Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 27, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 27, 1937
Page 4
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HOPE STAR, HOPE. ARKANSAS Monday, September 27, 1937 RATES ,. 0M tttnfr-te wprd, nrinlmum Sit Tfcme U«aes-3We word,. win. 5fc Sfct tfiM»~4e word, minimum We On* flwnth (W( times)— 18c Wot*, , minimum |2.7t • . Rates are for continuous litter- ttota only. In racking word count,. dl*»ef«rd ClMaificatton- name such as "fSx Retet," "f ot Sale)" etc.— this is toe. Bat each initial or name, or cwn- yieto telephone number, counts a» a full word. For example: . , ,rOR BENT— Three-room modern fttciiished apaftment, with dOW in. Bargain. J.. V. ' total, 15'Wtirds, at 2c woift Me fttt MM time; at 3>c word, 53« lor .three times, ete. ., \ , ,. ...- ., ; NOJTE; Ail. -rders .placed by telephone are due and payable upon yrescnutioa OH. bilL ?' PHONE Male Help Wanted ...-»*....« ...yjL •' ' i t. Reliable mart Or wdman,' neit appearing, steady, , to handle Watkins route in Hope. Experience unnecessary, training given. Hustler can earn $25 to $35 weekly. Write WATKINS PRODUCTS, 70-88 W. Iowa,^Memphis, Tenn. 27-lt Degree work in « i MftSter'g | Degree Tuesday night, September 26th. f<*S*i* F6R SALE—Organ music, also music suitable for Piano , and church *t grtatly reduced prices. Mrs, Ralph Routori. • • • 24-3tc FOR SALE—Old newspapers, 5 cents per butidV Hot*; Star. 27-26dh S*OR SALEl—Stoves, heaters, bed* steads, 'all kind used Furniture. Used Furniture Co. 3rd and Hazel, Hope, fcrk. 15-26te FOR SALE: Residential property, 92x223 feet, Southeast Corner Hervey ! and Avenue C. Box 1503, Shreveport, La. 22-14tp. FOR SALE—New sorghum molasses in new buckets, high grade. 55 cents per gallon. Call at office of Hope Star. 27-15-dh. Lost LOST—Setter puppy, four months old, white and black ticked, large black spot over one eye. Reward. W. K. Lmley. 27-6tc Found FOUND—Purse, Call at Hope Star. contains money. 24-6tc FOR RENT—Nice front bedroom in private home. No other' roomers. Close in. Phone 851 24-3tc FOUND—Two keys on small ring. Owner may claim by paying for this notice. 23-3tdh Services Offered Plumbing, Contracting, Repairing Thirty years experience . fl. R. Segnar 120 S> Hesvey Phone 17JW • Don't sleep on knots. Let u3 build you a new mattress or rebuild the old one. HEMPSTEAD COUNTY MATTRESS SHOP, 712 West Fourth, Phone 853-J. Paul Cobb. 23-6tc MATTRESSES—The old reliable located on Highway. 67 pne^b1i|ck east ot laundry. Twelve years ,seniority. ^IVe.JiiSke'rie^ mattressSs,flrenbvate old oftes. Air" c&iiitipiiecf' inneri springs a specialty. See its. 'Hope Mattress .Company. VJ-3tp Wanted SCRAP rRQN,,WA|to$D . Any Kin<J« s aws X|uai|Uty WE ARE PAYING 35c cwi—57.00 Certified ^weighing", scales "at our yard; t v «-No charge fo* yjsaghing * - P. A. LE\V1S .MOTOR CO. ,304 KSecbrld' Sts£' 'V'SHope, Ark. ' #* . "*H ..Jo'^C 23-26tc . FOUND—Key ring with eight keys. Owner may claim by paying for this OUR BOARDING HOUSE..... with .... Major Hoople OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS EGAD,BUSTER/ x AM IM A QUAMPARV AS TO THE PROPER THM3 TO DO~SPJHf 1 KNOW FULL WELL THAT THIS LETTER IS A "FINAL NOTICE FROM MY DENTloT'S SOLICITOR 1 TO SETTLE MY BILL—OR THAT HE HAS ALREADY STARTED SUIT / EITHER' CASE