The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 27, 1940
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if ...A BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TTTTT nrtHfrV A MT 1 MeniTOn * r»r>»» nr* kis-vrinmm 4 >*m .».__. . .1 •^•^•^^•W » T ^^*»^^ THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOLUME XXXVH—NO. 9. Blythevllle Dally News BIytheville Courier Between 10 And 15 Men Are Injured In Mine Union Dispute Mississippi Valley Loader ' .„,„ ~" ~ BlyUicvlile ilcrnld HLY'J HKV11,LH, ARKANSAS, WKDN1CSDAY, MARCH 27, 10-10 SOUTH PITTSBURGH, Tenn., March 27. (UP)—Kc- tweeii 10 and 15 men were wounded today when a crowd fired wi trucks carrying workers to the Buttle Creek Jlin- ijii' Company at Ornie, Tenn., scene of a labor jurisdiction!!! SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS George R. Cain, mine superintendent, said .150 men halted two truck loads of workers and opened fire with shotguns and pistols. None of tile miners was injured seriously, Cain said, but they were peppered with shotgun pellets as the attackers fired into the trucks and at several miners who Jumped out and ran into the woods. C'aln said that members of the C. T, O.'s United Mine Workers of America at nearby Whltwell and Palmer protested when Ills mine reopened Monday under contract with the Progressive Mine Workers of America, an A. P. ol L. union. He said the C. T. O. union had contributed to tlie support of his miners during the 13 months they were Idle but contended the A. P. of L. union had 80 per cent, membership. Cain charged the bnnd which waylaid the trucks forced his men at gxmpoint to accompany them back to town and ordered them not to return to the mine under threat of further violence. Several of the wounded were brought here for treatment. No report of the shooting had been made to Marlon County Sheriff S, E. Beane at Jasper. WPA Project Closes Soon In a statement today Roy Nelson, city attorney, urged properly owners who desire to make such Lives Only Six Weeks After Diagnosis Of Incurable Disease Jim P. Tompklns Jr., president of Confers With Officials Regarding Appropriation Recommendations WASHINGTON, Mnr. 27 (UP)- 1'rcsldenl Roosevelt decided today to send n special me.isat;i' lo congress soon incorporating recommendations for relief appropriations based on latest figures of unemployment nnd Imimni needs No specific date wns set for submission of ihe message nfti-r which congress will deliberate on relief appropriations for the fiscal vrar beginning July I. ' ' In his budget message last January Mr. Roosevelt said ) 1( . believed new appropriations for ihe Works alion, ihe Fnrm ISS rst and It was <leclded to remove him ~r. lloosevelt conferred with Fcd- on the train which lelt here at 1 !-„,-,„,„,, o'clock this morning, nnd his sis- "'I'f™ 11 ^ from B L,,,pc. fer, Miss Ann Tompkins, a student' .,,„ .,'. c< : ' N ?. r - R°°scvelt still wns re- I at Washington University, WHO joined them there. i Funeral arrangements are incomplete pending arrival of Mrs. Tompkins and his sister tonight who will be joined at their Bur- tile family. It is believed that ser- imprpvemcnts ss making concrete i v | ccs w , n ' b , , , parking places between the street Bo J To rlr ,.,. and sidewalk and new concrete sidewalks to signify their inten- ] county w) , el) |o|lr , tions so that all improvements ; his parcnts who t > mea , 0 Bur . could be included in a general WPA street widening and sidewalk building project. He said property owners desiring dette where his father, the late