Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 27, 1937 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 27, 1937
Page 9
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?- _, s ^ ( • i ". '^ »• ^t'/; 4 ^ f -^r£y*, '„•;<<; \ )? ' v "' •*'','-^/' '' r i':^' t f^ 1 ' '•'&»?'. * ' l ?v',i^ '.'i- i ^\^7> ,1"- n ^X'jW^'V vt REA Outlines How Other Farmers of Nation Utilize It * Takes Place of Gasoline— Electric Motors Don't Need Watching NO. 1 LABOR SAVER Lights in House and Barn, Running Water, 20th Century Items "How can I afford to pay for electricity?" is a question farmers now and then asked the Rural Electrification Administration. This question is answered by other farmers, who al- rendy use electricity, and who calculated their savings from substituting electricity for other sources' of light and power. For example, Mr, and Mrs. Frank Ruse, of Canal Winchester, Ohio, find that the electric power pays for itself. They substract the monthly cost of gasoline used for pumping water to the milk cooler, for running the washing machine, and for vairous other purposes. Then, they take out the cost of kerosene for lighting, and the frequent replacement of broken lamp chimneys, and find that the electric bill is offset. Labor Saving After adequate electric refrigeration is installed in his dairy, Mr. Ruse expects to keep his milk in better condition, and to get a higher price for it. With proper electric lighting in the barn, ho can care for his cows more easily and efficiently. With this saving in time and labor he believes he will be able to care for more cows and increase his income. Where hard work is made easier, tion. During warm months the milk fnklUehtly soured and was unsalabl fcfter the trip. Now, It not only af- Mves at the market sweet, but it has received a much higher rating, and brings a belter price. These examples indicate that when the farmer sits down with pencil and paper and compares the cost of electric power—where the charges for it are reasonable—to the cost of gasoline or kerosene, and with the waste that occurs where there is no electric service, he is no longer afraid of electricity costing more than he can afford. In face, he may even find that in addition to being a labor-saver and ft convenience, electric power actually costs clss. , more work can be accomplished. One Indiana farmer saves ?56 a year by Brifiding feed electrically, and he further saves himself the talk of handling the ground feed twice. In many farm homes without refrigeration, food spoilage costs several dollars a month even in winter, since nearly as much is spoiled by freezing BS by summer heat. Where ice is purchased, the amount to be deducted frorn the electric bill is usbstantial. In many cases, farm families figure that savings on food alone will justfy electric installation. Cooling Milk A dairy farmer in the Middle West reports that an electric milk cooler installed on his farm has saved time and labor, and cut down waste to an almost unbelievable minimum. Before using the electric cooler, he carted the milk 10 a creek a quarter of a mile, a way.. Each morning he reloaded it on a wagon and took ft to the railroad sta- It's No'Sad-Iron' WithElectricity Electric Power Eliminates Working Over Scorching Stove Almost without exception where .1 iome is wired for electricity, there will x found an electric iron. East of landling, convenience, and economical operation are the chief reasons for .he iron's popularity with housewives. To the woman who must do her housework without modern conveniences, ironing is the insult added to the injury of washing. Where irons must be heated on a coal or woo< tove, it means that the operator mus work in an overheated room. She nust walk back and forth many times o change the irons as they cool. The ron is frequently too hot and she must wait a few moments for it to ool, or risk scorching her husband's >st shirt. The handles of old-type rons become hot and a "holder" is necessary. When the "holder" slips, a blistered hand is usualy the result But that is not the worst of it. With perspiring grow, a blistered hand and aching feet, the unfortunate housewife still has the stove to consider. It will not burn indefinitely without attention. She must stop in the middle of a ruffle to run to the wood-box, or to put on an extra shovel or two of coal. Then she must wash her soiled hands to keep from smudging Betty's dress with soot. If a neighbor drops in for a chat on her from town, the stove must be "dampered," the irons pushed back and later the whole operation must be started over again. Fortunate is the woman who is able to do her ironing the modern way. The new electric irons are smoothly streamlined and of proper weight. Automatic heat control makes scorching impossible. The composition handles Way on the Light-Conditioning Opens New Erft In Home Comfort Hope Hardware Company to Install Complete Electric Appliance Dept. Westinghouse Washers and Irohers Are Added td Line of Goods—Store to Have Display at Spring Hill