Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 31, 1934 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 31, 1934
Page 2
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^ MoMsTAk . ... n .....^. T - y-rr^ti--..tl_j- mill if ' "•"'•""'•• O /*st«te, Detttw Tky HerflW.From False Report I Published every week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co* Ine, (C. B. Patner ft Alex. H. Washburn), at The Star building, 212-214 South Walnut street. Hot*, C. B. PALMER, H. WASHBURN, Editor «nd Pobhsbw Entered aa weond-elas* matter at the postoffice at Hope, Arkansw " "• the Act of March 3,1897. H^MrfmuriiMijiiiitnuLiLTlili _rrt'rtrtt:-iyt J Hffi J ^ J ^-f-T ' r~" ;"-"-. t ' —t '-r- .—.«r •"— -JIT i >•' • • '— J — DetlhMtoti: to ?h* fcewspaper is an institution dereloped by modem dvll- Izatton to present th* heWi of ths day, to foster commerce and Industry, through Widely Cumulated adVfertisernents, and to furnish that check Upon government which ho Constitution has ever been able to provide."—Col. R. JR. McCorralck. , , (1) , Subscription Rate .(Always Payable in Advance)*. By city carrier, per 1 week IPc; six month.sJ2.J3; one year $5.00. By mail, In Hempstead, Nevada. , Howard, Miller aUd LaFayette counties, $3,50 per year; elsewhere $5.00. Member of M>e Associated Press: The Associated Press- is exclusively «ntitlH to the use tot rettobllcatiofl of all news dispatches credited to It or , ->t otherwise credited Iff this paper nnd also the local news published hertin National Advertising JRcprcscntntlvcs: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., Memphis, Tenn., Stertck Stog.; New VbrkCity, Graybar Bldg.; Chicago, HI., 75 E. Waclc- er, Drive; Detroit)Sfiih, 7338 Woodward Ave.; St. Louis, Mo, Star Bldg. Charges on Tributes, Ke.s Charges win be made for all tributes, cards Of thanks, resolutions, of Memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to thifc policy in the news columns to protect their readers from i, deluge o! space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility for the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. Your Health By DR. MORRIS JISlffiEIN Editor, Journal of the American Medical Ateaelation, «>d of Hygeia, the Health Magazine Serious Injury Caused By Gulped Objects The variety of objects that people swallow or inhale, with subsequent damage to their throats, breathing pas r a |es, a nd the tubes doxvn which L YOUR CHILDREN By Olive Roberts Barton j Consider Mother at Meal Time—Her i Efforts Often Ignored in Bicker- in? at the Table 1 The family sits down to supper. and headings of hardware, jewelry, safety Motherhfte Homer up on h,s junior pins, puts and needles, seeds, nut, and cha ' r a " d ' les a nfpkm around h,s shell* buttons, dental and surgical; neck ;" ort . en ^' a blt old "- d'^ov- objects, ammunition, toys, coins and I ers * at ' .Jlf n ° ne ' M r s ' Blaunk ether disks ; goe& sideboard, gets it, pushes When a foreign body gets into the i H ° r tense in closer to the table. She tissues, it at once sets up a consider- , surveys it and then goes out for the able disturbance. If H is in the lung. I « ffe f• br ,f ad *"? 'f ^ ter \ whl ^ Mr ' it interfes with breathing. Infection i BIanlt llkes hot - fresh and cold re ' accumulates around the foreign body,! s P ectlve J> • abscesses occur, and life is seriously i At Least Until the Weather Gets a Little Cooler threatened. I I! the object gtfts into the csopha- j BUS, it checks the passage of food and "Oh, come on, Ag pet settled? I like my meal in peace. You're forever fussing." "I'll be there. You three go on," D , c(ator causes serious interference with nutri- | CB " S Mrs - 11 Til sorts of means have been devis- j Water and coffee poured, Mrs. Blank ed for retrieving such bodies. Mag- *««. 