Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 4, 1934 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 4, 1934
Page 2
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Star O /x*tfo Deliver Thy Herald* From Fatee Report I PubSshed week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., „,«- . C. 6. PALMER, President .ALEX, H. WASHBUBN, Editor and Publisher a* swtona-cljw matter at the postoffice at Hopa, Arkan«M Under the Act of March 3, 1897. 8fl Jnstltllti °" developed by modem civil- e *»• to f6ster cemrnwce and tadust « dwrtis <?»«>«, ^d to furnish that ch«kT u "° COnStltUtio " has ever teen able to provide.^] B *" te $ ll * rftys Payable in Advance): By city "3 ~C» <-.* j, , , A .«*• r\n -rj 11 r ^ i, $150 per year; elsewhere |s"cO. ^^HBJgg'-s^SF ™" Your Health And We Yell About "States' Rights" By D«. MORRIS FISHBEIN Editor, Jom-nol of the Aflisrlran MeiHeaf Assctfilloh, and of HygeJa, thfr ffeoflh Magazine By Olive Roberts Barton Antitoxins Banish the Pear of InfeoHous Disease iTowadays, if any one of your chil- j ciren is exposed to an infectious dis- ' case, like lyphoid fever or diptheria. he has a much greater chance of escaping it than heretofore, because doctors have developed means for specific prevention of such ailments. Basically, these methods are the f^s.hUs.^a,."^ i jss < Sr ~ ihr . jr-srnrsai 11 - b * - -H = '•££=-».,,.- | geuing Inem at tjnce. any child, but Usually there is one little willing dog in the house who- carries and fetches for the rest. ,'That's the girl," beams , O ' «-"-t»J»L3 |>1(J when she says she Jeft her glasses 5Vtai7"e fitij-I Inn!.-, i i_ *» ..- Mother up- murmurs Political Announcements SIDE GLANCES By George Qark The Star Is authorized to announce the following as candidates subject to the action of the Democratic primmi? election August 14, 1S34, For Stnte Senator . <20th District) JOHN L. WILSON For Sheriff QEOROE W. SCHOOLEY W. AUBRY LEWS CLARENCE E. BAKER J. E. (JIM) BEARDEN County & Probate Judg* H. M. STEPHENS County & probate Clerfc RAY E. M'DOWELL JOHN W. that every beauty-seeker should learn. First of'all, do not use mascara in the daytime except most sparingly— unless, that is, you have lashes and brows that are completely colorless. Or, of course, unless you are deliberately going in for the exotic and un-«* ^tu.ipje, uie pnysician may inject'' • ~ """ "••—• •-"•"• na ' llra ' at:all hours. Nothing gives a one or two thousand \miti nf nlti j a ? rml sen - e of responsibility is just 1 more made-up look than a lavish oul- toxin • IfbV.* wom OIci Man of the Sea lay of mascara in broad daylight. , " ' Avoid" Brads Next,' put the . preparation . on the In cafee lockjaw 'has already devel- j lh roue h Uf P T carry wth ed ' reasona oped, very large doses of tho antitoxin must be given. Some authorities rec- j ommend as many as 200,000 units in- ! jected directly into the blood, and repeated in from 12 to 24 hours. At the same time tho victim may | be given additional antitoxin by in-j jection into the muscles, and in -cer- I - v reasonable one out—no. A Bad Example, Too portion lashes of the upper lids,-but never on the lower lids. And when' you've if +u- .W •""' ~"" i finished with the-lashes,-use the same ns tins way. The willing mule will brush for the brows. They always be allowed to pull the load. ; willing child be ,mpos- " me unle « l som °- also produces a poison which can be j in a family as if is too, because the others learn to soldier. to produce its own Stances. It.would be'dangerous,:hoAvever, to inject'the diphtheria poison'directly into the human body. Therefore, the riiedern technic is to use a mixture of injected into a horse, causing the r t •„ „«,_„ ,, , , , ., , horse to produce antitoxin in its blood • h boy of a family who ^utr^eve^S'S^ SBiS^^^'^" stimulate the body of .the human ?i of?L £ • * • nr,t'«nh often happens, however, that TO When tiie one boy is the youngest with two or three older sisters, he won't be expected to do a'turn. This handpicked male is seldom the willing hcrse. But let him