Jim F. Tompklns, - began a career in farming which became far reaching. such Improvements to be made un-1 H e grew up there, attending . der the WPA project (with the hlghv school in BIytheville, and .property owner paying 8Q per. cent later', was ' J graduated'. from the University ._of Arkansas, 'FayeUe- Vilrc, in 1034. "' ' ' " Upon completion of his college of .the cbst of materials), shp(jld '- , office/ telephone No;. The project Is to be closed within a few days. Stock Prices 172 7-8 A.T & T Am Tobacco ... Anaconda Copper .. Beth Steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General Electric General Motors Inl Harvester Montgomery Ward .. N Y Central North Am Aviation Packard Phillips 37 1-2 Radio C Republic Steel 211-4 Socony Vacuum 113-4 Studebaker 11 3-S Standard OH N J 43 5-8 Texas Corp 451-4 U S Steel 57 3-4 viewing the statistical picture It appeared unlikely that his message could be placed in shape sooner llinn a week or 10 days. LISTS RESULTS OFnOLIfOTf Directors In 37 Districts Named In Recent Elections All, *of (he ,39 'school dlstribtirw' _ Mississippi county have filed reeducation he- became assistant to ports of the recent school election his father in management of the with County Judge S L Gladish •R,,rrt»n» rfo^ fn .i— i,^wi»». „.,,,< except. District 30, Toinnlo and District 5G, Dyess. Directors named are ar follows: Cr' indicates re-election, 'e 1 election): District 1, Osccola, J. L. Burdette holdings and became president of the company upon the death of tlie elder Mr. Tompkins three years ngo. When a youth he had a serious accident which almost proved fatal ^ = o Besides his wife, whom he mar-; < r >. Distr , t 6 o , ' 545-8 nccl four years ago, he is sur-- , yD) , {c) D , , t f HtVmm,n W 56l-4|vived by one son, Jim P. Tomp- D . Lonin («• District » Tin ]'.,»,, 53 7-8 kins III, age two and a half years; E d Brown (e)' wd C E' Belife V 16 1-8 one daughter, Mnry Ann, age three j D^,^ ^ f ™ e f- ^ ™ (c ^' • 0:; nmTidic- hie m/iilior S,TT-P rrnmn- _ ' Jll «»i"'ci, ui, \v. iM- 3 3-4 New York Cotton May Jul. Oct. Dec. Jan, Mar. prcv. open high low close close 1011 1W9 1041 1048 1040 1020 1030 1019 1029 1010 972 979 S70 953 965 969 972 980 958 987 958 961 941 950 949 941 949 949 960 94?. New Orleans Cotton May Jul. Oct. Dec. Jan. Mnr. open high low 1051 1056 1051 1031 1038 1031 976 985 976 S<H 970 9S4 955 964 954 , 943 953 943 prcv. close close 1055 1051 1038 1038 984 974 970 964 953 S61 955 943 k Chicago Wheat open high low close May 1053-4 1061-8 1045-8 105 July 104 1045-8 1033-8 1037-8 Chicago Corn May July open 561-2 573-8 high 565-8 573-4 low 561-4 571-4 close 565-8 57 5-81 months; his mother, Mrs. Tomp- owen kins Sr., and four sisters, Mrs. James ,Tull, who Is a student at Baptist Training School, Louisville, (r); District 10, Shawnce, L. Johnson (r); District 11, Point, John E. Uzzell (r); rn co, - . ., Ky.; Mrs. Hayes Sullivan ^tnct 13 Carsoi,, Mrs. E. D. Pilt- of Vandale, Ark.; Mrs. George Hale '" a ',V ' U' strlcl «. Manila, C. B. of Little Rock, nnd Miss Ann Clilldrcss (r) and James Moore Tompkins who attends Wnshington ™>\ District 10, Noclena, O. P. University in St. Louis. Cobb Funcrnl Home is in charge. Former Risco Marshal Gets 10-Year Term CARUTHERSVHAE, Mo.. March 27.