Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 9, 1952 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, July 9, 1952
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i i i / r , July I, 1951 irim Job me for r or Deed KM SUMMKntlN y rsWina: v*** wt>n\ nbout a milo into enemy rll'cv. Thf lnf«niry wnn by tnnk*, fl»rn«slhr«w«rs ll'llery. l-T.-ihe ("l K-lliirl ttn- w«>r« In (ilrnofit «i'i!l'l r»n-k in » hill. Height »»'<,utillKii« «ldcd the Chinfft', Thfty r.'inild HI i- Hi'- AiiifU'lraii* I'otrilng H , then cCnrlo PRESCOTT NEWS W.d fl «,d.y. July 0 Set vires v,-(ll be held fit OlO A«-| xcinbly of (lr*) Chureh Wednesday j OVtiiliiK at 0 i/rlork. ! Bro ft ho , r ' r . hMr ,,, wndlnK po^l for xmrill chll- flrcn In th«- rear r<f the I'rcsbyter- .. ; nftcriUHiim from :t to B. Kach child Jhi'if will !,<• prnyrr in' ••• ln« ,„„„, |)( , n ,, t . l>m , M ^ \,y their V<piJne9d»y eveninK »' "f " ' «t tho ('luireh nl Na/.'reiie, On Wfilix-ndiiv f-vrtiliig »l the llnt Cluir'h tti'Ti,' will l>0 FHONT. Knr?n ', „ lhrwi«h - ,., ,,. . . . , (if rnwi wi»» " !l ' Mit""^' M law «i in t'flr»)i<il nf Ihc p|/, ( i''li"'Ktrs «<rl i«i tliHr In-nri 5H talk pent:*?, j.-pf-ni-d fin-. H w( )( i r, ir«i» Ina Mkrt t|'«l«t'y. Th«yi "M"'""- w- lu.-* n, Ilnisi'lt'd Jionii- (his nvo-i-' *"<", '>'•» l " 1 "" 1 h( "' i " * WwnllKtH mid l>h CTJl-i « Vi-r KO-W Unit HII-II rntlli punltloiu v/iti'iin '.UMbt nl; Hint wiiy. ,m ~ whwfj Tor nearly « "Tn.y vn-u v,- .•». hj-'ii the, • ' bill. Tli-.-n ilf «l»" olnrl-- ;ni.r!iu-». piilitl" irtft*h-! l.l, Tort, C T.-ilhot, Kl«ln. TI-X ,, M!i M,,,,,,,,,!,.,,, M-m'-d llki>i., M i« tH ril |.lnli,.,i. l.-.rt*-.. vii.1 hU Arrangemrnl!! of smnmrr flow- M Irird ••mimy nm.-. i.t l«ii*li «.' r * formM ' n i:ol ." rf " 1 . »'nckgrr.ur,d Rising Cost of Drilling Hits Oilmen By SAM DAW8ON :;r-:w YORK */»•, TIK- cost of dig .MnK is getting hlKhr-r too. To make ti hole In Ihn ground j whether for an oil well or a i (. !i'f>h<i{io pole — cosls more cveryl Fair Enough By Westbrook Pcgler Copyright, 1952 By King Features Syndicate. BOSTON. July The Norfolk! body tries to neck htm or ditzy his head with stingers with sordid m* tivos. Therefore we arc Spared the expense ot guarding his chastity and we save further money om thc big difference between the and female pay and allowances. Since Walt Whitman, who seem' to have been n rather precious character in his Civil war days, there has been a bigotry agalnsl , male nurses tinged with an absurd ; suspicion that they arc more liken be homosexual than an cqua Mm, Dudley Gordon Ho»tei* to '47 Club term*, of drful ii r Ain (IN ti'inn, not nuio tj'iian cull n f,l«u«tii<-r hi First Miipllnt On inn off (<•«•••« m,.l ,.•>„•„.•,* '"•'-•» , f;,,rdon w«fi hosiers nt 7 p.m. jiuiv-r mci(tni|{ »t 7:4* " - . ,._ ,,,,„,„„ ,.,,,,, ' tti mcmbors of Hie 47 Ullage? l.iuo liit her home on Thursday afli.-i- noon, I'n-ienl drilling melhods have' sachusctts Medical < i omc .10 expensive that 42 oil! monns a dangerous Society, shortage .panics and drilling contractors competent nurses, states some be- of of ..]' fini'iicing n two million dollar the reasons and sugKesls some " -.iicli project by scl(!nli.st.i of remedies. But one of thc most ini- Haiicllc Menioriiil Instllule. In ; portanl reasons is ignored entirely r srarch for inclliods, the i;< C;HIEI- it has given the women almost n monopoly on the worl whereas thc entire military an< naval nursing service should be imili; ;md we should have cnougl civilian male nurses to take care the mule patients in civilian hos. :h. " f -v c 7B'«-<-% ••-.» .-'ywfiw^k' \""" ••" > ^Mraffgi?'¥ vWi ^,\ fl * l T^fV", > •*#•$. {^^^j^fv^^'^^^W^W-T^^^'^, „ | . i . newer) not only by Ihi.s profrsslona inib- pit nl s . There Is no logic behind this nomination. ,. _: 11 f» ?i T irtti Vittl M v iiffifli/tfillv fill /itH- > * CT . i •*.< • Greeting to Mac Arthur Is Restrained By JAMES MARUOW CHICAGO Ml- Like a man v can be called if needed but meanwhile prefers standing In the wing! out of sight. Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur flew into thc Rcpubllcar convention last night, made thc •keynote speech, and flevy righ' back to New York. Conceivably, he could become thc Republican nominee for Presi dent, if Gen. Eisenhower and Sen Taft kill their own chances in c deadlock, ot- he could be pickoi for 1 vice president if Taft gets thV.J i T|,r Chliii-M' MiJU'il Hi'-miiK'H nix ~, to flel up tli.it lit!) mirl res-!'" 1 ""' "»•••• ". • i"-^---- ajncjiu. K.«,, ft ij r «..!..;;!*;- ;;;;;, ^^^^ ™ W 'X '-'"" """»*•"""" " y ! ^uX'^L™^ ™uw> Pfc Conn"'in* f.un.''' ( i'mi|.^""1 I'W lli.rlm. II .« I c-h •• r « r,f -ftul w,- i-.uldn'l ...i.ko it," Tnl-Miw«rd by Mrs H. A. .Uel.a.mir I* 'Ml i'ih' « mm-l !U : <lm-.,, Knn. Tl,.- •.•.Muiin-d «n!dl«r botn.,1/1. • Wr ,.,-,.- , -..|itil»-'l -ac-h MrM. A, V. lle«r,l,-r uriil Mr.,. juilW lit If U Whrf(,'.IU.il ; '-',ld i. pl..r,- of -,1,1-iipt.rl (ilfUCk Urn.-, with lo-^-*,, W- fintllly came J»'.-k llobey were club guests. n»U«l/dI mrn WH" ivatlutt M.INI mid (h- l.lh»l ,,f i.n .-xi.lwllnu down the hill ubout I .,. m.. rim-y-j Member* present Included MM. ffi iHllind f-nrtlv )lln f[.m M<"l;.r |.rnj.-rll|.- kimrlii-d him ID inn our il.-,-;.! mid wound.-d," i N.-lsun, Mr*. DoUmnr. Mrs. Cliav- Kfiilnftt hid Imn-'mm!vicr-d' I"'I b'H If ---,. ..p.-.l miln"l. JJk-Oirlo r.niil !