Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 3, 1934 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 3, 1934
Page 2
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Hope O fust A DeKveJ- Tft» Herald, From false ReptirtI u every week-day afternoon by Star PubliAing Co., ln * «J, ft fclttW & Aiex. H. \Vashburn). at The Star building. 212-214 South Walnut gtrcrtt, Hope. Afkansaia. jr ......... --""•-— C. E. PftXMBR. President ALEX. H. WASH6URN. Editor and FuMtehCT weond-class tnatter at the postoffice at Hope, et of March 3, 1891 " "' DetlnWonj "fh« ncwapaite* i* an institution developed by modem civil- tattoato0n«l>t the news of the ctey, to foster commerce .tid industry, Jhwugh Widely circulated advertlsMnents, and to furnish that check Upon government which ne constitution has ever been able to provide, —col. «. R. McContilck. • _ ________-_--~--—~' SubMttMton Bale (Always 'Payable In Advance)'. By city carrier, p*f Week Kfcj si* month?, $2:75; one yea* $5.00. By mail. In Hemp4tead i( Nev*ds. Howard, Miller and LoFayette counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere ?5.00. Mcmbct sot Tn« Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively led to tB* use for republication oi all news dispatches credited to it or otih*r^riW credited In this paper and also the local news published herein National Advertising; Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., Memphis, L, Steriefe Bldg.; New York City, Qraybar Bldg.; Chicago, HI., 75 E. Wack. «•; Driw, Detr6it ( -Mich., 7338 Woodward Ave.; St. Louis, Mo., Star Bldg. . Charges on "firlblites, Btc,r Charges will be rnado for all tributes, cards of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the ne\ys colurhris to protect their readers 'IrtMlna-.delu^. of; stocktaking memorials. The Star : disclaims responsibility for the safekeeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. tealth FISHBEW th« American of • Hyfela, fhfr liearfli Maiarfne YOUR CHILDREN By Olive Roberts Barton Swelling-In tM^Neck-a . Sign- of i Baby Accessories Require Extra Care. UnhealUifid Gland j _ Any.swellijig tfiatroccurs.inor aboutj One fly can keep the .baby, awake. your neejc" most likely is due to gland- i Flies love babies arid the cart out. on -ular disturbance. ' ' ! the porch- r draws them like a pot- .of If-it is'ai froftVof-theirieck, your! honey. '••' '. • ' . _ -. iyroid -ghuia may ;bave bien swollen.' Mosquito netting is., a great; comfort and ft it'js"on r the sides'it,maybe duel both day and night for. bed, buggy to the lyniptlv-glands. lf;-it-.is'in 'the j and play pen.. - , , back of the neck the trouble may be ! Don t park the buggy beside the associated merely with some type of: garbage can. As to the latter, it needs disturbahce in the brain or its cov-j special summer treatment. Scrub, .but criilgs, but it':is most likely, to be I once a week with hot strong suds and ; an old broom. Drying upside down Political Announcements The Star Is authorized to announce the following os candidates subject lo the action of the Democratic primary election August 14, 193-1. For State Serin/or (211th District) JOHN L. WILSON For Sheriff aEOROE W. SCHOOLEY W. AUBRY LEWIS CLARENCE E. BAKER J. E. (JIM) BEARDEN the sun ruins fly eggs thaf' so glandular. . ' | A swelling that persists in the back . of the neck most freqiietly is a small t^ckly turn into maggots. Wrap fatty tumor or glandular cyst. A cyst | garbage up_,n.newspapers, hut dram usually results from the blocking of, dry first Dont put any empty tin the outlet of a gland, so that its con- [ cans or bottles m a barrel or bucket retained.and produce swell- to dispose of later^ .unless they are tents tci.w. Another type of cyst occurs in -the er - ^ was j, ec j out Cover the contain- Select' iface-powder that's made by reputable •• cosmetician. There are no really simple tests that; the average shopper - can. make to detennine or hot a'powder; js pure/ The only way you .can be sure that you're getting .a ; ; Spod- product is to choose a well-known-brahd ; .made by a manufacturer/ with a reputation for. reliability. It has heen estimated