— Herman Ford, about 45, former city marshal at Risco, Mo., was sentenced to ten years Imprison- , menl here yesterday following his plea of guilty to manslaughter ' charges before Circuit Judge L. H. ' Schult. and then paroled upon recommendation of tlic prosecution. The trial of Ford was scheduled for hearing yesterday, and the jury had been impaneled nnd sworn, and Craig (r). District 17, Boynton. Howard Brooks <r) and J. B. Green (e); District 19, Whltton, Ozee Nunnally <e); District 20, Ynrbro, G. W. Thompson (r); District 22, Box Elder, W. O. Gnlyenn (r); Dl.-;- Irict 23. Dell, C. W. Garrignn (e): District 25, Wilson, J. R. Cuilum (r); District 27, Lone Oak, Erhy Hodge (e); District 31, Kelscr, J. W. Waits ic) and R. J. Girdley (e); District 32, Promised Lana. Felix Hill (r); District 33, Rcece. B. P. Darby (r); District 34, Number Nine, C. C. Langston (r) an-l Charles C. Langston Jr.. (c); District 35, Bnrdetle, Edward Sc- gravcs (c); District 36, Etownii, A. M. Miller (e); District 3!), Shn- , the court was about lo begin hear- 1 d >' Orove ' J ' B - F11cs <r " District ing testimony, when Ford rather j 40 ; Lonchvillo, Uroy Carter Ce) ; unexpectedly entered n plea • ol guilty through his nttorneys, E. P. Sharp of New Madrid, and the law firm of Corbetl nnd Peal of this city. Previously, Ford was sentenced to ten years In the March .1939 term ol court here on a change of venue from New Madrid county, but nn appeal to higher state courts resulted in a new trial being ordered due to some procedurnl error In the trial bst year. Ford was charged witli fatally wounding Bristol Gray in August, 1936, at the Risco city hall when Ford was marshal. He claimed self defense. Gray died In a Jonesboro, District 45, Pnwheen, Bruce Gulp (r); District 46, HIckmsn, H. E. Welch (r); District 49, Pint Lake, M. L. Hawkins (r); District 50, Brown, Lon Matthews (c); District 52, Brink ley, C. A. Evans (e); District 53, Blackwater, Carl England (e); District 54, Rocky, John Ffiilsy District 55. SUIlmnn, L. J. Spears <r). To Hold Services At CaruthersviUe Hugo McCord, evangelist of the Church of Christ in Washington, Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, II,., Mnr. 27 \ U °™ ""L V ™ tS * t <up>-Hogs 10,000-9,500 on jaic. At Tuesday Meeting Top 5.20 nn-aso ibs., 5.00-5.15 I40-IGO Ibs., 4,25-175 Bulk sows 4.00-4.50 Cattle 2100-2000 on sale. Steers 7.50-9,60 Slaughter steers 0.75-11.50 Mixed yearlings, heifers 7.50-9.25. Slaughter heifers 6.50-10.50 Beef cows 5.25-6.25 Cutters nnd low cutters 4.00-5.00 ! was a "guest. ' Ark., hospital a few days following i D - C.. will visit CaruthersviUe, Mo., i thc shooting. for a service at the Church ot I Christ on Carleton avenue lonlght at 7:30 o'clock. Mr. McCord Is a native of Caruth- crsvillc, havlnz sraduated from high school there. Ho received his degree from Freed-Hardeman college, Henderson, Tenn.. and later attended the University of Illinois at Urbana, He lias done ministcrla work with thc church in Urbana jean j Indianapolis nnd has been for several years with the cliurch In Wash- W. O. Geurin was in charge of the program for the weekly luncheon meeting of the Lions club yesterday at the Hotel Noble. He presented Miss Betty Hill, who sang two numbers. She ; pianist. companied by Earl D. snyder. Dr. J. H, Oxman of Roselle, N. J., Ington. Sun Spots Again Cut Off Communication Between Continents NEW YORK, March 27. TuP)-Snn spot (lislm-bimce.s : the second time since Snuilny blotted out radio com- POLICY HELPFUL nuinieiition between the United'stales and Kin-ope nnd South America. American Telephone nnd Tfile- rnph company rc|x>rtcd that; all of lls overseas communication vent out at 11:16 as the bin vent Inlo action atsahi with an nice, 'ronlc boinbiirdinniit of tho cartli hroush 92.930,000 Hiilp.s of jipicc. An ho\ir