WILL. GIVE ME CAUSE FOR WORRY' AND LOSS OF SLEEP/ FAW~~A PLAaUETC? HIMf IF IT'S TROUBLE, I'D* TAKE A WILO eW»W<3 AWP OPEW IT/ IP IT'S A CREPITOR, IT WOU'T MAKE AMV PIFFEREMCE WHAT HIS SQUAWK IS, HE WONT d>E M/s MOMEY AUY*VAV~~~ IT MIC3HT BE IMPORTANT, LIK6 A BOER WAR PewSTOW, OR BAP WEWS/ LIKE SOME OME OFFER IMS VOU A opB~"- HERE; <31VE IT TO ME, X'LL OPEW IT/ m notice. • 27-3tdh. Kolacky and Lutefish Honored in Minnesota MINNEAPOLIS — (£•)— The "day" season is on in Minnesota in full blast. Anything from kolacky, a Bohemian fruit-filled bun, to lutefisk as the piece de resistance is bringing town and-country folk together to celebrate the harvest. Sauergraut days are feted at Springfield and Henderson, lutefisk at St. James, Askov has a celebration honoring the rutabagga, Tracy its box car day, Hopkins a .raspberry day, Ex- cekior an apple day, Ortonville a sweet corn day and Montgomery a kolacky day. Free feeds to the public are the main attractions in all instances. • i • ^ 0 TOt. I TO BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES v£ 4»- WWV MOTMEC.S GET trm. utau. s. PAT. OFF. COPR. HJ7 By_HEA SCRVICE, IfH;. _ ]' Not having declared war, Japan may find it slightly embarrassing when the formalities of a badly needed (TTHE,GREATEST MOOVIAM MUDDLS OF ALL TIME..,,,,.'. armistice come up. i ' ;• Winter's not faitoff with what's left of the stove league already thumbing- catalogs for base-burners that won't crack when they're spit on. • j. * .-Courtesy ''- is -not dead as long as Paris and Hollywood will argue about the'proper form of a-dress. .j Typical of the Orientals to do things .' in reverse. It seems they have to have an International Settlement before can" start a war. I She Hopes She Will By MARTIN What This Is AH About SCRAP IRON .. cwt. or $7.00 tori, scales which WE B We are pa^i We weigh, re certified, -—^fcTiehal'ge- 'tor weighing;-"— • - , Also—we buy radiators and metals «f all kinds.." „. ;. , GOX-CASSIDY FOUNDRY A , MACHINE CO : LaurefBt* 1 ' •? *'.? *Hope,Ark.. * ; r; ,L. 27-26tc" 'HIGHEST PRICES 'PAID for old Batteries,-Radiators, Metals of all kinds. Qld" Tires, Sacks and Rags. P. A. lEVlTS MOTOR CO. : ; 304 E. Second St Hope, Ark. '• ^fr )i( 28-261C ;. Today's Answers to CRANIUM CRACKERS 1. Turnips were known in Europe before the discovery of America. 2. A course due east from Manila would' land you nearest Mexico City, Mexico. 3. Toga is a country in Africa. 4. There are 96 senators and 435 representatives in Congress, a total of 531. 5. The .daughter .is 4 years old 'now. "• ,Jn the Field of Sport, Answer to' Previous Puzzle 12 Island. 13 Southeast 16 Myself. 19 To vouch. 21 He in the Davis Cu' matches. 22 Acid. 23 To crush. 25 Tortures. 27 Peaceful. 29 Gazed fixedly 31 Marked withj crooked lines. 34 To adorn. 36 Writing tool. 41 British ., 61 He is the best 38 Japanese army coat. > :-' -—-• tennis . weight. 43 To weep. '.'; 'player. . • 42 A rib. 46 Wooden tooth 62 To meddle. 4<6 To pierce 15 Intention. l7To harass. 18 Climbing ,, shrub. J9 Snake. 20 Sesame (plant). 21 Mine hut: 22 Street. .. .. «4 To rent. (!<J Public v> djsturbance. 8 Onager. • 0 Mister. . 2 To regret. 3 Street. >4 Doctor. |5 Bagpipe ; players. II Seraglio. 19 Opposed to odd. (0 Chinese staple food. (carpentry), 475311. .' 48 Held. 51 Right, 52 Female deer 1 , 54 Tool to kill flies. 