Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 7, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 7, 1934
Page 4
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Vf. HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Painter of Madonnas I HOftlZOXTAt, Jj»«Who was the ' Italian painter In the picture? 31 Guides. 45 Characteristic. if Natural power. It Variety of Answer to Previous Puzzle . SI To make a iaistake. «J2 Minor note. 23 Fiber knots. 25 Small stand. at Because, 28 Exploit. 89 .Region in window glass. , Africa. 46 Freedom f80 Canoe. from war. 81 Structural unit 50 Single unit. ! 82 Encountered.- 61 Founded on f S3 Musical in- I'aet. t strument. 52 Golden bird. 1 8(4 Entrance room 5 ' 1 m will. !8fc Exclamation. 65 He painted ' at Hooked. (89 Form of "a." '<0 Child's glass j marble. [41 Mister. .. NZType standard. [43 Solitary. ;4* Portion of .. tlie Mn donna." SGAnil the "Attila" fresco in the at Home. VERTICAL, SMorindln dye. 3 The tip. 4 Sour. 5 Thoughts.. 7.Preposition of place. 8 To primp. 9 Stag:. 10 Ozone. 11 And. 12 Open air fire. 14 Fatty matter in glands. 16 He originated celebrated " s" for tapestry designs. IS Action. 20 Twelve-sided polygons. 22 Art of lending, 21F«ther. 26 Rodent. 27 Colt. 30 Liver secretion aiTop ot'th* head. 3-J.To detest. 36 upper arm ''ones. 37 Nimbus. 3S Horse's i>eck hairs. 39 Medicinal ••olution. 41 Derived from fruit. • 42 Series, of epical events. 44 Sanskrit dialect. 45 Paradise. 47 Three-toed sloths. 48 Folding bed. 49 Prophet. 51 Tanner's vessel. 53 Half an em. 54 Mother. Center Point Health is good in this community at this writing. Cecil Black and Farrell Nelson of Texarkana sepnt "Wednesday night With Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Galloway and •children. :...-: '* 'Miss Gurteen Caudle returned home ^Jhursday morning. She spent a.'few fidayElast week \vith Miss TtudieiMurl iPavisbrt.'at Bright.fitaft, Shp.Ht&naed . the'party at the home Of'Mr. and Mrs..Walter Tomlin. . Misses Dejilah and Gladys Galloway , s 3pent..,Thursday with . Mrs. W. W. Wright,-and children. . Sell It! Find It! Rent Itl Buy 1W in the Hope Star /Aarkefc Place Remember, the more you tell, the quicker you sell. 1 time, Iflc line, nun. 30o 6*or consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one ad. 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c 6 tunes, 5c line, min. 90c 26 times, 3%c line, min. $2.W (Average 5% words to the Una) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the till is payable on presentation ot statement, before ths first publi- catioa. '' Phone 768 Mrs. A. L. Caudle and daughter, Iva well and Mrs. Homer. Vines and child, ren spent Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Wright. Miss Ruby Hubbard visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Meodows awhile Friday. Mrs. A. L. Caudle spent Friday afternoon with Mrs. Leonard Kennedy. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Abbot of St. Louis are visiting friends and relatives here. They called at the home ol Mr. and Mrs. Ode Taylor Friday •night accompanietlljby Mrs.. Sarah Ab- 'hott. - ••••«•';*-'•• '• "' - ••'••-•"• •-- ••- : •BE SURE — Insure with . Wayne H. England, Phone 475. First National Bank Building. 