later, however, contact with Rome, Amsterdam, London, 'arts and South America nnd sliips it sea began "coming buck slowly" A. ^T. mid T. ivpoi tod. ServlfD to Ixuidon was resumed ni 1:14 p.m., and I'tu-ls nt ID:!?. Tho disturbance was nationwide. San Francisco reported shortwave broadcasting disrupted ns completely us ou Sunday with I'acnfie' roasl sliilioii.s umible to contact cither Iho orient or Die eoiist. ljuid lines were loss seriously nl- (eclcd. Blytheville's First Newsjwper Was Published In .1898., Says 1919 P What is believed lo be an w- count of ihe first hewspspc-r iiimched In Blythevlllo is contained by Mrs, Charles Frtcinan, who >d by Mrs. Charles Flecman, who ins several copies of Iho Courier nnd Herald News of long ago. a copy of Ihe Blylhcvllle In ifcrald News of Nov. G, 1919, there Is an nrlicle which tells of the editor having been given n copy of the first paper ever published BlythcvUlc. Issued on Oct. 20, 1898, the paper was crtllcd by Will S. Davis who mined IL Ihe Plalndealcr. Tho Hem comment!! "ft. Is needless lo say Hint the paper did not weather tlic storm."' Herns Included in Die first newspaper of almost 42 years iigb was ii joke about Dick Webb as to whether he "Is a free delivery boy or lot," . A reward wns offered for arrest of the party tlidt circulated Hie report that raccoon . trucks. hm! been seen on Lake street. School had opened the previous Monday under Prof. G. W. Jojin;on, 'us principal, and Miss Katie Richards (now Mrs. E. A. Hale) issislant principal. "The advantage .11 nil studies shall be 'superior," the Item staled. plclcd for Ihc Dlytlievll)e-lx;aeh- vllle road lo be paved. The Brand Jury, In a meeting, recommended thai Hie stile of cigarettes be suppressed In Ulytlic- vlllc and that those cuengcd in (be unlawful snlo of cigarettes be punished. It also recommended thai (he sale of a certain nntl- sepltc well known bo stopped, de- cluring that (hose found guilty of tlie sale of this drug could bu punished on grounds of selling Intoxicating llrpiors. The front page of the weekly imper was filled with Hems of Interest. T. II. Haynos had lost three toes in an accident In the woods Mile he wns supervising a Job for Iho Chlcngo Mill; the Appcl- lon and ctininblln Brothers lind opened n 'new and lip to (into billiard academy," after having- returned froiii Ihc World war to the scene where they had Just opened n similar establishment two months before "(he entire organization Irom tlie proprietors to the porter left to take up arms nsiilnst the Huns"; Miss Marguerite Wilson had given a Hallowe'en parly, Mrs, iinsscll Fun- hud entertained her pupils of (he second grade; mi airplane from Slkeston was coining lo town to lake up piwsengers "at Another story read "J. J. Thbinp- n modcralc charge which will not son nnd his accomplished"daugh-j: be out. 'of reach of an ordinnvy ,ers -were shopplrii!--ah- / thls-oLiyi pooketbook"; G. E.- Blackwcll and Uondoy. Mr. Thompson brought family had'goiic to Hcbor SlSi'lngs six wild turkeys. The (inuer wns a four page, fivo column sheet with only two lo seek better health ns had Mrs. Jnke Alley and Jim Ifargctt nnd family, of home print and lhc" rest storfes.' "Shepherd ot thc Hills" wns lu It was published on phik paper! I be' shown at the Gem Theater; Included in Hie several old pn-1 Norman P. Moore nnd A. M. 1 Weepers preserved by Mrs. Freemnn Is! ly had an ad In tlic paper for sale copy, of the BIytheville Courier of batteries; the Oberst Implement Says Sale To Allies Will Encourage Needed Iu- cluslrml Expansion WASHINGTON, Mur. 