Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 5, 1951 · Page 16
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 16

Cumberland, Maryland
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Friday, October 5, 1951
Page 16
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SIXTEEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., FRIDAY, OCTOBER 5, 1951 Phone 4600 for a WANT AD : Takers The Sports Hoikndup Bj KDGB FCLLEETUN. Jt NEW YORK—U")— One of the big concerning the Yankee ball club is whether Joe DiMaggio "'•win carry out his threat to .retire ' 'before next season ... Joe appeared In his .tenth and record-tying World ITSeries yesterday— and appeared Is ii'ibout all. He caught a few easy fljes. chased a couple of hits and couldn't knock more than a long fly "himself . . . But before yesterday's Jopening game. Manager Casey Sten..gel made it very clear he'd like to ' Joe D.-back . . . Speaking in a " -load, gravelly voice as he stood on .the dugout steps, Casey proclaimed: '"He's the greatest fielder for his age Tve ever seen. He makes catches ^ that a fellow 20 years old couldn't ' make—or 24 . For three years he's been playing -with bad legs but you never see him limp .. . It's -—•- up to Joe whether he comes back •"•"'-•or not^-but I sure hope he docs."' o Taken For Grant-ed When a Giant rooter hollered --'."-"lets get those yanks" while the •• • -teams were warming up, a Virginia " l-'«crfl>e recalled a football • game the other night between.'Newport News . High School and Baltimore City College .-.. In a huddle just alter a Z"-"."'.Baltimore player had galloped for * good gain, a. Newport News lad ", J. «caorted his teammates, "come on, let's stop these "Yankees.". . . And is he said' the last word, the loud Fort Hill Host To Martinsburg Tonight, AlcoAwayj Hilltoppers, CampersPlay Strong Foes Stadium Battle Set For 8 P. M.; Campers ' Face Hub City Squad PROBABLE LINEUPS Fott HHt M»rtln«hart Morris-(62) Everhmrt («5> Ather (861 Thompson U3) Schadc (37) Ry»n «'> A]derton (10) or Shore (80) Ambroie (DO) Lee (SI) Bmlcer (««) Poling («) or WU.ton (90) Hitter-<82| ... F»rrl« (SI) ... Btird (77) .... Wolt« (83) RG RT RE QB LH RH Splckler (S7) •. fainter (50) .... Hamilton. t<3) Ndosklo (4<> or Hull (83) P»yne 140) ra stine (7si Power I5M RESERVES—Port Hill—Combs ft. CIJB 76. Klrby 7<.'8miUi 37, Bitt 60. Hughes 12. Htrtmin 85, TVlgg **. Allen 40. MeVlcker 54. BUT!C« 73, Piynt 45, Rtitmeler 43, I/ms 10. Birncs 88, C. Br»nt S3. Martin '13. Kennedy 41, Cllpln 57, Steppes 78, Couter 84, Bittner 89. Turner 58, Apple 3B, "Wtoer 5», R. Br«nt 85. Murphy 6«. Mirtlniturc— L. Butts <l. Rockwell 43, • Holbruncr Si, mtterson 43, Hawklni 46. -Keller 38, Flats SI, Bailey 61. Kepllnjer 72. Allen 52, Orubb 82, Rlnker it. R^Butts SI. D. Brown "8, r. Brown SO. Quinn B3. Fasley. 71, Kline 74. orriclalj—Referee. Bill Spinjler. Umpire. John Blmish. Headline»m»n, BcirOrndorlf. Pirld Judtf. John sbelton. Coach. Bill Hahn's Port Hill High School' Sentinels, seeking their third win of the season, will play host to . tpeaker boomed out: "That last run j Martinsburg High Bulldogs at B was made by Kobert E. Lee.' ; o'clock at the stadium • tonight. ..«:•. . Shorts And Shells ' Hank Greenberg says the trouble '."•••with the Indians this year was the • .Yankees. Now the Yanks can say •• their trouble yesterday was Monte .. ',"'. Irvta. Only Giaat weakness in the '" field was shown by Henry Thomp»on, who had to make a diving catch "of » pop fly Eddie Stanky could have •" - '-•_"_ handled easily and who hobbled Gerry Coleman's hit to let Gil Mc"" * Dougald score the one Yankee run. - Sentinel Jayvees I" -Defeat Ridgeley :•-"• yort Hfll High School's Jayvees iron their second straight grid vic- -T- .. tory yesterday by scoring an easy — «—irtn over Ridgeley High's Jayvees, 18-0, at Ridgeley. Halfback' Ronnie Rice romped ,"• ._«cross for two six-pointers for the Eentinels, one on a 25-yard nin and I-.","mother, on a 17-yard jaunt. Jerry m fifiandls. and Ed Widdows accounted .