4-6t Screen doors—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. FOR RENT FOR RENT—Five room apartment in my home, vacant now. J. A. Sullivan. 4-7tp Three unfurnished rooms 211 East Second street. Phone 757. 3-3tc. FOR SALE FOR SALE—Gun Shop, Piano and Victrola. Mrs. R. L. Taylor, 815 West Sixth Street. 7-6t FOR SALE—Young Jersey cow with three-months-old heifer calf. Reasonable. Phone 180. 6-3tp. Mrs. Lennie Ross and daughter, Miss Alma Ross spent Saturday and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Ode Taylor and children. Miss Iva NelJ Caudle is visting this week with friends at Bright Star. Mrs. Jim May and son, Minor, of Evening Shade spent Saturday anc Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs W. .W. Wright and children. Mr and Mrs. Homer Vines and vhild- ren spent Saturday night with Mrs Ella Hodnett of Harmony. Mr. and. Mrs. A. W. Meadows had as Sunday guests, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Porterfield and son J. C., Mr. and Mrs Hugh Garner and daughter, Cornelia Mr. and Mrs. Ezra McDowell and little son, Donald,, and Mr. and Mrs. Pony Reeves and children of this place The guests brough lunch and all made ice cream and enjoyed the day. Holly Springs Mrs. E. E. Phillips called on Mrs. Amzie McDowell Saturday afternoon. Mrs. N. E. Butler is on the sick list again this week. Mrs. T. P. Alford of Cotton Valley, La.,, and Mr. C. C. Collins and daughter, Wanda of Hope spent Tuesday with their sister, Mrs. J. S. McDowell. Mrs. J. E. Anderson and daughter ol LouAnn visited relatives from Wed nesday until Friday. Mrs. Wadie Burns is on the sick list this week. Mr. and Mrs. E. Ree, Mr. and Mrs. Atkins of Battlefield spent Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Otis Butler. Mrs. Carews from LouAnn, Ark. spent Friday night in the home of Silas McDowell. Mrs. J. S. McDowell, Mrs. Roy Butler and Mrs. Amzie McDowell called on Mrs. W. S. McDowell of Spring Siill Sunoday afternoon. Model T Ford pickup for $25.00 cash. Will trade for hay. Rufus Anderson. Patmos, Route 1. 4-3tp. Used parts for all cars. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. 16-26t. |3est Paint Sold—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. FOR SALE—Trailer, 5 ton Nabors unit 34x7 Duals—16 foot Stake Bed with Ridge Pole and Tarpaulin. Call 22. Thompson Bros. 4-3t Used cars bought and sold. P. A. Motor Co. 16-26t, Wall Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. NOTICE NOTICE—V/e have moved to Hope Fruit Co., Ill South Main Street. Bring your cream, eggs, and poultry to our new place. Thanks. J. D. Templeton. 3-2tp Adding Machine Paper We Deliver Johnson Printing Co. Phone 31 OUR BOARDING HOUSE Bigger Than Ever! Rexall Factory lo V,,u SALE Profits sacrificed to make more friends. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The REXALL Store" Hope, Ark. Established 1885 e(son-Huckins LAUNDRY Wash Suits Properly Laundered.... PHONE 8 ....50c STEAM UP TO (SOOSE ISLAND P) A G.ALA TDAV-v-IO BA-RPJELS gr '^.EER -v^^TEAMETD CLAMS--^ . _.. ^ CHICKENS, AND CORN ON THE COB J ALSO,HE1N1E WAGSTAFFS GERMAN ByAHERN OUT OUR WAY "DONT FORGET NOW, NEXT SUMDAY MORNING, OCLOCK,AT THE OWL'S I AM HVRIN6 TWO £ BUSSES TO TAKE TWE ! ' SiJ!Sr GOSm.TWATS A CLASSY PIECE OF TOO /-MANYS v PERCHED ON