that the temperature at-the center, of-the sun is not more than 180,000,000.degrees Fahrenheit.. ...' • : ' ; . ,r ; ' • .. HARRY PHILADELPHIA. — Henry Louis Gehrig, nov/ rolling toward his 1450th consecutive game, makes all .other baseball iron men appear to have been made of putty. The best previous record was Ev- County & Prnbnto Judge H M. STEPHENS County & Probate Clerk RAY E. M'DO WELL JOHN W. RIDGDILL Tax Assessor MTiS. ISABELLE ONSTEAb R. L. (LEE) JONES C. C. (CHIT) STUART Road Overseer IDeRoan Township) E. L, SULLIVAN L. S. MAULDIN FRED A. LUCK Peach Prices F. O. B. shipping point information rr-portcd for Wednesday August 1. NASHVILLE, Ark—Hot, fair, haul- ings moderate, moderate wire inquiry. Large slock, demand good, market rteady, small stock, demand limited, market dull. Elbertas US No. 1 bu baskets 2 in min, carloads f.o.b. cash track 1.33 to 1.40. f.o.b urual terms 1.40 to l.GO, 1 3-4 in min 1.00 to 1.15; bu basket;: Elborlas 80 pe>' cent or more US No. Is 2 in min 1.25 to 1.40, 1 5-8 in min 75c to 1.15 according to size and pack. ' MACAN, Ga.—Hot, partly cloudy. ( Hauling?, fairly heavy, expect decline, in movement after today. Light wire inquiry. Demand and trading limited, market slightly weaker. Carloads f.o.b usual terms and cash track, Elhorlas US-' No. 1 2'-2 in min very few sales ,1.35 lo 1.40, 1 3-4 in min 80e to 90c. blades that he scarcely could swing a ^ VJ Pa rly sales higher, six-basket dftv. Awgurt 3, mx k-V.i—.-»->-• .— .y—l.iiiTi, SIDE GLANCES % George Clark • ,. : -./•tf'f^.lr^jjSt- "v.'J'iiiiil! erctt Scott's 1307. be broken. Gchrig's may never Nothing stops the Yankee first baseman. He has played with broken and chipped bones, bad tonsils and colds, and bounced right back after being knocked out by pitched balls. The other day in Detroit Gehrig had such a cold etween his shoulder "Instead of going to the country this summer we're going to spend our vacation right out here." I Had Gold Dollars | bat, but prevailed upon Joe McCarthy j rralcs us No. 1 large mostly 1.25. few to permit him to lake one turn—his fj n queality and condition higher, first as a leadoff .man—and singled to| CANDOR, N. C. —Hot, clear, haul- launch a four-run rally. ings moderate. Moderate wire inquiry Gehrig spent the following after- r y . , . u of the neck in front and is Electric fans are permissible in. hot due to-persistence in the throat of cer- . .*?•. ,:._!_ • — :_i :_ .v,» tain : structures which exist in the child before birth, as well as in ani- rnals. . Any disturbance of the teeth, the tongue, the tonsils, the ears or the scalp iriay cause swelling among a number of glands of the neck. And if It isn't enough, • that some of the nurseries nowaday., but they should be near the ceiling and turned away from the baby. Never let any child it sit close to an electric fan ' with j blowing directly on him. 1 Always Boll Bottles j Make a religious rite of milk bottles. Boil the bottle brush, ^ ' too, and the.funnel and caps and niji- .1 i pies and spoons and everything that 1 touches/ the'-''baby's formula in 'the j with a clean cloth. i Have your doctor you the for- ilso affect the throat and adjacent tissues. Ihe most common type of swelling • however, is that of the tyroid gland, •which lies low in the neck just over thee windpipe. The doctor determines the "presence of. this type of distur- - bance by feeling with his fingers to know the' exact position of the swelling. SOPHIE KERR'S SUPERB LOVE, STORY - <*'*'* -* T* ^T. ' r .:.-• i... . „,.. *..,. vmt-ujmm MTS.'J* MS/*K V,!& &//.<"£> «X By Sophie Kerr Demand moderate, market is steady. Carloads f.o.b. cash track, and f.o.b usual terms US No. 1 bu baskets 2 in and 2c in min wide range in prices. 