusical "Going "Spanish" THUR. & FR1. Matinee Thur. at the antic's of Will in his newest and best pic- lure to dale. l c ires, wmstorms, explosions and collisions do NOT respect persons of circumstances. INSURE AGAINST THEM. Soft-Ball League Is Forming Here 3 Teams Organized, With Total of 6 or 8 Expected Orguinzution of a soft-ball league, representing possibly six or eight city I teams, is expected to be completed here within the next few day:;. Three full teams have been organ- ised and plans were underway Wednesday for orf/ani/alion of a fourth team. Announcement was made of the Julia Chester Hospital team to be Dr. L. M. Lile. Players were announced as: Frank Ward, Sweeney Copeland, Frank Stanley, Albert Stonequist, Bob Morris, Dr. Jim Martindale, Carson Lewis, Clyde Monts. E, I'. Young, Roy Anderson, John Gulhrie, Carter Johnson, Herbert Morley, Bob Franklin, Kendall Lemley, Tom Kinser,- Dr. L. M. Lile. Other teams already organized are: Williams Lumber company and the Loreco Oilers headed by Sid Bundy.' II was reported, that, a team to represent Hobb'.s Grocery was being or- gani/ed. The Julia Chester hospital team is scheduled to meet Williams Lumber company Thursday night under the flood lights of the high .school athletic field. Proceeds from these yames after expenses have been paid, will be contributed to the hifeh .school athletic fund. Results of the first soft ball game played Tuesday night: Williams Lumber company, 20, Loreco, 19. other trails which proved the ability of Mobilgas and Mobiloil to maintain a misdemeanor for "knowingly casting a vote when the voter is not a qualified elector as provided herein," or for "knowingly receiving of a vote when the voter is not a qualified elector as heroin provided." Under this provision, those who vote Will Rogers is uproarious in "Handy Andy" which opens nt the Saenger theater Thursday according to reports from Little Rock. In the picture hi.« wile, Peggy Wood, wants him to play —and he does And thereby hangs -no,-,1 of (he hilarious situations that jo to make this his funniest, picture Tilings run smoothly as long as Rogers is in his drugstore. But when he sells out. and starts to play, he finds ife complicated, First he raises pig- =ons, until they escape into the house. 'hen he tries golf with screamingly unny results. But the climax conies when he goes vith his wife to New Orleans to'at- end the Mardi Gras. He refuses to lend the ball with her. Later, how- ver, wandering around alone, he en- punlcrs a fellow druggist and his ovely girl friend Conchila Monlene- •o. Mellowed by a few cocktails, Will tlenfle the ball with her. Later, how- nd ho chooses n leopard skin as his ostumc. A few more cocktails lend irn the courage to try an adiago dance •ilh the lithe Conchita. Then the fun egius. His rough and tumble dance arts a fight that ends in a riot. And there's a surprise ending that, hasn't been divulged in advance of the showing. BAILEY LASHES (Continued from Page One) cill/ens suffer at. the hands of a business-political conspiracy. Dismissed Indictments "Norwood dams me for indicting men for wife desertion, and then dismissing those indictments. "Let me tell you about this: In these hard times there are some family men who throw up the sponge and run off and lenve their wives and children to shift for themselves. They become a charge on the community. "I organized as a division of my office the Domestic Relations Bureau. We sent after these men who had run off from their families—and we brought them back. "We indicted them—but. it they agreed to go out. and try to support, their families once niQre the indictment was dropped. What, good is a husband and father in jail? "A family man myself, with a wife and .six children, that's how I looked at. the matter. "And Norwood dams me for it." Boss Pendergast Sweeps Missouri Kansas City Machin Nominates Truman for U. S. Senator ST. LOUIS.—An overwhelming victory for (ho Kansas City Democratic organization of T. J. Pendergast in iuesday's primary election was indicated Wednesday as Harry S. Truman mncreased his lead in the senatorial race to more than 73,000 votes. Ret urns from 2,50(5 of the sloate, G9 precincts gave Trumann 188,624 votes; Representative John J. Coch•an 114,792 and Representative Jacob L. Milligan, 85,325. The figures included 418 precincts n Jackson county-center of Truman's strength, and 2C7 in St. Louis, home of Cocliran. Milligan, supported by .senator Bennett Champ Clark for {he icmmation, obtained a large share of lis strength from rural territory. Political observers said Truman, jarring an ounexpected show of trength by one of fhis rivals, was as- ured of the nomination and would neet Senator Roscoe Patterson, tin- ipposed