'Drat give^me much meat, nets have been developed for catch- ! Im J°° hot to eat „ 4 , . . , ing hold of steol.or iron objects; grap- i ™ er <; y° u «?; "eat s a state of • mind. It doein t bother me. He '""» *« st « k ove f ° rk - *•* al 6 i •? dont WITH XM_L THE OTHER TROUBLES WE'VE GOT/ COUL&M'T VDU SOGT OF EASE OP FOR /* WNIl-fc? Political Announcements The Star Is authorized to announce ilxs following HS candidates subject to the action of the Democratic primary election August H JM4. For State Senator (20th District) JOHN L, WILSON For Sheriff QEORGE W. SCHOOLEY W. AUBRY LEWIS CLARENCE E. BAKER J. E. (JIM) BEARDEN County & Profontff Judge H. M. STEPHENS County & Prohntc Clerk RAY E. M'DOWELL JOHN W. RIDGDILL Bingen: Stieb Lane tokio: Roy Halt Union: S. S. Robins NOLAND TOWNSHIP FOR ROAD OVERSEER-Vote for Jim White for Tax Assessor MRS. ISAI3ELLE ONSTEAb R. L. (LKE) JONES C. C. (GRIT) STUART Bond Overseer IDpRonn Township) E. L. SULLIVAN L. S. MAULD1N FRED A. LUCK BALLOT POSITION (Continued from Page Ono) FOR COUNTY SURVEYOR-Vote fo,-| me: Norris P. O'Neal for Mae West, whom we shouldn't mind going up to see liometime, seems to be having her troubles these days, what with legions of purity and things being organized to disagree that it ain't no in. We confess though that we didn't expect St. Louis and New Orleans to sprout any halos, but seems like that's what happened. When the producers tried to change the name of her picture to "The St. Louis Woman" or "Belle of New Orleans", indignant protests from both cities vetoed the idea. But down here in Texas at least cne city thinks that "St. Louis and New Orleans have muffed the ball." Tlic Corpus Christ! Caller "respectfully suggests that the Chamber of Commerce move that the picture be named 'Corpus Christ! Katie,," adding sagaciously: "With them hip and those drawl as goodwill ambassadors, we'd go far." That seems appropriate, especially since Corpus Christ! is a bathing retort where jeople go down to the sea in .shapes. —The Texas Weekly. If he remembers when there was a bicycle rack in front of 'most every drugstore, he looke younged with his hat on.—Ed Scanlan in the Buffalo Evening News. Subject to Change If anybody is petting out an edition of Who's Who in Germany at this '(ime, it should be issued in loose-leaf form.—Indianapolis News. FOR REPRESENTATIVE— Vote I wo: Pat Casey 1. L. Pilkinkm Emory A. Thompson Willie Harris Ernest G. Steed Curtis Cannon BODCAW TOWNSHIP FOR ROAD OVKRSKER-Vote one: Hump Hnctt Monroe Kent FOR CONSTABL.E-Votp for one: Tlu.rnton Burns FOR JUSTICE OF THE PEACE— Vote for two: W. B. Lafferly Landers FOR COMMITTEEMAN-Vote two: Gaird'r, Chapel: J. I. Jones Piney Orovr: B. J. Ellis FOR DELEGATE TO COUNTY CONVENTION—Vote for two: Bnlrd's Chapel: Kirk Merchant Piney Grove: Gordon Millner j OZAN TOWNSHIP irOR ROAD OVERSEER-VoIP for j c.nr: I O. T. Beck R. W. Piitterson FOR JUSTICE OF THE PEACE—Vote | two: j J. B. Robins i J, 1 . Baiter | FOR CONSTABLE-Volr for one: i R. A. Carrignn FOR COMMIITEEMAN-Vote for five: Box. 1. Washington: Lee McDonald Uox 2, Washington: Lot Moses Cross Roads: W. C. Griffin JaknJcnrs: H. E. Sutton O/.nn: John Barrow FOR DELEGATE TO COUNTY CON~ j VENTION—Vole for five: ""i Box I, Washington: C. M. Agce I Box 2. Washington: J. VV. Butler | Cross Roads: Floyd Pardue Jonec: W. J. Hartsficld , jttiesday, July 31, 1$34 111* Luke of the Qzarks, in conttnl Missouri, is the fofld's largest artificial Inkc. for FOR COMM1TTREMAN: Vote for two: Patmos: Oscar Rider Sardis: George Jones O/an: F. P. Cilty RED LAND TOWNSHIP FOR ROAD OVERSEER— Vote for one: J. P. Picked Bill Hood VV. E. Moses FOR JUSTICE OF THE PEACE— Vote lor two: C. T. Dodson FOR CONSTABLE— Voto for ono: Jess Tinsloy FOR COMMITTEEMAN- Vote three: Friendship: Monroe Long McCnskill: J. E. Gentry Bellon: J. L. Eley for FOR DELEGATE TO COUNTY CONVENTION—Vote for three: Friendship: W. L. Moses FOR DELEGATE TO COUNTY CON-! McCnskill: Bert Scott VENTION—Vote for two: Palmes: A. N. Rider SOPHIE KERR'S SUPERB LOVE STORY pling hooks and lighted .tubes are: available for reaching into the farth- i est corners of the esophagus, the, . trachea, the bronchi, and eves into i ^ '* so w ^ ^rie. the tissue of the lung. . i "I kn ° w - But I have to get cheap | It is obviously undesirable to per-, cuts and cook if to death. You cant form surgical operations on such cases ! = etlt rarc - ,., , because or the difficulty of hivading I 'Dad, you didn t give me any ^lie ghest cavity and pofeibltf perron- i gravy. _ nent damage to the tissues. ! Its too rich. One of the most common types of J cant ea , 1 Potatoes without gravy, riuhirhanrpc U «Vm swallowint? or in- Y°" cant have it. Stop making By Sophie Kerr disturbances is the swallowing or inhaling of bones. The development of hash, meatballs, meatpies and similar methods for disguising chopped meat 1 . Homer sits back and drops his chin largely associated with the occur- on his chest. .---. .... "riVi T! m , that face. If you cry you'll leave the table." rence of this type of injury. In one of the largest clinics in the .country, out of 2500 cases in which "Oh, Jim, don't start that all over again. Give him some gravy. I have to make it for you and he sees it. foreign substances got into the lungs And I do want some peace and quiet. or the digestice tract, bones were' re- I "I won't give him gravy. Hortense sponsible for the trouble in 15 per hasn't any." cent. In 90 per cent of these cases, I "She doesn't like it. Do _ sit up, however, the bones were in the food j Homer, and eat your dinner." passages, obviously an indication of l No Dessert! the fact that the accident occurs most But Homer doesn't. He drinks wat- often during eating. In occasional cases bones may get into the lungs,, where invasion is much more i serious than in the digestice tubes. Records indicate that another fre- t quent source of danger is sudden j wife uncertainly. slapping on the back of some one who "No dessert!" Can Jim belive his er and eats bread and butter and jelly. ''If you don't eat your tomatoes and your meat you'll get no dessert." his iather says. "There isn't any,' announces his is chewing food or smoking a cigar. In one instance a man who was smoking a cigar was suddenly slap- "I was going to get melon but I hadn't enough change. It was too hot ped on the back by a friend. He in- / to bake anything." haled the cigar into his wind-pipe and died of strangulation before it could fee removed. Mr. B. reaches in his pocket. Here, Sis, you go down to the drug store and get a quart of ice cream." I I When svich an accident occurs it is I "Oh, Jim, that's the laundry money, desirable, first of all, to get the for- I know it is. And let her finish first tign body out if it can be reached at ' anyway." all. It would not do to pound the j Mctlier Ignored ur.i;i\ minis I-OUAI ll'.ltltV roinr* to VorK iliMiTiiilni'U m H»HI« her (IIMII. >l:irliurc. unit ASM .IA«'I\S<» thiit «lie "-:in mnU«' n '•lliMM'** or hrr lire \nt> h«» lil'i'ii her ni'%1 Vrlencl tinlil Ht>\%- Aflll .MTKSO.N liriili* tin-rne:itt-i- mritt .Inni- hml forrr«l npon Mm uni) mnrriril Amy In New Viirls Jnnr olit.