Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 25, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 25, 1937
Page 4
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f fa..^.^ -tii> »Ab , «....-. . j Hf mmraMn 2e Word, Me word, We tor Alt -«deri placed by PHONE 768 Salesman Wanted PAY STRAIGHT SALARY piT week, man or woman with Egg Producer to Farmers, Mfg. Co., East St. Louis, HI. 24-ltp. Smrvice* Offered »VOf #$9*3' ' *?F%"V' % *fi?& *H^'!Jf 4 $'*>»£,'' JWB * J&Sf-Z t , v ,,. , , < >t< rfoi* iwriiiom ARKAiHAi <' t ^^rw?e»/' • i^T^ FF^ -„ . jjJnlA -J^ V ' « « 1 *->V A«'?"K -rt-jHr K ' >''• FOR SALft Wx225 feet, Southettt anil Avenue C.^BoX 1SJ8, port Lfl. „ A j.iaSah- ^iirf uulijuiiat^.^ -.4i-aaL'Jm J ,. J . fOlft SA&lMtti at******** I ctntt per bundl«. Lo«t LOST: Pour -stoat old,, setter bird dog. White' with .feather Bpoto. Re* turn to J. S. CoiWrfty, Jr., tame on collar. "" -.-mtp STftAYfiD-One, brown horse mule* Wt about 1,100 It*., has sign of *ir» cut on left shoulder, white spot on right shoulder. B. E. Upchurch, Patmos, Ark. 22-3tp Found FOUND—Purse, Call at Hope Star. contains money. 24*6tc FOR RENT^NiCe front bedroom in private home. No other roomers. Close in. Phone SSL 34-3tc FOUND—Two keys on small ring. Owner may claim by paying for this notice. 23-3tdh .: The Best la Motor Otto Gold Seal 1M% Penn., qt_~_™ IK The New Sterling OH, qt. Me Tol-E-Tex Oil Co. East 3rd, Hope-Open Day ft Nlte Contracting, Repairing „, , j y*aw experience .Mgtar 120 S. Hervey Phone 171W 5*4*tf , Sleep on knots. Let us build , new mattress or rebuild the HEMPSTEAD COUNTY _ ' SHOP, 712 West Fourth, fttW. Paul Cobb. 23-Btc H^-HMTUfiSSES—The old reliable lo' ''JcHed/on Highway 67 one block east Twelve years seniority. a, if* w»c u^w mattresses, renovate old JViwfc,, Air conditioned inner springs * *•*•**"-•-*•- See us. Hope Mattress Wanted vF fy v; h/t T; SCRAP IRON WANTED >4 '" Any Kind, any Quantity ( WE ARE PAYING 35c cwt—?7.00 TON Certified weighing scales at our yard ~ > K6 charge for weighing A. LEWIS MOTOR CO. Second St Hope, Ark. ' 28 - 26tc fe'" i* I r/^ S "", ^ ; r\ *tf &'f r ? ,f^ Wff BUY SCRAP IRON J;W*«re paying 35c cwt or ?7.00 ton. W* .weigh on oil mill scales which " t* certified. ; » diarge for weighing. s Atao—we buy radiators and metals att ktaidi. COX-CASSTOY FOXJNDRY A 1 MACHINE CO UorelSt Hope, Ark. s , _, 27-26tc '., ^HIGHEST PRICES PAID fbr old Batteries, Radiators, Metals of •tt ktad*. Old Tires, Sacks and Rags. v l * P. A. LEWIS MOTOR CO. . WE. Second St Hope, Ark. 28-26tc ROY ANDERSON and Company Fire, Tornado, Accident Insurance PHONE 385 HALL BROS. Cleariern & Hatter* 5 Gobb's Radio Service = = RCA Radio Tubes s E Eveready Batteries S = Expert Repair Work £ =Phone 383 ' ' 208 So. Elm: For Sale FOR SALE—Organ music, also miisic suitable for Piano and church a1 greatly reduced prices. Mrs. Ralph Routon. 24-3tc FOR SALE—Stoves, heaters, bedr ateads, all kind used Furniture. Used Furniture Co. 3rd and Hazel, Hope, Ark. 15-26tc uvcr Plumbing-Electrical PHONE 259 J360,000,OM Life Insurance in Force Donald V. Moore Representative of Jefferson Standard LIFE INSURANCE CO. Singing Star QORIZONTAL 1,8 Singer pictured here. 12 Half an em. 13 To scrutinize. 14 Persia. 16 And. IT Preposition. 19 Pawdles. 551 Court. W Sheafs. 24 Ridge. 25 Makes hot. 28 Fairy- 30 To instigate. 31 Writ ol execution. 33 To gaze fixedly. 34 Sun god. 35 Measure of area, 87 Auto 38 Doctor. 40 Postscript. 41 English coin. • 43 Devoured. 45 Pierces with a knife. 