come into the world first, with sisters to follow, and the toxin with antitoxin. This can be ?"" u rU ' T V ,• \ * , „ injected safely and .will cause the body i he is llkely to have hls hands ful1 ' t pdevelop the antisubstances. This, of course, won't hurt him un- Moreover, it has been found possible to devitalize the poison to some extent by adding antiseptic substances, such as formaldehyde. When this i;i done, the preparation is called toxoid. A still later method is the combination of the toxoid and the antitoxin. less it is carried to the extreme of im- porition. The point is that it is bad for the rest. G'ne chap of twelve I know is never allowed to rest a minute. All the errands devolve on him. He has two sisters, and the ten-year- old is the laziest youngster ori earth, i is nonsense. The preparation comes need smoothing and will be all the I otherwise well-informed women hesi- better for what color is lefl on thel tale lo use mascara is that they are brush. _ -j afraid it is difficult lo take off. That The beads and lumps that discourage so many users come from putting too much mascara on the brush. Also, there's a trick of brushing upward after the stuff dries that will help. Let the brush dry, too. before you attempt this final rite. Blue for Brunettes Do not use the blue mascara unless you are a really dark brunette. Brown is for blondes and black for the brown-haired. Perhaps another reason why some Tax Assessor MRS. iSABELLE ONSTEAi R. L. (LEE) JONES P- C. (CRIT) vSTUART Boad Overwer fDeRoan Township) E. I.,. SULLIVAN 1 1. S. MAULDIN FRED A. LUCK Peach Prices K O. B. shipping point information reported f ol - Thursday. August2- NASHVILLE. Arh.Wnrm. clear and partly cloudy. Hauling* fairly heavy, probably at peak of season. Good wire inquiry. Demand boiler, trading in Market steady with better leeling prevailing. Carloads f.o.b. rasli rack and usual terms Elbortas US ^o. 1 bu hiuikolfl 2 in min 1.35 to 1.50; 7-8 in min mostly 1.25. Comercials fifi T.er i-enl or more US No. 1 1 7-8 in nip 1.00 lo 1.25; 1 , r )--8 in min 75r lo .00. MACON, G'u. Hoi, showers. HaulinBs airly light. Helm- wire inquiry. DP- nand moderate, market firm for crales off quite easily with ordinary soap UK) .slightly weaker for bushels. Carand waier and more easily still if you take a little cleansing cream on the tip of the index finger and brush the lashes and brows upward with it. One final item: Use mascara last of all in dressing, even after p dering. Approximately 3,800.000 radio sets wore sold in the United States last ypar. SOPtflE KERR'S SUPERB LOVE STORY VorU lio«lnr»» \Tamiln. . lofl her bom? IOITH, Mnrhura, ufli-r HOSV- Aitl) JAfKSOV liroU<- tbp pnimKt- ini-ni Jnno dad ratreil upon, him .... By Sophie Kerr ^ |,setter for yon than sitting Here I must try to nee Jana. We're In- with your feara. I doing that." He was suffering with her. Once diphtheria occurs in a human I ^\*°* IS " ' always willing. He feeing, the condition is controlled in 8ru . m ^ es1 a , >°' ? 9ndT , g ™ w1 ?',, "^^ the vast majority of cases by injecting j ca " l Dodo cl ° that? I m tired.' nntif/w,'r, ir, ia^n« ,!„<.„,. __.i.. :_ a.*i You can guess what the answer is. ua« an allfnlf rtlth u O O K f i T'HORIfR. murrleil. ilpr. 1,1 1,1,11 ana trbrn a^ nttfft to ncni ihe pK[irnm<- o« iftrlr i-lilld c<inirui|Hu- ou»J> illnniUar*. Utet Amy tahrm i IIP hnby. nnaird . SA.NTTf. proml.- IIJB novpr 10 rrvrnl n* pnrrnnmc. >ybrn Ami-rlrn rnli-r> I be World Witr llowtirrt liiln. Ibr ovi.irlnn r<»r|i« Aiiij-K »on i> nom anil llon-nrd hn« a lirlrr ICIITP from oiimp. ttir apqiitrr* n cola nnd a row ivrrbi Inter •Ittnililff" Into JnneV olllir. iloniif rnlcl» III jviih pniMiaiantn. . SVIirn Aroy nrrlvi-p Jnne l.