The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 27, 1940
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Looks Pretty Close at That , 14-13: s | Star Outfielder To %* pany Cards But Will Not Play Today , • fey. United Press .HAINES CITY, Flft., March 27 (UP)—Red. Ruffing imd Sieve Sim- dra or Spud Chandler will pilch for the New York Yankees when they 'engage their American Association form club, Die Kansas Cilj Blues, today. The Giants belted om a-;l4-I3 win over the Yanks yesterday in a 3l-hll slugfest. The Yanks hammered out four homers to; the Giants' two. -TAMPA, Fin., Sfarch 2? (UP)— Tile Neiv York Giants scheduler.! Cliff Melton and Jim Lynn for mound duty against the Cincinnati Reds today. Pitcher Bill Lohrman, whose fight thumb was hurt last Sunday, resumed pitching practice yesterday. MIAArr BEACH, Pla., March 27 (UP) — Chuck Klein, the ageing fencebuster,. was to rejoin the Philadelphia Phillies today for the third.lime In his long career. Klein, cut loose this week by Frankie Frisch of the Pittsburgh Pirates, < agreed to contract terms In a telephone call to President Gerry Nugent, The Phils sent Klein to'Pitts- burgh^ last 'year. Previously, they sold him to the Chicago Cubs for $100,000. Today's Sport Parade Bj MNF.I MelEMOU DAYTONA DEACH, March 27. <UPJ— Is Joe Louis slipping? This question has been put to me by Wind Uo Snam'ne Ses- nuuiy |R ' ople '" ma "y stixtcs ' > )a1 '' , ' . bn (liularly since (lie champion's 15- sions; Leonard Barred ™ imi) engagement with tiie brim- From Louis' Camp NEW YORK, March 27. (UP)— Jne Louis and challenger Johnny j the lime hae come for him to slip, .„„ .„„. , „. „ According to statistics reached Jne Louis nnd challenger Johnny Lv „ s iudy of the heavyweight I'Whek complete their training clminpions of Ihe pasl 11 e aver- oday for Friday night's title fight ,,, e champion holds tie title less l,,,,? almos))llerc ot mlltuftl "'•'- tlmn four years. Joe will have ! replied three years this coming J., the j llt ie unless Johnny Paychek de'" s "s-, feats him In Madison Square Oar- A* ' D^,«, t r , At Pompton Ukes Iclm « MM,"? H !, 1, the fight ,., N. , ' CnUy for '1 Friday nl K hl. ,1, ftf,\t 1 n. U1 ' *itAl* 1 * IUl» V 11IKJ.J.V. the fight IICCRIKI: Bomber Joe's' , - ,, tinincr, Jack Blackburn, ousted y n " swel ' lo thls 1 uestlon lins Benny Leonard from the Green- nUvnys bcc " '" tllc "Dative. He wood Lake establishment yesterday has madc nlnc d « fen -ws of his Blackburn wouldn't let Leonard i Ule to - clato ' ftnd l have seen n " c! course, when life hitting wasn't _ yave iJeimy Leonard the hcave-ho. Why should he watch Louis train, when he won't even let the reporters sll In on paychek's secret work-outs? Why don't they !et us come down and see what they're doing behind those closed doors?" Maurice "Hie Angel Tlllet, 276-pound French wresllci described ny anthropologists as the best contemporary example of the Neanderthal Mnii, visits the Chicago Field Museum and makes himself at- home In the Neanderthal family exhibit. .is sharp as usual and his mobility left something to be desired. Hut such times come to all athletic champions. PCI haps the three fights that wji.u uwujjt started people wondering how And the somewhat, miffed Leon- •inch longer Louis would Inst were ard said, "We'll be glad to welcome his fights with Tommy Rirr, Tony LOIlLs. Ttlfi fHn iri'i /IP tiiiiu-iiiri f-n,,, flnlflltn nnrl Art urn ("In rim? . Blackburn, or anyone from his camp al today's final boxing and Arluro Godoy. -- -—i- -- -~-.._, - ..»,u wk jAii]g For some reason or onolher thestj rirlll-at today's final PUBLIC bouts left the citizenry with the . workout. We have nothing to hide, HOLLYWOOD, March 27 (UP) —The Philadelphia Athletics re- lumed to the film capital today for. a two-day stand before leaving California. Rained out at San Francisco yesterday with the Pittsburgh Pirates,. the A's meet the Chicago White Sox here today and play Pittsburgh again tomorrow. Friday they will start a- five-game tour through Arizona and dip Into Mexico, barnstorming wllh the Pirates. LAREDO, Tex., March 27 (UP)— Tlie St. Louis Urowns were to iry again today for a gnme ivilh .the San Antonio missions aflcr tivo days of rain enforced idleness .Manager Fred Htiney indicated he would begin intensive workouts for "pitchers as soon ns the weather becomes favorable. Haney had 111 Inirlers on hand from which to ch'oose his regulars. • ST. PETERSBURG, Ha., March 27 :'(UP) — Holdout Joe Medwlck went Kith hfs St. Louis Cardinal team mates to Miami Beach today to meet the Phillies in an cxhloi- • tion game. Medwick signed his 1940 contract as the Red Birds broke training camp here. He had held out for $20,000 but reportedly accepted v vice-president Branch Rickey's $;8,OCO offer. Medwlck was not expected to play until after the Cardinals return from their Cuban touf, although Joo Insisted he had kept himself ,ln shape by Playing golf. The Cardinals havo lost 13 of their 18 exhibition games. Yesterday they lost to Bob Feller and the' Cleveland Inafaiis In a 3 io 2 decision. LOS ANGELES, March 27 (OP) —The Pitisburgh Pirates arrived here today for an exhibition game with the Chicago Cubs. The Pirates 1 game with the Philadelphia • Athletics at San Francisco yesterday was "fogged" out. After their game tomorrow wilh the Athletics at Hollywood the Pi ra t«s sl!ir t east. and Pinky Hlgglns singled. Tommy Bridges held Ihe Blues io four hits In seven Innings and Henry Pippin yielded four iii four. LOS ANGELES, March 21 (UP) —The Chicago Cubs meet the Pittsburgh. Pirates today after de- ting the Los Angeles Angels, 8 to 5, because Glen Russell and Angle Gnlnn knocked out home runs wllh two men on bnso each hue. Julian Tubb was the winning pitcher and Gene Llllard, who was "Ith the Cubs last season, the loser. HOLLYWOOD, Calif., March 27 .UP)—The Chicago White Sox re- uni to Hollywood today to attempt .vith the Philadelphia Athletics vhat they accomplished' wllh llio Hollywood stars, n 2 to 1 victory. The Sox got only five hits durlni; ;he gnme and went hitlcss for four innings. Cuccinello, one of the daddies of double pldymnkcrs who shifted to third unse to make room for the youngster. "He's Improved 100 per cent since he Joined us last July. At flret he had a tcndcttcy lo field Ihc ball between Ms legs, where If It got away from him It was gone. We hnd lo teach him to field the bull out in front of him, like Eddie Miller, a truly great shortstop who plays alongside of him . . . with his back well bent, practically scooping up dirt with . the ball, as did Hbnus Wagner. "A tall fielded that way ^ quickly be recovered If fumbled. "Naturally, Ihc hardest thing for Slstl lo loam was taking a double play throw on the Inside of the . , Bl1 ' apparently the Louis cnmp 1ms. Otherwise liicy wouldn't barred me yesterday. While Leonard was being given the "bum's rush" 1 at Jolting Joe's l ramt>. Challenger Puychek watched movies of four Louis fights. And when the lights were turned on in Dr. nler's old Revolutionary War house, Paychek said: "I hope those pictures weren't kidding me. I hope Ihcy weren't . Disney creations. Tin positive I'll i put Louis ou the floor at least once, 1 and probably knock him out. Any-' way, I should win the decision with ease." Paychek went through his last t workout yesterday, sparring two mysterious heavyweights ntlttps have not yet been have they had the opposite effect. I thought Joe was n tremendously effective boxer against Farr, and i d : " e ™? toctay wltu , lm fou '' regular spar. • THE PAYOFF ,„_.