Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 8, 1952 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 8, 1952
Page 8
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?TM l'ftort sW/fm/ a<x/y Hears v JtOCK School hero wens thnt "thi» h<-nrl of p jffivtjpfinipftl (?on* nnrt dlMtflhtillon," VJnton. In., «nl<l itt fjoVflThtntint ftiinriinttnii w for farmer*, thfn ih« it muni nl«o tiffin rtb- the Hjthl in MOfl STAR, HO* I/ARKANSAS Tuenfay, July «, 1952 IW t «ff>i« v«r |ri >IUI*«MT t * | « eilrtnnt nt the Amorjcnn! ''«?.,„, *»»..,, i, * , _ I I /III'*! Produefioifof Oil Declines 55,000 Bbls. t'UKSA. Oklft. .-TIV nail" dnlly nv'TiiK' 1 I'rii'lp fill *nii < (•<»)« to fl.ioo,:ifii't iirirrt'ls i»>i ''•> HIP Oil nnd fin* JrMiniitt r«-i»ii (winy, T'>xna, v/llh n *!fisli In .Inly I?. S!,fl25.W» ti,r ttif wrfe < n<!r-i;l ffnw Iff {\*n thnt p«- no pntliy lilll pnnei'd liy III lout wooN 'will Inovltiihly government rtmtrut of tli" ttS claim (hot In (il Mk-hlgnn, down II.'100 l/i 3fi,;i')-'i ,mM Wy.ifiina, I,MX) In 1H7.MIO. M.xji»fi' dropfl wi'rc ir|i<iH' i( l for Indi/mn imrt Kentucky, each M tn 32.11(10 «wl 3.1,200 ie/t|>ri•ilvrly; Al». off ISO to 2.7M; 0»7.4(Nl; Iho )';»< Durante Charges That He's Being 'Sfeomro//eree/' il* 'Him iht- f(. ( .Jimmy III).' In Ii.'lir I'- p., »»). iitlfil l'.ir-.'lltl;iti- IJili inli-, fi-l):» tiii-.tit il. Oy JIMMV OUffANTK Cofixclijht i'i'l?, Th"v i'in H, U1 111'- l|.|.!l lion .(in. • flli'l VI tint.' .(Irniny nn Mi-ll'in. 'linger (to I. ill »iii.;hl? n *u i to defend thin country our ability to proud Ui jnercnuo U«> «»» nt our lln«ti< Jinn 1 l"*! th.'it iifi l>iiii'.ii{i] for I)M' iliiy' H«-|.'il>!ii-iiiii'. crin't |»n iiv/-ri.i.!i Uin urilc, tl; fioiiilniit'-it (.'iiv.-illiM-lii Ati/l liilkr., IE I spi I (Kill, I't. -Jt ; «»M',the Fnrm BureflM him derwd iho HaJtlriK Influ ifefit wth him anU hO|)«t ha A»lit«ftt. Hi uwre wUTfhT* p«. u»tlo Again* Miw- IiOO tn 1,475, KoriflMK Imcl Ihi' hli'i""' 1 fcl.HOO bhrrcln I" MI/C'O i ixiiiuifinn iiii.r'-ii'n-ri ;i,;;/5 lo flfl7,liU5, t.Viloiiidii Kiilni'l 2.0001 lo ll!l,.VKI Illld Ollliihorrtli nddi-'J 1,700 lo 510,300. . Upturn* Wfi'c rc|)iii-lcd ulho for 4"H"method*i ArkiumfiB. up loo to im.sw; Mi«- »l»»lp|il, 70,350 In 07,100; N"v Me:,- leo, 1WO to |WI,li')!l mid Niirlli On- Ifold, up 300 hurrnlii to itn ;i)l llmo JifKh g( .'1,00(1 ban,-:,,. 'li'nll Ami n -if.--, ' li'tlui tin- i.llii'i riindirti li Ilii iiiti IDI i .Mil nnd f:i<-|,|,Hi In ari'l [(K'ln them lh<- Tin- ai:!|.-; ( iinii|(liit'-;s i- Id in c.-pt the I Lion Will Build Chemical Plant at Luling, La. lwlir-i tiit'V M, the wny ;i|> 1 I, urn In- •• (jtt'l |nclt i El, DOHAlKi, Ark. "Cnnlrncts j o,-|i,im',i.' for cntiNtrucllon un l.iuii ml Com Imiior ! I'.lch, l-l HiiloV.'tti.J-tji of Ni-wj ' ' pmiy't. new UnrKtM Climnin.l Plant fit Ullltitf, t,ii,, wnn: Ir-l yi'aU'Kltiy. T. M, Mlil'tlil, (•omimiiy iirc'sldt-nt. j 1 , ,, v Mnrtln «nl() thc> [ilrinl. cxiiorinl In upomtliin ".-inly in I ».',.(, " pluiit will pnnluri unliydr (iiiinii.'iiii-i. prilled iimiiinniiiiti. Il iitf ami null Ir jieiil. Miiftin Mild c (i n t i- ii (• | ». \<, nwiirili.-il lo the Cliciiiii'nl t'.nixi! linn <'iiiii|ijiii.v for ilrmi'miiK lilillll Illlll llh' l.llmiliU:. l'i,f|i|, lor <'t>n :|| iirllon i,l (hi- T»**l«y, July I, 1932 HOM IT MOPI, ARKANSAS ^ Birth In rirmhotue I* , inmfthlrtf to br*( about, He ihould come from »' > plvoUl »UU. / PrevlotM jnlllttrr dniy will help. Moit pretf. dente h»d tome. — Experience as governo?) IN Mg recommendation. \ Control of stale machine ' will help, too. f r " Candidata should be wine, ituture penon. ', , Succeimful candidates \ T averaged 52 yeari of »fe. * Collece education fa ft must. A simple BA > la preferred to an Ivory towered Ph.D. It you dream of the White House make your profusion law. Twenty have been lawyers. ' Should he happlij- J married man. Only two S bachelors have ever been elected president. J. . Should show civic prido by joining various (community and fraternal * organizations. Markets 'Give 'em Hell!' Continued from Pane On* if By the Associated Pre«t Grain were steady in earl? trad- wtth which he said it, that ing today with wheat a little above Utft-d his audience, which hi the previous closing price Whole-' lonEjiilft for JtiSt such an 'onslaught, sale meats steady to $1 higher.] For MacArthur brought jiMp HOJJS are 25 to 50 cents higher j tk-ar and impassioned foc,Ufi K* Cattle ore steady to SO cent? i'he' Ropublit-ans the grievance ! higher. | with which they must hope to* fight i Cotton futures opened 20 to 70•*'•'* 19">2 campaign. j eents n bale higher. !t < s certain to be the most I Grains carried a fairly slendy I Muolrd cnmpaign document of 1952. ; tone at the Chicago Board SOCIETY Pnon* 7-9481 ietw»«ft I A. M. intf 4 P. M, r' Calenda of trnde. Nearby deliveries of wheat, which ; were on Die low side at the open| inn. soon caught up with other | deliveries, holding a little above yesterday's close. Houses with mill connections were reported on the buying side j ot wheat although no overnight j flour business was reported ! Brokers said export business I overnight was quiet and that new| crop hedging pressure was light. I There w;is some commercial 1 buying in corn nnd oats. Oats j traders hud field reports of light- j weight oats on farms. Soybeans went along with grains mildly above the previous close. At II o'clock (F.STi wheat was ',.i to >-j cent higher, July $2.28', 2 : corn was 1-8 to ":, higher. July H( - SI.7!) and oats were 1-8 lower has outlined for his parly n .. ..ipaisn with which, from the GOP standpoint it can hope to smother the enemy. Not by jot or title did the gen- er;il weight the scales for or against either Sen. Taft, his" favorite candidate, or Gen. Eisenhower, unless, by inference, his indict^ ment of American policy In Eu- ropo immediately nfter the close of World War II can be interpreted as a left-hfindcd slap at Ike. No mutter what the platform committee brings in eventually lor the scrutiny of this convention, the general last night gave the GOP its battle plan for '52. When Mat-Arthur stepped, from the rostrum with the rapturous cheers of the republican faithful ringing in his ears, he could well » quote another brilliant tactician and l orator "Vim, vicli, vici." Tuesday, July 8 There will be a dance at the Hope Counlry Club, Tuesday night, July 8, at 8:30. A Dutch lunch Will be served at 11:30. Hosts wil. be Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McLeod, Mr. und Mrs. J. W. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Beyerley, Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Cox, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ellis. Members who arc ' planning to attend 7-4397 or 7-2852 or Monday noon. please cat.| eluding one 5884 before Bailey. at 4 p. m. Monday. The leader, Mrs. It. L. Broach, opened the meeting with prayer and conducted the business session. A continuation of the study of the Book of Acts was introduced by Mrs. Edwili Ward. Taking part on the program were Mrs. E. J. Mc- Cabc and Mrs. R. L. Broach. At the close of the mectinu. the hostesses served frosted cakes and cookies to fourteen members in- new member, Mrs. Friday, July. 11 The DeAnn Lilac Garden Club will sponsor a benefit ice cream supper on Friday, July 11. at 8 p.m. All proceeds will be used to complete the club house. The public is invited. Qnd Going Democrat and Goat Figure in Convention By FREEMAN FULBRIGHT INS Staff Correspondent CHICAGO. ttNSi— Twelve thousand Republicans, at least one Democrat and n notorious goat were on hand when they moved Ihe GOP convention from the lake side nnd plush hotels to Chicago's stockyards. They all fared pretty well but nearly lost the air-conditioning to j a heavy influx of pigs. i Monday's hog receipts at thq I stockyards, in which the conven- | tion site is located, was the heav- j icst for that day in 10 weeks, about 17.000. That many Porker? need a lot of water, for washing i and such. A/3c Bill W. Bcckham and Mrs. So dues the air conditioning to Vt higher, July 78 5-8. Soybeans' were '4 to ',;. cent higher, JulJ ' $.'i.29- n i and lard was eight to 13'a roller skating "vanities" show to cents a hundred pounds higher, ; pass the Babelsberg checkpoint. September $11.92. ' ! The; trucks were enroutc to Kiel, Some improvement in the spring! in the British /one. for the next wheat crop was reported by the' performance. Occident Elevator Company of The 78 performers nnd workmen Thursday, July 10 The Catholic Altar Society will sponsor a benefit ice cream social Thursday evening at the parish hall. The public is invited. | Minneapolis. Good rains were quite of tho big show j general during the last week and i Frankfurt by air, i late grains were making the best ! Russians argued [showing. Early grains, the report trucks contained had traveled to meanwhile. The fa that the loaded silk shirts and tin- PORTRAIT OF A "DREAM" CANDIDATE—As political convention time ncars, campaign ir.an- iiKcrs of both parties look for the candidate whose background and appearance will best capture the minds and Imagination Of in* electorate. "Photo" shows what the "ideal" candidate might look HUe. Il wat made by super-imposing photos of Eisenhower, Tuft, Kefauver und Russell. History shows that successful candidates all had common virtues shown in sketches around the photo. These, by nnd lurge, for better or for worse, are the stuff of which winning candidates ore made. l« UMp*lrlnii, pining >•« in, tn« frlTOiou* imaliaml :%»*fllv0«Mi "Conma it eU*iml«,, pl««d« with i *u»nHl»,- pimd« "ffijfr pnfle ***•« 'jMftl..,. o i'wroi mltntlonfl, hut nhn alwnyn hnn I her u»ca fur her money; her iQther, fop iiuitiuicc. Ho 1 thouf;hl nut for WlirltiUnii.i I'd givo her n ur cont." Ho sulel warmly, "That'll jjooil of ou, Klslc, anil Illco you OM wull." la wanted to look nt Iho ulocli; o looked «t her lnnl«ttd, conceding n'llff mill ' soiuo nniioy-nnco, -onnla hud retimed a Kin anil Kittle (Ul como to imlliU him an her Ida, Wtwt u HO urgent Y llo n»li<Kl, "(Ma dho turn you ; ; .- >:.** NINB feloolt for t)ie ., °i«y Mrs, Dfrhhfii \viu ltd ,hnd ho «itn»a UIQ lat™- f And U«r to como In, HIM ar»nljy 'tho lot- il JDUlo, with murlted «4« bw tinuitflxed flWtf feilp, P*ul... thunlu lit A moment l Know i\» M Vlrua X when , ind M hi* ap " flua akin, »b< Holy I won y. - VY^D* «ml no. Paul, rctttho A word of thin to 'II murder you, I'll haunt you," "Klalo," ho BRUI, and lnui;lu>il, 'wouldn't il bo tho olhcr way ournlY" "I «\voro up nnd down," «ho iiulei, rownlng, "that I'd novcr loll you. "«Iow 1 havo to, I'm In n Jam." "I'm sorry to hour that," he ftlel, "ploaao go on." "I've M lot of nionoy. you know," »ald, "mohtly In truat, vamn'U I'vo used a good donl of hut, one way or another; Die nftoncy, for one thing. Tho trimt ornoa to m« an income. How inxich lo you Know about tnoomo tux?" ,"I give up," ho said, "tryliiK ti affix Iho pin. Income tivxV AD l mow In, It's InovUabto and un toiwnnt," "You can nay that again. J uually havj) to borrow to pay It 'm extravagant. I novor «av» nough. I>asl year I went overboard, ntado tiomo loana ther tliluij*. One wits fulrly oan't wrllo U off na a txtd t'a not tteen outsiandtne nough." Bho thoiiKht dourly of ha anilftblo young man wh)>iu ahc tad •taltod and who hadn't an yet truck pay dirt, - Anyihine he panned, *ha thought, wouldn't lie [old. 'Latterly ho'd »voided her. 'That'* neither hci-e nor thoiv," ih« want on, "Th» point Is, «ny- hlng allowedly dcductiblo Helps, n my bracket,., I won't have te> borrow ao much," Paul atghod. "Docs this have any bearing on tho coat Cwnulo did, and didn't refu«e?" "Why. yea. I know you think I'm craity, Hero goes. I wiuited her tq aeloct the coat. I'd wrltw h«-r a check. VVa argued, t was do- termlned aho havo It, I couldn't her with a thoiwand coats. with all tho money In the world, for what «ho'd don« for me, Filially, ana gavo in, She »ald nollilng would tndv\co her to ive- Ctpt Ul« cQfit but she would take th« money oil condition 1 vent it to you. anonymously, for your imanlum. 