Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 29, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 29, 1937
Page 4
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PAGE r'Otm HOPES STAR, HOPIS, ARKANSAS Wednesday) Septembei' More You Tell, the Quicker Ydti Sell" HATES One time—2c word* minimum 3fc Three times—3Wc word, mln. 5fc Six times—«c word, minimum 90e One month (26 times)—186 word, minimum $2.79 Sates ate for continuous Insertions only. la making word count, disregard classification name such as "For Rent," "For Sale," ete.-this is bfce. But each Initial or name, or com' fleie telephone number, counts as a full word. For example: FOR BENT—Three-room modern furnished apartment, with garag^ dose in. Bargain. J. V. Blank, phone 9999. Total, 15 words, at 2c word, Me for one time; at 3*4c word, 53c for three times, etc. NOTE: All wfders placed by telephone are due and payable upon presentation a* bill. PHONE 768 Services Offered Plumbing, Contracting, Repairing Thirty years experience H, R. Segnar 120 S. Hervey Phone 171W 5-4-tf Don't sleep on knots. Let us build you a new mattress or rebuild the old one. HEMPSTEAD COUNTY MATTRESS SHOP, 712 West Fourth, Phone 853-J. Paul Cobb. 23-6tc For Rent FOR RENT—Close in, desirable furnished or unfurnished apartments, private baths, continuous hot water, utilities paid. 413 South Main. 29-3tp Loit LOST: Black mnre mule, with whit mouth, weight 900 pounds. Sec Jume Brown, Pulton, Ark. 28-3tp Tedty'i Antwtri to CRANIUM CftACKIRS Questions on Page 1 1. The Dlonne quints are Annette, Cecile, Emille, Marie, Yvonne. 2. A pyre is n burning pile. 3. "Rogue" Is the scroundel masked by "rouge." 4. Wilson married while President. 5. Twenty - four pennies. The first one did not clink. It is estimated that n submarine can attain not more than 23 knots surface speed with the present 3,000 b.h.p. engines. WANTED—Four or five-room house to rent. Apply to Mr. Hill at county agents office. 28-6tp FOR RENT—One four room house, one-three room apartment, Magnolia Addition. Mrs. J. E. Schooley. Telephone 1638-11. 28-Gtc For Sale FOR SALE—Stoves, heaters, bedsteads, all kind used Furniture. Used Furniture Co. 3rd and Hazel, Hope, Ark. 15-26tc FOR SALE: Residential property, 92x225 feet, Southeast Corner Hervey and Avenue C. Box 1503, Shreveport, La. 22-14tp. FOR SALE—New sorghum molasses in new buckets, high grade. 55 cents per gallon. Call at office of Hope Star. 27-15-dh. FOR SALE—All porcelean §310, nine foot Fridigaire. slightly used. Ideal for home or cafe. Will sacrifice for S110.00 cash. Phone 855. 28-3tc FOR SALE—Bermuda and Johnson grass, this week only at 12 and 15 cents, at Tom Carrel Mule Barn. 29-3tp FOR SALE—Now is the time to spw oats. We have the best seed you can buy, Ferguson No. 922. Re-cleaned, tested, 50 cents per bushel. Sow one and a half bushels per acre—it's plenty. Hope Brick Works. 29-6tc Found FOUND—Purse, CaH at Hope Star. contains money. 24-6tc FOUND—Two keys on small ring. Owner may claim by paying for this notice. 23-3tdh FOUND—Key ring with eight keys. Owner may claim by paying for this notice. 