Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 4, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 4, 1934
Page 4
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JtiUJfii! STAK, HOPE, ARKANSAS Saturiday, August 4,1934 Famous Queen's Son VII, Answer to Previous Puzzle __ Great Britain. feM mother 1' Was Queen f -rr • • JiEMge of a roof. ii SfcHlet. 14 Chestnut horse IBWheal. i6 Auctions. 13 Collection of ',* horses. - afrStek. t it Receives with y favor. 38 Laughter : S3 Before, sound. ' £4 Northeast. 39 Pair. 45 God of -war. 40 Edge. X6 Tissue. 42 Noah's vessel. SB Half an em. 43 Secure. 29 Urged onward. 45 Fruit dots on 31 Insistence on ferns. purity in liter-47 Timber tree. ary style. 48 Brooches. 33 Restaurant car 50 Goddess of ' 34 Valuable- beauty. property. 52 His world 35 Natural power, travels helped 97 To accomplish, promote — birds. 10 To Value. H Habituates, 13 Moccasins. 15 He was first of the House of . 16 Landscape. 17 Stairs. 19 His wifa was a princess from . 21 Full of sand. 22 Fills wltli cement. 25 Greedy, and good will. 27 Region. 53 Queen 3 ° Structural unit was his wife. 32 Neuter pronoun. 36 To disperse. 39 A king's son. 41 U. S. stat% 54 To Inlay. VERTIC/Ui 2 Jobber. 3 Side of a room. 42 Melodies. 4 Farewell. 44 Constant succession. 46 To unclose. 47 Yellow bugle. 5 Second note. 6 Valley. 7 Unsuitable. 8 Translation (abbr.). 9 Yellow Ha- 49 To harden. 51 South America. 52 3.1416. I so S3" \Z 3O 33 41 S34 17 54 ZT 32. J 28 > 39 HARRY - Legalization of bettin on racing in a 'dozen states has brought a new deal ,,-to-owners of bdoken- down beagles. With so mail? new tracks, there are not enough horses to go around. The Lteeedeers can not supply young stock Sell Itl Find It! Rent Itl Buy Itl in the Hope Star Market Place Remember, the more you tell, the quicker you sell. 1 time, lOc line, min. 30o For consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one ad. 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c 6 times, 5c line, min. 90c 26 times, 3%c line, min. $2.70 (Average 5Vt words to the line) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, befora tha first publication Phone 768 BE SURE — Insure with ./Etna. Wayne H. England, Phone 475. First National Bank Building. 4-6t ~TiNN!S RACKETS restruung. All work guaranteed. Call us for a free estimate. Phone 501. 28-6t Screen doors—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co, Help Wanted Company coming to Hope desires office girl. Sales experience desirable, but not necessary. Salary ?12 week. .Write Box XYZ Hope Star. 30-6tp. FOR RENT Three unfurnished rooms. 211 East 3rd street. Phone 757. 2-3tc. Three unfurnished rooms 211 East Second street. Phone 757. 3-3tc. Five room furnished apartment in iny home vacant August 15. J. A. Sullivan. 4 7tp. FOR SALE Model T Ford pickup for $25.00 cash. Will trade for hay. Rufus Anderson. Patmos, Route 1. 4-3tp. Ustd parts for all cars. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. 16-26t ' Best Paint Sold—Hope Bldg. Mat Co. FOR SALE—Trailer, 5 ton Nabors unit 34x7 Duals—16 foot Stake Bed •with Ridge Pole and Tarpaulin. Call 22. Thompson Bros. 4-3t Used cars bought and sold. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. 16-2St fast enough, and nags long since hitched to ice wagons and whatnot, arc being patched up and brought back for a few more starts. Such a demand for material naturally has been an advantage to the keepers of lesser lights. These owners, most of whom formerly were almost always busted, or badly bent, now find there is a call for their gee gees during the entire year. Moreover, where they formerly had a hard time hustling moving money,, not a few tracks now gladly advance expenses in order to fill out their programs, deducting the amount from the owners' purses, if any. Fair ground horses with unheard of quarter and half-mile layouts now are stepping where some of the better horses wer wont to gallop on short year ago. Better Platers Step Up With wagering conducted openly, and above board, a numbre of tracks are operating in the same section for upward of 100 days and owners no longer fear that sheriffs will suddenly stop the show and leave them stranded. If an owner discovers that the competition is a little too tough, he does'nt have to move far to find a brand that is more to his liking. The cry for stars has caused the $3500 claiming horses—hithertofore considered nothing more than corking good selling-platers—to become handicap luminaries. Previously they stayed far from the handicaps, since then they would meet such stars as Equipoise, Sir