-IU U f r ihHi ilnnnrd hn. li.Tfn brr lnvi*r.' Am9 • fli>nnunoc« Jnnp. crtia lruvf». Hinvard'. Illnriv rrnrhr. antitoxin in large doses, early in the I ... voice. She tried to Thee! It' With crttiragfi. "I'll go apenk tn the maids. I'll tell ttip.m we won't makft .any more worn for them. Don't jo away until after t.hi> con siilfntlnn. Father. That won't OP long, prnhnhly not more than an hour or no. The doctor snlfl the others would come vary soon." , .The maids were, as hnr father had said, dpeenr.. nut disgruntled. ''Thfim nurses come out hern and order us around an It we was dirt." complained the rook "They want overythlng In a minute and they're i always Collins thr-ir dirty etuff on There Is no use j trndera here. "I'd rather ct.ay right here," said Amy. "You go ahead, Father." "Hut t don't like to leave i my range. I have to keep a nminln ,T*r1 -I . Why, a big strong disease. For scarlet fever there also are i ... , preparations of the toxin and the an- i pol ' sh lh f wmdows! tiloxin, used in much the same man- i Parents Don t Notice boy like you Dodo can't ner as in diphtheria. Serums also have been developed for erysipelas and meningitis. In certain other forms of infectious diseases, at, 1'cr example, in measles and in infantile paralysis, it is customary to use the blood of a person who has recently recovered from the disease. This, blood in most instances contains antisubstances developed by that per- fun for the infectious ones. A vaccine also is used in preven- As it happens, Dodo could polish car windows very well, and even clean the car. In the first place, she is well and strong. In the second place, her brother was cleaning the car, or at least making a big gesture at it, when he was ten. Sometimes it's the youngest child in a family who is picked by the rest as a Gunga Din. "Go up and get my book, Josie." "Hand me that pillow, Josie." "Josie. see if that telephone's -- . t.*,*,***^ u»»MVf *a U.-?KI* nt Lucvtru** \ f I) /-, . ,, « tion, and sometimes in the treatment, f °L, me ' . So rt £ oes °" ? U dav of dissase. It consists of the dead! There is usually a Joste or a Geor- imdk-s of the germs that cause the I gla( to f.° lt ', The busy mother may tin ease. Vaccines are used p arlicu . i "»' >'<--al«e that the junior service is iarly {„ prevention of lyphoid fever \°P s ' dcd - and ™V b * forgiven if she and whooping cough. flces ' be ^"se it is tu-ing to have to The vaccines have not bec-n found ! a . rg " e wlth f h f ( u « WI ' lin .g ««& Bui f great value in treatment of typhoid ; r ' 6ht£ are nghla ' ancl ' m P° slt 'on ls , p . 1 . fever, but recently new vaccines de- I '. m P os ' t '° n - f or lhe ?o°« °[ everyone for whooping cough are found 1 U i;i hettcr to d ™ d ?_ up the load ' 1 ohavo considerable value. GLORIFYING YOURSELF c.n o\ WITH THR s-ron* CHAWRR KXXIX , .. ^WY thonght. "Howard la here- ! gWat Dig keulea or tint water nnl? two • rnnmp away, nnrt 1 ! rfiady all the time and that leases can't evr.n be wllh Him! What will > roe hardly no room to cook Anrt i do |f be dies.'" i they're'eo funsy about what they She tnew that a!) of tbRm—the eat! I cried to ast Miss Terry colonel, the doctor—were sure How- when ehe went out what to got for ard was K o1ne no die. That was dinner, but ehe actsd like she didn't why the doctor said the consultn-j even dear. And I said to M'rfie, yon alone, under such circumstances—" "I'm not alonfi. Howard Is here." He still np.altated. "1« there nothing I rnn bring you, my dear?" "Yes, you can tiring me something. Co into a store and DUJ mo some knitting needles and some ntoclilny wool. Tell them It's—for a eoldler. Whoever walta on you will know jur.t what to Rive you, Rvery shop's full of knitting stuff." "But Amy—" "Father. pfrn.?«. He must live. 1 must hnlirve he's going to live! None of the doctors hnlleve It, nut I mustl It helps mo to nelievft it If I'm making Eomclhing for him. Hnn'l you se.e.t [f l should stop hfllevlne It.. I'll die." load? l.o.b. t-ash track and usual terms ElbertaK US No. t bii baskets 2 in miii 1.15 to 1.30. Six basket crates US No. 1 largi- mostly 1.2S; medium 1.15. row higher, mostly around 75c. CANDAR. N. C. Hoi, elear. Haulings moderate', light wire incjuiry. Demand limiled, market weak. Carloads f.o.b. cash track and usual lertn<: few sales Belle.