>•• wmtiVl nfrnld.! l"s Dews, Mrs. Glenn Hnlrstn-i. lP.,i,,(*i n ) (ls w ,, r(t '(„', ),)»' The iilliirU-iii fii<-tl Ix./ookiiK. --V,,.i didn't ismi If you not it Mi». J. V. McMahcn, Mr*. S. V, HIV) htimH Hi* luid : iiiill'-ln. llHiti-'Ihimvi'ifi mid «rtt- ymuaelf. The only IHiif! you could Scntl. Mm. Hob Reynolds. Mrs. In Uio Ocml iiml iiiidrrt H Ilii- Cliin.-M'. Kliihl dlrt'i-l think iilm-.n w.->:i that you hud lo K. H. Wind, Mrs. I!, A. Wurn-n , l.ii/oolut IIIIK on i> Coiitmtinlut «».i tlidnV «>iy» off H WHS mi iiwfid nnd Mra. It. V. Yiirbrouuh. (ftpuny wim port of U foal- Imiikcr fitll'-il t.i ilcnl iu-i Mruelurn. thltiM." ' A dainty icu course was served .<! cheaper methods, the scion-, licntlon but by practically ull nth- ,ti are consldcririR such things! ers that have discussed tho subject., ,, tlon !i,ikct.«. supersonic sound waves Thai is Ihe almo.st total exclusion;. ,,.l ,-|.-r.-lric arcs. I of men from the profession, or oc11: illinu eo.st.s ii-e up ill < , - / • i . i.i.iiiiMi T um ifi, 11 iui i L i. uni v;iivui(ii^ , „ , - Ihrcoicupntion. of nursms nnrl our scnlj-, lr . lin , and playcd ., nto thc hands I a half time.-, over lf)37, Humble; m-mtalily over the worn,.,, in it,; f)f crikl . t . ycd old hcns wno managc ()i ! iiifl Ili-flnim; Cd, reports. I-'i-i-eporl Sulphur Co. says i particularly the nurses in the Army prejudice as a moment's honest! There's no chance for him tc prove. Neverthe- run as vice president on an to discourage! Eisenhower ticket. While thc two ' generals have worked together in uniform, and known each other foi years, there's no love lost between organizations of female nurses thorn. And two military men on Our Daily Bread Slicwi Thin by The Editot .Alex. H. Waihburn A Solution for the Problem of the Common Cat Today's Quotation The sun finds its way into pal- Joes and sewers alike, yet is not Hinted. - — Sir Francis Bacon Hope Star "J^II Ark«n»as- Partly tonight Thursday, A lllllo thli afternoon Thursday. jut«£ Tuesday's hlfih 86; low M{- preclpllntlon ,03. ' ' r.r.rrnal younR men from entering , -, ., it . .. -. t j: f, (i 11 i/.w nui «^ \JL tui i id lu iivii>iv.£] ... — .... .-.._ -,.« .......v. , ^ ... u .. -,it and Navy It would be a fine Idea , ( h , ff t j t , with'one ticket would be one too many, *,-. »ni"iii fit it (_•<•> 'lltVlll1fii.c> ....tllii '••— •-• »» rf ».« » . •, t , about $17 a foot to drill holes to scrap these auxiliaries, settle 53D YEAR: VOL. 53 — NO. 228 Russell Has Stout Support in Arkansas Star of Hep* 1199. Pr*» 1*17 HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, JULY 9, 1952 M*mbcn Th« Atioeloled Av. N»t Pali) Clrcl. 1 Ma fc AMill* iurtau «l Clrcutitlenl . fndlMl March It, 1«1 — 1,«»J PRICE 5e ^, |r , nnopolistic viccs of the II I- ... . . . ., 1.1 n.. ii n>m-'»./t'i ID LIV. VIV^B v^i n«>_ arch of sulphur. It .pent $800.-'our obligations to the women «on- it t . musicians' and miners' lasl year in ^0 exploratory, corned and henceforth use men' Is iilorig the constiil Louisiana exclusively for male patients. We I'shcf,, where difficult terrain should not have lo deal with any : rackets. Medical News c;ilh fur drilling rigs costing, u ( women patienls in '.ii.u-ler million dollars each. It tills, but there will :,.i,'nctiiiies lakes as many as 20 pnicUco in distaff ivell.i to outline ;i deposit of sul jS^Ljfc|B^^feafffl&[i35|^^^^S^^^^M^i Q U A L I T Y ! Blanket Event! »W,';X f - '' PLflA . ' t. *• T H ••» **x ; Jf*t^ .;^.-j$$ LL WOOL! V ,' '"A,, Special! 3 Ibs. of Solid Warmth... T.99 * 72"x84" BUY ON LAYAWAY... if a easy on your budget Imagipo getting an all wool blanket; fluffy, soft, 1 warm for so little! You'll love the cxcit- IV '1B&JUW'of colors. Every blanket ia guaranteed &oth damage for live years! And they're ace|afflp«tin bound! Come stoek up now,,. during rpy^ey^a July Blanket Event! rvalue! warmth... , exciting color*. iy;|BKir« j^wf! spiviMre inches «o W^rafelftl Com* v- Wool Blanket F tltU July f$ M x90'* Ji5f"«« >~ «, •. '"T-*S» $%4h Wool B ^^ Blanket woven for extit r yau lot* of value for ao IHUe costlYouMl , Mvii^j?»U«*» too! |5H r*you. BUY PLAID IRS NOWJ 90 i II eosts to cli^ a |)o.sl hole too. ', Tlu- New York Telephone Co. says 1 ;i telephone post hole averafios i$:f.:i.'i a foot, or around $20 for thc ; usually six-foot hole. Tin- American Put nil (Him Insti- As the Norfolk agrees, book-le;i quircmcnls for Iraining. A nurse has no more need of an A.B. de II10 industry- spout i around two billion dollars last year ; in drilling 4-1,20!) wells, at an avcr- ! iigc cost (if $42,000 a well — wlictb- i ci il produced oil or found none. I Only five years ago a well tiver- I i,t!cd $:i'2,000. lUsini! costs of drill- iii(! were a big reason. j Another Is that oilmen steadily I u<> deeper in their quest for oil. j Contractor costs range from $3.50 a I fi.ot for wells clown to 3,000 feet. ! niul $17 n foot nt depths beyond I 12,000 feet. | Here's an eample of how costs i I'-ivc jumped: California Standard ! Oil .spent $218,000 in 1040 to drill u ' l.i.lHO-l'oot well* in Kern County, | California. It deepened the well in l!)