Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 8, 1934 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 8, 1934
Page 2
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O /Kgfltejf^ Deliver Thy Herald, From False «*«*-*>? afternooft by Star Publishing Co, Inc. star buudla * «- Preston* a WAJSHBURM. Editor and Publisher Kntefttdti matter at the postoffice Tt Hope, AstaamST tftwfcr the Act of March 3,1897. ^^ *b? ns*spaper is an Institution developed by t»«W«ltth* news of th* *y, to foster centre* ^cufat«I advertisements, and to furnish no cotetftutfon fca ever been abte to Payable in Advanceh By city : *» year $5.00. By mail In' Hemprteadl laFayette coxmties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere $500 per • .»••.?. ««•«»•«= uuuug memorials, ine Star disclaims -~- 1«-«... - f any unsolicited manuscripts. Watchful Waking Your Health By DR. MOffiBlS F1SHBEIN Editor, Journal of the American Medical Association, and at Hygela, (he Health Magaifeie :==~y- i. |T | SfiEoBEH — ,- . <•- , .••;.' _' i Sleep Otrt At fiight, .But Avofd Insects j By Q/ive Roberts Barton Once people had the j Vacation's Time for -.superstition was due to the fact «T"S ** ^ d ° n0t get that mosquitoes'«affle up in. the night | In doing so it is better not carrying malaria, and people who slept tion the words "tcad," or cut at night were bitten by the mos- | the child I>S WXi - beCatoe *** Wtth ^ I When ° ne thi "ks of it the best les- „,_ rapidly, so that today large I Take trees for acmes and some apartment houses are ; have deliberktelv eqiupped with sleeping porches. our - - - in tha summer many people like! to casnp out and sleep ir Political Announcements t J^n 81 "? '* authorl «d to announw K* """Wing 05 candidate* subject to tne action r\t *v,« rs ^-.. . SIDE GLANCES — - i 1111 , .. ____ . - . ^drtegaa^/AttgmL^isk e Ckfk Angnst 14, 1934. For Slate Senator (20th District) JOHN L. WILSON fat Sheriff QEORCJE W. SCHOOLED W. AUBRY LEWIS CLARENCE E. BAKER •I- E. (JIM) BEARDEN Comity & Profcats Judge H. M. STEPHENS County & Prnhnte Cletk f AY E, M'DOWELL JOHN W. RIDODILL ,___ Tax Assessor MHS. ISABELLE ONSTEAb H. L. CLEE) JONES V. C. (CRIT) STUART Road Overseer (DeRoan Township) E. L. StTLLIVAN L. S. MAULDIN FRED A, LUCK and Tie Up Second Defeat Atlanta 12 to 8— Darkness Ends Second at 2-2 a measure of —•«—•" "v IT \^r i^Av*av.ir OL 4nceiannr ui Unless we contentment from whatever life "of- our eyes, and fers. names, our j If you want to look prettier, er and healthier, iw c^OTp out ana. sleep in the open air th u — *-w*u\r JJLUJI «-• onu ucanjijtri, act .yuur mina on The healthfulness e£ the procedure on i IK-Ire n«r fh" S I !f d ft ° m those hap P iness ' Resolve that you will give -hot nights cannot be questioned j Jtowfrs and fe A f" "J S ^ > T T* °T ** leS that y ° U Can>t Certainly, circulating fresh air is * , ers a . nd b '™ s - As for the stars, « do anything about. op exceedingly, hot nights the open i so air is much cooler than sleeping be- j tween any kind of walls or under! coverings. ' You should realize, however, that j '£ people o a 6 P ' They're Eager to Learn ?-" ldr . en are avid to learn - No matter how busy you may be, are I .set aside a little time every day for ' some pursuit that really gives you pleasure—reading, playing the piano, looking at beautiful pictures, even cooking if that's what you like and never get a chance to do. Worry Makes Lines Steel yourself to make decisions and keep to them without regret. Many facial liner, are caused by vacillating worry over whether or not you've dons the right thing. You've done all you cah do v/hen you've done your best, and worry won't mend mistakes anyway. Practice laughing, or at least smiling. Learn to see, take and tell a joke. Don't brood, and if your feelings have been hurt, go to the person who did i% anc talk your grievance