Dedication cannot absorb heat. cause no inconvenience. Interruptions The heat can be turned off with the flip of a button and the iron left onits stand without „...,, HC ...oi», „«, cuiu musi ue iepiac- dangcr. An added advantage of the | ed, but if good ones are purchased Thl. riaht-condfironed living room provide, eye-comfortable Il.um1n.ttto. for Wery member of the family' By Jean Prentice ~ ~~ ~~ N OW comes '.flight-conditioning" to be added to the comforts of home. When rain beats against the .window pane or when early twilight •falls, light-conditioning will make eyesight-conserving and beautified light available at the turn of electric switches. Scientific Standards A home la light-conditioned when Its lighting meets scientific standards for eyesight protection. The term may refer to Inexpensive but correct new lighting In a cottage or to the approved Illumination In a pretentious home. A single room may be light-conditioned by following the new rules. Or an entire home, from basement to attic, can be conditioned against gloomy days and long evenings. Not for many years have there been so many developments as recently In home lighting. First Important departure came with the unearthing of new scientific fac.ts .011 the. relation O f Ijghr to sight. To give the more abundant light which researchers -found was needed, shades of lamps grew bigger and table lamp bases grew taller An instrument was perfected to measure home lights quickly and without fuss. Providing enough light to see safely was thus taken out of the realm of guesswork. Light-conditioning has sprung from all these developments. Planned for Comfort How to light-condition your own living room is illustrated by the accompanying picture. The lights here were planned for the comfort of a father, mother; and two children, as well as for the beautifying of the home. Notice that the lighting presents a symmetrical appearance. It is well-balanced fused. There Also it are no ts well-dit depressing • _-__-_ _. v «»fc* \4U£fJ VOOlllg shadows. The illumination is stimulating. Since, for eye comfort, we should not read or sew in a single islandf of light In an otherwise dark room, i Ho celling fixture was Detected to provide an .brer-all smoothness of light, ft reflects most of its light to the celllnff, to be distributed Into the room. I especially like light-conditioning's provision for & good lamp near every sitting place f Provision .for All Eyes ( The scientifically designed study lamp on the desk serves both desk and chair. The large comfortable fireside chair is made still more comfortable, with, an approved bridge lamp ..;• which produces 25 toot-candles of light at book level At the davenport, twin end-table lamps, also of scientific structure, assure good lighting for two or more persons. And for an unseen grouping of furniture In the left foreground there's a floor lamp glT. ing three levels of light. ) For beauty's sake alono there's a bow) of electric light, or decorative urn. on the radio. It la the finishing touch for a cheerful room where overcast skies outside cannot put a damper on one's spirits <. nw orjme'fj. eyes. ****••(, electric iron is that it is rust-proof. There is no need to clean and sandpaper the iron before using. It remains bright and smooth as long as it asts, which with care, means from wenty years to a life time. Occasion- illy, perhaps, the cord must be replac- they last for years. With the electric iron, the operator may sit or stand in one place until the ironing is finished. No walking is necessary, so it is easy on the feet as well as on the hands and clothes. .The-electric energy consumed, Jby a hand iron is about 1.2 kwhi amonth -for 1 person; or about 6 kwh a month for the average size family. The cost of operation for, a family of five, at a 5-cent kwh rate would be: 30 cents a month;for 6 kwh. The cost of operation, however, varies With the rate and .with the efJHcie.ncy.with which tha:iroh. is used. Long periods of heating the E. O. Wingfield, manager of the Hope Hardware Company, announce that due to increased interest of the people of Hope and surrounding territory in electrical appliances, he was adding Westinghoue Washers and Ironers and appliances to his electrical department. Hope Hardware Company tias for some time been dealers for Westinghouse Refrigerators, and with the adidtion of the new items this store ivill have a complete Westinghouse Electrical Appliance Department,' and Will be the. exclusive Westinghouse dealers for Hope and vicinity. The Westinghouse' line includes the Westinghouse "Kitchen Proved" Refrigerator, that has been tested and proved in the kitchens of the women of America and foreign countries; 16,697 Westinghouse Refrigerators were purchased by PWA for the low rent housing projects (this purchase was made after competitive bids were submitted) the contract awarded on the basis of ten year economy; Westinghouse was awarded the contract because of lowest operating cost over a ten year period.: Westinghouse Refrigerators