-', of Georgia US No. 1 hu baskets UF No. I 2 in min 1.80 to UO. Some cars being shipped for .storage. Negro Is Lynched By His Own Race Bully Beaten to Death by En ra#e d Negroes i n Louisiana "Dr. Watts says you are perfectly well, and just wasting hfsl tune always cominjr IID for examinations!" '•' "Tl/TY flnnr daug fessor Lowe, tion must tie Immediate. The doctor entered. I've got He lien Away—But it Didn't Help Him—Londoner Comes Into Rlchfs In Oibbs" New Novel By BRUCE CATTON .,-' Did you ever get ftd up with your job and your family and everything A I" ' I I IT» ! MIlCIS Hart ^ Here's Glamor in Your Eye—And Marcara On Your Lashes Holzmann and Strake. rou couldn't do hetter. They'll be here shortly. I'»e got to go out for a while, nut HI be hack Before they get hern." He stopped before Amy. "Your husband la no worse. Mrs, Jackson. He is holding his own. And thnt. In Itself, is- slightly— very slightly— encouraging, j thlnb I may safely say tint much." Professor Lowe came In at the moment and the doctor repeated ".•hat be hnd told Amy. anrl toon leave The professor was disturbed and uneasy. "Amy." ho said, alt- ting down hesido her. "thla is cer- calnly a very nemllar situation. .lust as we came In apparently, Jane went out. by the hack dnor, of all things— naylng nothing whatever to the servants, leaving op orders. There's a cook and a waitress, clnren! women, but both highly disgruntled by the eitra work and thfi demands the nurses make They on the point of Mascara on the lashes in the even- else and start dreaming about how : '"8 does something in the way of you'd like to come into u big sum ', "dding glamor and charm to almost of money so that you could kiss ev- 1 P air o£ °y fc:i ' y el l l' el ' e is no c-os- in, a while, and a lot of nov- : ! icultirl y hard to apply. There really c written books around it.! is a liul( -' lr "-' !c lo ''• but -in easy trick erytbing goodby and go off ami do: int:tic: women are so thy of trying. just the things that you like to do? i This '"""day may be partly due to Everybody has a day-dream like *! 1L ' general belief that mascara is par- trwt once efista have The latest is A. Hamilton Gibbs, who ___ _ uses this ancient bit of fluff as the j cne unobjectionable child, a girl of take-off point for "Rivers Glide On." 12. on a lazy tour of Europe. And for However, Mr. Gibbs does it pretty j a time he thinks that he has solved intelligently — intelligently enough to everything. .-point out that even when you have-; But it doesn't work. Left lo their a pot of money you can't get out cf own devices, his kinfolk back in tiling!; just by running away from ; England get into one jam after an-, them. oUier, winding up by squandering the His hero is an underpaid London- , money he has left them; to finally he w, getting on in late middk- age, who j has to come back again, get in the ha:; a, silly, nagging wife and four j harness once more and straighten children, three of whom are pretty ' things out for them. hard to get on with. All of a sud- ; Human responsibilities, he finds, are dan, this chap wins 30,000 pounds in I not to be dodged— not even with 3(),0flfl a sweepstakes. Quite- understand- ! pounds. ably, he decides to light out. It makts a pleasantly sentimental So he does, leaving half of the mon- jand rathe:- appealing book. Little, leaving, nut Cve explained matters. aa far aa I could, and I think they'll stay, f promised them eitra «vag«s. In rart. I ga?a them each 120 and told them J would pay all the maintenance hills, for the DursP3' mealsi. you know. But I rton'l see dnw «re r.an etay tier*. you and I. i mean, and make any further trouble for them. I'll go nut an/1 gpt rooms ai the nearest hotel, and we will eat there, and iimply wait here the rest of the tlraa And I oelleve f'tl turner go to Jane's office and see her. Sue would oe there. I suppose, l don't understand why she rushed out just as we came. It's all very peculiar. I wish your mother bad come with us. I must wire your mother, and Mrs. Jackson — " H E * * O ey to support his v/ife, and taking his] Brown & Co. is publishing it it $250. E patted Aniy'a hand. "I