Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 3, 1934 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 3, 1934
Page 5
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DeAnft i? ? f ,* rmcr s of this community were f' «'«« , to s«e (he nice rain that fell last Fridny. Mr. nnd Mrs. Tom Clark ond family from Prscott spent Sunday with his " u , nt «nd uncle Gnrlrmd CInrk and Ml«s Rcnti CInrk. Mi. nnd Mrs. j. w. Tommey spent Sunday with Mr. nnd Mrs. Will Humphries. R. M. Samuel of Oklahomi is spend, ing a few weeks with friends and rel- " l |V p s ''n this community. The revival meeting will begin nt Ihe White Oak Baptist church the second Sunday in August conducted by the Rev. N. L. Body from Waldo, everyone is invited to attend these ••services. B. M. Samuel nnd Miss Mne Belle Samuel spent Saturday night with Mr and Mrs. J. J. Samuel. Mr. and Mrs. Clund Burke nnd little son spent Sunday with Mr. nnd Mrs Carlton Samuel. Misses Artie Burke and Opal Samuel nnd Jowl Burke loft Monday for Fayeitpvillc where they will attend farmers week. Mr. nnd Mrs. Hobnrt Shirley arc JH P 2°" fl P<lrf>ntS of n tlnl '8 h 'er, born Mrs. T J. Hartsfield is spending a (!X Wcclts With Mr and Mrs - Sealer Willis in Prescott. . Mr. and Mrs. John Lloyd attended Si. Frrdly.^"' ^^ "' Spr '" K ' Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Clark and Mr. uryan CInrk spent Sunday with-their soft and brother, Mr. and Mrs. Afdoil Clarit «t <h« Experiment farm. Mr. and MM. E. B. Boyrtt and family called on Mrs. T. A. Vickws and MLts Edna Vlckers Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Ev Timberlake nnd family from Washington nnd Mr. nnd Mrs. H. W. Timberlakc called on Mrs. •Snllif Whipplp Sunday afternoon! Mr, ond Mrs. John Wesley Shirley ore spending a few days with Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Shirley. Mrs. Monroe Samuel is spending n few weeks willi her parents Mr and Mrs. Will Arnold In Hope. Sweet Home * SALE + COOL (Summer Wash Dresses 95c Ladies Specialty Shop "Excusive But Not Expensive" J u B t Received New Vacuum-Fill Fountain Pen, Let us show you one. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The REXALL Store" Hope. Ark. Established 188S guaranteed RADIO SERVICE Hempstead Co. Lbr. Co. HOYT ANDRES Phone 89 Miss Doris Roebuck ban returned to her homo in Pine Bluff after visiting Miss Ann Bostic for n week. Miss Martha Morton was Sunday HUpsl of Mrs. Ha7.el Spears. Miss Mutte Huskey is sepnding a vacation with Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Wadt near Blevins. Mr. and Mrs. O.scar Montgomery nnd children were visiting his sister Mrs. Wnlter Bonds Sunday. Mis-, Moderne Carpenter has a« her guests Miss Eddie Maner of Hot Springs and Miss Drery Rnwla of Phoenix, Arizona. Mrs. Lora Mcndenhall of Prescott is the hotist guest of Mrs. Mollic Wilson this week. Bill Wilson of the CCC cnmp near Dierks was tho week end guest of his mother and friends here. Mrs. W. L. McDougald is spending the week in Blevins attending the series of meetings being conducted at the Church of Christ there. Miss Inez Huskey visifed Miss Ruth Huskey Thursday. Mis Mary Alice McCain spent the week t-nd with her brother and .family near Prescott, Mrs. Luther Burns and daughter Dorothy Lee spent the week end with her parents', Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hus- koy. A series of meetings conducted by Bro. C. C. Merrill of Blevins will begin here Saturday evening August 4th continuing over th 0 following week. Bro. C. C. Merrill will begin a series cf meetings fwith the Church o Christ at Sweet Home. Bro. Merrill comes well recommended and we are sure that everyone will enjoy the splendid messages that he will bring from lime to time.. Come and let us worship together. Services wil begin on Saturday evening and continue throughout the week. FORD D6AL&RS DRIVE OUT TWO TMAINUMB2 '.. OF FORD V-8 TRUCKS Second Thoughts Friend—"Why have you given the general such a peculiar pose?" Sculptor—"You see, il was started as an equestrian stnttue, and then the committee found they couldn't afford the horse."