Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 29, 1937 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 29, 1937
Page 5
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Wednesday, September 29, 193? HOPE STAR,. HOPE, ARKANSAS Star Dust By LEONARD ELMS , BOSSON'S SELECTIONS • Roy Dosson, writing in the Hot Springs Senlcnial Record, picks the Ljttle Roek High Scliool Tigers to win the Big 15 Conference championship this ycnr. Ho figures that Hope will finish eight. His selections: 1—Little Rock 8—Hope 2—Blythovillc »~Forl Smith ;V—Joncsboro 10—Russellville .(Pine Bluff 11—Forrest City 5—Cnmclcn 12-N. Little Rock 6—Hot Springs 13—Fordyce 7—El Dorado 14—Clarksvillc For last place he selects the Benlon High School Panthers. Bosson's selections are of course his own opinions of the leading 15 teams in the state. We don't predict that the Bobcas will be a the top of the heap when the season draws to a close—but we do believe they will be above eighth in the standings. Little Rock's Tigers will get a real test of their strength this week-end when they clash with Byrd High School's strong Yellow Jacket football team of Shreveport. Without benefit of 'Uirbnn or a crystal ball, we'll predict that Byrd will be on the long end of the score after the battle with Little Rock—say 18 to 0. Smackover to Bring Veteran Team Here Friday 'Lefty' Gomez and 'Red' Ruffing Will Give New York Yankees Plenty of Pitching for World Series I!) Pleased with the .showing made against Byrd High School last week. Coach Foy Hnnunons turned his attention this week to a pfiss defense to combat the reported strong aerial attack of the Smackover Buckaroos who play the Bobcats here this Friday night. The Bucks have throe veterans in the backfk'UI. composed of McHaney. Scott and Hayden. Britt. quarterback. ii.s the new man in the backfield, replacing "Tip" King, the all-state player of last season. The Bucks are coming here to al- .tempt to avenge a two-year defeat. They'll be tougher than ever, reports 'say. It will be the third game of the current campaign for Smackover. having lost to Camden, 19 to 0, in the season's opener. Last Friday Coach Allen Berry's team showed potential power in running over Lisbon, La., High School, 52 t'o'O. We don't know the strength of the Louisiana team, but 52 points is nothing to sneeze at. The Buckaroos will be led by the veteran Eddie Bark- eTT'Captain and left end. - - TT&s we look over this year's Bobcat football team we county half a dozen former Hope Star newsboys—Vasco Bright. Joe Eason, John Wilson, Mack "furner, J. W. Bcarden and Robert Jewell. This is supposed to be a true story. We quote: . "He was a little fellow—five-foot- two, 115 pounds. He wanted to be an athlete, so he wrote to all those don't£e*weak-be-a-he-man and lend-me-1 your-body-for-sevcn-days fellows on the backs of athletic magazines. And he bought all those silly gadgets for building up the back muscles and Shoulder muscles and forearms. And he put them up in his cellar and work- 9cl night and day to grow up and out. "It helped him become a sturdy, strong little devil, but papa and mama wore short, and so were their papas and mamnms, so he didn't grow. Despite his smiillncss, however, he was able to be a pretty good high school football player. He was named on the city's all-high. "Then he went to college, still five- foot-two, still 115. . . . "You're too little kid, I can't take the chance of having you killed," the coach said. And shooed him off the field. "The kid changed overnight. He who had admired athletes hated them now. As a fraternity brother, he blackballed every athlete who was brought Up for nomination. The boys finally asked him to move out of the house. He went back to the dormitories and Gomez Likely Be Starting Hurler World Series to Open October 6 in Yankee Stadium By RICHARD MeCANN NBA Service Sports Writer NEW YORK.