27, (UP) — Secretary of War Hairy H. Wood- rliijf assorted today that Ihe government's now policy of permitting exports of ndvnnced typo wiu-plmios Is "designed prlinnrHy lo strengthen our own .arrangements for national defense." Woortrlng ns-iurod Hie luniso mlll- tiiry nffnlrs committee, which has undorinkcn n review of (ho administration's policy of selling military aircraft, tlint no rc'ul ralllliiry 50- crcU wliriio released lo any foreign pnrchnser. rne United states' national defense will benefit, Woodrlug asserted, because lingo allied orders will vastly tnurciisa producllun cn- paclty here. With this mWcd capacity available il | s belter for this country to delay acquiring reserve plunes now, he said, becnuso boiler plnncs could be built rapidly when needed, Several hundred reserve plnnos now being built for the army mu expected to be sold for Immediate delivery to the nlllcs. "Tho wur (Icpartincnl now has' possibly n hnlf do/on tj'|)es of pianos superior lo any in ti )c world," Woodrlng Bald. of Aug. 5, 1915, which relates'.thu murder .of Sherilf Snm Mauldln when he and n group of deputies Co., was advertising wagons; the Re-Nu Tailor shop hnd an n/1 "We clean anything but your rcpii- ny JOHN It. UEAIi Unll«d 1'roij 8U1I Ooiroi|iolii(Dul WASHINGTON, Mnr. 27. (UPi- The house military nffnlra committee begins nn Investigation of thc sale of military airplanes lo forclyn powers lodny, bill, most members seemed satisfied wllh tho newly dc- vclopcd policy of thc war department. Secretary uf Wnr Harry II, \Voo<!- rlng will define that policy today. Republican ns well us Democratic 'members of lhc committee revealed no dissatisfaction with thc reported plnn lo relciiso for export new' types of plunes and thc proposed diversion of lhc Allies of some planes now being manufactured for Iho "reservoir" of plane -strength the army nnd navy had Intended to create: One committee member snld Iho policy rfoylrt result -Iif expansion of UnllciJ Stales pr'odiic'lioii by next July lion rnlo of approximately 27,000 plnnes a year, compared W 7,1)00 plunes annually befoio It started. Woorirlng will be accompanied by Assistant Secretary.Louis Johnson, Gen. George C, Mii'rshnll, chief of staff, and Maj. Gen. H. H. Arnold chief ol ' Explanations of irps, the program and n srrund of soldiers headed by; tntlon"; bolh the J. C.'Cobb Un- C ) lnjr; made In private to Committee Allies Are Stern In Attitude Toward Soviet Government liy Untied Press The Allied powers hinted broadly again today that So- v,cl mm must bo linked with Govmafer ns•? common oc. , Unit Iho \yai- route to the Koich may lead-'through Soviet, tern lory long lm» been a contention of unofficial British nnd I-reiicli circles, noino of which havo iirged that I'finpfDl "<»l'llC"fl/1n" nttnZ*+r.L t \. - l>_ I Bi'ilnin lend it Ktiropeiin That decisions Involving the Moscow government mny not be long postponed was Indicated by these developments; .. :. 1. Prance nil but broke oft're- lations ivilli Moscow- by demanding nnd gelling, the-withdraw)) of Soviet Ambassador Jacob Sourilz oil the grounds • thai, he tried lo send n telegram lo Moscow denouncing the "Anglo-French" war mongers;In connection .wltli thc end of the wnr in Fliilniitl. It Inter appeared that the telegram merely was for- wnrdlng n resolution adopted by the Russian colony In : Paris. 