Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 29, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 29, 1937
Page 3
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Wednesday, .September 29, 193? HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Mus. SID HENRY TELEPHONE 321 A haze on the far horizon The infinite tender sky, The rich, ripe tints of the cornfield The wild geese circling high; , And far over the upland mid lowland The chairin of the goldcnrod, Some of us e:\ll it Autumn And others call il—God. —Seleetcd. Mrs. Chns. Wylie, has returned from n three weeks visit with relatives in St. Louis and Kansas City. While in Kansas City Mrs. Wylie attended Jubilestu. -O- Mrs. Charlcan Moss Williams of Washington was a visitor in Mope, Tuesday. Mrs. Williams is preparing a program to dedicate Centennial Markers which i.-> scheduled for Oc- tobcr 10, at Washington. -O- Chief of Police John W. Hklgdill is attending a peace officers conference in Little Rock Wednesday. _O- Mrs. J. S. Con way who underwent a major operation iit Tri-Stale hospital, Shui-evporl. La., last Thursday is re|xirted as doing nicely, much to the delight of her many friends'/I - O~ Mrs. Elmer Smith lias returned to her home in Shreveport after spending the week-end with Miss Jeanette Witt here; -OE. Ilasleman of O/.an is a patient at Josephine hospital and is reportcc as improved. -O- The many friends of A. D. Middle- irooks will be glad to know that he s "able to be downtown again after an 11 ness of two weeks. _0~ Paul O'Neal son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest O'Neal underwent an emergency operation at Julia Chester hospital Tuesday morning and is reported is doing nicely. Niunrcne Revival A good crowd attended the revival .neeting Tuesday night which is now in progress at the Church of the Na/.- arene on South Elm street. The Rev. Holland London of Little Rock was the speaker and who is also the district superintendent of the church of the Na/.arenc. He spoke from the 24lh Psalm on the Dual experience. Staling that to get to heaven according to the Uiblc, one must first be born again and after thai must have n clean. His message was received very en- thausticalliy by the congregation. The Rev. A. J. Tosti Evangelist of Souring, Ohio, will speak Wednesday night at 8 and the public is invited to allcnd these meetings. • There will be services every night at 7:45 with the exception of Saturday night. There will be a Sunday school rally on Sunday, which will be the closing day of the meeting. All are urged to attend this rally. James R. Walsh, Pastor. Heiress Given Film Contract It's here Sunday . . . "Souls at Sea" . . . with (iary Cooper, George lUift and Trances Dee. N O W A College full of I'.ntci laimiu'iit! DICK POWELL —with— Fred Waring —and his I'KNNSYLVANIANS Gray Quits Senate (Continued from Page One) ed States Senate, Senator Robinson, east upon the Stale Committee the nccessiy of deciding how thc party's nominee should be named. A subcommittee reported that, for many reasons, the committee should function for you in its representative capacity and make the nomination. Its action in this regard is in accord with | Democratic tradition and practice 1 There never has been and there never | can be a special primary in Arkansas ! lo select a Democratic nominee for the Jnited States Senate." 15y Way of Experiment KVANSTON. III.—Lynn Waldorf ha: hifled 17 of his Northwestern grid- ders to positions oilier than they play L-d a year ago. "VARSITY SHOW" —Hus Shorts— "Mutiny on the Bounty" comes Sun: Return of JEAN HARLOW Gary Grant — and— Franchot Tone INSURE NOW Wl«h ROY ANDERSON anil Company Fire, Tonmclo, Accident Insurance Pretty Joyce Mathews, 18-year- old blond heiress, was prettying herself for n dance routine with the chorus when this picture was taken in a Hollywood studio, but she won't be appearing in thc. chorus any longer. Paramount studio has signed her as a junior player. Her father is a retired New York Stock Exchange