out. That will clear the air and alro your complexion. Not to speak cf what it will do to brighten your eyes and beautify your expression. avoided if you understand u«:.a. There is the danger of biting by mosquitoes, which is. easily overcome! through use' of mosquito netting. Any < one who sleeps in the. outdoors on! any kind of a bed, ought to be pro-j tected against foraging mosquitoes. ^ f' iJ? 1616 "'• is no reason why an outdoor bed should be any, Oess comfortable 1 than one indoors. Nowadays, reason' able prices are asked for " couches which have simple springs and mattress suspended from a trianguar . „ „ frame work. The suspended bef" !f f anetS? H T many o£ us had to less likely to be invaded by insects or ? y ?, ° Ur enc >' cl °Pedias when "Arc- other pests than the one which rests %" nv ° P ™ d ** b , i f/ air?J upon the ground. , «ny, then, let children do as we whether plants or in the ground? lima beans grow like how grapes grow? say it doesn't matter know or not. Well, per- any new fact added to knowledge makes life more interesting. If us a "look" of knowing and adas to personalitj-. We look at the stars nightly for dozens of years. Yet how many of us know their names, except some of the planets? How many of us had to . You can also provide such a swing- , have done, go stupidly through life under the big canopy and not know , i--•— » «w^> ,3«-t^.ti 41 awing— ing couch with a folding top, like that *u V J^T" —" '""• •"•«"' of a perambulator, for the baby This T™* luminaries that few may be used in case ram develops! people L have fonnd use for except to suddenly,, or when there fa. necessity M™T' How . be a"^ul" It isn't enough, of keeping off unusual,drafts of wind j- -, f nowin S e V e enjoys beauty in- There also should be available a 11 ™ tely more than the unknowing one. rolled oilcloth, or other waterproof'- are fascinatin g- To know covering to go- over the bedding in case rain comes up. Don't think, however, that sleeping SOPHIE KERR'S SUPERB LOm STORY 3 % jtfV-'-V VS.MX>-S> tX-Sf *'~ I~'A -rtsf~ u,.. ~ . suddenly that I'd Hire to give her a chanre." "Oh, I era.' A chanca for what es- artiy?" "A elianor- to got rait of this flow '•''Bin into, the mtd- A efrance /or luxury, travel, lovely clofhes, meftlng ,. - • . people whoso nanipg are in the Last nisbt, quite unexpectedly," papers all the time, theaters, music said Jane sweetly. "How are you. art, all that sort of thinr dear-how well you .ookr I „„ anyonfi ^ come ^ ^ MANGY wan Rittinp very straight on the rofa r her Ryes wary, her expression defiant. Before her, fn Miss Rosa's most pomtortabln chair, was Jano. "Oh. hollo. Jsjie," raid Amy, "I didn't know you were .here. When did yon come?" little riiy and die of l.hinRs. scarcely keep from smiling. Nancy could licep still no longer. "Mother, M:ss Terry's been asking me to vinit her in New York. Sho'd »- -•—••»*•*>,* ( tM«afc jnce^/ijjg outdoors carries with it any panacea aga;iiit all types of illness. , There is ! no ali-in-one road to health. It their names is a tiirill. Stop aaiu , count. How many varieties can you' identify off hand? One need not learn.! the names of all the thousands, but 1 needn't ask. I suppose. How do yon l-r.2p your complexion! It's really marvellous. And Aunt Rosa tells me that besides being a fac- a hundred will add to one's ^ beauty education and five a feeling of i (lore important to get plenty "of "rest! i mp ° rtani:e ' There ma .V be only a and slnon in^n™-,, *»,«_ ._._., ! dozen or twenty in the immediate vicinity of where you live. How about teaching the child the names of these? m» ™ r .~.- >«,;,;;;: s? a'S^saSKia -V.-1,,,; „,„ ,„,„,,„ „ ,, m \S' t '- attm »~ "»»»« '"«•«' Hsht out of the Ijlue!" raid Amy. I narentiv "A«f1 f ... n ^ ; i. I ' *** - — o-" f **-*** y ui icat I and sleep indoors than one or two; .hours outdoors. ( For those who like the outloor air however, and for those who enjoy on- j Uirds and Flowers .