2. Great Brllaln continued—despite Russian protests—(a hold two' Soviet steamships at Hong Kong nnd was icporlod In dispatches from Shanghai to hnvo seized a third cairylng copper from America. " 3. Tho new Ficnch government of Promiar Paul Roynaud, who cie- iiounccd lhc "Soviet treason" In aid lo Germany, was Rome Dispatch Says I'rcucli Deslrc-ycr Lost By Explosion ROME, Mar. 27 (UI')-Glornnle d'ftnlln In n dispatch from Tnn- Blers today snld (h u French destroyer Rnllloiisu snnk Sfiturdny tifler n violent explosion spin, (he ship In two ns It wns leaving Cnsn- blnnca. > . The dispatch said It wns i-oport- e<l tlml loo men were lost nnd ollicrs Injured. Cause of the explosion wns not hnown nm| nip dispatch said Cnsn-, „ «, „„„.„„, a „,,.,„ uinncn authorities were attempting urged lo strengthen IIs uncertain 10 suppress news of Iho sinking. pollllcal position by stronger ac- U lie reported sinking of the lion the Bolsheviks. For- itni iciise was not conllrmcd In ly-fo»r ox-deputies now are on i ails where the ministry of mar- trial In Fiance nnd their prosc- inc said nothing wns known of Uin ciillon mny bo pressed vigorously, report "Inn if a is true '.hero will! 4. Both Pnils nnd London have undoubtedly ho n communique Is- indicated through official or seml- sucn. i nn German radio broadcast official sources that thc allies the Rome reports of thc sinking would not hesitate to fight Soviet 11 id nssorlcd tlml the FVoncli had Hussla (ns In Finland) if thc clr- nltcimplcil lo cover II, tip by an- nouncliiK thai, a tils wns snnk by an explosion.) Tin; RnlluMie IH ol tho Adroit cinnstances warrant it and this nUUmlo npjwnrs to have been bol- slerctl by recent Nazi bring Kussla and Italy Into a bloc . f . . ---- •*...«.« MIIIIK 4VUOOIU Itllll UHIV lino « U1UU ,, /ma <t ! ; * 1lv0ilors w .Hli n tonnasn [ will, Hip Rolch to drive allied' In- knols. 1 . " spec(l or ! ". bout To Hold School For Census Enumerators A school of Instruction will''bo held In ,Dlylhcvillo ^rldsy..for cimitlcnitnis b( 'Mfeilss'lppl cotinly who will Unke ,t!ic resldcntlVii census, beginning next week, u > ; wns announced -today by Rupert Dla- lock of Joncsbnro, district census supervisor. Tliu 58 enumerators lo bu used In tills county from tho I(i2 : who took the examination n week ago arc being notified today, by mail, ot their appointments to the Job which Is expected to be completed in two weeks. Tho school of instruction will bo feno\vn bootlegging and gambllns nine-? resulled In a posse burning all the buildings and a mob form- ng to avenge thc murder of Sher- i Its right to take dc.lvery on e.iira r> r i- ni r> pliinea in order to"get Utc:r rno si:. Ketundmg "Ian TOSS This view was shared by other mcmbsrs. Some indicated a dc.ilrc Chrysler Salesmen, Dealers Meet Hero fiom llio Balkans. These faclois — esiiecially thn present strain on relatlpiis of the Allies wllh Russia mid the Allied cflorts to cut - into Pacific ocam Bhlpmcnli, by way of Siberia to. Germany—might seem: to Indicate that lhc l>arls nnd London' gov- ^erninents were about'' to take 'up nrmfi,.,agnInst-Uio Eusslaris to get, to the Nazis by way of Russia It Is obvious that tlic British nnd French have taken the attitude that (here Is now no point In,try- Ing to Improve relations with Moscow. But on tha other hhnd the Brltr isli nre not likely to take any hnsly steps in: that direction. Iff MnuJdln but the DrlsoiiDr? or- .