-ilni » p«- nlllnti in a n-nl e»lnie iillife nnil mum I. ninkliiu n Inntr inmiiiir. Slif hn» "in ultriir tvlili HOliKIt THOIIf'F,. iimrrlril. nai llr<-« «t him. XVlien hi- n(t>r« l<> lir:ir Mir ••vpni-ir ot llirlr I'hlld «!)<• IMIII- t4>mi>inoii«ly ill«ml««i"> him. Mnj tlikea ill*" hnliy. nnnini \.\\<*Y. prmnloliiu III-VIT lo ri'i'cnl ll« ii.ir- XVIu-n AmiTlen pnirr« ihr Worm \Vnr HipMjiril rnll»l» In llir tivln- Him <-or||i. nnil xitf* lei ii irnlnliiK r*Jtill[> III Ti*xn». Ill 1 " niollirr I'luiiex t« «nn ivlih \my nnil llnle \nn«'> Ann ronllilo in UAItV .I\("K<()\ linn «|IH l» piiircllne n irtl'iM ot lirr i>tvn. llotvnru I'finic* hiinip for n lirU-l hollil'i.T nnil lli(*n return,* in onin|t, AIII^ 44'eM ,l:mr nu~:iln unit nirnln .Inni* llle« 'mo n r:iiro. niTiiNlnu Anljr ol InUlilK Ilinvnrii n\v:tj JJOXV fiO ON WITH THIS STOKV CHAPTER XXXV iirpHERH'S notlilng 1 can do *• ahoul It." thought Amy. "1 ! "It doesn't run. it creeps—that *<•« j is, when it moves at nil." Jane c"iie,T:'i"ij ' was tiro(1 ot miking about tbe.se people. "And 1 (to nope mat slow- ! pol;e, Trnlnor, will ne ready witli I Ins accounts tomorrow morning. girl, oatlied and brushed and sk-epy, was pulling on tier nightgown. ".Mother." she .said, dreamily. "1 yuv parting. Let's havo a party evvy clay." "We'll nave aa many as wo i for I oueht to ^ot huflt as aoon C ;in," promised Amy, hugging her. as I can." | "Yuv my motlior. yuv my •Mint you've only just come.:" mother, yuv pnrtles, yuv cookies, exclnirnpcl Miss Roaa. dismayed. j yuv granmommies. yuv my motli- ...... . ._ _,. .,.,_ pr!" niiirmnrprl Mnnev_ e_llmhirt2 "Why don't you snll this house?" as lied Jane. "Get rid of all this nroliistoric junk you call i Inrniture and travel about and pnjoy yoursplf for a *'hilo?" "nut I couldn't travel, .even If I wanted tn. with' this war going Ion. I certainly don't want to RO | to China. I don't like traveling. ! Uncomfortable, exhausting, costs | like fury. too. You don't under: stand. Jane—1 don't want to change. Things are changing too i fast for me anyway. When 1 come ': into my house and soo the chairs j and tnhlos and pictures thnt De- longed to my grandfather and great-grandfather 1 thank the Lord there's still one place time hasn't altered. My friends are needn't have tried to be facetious ; |, era _ My wfly ot | ifc |.. SOU |e(l with her Facetlousness is always j ;1 dccp s ,. OOVCi !lntl i e i,j oy it t i uu dangerous, hut slip was i;ivlns tier- sell such airs, and pretending 10 pity nu!" But as she walked slowly along er!" murmured Nancy, climbing into hod. "Yuv evvything." Amy leaned to tuck her In and l;Iss nor. "Goodnight, Inmh!" she paid. "You're going over and visit gnimnommy and granpoppy (or a v^iile before Ions. Won't thnt be inn?" Nancy was too tar gone In sleep to know. "Mother wants to take tier when tlio new hahy comes along," Amy said to Mary. The two women were picking up socks and flay clothes, straightening the room. "I can manage, It you'd rather she'd stay. Your mother will want to be over hero most of the time, 1 Imasino," said Miiry. iiT Sardis: Clex'e Mayton BOIS D'ARC TOWNSHIP FOR ROAD OVERSEER-Vote one: C. E. Hosenbaum C. F. Gilbert H. L. Johnson FOR COMMITTEEMAN— Vote two: Fulton: W. E. Cox Jr. Fulton: I. E. Odom McNab: J. A. Parker FOR DELEGATE TO COUNTY CONVENTION— Vote