-l!) to" 13,nO(i feet to get more service hospi- be a growing for a time as the women who served in the Wacs arid Waves get old and put themselves in for the, . ... operations and treatments thai are P''elcntious and Ihe patient now expectable in middle and old age.. has to pay for excessive erudition 1 in thc female who fluffs up his pil- There never was a shadow of]i ow O r administers the routine in- nccessily for Ihc enlistment of wo-1 conveniences of thc bed-bound, men as auxiliaries to any branch, i "With Ihe supply of graduale The British began it with their i nurses inadequate for tho de- Wacs in thc first war when their! ninnd," says thc Norfolk Medical manpower really was clown. WeJN,_. WSi " a price war has been ere 1 anyway. But thc reception thc gcncrnl ! got last night, no matter how i, may havo sounded on TV, was far from cvrewhelming. Ho received long applause nnd cheers when he ! marched down the center aisle in I a well-fitting blue civilian suit. grco than a waiter has, but the And nc , was interrupted 73 times has become more and more bv applause during his 57 minute speech. But from thc press box next to the speaker's platform and with a good view of thc delegates on tho look a little flyer ourselves along I toward the end of that one. We never saw Hit- clay when we didn't liavo plenty of men to handle all atcd among hospitals, sepecially among service, voluntary and municipal institutions. It is disturbing to be confronted by an operating One of tho common complaints bf residents on the outskirls of every city is that townfolk drive put yonder in the dead of the' Mght nnd dump their unwanted! TATTLE ROCK </P — There was Domestic pels. , !ln indication today that Sen. The suburban dweller waking up| Richard Russell had strong sup- ic next morning to find he's fall-! port in the Arkansas delegates to in hour to a litlor of pups or kittens i the Democratic National Convcn- imediatcty considers the busi-, tion. Ress of taking them deep into Ihe' TI IO Georgia senator yesterday country and dropping them oft on [ os ked thc Arkansans for their sup(some farmer. What the farmer j por t when and if they are released | Joes 1 don'l know. | by Sen. J. William Fulbright This is a familiar story around (D—Ark). The delcgalion is pledg- iopc, a twice-told complaint from line people who live beyond the cd to support Fulbright until it is apparent thai thc Arkansan can- city line. And that it's a nation-J not win tho nomination. vide problem is obvious from your | Russell spoko at a luncheon for reading of papers all over thc i j i^^^H 1 - *Je»«iH(5 "-'* jjcijjv. i o <.t»* V/Y*_* 111%. floor, it was clear to this roportcr| ,;™ country _ O ne such item in a big- that not all thc delegates cheering or applauding him to jity paper caught tho eye of Willm Feather, metal trades editor, man. Many of them sat still, look-|^H and ho ,. op ,.jntcd it in tho current ln *"P at h ' m - . . ,. . u lBissuc of Imperial Type Metal This was his eighth major speech f ^^ lissue of Imperial (magazine. members ot thc 22-voto delegation, their alternates and gucsls. Aflcr a question and answer period following his address had produced only four questions, Harvey G. Combs, Little Rock lawyer and longtime secretary of thc state Eisenhower Given 13 Louisiana Seals First Ruled Taft f s Platform to Compromise Foreign Issu e U. S. Politics Viewed Sourly by Moscow since thc _onc in which he told^H . j t ^ a woman - s lctu , r to hcr ncws .j Democratic Committee, said: thc combat and service jobs but room supervisor and learn that two WL- fell for thc idea that it wo.uld be cozy to put a lot of girls into uniform and ship them all over tho of her operating nurses have given notice, one going to the 'Veterans' Administration, the other to the world as inspiration to our bravo! Army. Nurses, who leave • for tho lads, which was an effoto notion j armed services deserve commen- and no good from any standpoint, elation; but we arc upset when the Thc man-hours wasted by tho Urn-1 Veterans' Administration drains ilutinn of production by union rules, i them off by reason of pay differ- to say nothing of thc strikes which ontial, to care for non-service con- nil, nt ;i cost of $-131,000 for the iid-ithe. gk'ls to help, dilional ^.VIIO feel. cost us about forty million man- days in three war years, refute the, proposition that wo had to cull on' Drillini; conlriiclors say Ihe in- cn-asinn cosls do not mean in- creiised profits. They say their ' expenses ruu[;e from $4.il2 to $7.(KI I ii foot, depending on the field of nperaliiitis. Cosls are increasing .vc-iir by year, a Kroup of them report in Ihe Oil and Gas Journal's annual ilrillini; survey. Last year, they add. the mnruin of profil was 2.1! per- cent of what they took in from HIP oil companies. Wo grant commissions to women nurses and when tlioy go to war wo have to sharo soldiers from real military duties to patrol their quarters and keep amorous colonels at bay. Those wore romantic pic- lures of Army nurses in tho Pacific islands, dressed in cavalry pants r.i-cted cases." The article Ihcn says the veterans' hospitals should train their own share of nurses, failing which the registralion boards should recognize training schools "offering less than tljree years' training and lowering admission recpjiremcnts to less than four years of high school." Congress 15 months ago, after being fired by the Truman adminis-'!