••»-•!.. cuinu imnciuwi u uc.nrc A n all djy mmUaj ol chryslci rested "or the cr me vere Sited UTTI - E ROCK . M » r - '•"• (UP '- ? llc » r S« rel »|'y "f «'= Treasury dealers nnd salesmen ol this dls- rcsiea me crime v,erc spiriwu aov Carl R aM ^ ^ ^^ ^^ ,., cnry Morgcntlmu Jr ^ ,, s ><Uii , u tr|ct |s b ^ ^ ^ away. The same issue carries a notice of the Merchants Association of- 'ering a prize of $10 for Ihe best slogan to lie used In advertising Slythevllle with S. S. SternlKrg, R. C. Dent and R. p. Bowen Ihe committee In charge of the contest. A new canning factory had opened nt Barfleld following thc fire which swept lhat community and tlie Chapman farm v,m shipping alfalfa from the farm in tiiat community. Walter Driver was growing ICO acres of wheat with a ylrld of 2G bushels per acre after having cut 80 tons of alfalfa off the acreage. W. K. Ecarboro wns assessor; Curtis J. Little was county clerk with E. B. Rogers ns deputy; W. M. Taylor was county Judge. Tlie Chicago Mill and Lumber Company was offering cypress Tor sale and thc Coca Coin Bottling Co. had an advertisement. A silver coin cnsc had been lost nt the Chalnuqun tent, another ad revealed. The Rev. A. E. Holloway was pastor of the First Methodist Cliurch; the Rev. Harvey H. Orr of Ihe First Presbyterian church; the Rev. J. Murray Taylor preached at the First Christian church by appointment, according to notices In thc paper. In a copy of' the BIytheville Herald News of Nov. 6, 1919, there Is a story of plans being made by A. O. Burton for construction of a five slory hotel at the corner of Ash and Second streets; a delegation urging Improvement thc war department officials. Mor- r. l.'seny ns official host to the '' of Highway 64 In central Arkansas, . . Is head of President Iloose- D \ m Ol it U ( i om , raell- , again attacked foes of Ills wfirnd- vclt 5 coordinating committee se^k- O'Connor factory rcprc- ' Inj program today. '"8 lo smooth out thc hump cro- scntntlvc, spoke n't the luncheon,' He said failure of llic program ntc<1 b y tllc sudden Influx ot for- i )e | (i | n „ private dining room of wns to blame for the slate's In- c '3 n orders and to increase pro-,' nolul Noble when n motion -'•' to ulld roads. | dlicllon capacity in orderly fashion, j was shown. "Tlie only way for building- roads i (Urn Is through refunding of slnle Dell Officials Are bonds," Bailey declared. "If anybody can suggest any other way I'm ready to step down nnd let them do It." He said sonic wny of remedying Scientists sny n sound audible to n at ftmr ynrds cnn be _ ( *v .. jiki.ii ni. IIILU ji.iun vuii w Overtime llcl > r <l I* « dog nl about 24 yards. Officials of Ihe Incorporated / town of Dell apparently will con- tlie situation on Highway M would ilmu- In office until next year when ba found even If we have to take ihclr regular election will tic held Birthday' up a public subscription to do ll." Social Security Board Adviser To Visit A representative of the Jonesboro office of Ihe federal security agency (soclnl security board) will be nt the county courthouse here and at the E.R.A. office In Osccola on reguinr dales to nsslst person; hnving business with the board Or those desiring Information concerning thc soclnl security program. despite the fact Hint they are serv- j ing past their allotted terms. , According to reports Dell officials overlooked the requirement, for an election lost year nnd expected to hold an election this year but there is no provision for a regular election there nt this time, It Is stated. Dear Senator' <» Kiwanians Discuss Convention Plans . . i ., a 25; May 2, D. 16, 23, 30; 13, 20, 27. Dates are Osccoln: April 10. 