47 To drink slowly. Answer to Previous Puzzle 50 Resentment, 52 To remunerate. 53 He sings in motion ——s. 56 Constellation. 57 Tiny particle, 59 Mother-of- pearl. 60 God of war. 61 He has a . magnificent voice. 62 Definite article. 63 is his native land. 15 Note in scale. 18 Sandpiper. 20 Fourth musical note. 21 Intrigue. 22 He is an —• star in America. 23 An outfit. 26 To devour. 27 Stairs. 29 Tp commence. 32 God of war. 33.Sorrowful, 36 To revolve. 37 Taxi. 39 Knock. 40 Sea bird. 42 Artificial silk. 44 Hair ornament. 45 Gaiter. VERTICAL 1 To exist. 2 Glossy paint. ^ „„„.. SFornvof "be," 45 Spain' 4 Performs. 47 Go away! 5 Blemish. 48 Scabies. 6 Cetacean, 49 Chaste. 7 Lubrican.ts. 50 Southeast. 8 Long incision. 51 Lenient 9 Into. 54 Within. 10 Alphabet unit. 55 Of the thing. 11 Neuter 58 Month, pronoun. 60 Preposition. OUR BOARDING HOUSE. ..., with » » * . Major MDL» WH/CT MS IMIMK^ GP VOLI' fMS A PAT LETT§F^»*— LOOKS LIKt* H6 HAP A Sl<3 LOAP TO <36T OFF HIS CMEST/ YOU'D BETTER ANCHOR so IT WON'T BLOW VOL) LOOSE FftOAA tOUR AAOORlWSSf FOR Mfe/ > IT"Miai-'rf BE A SIMISTEP PLOT A<3AIWST MC,OR MAYHAP BLACKMAIL / PIP THE POSTMAN BftlWa IT, OP, WA-5- IT SHOVED UMPERTHE POOR 1 ? li P/ A MOTHER THREAT FROM MV PEWTIST'S LAWVER TO SUE ME UNLESS X SETTLe MV ^ ACCOUMT, MO POUBT^PRAT IT/ PULL OF GUV/ELOPE OUf OUR WAY ByWlLLl VOU HAMO YOU« TODAY-*- YOU'RE GOIMG BACK TO SCHOOL- YOU'RE MOT GOIMGTO BE LIKE VOUE- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ~J Steve Is Just Practical s-arjr 1 ! By MARTIN J . COPH. 1937 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF WJTH&W3 I THOU6MT 115 MVSTER- WOOZY OF MIGHT HOW SHOUL L KMQW?? WHV'MCWA VEZIIE.WIZEE.AM'THEM, FOOZ.Y AM 1 'SOME OTHEE > ALL TOMCT SOME GHASINJ' AROUMDy 6UV UP AW' POPPED JUWQLE LASTr-^'lM! NOW, 1 WE'D LIKE TKMOW WHAT TT WU1 ALL, ABOUT/ Now/What Did He Say? ByHAMLIN WASH TUBES GOOD OU I SHOULPA HNOWtJ H& 'BVGUM^VE. S»»«Wi|ag™™^.; A VARM IMA HURE.V: - AH;rv£ GOT rr.' ' HAW MEAMT HAW/ WHV, ,r,^-^ ^^ , OL' EA5CAL.' /AIMT THAT TH'\ I SAY. THA'S ( SILLIEST THINieV RICH •' •> Y ' EyEfit H^H>wJ A lAAW OF / HI5AG&- / , >^ .; ^ t,M. BEG. U. 3. PAT. OFf. By CRANE i' ^REEZe KEITON'S Ai FRIENP ) SW, LOOK^ 0' OURS, IWP££STNND, / NRE VOU . .. ... TUW M OVSUONEST? Ste HeRSWWDlEP. fl'IA TEUIKG VOU TD VOUR FACR UW YOU'RE A AW A FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS .__ PORPOStLS LOST rAONEV FOR. Tv\E COM\PfVNY."\ VJH'f, SOU CQNFOUNPEP' UPSTfSVTT! . NOO L\f-D ^^oaT TUE TlWBER BEING GONE. VQU SOU CAWT TALK TO ME IttttTHMT! STIRRED UP TROU&LE >NlT« THE J. AUU \N\TH TUE PURPOSE O' SCI\RIN& TWS TOOK G\R.L IMTO SElUNG OUT AT K R\\)ICULOUS PP.ICE. JUST STAY WHERE PRETEWD 'RE WAITING FOR STREET CAR .' SOMEBODY S 1 COMIWC3, CRASH '.' No Squealer WELL ^YOU'VE CAUGHT US SMOKIMC3 CIGARETTES'.... AMD AT OUR A<3E TOO ! AMD WE'RE MEMBERS' OF THE FOOTBALL SQUAD, BREAKIWG TRAINING ! SO WHAT ? ) -^ -g" MYRA NORTH, SPECJAL NURSE ("-IHAMKS... COME" \ OK], AWCA. WELL...SAV SOMETTHINQ ! AND SAY IT TO US.... DON'T GO CARRYING TALES TO THE COACW J DON'T SQUEAL, .CRASH I HAVE ONLY THIS HOPE THE COACH OFF THE HOPE Dl STANCE j AT HIS WHEN PUNTIWQ WIND BETTER. NOT? iil7nYN.F»5E£-Vi rf '" A New Adventure By THOMPSON AND COLL DOC VDKJ BOPEM IS W-MTIM' FEZ. VOUSE- IM THE GEMT, \ POC. HE. AIMT PACKIM'A COD - ITS OMLV A BUMCW BE ALAf2MER DC-- JASOM JUST AM AUTOMATIC GUM DETECTOR.... SOME OF MV -- EE - PATIEMTS -v —^=STl FIWD IT DIFFICULT A^^Nl BREAVi OLD HABITS J i i:" . ' I '

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