—Brant ford Expositor. And Wonder After years of experiment nnd effort a Chicago scientist has developed a guinea pig with 19 toes. He now lias lime tc fit around and wonder why he did it. For ? v - p> • >*'"* "»""«">«> •' " 8 h open* Home Clubs Lancburg Members of the Home Demonstration club held their regular monthly meeting at ihe home of Mrs. Doss Wren. Miss Heath, Home Demonslralion. agent gave a demonstration on buttermilk ice crenm. Following a brief bus- ' inesn cession the hostes erved and- wicho, lea and ict cream to the following guests Mcsdamc-s N. N. Daniel, Bus Me- Gouph, R. P. McGough, Sam Gautsche, C. M Gann, Milford Daniel, H. C. Bright, C. Honea, A. B. Weathering- lori, Martin Wcolsey, Kelsor Stewart, Florence McGough Mrs. Sidney Loomir of San Antonio, Texas and Miss Heath. The next meeting will be held at Ihe home of Mrs. Luther Honea. Me Nab The McNab Home Demonstration for every hauling Deed. Tlie name of Portland, Oregon was decided by the flip of u coin. Two mines, Portland and Boston, the home towns of two real estate men, were considered, and Portland won. Tallies, Snlve, Nose Drops Jliccks Malaria In 3 days, Colds First lay. Headaches or Neuralgia In :',0 Minutes. FINE LAXATIVE AND TONIC Most Speedy Remedies Known. Dii.s-l nnd dry weather are causing quite a bit of sickness in our community. A nice rain would be a blessing to all. Misses Edna and Nora Gordon were .shopping in Hope Saturday. Mrs. Lynn Jones vi.sited her mother, Mrs. Black. Sunday. We arc very glad to know that Mrs. Daisy Formby, who has been seriously ill, is much improved at. this time. Mr. und Mrs. Vcrdo Garnor of Oklahoma are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Simons. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sanford wore visiting in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mr;;. A. J. Camp Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Teddy Camp and baby daughter, Virginia, were week end guests in the home of her parents, Mi-, and Mrs. I?. E. Adams. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Simmons, Mr. and Mrs. Verdo Garner and Miss Opal Simons were visitors in Little Rock Sunday to see their son John. Singing school is doing nicely, it being directed by Mr. Homer Odom. The school wil put on an entertaining concert Friday night. Mrs. Stella Adams called on Mrs. Daisy Formby Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Teddy Camp were 1 shopping in Hope Saturday. On Thursday Mrs. R. E. Adams had a quilting at her home here. A friend- thip quilt was quilled. The occasion ai; enjoyed very much by till. Grand Canyon Is Second Subject For National Park Stamp Series Duckind Days an: Back The return to fashion of the cartwheel hat is reminding many an o!cl timer of the story about, the irate lady en the trolley, who turned indignantly to thu male pasenger and said: "Sir, your glass eye has broken my tint pin." With one exception all woods burn : ;ettor the older and drier they arc. 3nly th ash makes bettor fuel when turned green. GROCERY Deliver Ph one 60 GROCERY SPECIALS MARKET Next to City Babedy Roval Gelatin Assorted "Flavors—3 PACKAGES " •17c PET MILK-3 large or 6 small 20c ORANGES CALIFOUNIA UED HALL, 344s— 17c LEMONS CALIFORNIA KEO HALL, ISfls-Do/. 