don't want to ssera unfeeling, my cblld. I know what distress of mind you are in." he went on. "but If j-ou could, a little, adjust tbe practical matters here, talk with tb« maid* yourself, you would be doing £h* act/ thing »ou can do BOW Co; Howard. And U irill M | we might as well put on our hats and get out of it, too." fler grievances lightened with tellinc them. "But I'd not like lo have It snld i acted thataway with had sink- ness In the house I told your Poppa f'd ctand It a while longer, anyway And M'reo said she Would, too." "I'm so sorry to cause all this Inconvenience to you—and lo Miss Terry," 'said Amy. "We'd move my husband If he could he moved. but be can't, Jur.t DOW. If ho gets better—" she changed It. wiih emphasis. "— when he gets hetter, we'll take him to a iior;piial at onoe. But now—please be tia |m- tient with us as you can." "We certainly will, ma'am," declared the two In chorus. And tho nook added, with Eympathy. "We know whni. anxious houra (t Is for you." OW there was nothing mnre to do fiicept to realt for the consultation, hut that was not delayed. Amy and her father ctood In the ball while the thrpt- men srere in the sickroom. Doctor Holzmann. senior of the group, spoke for them when they rame out. "Rvfirytblng Is being done that can be done, and everything that la nelng done Is the right thing. Voiir husband tins a fighting chance—and he la fight- (Iniigfiror," said Pro- very gently, "1 believe Howard's going to live. I never believed anything else. And I'll bring you some knitting things if I nnn Hnd any. I'm not very good at shopping, your mother raya." Ho rmnt to klrs her and she clung to him for n moment. Then she was Iptt onre more nlone with her fenrs. After n little aim could not sit still, so B!IR began to work at the disordered room, picking up papers from tho floor, pulling the odd look- j Hope SHREVEPORT, La. — (ff>) —Beaten Ir- death by members of his own race, tho body of Graflon Page, 30, negro, wu.<: found Friday night about half a mile from Belhany, La. 'Ihe spot wheer the lynching occurred was- on (he J. M. Prosper plantation. about 22 miles southwest of here and one mile from the Texas line. The negro, known as a bully and Irouble-maker among Ihe negroes at Bethany, had been lied hands «hove hise head lo the limh of a tree. His tiKKuilunts, believed to hyve numbered 10 or more .stripped him and used pine clubs to beat him to death. They then cut the body clown and threw the negro's clothe:; over it. A blind negro woman who lives nenr by told Deputy Sheriff W. G. Frye that she bud heard someone yelling l'cr about l!i minute;) before quiet de- rcenclHd over thp woodland. Club Accompanies Atkins to Stamps Kiwanis and Rotary to Hold Joint Meeting at Fish Fry Ing pieces ot furniture Into what ceemed their usual positions, settling nook? on the shelves, shaking cushions. At last Rhfi came to ,l:itifi's desk, which was In the rhaos lf.<? OIVIUT had left It. tho drawers half open, the top covered I tnc meeting, announced n joint with n tna-wl-ahout lltte.r of their ' inj ' of 1lle Rotary and Kiwanis •ontents. Amy touched It gingerly, hating It, it Ef.nmed so much a plpce of Jane herself. But she forced herself ro lay the papers and notehooltn and letters together. JIIF.I as she nacl finished with this the cnok ramp. In. and would Mrs. Jarlrnon nlna.ne tell her about the orders. There must, she said, he Btipper for tho day nurses and a midnight lunch for the nurses who came on nt night. "And M'rpe and I talkfri it over," added th« o-oman, "nnd WP don't like the idea of you goim,' out for meals. We want. In rervp your meals, too." RVPO to tie near Howard con- she would not nfanlly Amy Amy utopped htm: j pat In Jane's hnme. "You're very "la (here I thoughtful." Bhe snld. "hut my father hah mndfi arrangnnipnts out- :;lde. Perhaps, a Mule later, when likely to be any change—-noon? "There may be a change—either way—of the patient's eondlMoo to- m y husband' la hetter an"a"biiows night I anticipate nothing before | tne ... I do appreciate your kind- that