for two: Fulton: Brooks Shults McNab: Floyd Raley Bolton: S. F. Leslie SALINE TOWNSHIP FOR ROAD OVERSEER—Vote for one: for I Grovcr C. Smith i Barney Stanton FOR JUSTICE OF THE PEACE—Vote lor two: J. W. Russell /and Fever! Rid Your System of Malaria! Shivering with chills one moment and burning with f<:ver the next— that's one of the effect:-, of Malaria. Unless checked, the disease will do serious harm to your health. Malaria, a blood infection, mils for two things. First, destroying the infection in the blood. Second, building vip the blood to overcome the effects of the disease mid to fortify ii|?ain.st further attack. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic supplies both these effects. It eontains tasteless quinine, which kills the infection in the blood, and iron, which enriches and builds up the blood. Chills nnd fever soon stop mid you are restored to lic.Mth nnd comfort. For half a century. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic hn:; been sure relief for Malaria. It is ju.st fis useful, ton, as a general tonic for old nnd young. Pleasant to take and absolutely harmless. Safe to (live children. Get, a bottle at any store. Now two si/.cs— 50c and SI. The SI size contains 2M> times as much its the 50c si/.e and gives you 25'.' more for your money. NOTICE! Have that old Mattress Renovated. We make them look new. Call for and deliver. Give Us A Trial Home Mattress Shop R. K. Hatcher 11"> N. Ha/.cl St. FOR SALE 1931 CHEVROLET Low mileage—Exceptional Value— Like New. Hempstead Motor Co. Phono 850 207 East Third Guaranteed Typewriter Repair Service O. W. MILLS 218 So. Walnut Phone 3G for UT Nancy's fine with Father. He says she's a much v -' av - | brighter child than 1 was! Even "Well, it would kill me II 1 old Lilian likes hor and that's a had to look at the same old furni- tribute, believe me. She'a such aud the same old [aces all she be.u:ri forgot Jane's spusm , a crank. She'll be better off over that are tried to relieve this condition. \ thing but bread and butter and his Getting the aid of a doctor at the j sister hasn't done much better. Their earliest possible moment is the best i father has eaten a big meal. way to make certain of safety in the • No one notices that. Mrs. Blank result. ! hasn't touched a bite but only sipped m i . — . i her coffee. She doesn't like ice cream. : A pint would have been plenty. And the fine. I'm soius tu iio my | there. If 1 Dad much pain—and of an;rer to forget June oerselt. ; apartment over in this new Vluu-', ^lie heard me, well, 1 don't think Cut it was otiiorwlsu uiih Jntie. ' nese style hofore loug, and ija baby lilie Nancy ought to be let anything like tlmt." ....,.., , Are >'° u afraid of the nnin?" "She simply has no sense!" Jaue ; "" ' ' "•- '• all. It would not do to pound the > ( iwciiier ignoreu Cut it was otuorwisu uuh June, nese style before loug, and I | a baby I ferson on the back, hang him up by: "Goody!" shouts Homer, pushing! .\_g ghe stormed away from Amy change servants every month or! j;i [or a his feet, or do any of the usual things i hack nis plate. He hasn't touched a her ^uger blew bit;lK.-r. : two just to see new (juupic." i ,.,..„ "Tliat. 1 said Miss Koaa wiih silently scruameU. "To try to pre- : dignity, "is your atfulr. You've tend she's iiamiv and coutented | yount; nnil restless. 1 sun old. under such condition:;! She tias j Ami Int. 1 lilio my ciiso. 1'U a nothing—nothing! That grubby old bouse! And the most, awful clothes! asked "Yes, I'm scared to pieces. But darned sight rat.hor happy mentally t Ii a n uncoin'oriable the laundry man to put off again. And not even a maid! Her hands,. -,.