1.2. r > to 1.50; Elbertas US' No. 1 bu basket? offerings light, few sales 2',•'.. in and 2'/i in 1.50 to l.GO. noon "bunting" balls against the left "lef I Him Ihr gether. Don't think it queer if : he tells you to.boil the milk. It's a good old-fashioned custom come back in Fill bottles, put on clean stoppers and keep in the refrigerator until needed. Never, never use the same bottle twice without boiling. Keep all used bottles away from This lets him know whether it is) ni ~ es ; rFi if up with " co id water and | due to an accumulation of fluid, a a way until laundering time .comes ' change jn the glandular structure, or . around ••-,.. some other type of growth. ' It should be obvious that any swelling in your throat may represent a serious condition and should bs in- and placed under control. «•»« f M Suppose you live where , you can [not get ice. -Perhaps then, you have a cool spring; house to keep the bottles cool. But these are rare today, so it is JAXE :-i VdrU hinlnon" hniilr town. MwrhijrK. utti AlU) 'JACKSON lir.nki- (lie nirhl Jnnr ' hn«l' tqrcrd ttpnu n'nil "• otiirrl*i» Jonr'» beat •< ,iH> l.4»VE. Veur. im«. ilnnr ri-npnlni iiltirr "?"''"»' Hue Una nil nHnt*" wlin «u TIIOIH'E; ninrrlrd. «lr«'« "' nhcl ^rhrn l»r <tt1er» lo hem I'ipfniif-ol Ihi-lr j-lillil ronimiplii- mixly <H«mU»f(i--fc»n«, Aniy. «nh<-« Che hnl.y. naiHfU. .NA>CY. orom- IxiDit never if ,rev«al ll» parent- 'Wbrn-AmtTlen'mteM'tb* Worm fViir llnvrora fi>lm> ibe iiviiiilon corpv. ' A'niy'*. «bn !»' horn iinu M.^vnrU • »• o l>rlct 'lenve frum c:nn|i. -ll«' uoi|Ulre» n coltl nno f«-1Y wri'U» Inlrr •tunihlr* Jhn*'« .olHvc.- d?m»prntcly "I imvumoniu, Wlii-n Amy Jnnr.'.t.i>IU' H»r Ik"* linii lirr . (over, OO'O.V WITH THE STOBX . CHAPTEU-XXXVin ; mocle-n, S m. «1th nomonta, str.pe.tthe slcVcroorn. ...ding t«.t to How. Afield fence. Into wllb nrrlvr* Howard hn» I swollen. ' £. In those cases where the swelling is due to a -tumor or cyst, surgical attention may be necessary for cure. H«re Is A fine New Novel of the Qlvil War "So H«d the Rose," TeUa of the Fall of Qte Old South BY BRUCE CATTON cughly four bricks and set them Von end inside, the,, pan. - - . •--.. Now get 'a piece of very clean cloth, cheese cloth or old muslin or linen; j wet and wring. Lay it over tops of bricks. Put rm'lk.an. middle jof..pan For more room, put pan on box with shelves. Use larger cloth to hang down over sides. Bricks are porous and will suck up the water and keep cloth moist. By the process of evaporation, temperature will be lower than the outside air. The whole affair can be set in the cellar or any place out of the heat. Don't use a soiled cloth—ever. Keep > T seemed: to .Jane that Amy was .'growing. tall, 'taller, standing far above her. tall- and sharp like a tons shfnine sword. Involuntarily ati'e stepped back; put the desK between them. Then Amy's voice. sharp and keen like a sword'g edge, pitiless, despising— "If I could kill you, Jane TerVy."' said this voice "t believe 1' would, To. tell a He liUe tbat, when lie 1? sicU and can't' detend himself. . to say you love walls, furnlturi of flat wood find bent silvered \pipew zebra sltln cushions, and ob one wall a large, painting In tho' style or Picasso's early abstractions. 1n which a mandolin, a steplartder. eight applfis and throe pears and a sreen )a.nnna. a toot-rule and what was apparently Titan's upper teeth j wero combined. Cut where Is Howard?" said Am?, frantically. "Isn't there a nurse, or a servant, or soroeoner- want to see Sim—" "There are two maids and two nurses," said the Colonel.- "but we ought to see Doctor Gavin first" He could not take the responsibility of letting Amy enter that room to ace her husband In r his present ard. that ne might not give up, slip away from ber forever. "Slayhe 1 was all wrong about the hnshand and Terry." thought the doctor, nut he had one more question. "Mlsa Terry said she was a relation of y.ours—or was It o' your husband?" dim. . . . I've always'thought per- naps you .did 1 love him, but you don't."