member. Fantastic Stories of Asiatic Heroes There's the Case of Jap Aviator Who Dived With Bombs Hy JACK STENNETT Al' Feature Service Writer Oriental temperament coupled with a haired brewing more than 60 years is making the Sino-Japanese conflicl a "suicide war." In Ihe two months of major conflict, an amazing number of cases of fanatical heroism ending in self-destruction have been reported on both sides, They range from the traditional hara-kiri of the Japanese lo Ihe suicide of masses of 300 or more Chinese who have walked stolidly into the withering fire of enemy batteries. Tradition and Patriotism On the one hand are the Japanese, aflame again with their long-smoldering feeling of "manliest destiny," and subscribing to a point of view, generations old, which has made of suicide a formal ceremony of expiation, devo- lion, protest or contempt. On the other are the Chinese, presenting their most united front in recent limes and giving vent lo Iheir new nalionalism in fevrish patriotism. Early in the conflict, Shimezo Maho, a Japanese merchant cast, himself into Ihe scac from the suicide island of Oshima that the government might have his $3,000 life insurance lo add lo Ihe war chest. Commander Kaoru Fujita, in Tokyo, divorced his bride of three months that he might have no distralion in his fer- venl upplicalion lo the war. Three months later, in north China, he met heroic death in action.' Quicker Than Ilara-Kiri Tokyo newspapers reported thai all Japanese aviators were equipped with pistols as well as Ihe small, Iradilional Samurai swords. If they were shot down and had no time before capture to perform the riles of hara-kiri, they might shoot themselves with the pistol, the dispatch explained. In August, while an air battle raged STUDEBAKER PRESIDENT EIGHT SEDAN The exterior styling of the new 1938 Studebaker cars (the President Eight Sedan for six is shown Zve) was from designs by Raymond Loewy, fa nous style engineer. ; Interiors are by Miss Helen .Dryrlen and the ensemble by Studobaker engineers is one of beautiful simplicity. Pigeons Go Home, But Not in Hurry And That's Problem of Fanciers Training Homing Racers By AURELIUS KINSEY AP Fcalure Service VVriler CHICAGO.—(/P)—You don't have lo show a homing pigeon the way to go home, bul it takes lots of patience to get him there fast. Fanciers wno train pigeons for the racing season, in full swing in laic summer and early fall, must understand how to breed speed, endurance over Shanghai, observers saw a Japa- and stabiuty into his birds . H c mus ncse plane catch fire. Whirling his spcnd hours with thcm) g ain j n g thei ship in a great flaming arc, the pilot,' con fjd encc ^ affection. And he instead of bailing out, did a power must bo somewhat o f a psychologist- dive into the Chinese lines, carrying ab]e tQ speed a jcalous racing ma l wilh him a death-dealing cargo of toward the riva i imprisoned in th bombs. Over Peiping. Japanese aviators defied anti-aircraft guns lo sky-wrile reports of Ihcir vaclorics on olher fronls. In Ihe Woosung area, a dozen home loft, or the mother to her young A typical homing pigeon concours requires preparations days in advance The course is surveyed by an engi neer to determine the airline distanc At the New John Dillinger was a shrewd sort of person, still—he risked his life to sec a moving picture, and was killed. This picture was "Manhattan Melodrama," a picture that stands far Japanese, stripped lo rcd^ loin cloths, {rom thc start i ng po i n t to each hom nights before the race, fan Real Foundation HOUSTON, Texas—Rice University halfbacks are wondering how they're going to knock Moose Hartman, star | above any average picture, reissued by f'rosh tackle, off his feet. The Rice Metro Goldwyn Mayer because of its popularity, and brought back to Hope, due to many requests. Star value in this picture could not possibly be better; Clark Gable, Myrna Loy, and William Powell. Clark Gable thc lawless or criminal type, vs. William Powell the district attorney, while Myrna Loy, known as the screens model wife, carries this picture to lower heights in picture production. To make il possible for everyone o see this wonderful picture we have Thursday and Friday nights of this week, family nights. Friday and Saturday of this week we lave the Lewis vs. Farr, fight pic- :ures. 