••-.rr-ilor the's. j,uc-. The Sentinels picked up ten first downs to Ridgeley's one. Murphy.. -.-.•.' 4-Bechtol and Apple were outstanding while in another game listed for this evening the *Allegany High Campers will face Hagerstown in the Hub City. The Hilltoppers will be facing one of their toughest tests of the season. Coach John Coboum's Martinsburg eleven, fresh from a 25-0 victory •over Waynesboro High, has been returned the winner in two'out of their three starts. Bahnmen Hold Edge The Hahnmen hold a. big edge over the West Virginians in the aeries which began in 1937, having won ten contests, lost flve and tied three. Alter GLEEFUL GIANT HEROES—Celebrating heroes of Giants 5-1 win over Yankees in opening game of World Series let out with gleeful shouts in 'dressing' room. Left to right: Dave Koslo, '31-year- old lefty from Menasna, Wis., who gave 'the Yankees only seven hits;.Monte Irvin, who had four hits and stole home, and Alvln Dark, who hit a three-run homer. leo's Gamble Gives Giants Series Lead dropping .the opener to Morgantown High. 14-6, the Bulldogs have copped decisions over Roosevelt High, of Washington, 24-18. and Waynesboro. Fort Hill will enter the scrap with an Identical record, of two wins against one loss. The Scarlet and White turned back Fairmont West, 26-14, and Moorefleld, 20-7, while NEW YORK—W)—Leo Duroehtr's winning, gamble with Dave Koslo gave the incredible,Nsw Yoric Gi»nts an edge today in their World Series date with destiny—and tho N»w York Yankees. Apparently Durocher can do. no wrong in this most remarkable 'comeback story in all baseball history. He took a chance with his No. 4 pitcher yesterday and got away with it, 5-1, against Alii* Reynolds, who "warmed up" for the series~with a'no-hitter against the Boston Red Sox. for Fort Hill while Auckerman and heads the Bulldogs 1 passing attack Ridgeley's best'while Netoskie handles most of the ,,Margheritta were •bets. The lineups: Now Durocher has Larry. Jansen (23-11) ready for todayi second game, at the Stadium. Jim Hearn (17-9), Monday's'playoff, winner at Brooklyn, is set for Saturday and Sal'Maglie (23-6) ready to come back Sunday with three full days rest.. Instead o£ a weary crew of staggering pitchers Leo has his three best ready to go in order. And the Yanks already have used up the feared Mr. Reynolds.. Retreating in confusion from the. 8 to 5 odds running duties. Netoskie has scored f avor irig the Yanks, the market now losing a Military . Va. 14-13 thriller Academy of to Linsly Wheeling, The Martinsburg club is sparked by Backs Melvin Hamilton and Don Netoskie. Hamilton, quarterback, is IT LG C RO JET RE Fort Hill •Wtbcr ... H. Brant .. p. Reitaier Ackerman Bower? t Rice , McCullouRb •widdoicn Tabler Brtlshner Van M«er HH 7S Score by periooi: FORT WTT.T. XIDGELEY 1 14. 0 0 0—2B 0— 0 Touchdowns— Landls. Rice 3, wlddo»'«. JCxtr* polats— Brelgfcner "iloiri (plnnse), Lynn ' , <pluoj;et), Wld- , Sub«atutes— POST HHi-K. PollnB. J. Aa<!ie«. Lynn, House. Laislter, R. Pollnc, **'" carbanih, Teeu. Crowe. whittlnEton, Mc^-.' furltaO. Reynolds. D. White, Shipley, . shank. Durst. Souders, Oruvcs, "* ? 1C. Smith. Harm. Williams, AndreffJ, Shln- T l-'.koltz. KnXJELEY— Whltt. Sobo, Dtirlclc. Jonra. Clart. four TD's in the first ttiree games for Martinsburg. Coach Hahn announced today that John Shore, injured in preseason practice, may start at the center past and AI Wilson, tackle, who missed the Fairmont West garrie. may be back in action for limited duty. Halt May flay Regular Halfback Harold "Gassy" Hall, sidelined with a dislocated shoulder suffered in the Fairmont West tilt, may also get a call • for limited duty against Coburn's Bulldogs. Bill Spangler, Bee OmdorfJ. John Blough and John Shelton will handle the game. Coach Bob Pence's Allegany eleven will be after revenge tonight at Hagerstown for a 12-6 setback handed them last yearby.the Hubs. Allegany, .which holds. 