!If you rib'ved"'him. If you loved him one least bit, you w'oiildn't try to make him out a cheat, and—and -unfaithful—and lqw-~and common—" The Colonel and Professor Lowe loomed up behind her. "What's this?",asked the Colonel. "What's It seems to b extremely difficult : two on hand, one to be washed out for an American to write a true-to-Iife j while other is in use. Change water :iovel about the Civil war. The sub- - ln pa n every day. Better than no ice ject ig-top drenched in sentiment, the : is this home-made refrigerator, but charaqtershave passed into the realm | try to get real ice for baby bottles if of pure romance; we forget that un- i possible. der the sentiment and the romance I «,»«. were »11 the cruelty, the brutality and the horror of a long and bitter war. Nevertheka in the last few years we have begun to get some really good. Civil War novels. The most recent, and possibly the best of the lot is Stark Young's "So Red the Rose." , L ,, B^-^Jn Al' • II tfV-- The book is a picture of the old c^/Vl by AllCia Halt £'i South, the slave-holding aristocracy^ JU^ ' -, . n %^-r which collided with an utterly differ- , ...... ———— ent kind of society when industrial fn Bllying Eveil i ng Face Powder Pick YOURSELF the matter?—good-morning, Miss Terry—" And Professor Lowe—"Why. now do you do, Jane?" But Jane had picked up the bag and vanished from the room, "•Why—how odd!" said Professor Lowe, mildly. "She didn't even speak." "She's a Tory odd person, this Miss Terry." said ilK Colonel. "Sit state without the doctor's consent, But the arrival of the doctor relieved him. "He Is a desperately sick man," the doctor told Amy. "We've done everything we can. It. Is now solely a question :of -his own strength. He has the. most dangerous type of pneumonla-but I have seen recoveries. He la very strong. His heart is sound. There Is no Imped Ing fat. He has a chance. That's all 1 can say." "May 1 seo him?" asked Amy. "You may look at him from the door, though I-well. I think If inadvisable. Don't ap;eak to him Ho won't know you anyway. II go with you." So the doctor watched Amy. an held her arm. while for an lustan one looked through the Isinglas window of the oxygen tent and sa% Howard, blue-parched and gaunt. stubby growth of beard giving b 1 face a strange neglected aspect, b GAIN Amy replied , mechanical"•ly: "Yes. They're distant cousins —connections, at least—" Her olce changed to Intense and nxious demand: "When will you now—about Howard? Are you lire about his condition? Could ve hjivo more doctors, a consulta- on?,- Would It help?" By this time they were back with he Colonel and Professor Lowe, vhb hna'rd what Amy had said, rofessor Lowe came forward: You must forgive my (laughter's iluntness. She Is In great dls- ress." 'I'll give you the names of the best men in tho city and arrange a consultation with any of them you choose, immediately. I appreciate Mrs. Jackson's feeling." dqwn. Mrs. Jackson, one of the nurses—' "Isn't there any We must see way," asked lips drawn back, nia eyes If we could only get him away from here," cried Amy. "I can'' stay here—and I must. 1 won't leave him." • • llut my dear child," said her rather, "Jane wouldn't waut you to go. ... I wonder. . . . where is Jane. . if we could talk to her. . . ." "Jane won't come back," said Amy. She put her hand over her , closed, while all the room sounded with the suffering labor of his breath Two white-masked, white- gowned nurses tended the oxygen nump— they and the strange apparatus made the room like a spectral laboratory. Amy did not tremble now as she ., , had trembled when she stood be- Amy. paying no attention to the ore Jane . she stood very still ana democracy arose and which went to pieces under the shock. \ It tells about the planters of Miss-i Reputable Brand. fact powders should be 4 t Wft^f MWV«—- f . , I JjVtrillilJa l«V,<^ |/VJ W VI Wi ^ ii**W V»*u — — issippi—a whole clan of them, ricn. chcsen ^ carfc £ u i y as those for day' proud and powerful, living in preat houses in the country about course, And the best way to do it, of is actualy to try several J1H*»AVA •»»» »•«•"• --- - - * J " ___ Natchez. It shows the war only men- ; ; hadeg on ur skin before you buy a rectly; we see it by reflection, by its affect on society which it described - £ nder> greL , n and yellow are the by the revolutionary changes wnlch |hrc , c . ] ei , c li n g evening powder shades. it forces upon the whole Southern Colonel's suggestion, "that we can get Howard out of her«i? Is he too alck to Da moved? He mustn't j stay here, He mustn't." The Colonel was struck with dismay. Was Jackson's wife, who until this moment had seemed to him senslblp and quite beautiful—allowing of course for fatigue from her trip and her natural anxiety- she going odd on him toe! Terry woman had worn out his pa- tietu-e In these three days! And If this was *ail another unrea- scene ._. nol brunette or a ru , e ^ t£) which blonde should use Now this book is excellent as pure , , ,j wiu be fettering, maybe t, i , -.