-Ever since that blubbery, baby-faced fellow on spindly ihanks named Babe Ruth started bash- ng baseballs against the cornices of distant buildings, folks haven't paid •nuch heed to the New York Yankee pitchers. You always seemed to have the itn- iression that the Yankee hurlers were iust so many poor relations being sup- lorted by their more affluent brthren, the sluggers. And, so, just from habit, a fellow trying to analyze the forth-coming world series is liable to say it'll be a question of American League power over National League pitching. But a gander at the records this season—particularly in the last half of the campaigning—shows that the Yankee hurlers pitched right in and did more than thier share to meet the upkeep at Yankeca Stadium. Pitching, unquestionably, has saved the misfiring Ruppert Rifles in the last two months during which the Yanks drop-1 ped to fourth among the team in hit- ling. No Full Force on Hand This Your O'f course, at no time this season have the Yankees possessed the able- bodied manpower on the muond that a pennant-winning learn should possess. But what they have lacked in quantity they have made up in quality. Senor Vernon (Lefty) Gomez, The Gaofey, is the best pitcher in baseball at this time. And his playmate out there on the sand dune, Sir Charles Ruffing, The Red, is one of the best. And, strangely, these are two gentlemen the Yankees were expecting to get along without this season. Gomez, you know, was believed washed- up a year ago last spring, distrusted by the management and trailed by detectives last summer, and forced to accept what he called "a bat-boy's contract" this spring . . . "We've gotten along without you for two years—we can do it again. . So do as you like about coming to terms," Col. Jacob Ruppert declared. And, of course, you remember how the Colonel told Ruffing to take it or leave it and how poor old Red missed all the fun down south and several weeks' pay checks until he finally bowed down and surrendered unconditionally. Incidentally, Colonel Ruppert has already written out and signed a check for $1500 to present to Ruffing to make up for those lost pay checks. It's an appreciation for Red's cheerful, tireless work and refusal to hold a grudge. Gomez Has Compiled Splendid 1937 Record Manager Joe McCarthy undobuledly there concentrated on his studies. He became an honor student. And upon his graduation he became an instructor. "And pity the poor athlete in his class. He doesn't care if the fellow is on the table-tennis team, he better come to class prepared or he'll be flunked for certain. "The coach realizes now that he i.hould've let the little guy play." Lefty Gomez Red Ruffing Johnny Murphy f* Bump Hartley Mon to Pearson Pat. Malonr will give Scnor Gomez the starling assignment on October G when the series opens in Yankee Stadium. The Scnor has been positively sensational this year, staging the biggest comeback since rild Bill Perkins from up Muddy Valley way won the hog- calling contest back home after two years of larwngitis. Gomez is the Gomez of '31, and '32. and '3-1. Gone is the scattery, putty- pitching Gomez of '35 and The FINE DIME TO BE ASKING slim lefthander this year was the first American Leaguer to win 20 games, is leading the league in shuotouts with six (three of them in four games), and tops all pitchers in strikeouts with nigh onto 200. 'Ruffing, without doubt, will be Manager McCarthy's choice for the second game. He has been pitching steadily and headily this season and is another certain 20-game winner. The third game starter might very likely be Grandma, as the Yanks call Fordham Johnny Murphy. The Bronx native has been the Wiley Moore of the 1937 McCarthymen, relieving in one- third of their games. Manager McCarthy likes to keep Johnny as an ace-in-the-hole for the late afternoon rallies, but with Monte Pearson still complaining of aches, and Bump Hadley a distressing disappointment, and Pat Malone and Paul Andrews too much of a risk, and Kemp Wicker and Frank Makosky loo young, McCarthy may have lo call on Murphy for a storter's job. Johnny deserves it because, says McCarthy, "we could never have held onto first place without Johnny." And them's strong words, stranger, when you reckon there's a Gehrig and a DiMaggio and a Dickey in that line-up. Looking in on Eli Grid Drill Framed through one of the broken-down automobile tires which are used in backflelcl side-stepping practice, Clint Frank of Evanston, 111,, Yale