Gallant, and Dark Secret. But these now find themselves unable to engage in al Ithe rich stakes offered and therefore must forsake the ?2000 to 53000 handicaps. One track scheduled a rich event most particularly with Equipoise in mind, only to learn that that great thoroughbred was too busy to make the engagement. It is reported, by the way, that Sun Beau, the world's biggest money winner, wil return, though he has been away for two years. Dates Conflict Horsemen are reluctant to admit that things have taken a better turn for them, arguing that while there is more racing the purses have been re- ducd in valu. The Jatetr is true, but a larger amount of racing quite equally means a wider distribution of purses. The numerous new tracks have caused conflicts in dates in sectors which can ill afford such competition. For instance present schedules call for meetings at Hockingham Park and Narraganstt, in New Hampshire and in Rhode Island, respectively, which both draw their crowds from another state, Massachusetts. State commistoris naturally can not set dates for tracks in other states, and the Jockey Club seems hopeless to remdy the iluation. A national govrning horiy mot assuredly will have to come. Meanwhile those who have tinkered with glue factory candidates for so many lean years are enjoying their independence, and obtaining a trrific bang out of making the lesser associations lay it or. the line. W«U Bldg. Mat. .Co. NOTICE NOTICE—V/e have moved to Hope Fruit Co., Ill South Main Street. Bring your cream, eggs, and poultry to our new ptece. Thanks. J. D. 3-2tp Carrot leaves \vere one thought to be so decorative that the ladies of Quten Elizabeth'i time wort- thfcm is. their hair in place of feathers. ', In the vaults of a Tarragona, Spain bank is a toy valued at a half miUufo dollrs. It is a doll made of finely chiseled marble. It was found in thfe tomb of an infant believed to have died about 300 A. D. jj elsori JDR.V OUR BOARDING HOUSE Of HES AWAY ON A CLAM-ftf\V<£/ , YOU SA^?— OH YES,~«. YOU'RE THE f^^N \V\TH SOME; •RAINBOW PROPOSmON TO LET CXDfAt \N ON TH^: (SROUNO PUOOR TOK #2000 /-YES, WELL , IX L T£LL YOU , IN ON THE NOW OP THE HOOPLE WINSLOW "FLOOR IS HIGHLY WAXE"D,-ANt3 THE TO MOVE HE <SOOb OLD ByAHERN OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS THAT AIN'T DIGNITY/ THAT'S JUST TH' SLIGHT* PIFPERENCE BETWEEN us AND A BIG SHOT- HE'S- THINKIN' TH 1 SAME THING AS VOU AW' ME— WHAT WOULD HAPPEN)/ IF THIS THING JUMPED TH'TRACK? ONLY HE DON'T LET A UTTJ-E THING YAWPS AMD GASPS INTERFERE WITH HIS CAM'T SEE HOW TH 1 BULL O 1 TH' WOODS KEEP UP HIS DIGMITV. OJ A THING JJKE THI'S— IT HAS ME YAWPIN' AN' GASPIW LIK^ A FISH, BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES THE CONCENTRATOR. In the Wee Hours! CAN'T 6O OKi , HOUEST AMD AfcOOT YOU HPMttt'T THO \'OE E HWOfc \_06T \ VOEXX — K>CTCH\Ki6 Dt « OO VOO V\ \_\WV; MARTIN MV OtM? — Of? "UVftf COKVFOUNlO ALLEY OOP /*. T Woe Is Wootie! By HAMLIN , WE GOTTA FIND ALLEY OOP/ I WANTCHA ^1 VER ROVAL HIGHNESS, SIR. WE'RE ) 1 ' OH,8OOO 0o HOOO-HOOO -HOOO/ AW ALLEV OOP/ MV LOVER/ HE'S GONE/ I'LL NEVER SEE HIS SWEET FACE, AGAIN/ AU.EV OOP )AVJ RIGHT/ T 1 SEARCH ALL TrY TERRITORV HEREA6OOTS SORRV T 1 REPORT THAT, T1-\OU6V\ IS GONE //SIT POVJN ' ' VJE TURNED OVER EVERV STOKE, LEP\VE MO STONE UNTURNED/ HE CAN.'T BE PAD FPfxsA ucncr f A\.ir->i/-i\-r h.\/-\i . / ROCK At^' PEBBLE 'ROUND HERE, FAR FRorA HERE.' AVJRIGV\T,NOVI, ~-i GIT GOINA' t „ _ /**- VJE COULDN'T FIND H\DE NOR HWR OF ALLEV OOP f ,_/( CAPE OF ,• \ V THIS / WASH TUBES Aucxy BOARPMAW ; THEV Some People Are Never Satisfied! By CRANE fc' OR 2.0 YEARS HE'S INVESTED p£UNlg$> \JWlD REAPED , — • ' "*-"» v /*> ( , HE'S TIRED OP ,/,//'/ MAKIN6 MONEY. / /J/ffA // /,n// , wow, HE INTENDS TO BtTi HAPPIWESS.... HE S TO BUV 4? 10, ODD IN CTASH HE'LL PAV To WASH OF HIS TOYS-HIS YACHTS, AMP CASTLES, AMD PRIVATE TRAINS. ANYTHING HE WANTS, HE BUYS. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By BLOSSLR A Tight Spot! GOSH! A-A GRIZZLY.' THAT WAS A SHOT, AND rr MUST MEAN IT WASN'T FPECKLE .22, EITHER...IT WAS A 30-30, OR I MISS MY GUESS i IT'S HO USE..."[VIE cuw is JAMMED-' P OH .'on.' i MISSED.' X'LL HAVE TO TRY AGAIKI.'.' FRECKLES! I'M CAUGHT IM A TRAP! IT'S UP TO YOU !.' THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) Further Implications! By COWAN WHAT I S.MD- STOLE \ S'-V WH«-T IS ' 31GHT OFr MY K\TCHKN/ THIS? A.PE^cCO' SOHE. =>MEAK TH».EF STOLL \TI '//.£.•= HAT, IN. THEGC' WASH'.N.' MID L^'.Tj !T T /.'H-i'DOW-T'J'.'O AS LOVELY H'JCKLE—) ALL K'.DLlNi'M ms^w.

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