15 victories in the long rivalry started in 1924, will be looking for its third win> of the campaign. Hagerstown teams have captured ten games in the series while In ties. ' Coach Pence two have ended announced . that Bruce Price, regular tackle, will probably lee limited action in the game and will be replaced by Ken McGraw. Price has been named co- captain along with Halfback Bob Hook. Hagerstown, headed by Coach Mel (Continued on Page 17) Colorful Tee Man :Jimmy Derharet is noted for . being golfdom's sportiest dresser ' —and, incidentally, for being one of Its best golfers. Jimmy is the only three-time -winner of the Masters Tournament. Jimmy does a lot of driving—both off the tee and In hl» car. And for his car, Jimmy picks the best of anti-freezes. ."I put •Prestone' anti-freere in my ear with the first nip in the air and I know Tm set aU winter long. With Trestone' bread, I know there's nothing to -worry about" ' On* «bot lasts all winter. No other sati-freeze gives you the same dei of protection. Dealers have "PRESTONE" Anti-FreezeNOW... They may not have it later! You're SET One »hot lutt all winter! You're SAFE No fonm... no failure! You're SURE No other anti-f reex» givea tin »»m« decree of protection 1 "PRESTONE" Mueller Won't Get In Series says 6 to 5 and take your pick; Lopat's No Cinch With the Giant array or riebt- handed batting power, Lefty Eddie Lopat (21-8) is no cinch to square the, series for Casey Stengel today. A control pitcher whose stuff -usually produces many fly balls, Lopat will have to thread the needle to escape trouble from rioting Bobby Thomson and Monte Irvin. Despite Koslo's seven-hit mastery, Irvin's prodigious deeds and Alvin Dark's three-run homer, the Giants' opening victory at Yankee Stadium was a drab "morning alter" to their glorious pennant clinching of Wednesday. That man Irvin, finally hitting his stride as one of the great hitters in modern day baseball, really had himself an ..afternoon yesterday against Reynolds. Monte tied a scries record with four hits, one a^triple, stole home against' Reynolds' with the second Giant run in the first inning and contributed two-fine catches. What more can a man do in his first World Series game? Irvin and Koslo, were the story until Dark hammered his homer into the left field seats to the sixth. That nailed it down for Koslo. the 31-year-old control artist from Menasha, Wis. ' Shakes Lineup Few expected Koslo to throttle the Yanks, although .they have been vulnerable to lefthanders all season. Stengel used only two lelty batters —Yogi Berra and Joe Collins. Still, when he needed hits in the late innings he had to resort to three left- j ln _ ,. xc hange for !_„« J,, J i-itiinVi Vlfti»»*e • ^nr^UT\5 _i — * •«_ t Facts, Figures On World Series Tet. 1.000 .000 gund'.nn rb»it-ot-itv«K Cornell. • ^. L. New York (NW * 1 0 Niw York (All 0 1 Tim jam«. Thuridaj, Oct. 4, it Tftnkte Stadium: NEW YORK OIANT8 300 OOJ 000—S 10 I NEW YORK TANKJBE3 010 000 000—1 7 1 Koslo and Westrum: Boynoldi, HopJ* (7), Morgan (SI and Berra. HB — Giants — Darlc. 2nd g»m». tod'al, Oct. I at Tanltee 3rd sam«, Saturday, Oct. t, at Polo Grcrundi. 4th fj»m«, Grounds. • Stb (tarns, Oct. 7, at Palo Oct. I, at Polo «tb garo«. W n«c»»»TT. T\)««!*Ti Oct. >. at Yanlcci .Stadium. 7th game. It neceiiirr. Widn««iJ»y, Oct. 10, at Ya&kei Stadium. Financial- Flrnrei For Flrwt Gam* AttcndaDCl — 65,073 paid. RfCflptl '— till, 077.09. Plajen jiharo — »15!,8«»,31. Commlj.iloner's ahnrft — $49,681.53. Clubs and leagues' ih*r« — (105,786,20. order to let Thompson hit hard against steady. Eddie. After today's game the scene shifts to .the Polo Grounds for tomorrow, Sunday and Monday, it necessary. It will b« tht first series in the Giant park since 1937 when they lost to the Yanks, ,4-1. Of course, if it should rain today they'd stay right in the Stadium until they get the second game in .the records. Yawke'y Plans Shakeup For Red Sox Club NEW YORK — M 3 ) — Heport around World Series headquarters today indicated that Steve O'Neill is through as manager of the Boston Red Sox. From a reliable source it wa learned that Toni Yawkey. presiden of the Red Sox, is contemplating a drastic shakeup of the front offici involving General Manager