8he aald it had to i«no you'd novor nnd out; that »«nt (t, in my nain«>, you'd HIM head cltmroel a little. "Hut don't leneiw what te> ;uiy " ".Small woiuler. iHni't try. I '(,'i-l like; t\ lie'i'l. I am a Imol. And •otinU! naltl Ml'f'el ni-vi-r apeak to un aRnlii If 1 »iii iniifh an nlnteel ltl« to you—-«ho mefint it, Paul." ll« nnld nhortly, "Hho won't tnarn t from nvi." HIJ'II fuiienih, theiuj;ht Kl.ile; ho'n ho !iinini;<'tU mun I'vo t.-vcr known. What curt hly dirfcrenco run It niiikijT ll'T ehtrl? eycsi widened. Hhti thou|>ht, l'.»oc;tn't ho want heir to do anything feir him, l» that It, e'un'l hn hour to ho uiiili-r obligation lo tier? If tin, why? Her lie-iirt was liot wllh>.i!oni|iaH. < ilon for licr I'rionil, Tlmt'.i It, ho kneiwa now that thu |4>eir Kid'.'i in love) with him lie inu.sl lie' blind If ho huan't known it doforo. Hut ho l.in't in U)V(i with heir, imel hat.ca the post- Hem tlilii pula him In, It cmbar- rojisi'9 him. Anel moat men can't iitanel thut; It nuikcB thorn sore. funiuo tleie':in't run ai'oiuul ploualy eleung (jortd worka feir Central Cluiivh. So when sho pills u mink e.-out in iho oolle'ctUm plate It'a bo- euuno xhei'H In lovo with the man who piiMHoa It. Sho aslicel, "You're anjrry, Paul? So I'm sorry," "Yi\n. Hut not at you," he said, "iteir t'oiutU'. Merely nt myself." "Hut that's ul'.'Uitil. ,lu«t ln-caiuso you couldn't KUI'-NH who It ca,m« from ... how e-e»ulel you?" "1 elleln't menu thai," he Date). "Ami ot course I'll write the iu> hm>wle>elni'HH<nt," tle> sulil, "Asi Connie's \\i«h la Unit thu girt re- nnonymourt, wo won't chan^o It em e»nr lieieikn hut I'm certain my persona.! nHvlpt will serve," look n shee't eif neilc paper, tintrelotoel it UH of Oe-i nulicr 'JO of the! pIVCe'elillK yi'ttr, put Sidelights on the Convention CONVCNTO NGIDELIGHTS DJT By CD CREAGH ('IIK'A('U) U'l TheJ man from ALili'iu- On. Dwighl O. KLsen- hower hiis siiiel :dl along he u,uited this tu he- a people's con- vi nt'.iin, Well, it is. Although maybe not • mile 1 in the way Klsenhower in- fdi'-Vfcp movement. Will it Lie successful? Sny.<! Mr.-;. Jl'llrS: "I think there is a chance — slim, but still a chance." Chicago Continued .-corn Pane One The people - Tom, Dick, Harry and their wives - arc doing their „ . . be-<t to lake it over from the del- 1 lh ' t!s " bout that s f ' 1 , c :!" r in this GOP "U'ation. rncl ' t ' wcrt ' somi; i'i;.Hi's. Anel with (|ulte a bit of sne'ce'ss. Tlu-y Miri;e through the aisles of CeiiiviMitieiii Hall, gaping at ce'lc- lj| Hies, i hulling with friends, mug- t;in(! fur the 1 television cameras. They even rneivo into the" floor 1 The American Broadcasting Com- 1 pany re-ported it put an a|jplause- gauge on MacArthur (o measure the length and inte'iisily of the clie'cr.i. It reported these thn-e peaks: 1, A sound-score e>f 120—which •ipact 1 reserved feir delegates ;md alternates. Convention officials do their best lo keep Hi-dor, Chairman Guy Cii-orgi! (iiibrielson pleaded, whee- dle.il. threatened and finally culled in the- cops yesterelay. He said there were more visitors In the di legates' area than there were Then' was nn anguished call from the speakers' platfeirm feir Ihe Nergcant-al-arms, brassy-voiced t.'harli'.s Hacker of Chicago. He ciiuleln't l)tr located. The general belief wns he'd been pestered so much fur admission tickets tluit lu-'el yi'iie underground. | ll ' s tllu< what 'hey suy tllt ' Chicago stockyards, tn about which Is very high—-Listing for 32 seconds when he said: "It is fatal to enter I'liy war without the will to win it." 2. A score of 98, lasting 27 seconds, in reaction to his'statement: "Foreign policy has been as Irugi- cally in error as has domestic policy." 3. And 95, for IM'Sa seconds, when he said: "While I have not been consulted with reference to Korea .since my retirement ... I can unhesitatingly say that a leadership which by weakness and indecision has brought about such a military dilemma lacks the soundness of vision, tho moral courage, and the resolute will lo resolve it," Those, nccording to what AF5C saiel were electric suund-measure- he calleel the hick of the? traditional will-to-will in .Kein.'ii. * ? » "Korea elands tuelay as the 1 hal- lejweel c.r.'i veyarel fur ceiunllcss Aiin-riiMii di'iid," hi' :;aid. "Wi' must nut let it Iji'cuinc :IM wi'll ii firii vi.'V ard lor AMirrie.-an hope 1 , American lailh iind American I'.eiiior." The- speech leane-d heavily le>- v.-ard the' spiritual approach to the 1 achii-vemi'til of national strength. MacArthur said Americans have ii'.ieU' the ('onstitulion work for 17(1 years. He' concluded: "Anel, come Newember wo will make it work again, se> help us God." Commenting on, the speech, "he lormiilali'd the affirmative program on which the Republican party can HO forward, to victory anel resume progress under liberty and peace 1 ." • S c A. r^.Vfj'ptt Saltonslall of M:i s s a c h u s e 1 t t s, an liiseii- hower backer, saiel, "A thoughtful htatcme.-nt of the.' problems tho Democrats have built up. He knew what he? was. talking about as to Asia." One dissent was registered by! Hep. James Fulton of Pennsylvan-| Jin, who is for Kisonhower, Fulton I I said the speech shoulel have men- j tioned the United Nations. He said ' it "cast gravt doubts em the' use| lulness eif collective security as an international policy." ! saiel, should be able to fill properly i souvenirs purchased in Berlin and I giving reasonable temperature. ! not declared as part of the cargo. j Here- is today's commodity re- j port,, furnished by the USDA: I Hog prices advanced 25 to 50 • cents' at Eastern cornbelt markets I reflecting generally smaller farm : shipments throughout the Midwest Slightly less than 59,000 hogs ar,» e>n sale at 12 terminals Compared with some 04,000 a week ago, Choice 180 to 250 pound hogs have sold from $21.50 to $22.50 in the Eastern half of the cornbelt f-xere-pl for a top of $22.75 at Indianapolis. The top was $22.50 at Kasl St. Louis and $22.