-- MYERS, Fia., March 27 (DP)—The Cleveland. Indians meet Syracuse of the International League today In their last exhloi- lion game here. Mel Harder Is expected to hurl for the first time Lob Feller and Russ Peters, rookie shortstop, were the stars yeslerdav as the tribe defeated the St Loui's Cardinals. 3-2. Feller allowed only two rats and one run In five inn- Ings and Peters got three hits nnd played errorless ball. LAKELAND, Fla,, March 27 (UP) -The Detroit Tigers went to Oriando today for the third of their four-game exhibition series wich the Washington Senators after squeezing through a 2-1 victory over the Kansas City Blues o[ the American Association. Dick Bartell sent Rudy York home In the nth error, York struck Into a force"?!"}' FOR SALE » SPECIAL BARGAINS fi room cottage on Kentucky. Nice home close in. Price $1850. $2» cash, bal. $1500 month, includes , Interest,' taxes and Insurance. 404 E Davis 7 room stucco. $1750. t, ?*?£ ^ " scl1 "'" S33D cash bal. $21.00 month Possession today. By HAUUY GIIAYSON NBA Service Sports Editor BRADENTON, Fla., March 27.— One of the more Interesting slops jn the Grapefruit beat Is Uraden- iOn, where the Boston Bees arc pre- jarinj 18-year-old Sebastian Sistl .0 start at second base. Or rather where old Tony Cuccinello Is schooling young Sibby Slsti .0 take his place. : Frank Frisch, new mjunjcr of 'the Pirates, offered Bob -Quliui W5.000 for Sisti. Frisch, who played plenty of, second base, snw Slstl .n 32 games with .Ihc Bses lust season while acting as radio announcer .. ths Bee hive. finch keen .judges as Quinn, Casey Stengel and Cuccinello declare Sistl would hit .350 In any AA league this trip. And a second sucker of his all-round capabilities hitting anywhere -near .360 would orinj an AA club n barrel of money on the open imrkct . . . $75,003 or so. It Is plain the Bees have something In Slstl, and they can use omething. SISTI CONCENTUATES ON DOUBLE VI.AY PIVOT For hours each day since Feb. 10, when they reporter! with Ihc recruits, Cuccinello has rehearsed •Sistl In making the pivot at the keystone sack on n double play. "It's n pleasure lo work with a kid like him," beams the veteran chance to Interfere with the second baseman." The quick rise of Sebastian Slsli Is remarkable. Mel Olt, and Bob Feller hadn't shaved .when they craslied: big time, but oft chased flics and Feller pitched. Freddie Lindstrom was the Giants' third baseman nt 17. Harry Hcll- maiin was playing the outfield for Detroit at 10. But few have been entrusted with such n key position ns second base at 1!). Frank Frisch was young nnd so was EOilie Collins, but both had college experience. .Slsli was found at Canlshis High School in Buffalo by Bill' Myers, head of. the ticket men at the Buffalo railroad station. Graduated hi June, 1938, he slepped dircclly to tiie Boston farm In Hartford, and aflcr further seasoning there lust season was brought Into the hive In July. He made only one error in 32 games nnrt the high : rate of double plays which prevailed before the brilliant EMe Miller broke Ihe bone above his sukle was m.ilnlaincri. With Les Scavsella ut first, base, double plnys started by Cuccinello this season will sound like a six- day bicycle race—from Ciiccincllo to Sistl to Scarsella. And wllh the stylish Miller at shortstop, the Bees can't miss knocking off their full share. Naturally. Cuccinello dislikes to leave second