•exceedinfly delightful. A Tough Ruler—But His Land Was Happy—Here's a Saitric Novel en a Ruthless Dictator By BRUCE CATTON Last year a number of us got all . names of nature's children. ay the y' n bc excited about a book called "The Journey of the Flame," bf Antonio , del Ferrio Blanche. It was an unusual book, filled with salt wit and ro- i rnantie incident. We wanted to see j rnore of the same. Now this author has given us an- : ether—"Rico, Bandit and Dictator"— and it is just as much worth reading' . as the first one was. f This one U a novel about a Latin- American dictator; Rico, v,Vio wa.i born in a jungle village, became a bandit at 16, made himself ruler of his country by the time he was 20, ruled despotically for 20 years, and then quietly vanished from the face of the earth.—presumably to enjoy his de-' "Why, rny dear, clining years in peace in Europe, with happened to you? botanical names. Delphinium, galar- dia, scapiusa, nicotiana, pyrethrum, salphoglotis, all are just fragrant pink, blue or yellow posies after all. Too bad flowers insist on text-book names. Some one should rename such as i these. Birds? A lady asked the other day what a bright red bird was that whistled like a boy. It was a cardinal with that top knot and that whistle; and she has been through two colleges. She says she only knows two birds. Thus it goes. Of course we can't knew everything. But don't let the children grop up without knowing but I couldu't possibly do it—I menu, there's so much here and—" Jane broke in with a composure "Jane." said Amy, very solemnly, "if you are born with a small- town nature you never change! her come. Amy—you niust think it odd, my speaking to her nbout now, i must so along'home. I won't U T ,tho,nta, ljl n S u overwith^r m," yin" first. hilt tt'ull ,,,,, «IJ -..i ,,_: lt iuu -l«JI«b- . have time to.see Miss Rosa today but I'll be in soon again. How long By Sophie Kerr That, woman: The'great big nerve of her! Patronizing me and telling tne that Marburg is a dump." "My heavens, don't howl around ™! Sim meant to DB kind, you Vnow! She didn't need a lot of preliminaries to invite the child of ono of her oldest friends to see her. And she could have given you a very good time." "So she informed me, down her nose! Well, f just stared at her, trying so hard to be youthful, and you know. Mother, when you think about a woman 'how young aha looks' it's a sure sign that her real youngness is gone. And acting as if Marburg was totally inhabited >y a moron peasantry! I wouldn't hare gone if she had offered me a liamond tree and a ruby hush! Mother—/ dlrfn't W:e. her—I didn't Ii!:e her one bit!" Amy in sud- J't say that!" It came to her with a rush that she could have devised no more terrible judgment of Jane than those words uttered in that way by Jane's own child. "She has lots of good finalities. She has, really." first, but—well—my old friend's daughter—and all that—and I could five her a very good time, penthouse apart- own car and chauf- = Some GLORIFYING YOURSELF y Alicia Hart fetir—1 motored here, by the —and I was thinking ol this summer, and what would be to have ;;nnieone yoiinq and fresh and Kay—and so vrry pretty—to RO with me." "Mother and Father and young i Howard and I wr>rR in Rurope last summer." cafd Nlmcy. the most marvelous time. I v.-ouldn't rf.ally care to go ro roon again." "You "You can write me a list of 'em ."ornetime," said Nancy, stili wrath- two. Probably lul ' " Jt vvan ' t talte more than half a second. The worst thing was, she , said she hoped 1 wouldn't be con- S HE went with Amy to the door j tent to setll ° down l»:e you and live _..., ,„ ... . , , . ... . In'this dull college life! Oh, was I "Only n day or '11 go tomorrow." ATLANTA, Tcxas.