Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 6, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 6, 1934
Page 3
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_ Monday, August 6,1934 ocie MRS. STD HENRY TELEPHONE 821 Tomorrow '•»tomorrow The elf of the woodlnnd That always lends men away From tho task that is ever unfinished. The burdensome tack of today. Tomorrow- Tile foot of the rainbow That lies just over the hit. With its pot of gold still waiting The climber of daring and will. Tomorrow- The lake in the desert That glimmers but in the sky, Which (lie one who seeks is still seeking ^As he falls on the sands to die. Tomorrow— The mist of the moorland That shuts out both crag nnd fen, And makes us forget in our dreaming, Only today is for men. —Selected. The regular meeting of the B. & P W. Club will be held nl. 7 o'clock lucsday evening at Hotel Barlow, The Younjr Mother's circle of the First Methodist church will hold their Augvist meeting Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. II. Cofield on Camden road. A stock salesman told me the other day he played golf to relax . . . he's wrong . . . the best thing to do is i,',o go to the cool and comfortable — Every r!oy is "Contest Day" Vote for your favorite when buying tickets at Box Office. KAY FRANCIS WARREN WILLIAM I.nurol & Hardy Comedy "BUSY BODIES" —News— TUES. & WED. Mnlfnec Tuesday 15c MARY BRIAN /ASH pirrs PHILLIPS HOLMES PRIVATE A Paramount Picture Mr. nnd Mrs. Percy Sharp of Mtior- ingsport, La., were week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hearne. Mrs Shnrp will remain for a visit of two weeks, Mr. Sharp returned home Sunday night. Miss Margarrl Bell who has spent the past six wcrks taking special work m the University of California tit Berkley, visiting San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Denver nnd other interesting point* in the Wfsf arrived Sunday night to join her mother, Mrs. C. E Bell, at the home of Mr. and Mrs R O. Bridewell. Mr. and Mrs. John Greene were week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Syd McMath, Mrs. Johnnie McCabe and friends. Miss Elmina Fontaine has returned from a fen days visit with relatives in Ranger, Texas. Mrs. E. F. McFaddin and little daughters, Mary Ross arid Mallida loft Saturday for a visit with Mrs. McFnddin's mother, Mrs. Mltlie McCannon in Fort Worth, Texas. Mrs. C. C. McNeill nnd little daughter, Prgpy luive returned from a visit with relatives and friends in Dallas Texas. Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles Clark of El Paso, Texas, arrived Sunday night or a visit with their mother, Mr.s. iue S. Wilson in the Ross Gillespie Softball Game Is to Be Played Here Contest 8:15 p. m. Tuesday for High School Athletic Fund Softbnll will be ushered into ...,,,. Tuesday night when a team led by Sid Bimdy meeia the Williams Lumber Company team under the flood- "Rht.'i of the high school athletic field The game starts nl 8:15. A small admission will be charged to dcfry expenses, the balance of the money to be contributed to the high School athletic fund. Mr. Bundy nnd Mr. Williams in announcing the game, urged the organization of other Softball teams in Hope, which might lead to the formation of a small league. Peach Prices "Hie Junior Young Ladies of 1hc First Methodist church will hold their August meeting at f, a. m. Tuesday at Ihe Pines. Mr. K. L. Biiller of Texarkana was (he Sunday night guest of Mrs, Sid Henry and the Jamisons. With Mr.s. C. E. Bell of Texarkana as honor puest, Mrs. R. M. LaGron entertained at a beautifully appointei luncheon Saturda yat the Barlow Ho- tel. Other giiesls were Miss Maggie Bel) and Mrs. Sid Henry. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Cain left Sun- lay for a vacation trip through the Ozarks. J, M. Houston left. Sunday for a justness stay in St. Louis, Mrs. Houson and daughter, Martha, accompan- rcl him a;; far as Little Rock where hey will spend this week as the guests of relatives and friends. En route to San Antonio, Texas, Mr.s. Don Cameron, Mrs. Allie Cruinli- sluink, iiiul Mrs. Mary Bettis of Little Rock were Sunday morning guests of Mrs. Sue S. Wilson. Ms. Wilson and her guests were guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. Pat Casey at, a most delightful' Sunday morning breakfast. and Other Effects cf Malarial Don't put up with Hie suffering of Mrlaria—the tceth-chultoring chills and the burning fever. Get rid of Malaria by getting tho infection out of your system. That's what Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic does—destroys and drives out the infection. At the same time, it builds up your system against further attack. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic contains tasteless quinine which kills Ihe infection in the blood. It also contains iron which builds up the blood and helps it overcome- (he effects of YTalaria as well as fortify against re- nfection. These are the effects you want for COMPLETE relief. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic is plcasunl to 'ako nnd absolutely safe, even for Children. No bitter taste of quinine. 3ct a bottle today and bo forearmed igainst Malaria. For .snle nl all stores. w two si/es—50c nrjrl $1. The $1 , J7f; contains 2','a times as much ns the Iflc size and gives yon 'iTf.'r, more for your money. Dr. and Mrs. James Mnrtindale and son Jud have returned from a de- lifihtful vacation trip around Lake Michigan. Eu route they visited Mammoth Cave, Ky., Charlevoix, Mich., Macinac Island and Sault St. Marie, Canada, returning via Chicago to see the Century of Progress Exposition. Ike T. Bell, Jr.,' has returned from a few day;: visit in Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brock of Corsi- canna, Texas, accompanied by Mrs. Conyers Brandon and son, George Sandefur, of Marshall, Texas, were week-end guests oi Mr, and Mrs. George Sandefur. Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Milam and daughter, Eva Jean have relumed from n vacation trip to Galveston, Corpus Christie and Mexico, and a five weeks business trip in Tulsa and Miiskogi't. 1 , Oklii. Thomas Kin.scr. Jr., is spending n few days visiting with Byron Yar- brnugh in Gurdon. Mrs. Wesley Walton of Little Rock is visiting. Mrs. Trim Middlebrooks for ;i few days. A. J. Hunter, editor of the Amity Owl, Amity, Ark., is ;i guest, of his sifter, Mr;;. R. M. Patterson. __.!nines Sanders, !;on of Mr. and Mrs. :Clli.s Sanders, and cousins, Lee and Willis Wubb (if Mineral Springs, lefa Saturday for n two weeks visit to Chicago and tho World's Fair. Rube Dudley of nc-iir Brownwood,) V'Xiis, spent the: week-end visiting' •clutivc'.s in Hope and Hempstead; •ounty. Henry Dudley, Rocky Mound,! •rtunifd to 'IVxas with him for a short! visit. Be Here and Get Your Share of These Bargains! Summer Dresses WP are closing out all Summer Dresses. Bo here early and get •your pick of these Close-Out 'Dresses. All Ladies Summer Hats go at this low pi-ice. You can still find time to wear these hats a while. Pairs A Table of Close-Out Slippers, while, blonde, grey, etc. Not all , u izes but a buy if yon can get your sixe. A Close-Out on goods that are bet- tfir quality and at tin's low price. F. 0. B. shipping point Inforfnatlo reported for Friday, August 3. NASHVILLE, Ark-Hot nnd parti cloudy. Haulings heavy, moderate in auiry, Demand good, trading modef ate, market firm. Carloads f.b.b. cas! tarck and usual terms: Elbertas US No. 1 bit baskets 2 and 2 in min 1.3 lo 1.60, mostly 1.50, 1 3-4 in min to 17-8 in mlh commercial 80 per cdnt or more US' No. 1 90e to 1,00, Elbertas US Nb.l western type boxes 50s and 90s, carloads f.o.b. usual terms, few sales a 70e. cnowLicY niDGte SECTION, Ark Hot, partly cloudy. Haulings moderate moderate wire inquiry. Demand gooc for large stock and poof for small Market rather duM. Carloads f.o.b. uS- ual terms. Elbertas US No. 2 irt hiin mostly 1.50, srnalled sizes mostly foiled for delivered sales, Trucks taking considerable portion of crop from tfils section. MAGON, Ga.—Hot, partly cloudy. Haulirigs decreasing, movement expected to drop sharply after Saturday. Carloads f.o.b. usual .terms and cash (rack. Elbertas US No. 1 bit baskets 2 in min 1.15 to 1.30, 1 3-4 in min 75c to 85c, fine quality and cdnditiori fW wire sales high as 90c, too fe'w crate sales reported to ,quote. CANDOR, N, C.