-10 at Chicago F.arly reports indicate 1 a strong to higher trend on cattle- only 311,000 head were offered al 12 nun'- ke'ts against 51,500 last week. Chicago has the smallest Tuesday receipts ;n more than a year and prices are steady to 50 cents higher. Most of the choice to prime fed .steers and yearlings brought $31.50 to $34.50. However, several loads sold at $35 to $35.50 with high grade absent. Good to low choice steers sold from $29 to $31 Supplies of some 16,000 sheep and lambs at 12 terminals are about 1,000 head larger than a week ago. Chicago reports steady prices em old crop lambs, choice- offerings with number one pelts and including around 10 per cent yearlings.going at $24. New York: Cotton futures opened 20 to 70 cents a bale higher: July 40.16; Oct. 37.05-08; Dec oG.85-87; March 36.68; May 36.48; July 3(i.-14; Oct. 34.51 s 93 Seat Continued from Pace One tut more: likely tomorrow iier «he raised a little money Sit* put th« blto on Ui« M well as h«nt«l(> pu'4 question her, If ! from me. 80, after I west to my to »ecr*cy, and th« c»»hlor'a card, I was t>i*l last thought. I'd .* k n* ». ,*^ ut tho top anil iiienio luul u wrote, "Kcoi'ived from Mra. the .sum of thie-o thousand n.t u i-nntiibuium to thu I'uml of tho CVntral Con- mil Churoh," und sigiu-el lila name'. He hloltod It, nnd KUVO It to lu'i-. "I think ilita will Ixi tn ardor." Kl.-tio put the receipt In her julluifi, "I feel ONtri'iuely awk- waii I." "l.rs.i so than I." "Why yhould you? Oh," she said, half luuusril, "smvly yon haven't mg nround thanking "No, I couldn't oven though 1 1 may luivo made nn i-rroncoua guosa the- place, especially on a hot elny. Hut the-ro are fancy touches, too, tor the' benefit of well-heeled pacU- e-rs in narmul times and for the lu'iU'fit eif any convention elelesiito v.liei has tho price, The Sirloin Inn, for example right next dun- to Convention Hall. They let you brand yemr own stouk there so you'll be- sure lo yet what you eir- There are places ub6ut for the PIHII- ur.ui, too. One colorful saleum is calleel "Tho l.asl Roundup." Another Western touch: The (MrMnij Kit attendants at Convention Hill ride' horseback, Gotliiid back to the convention itself: A Uonvu-ratic senator furnished lu'ii. Dmiulas MacArthur with emo nf the best received passages in his keynote address to the national convenliein last nitfht. Said tho M'n.ilor land the gen- "1 dri-ud iivilhinit so much as tho drew the heaviest applause-. the contested delegates. They Reds Kidnap Continued* From Paga One * pass. The car had a West Berlin license plate. The West Berlin Free Jurists is an organization of democratic lawyers which attempts to keep tabs on what is going on in Eastern a report! Germany, particularly concerning the' legal rights of the population. Earlier today, the French an- All thiee reflect some aspect .of i ! J , n> . mis '- d a bl ' isllin « fUu "' r 'K lu '" Ihe- foreign situation. Mat-Arthur divided his speech equally between domestic and t'eir- policy. As he has done before, he ac- i cused the Democrats of respon- ; sibility for the public debt, mount| ing taxation, inflation, corruption i in government, the encroachment event. The.' feuding factions forgot their differences temporarily last nighlj lei thunder approval of MaeAr-j thur's call I'or a GOP crusades against steering America intei "a • socialistic eir even later a com-' ir.unislic state." ! They will hear former President; i.f federal authority on the stales. »'->'l'crt Hoover tonight in a party and 'the preremilsites to a social-: l " ut - v appeal, iblic, or oven a communistic state."j At no time, in Uie large foreign! policy segment, of his speech, did! hi- mcnliem Eisenhower. But he MacArthur—a civilian keynoter feir a night—won his mightiest ovation when he asserted with ivfor- ince to Korea that "it is fatal to iv.ade some points that conceivably: cemld pertain to Eisenhower's role the toi muincod that the Russians had nabbed one of their high officials, Jean Benoir, as he strolled along the Soviet zonal border and held him in captivity for 24 hours. Linse, 48, is one of the leading anti-Communist lawyers of West Berlin. He has been in charge of compiling records on economic crimes by the East Communist regime in defiance of German law. The Free Jurists group is largely competed of lawyers who fled from the East. The group is one of the principal targets of Com- ntunist propaganda. The Reds alleged the creation of a "shoot to km" security belt around West Berlin is necessary to protect the Kast Zone from agents and provocateurs. ontei- any war win it." in Ihe postwar years: ,. At IUI tinu ' (litl M^-Arthur men"Wo must fully understand that, l ""' tht> na » 1e Ol t ' llhol- Eisenhower once we commit ourselves to the! 1 ."' lalt - Bul '"'' overall tone of, defense of others, Ihe issue of war) llls . Party-raising address \vasj —— or poace is no longer in our ex-i n ' uch » lorc . "' '»" w '» l Tafi's BhRLIN - Ihe French an- clusive lands vi«-ws than those of Kisonhower. I nounced today that the Russians] "We must re'niain failhful to thoj MacArthur assailed what he \ had nabbed one of their high ofti-' commitments we have made to others, so long as they remain called the Truman administration's! cials as he strolled along the So"pattern faithful to theirs mude to us, failure of the principle of collective I avin f' min security in Korea ... plainly warns'" 11 ' 1>h - vslc:t but avin ' min '" u ' 11 t<lUu ' r thl> W1 " »r :tl ! unvcr l " - SUi:cessf ""- v meet oKyn-.ssion, have divided th v>r two. Hut 1 can lhank you now." You her, th« tUvn. did n*\vr thank Oonnlt?, as I've jfhen you my word," "Which >ou'U ke*p, even If I . . ... didn't." She r t *«. "Well, thanks. I i h ' s 8 »*'* >( - <h conlaiwed. 