27-3tdh. three hundredth anniversary o£ the first emigration from Sweden to America and the founding of Delaware will be commemorated by Sweden with a special set of postage stamps. These will be issued in November. Denominations will La 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 50 ore. * * * In commemoration of the first operation of the Gatun locks on the Panama Canal, Sept. 26, 27, 1913, the Canal Zone on Sept. 27 will issue a new 14-cent "Sibert" stamp. An addition to the permanent series of Canal Zone stamps) this issue is designed to honor tha work of the late Gen. William L. Sibert, who was in charge of the construction of the Gatun locks and dam. * * * | Ecuador has joined the parad of nations which will issue specia stamps in commemoration of th 150th anniversary of the U. S Constitution. Previously Guate mala, Honduras, Venezuela, Ar gentina and France had announcec similar issues. , * » • Carter Glass, Jr., son of the Virginia senator, succeeds Eugene Klein of Philadelphia, as president of the American . Philateli Society for the coming year. Elected at the Detroit convention of the society, Glass has been a collector since boyhood. Art exhibit of covers sent to Radio City by President Roosevelt, avid stamp collector, will be featured at the National Stamp show to be held in the New York Museum of Science and Industry from Oct. 2 to iO. « * « Several current issues from foreign governments, printed almost entirely for speculation and syndicates, may never be recognized in American and British stamp catalogs, it has been indicated by the publishers. Issues from Cuba, Iceland, .Danzig, Latvia and the Spanish Rebel forces are primarily affected. (Copyright, 1!)37, NEA Service, Ino.> NEXT: What was Japan's flrst prize of imperialism in the Far East? 2s OUR BOARDING HOUSE, with Majof Hoople OUT OUR WAY MARTHA VVIU.U GREET THIS WITH A . 4X PEAt=l LITTLE BROTHER AMOS ~~> ATT LAST 1 AM OOlNJC* TO "PAY YOU A VISJ.T, AFTBR ALL YEA-RS^l'LL LET YOUKWOW THE EXAC.T T>ATB e t_ 12. ABfeTH /y 7 YOUR KWEW YOU HA-DA SISTER/ 'YOU'O BETTER OIL UP THAT jsunr OF ARMOR YO FROM TH' DRAKE* ESTATE AMU> CRAWL IWTO IT BfePORE You BREAK TH ' PRACTICALLY OO - HOO/ MARTHA.' AMOTHGP, HOOPLE IS <COMl.«-JS •*=• By WILLIAMS YOU'KE GOK1NA TAKE TH 1 WA9H TUe> OFF WHY, A WATCH BASKET \<Z A VEP2V, VERY IMPORTANT PART OF A SEA <SOIN' SHIP BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. 7T COPR. 1937 BV NEA SERVICE. INC. ~ -J^2r-—=" $yi(ftiv "" EG6S" FEOM THE National Insignia HORIZONTAL Answer to Previous Puzzle 1 Coat of arms of pictured here. 7 This country's king. 12 To boast. • 13 Wing. 15 To trudge. 18 Hawaiian bird 17 Secretive Qualities. 20 Paid publicity. 22 Chair. 24 Competed in 25 Island! 47 Defir >'te materials. 27 To depend. article. VERTICAL 29 Domestic 49 Type standard 2 Wind Flave, 50 Father. 31 Music drama. 5 1 Rubbed. 32 Bronze. 5 4 To skip. 34 Person having 55 Baby carriage. leprosy. 59 Ascended. 36 Large 60 Important handkerchief. industry in 39 Therefore. this country. 4Q God of war, 61 It is essen* 41 Slashing. tially a • 44 Form of "be." country. 