-... , ,, . • „ , _. mv J H 6 she ; " n 0|(1 SIinl1 ln a shell that fits' 01 m> Dr. Ifedin Explains the Reamer's Urge —Book Tells of Wanderings In Forbidden Tibet I And the meal, as usual, wrong in | Jim's eyes. He worries, or at least j feels responsible for the children but not for her. Yes — she doesn't know exactly why, but she does feel the ! heat. No one notices mother. ; Sixth Rank Dividend 1 LEWISV1LLE, Ark.—A sixth divi- By BRUCE CATTON • dend of 10 per cent to depositors of Dr. Sven Hedin, 'the famous Swtd- lne closed Bank of Stamps will be ish explorer, was released the other I )tlid in a few da y s . u ' s announced day by Chinese bandits, who had kid- | b y £tate Senator Ned A. Stewart, naped him a week or so previously liquidating agent. This will be a total while he was engaged in his old hob- '• cf 60 P er cenl P aid to depositors. i n by of poking around in the lonely j hls re P°" on the insolvent bank, the and obscure corners of the world. ! ' taU; bank examiner complimented Since he has been doing this son of Senator Stewcrt for the manner ui thing for more than a third of a cen- v/hloh hc has 1'qudated the mstitu- tury, the incident makes one won- • " on der—what does he get out of it, any-! c way? Why does he risk his neck in where Buddhist monks waited them- these far-off places? What is there selves up in darkness for 20 and 30 in it for him? ' years. He went boating on a sacred were a sis;lH—I don't see how can touch the plauo." She wa< physically. In other words, I'm j so But"—Ingratiatingly—"1 the doctor says I'm so well, aud everything's so normal and right, and anyway, Mary, what's a few hours pain and suffering for a child do' The room was In order now. almost home when caution stopped al " nire your s[)irit anfl energy. | "I'm going down to read," said her "I can't go ir. and talk to Jane - an " success. And 1 still jMnry. "1 suppose you're going to Aunt Ro<a yet-sne'd Know I didn't ', wish >" MI ' d s P are me ;in extra "">' | w '' ite to ""ward. You might give 50 very far. What a dump this i or l . wn : 'f . you Ca " '" ann , Be ! l a ":! i him ' me f a =°J or me -" , lovu U! I believe I'll go down to j 1°» » " n(i ll lo ° f » llph o£ a ^™- i "Al right. What is it?" the telegraph office and wire An- ... | 'Tell turn r.hat after seeing Miss drews lo s ft nd for me to come back r p HK compliments pleased Jane. Terry 1 want to say he had good tomorrow" ' l "I'll say this for you. Aunt | taste in choosing a wife. I'll make As she went on she brought HPT ! Kosa. you're one of the few poo- ir stronger, fie had super good anger under control, but slm could , Pie in Marburg who has any Ul.-a taste-ami super good sense!' not lose or rodiifo H. ! ° r u ' hat 1>ve <'"» r --" Then she , , , j remembered Amy, and frowned. N RVERTHRl.KSS she managed "But 1 don't believe I can stay. m , g|u anotuer to sit calmly before Miss u nn n ot sent for." She thought: Rosa's sharp eyes, which watched ner as they talked across Miss Rosa's lavish dinner table, though there was n malice lu Uer com- ••\ntlrsws':: have my wire in the morning and will understand." In her oilice ber confidence In uerselt would be restored. Ther; meats—hadn't Mrs. Lowe ageJ I s i, c was -suprsrce. .so one around I'rigbLfully ! — :ui(J wuau' jacuson a funny old thing, trying so hard to be sprightly!