bnse. which he played so long. "There Is more action there," he explains. "But maybe my pins will carry me a few years IOIIRCI at third," tliroiisli four males. In his two rounds wllh Clarence Brown, he seemed a bil sluggish and open to left jabs., Old China liaiV Corn | Chinese mandarins were eating •corn on the cob as early as 1573, I according to records published at ; that time. They also were eating succotash long before moderns mixed limn beans with corn. Sign the New Register at the Ritz ALL THIS WEEK "Gone With The Wind" Matinees at 10 a.m. & 2:00 pvr, Nlglil Slum- 8:00 p.m. XT MATINEE KVERV DAY THIS WEEK Wed.-Thurs., Mar. 27-28 Their Latest Adventures' Also Selected Shorls Fri., Mar. 29th 355 Good Reasons Why You SliuuM Attcnr) (he Roxy Jolimiy DOHTIS & Consl.inrc Moore In " Laugh It Off" Also Selected Shorts Saturday, March (ccllng that he wasn't the invln- :ible killer he once was. On me, nave lounds. , the Welchman but Ihrec Agalnsl Galcnlo he rose . from the floor after being felled by one of the hardest hitters tha tory was obtainable In a safe sane, though dull, manner. Take the .Farr fight for example. Louis won It easily by stay- Ing nwny and Jabbing the Welchman dizzy with the best left hand In boxing. He would have been foolish to allow his vanity or (le- sire to please the crowd to drive him Into close quarters with ;i irmn who wanted nothing more than n chance to butt with his head, hit with his knees, and generally fight In an Illegal and dangerous fashion. Just remember this If Ixiuts clccls to defeat Paychek the ea»y way. If Paychek lasts the entire 15 rounds It won't necessarily mean thst Louis lias slipped and lost the ability to knock out men <>S, the calibre of Ihe near-bold lowan. Paychek Is a strong hitler, which means that he must always be given a chance against nny one with the normal quota of hands, arms and legs. Louis knows this and) may choose to never offer Jolnmy. a chance to throw the punch that made him the toast of the Corn Bell. And he can't be blamed if ho does. i Louis has known the hard an-jl hungry life, and having put it be-' hind him by means of the heavy-, weight championship, can scarce-' ly be criticized for trying to retain that championship wllh every means at his command. •WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27, 1940 HOLD EVERYTHING By Clyde Lewis ' Redheads Win Over Caruthersvilie Quint CARUTHERSV1LLE, Mo,, March 27.—The All-American Redheads, nationally known girls' professional touring team, defeated the Caruth- ersvilie Independent, all-stars boys' team here 33-29. c. T. Baird was high scorer for the Caruthersvilie all-stars with eight points, and Miss Kay Patrick was high for the Redheads with 16 points. "I won't imnoy ypu with, my new drum, Pop—I'll only beat it \vhp;ii;:,j'oii're sleeping." COURTS •oiiiVd I w IP foiiohi nnhetourth Mlfon'L w " ', iS T ln Ictu s a ,d noth in. t thn c, l.iciures am nouiing that the cam-, ,n U'cVT ™ U ge of t0 of mu » lc ^ 1 collfl he p!lst several scsslolu llave "" 1 dis f (lsul0 ' 1 ot a » assort- of charges. On clinr -" e - ; of """tew driving. " rbCr ™ s fined * 25 in l ° " BU " ty ' plea; Max u — ---..n -•—~... - UL.VU^'.V iuiswer LO n liUlllv nlpji- ic adjusted himself to the situa- .Brooks was fined $25 but was ion of being faced by a combhin- gl , int ed an appeill t * ^™t court torn of clown and ape amazingly with bond set at $100- C B Wo" well. i • . Boxing followers in general are apt to forget that n champion's business is to win and that it is much more important to win, even if he has to look bnd doing it, Ihan to lose In a spectacular and flamboyant manner. The heavyweight