55 Ridge. 56 Chair. 58 Honey gatherer. 59 To slumber, with a 44Maca of I Go on (music) oatmeal. 2-Hodgepodge. 45 Morsel. ,3 At no time. 4 To' weep. 5 Right. 6 Insane. 7 In the midst. 9 And. 10 Mesh of lace. 11 Spikes, 46 Earth. 49 Northwest. 50 Northeast. 53 Ever. 55 Venomous snake. 57 Form of "be." 60 Type standard lio II 15 _ fri . v .. mf cancer is a iy spot WHILE BU5Y WITH THEIR WEBARIOU5 PLAM.THEV ARE SURPRISE!? BVAK1 EAVE3DPOPPEIZ.. AMAZED WITM THE EASE OF THEIK, 5UCCESS ; THE TWO AMCIEMT EME/vllES SECRETLV euev THE HATCHET AMD.PLOT TO OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT. WA/6 OUZ AND QUEEN UMPA FOOZy'5 BOCKV EOMAMCE WITH ALLEV OOP'* GIRL FRIEWD IS' SAVED BV THE ASSISTANCE OP 7HE 'GI2AMD WIZEE. IM PDOZV £TTREW(37HEMS THE GGAUD WIIES'S IMPAIRED PKESTIGE WITH THE EOVAL FAMILV. THE GEAMD ATE. AT THE "HOUa'-iT Of- Dili-}' ?3\ WHAT WELL,FEe-!. r WHY, THAT Oil EA5- CAL! f IM THE CHASE THROUGH THE j NIGHT, FOOZY. UNKNOWN TO THE W17.EE; &ETS KNOCKED OUTAUD THE CfIRL ESCAPES OOP AMD GU1,UWAWAEE OF THE RDOZV-MlER. PRIEWDSHIP, ARE AWSTIPIED WHEMTHEV STUMBLE OVEE THE INECT BODY OF OOP'S PAL. 7HA'S\ If DOPE AW TH' \ VVOOIV ' IS NtV-'EH. T M. BEG. U. S. PAT. OFF. 'f \ COPR. 1937 BY NEA SERVICE. IfJ WXSfl'TDBBS" SOU'RE \ OH, MO IAINT! \ I GOT AN 'Easy Sees a Way Out — — "—-ii'i By CRANE 3OO FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS THE BOOMING OF TQM TOMS INCREASES IN VOLUME. MAKED, SHR.iEK.IM6 SAVAGES LEAP INTO VIEW. HtfcE THEY \ IEKVE 'EfA COhAE» >WE'LL BLOW THEIR. GOL PANG HEADS^ OFF, .WHOAA! DON'T SHOOT! IP THIS BLA'THP l&'OI. 1 HA6N'T GONE TOO PA 1 -":. WA5H AND 1 CAN SET'ii.tT IT W\Trl-; OUT THE RiiiMG OF A, ^^ SIMC-LC f-MOT. S Self-Protection '£ GOT A MOM FOUMD ClCaARETTE STUBS UWDER THE BED IW MV BROTHER CRASH'S ROOM ! SHE: GAVE HIM WHAT- FOR ! >AWD HOW !•' GOSH, HE S SUPPOSED / YOU MEAW TO BE IM / CRASH WAS TRAIMIMC3A TOO CIGARETTES' r/ OME AFTEP AWOTHEPi LIKE A CWAIM LETTER ft f GEE, ME ISN'T )OLD ENOUGH TO >kE CIGAF?- 'EnTESlB'siDES, HE'S SUPPOSED ~ro BE: A FOOTBALL PLAYER • is WHAT'LL '" THE COACH SAY IP HE HEARS/ ABOUT IT? PUT CRASH OPFTWE TEAM ! WELL, HE OUGHTA.' IF CRASH BREAKS' TRAINING^ HE WOW'T BE IW COWDITIOW TD PLAV HIS BEST FOOTBALL .' ._& ITS MY DUT/ TO THILL G.M M!M J I GOT AW ICE: CRs:Af/l CCME ^ VFi'AR , AN' \VHo AM X To (. KICK A BUFFALO MICKEL 'N THE HORNS °? \^ ,i~\ ^ MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE Meet the Staff ^ } ^ ,/^NA?""V ^ K ^/^ ^:v;v,-;:.:,v^ By THOMPSON AND COLL AtOD DB. JASOM ARE A BIT PUZZLED AS THE/ FIMD THEM SELVES FACE TO FACE WITH THE FAMOUS EMIL VOM BOOEKJ V MUST SAV, DOCTOE, 1 WASW'T PREPAEEP TO FIWD...EE...ANVTHIMG JUST LIKE THIS - GUE53 WE' i EXPECTED 3 FIMD >LJI? PLACED /MORE LI HOSPITAL. AH-BUT WE HAVE QUITE AM AMBITIOUS LITTLfe SUR.GEE% 5. ASSURB VOU-AMD WE, DO QUITE VOJDERFUL THIM6S IN) IT. BUT, FiesT, VOU MUST MFET MY STAFF - rl 'THE OEMTLEMAM WHO BROUGHT VOU IM IS"TRUSTy"O'HAfcA, WHO, BEFORE HIS ARRIVAL HERE, WAS OME. OF THE &EST SAFE CEACKEES IM THE j —^ BU5IMESS- HERE WE HAVE "PlwEOKi; WHO QUITE OFTEM, RAM AFOUL OF THE. LAW 1HCU HIS "LIGHTFJMGERED" TALEWTo. AMD "LARRV THE LVMX; THERE, Vv.^ A MO1OE.IOU5 "PAPER, HAMoEK."...tR... I SHOULD SAV, BAD CHECK ARTIST • JMJ gVIICAUl! vlCg, W&.- Til Bt I would let ling.'

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