time." [ "There may be a change, either i me . ness." Moving about, being obliged lo way. repeated Amy. slowly, "aud t alb uud thiul; of pruaical things, there's nothing more anyone can do for him—nothing at all?" "1 a» sorry." gald Doctor Holzmann, "but iber* Is nothing." Doctor Gavin remained for a mo ment as cbe othe.i left "fro coming bach again, later." he said to Amy. "And I suggest that you get some rest, and sleep." "That's what 1 think, too. Amy." said Professor I. owe "Why doo'i you come with me oom to flod a bot*lt th»a '„ Lad brought her back to a more normal btate aud now she began 10 feel the heavy fatigue of all she had gone tbrougb. Wbeu Professor Lowe returned she was asleep, crumpled OD Jane's white coucb with one of Jaue's blaclt aod white pillows under her dead. He tried not to disturb her, hut she wakened with u start. He had a package la hia hand. (Copyright. ISSv by Sophie £err> (Te club, after a brief ses>ion Friday night at Hotel Barlow, journeyed to Stumps to hear their i'ellow member W. £. Atkins speak to tho people- of |hat community in connection with his race for congress. Chsirle.? Dana Gibson, presiding over meet- clubs to be held .some ij, T)e this month. Mr. Gibson, Oliver Williams and Walter E. Hussman were named on a committee- U> play a fish-fry for this meeting. Mr. Gibson also unnoticed an at- Code Is Observed by Auto Dealers )0 Pei- Cent Faithful in Arkansas Says Association Secretary LITTLE ROCK—More (ban 90 per :(. nl of tbp automobile dealers in Ark- iM!:a.-- are complying with all provisi- ions cf Ihe motor vehicle retailing crlt;, J. B. Carter, executive secretary I the dealers' state Advisory Com- nitlei 1 , reported Friday. A survey of the stale was made through the officers of the ?ix regional automobile dealers associations and reports of their findings were telegraphed to President Roosevelt. "At this time we know of only four or five dealers who show and inclination to violate the code of fair competition for the trade." Ihe telegram said. "Those dealers are known lo the 18 members of the State Advisory Committee who keep a constant check en facts pertaining to violation." Mr. Carter explained how the prices of used cars arc fixed and he refuted tlie charge cf a New York dealer in n suit filed Thursday that 90 per cent of thee automobile dealers violate Ibis- provision of the code. Mail Carried by Sky Glider Train Plane Cuts Loose GJiclei Landing Mail at Washington WASHINGTON -(7p)~ the firs •sky tram came through Friday a bit behind schedule,) bill after that Jack O'Meara, who arranged the flight, called it "perfectly successful" despilc thai Iwo days were consumed in dropping off gliders between her and New York. After a detail of park police, photo- fc'nipher.s, newspapermen nnd a sizable crowd of curious onlookers and waited KeventI hours before the single motored plane with its one remaining glider in tow appeared over the While House. II cut loose a mail-laden glider. O'Mera brought the glider to a smooth landing on the ellipse jus •"outh of the White House grouds. f'crly minutes before, the plane pi- loled by Elwood Keim had left Bnl- timcre where it had to refuel after Reporters Win on Contempt Charge Kentucky Judge Abandons Attempt to Break Confidence DANVILLE, Ky. Two young RAPPER FANNY HtG U £ PAT. OrT. dropping off glider No. 2 piloted by Stanley Smith, ihe 1933 glider champion. The nearly (wo hem- flight lo Baltimore was delayed when the sky Irain ran into a .storm Thursday south of Philadelphia where it cut loose the first ot the three Irailing gliders, pi- loled by Dr. R. E. Franklin, glider designer and professor of aeronautics at Michigan State University. llth Straight for 'Schoolboy* Rowe El Doradoan Takes ]5tl of Season, Allowing One Hit newspapermen who had declared -that "they would rather go to jail'dajly irom now on," than to break a newspaper confidence, won their fight VIn Police Court Friday. Police Judge Jay W. Harlan who had been sending them to jail for .three to .six hours daily or fining them daily since