—Hot, clear, Hani- ngs moderate. Good wire inquiry. t>e- mand imoderate, market firm. Car- oads fo.b. usual terms and cash on :rack Elberias US No. 1 bu'fcaskfcts 2 in min"1.35 to 1.50, heavy, to large zes and fine quality mostly around .50. ££Q8 Investment Banks Scored by Probers Blooded Nation With Worthless Papers—Speculation Unchecked -odsusM by American investment bankers in selling billions of dollars of securities low almost worthless were described Sunday by a senate committee as scandalous," "shocking" and at. times violative of the most elementary principles of business ethics." One big flaw, tho committee found is a result of its stock market and >ankm& investigation, was that bank- rs frequently did not 'have de'cent ard '" {OT the investors' interests. pent Sunday with Christine Cornel- M«- Etne ' Cornelius spent Sunday >ith Mrs. Thompia Gilbert. Mrs. Alice Findley was shopping in Hope Wednesday. : Mrs Hacker atetnded the builders tab Wednesday night at Guernsey. A tWtd insttUtnem hi the banking committee's report will be made public ne-*t w&fe H ind the previous chapters will be. used as a basis fot further Ifefeifitetloh when conA-e'sS meets in January. the committee cited past practices °, f ~ P ' mt & an & Co.; Kuhn, Loeb & Co.; the. Nations! City Company, affiliate ofthe National City Bank of New York; Diilon, fteaVl & Co, and other big WitfeiWteni organisations, in distributing ddniestifc Scfctirities totaling JSS.bOO.pod.OtJIJ and foreign bonds exceeding $7,000,00<>,0<JO since the World war. It said the investment banker did nothing to "curb this speculative fervor which swept eye* the investors In his field from* \m to 1929," "peg ged prices" to insure sale of bond known to be. unstable, and sold secur 1H*« t»."iprtteft*a lists" to ektefid hi 'influence and control over Individ uals in high places." DRESS SALE Entire Stock Cotton and Silk THE GIFT SHOP 252 Repair Se-rvice Q. Wt MILLS 218 So. Wattttt jftio-ne Sheppard Mr. and Mrs. W, L. 'Cornelius, sperit Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Gil- iert Jr. Mister William Chandler called on Miss Ophelia Cunningham Mrs. Janie Blackwood returned' on Wednesday after spending a few days in Bald Knob and Little-Rock. • , We had quite a wind Monday night which unroofed a building here, • but didn't get any rain. Raymond Cornelius spent Wednesday night with William Chftndler. Miss Loretta Thomas of \Vatercreek Large Golden Peacock Bleach Cfeme , and ',4 6z. Carioca Perfume. Both for .. New Style Wontlersoft Kotex •2 for • Hand Lotion, Barbara Gould, 3'/2 oz. Bottle 506 35c 45c Arrnand Face Powder and Noroma Deofdorant Stick. Both for Phone Si John P. Cox Drug We Deliver NOTICE! Hpve that old Mattress 1 We wake them look new. and deliver. Give Ua A Home Mattress Shott B. E. Hatcher 115 N. —^ Carl E, BAILEY Candidate for A ttorney After establishing a record As a fearless, able and' efficient prosecuting attorney in Pulaski county, Garl E. Bailfey is asking the voters of Arkansas to elect him Attorney General where he will have' an increased opportunity to serve the people. His ' opponent is completing his tenth year as Attorney- General and is asking two more. Carl Bailey does not believe the-people desire their officials to', serve a lifetime in one office—contrary to the-' principles of the Democratic party. Bailey Campaign HeaJqmters Hear Bailey Speak at Hope at 4 p, m. Tuesday, August 7th, oh lawn of First Baptist Church; arid at 8 p. m. at Prescott. v* THAT COSTS SO Mta^^>:aa--^g|;, now co$fs as mudi as > <£ 5 CHEVROLET!] To the savings effected by Chevrolet's great economy, rugged construction and outstanding dependability has recently been added a saving of as much aa $50 in the purchase priee. You can now obtain a big, fast Chevrolet truck for every purpose at prices among the lowest for which Chevrolet tracts have erer been sold. And these low prices bring you the same features that have made Chevrolet trucks so popular in every hauling field—the valve-in. head, six-cylinder engine—the sturdy bodies—the exceptionally heavy frame, axle, and transmission. Your Chevrolet dealer will gladly show you how Chevrolet trucks can help to reduce your hauling coats, and bow easy they are to buy at these new low price* cam. bined with convenient G.M.A.C. terms. CHEVROLET MOTOR COMPANY, DETROIT, MICHIGAN Compare Chevrolet's low deUvfrfd pritei and rosy G.M.A.C. terms. A General Motort Vakt» AMOUNT OF REDUCTION CEW-ER ADVERTISEMENT CHEVROLET YUNDWmWE'lN'HE TRUCKS Young Chevrolet Co NEW Mriniri (REDUCED] MODEL J PRICES •""' ' tr ^** Utility Long Chassis ... AI>. Dual Long Chases ... ,*S3S : SO Utility Chassis and Cab „ « S7S SO Dual Chassis and Cab _* .^ 595 ^ SO Utility Long Chassis .^'"' '** and Cab ....,-,„ .SOS SO Dual Long Chassis and Cab ? 62S SO Utility Panel. . . . . , .fTSO SO Dual Cab and Stake Body 880 SO Dual Long Cab and Stake Body .1T40 SO .-(tore am Hit prices of commercial can f. o. b. at flint, Michigan. Special equipment extra. Prices siiliject to change without notice.

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