'ho expected wUh I hadn't been forced to come." : °, u ; «^sponsibihly would b* charge"\V»U a monisnt, Blsl*. Did able '° a Republican admimstra- ' ' l tl ; tl . t> lu ' 1)U>a »' ""' - . MneArlhur s(>u> 1 '" of the able 1 lion.. 1 Connie'fjivc you any specific r*&- so4t when she asked you to da Ihls?" "Just lhat a donation you'd counted on didn't materialise, and I cviuid make it up, only • . on't to know. It didn't ' Aw - comc ""• me then, frankly it ' you had her ttonuii^iSHit short tinio —— Wte ^/»r died. a«d j J»$^™^ t ^£ This is very close to, U not almost identical, with what Tafl' says on foreign policy. It is prac- j tie-ally the opposite to much of the | Kisenhovvt-r point of view. Mac Arthur's Continued worn r*ge Co* The crowd went pretty wild after the general finished talking. And at the height ot the Idi-monsU-ation Ihe bund played — tf troops, yielding i>f cwUrol over you guess 'Old Soldiers Never of eolloe-tive securityj viet zone border and held him in which, without as yet| captivity for 24 hours. The French High Commission disclosed that Jean Benoir, personnel chief for Berlin commander Pierre Carolet, was arrested Sunday on the Frohnau border in an area where the line is obscure. Two Russian sentries look Benoir to Red Army headquarters at Karl horst. He was returned to Uie border yesterday and released A French spokesman said Benoir not mistreated, just incon- 24-hour wait — — satisfied them lon« carry so intolerable a den." He added: Cornelius — Bailey Engagement Announced Announcement is made of the engagement and approaching marriage of Miss Frances Cornelius, daughter of Mr. W. H. Cornelius of Bodcaw, to Joe A. Bailey, son of Mrs. Joe A. Bailey and the late Mr. Bailey of Prescott. The wedding will bo solemnized August 10 in the First Methodist Church, Hope. Bcckham of Wichita Falls, Texas, were the weekend guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Beckham, Mrs. Homer Thomas and Mrs. Frank Walters and son, Billy, have returned home from Fort Rilcy. Kansas, where they spent the weekend with Pvt. and Mrs. Jimmy Walters. They were accompanied to Kansas by Mr. and Mrs. Howard Perrin of Benton. Mrs. J. W. Strickland Hostess to Circle 1 of WSCS Circle No. 1 of the WSCS of the g; First Methodist Church mot at the "home of Mrs. J. \V. Strickland with ,Mrs. B. W. Edwards as co-hostess Mrs. Harry Crouch. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle McMahcn and son, Harry Ray, of Oakhaven have returned from Magnolia where they were called on account of the death of their brother and uncle, Louis C. Marshall. AIR-CONDITIONED COMFO, •TODAY ONLY* A Colorful Family Attraction . . . Everyone Loves a Rodeo! Mrs. H. P. Robertson and Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Grccnbcrg and children left yesterday lor Boiling Green, Kentucky, for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Harold Stanley and family. They will also visit relatives in New York City. Mrs. Albert Anderson and children returned to their home in Nashville, Tcnn., nfter spending the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Robinson and sister, Miss Mattie Robinson. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Newberry have returned home after n visit with their daughter, Ruby, in Valiant, Okla. RAW, RUGGED RODEO gTHRILLS Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Rowe nnd daughter, Wanda, of Bakcrsficld, Calif., and Mrs. Billy Dave Rowc of San Francisco, Calif., arrived Wednesday to spend two weeks with relatives Mr. and Mrs. William Franks, Mrs. Earl B. Montgomery, all of Shreveport, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hughes and daughter, Marjorie, ot Snydcr, Texas, and Mrs. Birdie Dillard of Lemesa, Texas, were the weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Montgomery. Mrs. Dilliard remained for a visit. system at the International Am-i phithealer. For n while ofticiuls I'carcd the Republicans might have to suffer in the heat—that they generated and thnt the day brought with it. The crisis evaporated when the water supply proved adequate, for both politicians and pigs. The twelve thousand Republicans who traveled .south and west through the city to the stockyards from their fancy hotels were delegates, alternates and candidates' workers at this 25th GOP conclave. The lone Democrat—at least the only one who publicly admitted il inside the amphitheater —was Chi' cago's mayor, Martin H. Kennclly who welcomed the; Republicans to his city. The notorious goat is the pro-1 pcrty of a Chicago man who runs a tavern across West Madison street from Chicago Stadium, where the 1U40 political conventions were held. The non-air conditioned stadium lost out to the amphitheatre this year and William Sianis lost a lot of business. Since the convention didn t come to him, Sianis wont to the convention, taking aleing one oC the two goats he keeps in the rear of his place. He had two tickets, and he- got in. Sianis is the same tavern keeper who during the C.OP convcntio. ol 1!MO strung across the front of 1 his place a sign reading: "absolu- 1 tcly no Republicans .served here." I The delegates stormed his doors, changing one word, Sianis repeat- I cd the trick when the Democrats came to town. Same thing happened. DOROTHY DIX Visiting In-Laws Dear Miss Dlx: My husband's home Is In this city, where nil his people nrc. I come from n city 1,000 miles nwny. Each yenr I KO alone, lo vlsll my people; Ihe lust lime my husband wenl with mo wns five ycwrs ago. Of course nil holidays arc spent with my In-1 laws since 1 can't get home to my: own people. My husband hnd been planning to go sec my folks this nummei, which nnturidly pleased me \vry much. Now, however, he hns chants eel his mind nnd clnlms he wimlii be bored stiff. It doesn't occur- to him lhat I have spcnl many bur- Ing evenings nl Ihe gatherings of, My grandparents, who' 111IUU ' to our visit visiting time with both sides ot tho family. As distance precludes such an