for the Republican nomina- ion, in November. Dr. Brinkley Defeated TOPEKA, Kan. -(#>)- Suppoilcis f Governor A. M. Landon, Republican claimed his renimination Tuesday night on the basis of early returns irom the primary giving him a 5 to 1 lead over his only opponent, Dr. John R. Brinkley. NEW CROP LONAS (Continued from Page One) with Secretary Wallace's idea for "ever-normal" granaries. In bountiful years the stored grains would be held off the market. Ownership would be returned to farmers without repayment, of the loans if they would agree to cut production the next season. Thus supplies would be kept at about the level of consumption plus amounts assured of sales abroad. Some have complained that tittfh* istwatioh card wo* f ejected feeti tiwy fatted to dot an "V or fend Jb* " breviated street or avenue. Long and his adjutant geenral, mond Fleming, have not b«wi since Sunday but Tuesday Senator Long was reported at the &60*eVdi hotel in New Orleans and Adjutant General Fleming at Jackson BarrMfc*. LONG HOLDS (Continued from Page One) hold the books until the September primary election of two 'members of the national house rof raun-Fei the national House of Representatives Representative Paul Maloney and J. O Fernandez endorsey by Long are being opposed by two Walmsley candidates. Possession of the registeration books gives the Long candidates a great advantage. Walmsley supporters say they were not permitted to register and would not be permitted • to vote A scientist reports that the universe is G.OOO-million light years in diameter. Some day one of these scientists wil make a statement that we will catch him on. An English aviator has built a model airplane wit hautomatic controls that is flown successfully with a motor of A Cool Laxative For Hot Weather It's more pleasant and better if you refresh aur stomach when you take a laxative in t weather. Just chew a delicious Feen-a-mint li« mint chewing fium laxative. All you swat* ow is the beneficial cooling mint flavor, fuf saliva juires and a laxative which you never taste. Doctors prescribe this laxative ingredient in Feen-a-mi<it—and because you chew it, the laxative is distributed more unir formly into the intestines to give a. gentle, yet thorough action. Delay it dangerou* so today get back on scheduU, Chew non- Sabit forming Fecn-a-mint for constipation. NOTICE! Have that old Mattress Renovated. We make them look new. Call for and deliver. Give Us A Trial Home Mattress Shop R. E. Hatcher 115 N. Hazel St DRESS SALE Entire Stock Cotton and SHfc THE GIFT SHOP Phone 252 * SALE * COOL Summer Wash Dresses Ladies Specialty Shop "Excuslve But Not Expensive" N O T I C E ! I have moved my shoe shop to the Hope Fruit Co. Store biiildhlg, All Work Guaranteed J. W. PARSONS Shoe Repair Shop Phone 667. We call for and.deliver 111 South Main Street K NORTHWEST DESERT (Continued from Page One) consistently satisfactory performance in ScoU cmmly witnout u t under any circumstances. I and election'officials who accept the NORWOOD CHARGES (Continued from Pago One) Pays Up to $21.00 Cash NOTICE WANTED TO BUY OLD GOLD AND SILVER y.s Up to S21.0U Cash Hotel Barlow, Thursday, Friday and Saturday ft'lr. PlKjlp.,. (_;olil buyer, under Government License, D-12-89, ut the Hotel Barlow, Thi'ralay, Friday and Saturday, August 9th, 10th and llth, pay; up to yi-I.IW an u,:. cash for all kinds of old gold, jewelry ..watches, j-inys, /.;ul.i teeth, fountain pen points, eye glass frames etc' Hum up your old gold, bring to the Hotel Barlow and Inquire for Mr. Philips. We buy all kinds of sterling and coin silver. Telephone for special appointments. Estimates and appraisals free Gold Is CASH IN YOUR Gold Is CashOLD GOLD AND SILVER Cash keep on, konwing sooner or later somebody will beat him. The man doesn't live who can get. away with what Norwood has gotten away in thc.se hard years. XXX His reference to "buck private" i.s silly. Everyone knows why I titled that, editorial "The General Meets a Buck Private." j Norwood had boasted that he was a ' first-class lawyer and Car! Bailey was I only a second-class lawyer. i His employes call Norwood "The \ General." If a first-class lawyer i.s j a General, that would make a second- | class lawyer a Buck Private, wouldn't' it? Why talk about the war? ( What tho people of Arkansas are concerned about on August 14th isn't ' the war—but the "war debts" Hal i Norwood has helped to .saddle upon i this .stale as a first-class lawyer who j consistently advised the State Highway Department wrong. XXX Norwood says Claude Duty wrote i the cost-plus contract, opinion "without iny knowledge." ! Nobody but n man lit) years in public office would have the almighty ! brass to declare that