'carling is equipped with pedal extremities measuring a slight sixe 15 EK. Looks Like Treason BERKELEY, Calif—Stub Allison, University of California grid coach, has a hard time this year explaining to alumni why he lives on Stanford street. COTTON LOANS Wf are now making Government Cotton Loans. Bring us yuur cotton for quirk service. Jett Williams & Co. _'|p ESUAY DOUBLE FEATURE NO. 1 DON TERRY ROSALIND KEITH -in"A Fight to the Finish" Herndon-Cornel ius Burial Association Office at HOPE FUKNlTimK COiMl'ANY llupo, Ark For Safe Protection Call for iiKi'iit—Plume 5, 5Gt, 227 Cobb's Radio Service : R C A Radio Tillies Evurcuily Batteries Expert Ucrmir V/ork Phone :ts:i 2(18 So. Emi Orville W. Erringer Hope. Ark. Representing Hamilton Trust Fund Sponsored by Hamilton Depositors Corp. WALTER CONNOLLY -in"THE LEAGUE OF FRIGHTENED MEN" THUR. & FRI. CLARK GABLE MYRNA LOY William Powell "MANHATTAN MELODRAMA" Thur, & Fri. Nights are Family Nights All in one family up to five will be admitted fur 25c S Fri, & Sat, Remember | Its the | LEWIS vs. FARR = Fight Pictures = KKK WHO KICAIJ.y WON = TIIK DECISION He'll Stay Home NEW YORK—Heinle Groh, New York Giant scout, has had his fill of traveling this year. Bill Terry's veteran ivory hunter clicked off 20,000 miles this season—14,000 miles in his own automobile and 6000 by train. Might Regret It Later ANNAPOLIS, Md.—Hoping to encourage the Irish to take up crew, Navy has sent a racing shell to Notre Diiine, as a gift. swam a creek under fire clambered up the muddy banks and with their bare bodies, spiked a Chinese battery. White Bands of Death At the junction of the Whangpoo and Yangtze rivers, 70 picked members of thc Shirodasukitai, the "White Band of Death," went ashore in a small launch. Those few who reached the wall of flame that was the Chinese land battery, died in hand-to-hand combat. Such cases are, by no means, confined to Nippon's hordes. There was thc Chinese aviator who engaged four enemy bombers and returned again and again to the combat until his plane was shot lo pieces. Another of China's "devil dogs of the air" staged a lone raid over Shanghai in a September dusk. Flying low, he dived into the hail from anti-aircraft guns to drop bombs uncomfortably close to the Japanese flagship, Idzuma. For days, waring Chinese operated a fleet of mosquito-like seasleds in the Whangpoo and Yangtze, defying the gunboats to blow them from the water as they dashed madly on solo runs into the fleet to fire torpedoes at close range. March to Annihilation It was the Japanese who reported, in the battle of Lotion, a women's "battalion of death," composed of 20- year-old Chinese communist girls who did not know the meaning of the word retreat. And in the sanvc Uatlle, a company of 300 grimly determined, Chinese crashed through the Japanese lines, inflicting terrific lasses, and continued their advance until their battalion was annihilated. ciers take their special tape timin clocks to headquarters where officia synchronize them with a master cloc to record the day, hour, minute an econd each bird returns to its loft. Three Bands on Leg On thc night before a race, fanciers ke hundreds of pigeons to head- uarters. There the birds are register- el and rubber countermarks are snap- ed around their legs. Each bird bears three identification umbers. His life-long number is on seamless aluminum leg band. His acing number is on the outside of the ounlermarker, within the folds of vhich is a third, recretly recorded, lumber. of the Greater Chicago American Racing Pigeofi Union. "If you look into thc pahniers just before they are opened you Will flttd the birds all aquivcr and crowding one another for advantage points ift front of the wicker