arrangement for you nnd yom husband, nnd ndjustmcnt should be mnde for as much visiting with your folks ns is compatible with vonicnt hours, Pttlket..,. ttucknMsfr, fis wcll^r fad ers, and rrtfcn Jn many .CM, ot work do not .nave the tlonal A to 3 working dnj \vlvcn must' ridfifS^ t! Ihe condllions of tho watftt' nnd you must learn to do i unless you accept the alt oC n different Job, his UNDERWATER PAINTER-C. M. Cram, of Dallas, Tex., beats a 100-degree heat wave by working under a continuous spray from a garden hose. Grain would like to be painting the interior of n deep-freeze warehouse, but this is next-best way to beat the heut. Hospital Notes JANE NIGH JOHN ARCHER WALLACE FORD "Orange Blossoms For Violet' Fcaturetre 'The Mankillers • STARTS WEDNESDAY • Humphrey J BOGART Josephine Discharged: Mrs. O. B. Burns and baby, Hope. Mr. and Mrs Wy'lie Ward announce the arrival of a son, July 7, 1952 Julia Chester Admitted: Jimmy Walters, Hope Mrs W G Allison, Hope, Mrs. R. E. Dillard, Prescott. Discharged: Claude LautcrbacU Hope, Arlis Brooks, Hope, 'Mrs. Earl Latshaw, Fulton. Gloria Jean O'Dell, Waldo. Clubs PLUS * SPECIAL Round By Round Blow By Blow Robinson - Maxim FIGHT PICTURES DON'T MISS IT! AltheTOgh Kisenhowor has said tiiere .i? nn easy solution to the, wa s Korean conflict: MacArthur s;iid It' yenicnced by the must bo resolved "tor we cannot! wn ile the Rusians bur-! selves of his identity. Red border tactics also struck a blow at a touring American show had delighted West Berlin for the past- two weeks. Stubborn sentries outside Uie city refused last night lo a leadership Naturally, Die." "We iv.usl have capable of decision, as indecision w lueh ill war is but a prelude ti. disaster.! "Na military problem is u'-.sol-: viible. Koiva stands today as the, hallowed graveyard for countless! American dead. We must not let sr^tev ua\vU}in|^y, -shtff fond of pad Itaaws How much P»«*«M to resident on Uie GOP ticket. « of Sen. Margaret Chase auv*, \vitb her conseut, Mrs. and aloniie- materials deposits, d ism ant ling of German industrial plants j it become as well a graveyard for i allowing shipments of war American hope. American faith during his 57-minute speech. to Uw Soviet 'and American honor." j But there was no parade of dele- In Ihe East, he said, the United I Gov. John S. Fine of Pennsyl-j gales lhal might herald a move in ;»tes "proceeded with precipilate vania, who is reported to have told|k's direction for top place on lije V 4$le to divest ourselves of ourjfuends he would like to start a, ticket. own military streu^lb,." This poi-l presidential boom for MacArhur in Sen. Taft has said he Jjoujd be icy ciivised Uitj loss to communism! the convention, helped lead the Korea «n4 the cheering (or the keynoter. I The Republicans gava the gea- emotion • packed! eral a tue-mittule ovation at the y»rlwularly at wbatj start- He was iuterrupted 73 times to have MacArthur alrhis vice presidential S«B. Homer C reporters b*s Taf l and iie- of Indi^aa Prices start just a few dollars more than the lowest-priced cars! R, Hamui Motor Co. j QffpW ffest •BW W»?ww* RIALTD • LAST DAY • HOWARD DUFF COLEEN GRAY » • in — "MODELS, INC." Plus Cartoon & Shorts STARTS WEDNISDAY Centerville The Centerville Home Demonstration Club mcl June 12 in the home of Mrs. C. R. Faught with 12 members present. The meeting was called to order by the president. The club creed was repeated followed by the devotional given by Mrs. C. R. Faught with prayer by Mrs. Sid Skinner. "We're Not Here To Grumble" was the song sung by the group. Roll call and minutes were read by the secretary. Business was discussed. It was decided to have the August picnic on the lawn of Mrs. Snellgrove's home. A demonstration on table manners and how to set a table was given by Mrs. D. L. Faught. Mrs. P. F. Campbell gave a report on poultry. The surprise package was won by Mrs. Carl Richard. Refreshments were served by the hostess. The next meeting will be in the home of Mrs. Verni Goyns on July 10. Living Cost Probably at All-Time High WASHINGTON lift The cost of living probably is at an all-time high today. And it could go higher. This was indicated by a scries of government reports yesterday which said: 1. Food prices went up three, tenths of 1 per cent in June to a point 14 per cent higher than just before the Korean War — mainly because of. gorccry and meat price increases. 2. The net overall cost-of-living index due in about three weeks is expected to show another climb because rents are rising. The last index on May 15 was only qne- tenth of a pointybelow the record, 3. Wholesale prices were un changed for the week ended July 1 indicating the decline during the past few-weeks is leveling off. A staff report tei the Senate- House Economic Commitlcc th day befor esaid prices may climb to an all-time peak in the next six to 12 months — up 1 to 3 per cent due to increases in rents and services, a recovery in clothing prices, and a slight upturn in consumer durable goods. The report said food prices would not change much 3 Deaths in Arkansas for the New Week to us, sending us checks at times; when we needed them and alw.iysj paying my expenses back lumic.i each year. My husband's lnvnri- ; able answer, when I try to armioj with him, Is "Well you know what I you can do about It — leave for! good." ' 1 am deeply In love with hlin,| but sometimes his actions are very! hard tei take. Do you think 1 am wrong In wanting this UUle favor'.' piuui'PA n. Answer: One of the most fundamental rules In establishing a good relationship with In laws Is to provide for equal, or nearly equal, '. lime and money. Ho Should Co-Operate Since you give so generously of lime to your In laws, It cer- Is not expecting teio much to want lo make one visit In five years to your homo town. True, it might be a sacrifice for him lei spend two weeUs .with people he doesn't know Inn well, but ot such sacrifices Is a good marriage Co-operation and mutual keynotes of itrltnonlnl bliss, and your hus- sooms te) be woefully lacking in those assets. If he Is determined to slay homo em this years' vacation, you can scarcely" drag him along. Mnku the visit nleino again, and have a good time. Under the circumstance's, then, you would be most Just- Hied In cutting down your own Inlaw visiting. If ho can't extend loj you Iho courtesy of visiting your: people, you should nol be expected Denr Miss DIX: I nrrt IS ttfi cently mcl n boy Who. WI capped and consequently.