TH' ' TAILBOARD OF TRUCK'S/ YEH^N^EVEN \N' -0 PM3DY YYA<£>OK3 GET WAS IN WITH YOU/ (S 1 INVITATIONS BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES / YUH, VVHUT? > / <TAIN'T CaKT TH' ATMOSPHERE AW' ROMANCE INTO YORE COVVBOy STORIES WHEW YORE RIGHT HERE AMOMGST us? WHY, WES—I DOW'V ^UNDERSTAND THAT. r _ r ., rv __ t _ rr _ ; Bv WILLIAMS ' TO (VRITfe J "BKTTG-:. ' / TvpVV S r COWBOY -STUFF- ' \ ,-,-,- ^AlN'T WHEW I'M FAl-V. \ HufcitR THAT, AWAY. IN TH'' Cl! M '. \ T SE£M To GET ' p \ MORE ROMANY;c K\\ ATNOSPHERi: • \' \ I \\ \ MV STUPI-. / ~ , x \ ^-^ - v A,.-..-.-- •'•>< ci-eS^ : -.- ^4.-.;. -.'.':•'- • -^ "V, I I' ,". ' " " "• :tt£f\l \ ^^\ (?v, v j • V ^ x "~v > \ V; - ;v -x ^ ; > «' ] \ Viv'^V a44«? |isfr : *| ifer;-^ Jiii 1 ! ""//•'•" if ''-:: *.': .^.' --••---^'" • ^ |!P\ ,, ?» F-i "'l/'7r\'"^ ""- > u^' 6 * bcnvicc. INC TOO LOCAL. The Very Idea! HsiR£ A SHOUT UNROY*. ^£<Sl A 6M\\JE K>O\ x'<y GOT PX A«b A \.AC!Y<. lA^tW, HE. Woo CAUT GET V V\VM I HE ALLEY OOP ROKSAX.D II GUT UP , SON '. VOO AWAWE Uy MARTIN OUH—'. 1 . WW.Ht MOST NOT Vv^t COME HOMP WVGVW -~VM<b <2.tO WfvbK>Sr a«N> bT N M . - AMD MOT turn SA\D e>HAK><b ASOOT OO\K>6 SUCH A TV\\WG> I r r" r " f\ " \tv "V-bW '" WHV, \TTV SAURV.' \ GAVE VOU TO THI PRINCESS VJOOTIETOOT - VJHA.T ARE VOU DOING HERE P Exiled! k [ VOU'RE A NAUGHTS' UTTLE RUN-ANMAV D\NOSAUR / AS MUCH AS 1 HATE TO VU_ HAVE .TO TAKE VOU RIGHT BACK TO* THE L ^.^^ ; COME OM, VOU UTTLE RASCAL.' -^,. JP rt K m MS I'M u^W*^,-^---- ,,tt,^ ^—-- --- ,fe WASH TUBES BY NCA scnvicc. inc.; T . M . ncG u s PATi orr VOU'O BETTER COME BACK AM 1 5TAV VOITH OOOLA - I DON'T THIMK T.HEV VJP>.MT VOO V, AROUND THE P.MACG ,-/ \, ANY fAORE -- y ' /*/•':•"•'.. /:M?^ /'";'• ;^ i / ; •'.'• •... /-' di ' '•'•''i Ii<Si . •.•.rf-.f."!^* SHOW MR. BOARDMAN ] START OUT A GOOD TIME, EH y / WITH A PODMER? V\ POKEf? GAME. OBoy. I GO ^ GAME. \ IT. LI'S GOTO FRECKLESAND HIS FRIENDS .-__,__. , . SIR f HOW PARE , f MET A SMAPPV WIPOW \ VOU MENTION THAT' I THE OTHER DAY, NAMEPj FEMALE'S ~ 'OH, FODPON LA i iso.ooo /MA BREACH OF .. .. M(6HT QO POR A LITTLE ROMANCE. .<lH '•-i" ,,~ - V'"';A >) ^As ^4« 11^ - 7*f , Vi. V .'->-'.'jVfl /,: ^isi THAT AINT SUCH A BIG ONE, SON) )'^ *4'ii Me, I BEEM BAITIH' MY HOOK WITH BIGGER THAT. 1 Old Sluicebox! THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) IS THAT SO? LIS DOES HE MEA ,_._,. TO SAY THAT f DON'T PAY ANY ' ~S ' ' *"" w -'i c=n '/ •<• i THIS IS ONLY /ATTENTION To SLUICE- \H°OS<eD "OLD STOHEWALL" BACK j * **"*' ' f BOX, KIUTTY...HE LIKES j |W 'I3...I CCT HIM RIGHT To HAVE HIS PM...BUT ] OUTA THIS POOL...J HOOKED HE NEVER CATCHES / HIM TEN DIFFERENT TIMES .AMY FISH, A. AN' FOUGHT HIM HotSs ' By BLQSSER HIMSELF AT A TIME / >, FicHTiN' HIM STRETCHED MY ARMS AT / LEAST FIVE INCHES LONG EPS _, AND, DO VoO k'llOV/, (^ I THINK THAT FISH DIDN'T STAY ON MY HO.:>R ' / IJNTIU HE DECIDED MY ARMS F'NALLV " -'-"' WEPE LONG ENOUGH TO BRAG ' ,-- / ABOUT HIM .'.' 7 I IX- IT'S SOME: KIND OF A BEAR,YVIThJ LIKE A UOHG TA\L THERE,set: 1 , THEPE: \ LOOK", i IT GOES, INTO THAT I CUMBIMG NEW LADY'S YAPD) / THE FFKl Monkey Business By COWAN V£S,AMD VOU MAKE, p MOtNlKtY OUT OF YOUV CHASiV-lG MY TJiEAC LvrTLC. ^CHlCO-THepE,THERE, MY y tie* stnvicc. me' r. *'

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