17c MACARONI AND SPAGHETTI HEAKT OF AMERICA-7 oz. 5c TEA , LII'TON'S—'/i Pound Size 10e-',i I'oimd Size 21c SALMON FANCY CHINOOK-I LI,. Can-EACII 17c PICKLES SWEET MIXED-FULL QUART POTATOES LAHGE FANCY STOCK—LB. Sunbright CLEANSER 3 c ™14c SOAP STOKELYS No. I CAN-EACH SUGAR PUKE CANE 10 LB. Cloth 54c MEAT MARKET SPECIALS ;j CHEESE MILL CREAM—POUND PICNIC STLYK-POUNI) CHOICE CUTS-lt LBS.KOK SAUSAGE HF.KT (iRAI)K—LI). 8c "i POUNRS I''OR CORN KINO— club met Thursday afternoon at the hcme cf Mrs. C. P. Knighton. There wore 1C members and one guest, present. t A lecture on canning 'tomatoes and | peaches was given by Miss' Griffin, 1 Home Demonstration agent. The next meeting wil be held at the home of Mrs. G. M. Cannon and demonstrations will bt on making tomato pickles. price, makes it a popular choice i club met Monday, July 23 aT°the home 1 cf Mrs. O. Hughson. Eight members were present and two visitors attended. During the social hour refreshments were served by the hostess. The club will meet "in August' with Mrs. Sam Ayltlte. Liberty Tho Liberty Home Demonstration club met Friday at the home of Mrs. J. E. Mosier. 1 " I ><!. J. F Moody gave an interesting devotional. The minutes were read and approved. Eight members were pres- a demonstration on canning tomatoes und peaches. She also distributed some helpful pamphlets. Repcrls of canning were given by the members of the club. A large crowd enjoyed the .. Sunday meeting at this place Saturday and Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Eastcrling of Gree Lascter spent Sunday night parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Mosser and children, Mrs. Oro. Bennett and Mr. and Mrs. Archie Summers of near Hope weer all dinner guest:.? of Mr. and Mrs. Elston Mcsscr Sunday. Mrs. Joe Go'ldwater and children of West Texas arrrived Monday afternoon lor a few weeks visit wih relafves cf his place. Mr;;. John Bill Jordan spcn Monday afernoon wih hre moher, Mrs. L. H. Michel!. Mrs. Ralph Hunt spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. Otis Purlde and children. Mrs, Dewcy Bearden spent Sunday with or mother, Mrs. E. O. Rogers. Miss LaVerno PurUe spent Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Willie Dale Pi'rtJe. Mrs. Archie Summers of near Hope ;:pent Tuesday with her mother, Mrs. E. O. Hcgcrs. Rocky Mound A rain would be appreciated at this place. Mr. and Mrs. George McMillan and children were the week end visitors of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. N. James of Evening Shade. Miss Brodksey Neil „„«,, a few days recently wij,h Mt, Hilton Rogers. Mrh. H. B. Sanford fs tg, sice list. We hope she is Mr, and Mrs. Wade E. O'Mcl bin mere, Okla., have letitmed'to hone after spending several dayS ; their parents, Mr. and Mrs, H. B,'l iord. Mrs. Willia A. Cobb of Heniy'fi < el spent Sunoday night and Af< with her parents, Mr. and MA. Sanford. Mrs. Ella Hodnott and Edwin' and Milton Rogers were Hope 7'uesday morning, children are spending the week* lelatives in this community. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Cassidy and! (fell ghter Dorothy and Miss.] J " sidy of this place attended ing at Oak Grove Monday Mr. nnd Mrs. Ray baby spent a while „„,,,„ with Mr .and Mrs. Horace'dsi and children. - -'; Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Wright and ren visited relatives hear v Mound Sunday. \wi doctor will lei! you tht 'iMt' eminent in delicious' Fcon-a -mint is *if«v,'iij thorough for even liitl* digestive :-eA Alid your diild will actually enjoy ;clie -- f-een-a-mint, Fe chev/ing gum , Feen-a-mint contains no richness to upsef' stomach or steal app-tite. It is positive •'; grov/n-ups and safe .for cliiWien. . DS dangcrou/i. Keep your famil».'i>h