-1 friends. Ho lives Ih n no tho but I wondered If 1 cowfi^ him. I don't want to hurt till Ings, but I like him very 1 : nnd want,,,to bo IrlondS. Answer: It would bo a gesture ot friendship to V beiy, Maktyiyqur letters sy, very friendly, humorous sible and, .above all, lot M|| of semtlmonU'.llty or InclpJiJ mnncu croup Into thorn. > clippings ot amusing or inf Ing lhlng» your road In the ] ejavtoeins -you think .will., him, perhaps an unustl>,_„,_„ on which you could comtln'rftigil lions, ^ Released by Bell Inc. SyliH CORNY, BUT NICE — Kay Goudron, of Rome, models a corn-decorated bathing suit, designed by Gasberri, one of Italy's foremost stylists. The kernels o£ corn arc the real thing, end on hot days may keep things popping on the beaches. Gy The Associated Press Five- pc-rsons ure known to have dieel vieilenlly in Arkansas sinct. Sunday midnight, when the Associated Press began its new wei'kly fatality tabulation. Last week was the second deadliest nf the year in the staU', with H'i; fatalities counted. Thnt loll was excee-ele-el only by the; week of March 17-23, when 12SI were; killed 111) in tornadoes. Mrs. Callie llupree, (Hi, of Hot kinburg. Ark., elicel today in a Clinton hospital, he-coming the' secone victim of an automobile wreck neai that town yoslri-day. Earlier, Mrs Darlene- HHIinj;s. 211, also eif Mot kinburg, succumbed tu injuries sul fcrrcl in llui mishap. Officers said the; -car in whlcl the two wume-n ami Mrs. Hillings husband, Guy, H3, were riding crashed intei a tree three 1 mile north e>f Clinton em Highway (!!>. Deputy Sheriff Hill hunUI'eirel said thai, itt the time, Mrs. Billings was being taken to the Clinton hospital for treatment of a shoulder wound ciiuseel by tho accidental discharge nf a .22 pistol. Hilly Joe Drake\ (i, of ne'iir Pine Bluff, died in n Little Rock hospi tal yesterday of injuries suffered when he was hit by a car em the outskirts of Pine' Bluff. Saline County Sheriff Pat Berry Siiid William Karl Killers, U, was fulnlly injured yesterday when he jumped into the path of an on-1 coming car on a Highway 70 bridge about 11 miles west e>f Bcnlem, Ark. He said the youth was vacationing with Ms parents, Mr. anel Mr:;. Herman Killers, all of Crystal. Mo. . Berry said Raymond Marts of Ardmore, Okla., was driver of thu I car that struck the youth. John Watson, Little Rock Negro, night that some $10,000 worVh"of j ""^ly shot himself and wound- stockpiled materials were missing. wl t1rcd ^' c Mt ' Nt »; 1 ""'. ^'° ™ m " Two other candidates for the »" olevalor opera o,-. . Mirn, ne s democratic nomination for govcr> ho « • Sl "'' t; "> 1 ' ltllc Uock ^^ Cool Wave Heads South From Canada By The Associated Press The cool areas of Ihe nation or lue for some wnrmth, nnd th to knock yourself out untcrliilnlng his family. It's quite possible you have tho nuiii spoiled to the point whero he expects, nnd gels his own way, just nbotit nil the time. Ho sounds like a person thoroughly bent on having his every wish fullflllcd without delay. Dear Miss DIx: Although I urn happily married to a woiulorful man, I find myself getting thoi 4 ' uiighly disgusted with his Irrogu Iar working hours. Wo cnn never enjoy n happy family supper hour, the only time wo really get together is Sunday, llo can obtain n position with less pny but butter HOPE DRIVE-IN UN THIATRE^iti, S. Main AiCountry Club i-il^&l TUE»'' A WEOftJl Stewart • Allyson Jf|f warm spots for n cool spell, bulj working hours. Do you think this the change In the weather is not; would solve the preiblum? F. H. Answer: That depends upon your you afford And Ls U STOW r expected before lonlght or tomorrow. H might he n hit warmer today in the Northern line! Central Plains und westward to the Pacific Const, Ihe Wonlhcr Burcuu sniel, but Ihe nuiin warm air trend Is predicted financial status. Can Uin reduced .salary".' Murry Pushes Probe of Road Stockpile Cut By The Associated Press After requesting "detailed information" on alleged disappearance of Arkansas Highway Department| roadbuilding materials, Ally. Gen. Ike Murry charged at Harrison last to start at night. Meintana and Wyoming had some; snenv yesterday as the ceieil spell brought low tempi-ratureH eif 211 id Orummond, Me>nt., and ,'lfl at lle'lcna, Mont. lowest for July 7 in 45 years. The Weather Bureau said a culrl front was swinging down from the; Canadian Rockies and would blanket the Northeast United States and some of the Middle Atlantic slates by lomorrow. But the bureau saiel these areas would have another day of "etulte warm and humid" weather. The; ceilel front yesterday brought temperatures down! l. r > te) 30 degrees in a few hours! in parts uf Kansas, lowu, Ncbrankuj and Missouri, worth the socrlflcei of pay to give you a more contented mind? You know, many, many women have.' the problem uf a husband's Incon- LISTENTO Republican; ^^mm •vHir-Jf ,, .^A'^^jm , . -:-;OVER : v-;Ss|f 10:30 Presented as a Sorv)^* • .- • :• -•' 1 '.-;.J ; Si Hope, Preicotto • '* nor also delved into the Highway: Department situation in speeches! last night. j Earlier yesterday, Murry sent a : letter to Acting Highway Commission Chairman James H. Cruin, in which he asked for de'tuils on: l!) Contractors records of mat' 1 - Detectives O. W. Allen and Curl Jackson snid witnesses told them he shot the woman in the store's elev.