-Darkness halted (lie second game between Hope and Atlanta here Tuesday afternoon with the score tied at 2-ali, after the visiting Storks had taken the opener of the Two States League doubleheader 12 to 8. The nightcap was called at the end of the filth. Manager "Bear" Allday of the Rabbits had smashed a home run in the second inning. Vernon Schooley, Hope shortstop, had a perfect batting record in the first game, hitting five out of five— a two-bapger and four singles. Five Hope runs overcame Atlanta's 8-7 lead in the ninth inning. Elliott, Hope second sackcr, homer- ed in the eighth, and Stone of Atlanta followed suit in the same inning. Kelly hurled ihe opener for Hope, with Bernard Henderson opposing' Mays of Atlanta and McKee of Hope pitched the deadlock. First game: Hope— Ah Elliott, 2b a Russell, c 6 Riiey, Ib 6 V. Schooley, ss 5 B. Schooley, 3b 5 Harrell, cf 5 Kennedy, rf 5 McClendon, If .... 5 Kelly, p 5 Totals 48 Atlanta- Ab. R H. I 1 . Stone, cf 422 Northern, Ib 511 R. Allday. If 3 3 Henderson, p 4 McGHvery, o 5 Taylor, 3b L.......... 5 Petitt, ss 4 Glass, rf 2 Mays, rf l Totals 38 By innings: Hope 002 031 015—12 Atlanta 201 000 320— Second game, score by innings: Hope 000 20—2 Atlanta 020 00—2 If 1 I" I JJ'-irfi'.rJi I MI wmm; -'of - v 01 wonderful about winning fhat after r,o '' ' v.s havn ' Most hinls close thpjr eyes by shutting the lower lid. A paryj/i d leg muscle lias beeu su".. cessfullv replaced wilh ;, steel spring by a German doctor. More than 70.000 young men and women are being sent through college by the federal government at an es- timated cost cf more than one million dollars monthly. ^ Refinish Your Floors Sanding Machine for Rcnl Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical Appliance* ' Phone 259 and in the brighter light they at one another with apprnis- . ing intores'.. Amy f?aw an elegant "•'and exquisite woman whons beauty had been cherished and eared for In every possible way. Jane also naw a beautiful woman, ono who was neither elegant , nor exquisite, rather dishevelled,, nan 'and. if cot actually dowdy, at least^ two years behind the current mode. "Ooodby, Jane," said Amy, , ' saw you. I'm very glad B Avoid Wouy ir. Acquire Beauty on earth has I po.tively didn't --». v r— •- __-_,- _,_ _«, wj^v-j r/ivii '- — fj-"-*i«~ t«. i-w .jijii. t j^L/in vtrj y U tilt I I an English mistress and the 550,000,000 reccgiiize you! You look at least ten or so he had salted away during his vtars younger than when f saw you reitm. last." reign. But in addition to being a novel, it is a very sharp satire on modern government, modern customs, and human frailities in general. last. Have you ever heard one friend say that to iinothc-r? And usually, if you investigate, you will find that what has happened to the one who looks that." Nancy was r "Yep. I am," though It to monia touch certainly - d °I Ul an(1 er ' joy i£ ' cn( J . Mother, look here—are you Fiorry you married Father? Is It no awful to he R faculty lady at a nmall college? Do you feel hemmed in and thwarted? Did you ever iVel that way?" "There's a special reason for your ankin ° tnat - f sn't there? A Guaranteed Typewriter Repair Service O. W. MILLS 218 So. Walnut Phone 36 nor exquiniie, raruer dishevelled.*''"" 1 "•"""» 'bat, isn't there? j\ and. if cot actually dowdy, at leastj^ pecial reaKnn > with initials R. C.!" two years behind tho pnrront mr,rt m T fJorgooua color flooded Nancy's face. "All the more why yon Adding Machine Paper We Deliver Johnson Printing Co. Phone 31 should give me the real lowdown, i:;n't there?" she demanded. Amy did not insist on her guess. Nancy should tell her in her own time. In her own way. Instead she answered, honestly: "Nancy, I've loved every minute that I've been married to Howard, and—oh, just take a good look at me, nilly! Do 1 look cramped and thwarted? We've never had much money and Rico puts