Jo Cronin, O'Neill and Lou Boudreau According • to' ' the Informant Cronin is slated to move to Washington as General Manager, Boudreau is to be elevated from thi playing ranks to succeed Cronin and Prank (Pinky) Higgles is to be brought up from Louisville of American Association to displace the popular O'Neill. An early report had Yawkey and Cronin set to dispose of O'Neill and replace him with Boudreau. Another rumor has the Indians offering Outfielder Larry Doby to the. Red Sox for Ted Williams. A person close to the_ Indians admitted that .the Indians had made overtures for Williams, but said the Tribe had been turned down by Yawkey. "I'll consider Buckeyes Get Srid Stars In Spite Of Code Even Adopted Alumni Contributes:To.Help Elaborate Program Thii In another In « «er!cs on 'prej- mre football by H&rry Gruyaon, NEA. sports editor. •••'•". By HARRY GRATSON NEA Sports Editor COLUMBUS, O..—<NEA) —What does a school playiag high-pressure football do 'when the National Col- egiate Athletic code prohibits its coaching staff, from bringing -in bright prospects in.carload lots and trying them out on the premises? In Ohio State's case, the state'was divided Into sections, and the '.Ohio State Front Liners were organized to police it. There is no rule against an alumnus or a volunteer worker scouting a vicious ground-gainer or a big Mocker or tackier and paying his expenses to the campus tor the purpose of selling the university to ira. •. ' : There are 70 alumni Front Liners, but adopted ones contribute even more to the elaborate lootball program. In 1947, more than 50 • colleges sought Victor Janowlcz, a remarkable 186-pound tailback for Elyria, O., High. The resourceful. Polish youngster, on. everybody's All- America last year, .finally leaned toward Notre Dame. . Give Janowlcz Job John W:' Galbreatb, multi-millionaire financier and realtor of-Columbus, Pittsburgh and Cleveland, man of many Interests, including racing and baseball, settled that. one. He gave • Janowlcz a Job in his Columbus offices, guaranteed him employment lor life, bought him ft station wagon, and occasionally flies the star and his best Kal to New York in his private plans lor a week-end. . . : The fact that Janowlcz is * bright baseball catching prospect easily could have something to do with it. John W., you see,' owns the Pittsburgh Pirates. , ' Galbreath and Leo Yassenoff, a. Front Liner alumnus who played here years ago, take turns entertaining the squad. Yassenoff,. who is in the construction. and motion •picture businesses, played Santa Glaus to the Rose Bowl squad in 1950. Front Liners J. Edward Weaver, then field Leading Southern Conference f SquadsFacing Tests Tomorrot^ .CSV Thr. Aitoclatct. Prtu) ' . • . • ,-•''_;,'•'?. ••'.•'• The Southern Conference gets out the tape measure tnii>.i I week to try to find' out something about the cbmj*rabl¥;| strength of some of its. top-flight .teams.. , . ... • ^.' ^1 • Clemson's Tigers will 'have the. oppprtumty::.ib;-.-pr6vt.: : J just how good they really are Sat-*- urday night at'.North Carolina State. State already has battled two tough league opponents, bowing to North Carolina by 21-0 and Wake: Forest by 21-6. ' Br*hany Pass Leader So far, Clemson has exhibited its wares to outsiders and beaten both Presbyterian (53-6) and Rice (2014). • . ' . NEW YORK—(INS)—Leo Durocher spiked any hopes today that his-regular right fielder, Don Mueller, might he available before the end of the World Series. The Giant manager said X-rays showed Mueller, injured sliding into third base in the ninth inning of Wednesday'* playofl . gam» with Brooklyn, - suffered only *. severe sprain. But Dr. Anthony Palermo, team physician, said Mueller will be hospitalized for two days »nd wouldn't be in playing condition for at least ten days. Cincinnati, Chicago Negotiate Player Deal • CINCINNATI—(INS)—The Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds today negotiated '«. straight player deal involving four players. The Cubs received Catcher John Pramesa and Outfielder Bobby Usher BRAND Anti-Freeze NATIONAL CARBON COMPANY * DIvblM of Dirion C«rt>Wt ud Clifton CorvoritiM handed pinch hitters.