are available for every family—16 models from $115.50 up, in both delux arid porcelain finish. The Westinghouse Company has just announced a new line of washers and ironers, featuring a "matched line." These washers and ironers are beautiful—all white with black trim- washers and ironers matched featuring new convenience, new ease of operation, and increased efficiency. Users of Westinghouse washers and ironers say that -they now do in one day the washing and ironing that formerly required two days. A complete new line of Westinghouse table appliances is now available, including Waffle Irons, Percolators, Coffee Makers, Toasters, Sandwich Grills, Heating Pads and Irons. The new line of Vacuum Cleaners offer a special value. Perhaps the most outstanding Westinghouse appliance is the Rectangular Roaster—«n Electric Range in two feet of shelp space—this rbaster does every cooking job required in the average hortie^-200 of thesfc Roasters and Broiler Grids are being given away each week during the nation-wide drisco $51,480 prize contest In addition to being dealers: in West-- Inghouse appliances, the Hope Hard' Ware Company is the exclusive dealer in Emerson Radios. These radios are outstanding in appearance; perform* ance and • value. Emerson is the world's largest maker and seller of small radios. Two of the many console models are making radio history: The AB182 14 tube set, With a 15 watt output, a 15 inch dynamic speaker— in a beautiful cabinet—at a price of $89,95; and a 6 tube console in a beautiful cabinet with complete foreign reception for only $49.95. Emerson radios are an appropriate complement i to the .Westinghouse line and com-i bletes the eongrtttihrte Will receive electric first time, In order m«y become f servlee and the Hope Hardware complete display of Mice* at the open Spring Hill, oH W. ber 29th. in addition to of the Hope Hardware Massey and Mr. Given* , trical Department cf rone* Hardwire Company, State ' tirbutors of Westihghou* and Emerson radios will fee explain the use 6f the , tlcal appliances to thtf electric service. < , The women of Hope and'v showing an increased desire comfort, convenience and using electric appliances. mimv grown modern and want .the; J conveniences that only antes can provide. •> Hope Hardware Company 1* dstlc about their eldctricalri ment, and feels that it ls,«n 1 part' of their <store. They;. the people of Hope and vicinity their store and inspect their Vii appliance department iron while not in us,e or/roning over- damp clothes will increase the cost. • The prices of electric irons run from ?2 to ?9 and up, depending on the make. The irons with automatic heat control are in the higher price range; but are more than worth their initiacl cost because they save electricity and clothes, and reduce the fire hazard to virtually jio'thing. Tests made in different 'States show that -the- qlectri iron takes one third less time for ironi ing-a. weekryi.wash, than the did'."sad*' iron. Congratulations Let Us Do Your Machine Work i CASTING and WELDING Our Specialty : * - '-'• '•-'','. ' , COX-CASSDJY FWN»RY r & MACHINE COMPANY Hope Arkansas CONGRATULATIONS TO USERS OF THE NEW "R. E. A." ELECTRIC SERVICE! YOU WILL NEED THESE ELECTRIC APPLIANCES IN YOUR HOME To Get The Most Out OF Your Electric Service THE KITCHEN IS WHERE YOU USE IT new Westing- e in 8, It's Kitchen-p -ved ... in kitchens like yours! Sec how Weatmghouse does •more things better, •avca you more money. I WASH AND IRON THE SAME DAY, - AND FM NOT TIRED. MY WESTINGHOUSE WASHER AND IRONER DO THE WORK Westinghouse Washers were designed by the women of America—they are the most Convenient, Easiest to use and most economical. They are equipped with the "French" Turbula- tor which provides "Natural" washing action— Guaranteeing cleaner clothes with less wear. The "Streamline" Wringer is fully automatic- wringing dry a towel in one end and a handkerchief in the other end. SAVES-^ Ironing Time mersons NewandFinerToni InducinqThousands to Replace Old Radio Sets! "MIRACLE TONE Women everywhere praise thq Westinghouse Ironer because of its ease of operation and speed of ironing—Saves one half of ironing time. Every House Needs WESTINGHOUSE Exclusive Westinghouse Dealers Phone 45 HOPE EMERSON Model R-167 5-Tubo AC Superhotdrodynd with the "Miracle Tone Chamber." American Broad- cosh, All Police Bands, Ama- taur and Aeroplane Stations. Handsome Hand-rubbed Walnut Cabinet. CHAMBER" (Mechanical tnd Dtilgn Patent! Pending); Hailed by Radio World as Truly Great Advance in NATURAL Reception At l«t — voice and Instrument reception in your homo just at it is broadcast at the radio stationl This new invention—an entirely different type of speaker grille—blends the tones and equalizes reception throughout the en- tira room. Come in — see it —hear itl A Radio for Every Purse and Purpose Priced from $14.95 to $750.00 CO ' our Electrical Appliance Dealer HOPE -ARKANSAS " Exclusive Emerson Radio Dealers 120 So. Elm Street

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