ith Give them Fcen.j-mint fnr F ILTH-CARRYING, cerm laden insects eouea 135.SCO deaths annually, nccordinu to Health Authorities. ourcly flies, mosquitoes and other inoccta deserve no mercy. Kill them v/ith FLY-TOX — tho perfumed mist, pleasing to human acnaca—harmlcGQ to furniture nnd draperies ... bat DEADLY to insects. Tnaic* ~ Genuine ^ tlio What is in many ways the most OverwhelniiiiK natural plienom- enon 111 the world has been chosen for tlie second of the new wines of stamps the Kovernment is issuing on U. S. national narks I lie (.raml Canyon of thu Colorado is an awe-ii)si>lrin K lissinv ,-,it from-4000:to P.OOO feet doc., into tho Colorado pmtouu I,, northern "ll™";}- U , Is from onc to 15 lllilcs «<"-°<« "t the top and extends -V, miles -iiloiiR the river's course. The more interustliiK sections nf ho c-iniyon re K ion liaVo been made u niilioiiiil park' prm,er(v ot the people, to insure preservation of thoir matchless scenery nnd outdoor vnliie. What's Going Into (he Picnic ijaskct? Consider Weight, Food Values in Planning-. Menu BY MARY E. HAGUE NEA Service Stuff Writer The family off for the day with a carefully planned menu in a well- packed hamper ceases to mind August heat. Planning n picnic menu is as im- Tomorrovv's Menu Breakfast. Blackberries, cereal, cream, poached eggs, muffins, milk, coffee. Luncheon: Squash and bacon scallop, sliced tomatoes, toasted muffins, upplu fuuce, milk, tea. Dinner: White fish baked in tomato sauce, rice timbales, creamed radishes, new turnip and cucumber sulacl, greengage pudding, milk, tea. Health is good in this comunily nt this time. The meeting closed here Friday night with fairly good attendance. There wil be a meeting held here Sunday August 5 nt 2 o'clock for the purpose of arranging a Sunday school. Everyone interested is invited to bo present. , Mr. Mangum of Bright Star spent ' Wednesday night in the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wright and he attended church here the same night. A large crowd from here attended the stump speaking at Patmos Thursday and Spring Hill Friday. Hre. A? L. ; Caudle and children spent Thursday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Rothwcll and children. J. W. Galloway was a caller in the Wright home Friday morning. Misses Jessie Mae and Lorainne Wright were callers at the home of Mrs. A. L. Caudle a while Friday afternoon. Mrs. J. W. Galloway has returned to her home here after spending a few days with her daughter, Mrs. Garland Hatlon and Mr. Hatton and children. Misses Delilah and Gladys Galloway spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Luther Galloway and baby of near Hinton. Delma Wright was a caller at the home of Mrs. A. L. Caudle Saturday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Carl May were shopping in Hope Friday. Jewel May and Jewel Burns of Lib- crty Hill were callers at the Wright It Pays to Buy Quality Groceries beginning the year's work. The simplest picnic lunch is the one composed of sandwiches, fruit and a drink. The sandwiches must satisfy hunger, provide nourishment and at Ihe same time be easy to direst. The . ... „ „ „ nun and drink do (heir slnire toward! home a while Saturday morning, supplying vitamins nnd mineral con-j Mr. and Mrs. Homer Vines spent slitubnts. Milk for the children adds! Friday and Saturday at the home of nourishment. j his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thad Vines Acl-.ling a Salad , at Harmony. The picnic a hit more on the elab- i Walter Galloway of Dierks spent the orate sidu adds salad und little- cakc-s' ?' Lck nd visiting relatives and friends or 'cookies; ' In this menu the salacl ln this .neighborhood. may furnish