- Perhaps that's the tipoff on the current Yankees. \Vith a righthander going for the Giants. Stengel gave his lineup the old shakewell treatment today. Bobby Brown went to third with McDougfad moving to second and Gene Woodling . talcing over left field. Once again Professor. Stengel •was -face up with the problem ot where to put DiMaggio in the order. Joe was shoved down to flith' and Berra batted cleanup against the Cleveland righthanders in late September. When they hit the steady diet of lefthanders in Boston, Joe was Back in the No. 4 spot, Polo Grounds Tomorrow Durocher has little hope of playing Don Mueller inythe series. The Giant right field regular sprained his ankle in Wednesday's wild ninth inning. Thompson, who did & capable job yesterday, will continue in the outfield, dropping down'in the EXPERT Wheel Alignment Wheel Repairing Towing Service ZIMERLA AUTO SHOP LtVftle Phone 2274 Burgess and Bob Borkowskl., . Both Burgess «nd Borkowsfci were minor league batting tensations with the Cubs. ; Kid Gavilan Stops Rosado In Seventh HAVANA—(INS)—Kid Gavilan, worlds welterweight champion, knocked out Bobby Rosado of Puerto Rico tonight after 30 seconds ol the seventh round at the Sports Palace In Havana, . ,• * Bach of the boxers weighed 1471^ j pounds for the scheduled ten-rounder before 8,000 spectators. trading everybody on my ball club except Williams," Vawkey was reported to have said. • The informant declined to confirm whether Doby was the bait offered to the Bed Sox. but admitted that the fleet-footed centerflelder was on the block. Doby wound up the season batting an unofficial .298, but his average dropped some 30 points during tho' last five .weeks. Some blame Larry's batting slump as the reason for the Indians' failure to win tho flag.-" / — Ford Hanover Wins Kentucky Futurity LEXINGTON. Ky— (INS) —Undefeated Ford Hanovar held »n airtight claim to the three-year-old trotting title today with his victory of two straight heat» in the 59th renewal of the famed Kentucky Futurity. • With a record value of 568,020, the trotting classic returned a winning purse of $35,862 for the bay colt owned by William H. Strang of Brooklyn, N. Y. The victory brought Pofd Hanover's 1951 earnings above the J45.000 mark. Johnny Simpson drove the-three- year-old son of a Strang stallion. His Excellency, to the winner's circle in 2:01 3/5 over the one-mile distance for the first heat. His charge came back with an even better 2:01 2/5 in the final to set a new record for age and gait. secretary of the Alumni Association and now director of ticket sales and assistant athletic director, conceived the Front Liners five years ago with the NCAA's adoption of the Dartmouth amendment. • •' Other Front Liners all feel :ilke Galbreath". They are not doing anything more than what 100,000 other people would-like to do. "They are interested' in nothing more than selling Ohio State and promoting high-grade football," says Athletic Director Richard C. Lar- klns. "if. we paid anyone,, or got out of bounds, the organization would fold just like' that. They're 'that kind of people." Ohio State and Minnesota are the poorest in the Western Conference in scholarship allotment*. A dozen football players have scholarships on the basis of grades; ranging from $300 to $900, depending oa t donor. N'o Scholarships There are no athletic scholarships. Tuition and fees'lor .«. boy come to $50 and the expense of an average student from within the (Continued on Page T?) Ad-nrtlumeat, John Mosner Wins .John Mosner defeated Frite Eiler 1 20 holes of golf Wednesday in the (second flight of the men's fall tournament at the Cumberland Country Club. The late Col. Matt J. Wtan introduced the $2 unit of betting as the standard at Churchill Downs, Ky., in 1911. Prior to that the standard betting unit was »S. When Slammin' Sammy Snead •won his third PGA crown at Oak- monut he became the first golfer to win three such titles since Hagen. L. L Wilkinson Co, SERVICE STATION Mochonic ot Bow S>. . Phon« 6121 STOP HERE FOR Goodyear AND Kelly Tires TWENTT YEARS AOO — B U r 1 f i K h | Grime*' wo-hltwr R&VB th« St. Louie j Cirdlaila j. 5-2 triumph over the Phlln-: delphU Athletic* »nd «. 