title Is worth a million or more dollars to a man, and he would be u fool to needlessly risk breaking his hands -or suffering :Cuts with heroic tactics, when vic- then's fine wns the same amount but $15 was suspended; R. W. Gerard was fiued $25 but $15 of his. wns suspended. Alleged violation of the fish and game law caused Cletis Baltcn to be fined §25 but he was granted an appeal with bond fixed: at $100. A fine of $50 was placed against WayJand Rhodes on a charge of possessing an Illegal trammel net for fishing. Two negroes, Albert Cookwood alid Junior Dunu were each' fujei.1 $5 oh a charge of failure ta"'£ia'y street lax nnd Elois Hampton^'an,other negro, was to have beeii. tiiejl on a similar charge but his case was continued. A charge .of driving while under Ihe influence of liquor cost Wayna Wooley $100. He pleaded guilty. Joe Murphy was fined $25 on a charge ol petit larceny to which he pleaded guilty; 'Elizabeth Brown, negro woman, was fined a. similar amount on the same charge but she appealed her case; a 16-year- old negro youth was turned over to the juvenile court after having been arrested on a similar charge and he was sent to the Industrial School today. N. T. Gaylor was fined sit) on a charge of obtaining money under false pretenses lo which he entered a plea of gui'.ty. w. J. McCloud was held to circuit court on a charge of grand larceny with bond set at $750. John Henry Bascom, negro, was fined $25 on a guilty plea of using a car without the owner's consent. Eleven cases of public drunkenness charges wer- settled. Divorce suits filed recently: Wesley Hall vs. Louise Hall/ Ed B. On Highway 61 — 20 acres and handsome brick residence. All conveniences. This home Is new, Price $9,500; See us for terms. Thomas Land Co. Solt Agts. 22-ck-26 wncTi report gOB Ravings of IS^S to 40% over other makes of truck*. In engineers' tents, CMC SUPER-DUTY tngmcs score highest in the industry on gas mileage as well BB pulling power, size for SIM. Let us show you what one of these light-duty CMCs can do and jai'e for you, with your lond« on your routes. i*P^inlHtre»ghDiifo».«y,MACHa,,<r( /o»,,lavo/loW, rof,. ,„ UB MOTOR SALES. 1hi. "Green l-.orntl" & "Kit fnr son" serial Sun.-iUoh., Mar. Si-April l ! Continuous i>how Also Comedy & \cvts GASOLINE -DIESEL LISTEN TO KI.CN tliOO n.m—U!*5 p.m.— ^M atn Phone Rlti 2U 1'honc Itoij .133 r Only Coca-Cola gives you that happy after-sense of complete refreshment. That's why millions enjoy it every day. It had to be good to get where it is. So, get a Coca-Cola, and get the feel of refreshment. 36G PAUSETHAT REFRESHES BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OE THE COCA-COLA CO. DY COCA-COLA BOTTLENG COMPANY Blytherill e, Ark . Cook, attorney; -Mortena Tcdlock vs. J. w. Tcdlock, Claude P. Cooper, attorney; Opal Mosor vs. Henry Moser, Virgil Greene, attorney; .'iita Pruitt vs. Lawrence Pruitt, Neill Reed attorney. Welder Escapes Injury Because Things Blow Up KNOXVILLE, Term. (UP)—Lloyd Roach, 42, Is glad things blow lip instead of down. When a large gasoline truck exploded. Roach lay directly beneath it where he Imd been welding the undercarriage. The explosion sent the tank of the truck zooming many feet into the air. Roach crawled out without a scratch. The world's most precious watch belongs to the Pope. It has an estimated value of ?50,000. Thirly-sevcn international telephone circuits are In operation. Famous 5 year old Straight Bourbon at Popular Price! Also avnilnljlc i n a deluxe blend of Blr.iiglit wliiskicis.ThcstraiglitwliU. kics in Ihis product arc 8 YEARS OLD —Hcmrlioii, 90 proof.

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