„. :—irt^t.cttr-irj' titrirv *«"*./ *- .... , • _. x.> narrative. It has an interesting story to tell, and it u filled with real, three- dimension characters. But it is even better as an exposition of the cur- lenta in American life which expressed themselves in and through the war. . .. For it show* how one kind of civilization jnorrendflred to another, and why it was inevidable that should happen, and what was lost and "-" edhby the change. And it - l -~ also shows; When you nujic-. The only v/ay to find out is to make your own tests under artificial light- . , Remember that the green and lavender tones aren't supposed to take the plac.e of y^ regular daytime wder. They're to be used on top When you're making up for put on your cosmetics, in- powder, in the usual way. dust a bit po'. of it. that wa.paid for the change , orchid green over face and neck luminous appear- -was The sonable. tiresome, uuplcasant—but Ue looked at Amy aud perceived that she wus extremely moved, shaUeu with some wild and fearful purpose Uo did not understand. So He answered carefully: "I think it's eitrewely doubtful, but wo'll ufk ihe doctor, lie ought to be oloug any moment." ''Better ill down, my dear," ur^eU Professor Lowe. "Let mo lake your tlifugs. Here, this secma comfortaijJe." 'j^lS looked with amazement the room wbtct) Jaue uad (o Us tirat Qigtt wave of Teuton Mil out one hand, palm up. a very Ittle way. as If she offered him ie r own strength, her own undying enderness and trust. It gave the hard-boiled doctor a queer awe. He r elt her heart going past him, gong to that dying man on the bed, pushing death back from him, denying It. refusing Us terrible 1m- nlnence. As they went slowly to the llvin 0 room. Amy said: "1 wish be could be got out of this place." "Ah." thought the doctor, "she knows. A damned Bhame." Aloud he said. "It's Impossible. Of course, he never should have been brought here, but lie can't be moved." "It must." went on Amy. almost as if talking to uorself. "bo tlie greatest Inconvenience to Jane. Not that U matters—" The doctor bad always prided eyea. spoke In a low voice as If to herself, "nut we must stay—we must stay." "Suppose," said Professor Lowe, "that 1 speak to the maids. And I'll BOG Jane. I'll arrange things. I'll arrange everything. And In the meantime. It we could get at that consultation, doctor. Choose your own specialists. You know your Held." The doctor went to the telephone. Professor Lowe disappeared toward the icitchen to Investigate and placate the servants and Amy was tn the strange big room alone. She was In that state of weariness and exhaustion where rest is Impossible and the nerves whip the mind into a ferment of activity for which there Is no pause, She thought ot everything at onco: the baby left nt. home. It wns fortunate now that she hadn't been able to nurse him; Triples Follow Kayo Hungry Lou performed for several weeks this season with the bone of his big toe chipped. Knocked unconscious for 10 minutes by a pitched that I ball in an exhibition eame at Norfolk, he banged out three triple;; the next day at the Yankee Stadium. Five minutes were required to briny ehrig to when Earl Whitchill bean- ed him in 1933, but he finished the contest. Gehrig was commencing to believe that he was to go on and on without another mishap of any kind when that happened, for he slipped through ' the 1831 and '32 campaigns without a scratch. Handicapped to .379 Gehrig suffered most in preserving his phenomenal record for durability in 1930, when he chipped a bone in his left elbow in the first game of the grind, and played throughout the entire season with a sore arm. To make matters worse, he broke the little finger of his right hand in the last two weeks. The throbbing whip and pround pinky handicapped the