captain and star halfback, is shown skipping through the rubber hoops as the Elis work out at Gale's Ferry. Conn. Issues Warning CHICAGO — Clark Shaughnessy. head coach at the University of Chicago, reached what is believed to be a new high in optimism along the Midway when upon reviewing the Maroons' chances for the coining grid season he remarked: "We'll whip .someone this year . . . see if we don't!" flabu Is Improving CHICAGO — Babe Didrikson h:is sliced lour strokes per rouiid off her golf game since taking lessons from "Yommy Armour, she says. BUY NOW! Only a limited number of copies of Hope Star's ?1,700 Centennial Edition remain. It's your last opportunity to purchase the only complete authentic history of 20 Southwest Arkansas towns. You owe it to yourself and your children to preserve one or more of these copies. No reservations are being made. First come — first served. The Centennial edition contains 48 pages in six sections with 69 large photographs of historic sites. Bound copies are 50 cents each. Unbound copies ere 25 cents—add six cents if mailed. "Signals Over —• Shoulder Arms!" SAN DIEGO, Calif.—(NKA)—All things, being equal, the San Diego Marines would have had a whale of a football team again this season. Bui trouble in Ihe Far East put a crim in the plans of Capt. Charles M. Lott, the Devil Dog mentor More than half his .stars were among the contingent sent to China to safeguard American interests there. TAKES ALL YOUR LUGGAGE NATIONAL LEAGUE Club New York Chicago Fitlsburgh St. Louis ... Boston Brooklyn W. 91 89 80 80 75 61 Philadelphia 59 Cincinnati 56 L. 54 60 68 69 73 87 86 92 Pet. .628 .597 .541 .537 .507 .412 .407 .378 Tuesday's Results Pittsburgh 6, St. Louis 2. Chicago 2, Cincinnati 0. Only games played. Games Wednesday New York at Philadelphia. Chicago at Cincinnati. St. Louis at Pittsburgh. Brooklyn at Boston. AMERICAN LEAGUE Club New York Detroit Chicago Cleveland Boston Washington Philadelphia St. Louis W. 99 87 82 79 76 71 49 L. Pet. 48 .673 62 .584 65 69 69 75 95 42 104 .558 .534 .524 .486 .340 .228 Tuesday's Results New York 9-1, Washington 0-2. Cleveland 7, Chicago 6 (Second game called end third, darkness). Detroit 6, St. Louis 1. Only games played. Games Wednesday Philadelphia at New York. Detroit at St. Louis. Cleveland at Chicago. Boston at Washington. Britain Is Warned of Famine in War-Time LONDON — OP) — Prediction that Britain would be starved into submission in the first month or two of a new war, unless vast quantities of emergency rations were stored throughout the country, has been made by J. R. Clynes who was food controller during the World war. In his "memoirs," Clynes hits hard at war-mongers: "By whose agency war occurs it is difficult to say unless it is by those concerns whose life depends on the continued production of private fortunes from armaments. "The armaments race was won in 1918. Dealh slood grinning at the finish point ... we won the race, God help us, and now with millions in misery, with festering slums and incredibly fantastic debts, we are lining up in gristly pride ready for the start of a race yet more mad and horrible." Unusually spacious is Ibf luggage compartment of the new 1938 Studebaker Sedans. The >~ommander Sedan shown above has 204 cubic feet of storage *paev, certainly plenty for the demands of tne largest of families. I Movies Hurting Joe? NEW YORK—Teammates «>y that Joe DiMaggio's recent mild slump has been caused by his movie work. The Klieg lights hurt his eyes. Crackers Defeat Travelers 8 to 7 Final Game Will Be Played Wednesday Afternoon at Atlanta ATLANTA, Ga. — (/P) —The Atlanta Crackers squared the Southern Association Shaughnessy playoff at three- all Tuesday in defeating the champion Little Rock Travelers 8 to 7. Emil "Dutch" Leonard, knuckle ball hurler who was the fourth Atlanta pitcher called to duty, batted in the winning run in the last of the ninth. The final game in the 4 of 7-series will be played at 2:30 p. m. Wednesday, the victor to meet the Fort Worth Texas Leaguers in a post season melee. Little Rock took a 5-run lead from Beckman in the game, but was unable to hold it against the Cracker batsmen. Atlanta tied up the play with a 5- run rally in the fifth, with six straight hits and a walk. Tauby, Little Rock right fielder walked in the first of the eighth and Graham homered, bringing the count to 7-5. 