3-1 edBi la the World Eerie*. ' Wheel balancing will prolong the life of your tiret. GOOD/YEAR 17 N. Michanlc Phon* 52 The next best conference - game sends Virginia Military institute* speed-lined Keydets to William and Mary. Bill Brehany. of Ridgeley, W. Va., VMI quarterback who-leads the league in passing, has recovered sufficiently 'from a knee injury and definitely will be ready tomorrow afternoon against the Indians.. South Carolina's Gamecocks, hampered by a swelling injury list, i up against Furman's twice- beaten Purple Hurricane. Yesterday, Gamecock Coach Rex Enrlght reported Tackle Paul Stephens- and Halfback. Hootle Johnson may miss the family feud at Columbia. S. C: Davidson's hopes for chalking up its .second straight loop win were dimmed considerably-by the injury to Center Arnold Whisnant, who will miss tomorrow's scrap with the Citadel at -Davidson. • Bocettl Will Flay Washington and-Lee will have both of its top -Quarterbacks; -Gil Bocetti and Dave Waters, back'for action at West Virginia. Bocetti was in on only a dozen plays and Waters watched from the bench as Maryland ran roughshod over the Generals last week, 54-14. Two teams—Wake Forest anc Maryland—are both, expected to breeze to easy triumphs in conference demonstrations on their home gridirons.- Wake Forest is host to the University of Richmond, 'routed 34-0 last .week 'by VMI. Maryland ranked ninth in the weekly Associated Press poll, faces punchless George Washington. Duke and North Carolina are on the road for important clashes with I outsiders. - The DUkes,- fresh from two wins under » new coach installing x. new system, have a. date with • third-rank Tennessee. North Carolina plays sixth-rated Texas. Virginia Tech, the league's seventeenth- team, meets Virginia's offensive-loaded Cavaliers at Roanoke, Va. The TechmenV hopes are .wrapped up in a pair of passers, Freshman Johnny Dean and Sophomore Jackie Williams. „ ..,_ ._. ._... Golf MateSetf At •••. • . .. • •. One hundred: and. 'fifty --players \riu> tee .off in the «mual 'golf 'jnatch be'-; tween teams picked iy. the'-piesldent.-' and' vice-president ,ol .the Cumb«^>; land Country club 'over the"weekendi"\ Saturday' and' ' ' ; ^ & pa i rln fo , • " » the winners; at their , »nnuai ;t . to be held. at theVclub;;Thursd»7l..: October'. 11. 'Others, who •pwish' ;•;»;; participate to contest wt,r«iueste4 : » contact the club's foil shop: Milwaukee :ClubCpp«- 'Litde World matches- were. "ia-- kee Brewers Jerked:; the,;.rue from; under Montreal last"-nigh'tjwith.V* wild scoring binge ^liichrtnnied/iii; eight-run deficit, tato-;.* '13-18 ''Je?:' tory and. ga,ve''theinrth«"39Sl-Littli'- World 'Series champtonihlp. : "".., Milwaukee 1 went ..into i th«; bottoms of the third . but had tied the-*cor»"iit:.10-»a*:l>f; the end of 'the sixth" 'and ! >3«*«»std;. its' winning • 1 inaig&>'.by-'th»'.«d-"«t-; the seventh:.-, In major league play the home team'is required-to supply the umpires with five dozen baseballs before each game. More must be kept in readiness. Louisiana State has. beaten Georgia Tech in. football only once in eight tries. . ' . .;.; $44.95^ CM* ««Mi « few « MtM .. J' Rid« w yo« poy, *•;*$**;;;; -. way! 46 i»«w CohmsbliK. ".' i«m morfttito *oo««'frori»,r : Many, with «»w ond »xdiK-^ riv« Cofvrnbro-Built-f«a»|.^, Imi. Com* h> ond' wlMK-iv yow hamitomt *iw bkyd*.---^ by CobfRbto NOW! ' , -^ -».».ntil< At »M( Al «M •— K., Cosgrove Cycle Co, 252 N. Ctntr* St. ' .Pti.n. IW : Id Extort / • RECfi BEER Wismer knows sports. He's won award ofter oword for o job of good radio reporting. V Wismer knows baseball, football, track, gotf, fanqis. Ke knows fbe players, the rules, the game. He'* On The Ballji DONT MISS WISMHt'S SENSATtO*4& SATURDAY SPORTS CASTS 6:30 1^ M. WDYK ON YOUR DIAL

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