/' tration, that old soldiers just fadc^l away. Each speech he has made|J delayed the fading. ^ His speeches have been increas-|i Ingl.y bitlcr against the adminis-3| tralion but last night's outdid a)j the others. MacArthur condemned the administration at home and|| abroad. It was a carefully pre-P pared speech and the general?! paused so perfeclly in Ihe right| places it's possible he practiced it? before delivering it. ''i While he didn't mention either;'!] Eisenhower or Taft by name, it; was plain from the attilude he ex- : ,J pressed on foreign policy lhal hi slood closer lo Taft than to Eisciiv'i howcr. I paper. And because it offers u I now idea on the protection of do- Imeslic animals I, loo. am reprint- g it. What she wrote was this: Another nurses is argument thc fact' and doing their laundry in their | young women marry for that soon male helmets, but what were they doing j they arc capped and drop out for way off there thai men couldn't j obvious reasons whereas, to a do? A male nurse of equal compo- man. marriage is a reason to car- tcncc doesn't even rate corporal ry on. until ho makes tho grade and no- The "South Pacific" version the nurse was charming, but we!-,| overlooked Ihe plain idiocy of a many' situation, normal to our infatuated psyche, in which we flallered and, arched our necks at a babe who':-] after I have become thc owner of an (unwanted kitten. I found her ou Election day huddled before the rentrance to the voting place. Every field and vacant lot out I here seems full of unwanted female cats and kittens. "Kindheart ed" persons living near these lots: won't call thc Animal Leacue. They'd rather leave the cats to die slowly of. exposure and starvation. Meanwhile these poor creatures become mothers of more kittens, lathered by Ihc well-fed toms who belong to these same "kind-hearted" persons. People' who let their toms run loose should be fined the same as dog owners, Thc ordinance out here states that all animals (dogs "Senator, you've so near expressed the way wo feel about things that we don't have any questions to ask." This was in marked contrast to the reception granted three other aspirants for the Democratic nod. Sen. Estes Kefauver (D—Tenn), Sen. Robert Kerr (D—Okla) and Averell Harriman also have en tortained the delegation and, all throe was questioned extensively following their speeches. Combs' explanation for thc short- Continued on Page Three State GOPers Might Switch to Eisenhower HOLD HEARINGS — An Interesting spectator, left, leans on rail at the Congress Hotel In Chicago as the credentials committee begins its hearings on state delegat ons to the GOP convtntlon which have contested delegates. The committee handed down its first ruling — on Florida. It gave Seh. Taft 16 delegates and Eisenhower 1 and seated one uncommitted delegate. Six other disputed case* are to be herrd including Georgia, Louisiana and Texas, — NEA Telephoto. By JAMES MARLOW would have been quite ordinary i|H or cats) should be confined within back homo, because we had been \ silly- enough to send her on a \ man's errand in war. • The horned loud, a lizard of Ihe: Anii-riciin deserl, does .not lay eggs but has living young. by tile hostess. CHICAGO — Arkansas dele- Mrs. Loc Montgomery Entertains Canasta Club Mrs. Lee Montgomery elitcrlain- ed members of the 11150 Canaslii club on Thursday afleruoon al the Lawson Hotel. Graceful nrnuiKemenls of garden flowers decoraled Ihe playing room. High score honors wcro held by Mrs. Burke Sheltou. A delightful salad and sandwich course was served to members: Mrs. Inuin Gee. Mrs. C. F. Gordon, Mrs. H. L. Katon, Mrs. Gil j Buchanan, Mrs. Vernon Fore, Mrs. I H. J. Wilson, Mrs. W. F. Denman. Mrs. A. S. Buchanan, Mrs. E. M. Sharp, Mrs. Slu-llon and guests, Mrs. \V. P. Cummings and Mrs. Marion Franks. Continued from Page T.wo Mr. and Mrs. Loc Kinnoy and son, Terry have returned from a week's vacation in Hot Springs. They were joined Friday by their son, Warren of Fayetteville and Clarence Gordon 111. Mr, and Mr.x Charles Dews and daughters wore the Friday guests of Mr. George Dews in Arkadelphia. Mrs. Fate Mines has returned from Carthage, Texas, where sho was the guest of her daughter, Mrs. J. L. Welch. Miss Mary Lou Thomas loft Saturday for Houston, Texas where she will bo a guest at the Shamrock Hotel and attended the Pi Phi National Sorority Convention that is being held this week. Miss Thomas is a delegate (rom tho Pi Phi Sorority of the University of Arkansas. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Mitchell and daughter. Murcia Ann, have! returned to their home in Little' Hock after u visit with Mr. and , Mrs. Dallis Atkins. i Mr. and Mrs. J. L). l$ci>aii and Gv'ui'ge wore the week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. J, A, Ray born in Hampton. John Regan accompanied them home after a weeks visit in the Hayborn home. CHAPTER TEN AFTER Elsie nad gone, Paul got up and opened the window; thc wind was cold and strong: It dispelled the odor of Elsie's perfume. He stood looking out on the street, trying to set ma thoughts in order. He closed the window alter a few minutes, and returned to nis desk. Deliberately ne thought not of Connie but of Agatha Murchison. He nad been so sure, believing she had not permitted her left hand to know the benevolence or ncr ripht. Her right hand nad opened a door, he nad entered, enabled to see beyond all outward seeming. For he had seen ner often these past weeks, to ner expressed amazement, had listened to ncr barbed comments, railing, bluntness, and not now been deceived. He had discovered in her the strong, re- Bolvca girl who had once been; and in the woman she nad become, virtues he nad not thought existed In her. Past ner cavalier treat- mcnt ot Emily Marrow tie discovered genuine concern, affection and a pathetic need. At thc roots of arrogance was insecurity, which she was resolved to conceal. Hidden within ner compulsion to dominate all with whom she came in contact was the bitter recollection of the Rirl who nad fought ner way, exposed to the curiosity and cruelty ot those to whom the wrong side ot the tracks was not an imaginary tine, She nad said, quite recently, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Whitaker Jr. and sou of Smackover, were the holiday guests of Mrs. Sam T. White Jr. and Mr. and Mrs. Norman \\Tiituker. "I always Uked you. Paul. I daresay It's because you're young and i vigorous. 