gate. Each pigeod tries for a front row position from which to spring into action at th8 signal 'Go'." <*»-*•••> Get Us a Lion, Haig LONDON-Walter Hagen has shot A lot of birdies in his time, but now he's going after bigger stuff. The famous American golf pro will go to Africa to hunt big game before he returns from his British tour. The banded birds are placed in pan- I niers, or willow shipping baskets, are taken in special railroad cars o thc starting point. Here the panniers are stacked in a row, five and six high. Everything is ready. The concourse racing secretary watches the time and gives the signal, "Go." The doors fly open and the rice is on. Home headquarters are notified by telegraph of thc starling time and weather conditions. This information is telephoned to the participating fancier. He studies wind and weather and calculates the hour and minute the first of his entries should dive for the home loft. He waits in his yard, scanning thc skies. He sees a speck far above the housetop and dashes into the loft with his timing clock. A bird's speed is calculated in yards per minute, a mathematical task for headquarters officials when they open the fancier's clock. They're Eager for Action Pigeon racing is called a gentleman's sport because its followers—there are 30,000 in the United States—race their birds for diplomas rather than high cash awards. They may place side bets and win a few dollars, but thej consider it lucky if they break even with expenses of about 53 a year per bird. The average loft contains 50 pigeons which have been bred or bought at prices ranging from $5 to 510 apiece. The largest known privately owned loft has 700 birds and the highest recorded price paid for one pigeon, a consistent champion, is $1,100. "Racing pigeons are as green as race horses," says W. R. Fancher, secretary NOTICE Copies of Hope Star's Centennial Edition, containing 48 pages of facts, stories and pictures of 20 Southwest Arkansas towns are still available at office of Hope Star. Unbound copies, 25 cents, add six cents i' desired to be mailed. Permanent-bound copies, 50 cents, add 12 cents if desired to be mailed. ANNOUNCING lowest priced Commander..\WN&s.\ priced President—in Studebaker history...And a great new low priced Sixl Trailu Mark Ki'tsisicrril U. S. ruli-nt Olllco. WITT'S SHOE SHOP On and After October 1 We Will Be On a Strictly Cash and Carry Basis We will appii'ciale your business and will endeavor lo give service and superior ucjiUmaiiship to equal our quality of malt/rials. J. L. KYZAR, of Shreveport, La. Will Be With Us Aguin AfU-v October lib. HOLLYWOOD tc/ PAVlS a tc/HARMofs O. M'S PROPOSAL'.VO/l'RE AN SUCrteR IF YOU MARRY ME," HER ACCEPTANCE'. V IT PROBAPlY WON'T t-AST" AFTER KIP PAYS, SHE LEFT fOR SCHOOL ANPTHESTA<SE, HE BECAME AN ORCHESTRA ueAPER , FOONP IPVE AGAIN IN HOLLYWOOD/ H<\Vg &g£N WEP AgOUT S HER CHECK IS HE PAYS Y OU'LL see and try jnore wonderful new things than you ever hoped to find in. any new automobiles in the three great new luxury Studebakers of J938! &nd your biggest thrill of all will be the low price for which you can become the proud owner of one of these Studebaker masterpieces! Pespite rising prices, Studebaker has spared no effort and no expense to make these new 1938 Studebakers the greatest dollar values in its history! But only by seeing and driving these finest Studebakers ever built can you do justice to them or yourself! Do so now! These great new low-priced luxury cars are destined to be the motoring sensations of 1938! New Miracle Ride with Independent Planar Wheel Suspension and finest Hydraulic Shock Absorbers o New Flat Transmission Gears • Extra Roomy Luxury Interiors » Safety Glass all around « New Miracle Shift and Gas- Saving Automatic Overdrive on President a.ad Commander at slight extra cost Automatic Hill Holder standard on President and Commander. C. I. T. BUDGET PIAN OFFERS LOW TIM* PAYMENTS Archer Motor Company THIRD & WALNUT HOPE, ARK.

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