down crime, for instance, l[! " ye;u-.s younger is nothing rnore or by ordering that when a criminal trial ' eKS th an that something has made results in an acquittal the lawyers on her happier than she was. It may be both sides shall be shot. He permits tnal she has fallen in love, or con- freedom of the press, but silencts iracted a happy marriage. Or she criticism by abolishing all advertis- ma y havt succeeded suddenly in her ing and confiscating the estates of. work. I run on ! things "All right." that. Onodby. Miss Terry appreciate your asking rne " Bhnol; hand* r,-fth Jane and went I forward and pattfd out qmrl-ly. patently glad to g« : "rjoodby." -h» raid a-aln a *» ft «M,,, .,, i " l ' m E' a( 3 I told h', y-iu do It, Jane?" ' of your kind you always f hopo yr.u'il always have believe you She , will. Yr.u're that sort." She leaned arm. hard, but we haven't had quarrels and ppftine?? and commonness or misunderstandings, or the slightest shadow of unfaithfulness — and Full Pint . . . Kitchen Hand Lotion Almond Benzoin and Honey Lotion La timer's Astringent Distilled Witch Hazel Bay Rum Your Choice. 25c each B r i a n f s Drug Store Give Up Fretting ing and confiscating the estates of editors who displease him. He orders all army officers lo wear I Or better still, she may have learn- uniforma of private soldiers; if any fcd thfc l^son that w& all need to reginvait fails to recognize its officers ' _______ _ in such dress, the officers are auto- i sion, revolt and high taxes— and ev~- rnatically convicted of neglect of duty, ' erybody is happy and are executed I It a a mates a pungent and enter- As a result of faj» iron-handed rule, • taining book. Published by Hough- his land is fre« from crime, dissen- ton-Mifflin, it retails at $2. her?" * • • TANE lit a cigaret. "Oh, I don't J know. It was a hunch, an impulse. I'm lonely comctlmea. I've made heaps of money, Amy I got out of the market at the right time 'cay properties . I've probably lotit as little as anybody tu America during this depression, bardiy enough to notice it. And when Nancy came in here today, so alive, and so awfully pretty (and after all ahe Ja my child, Amy), l thought and I've watched and my investments those are the things I couldn't bear. No, any way you look at It, i'm a contented, happy woman." And at the same moment Jane was gazing at her satisfactory re- ~ . flection in the shining old pier" r"", , VCry Mran;le rn reRrh Into (glass in Miss Rosa's parlor, think- my reelings for U« old hate and i i Dg: "I've certainly had a narrow find it gone. And 1 V>Id her to stay Pscape from a wild impulse! I out of my life aod. on the eurface. mu st have been gagir to want to she certainly clayed. But in reality take the girl, brought up as she's -nes been a constant part of it for 'been, and BO obstinate! She'd never i she gave me one of my greatest j have fitted Into my life. And there I joys, Nancy. I love Nancy so Bear-' would always have been the con- ! ^ ? S rMK M I , do youn)i ' f*™* 1 ^ [trast—of age! I have so much, my : that Id >( be puzzled to tell the dlf-jhomc. ray friends, my work-any- enee. « • , j wa y y° u loolt at '*• '' m a tnoat . „, ,,., , , * 'happy, contented, fortunate worn\ i uer ov,n door che was met by . an ;» she added to herfelf, smiling a reproachful Nancy. "What on j " Po0 r old Amy!" i We have installed a new patented machine that sews on soles. Old fashioned tacks no longer necessary. No advance in prices. Give us a trial. All Work Guaranteed Theo P. Witt Shoe Repair Shop 210 South Mala HER mother wanted her to sit qt home waiting for some man to come marry her. Boots found sitting at home lonesome—and no men came. Read what she did about it in l 'Beach Club Girl" che new serial beginning Tom orrow Hope 11 Star Illllllllllllllllllllll,,,

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