1 loathe being old. I've Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Walker and childivn have returned to their home in Midland, Texas after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Ninemeyer. Mr. Howard Harrell of LHUe Rock visited his sister. Mrs. J. C. Stegas and Mrs. Rodney Hamilton and fuoxiiy over the week end. always had vitality. 1 still have. I don't always approve of you and we've had our battles... suppose we'll always have 'em. l don't think Tvo forgiven you for that uncalled-for episode last autumn, as I bold grudges." she had admitted, with her unengaging grin, "but maybe it waa a good thing. No holds barred. For some reason I cant explain w* seem to have become better friends, t wonder what you really tfeink of me." He had aaBwrewd honestly, and remembered Us answer now: "I think you*r* * valuable human Mis* H***l Mullock was the Friday gutst ot Miss Opal Daniel in "In your book aH human beings atoufei IDA valuable... remember," she had asked, " 'the sparrow's tall' ?" "All are valuable," he had answered, "but 1 was speaking personally; valuable to me: a friend." Yes, ot course, beyond the irascible, aggressive, often unpleasant old woman, a valuable human being. All this he had discovered because he had been looking at her through a slip of paper, a check for three thousand dollars. Now Elsie nad taken away the check and he looked at Agatha Murchison and still saw her u latterly he had; as she was, and as tte had not troubled to see tier before. He put his hand over nis face. God is not mocked, It was impossible to return to his original conception and estimate, as basically these were false. Connie had not only given him three thousand dollars, she had given htm Insight, ana a trlend. When it was late afternoon and he nad a tree hour, be went to see Agatha Murchison. U was Imperative. He was driven to It. ff tic did not go at once, tie might go again only when she summoned him, only as he nad gone before Christmas. He telephoned first and Aiymer informed him that Mrs. Murchison would be.at home to Mr, Lennox. "Well. Paul," she asked, "what brings you here?" "1 just wanted to see you," he answered, smiling. "Very gratifying. And odd alao, as 1 was about to call you within a day or so to tell you I am taking Emily on a cruise, we leave within two weeks. She's upstairs," said AgaUia. with ner blinding smile, "packing all the things (he'll need a dozen times before w* sail." He asked where they were going. "Oh, South America... It will do hcr good, she has no appetite and is nervous as a cat, i daresay I'll regret It. 1 abominate cruises, all the old women like myself, the widows who aren't so young M they think, the noisy children, the sloppy deckchair soup. tn« games and ihore trips. And of course, Emily will be seasick and I'U despise her for it, being a good sailor. Also, it costs a lot of money." He said, -What a fraud you are!" "Nonsense," said Agatha crossly, "it you mean what I think you da" "I suspect that I do. Tfee bushel doesn't bide the tight." "If you are referring t* roy figure as a bushel," Mi4 Agttha, •Til thank you to (9 how*- Wast some tea, Paul? Alyt&erviU t$£ng fresh." "No, thanks." He was here, be «*9 tor big, upholstered, «ci«iulom tic*We, - Wby didst ] foret" be- She said, "I'm solid. Besides, 1 don't wear my heart on my "leeve to oe pecked at Dy all and-sundry. What on earth's the matter with you?" So he said the thing he had never thought to say, least of all, to this woman. "1 don't know actly. Except I'm lonely." 'Of course, you're lonely," she said sharply, "you don't take your responsibility lightly, as some do. That's a special kind ot loneliness), 1 daresay; not the kind we all suffer from . . . What you need la a wife." "You've been telling me that for years." "ill keep on telling you, I don't, seem able to Interest you In my candidates. So I advise you to select one ot your own." He said, trying to smile, "Perhaps i shall someday." She said, "You're a good man, Paul. As I've often said, i don't always agree with you, but you're a good man." Then she laughed; it waa like a bark. "Before we become sentimental about each other, may 1 remind you that Emily has ., I you to thank for this trip." '% ' "Me!" he asked, startled. "Certainly. Instead of alterations r to your precious gym. alterations for your precious Emily. I couldn't afford both, with March fifteenth coming up. How do you feel about that now?" He said, "I feel fine. And we have all the money we need for the gym." He thought, The supply Is al- j ways there, from God, working" through men. Often it comes from the. unexpected, quarter. But it is there, sometimes soon, sometimes late, "Well, that's splendid," she said, "and perhaps next time you need something I'll consider it." "You said you held a grudge." "Just one at a. time," said Agatha, "But don't go away and cook up some scheme Just to see if I'll give In. Because l won't Just fc now." * He left her presently. When he bad said good-bye, sho put her hand on his shoujder. "You're disturbed over something, u you'd ' like to tell roc • .