—aud If you'll read his newest book, "A j mountain lake where no one ever put thiU nule Morelund creature cer Conquest of Tibet," you'll find out. j a boat before, because of the demon Here he tells about his wanderings i that was sure to rise from the waves thfbu?h the forbidden land beyond j and destroy all who sailed there, the Himalayas 30 years ago—his fruit- He followed trails that led down less efforts to reach the city of Lhasa, ; the middle of foaming mountain tor- his discovery of the source of the Indus River, his desperate trips across Jands no white man had ever seen rents, suffered extremes of hunger, cold, heat, thirst and fatigue—and ne- joyed himself hugely. before—and he makes you nderstand | For he saw much that was surpass- how the rewards for that kind ofjingly beautiful, tested his own hard- v/ork, though utterly intangible-, ure, ihood to the full, and escaped from exceedingly rich. High up on the "world's white rooftree," Dr. Hedin marched in the dead the vexations of an imperfect world. taiuly was an odu thought! — aud aa for poor Amy, she was really pathetic! Jane did not mention Nancy, nor did Miss Kosa. And presently Jane dismissed them all with. "It's all rulher saddauing to come back and see bow people her who would not obey, submit, acijuiesce. admire. Her approval But I thought you likerl Jane!" "I did. in a way. fiut oh, what an oppressive daughter-in-law she would linve made me! She'd have rolled me out flat! She'd have ter rilied me. I don't wonder that slit terrified Howard." "Now what did Howard tell you?" "Not a tiling—but Rosa did. All about it. Of course Rosa's angla differs from mine—she's proud ol ot Miss Kosa showed, itself in au I jane's career. She thinks It wa.s unusual attentiou: "Shall 1 lake you out to the movies tonight, or shall we nave a game ot ruuiuiyV" she aaUed agreeably. lucky she didn't tie herselt to a poor young college professor! Me, I thiuU Howard was lucky not to tio bliusclf up with a handsome She He succeeds in explaining why an ex- i metropolis," said Miss Rosa, tak- plorer does what he does—and he has ] Ing another hot cream biscuit. Her aunt beamed: "Listen, | um ] ruthless mass of sclfit-Uuesa Jane, there's a two-uaudod bridge c | e ver though she undoubtedly is. that was described in tbe paper ghe'd have wrecked him. That girl the other duy ana I've been cruzy | oug ht not to marry, over. SI'' have changed aud how little they i to try It- Let's see bow it goea. j eou kln't love auyoue but herself." "" '"' and if " we dou't like it xve cau j -fhat's what Howard said. But have some rummy. I'd ratnur feel j sne loved Howard," said Amy. cards iu aiy baud any time than '• "sometimes I think she still lovea FOR ROAD one: Fred A. Luck E. L. Sullivan VV. S, Jones L. S. Mauldin Claud Doclson DeROAN TOWNSHIP OVKRSEER— Vote for have!" "Well. Marburg's a small place. You can't expect it 10 be like a of winter over mountain passes 19,0001 written a very fine book, to boot. l "Life la different here. H runs feet high. He visited monasteries I Published by Dutton, it sells for $5. [ more slowly." look at those silly movies." Over in the old Booth bouse i too •• Amy was putting Nuucy-' to bed. j /co with Mary helping. TUe little j Qlm- I know, because I love him, . 1934> by s °P hle _(i' O Be Continued) FOR JUSTICE OF THE PEACE—Voto for five: A. C. Monts W. O. Bright S. F. Huntley Mrs. Gladine B. Morris FOR CONSTABLE—Vote for one: V/ill Porter FOR COMMITTEEMAN—Vote for 10: Ward 1-A, Hope: Chas. Renfro Ward 1, Hcpe: Tom McLarty Ward 2, Hope: F. Y. Trimble Ward It, Hope: E. F. McFaddiri .