24; May 8, 22; June 5, 19. Plans for n spring convention of MI io t lhc 12th division of the Mo-Kan-. . Juiie 0,' Ark dlstrlot of Klwnrils Intcrna- j | County Republicans Will Meet April 12 Republicans In Mississippi county will gather nt Osccola April 12 for . a <»"nty convention, It was an- wunced today by Warner Hawkins. ' u on West Main and started on Asn;' secrc i R of lhc ou htre was a free band concert at The ,„ fa ,„ te hclt , at , he » the Gem theater by the Blythe- court !lousc ».,„, Arcll Sml(h of vlllc band which Included Felix Osccola, chairman, presiding. The Alcantara as leader, with Jack members will appoint delegates to Blshlp. R^L Banister, J. Graham the Rcpl , bUcnn 5tatc convention Sudbury, R. r. Kirshner, Lawrcnct wl .,, h £,.,. ,., ,.,,., ln ,,.„„ „.,,. Thc church in CaruthersviUe ex- j Chapman and Jimmle Boyd as M .,, ,. . tends an Invitation lo nil in this some of the members of ihe 23- D Wcrf Tnvlor'of 'section to attend Ihe service ionlghl.1 piece group; plans had been com-, C ommWeeman from tt thr llonal were discussed nt today's; luncheon meeting of thc local club' nt the Hotel Noble. Roy Porter of tlie Planters Pro-1 ductlon Credit Corporation wns n' guest. i The Rev. Matthew Curry spake' briefly of visits to other Kiwnnls clubs. House Roof Slightly Damaged By Blaze Sparks Ignited the roof of the house at 1807 West Sycamore street LONDON, March 27. : . (UP)'— Russia, recalling ll,i ambassador at Paris at France's demand, withheld Us possible retort todny 'by failing to Indicate whether It would leave the post vacant or take oth'- cr retaliatory action. Russia announced .the demand for recall first over the Moscow radio, then through a -communique of tlie official news agency Tnsf, It disclosed that France made '-.. utr.mri totems;-el a telegram ..l.toli lhc :.mlnsiaior, Jacob Sour- itz scusht lo send to Moscow, da- nounclng "Anjlo-rrench" war mongers" in connection with tlis Riifso-Flnnish treaty—a telejram wlilcli, Incldentnlly, • the French censor refused to transmit to Moscow. In ils version of the recall, Russia said that though thc C2nsor had stopped the telegram, and though Russgla found "no substantial ground" for the recall request Inasmuch ns Sourilz had not mentioned thc French government, ; it I nu decided to recall Souritz from his duties. By Its action France raised anew the whole question of the formal, frigid diplomatic relations maintained bitwcen the Allies and Russia since -Russia reached n rapprochement with Germany last Au- eust, Just before, (he European' war and at n time when an Allied military mission wns actually negotiating n military alliance nt Moscow. Sons Of Legion To Elect Officers Sons of the Legion chapter which was recently organised here-wilt meet tomorrow night at the American Legion Hut nt 7:30 o'clock:to elect officers. Joe Whitcly, chairman of the American Legion committee In charge of organizing Ihe group announced today. One hundred and thirty one sons signed the application for a ch'nr- ter. Both fathers and sons are expected to attend the meeting tomorrow. ; WEATHER Arkansas—Moslly cloudy, occa- . sional rains tonight and in east Senator Arthur H. Vandonberg ! " ntl south portions Thursday, ' Republican slightly warmer In east portion they had done much damage to tho roof. Thc house, rented by Mrs. Sallto flames before presidential aspirant, gels birth- , Thursday. , day greetings from a Democratic Memphis and vicinity— Cloudy rival, vice-president Garner. They J with occasional rains tonight aiid are pictured in Washington on < Thursday, continued mild - , Mne Faxon, Is owned by Mrs. Carrie . ttio Senator's recent 56th birlli- I utres with lowest temperature vo- Dunlnp of Missouri. ' day. night about 54

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