•••••.* He answered, "I can't Mrs. Murchison. Put thanks Just the same." "Funny thjng," s)»e commented, "lt'« upsetting when you—when all you represent wems, well, let'* say at odd* with yourself. Uke<0 seeing a doctor taken ill and not knowing wb*t to do about it." % *"Pby*ct»n, beat thyself T" te> inquired. v»' "Southing «f the sort* ^ He M)d. <TU do my best," ' _ ...^ .^.^.i_,_i. frQ^ ft J^ - wttte t* an enclosure, or on a leash at all times. Most cat owners consider themselves exempt . If a. law were passed (and enforced) decreeing that all torn cats be operated upon at the age of' six-months, Iho cat population would evenlually decrease. Such operations are simple and inexpensive and a tattoo or a mark could be placed upon the ear signifying that the operation had been performed. All unmarked toms should be impounded and their owners fined. Is this too inhumane? No, not nearly as inhumane as the stigma attached to tho female cat and tho | subsequent cruelties inflicted upon her by tho human race. No. 16 Paving Assessment Due July 31 Charles Reyncrson, collector for ' Street Improvement District No. 16 in the Fair Park area, announced today' that the third annual payment of. the district paving assessment is payable in.his office on or before July 31, 19512. An official announcement appears elsewhere in this paper today. Persons who paid in full previously should disregard this notice and those who desire to pay in gate to the Republican National Convention said last night that he wouldn't be surprised to see the state's pro-Taft delegation swing to Gen. Eisenhower after the firs presidential nomination ballot. But his statement promptly- was disputed by the delegation chairman, Wallace Townsend, who said, "There's nothing to it." The delegate, who asked not to be quoted by name, told a reporter that, he wouldn't be surprised to see a big swing to Eisenhower in thc Arkansas delegation as well as in the convention. Townsond, GOP committeeman for Arkansas and the leader of the Taft faction in thc state, said he had not heard of any such move. At the moment, the Arkansas delegation stands seven for the Ohio senator, three for Eisenhower and one uncommitted. An earlier report that Arkansas' lone uncommitted delegate, Harry Pollack of Ft. Smith, might have decided on Taft as his candidate was denied by Pollack. After a morning caucus yestcr- way candidates nr« chosen in tho WASUtNGTON I/TV-Moscow says American presidential cmulldntcs will In- elected at the Chlcniin conventions by n "fwmll circle of busses" who hire roolern nt $20 n l»-;ul lo cheer for their cnndidntci CHICAGO (ffi — The Republican so the public will believe It has n convention, linving cheereil Gen. i voice In thc selections, MacArthur nnd former President! on the biisls of Kiidlo Moscow) ;..^ on ._ Hoover, will now probnbly reject i broiulcnuls to Rtisslnii listeners, of- Ihe foreign policy views of both! fa-laid reported lodny thai this of them. Thc pntry's foreign policy plnn Is oxpcclcd to promise, us Gen. Elsenhower stigRosled, great continued foreign co-opci*tion. In some wnys it muy go further tbnn | c.oiiiK on nt Chicago, thc Moscow the Truman admlnlstrnllon. This plonk was in prepurnllon l.y n Republican committee eel by John Foster before Mnc|Arthm- came here to spenk. Hoover and MiicArthiir proposed far less foreign co-openiUon iiml nid without saying thai in just so Credentials Report to Be Accepted, Tail CHICAGO (A 1 ) — Tho . '«> m ll " recommendation py tho "false Amerlciui democracy." To iiuikc sure the got Tntt mun joined tho forces in the 50 to nothing o mae iiuro e ussiuiH go h , h appnronUy waa Hn the Communist version of what is brlmr BI V mo 8ttow O j ha " onvcnU on ™ "' harmony |« radio is running n series of talks by Vlndlmlr Morov, n Soviet Jour- ''™ ^Tott > doioMtei'*and"i5S nmmillee, heart- nnllsl who said ho nttondod Ihe nffioW^ta?»t?. ' -' ?!P Dulles, for days; Phlladolphln convention, four years f 3 C oScd soats In r nnd Hoover „„„ Js . man dolcgatlon . Xt M,n,v ,,U, delegnlcs wore piled }^"scn^^t. In ] Ihe with Kifls and advci-lislng souvo M Irs. Tim conventions, he siild, wcro I — (UP) i irt-W-ojl *" ^ 'T.Vi^l Sen. many words. What Hoovor had to I jusl ,i nu-kot "Invontod . . . so thai ' ,' jrkxi sr.s-i triuis" 1 ,", , ' >l ° f EISENHOWER CONFIDENT — Gen. Ike EisenhoweV autographs credentials for St. Louis following breakfast the General had with the Missouri delegate,,, to the-National GOP tion Bubbling with confidence Eilsenhower asked the Missouri delegation for party harmony so ^um in the fall elections "we can kick the Democrats so far It'll take them 20 years to get back". Telephoto. U. S. put Its trust in a bin Navy: for Ull .i,. personal qualities." I 4 '' m lno Gcol '« ln end Mr Force lo defend In Is coiin-j ••!