-ilor and then turned the pistol on himself. rials used from materials stock-1 piles at Forrester, Ark. |' (2) Estimated value of the missing materials. unless crop prospects were late. j <3» Explanation However, the Bureau of Laborl discrepancy. Statistics, after making ;« special His letter said food survey of eight key cities on June 15, said yesterday food prices are climbing already. It said increases In egg. fruit, vegetable, meat and fish were mainly responsible for food rise between May 26 materials stockpile ot the alleged that the road "has been found! Steel Union Firm in 6th Week Strike STARTS WEDNESDAY 8:30 A. M. JULY CLEARANCE MEN'S SUMMER to contain less than half the amount| of gravel reflected in the depart-! PITTHUUHGH (/l'i—Phillip Murray ment's inventory." prices i> ' says there is not a "sign or sem At Harrison, the attorney gcm-ral blance of defeat in the minds and thi> called the stockpile practice "one; hearts" of his CIO steclworkers. and Rocky Mound The Rocky Mound Home Demonstration Club met Thursday, June 19 al the home of Mrs. Orie Byers with Mrs. Raymond Byers as co- hostess. The meeting was conducted by the vice-president Mrs. Clifford Messer. The Home Demonstration Club woman's creed was repeated. The song of the month was sung by the group. Miss Iris JeaVi Byers read the devotional followed by prayer led by Mrs. Messer. Old and new business was taken care of. The club will furnish three fried chickens and two berry pies for Visiting Day at the June 15. Egg prices jumped most — • 4.7 per cent. The food price index on June 15 was 231.6, using the 1935-39 average as 100. The cost-of-living index on May 15 stood at 189, one-tenth of a point below the 189.1 reached in December and January. The BLS wholesale index for all commodities stejod at 1K/.7, using the 1947-49 average as 100. Generally higher wholesale prices were O f the many rackets. ..the present w h o arc , now j,, the sixth week of administration has engaged in for national steel Nearly 18,000 were] gathered on an strike. union members athletic field at yesterday The union SUITS Entire Stock Reduced to IV 1 «••}'! i»'-J ll .'.!(:>} -:-:-s ....... reported for livestock, textiles and profit." He said competitive bids not requested for the "rock piles." j nearby Uuqucsne, Pa., and prices were higher than those: i j f , hear Murray Hpeak. nt which the same materials had .chief counseled them: been offered lo the state. | "Don't be dismayed. The coin- Jack Holt told Batcsville listen-' panics' resistance is an attempt ers that a state government em-, to undermine your union. Don't let plo.yc had said earlier this year; them divide you and victory will that "you won't be able to build j |j e yours.' a road for everybody, but by can.-j paign time, everybody will be More than a million persons have been idled by the strike or Experiment Stalion. During the recreational fibers. Grains and natural rubber were down. enough to a new project to smell | the resulting steel shortage since period) NOTICE i wish to announce to my many friends and customers that I hove purchased the OK BARBER SHOP I take |his opport t me ot my new si" Erie Rosfs from Mr. Rob Jones. I take ,|his opportunity to invite you to visit me ot my new shop. the asphalt." . j 650,000 basic stcelworkcrs walked He said that Chief Highway j o ff the job June 2. Engineer AH Johnson had said thalj The i.umber of striking stetfl- "only 1,054 miles of roadwork ha.-,; workers has been whittled down been done." Holt compared this loj to about 600,000 by Murray's pro- the 2,200 miles which "the guvcr-j gram of signing smaller compan- nor is trying to make you believe! jps. But the struggle with the na- has been built in Arkansas." I lion's big producers goes on with ••••i GOV. McMath also touched on no oriel in siyht. ' tn ! Ihe highway program at a Crossett Two of the latest settlerricnU 111 crew members, seized this year; spec( .h last night. He said that v -ith small firms were completed in waters off Hokkaido, Japan's! , 1)O ,- e roads, schools and hospitals yesterday, the first in the Western Northernmost island. j had been built in his administru- New York area. Buffalo Forge and The board said thi- Russians hadi t j on than during any corresponding its subsidiary, Buffalo Pumps, at released 18 other vessels with a p frr i o d in Arkansas history. ' Buffalo agreed to contract con- The governor iaid thai "we have- taining a modified union shop and 11,Jap Fishing Ships Detained TOKYO (A'*~ The Maritime Safety Board said today the- Russians stillj held 11 Japanese fishing ships wi total of 150 crew members. The Russians contended the Jap- strengthened the financial condition; a 12'i-eenl hourly pay raise. anese fishing ships entered Soviet O j lne s t a t e during my administra-: Some 1,000 Buffalo Forge work- WE.UTS. tion." He pointed to new construe- j ers returned to the job yesterday — — " ,;"~TiTI"Z"" m ; tion on Highway 82 where "1.8: while 100 Buffalo Pumps employes Mrs. Jim Chambers v.on the garne mMu>n dollarg of road w[)J . k has j voted approval of the conlract last exchanged Deen completed jusl west of Ashley night. county." He also said 'that con- American Iron and iracts for roadwork between j tule .said steel production Nothing Held Back - Every S Men here is your opportunity to save on that: been wanting. Our entire stock of summer great savings.. You'll want to be here early K> You'll want two at these special prices. Every stock of nationally advertised brands. Regulars - Shorts Tropical Worsteds Rayons and Others. *ET * • .-',"",-- ^^-'y.S atj|:; ! j<»i .ffyA. -rfsR^v^te • M'n&AiMitM^ W gifts and re-drew names for the next three months Refreshments were served to 10 members and 1 visitor. Mise Iris Jean Byers. The meeluig adjourned IQ meet next month with Mrs. Earl Dudley lor a lea. Crossett and Hamburg would be let! will be about 14.8 soon. capacity. A hippopotamus .may Joog and wcigb 3 luns, U frpp? RAYON LINED SPORT COA Sizes 35 to 4 15.& wluff

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