protein or the sand- ' ancl Mrs - Luther Galloway and wiches may still be ihe main source ' baby cf Hin t°n spent Sunday' with of this food element. If a meat or j Mr " imd Mrs - J - w - Galloway, fish salad is chosen the sandwiches , Miss M arian Moers spent one night r-ortant as. planning any ether meal. Carelessly and haphazardly done, they ccntribulu to loss in weight and les- fX'iicd resistance und send children back to school in poor condition for A Complete Assortment of Dressed Hens & Fryers ; Lamb and Fieh Country Cured Hams NOTICE! Have that old Mattress Renovated. We mr.kc- them look new. Call for ami deliver. Give Us A Trial Home Mattress Shop K. K. Hatcher j]5 N. j] a zcl St. ,._, .,4.u.j»_i j i n\j ciu i tit vviwiiua should be made- with vegetables. The vegetable s;il;ul needs meat, cheese nnd nut sandwiches to round out the meal. It's a food idea to carry the i'alad ingredients in separate containers and combine them when ready to serve. , A hot dish is added to the salad ond sandwich menu when the picnic takes the place of dinner a< home. A one- i piece dish which combines vegetables j und meat or a macaroni or rice com- ' bination dish is a,j excellent choice. ' fry for instance, scalloped potatoes with ham, ccallopud tomatoes with bacon, scalloped cauliflower in cheese sauce, combinations of vegetables with ! meal cooked en casorolo. or stuffed baked vegetables. Carry there in the dish in which they were baked. Sov- •..__ 1 _* I> ojjv;in, ui it: iiitjin last week with Miss Geraldine Taylor and they viited the Wiggins girls at Liberty Hill. A new disease thought to be spread by gnats has been discovered in Mexico and other Latin-American conn- ' era! thicknesses of keep ther,i hot. newspaper will Walermclon for Dessert WatcriiK-lon. makes an accpetublcl ocssL-rl ii.'id is u (him quencher, too, ur you may have ice cream packed in a vacuum freo/er at home or commercially pat-kerl in dry ic-c. With the many practi'cal and attractive containers on the- market as well ALL ABOUT THE BIG- t ROBBERY' YOU MAY BE NEXT NICE AND YELLOW IJBS CALIFORNIA RED BALL—DOZEN t9c Pure Cane 10 Lb. Paper Bags 52c 10 Lb Cloth Bags 54c NO. 2 CANS 3(:,ns25C CHUM TALL CANS 2 Branded Dry Salt Best Quality pound 14c PURE APPLE—Bring Your Jug—Gal 23c igs— ruit Jar Caps—dozen AL LKVNDS Pkgs. 15c WELCH'S—2 PINT BOTTLES 35c Palmolive SOAP, 3 Bars.... PEETS WHITE Or O. K. SOAP, 4 Bars.... W1LSCO Good and Fresh 4 Lb> Carton 32c m>f} Pme Cul(o " Scctl oil 8 Lb. Carton 60c 48 Lb. Golden Puff $1.59 48 Lb. Shawnee's Best $1.75 -MARKET SPECIALS- Lbs. 25c as all the FOR SALE l!!:il CI1EVKOLKT [.ow inile-agi'—Exceptional Value— Lilto New. Hempstead Motor Co. I ; hnno S50 201 East Third :>ii<! composition art- s easy to pack a picnic lun- ;nipper most im'itinyly pud "Ji'ne kcvp all ihe foods in ii'.iticm for s'-nie lime . Guaranteed Typewriter Repair Service O. W. MILLS 218 So. Wabiut 3(i \VAPMJNt; ORDER :>>. la the Chancery ••;rad Coiinly. Ark. Plaintiff ~ - *- iUIULH.i v Court <'J Hoi!) Mat- Ik vs. Hilb'..r;. Bo:-yy .. Dcfesdant Hie IMe;iclant, Hilbiirn Berry, is '.variiuii 1,1 appt-ar in (his court w'ilhin ihirly thy,, and a;:v. Vi v ti ;0 complaint ot the I-'laiuliff, Mae Berry. Witness my him,! (. :i j fi le sca l of id court this 2-11 h day of July 193J. (Seal) OALE'JONES,'Clerk. Jolm P. Vesey Atty. Plaintiff. July 27-Aug. :i-10-17. ..- a man Avhosaid, "'Anyone Avho'cl try to rob my home would get in debt, ha! ha! And the'/ got away with silver, two and a sum of Insure ! money, thieves. against coMptm mmm smc Phone 810 Hope, Arkansas 29c Kraft's—5 oz. 18c 5, assorted-Lb. 25c 2_Lbs. 25c 7c FRYERS AND HENS '

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