„ nUmi! fact," he added, "mtii , , . . . Iry mid discourage Moscow frnmi t |uesiloii IN decided by a small clr-j ;,„,, y ,i,, ln .,,.V,,I " t », Gen. MacArthur, three to Eisenhower and seven to Taft. Then, said Townsend, he expected the MacArthur vote to go to Taft. The MacArthur man is Osro Cobb, previously listed as a Taft supporter. Pollack said Townsend was wrong about his position, and acldod that he still is not committeed to any candidate. The delegation is scheduled to full this year can do so and save ' mucus again this morning at A. U. President Warns Against Label Thinking LITTLE ROCK UP — Dr. John Tyler Caldwell, new president of the University of Arkansas, says that the United States is in thc "middle of a period of a new kind of adjustment." day, Townsend said he expected j Caldwell, making his first major Ihe delegalion to give one vote to address here since the Arkansas I future interest payments. This district is being operated on the same live year plan that all the newly organized districts in the City of Hope are organized under. Charles Harrell, Corbin . Foster, and Ansley Gilbert are the Commissioners of the District and Weisenberger & Wilson are the attorney's. 9:30. Most of the state's delegates visited an Eisc-r.hower reception yesterday morning, and today il is to see Gov. Earl Warren of California, another candidate. appointment, told some 450 delegates to tho Southern Farm Bureau Regional Training School that: "In our world today we are wilnossing Ihe-colored race prole.it against inferior status and opportunity. Who can deny them this right of protest or deny thai it is grounded in Ihe mosl fundamental urges of human nature." He then called for and warned the delegates against becoming "prisoners of labels" by saying that the "TVA is socialistic...by any doctrine." Ijc said that Russian "Capitalism" is a label mat makes honest thinking and understanding an impossibility. Continued on Page Three Hope, Prescott Men Wounded in Korea WASHINGTON — First Lt. Will iH. Gordon Jr., husband of Mrs [Carolyn C. Gordon. Ft. Smith. I has been reported killed in action tin Korea, according to the Depart- Jment of Defense. Arkansans listed as wounded in [ action were: Pfc. Aden L. Boyd Jr. j son of Mr. and Mrs. Aden L. Boyd iSr., Rt. 3, Little Rock; 1st Lt. I Homer H. Cobb, son of Mr. and [Mrs. Homer Cobb, Hope; 2nd Lt. 1 James B. Tilley, son of Mrs. Ana [H. Tilley, Pyatt, all of the Army, [and Sgt. Amos W. Cross, son of JMr. and Mrs. John B. Cross, Prt^s- Icott, Marine Corps. I Army Sfc. Charles M. Russell, [Son of Mrs. Carrie P. Russell, Call, was reported as injured • in e Korean combat zone. 4> Now You Can Quit Worrying: Hal Boyle Has Republican Situation All Figured Out Editor's note: Wilbur Peeble honest dollar, food four limes i the average American is getting dav. a happy life- for i-vtrybody close to the key problem of the and work for all if a fellow can't Republican .convention, as he tells figure out a bolter way to earn himself in this letter to his brave a living. It is also in favor of bis! attack In Europe. He'd let UK- Europeans defend themselves on the ground. Thiil view was repudiated curly in 1051 during debute in Congress which approved American troops for Europe and jilnre then has voled billipns for n big AmcrU-un land force, plus arms urn! alii Tor Europe. . Events of Ihe firsl two days hnve been like a Juggling net; u number of galls In the air, some, of them eye-catching but not ull of them visible. The eontesil at Monday's open ing session — over letting dls puled delegnlcs vole on .scaling ether disputed delegates — was won by Elsenhower ( but it was only preliminary In what happened yesterday: Hearings by the credentials committee on the disputed delegations. This committee, dominated by Taft people, will finish up making decisions today. In turn this -is preliminary to the next step: A big explosion on the convention floor by tho El- senhower and Taft factions over the credentials committee, decisions and vote by Ihe convention on seating what clolcgalcs, This mix-up over the delegate's on th<; convention floor may delay selection of the presidential can dldatc and tho wind-up Severn days. Otherwise, all might havo been finished tomorrow. All that has been reported or of political bosses." German Reply to Russians Due Thursday soon on TV screen.-) so fur the BONN, Konnid Adenauoi- nhnouficeiJ in th'bt West German Parliament todny tho western powers now note to KiiHsIa on Germnn unification will bo delivered tomorrow. He added that If n new 4<powor conference results, the Wast will not tolerate the long drawn out, fruitless talks which have marked II" Four dealings In th») piist. The chancellor said that he fa- von.'d liaHt-WeHt lalks bul only on a 'basis likely lo produce results. He spoke during a parliamentary debnio on the ratification of the treaties which would • bind West Germany to the Western Allies. u mi delegates to don. Dwlght KlKcnhovver, Uln chief rival, Im GOP presidential nomination,;completely satisfactory" '-to* Thc Ohio senator unnounc hla managers havo n<K W™, of appealing'.-, the committee'^ ci.xlons unless It should ma|tO"< "exceedingly outrageous" thn still unsettled Texas en] | reminded that he had alrcai { ported n Texas compromii i lug him 22 and t Elsenh' speeches, tho arguments over dele gates — have boon the obvious part of tho convention. Meanwhile, the roi:l work of the politicians hns boon going on in hotel rooms behind closed doors whore Taft and Eisenhower people havo boon trying to swing uncorn- millcd delegates to their side. This is where the political pros get in tnuir work, out of sight. The persuasion or pressures they use don't get talked about. The result of their work won'l be known until the voting starts. But neither Taft nor Eisenhower is handicapped by lack of professional political help. Tuft has a Continued on Page Two wife at home, Trellis Mae: By Hal Boyle CHICAGO WV-Well, honey, you can quit worrying about who is going to be the Republican candidate