'Atlanta promptly tied it up again, Maulclin and Luby scoring. The Travelers fell without a threat in the ninth. Then Cracker Catcher Jim Galvin trippled, Shortstop Buster Chatham walked and Leonard singled to bring in the winning run. It marked the second successive contest in which an Atlanta pitcher had hit safely to win his own game in the crucial closing minutes. Lefty Leo Moon did it in the Crackers' 6-5 victory over the Travelers Monday night. Atlanta scored 19 hits off the delivery of four Traveler hurlers, against 10 collected from the Craker quartet. Little Rock 140 000 020—7 10 0 Atlanta 000 050 021—8 19 1 Humphreys, Midkiff, Sharpe, Poindexter and Thompson; Beckman, Moon, Durham, Leonard and Galvin. Preacher Walker in Win Over Siki Siki Handed Worst Defeat Seen in Local Ring in Recent Weeks A quarantine on the Alton CCC camp, due to the case of infantile paralysis in Hope, forced Promoter Pete Brown to cancel two scheduled bouts on Tuesday night's fight program. Milton Powell and Fay Gazaway were forced to cancel their fights with Jack Anderson, of Spring Hill, and Bert Mauldin, of Hope. These two bouts will probably be included on next week's card. Preacher Walker, flashy Hope negro, avenged his defeat here two weeks ago by handing Battling Siki one of the worst lickings seen in the local ring in recent weeks. Walker had Siki on the verge of a knockout twice, once in the second round and again in the fourth, with hard lefts and rights to the head. It was Preacher's fight all the way. Two three-round preliminaries completed the card. Kid Tip won a decision over Kid Snuff. Both are negroes. 'Dale Butler and Troy Butler battled to a draw. Both are white youths of Patmos. Buckaroos Work Hard for Bobcats Special Train to Bring''! TT^^i i. _.._ TTr»-i.i_. is!* *? Visitors—Weights Ajf About Equal t SMACKOVER, Ark. —Coach Allen Berry's Buckaroos are working hard' tliis week in preparation for iheit game Friday night with the Hope Bobcats at Hope. The Buckaroos have about the? same team this season as they had last^-year with- the exception of their baclcfield ace, "Tip" King who was .lost to'Hhe squad because of graduation'* last spring. . Led by Captain Eddie Parker} left end, the Bucks have a veteran liiie.iti Ragsdale and McMullins, tackles, Odell and Gilliam, guards, T. Barker, center, and Brown and E. Barker at the ends. ~ ' 7". In the backfield will be Britt'at quarter, McHaney and Scott at halfback positions and Hayden at . the fullback post, all lettermen of" last year's edition. Coach Berry sent his team through hard scrimmage sessions during the early part of the week. The team is expected to carry its full power against Hope. l A specail train will be chartered to carry the team, a large delegation of fans and the high school band, {o Hope. It will be the third game of the season for Smackover. Although weights of the Smackover team were not available Wednesday, continued reports said that the Bucks will average about the same as Coach Foy Hammons' Bobcats. In practice this week, Hammons'has. been devoting much time to a-,pass defense following reports that the Buckaroo aerial offense clicked against the Camden Panthers—except within scoring distance. f Only an intimate friend or a- ; relative should be asked to act as a child's godmother or godfather. «4; A Coach Smiling? Perfect Average PHILADELPHIA—Jess Hill, Philadelphia Athletics' outfielder, tried to steal a base 11 times last year and made it each time, Maj. Lawrence M. (Biff) Joiies Is going to get in bad with the Coaches' Union, Local No, tjmp- teen, for getting caught by the camera in such a pose. Np ; football coach is supposed to''be grinning cheerfully at this time of the year but the University of Nebraska tutor possibly pan't suppress his enthusiasm over; his j t _ new post and prospe.cts,. , ' HOLD EVERYTHING! By Clyde Levyi? "Quick ! Get 9 doctor: §y help we, I just there!" r iliing

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