July 24. did not formally "give up his legal right to punish them'for contempt in refusing to answer question:' about Danville's now famotv- hanging in effigy. He simply ended the whole inquiry after two other'tnen out of the many suspected, pleaded guilty to taking part in thee hanging. He then dismissed Jack Durham and Wpplcy Carty, the two newspapermen, with tho. explanation that si rice the inquiry was ended, the court can not inouirc of you further as to your knowledge of Ihe offense." '. Col. Vcrnon Richardson, publisher of tho Kentucky Advocate of which Carly ir. city editor and Durham'a f.liiff member, said he believed the r.ropondurancp of public sentiment had I ten with them, although many .'felt Judpe Harlan was ripht in upholding the law nnd added, "but all arc gltid thi' contempt case is over." ' •'Durham and Cnrty lad learned-.in confidence that Representative J, Ster- linfi Towles was to be hanged in ef- !' fifiy in the courthouse square early ; July 19, and were among witriesies ( nimmcned for the inquiry. NOTICE OF SALE v/» F !t DETROIT, Mich.—(/P)-Behind Die one-hit performance of their slugging i moundsman, Lynwood (Schoolboy) j Rowe, the Detroit Tigers opened their series with Chicago Friday by shutting out tin; White Sox, 14 to 0. Friday's victory was Howe's llth in an unbroken string and his 15th for the season as against four dufcats. He- added to his glory by getting a double and two singles in four times at bat. The Tigt-r attack also was featured by Greenberg's homer in the first inning with two men on bust-. Even me moat pessimistic -•woman looks on the bright side Of O mi^•^A^ tendance contest to be initiated next week. The contest will take the form ot a football game with Whit Davis captaining the "Curley Wolves" and Dale Jones leading the "Bobcats." The club had as its guest, Harry J. Daley of Little Rock, brother-ui-law of Mr. Gibson. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That ^ ,%, Ibo undersigned as Special Master of ,'?)i! Ihe Dislrict Court of the United States 'yi for the Texarkana Division of the C i * S%5 Western District o£ Arkimsas, acting-' > under and by virtue of the authority " of a certain decree rendered by thl* i* cour.t on the 2Glh day of June,, li)34, * n a cause pending wherein The Buckeye Cotton Oil Company is thi« complainant and J. P. Robins, Administrator of the Estate of A.' J. Robins, deceased, J. P. Robins, Ava Crenshaw, E. U. Robins, Exie Good-n ett, Lillian Robins, Nora Carrlgnn, ind Harrie L. Robins are the defend^ anls, will on Ihe 25th day of August. .93-1, between the hours of 9 a. m, arid J p. m. at the front door of the court- louse in Washington, county seat-'of fompstend County, Arkansas, otter or sale to the highest bidder the fol- owing described real estate situated n Ifcinpstead County, Arkansas, o-wit: All of Block Ten (10), Town of Ozan, Hempstead County, Arkansas, being situated in Section Thirty (30), Township Ten (10> South, Range Twenly-five (25) West, together with the following personal property: One 3-80 saw Gullett Gin and a Fairbanks-Morse Engine, all buildings, machinery and improvements. The purchaser at said sale will be required to execute a bond with surety thereon to be approved by the Wasler and a lien on said property shall be retained lo secure the payment of llu- bond thus given for the purchase money bid at such sale. Said sale is lo bo made for the purpose of satisfying the judgment in the above entitled cause and is made subject to (In- confirmation of the court. BERT B. LAREY, July 21-28; Au«. 4-11. Special Master, WARNING ORDER In the Hempstead Chancery Court. H. M. Stephens Plaintiff vs. Oda Hollomon, et ul Defendajite The defendants Magnalene Coker, Carrie Hollomon Russell, Lily Cowit, Lois Hollomon Dorrah and Lola Hollomon are hereby warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff icrein. Witness my hand and seal ss clerk of said court on this 21st day of iuly, 1934. (Seal) July 21-28, Aug. 4-11. DALE JONES, Clerk.

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