for president. I've got it all figured out. It's going to be Taft -- or Eisenhower. crops for the farmer yu ( ' a inani marring the girl of his choice, thought not at the price of divorce j or too 'much bad weather in the citifes. The platform is also for labor — bul il doesn't «o too far into 1 the question of who is going toj MacARTHUR SPEAKS — TAFT LISTENS — Gen. Douglas MacArthur, top left: I. cre.ted by Walter Hallanan temporary chairman of the GOP National Convention, and the cheers of convention delegates as he mounts the speakers rostrum to deliver the keynote address of the 1952 Republican Convention. From his Congress Hotel suite, Sen. Robert A. Taft watches and listens intently as Gen. MacArthur delivers his ( keynote address. — NEA Telephoto. Murry Claims He's Cut Cost of Campaigns By The Associated Press Ally. Gen. Ike -Murry says he's boon waiting for his four opponents for tho Democratic nomination for governor to brug on him for "cutting the crest of running for governor." "Since they aren't giving me tho credit I'm entitled to, I guess I'll have to claim it for myself," Murry said at Berryvllle yesterday. His four opponents were busy with their own campaigns at Little Rock, Fuyettevillo- and McGchec. Hop. Boyd Tackett dropped Into MucArlhur Purk in Little Rock hist night by helicopter and blamed Ihc McMath administration (or "black clouds of shame and pallid robes of disgrace" which ho said hud .settled on Arkansas during the pusl four yeurs. Chancellor Francis Cherry said ut McGehce that, as governor, "I certainly won't be so brash as to infiltrate u political machine Into the state government." Jack Holt told Fayetteville listen- -TalttiBC^ Elsenhower; probably toi the Georgia- d tho convention. "I think the,convention^v .,,., firm tho deolsion of the eredO,nit! committee." Taft $d bf ' conference, "JK thoy (Mil howcr forces) are unwlHIfl ccpt the, donlslon 'ot an i committee, they might a swel up on their oh»r«cs ot fraud Ho sold hu thinks the cqnven , should accept the committee d,ec ions because any made oj floor would be "a purely ppl decisions," , . . ..<< {*? Taft said he still estimate* H strength at 607 to 609 delejft for tho vote on the prwi J "~ nomination. A 'majority U*f The Louisiana derision cost him H votes, ho Theodore , Roosevelt .M< withdrawal, however, ho igaj would give him about U Of, first ballot votes not counted ^j lously. By JACK BELL , CONVENTION HALL,,$?B — Tho 25th Republican, *" UK$ Methodist Wt fMtfe 8»WirlB I can tell you — and it is no, have to perform it. Naturally, a 1 secret at that — the delegates are platform can't be too definite in; relieved to have that problem out] times like those. j of the way. Up until now they had'; The dek-fsites have been con-j been worrying about it. Like the! siderately cheered b ythe applause- rest of the country. It is a relief'by General MacArthur and former; tc have it solved. I President Hoover for a moral re- All that is left now is to pickjvival. They feel that the Repub-, a vice presidential candidate and licans are 4-square behind this cry- a platform the party can stand ing nec-d, and are cheerfully a wait-1 on without a guilty conscience. Of'ing the moment when Bob Taftj course, dear there are some cynics who say they can't take any politi caTplatform seriously. Their standard gag is: "A platform 1$ just something a and Ike Eisenhower toss coins to see which will lead this great crusade against entrenched corruption. I would say that the most heart-; fellow stands on until be catches'ening thing that has come out of. .. - " -----the trail that s|pl take him away to something fpgr." So far a« J £«n figure the Rei* ag»in»t Hemo- is ior an publican this great decision to back is the all-around agreement among I Republicans here that it is a nee-1 essary move. But at to the leader-1 John Sanders on Oak Ridge Staff John Paul Banders, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Sanders, 202 South crs the state education department Hervcy street, Hope, hau accepted I had "juggled" school money for a position with Ihe Oak Ridge Na- ! Ihe pasl three years. Gov. McMath tlonal Laboratory, Oak Ridge,: t,poke al Hope last night following Tenn.. in the Reactor Kxperiment-j a handshaking tour of Nev al Engineering Division. i County. The OaV- Ridge National Labora- Murry explained that he h tory is the largest Atomlu Energy cul the cosls of running for goye: Commission laboratory in tho Uni- r.or by two measures. He said " ted States, and the major produc- i hit ruling preventing the er of radiolsotopes which are used from purchasing from extensively in the fields of biology, cc-rs "cut of one medicine, agriculture, and. industry. The Laboratory is operated by Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Company, a Division of. Union carbide and Carbon Corporation. Mr. Sanders received his B. S. and M. S. Degrees in chemical engineering from the Uni of Arkansas. He also s the University of Col mji_il'^^MM-M^BKjji Athel DelnRooch Joint AM- Force De«n Roach,, son of My, of campaign money ; , iHtration." PROBABLY WILL NQMINATg TAIFT — The 18 dential candidate, Gov. Tnomas f. 8«W*Z with 8en,gwatt O.lftew* 9f bG Dirkson will p^tjabiy ftem r»4e I tofc* <rf tow. Convention yotet) today hope to win a the .iea.tjng Georgltti ^ Fine of Penn*ylvania r t(> inpetus from wms fifes comiDittejd t£ -arold E, St«»sfin <rf iwn Q*m*tf toW tWi uuL

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