husky Ger- .nan to such an extent that he hit only .379. It was just as well for enemy pitchers thi.t he wasn't all in one piece. Gehrig submitted to two operations that, fall, .The. "mice" .were removed from his precious throwing urm, mid an attempt was made to straighten the little finger. The latter remains crooked. Hungry Lou stuck in there through, out 1929 with bud tonsils, which he lost no time in losing with the sound the awful scene with Jane—why had Jane told such lies—when Amy Knew from the Colonel that the very day Howard had been taken 3 ick was the lirst time lie'd beeu away from the camp since his arrival from Texas! And even If the Colonel had cot told her this. Jane might have known that Amy would never believe Howard unfaithful! She didu't know bow Jane had got bold ot Howard. It was. she supposed, just one of the Impossible chances tliat sometimes fall. CVl " of the closing gong. Yanked for Mcrkle Gehrig hurt his right shoulder badly in bumping into the shade of thu Boston cliu'oiit in chasing a foul in 1920, and had to be treated by a physician daily to remain in the thick of things in July, 1927. He breezed through 1928, the Yankees' third straight pennant-winning year without as much as a dub of iodine, however. Oehrlg has participated in every game played by the New York club since the late Miller Huj/gins assigned him to first base in June, 1925. "The start of my record came close to being held up late that season," beams Hungry Lou. "Hug was nol yet convinced that I could hit left- handers, so started Fred Mcrkle againtt Whitehill in Detroit. But I got in when a riyht-hander finished "I blessed right-handers in my early days. Now I blast both right and left-handers." Too Soft for Irish? Joe Mulligan, u youne right-hander plucked from the campus of Holy Cross by the Bo-ton Red Sox, may within another season or two give the Celts something baseball. to cheer about was too sure sick that Howard had to protest when She been Jane , Anything a pitcher with u tag liKe ipan does these days ought to be LllO UUtLUI UUU t*» •> *~J ~ I" -[ts-^ -.- .Inl Himself ou belus incurious ou per- [brought blui here, and eUo wished. t .,,,,m m! ,i.tor. Now this uri-le with a slckeuina rage, tbat she bad matters. Now failed him. "Do you Miss Terry?" Ue could not help asking. "J.'ve Ituown Her ever since we were children." said Amy, She answered the question mechanically. Her whole being was back in actually struck .lane across ber lying mouth. "I'll never forgive s be thought, "never, never! By Helen Wclshlmer T SHOULD choose a compass Needle lo the star Over Spain or If ihal's where you are Mafiic coins, of course, Tl'nt \voiiM ))">' « treasure, ,iHc n wingeil liorse, . . . 'ND I'd be most careful T!m! yon never knew 1 spent ail my money l : or a glimpse of youl p.MNT cans spilling For a shabby moon; Palenl leather black noles r a fuitlliT's lime. . cX\CK.'Jd \ooki not \inei, _ tier _'. She Is vile, she is uolsonous. (Copyright. 193-t, ny Soiiiue I (To Be Continued) Kerr) news ia a fume in which the McGm- nity's and Donovans have (jiven way to the Gomezes and Glitormuelers. Irish names are becoming as scarce umonH the stars of baseball us they are in boxing. , Forhaps it is because both sports | )ni\-e yivjv.-ii too toft for them. i Thou Sluggard! Harvard lefts reveal that ants run around is "btupid circles." Then, m-j stead of going to the ant, it is better ^ iiiJnt ^ lvn alM , Jt +, lr . »,v^,,,,-,« , to go to Hua-vard.—Jack • Warwick m. ^^ ag ^ ^^ mention the KA^IK OP 'i'HIS the Toledo Blade. ' ' j . I F it'u u frock with slenderizing lines you want, here's your And becoming it is, (oo, in printed silk. Unsigned for nizea 3(5 62, B.'ZO 46 rcjiiuim; -1 3-4 yards of 3U. iuch fabric,..or 4 1-4 yardsj plus 1-2 yard contrast. To secure a 1'ATTKUN and simple sewing chart of this model.I tear out thin sketch and mull It to .IfilA BOV1), 10» I'AHK AV. NUK, MOW YO11K, N. Y., together with 15 CENTS IN' COIN. Bo sure to enclose, ou a separutu sheet of paper, YOUK X.-IM1C, F YOUIl SJ/H, THK Nt'MIiKR OP THIS 1'ATTKKXf *',--•

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