40 lean, 62 Roofing instrument, 3 Railroad, 4 One who wastes, 5 Era. CThis country —— its king, 8 Monkey, 9 Chickweed, 10 Measure, 11 Land right. 13 Constellation, 14 One in cards. 16 Capital of this country, IB To weep, 19 Fish. 21 Elk. 23 Form .of "be." 26 Blood poison, 28 Flue pipes, 30 Gashed. 32 Data, 33 To aink, 35 Eternity, 37 Branch. 38 Wood demon, 42 Pronoun, 43 Diagram?. . 45 To select, 47 To decorate. 48 To pjeee out, 50 To act as a roodel, 52 Three, 53 Being. 54 To strike, 55 Afternoon, 56 Sun god. 57 Measure of area, 58 Musical note, 60 Note in scale, Give and Take e>0 VA, GOT 5TOFF ,tv\ ? t^Vd T6V<\ T TOO BAO \ TH' BtST IVU Ht CQOVO "DO WOOVO ^\"bVK TO 60<bV\ VOU VJOOVO ALLEY OOP By MARTIN A, COPR. 1937 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. Just as Clear as Mud THAT JOKE VOU'RETELLIM MUST ft£ A HOMEY ! V//HV MOT TELL, ME WHAT is so FUMMV ? WOULDM'TCHA? HAW; WOULDKJ'TCHCO LIKE TO KWOW ]'LL SAY WE f VAAAM.' SHAME OM DID! HAW, \ SHAME. OM FOOZV .' CHASlM' MAW/TH'OL'VCjlRL':) AM- SOT WIZER GAVE: us"\ !TH' LOW- WASH TUBBS THEY FOUMD OUT? TMEV couj-DM'T HAVE , BY GAD: 'CAUSE IF THEY DID.THE.VDA BOTH &EEM MAD AND WHAT5 THIS STUFF ABOUT A GIRL? IT DQM'T MAKE SEMSE-MV HEAD'S AWHlEL.' THAT BLASTED WIZE2-HE'S TOLD SOME VA(2.M TO SAVE HIS THAT'S IT, BY DAEM.' ^COPR. 1937 BY NEA SERVJCE.'lNC. V. M. REC._U. S._PAT. OFFQ VOU OLD SMART/ES! THAT" WAS PRETTY CLEVER/THE WAV VOL) SETTLED THE INPIAN TROUBLE WHY/ I'M SO RESPECTFUL, I'M LIABLE TO BEGIN /* FORGET CALLING YOU "MISTER.". /BREEZE.! G>O BACK TO THE HOTEL., FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS An Old Acquaintance By CRANE BLAZES? HE'S THF SKUNK. WHO ~\ HAF A CAfcE/SISNOR! I TAL. " TRJEP TO STEAL OUR CHINCHILLAS) YOU WANCE BEFORE THAT I TOLERATE NO EEN5ULTS.I HAF REVOVER, ONNERSTAMP, ANP I SINK EET WISE TO FORGET THAT WHICH YOU CANNOT PROVE, MCI UbI 'OH! YOU'VE MET PON CARLOS, WHO HOLDS THE MORTGAGE? F ppp. 1917 BY NEA SERVICE. INC Out! By BLOSSER , I HAVE AW UWPLEASAWT JOB TO f ERFORM .* HERE'S A LETTER FROM THE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE.' IT COKI- CERWS A PLw^ETR WHO BRO,>E THIS IS TO IKJFORM *rt>U THAT CRASH OAVIS PROKE TRAIMIWG RULES. IT IS WOT FOR, THIS OFFICE TO SUGGEST AWT FORM OF PUMiS'H- MEWT. THAT IS STRICTLY A MATTER FOR YOU, AS COACH , TO HAMDLE IW YOUR OWM WAY,' 1 ' MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE I WELL,CRASW....THAT'S THE CHARGE, AMD TWE VERDICT COMES FROM ME .' WE CAM GET ALOMG WITHOUT YOU ,' TURW IM YOUR SUIT ! Ready for an Operation 7 BY HEf.SEHVICE, t.NC. ALL BUT THE SHOES, IF YA DOM'T MIND THEY HAVE A DATE. WITH THE SEAT OF SOMEBODYs PAMTS? By THOMPSON AND COLL MVCA'S Dooe..... EAGERLY AWAITIMQ H6R, APPEAB.* AMCE, ARE MVRA? PE. VOW I'LL BE RIGHT THERE JIM G05H7VM GLAD VOU'RET A\-CV PJIGHT" SOMEHOW, I WAS \ WOERlEP A&OUT VOU... WITH I ALL THE TOU6H UDOKIMG / CHAP5 ABOUT. THEV A^AV / BB R^RPRMED, BUT ..-./ LISTEM, JIM -1 WAMT VOU TO KEEP YOUE. EVES PEELED FOR. VOM &ODEWS EVERY MOVE. IF YOU SEE THE SLIGHTEST THING THAT ISN'T... &(2.. ETHICAL, WE MUST TELL JACK-" WHY,OF COURSE!! BUT, MVGA THIS MAM IS FAMOUS FOB. HIS CRIMIWAL, WOEK! ^H" s**' T^'^J i% st

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