he turned the ; most important financial opinion of his entire administration over to a : subordinate. i H isn't true and you. Mr. Citizen, know it isn't true. For everything that i.s printed in thiy newspaper I am responsible. For every opinion issued by Ihe attorney general's office Norwood is responsible. If I were to make a conjecture : would be this: Norwood bad Duty do his dirty work for him—and then when things got hot Ihe General fed Duty to the fij-.li. What 1 mean is, lie threw liim overboard. Naturally Duly didn't like it. So he's in somebody ehv's camp this year, and about as welcome ; . ls you can imagine anybody would be welcome around a political cam]) with Ihe puiu'enl smell of a fie.sh semiila! hanging in his clothes. XXX Finally, if ihi; people of Ilempsleail county really want, to hear Leffel Gentry l;dk, let Ihcni asl; him what he tried to tell me Somebody told him who hail heard it, previously from Komi-one in Lilile Rock about Car) Bailey N private life. accept the ballots will be liable for a fine of from 5100 to $500 and a jail sentence of from 30 days to 12 months. Furthermore, the lows provide that in an election contest, any ballot cast by a voter who is not a qualified elector may be thrown out. Records in the state auditor's office show that 3,000 poll tax receipt blanks were sent to Scott county this year, and that the collector issued 2,756 nncl rot urn ed 2*14 imu.sed. ROOSEVELT TO WASHINGTON- ROOSEVELT to Washington --(#>)— President Roosevelt crossed the seared plains of the Northwest Tuesday night with a message of hope that. |h(j r .government would do everything possible to counteract the hithertofore unsoluble problem of drouth. The president frankly told a dust- laden crowd at Devil's Lake, N, D. Tuesday morning that he did not know the solution, but he gave his assurance amid cheers "I will not give up until I can give my good service toward solving the problem of North Dakota." Smiling facps looked hopefully at the president as he left his special train at Devil's Lake. Signs pleaded for di- version of tho Missouri river to revive this lake and region. "Engineers have not found a place lor a dam to make this possible," he stated. "I have a responsibility. I can t build a dam unles I have the best engineering assurance that it i.s not only the right thing, but the safe tiling to do." But he did promise an early conference to review intensive studies being made of the project. The presidential special reached Minneapolis, heart of one of the country's most troublesome strikes, for a brief step nt: midnight. The train proceeded during the night to Rochester, Minn., where the president stops Wednesday to participate in honoring the Mayo brothers, whose nationally known clinic is established there. Bigger Than Ever! Re.vall Factory to You SALE Profits sacrificed to make more friends. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The KEXALL Store" Hope, Ark. Established 1885 Will Speak lay, Am A18RM, ,0n the City Hall Lawn In the Interest of His Candidacy ——— —•" — * ; Be Sure to Hear Him H) noaam WARNING OKOKU j No. 2840. In the Chancery Court ! of Ht-nipstead County, Ark. ) | Elizabeth A. Wilson Plaintiff vs. James A, Wilson Defendant The Defendant, James A. Wilson, is i hereby warned to appear in this court | within thirty days and answer the 1 complaint of Ihe Plaintiff, Elizabeth I A. Wilson. ' i Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 1st day of August 1934 (SeaH DALK C.'. JONES Clerk' Aug. 1-8-15-22-29. A handy compartment lor gloves and purse. O Adjustable iront seal ior a driver ol any height. >TpHE fact is, many women forwomentohanclleandpark; J- did. Tor this new Ford car The Ford V-8 has all the was definitely planned to meet safety features modern engi- the needs of women as well neeringskillcandevise—a V-8 as men. • Engine, Torque-tube Drive, That's why you'll find a All Steel Body, Welded Steel special compartment for your Spoke Wheels, Safety Glass purse in the dashboard and and many others, sun-visors for your eyes. Remember, too, that the That': why interior fittings Ford V-8 is the most econom- have been so tastefully de- ical car to operate Ford has signed. Why a finer grade of ever built. Not only that— upholstery has been used. Ford V-8 delivered prices are Why brakes act on the slight (.•st touch of your toe. Why the .steering ratio is 15-to-l in order to make this car easier AUTHORIZED decidedly low. ' a adult. F. O. B. Detroit. the Authorized ford Finance Plan. FORD DEALERS • A steering ratio that makes parking decidedly easy. "trrm-Ttr] Tnrrnrniiri -- -- -r-- •- Plenty of body, head, and leg room in the rear seat.

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