- . Ward 4, Hope: Chas.' E. Taylor Box 5, Hope: C. Cook B:JX (i. Hope: Fred Hunt Shover Springs: J. B. Beckworth Centerville: J. G. Collier Rocky Mound: Bud Hunt FOR DELEGATE TO COUNTY CONVENTION—Vole for 10: Ward 1-A, Hope, E. Z. Greening • Ward 1, Hope: Roy Anderson Ward 2, Hope: H. C. Stuart Ward '.I, Hope: A. C. Erwin Ward -I, Hope: W. W. Complon Box 5. Hope: E. S. Jones Box (i. Hcpe: Ira Halliburton Shover Springs: J. W. England Centerville: Sid Skinner Rocky Mound: H. S. Dudley GARLAND TOWNSHIP FOR ROAD OVERSEER—Vote for one: S. J. Burke FOR CONSTABLE—Vole for one: John C. LK,.vd FOR COMMITTEEMAN-.DeAnn—Vole for one: J. M. Arnold FOR DELEGATE TO COUNTY CONVENTION—Vote for one: G. S. Samuel MINE CREEK TOWNSHIP FOR ROAD OVERSEER—Vole for one: C. M. Hipp Kelsie- Ccmplon FOR JUSTICE OF THE PEACE—Vote lor two: J. S. Cox C. M. Lev:is FOR CONSTABLE-Vote for one: Archie M. McLarty FOR COMMITTEEMAN—Vote for] | lour: | j Gcocllett: B. F. Goodlutt I ; Binyen: V. C. Bryant j ! Tckio: Sims Sanford Union: N. R. Lewis FOR DELAGATE TO COUNTY CON- VENTlON-Volc for four: Goodietl: J. F. Stuart FOR COMM11TEEMAN— Vote f o r two: Saratoga: W. M. Dillard Sarntcfia: J. L. Hughes Columbus: C. R. White FOR DELEGATE TO COUNTY CON. VENTION— Vote for two: Columbus: J. S. Wilson Jr. Saratoga: Zeb Rosenbaum SPR1NGHILL TOWNSHIP FOR ROAD OVERSEER— Voto for one: Arlin E. Moses FOR CONSTABLE— Vote for one: Frank Turner FOR COMMHTEEMAN— Vote f o r three: Stcphenscn's S. H.:A. G. Martin Battlefield: Elbert Tarplcy Spring Hill: Jerry Turner FOR DELEGATE TO COUNTY CONVENTION— Voto for three: Stephenson's S. H.iOscar Lafforty Battlefield: H. E. Reed Spring Hill: Bracy Smith WATERCREEK TOWNSHIP FOR ROAD OVERSEER— Vote for one: Early Mclver J. H. Morton DRESS SALE Entire Stock Cotton and Silk THE GIFT SHOP Phone 252 I Adding Machine Paper We Ucllvcr • • — - - • • fMll).- Johnson Printing Co. Phone 31 Cool Off Install a Shower Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical Appliances Phono 2.-)9 • COOL Summer Wash Dresses Ladies Specialty Shop "Extusivo Hut Not Expensive" FOR COMMITTEEMAN—Vol.- f o r cue: | M. E. Patrick I FOR DELEGATE TO COUNTY CONVENTION—Vote for one: Albert Wise i WALLACEBURG TOWNSHIP FOR ROAD OVERSEER-Vote for one: Mix Loe R. U. (Pete) Wadu FOR JUSTICE OF THE PEACE—Vole for two: Liye Stephens FOR CONSTABLE—Vote for one: H. M. Morris FOR COMMITTEEMAN-Vote f o r for three: Wallaceburg: Willis Morrow Deanyville: Ed Loe Blevins: Eugene Stephens FOR DELEGATE TO COUNTY CONVENTION-Vote for three: Wallaceburg: John Harper Deanyville: H. C. Bonds Blevins: J. J. Bruce guaranteed RADIO SERVICE Hempstead Co. Lbr. Co. HOYT ANDRES Phone S!) 12!) Employed Here LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — (fP) — The i work division of the federal~™einUr- ! t'ency^ relief administration employed | 7,237 men and women on projeets~in the state during the week ending Thursday, R. C. Limerick, assistant administrator, announced Saturday. Pulaski county with 2,557 men and women employed led the state, other counties nnd the number o {employees on work division projects included: Miller, 286; Jefferson, 46G; Crawford, 293, Garland, 519; Hempstead, I 129; Mississippi, 230; Phillips, 236; Sebastian, 1)92; Union. 406. and Washington, 172 Just Received IJW Vacuum-Fill Fountain Pen. Let us show you one. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The REXALL Store" Hope, Ark. Established 1885 Customer wants to know who won the ball game down at Huntsville after Haliton made the home run.—Dallas News. AIRMAID HOSE $1.00 Hill Open nights and Sundays B r i a n t' s Drug Store

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