The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 26, 1940
Page 8
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- PAGE EIGHT Benny Leonard Adds Mystery Element To \Voik- outs Of Challengers PCMPTON LAKES, N. J., March 20. <UP)~Tivo'mysterious strung ers were In camp today for W fina! act in Johnny Paychck'.s secret preparations for Friday night title fight with Cliamplon Jo Louis, .• These strangers were described by master-mind Benny Lconmd as "two well • known heavyweights— one from Ohio and the other from Pennsylvania—who. before nightfall, will go through secret battles with Johnny. These workouts will be, real rights, but with the big gloves, of course." • The mystery pair arrived yesterday and were kept closeted In a rcora so that visiting newspaper rnen and minor camp attaches .'could hot get a. gander at them. Leonard, the former lightweight king, explained, "their Identity will not be revealed lor two reasons. First, since both boys arc good professional fighters <md not sparring partners, they don't want it known that they worked as spii mates. Secondly, we waul theli identities, to remain secret so thai outsiders can not question them about Pftydiek's battle plans. They "'Oiighlfnlly .saved by not nayli; ,..- tn.ina UL mine who have come '">' Income tax on IhIs year, l h»r- horn' In rift ni/i n fn.»i*. i> i(_'d If) f hp cinw IrElpL- Tl cnnmnrl rn here to do me a favor." Today's stunt 'is the climax ol •> .ihe greatest undercover condition- ' ing campaign for any challengei since Carpentier groomed for Jack Dcmpsey back in 1921. Half of Pay- chek's preparations have been con- 'ducted'during secret workouts. In addition lo supervising today's subrosa sessions, Leonard planned to motor over lo Greenwood Lak-.', N. Y., and watch Champion Loni: go through tils next-to-Iast toxins drill. It appears that the Louis camn has no objection lo Benny'i spying upon Bomber Joe, who concludes training tomorrow. Paychek also will lake his last public workout tomorrow. The challenger planned to loaf yesterday, but he had (o put on a command performance of tivo rounds for Chairman John J. Phelan ot the New York commission. Phelan wanted to be sure that the sllgh- ly bald mldwestenicr was a lit opponent for Louis. After one round Phelan said he was convinced .that the challenger _ wns okny. Dr. William H. Walker, commission physician,' examined Johnny and pronounced him In fine physical trim. Phelan and Dr. wii Ike r also visited Louis, who was given Ihe physician's okny but was not require:; to box. Today's Sport Parade BT HENT.Y MdUEMOW TAMPA, Pla., March'26. <UP)- fion't ever tell me again that a dog is man's best friend. I'd mil,.rather turn to nn opossum in an hour of need than-to n dog, if th;l dog happened to be a greyhound racing dog. An opossum might not actually render you any assist ana- but at least he wouldn't do yo ! : any harm. Such Is not true of a r.u-l:;3 greyhound, who invariably bites Ou hand that feeds him through Hi? pari-nmlucl v.-indo-.vs. Lest I seen; overly bitter on the matter, jus step Into my slices with me and allow me to explain the circumstances. Through its hideous check-in system the Unite;! .states government to which I cor.stmlly swore allegiance at the en4 of ev.-r\ grammar school day, f le.irned trial I was remiss about my !:; >6.-i •• 11 payment. With a petulant iittk fussiness that I, can'l understand from a great big government, it demanded, I pay niy March installment for 1938.-Furthermore, there was a hint that snnppiness would be appreciated. With all my rejriy cash tied- up m good, sound wildcat slocks, Ihe ran through a list ol all my friend and just as hastily deride' v. waste my time calling oil them for heip. But the word "friend" gave me an idea. Hadn't seme bvo>> senator spoken a eulogy about a do? in whicn h- win i ha t n do , «""= man's best friend? With the little money I had Metropolitan BLYTHEyiLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS HELL THEME STILL II1HE 1940 Pemiscot County Basketball Cham TUESDAY, MARCH 26, 1940 Haney Must Crack Down If Clul) Makes Progress To Any Extent H> JEHRY imONDHKU) NEA Service shorts Writer The Browns? Oh, y c .s ilic Drowns. Well, nl least they're in the American League, and In addition to the old faces (litre me Pitcher Nathan Andrews. »."i>o won n for Columbus last season Pitcher Enill .Blldllil, who 'won for Siin Antonio. InfieWer Bob Neighbors of Springfield, ill., who plays short slop iind Is part Indian. ... Dip Radcliff, who comes from lie White Sox not knowing whether ic Is an outfielder or a first bfisc- nan. which makes him a perfect Brown. And two or three oihT led lo Ihc dog track. It seemed so limple al Ihc moment. A irmu iiccds a friend. A few miles out ot town there arc kennels full of his friends ready to work for him, sacly lo nuike money for him. I -hiiddcr when I think that I whistled and sang on Ihe way lo Uic Irack, and with n grand ges- ure told the cab driver to wail for .lie. I had cuille a bit of trouble .-vadlng him on my walk home. I wasn't particularly alnrmed vhen a little brlndlc friend, the Mo. 8 dog, let me down In Hie first face. Nor wns I al all distressed vhen a little black and white friend ell down on Ihe far luni In the econd race ami came li\ last. I'll admit, however, that I began .o question the deep bond between the dogs nrd me when, In the (hlrd, fourth, [illli, sixth, seventh and eighth races my friends had -•oinc nowhere near winning. Things brightened up a bit in this ninth, race, though, when n fuwn colored friend of mine got tils picture taken Along with another dog lo determine Ihe winner. The friend of my 'rieml was the winner. And for tin Irst-illmc i retailed Ihe breadlh of ilioulder of the cab driver whom f hud left outside with the mctr-r ticking. Maybe the .dogs, I reasoned, don't .now Dial their good friend. Henry McLemore. is here and counting on them. So 1 walked buck (o Hie •luddock before Ihe Insl two race;; ind made mysclt conspicuous. One •Jog, on his way to the track for the tenth nice, tried to lick my .inml. so I rushed (o the windows ,to bet n bet down. He must h.ivc mistaken me for someone eleu because lie us If lie were my ilitter enemy. He WHS lust in ilv? start, worse than that In the back- nrelcli, and wns forced lo spurt toivnrd the tinish to prevent ihe •abbil from tapping him. It's all n liltlc vague In my mind low because I was suffering so terribly. But i understand (hat 1 almost made news al ths Mulsh u> the final race. They tell me tint only strong hands prevented n from making ue.v,- by biting n dog. They got me wrong nl Hint I was only trying to put the bite o.i a friend. County Amateur Baseball Loop To Re-Oi The Mississippi G'juiity Amateur League will organize for (he 19-10 season at a meeting nl the Shonse- Henry Hardwnre Company, 211 West Main street, here Wccincsduy night at 7:30 o'clock. Attendance of representatives of all towns mid communities which expect lo participate In the loop this season arc urged to be present, it Is staled. It is likely that officials for Ihe tongue will be chosen and that a definite Idea of U\ a make-up of (lie league will lie obtained nt the meeting. twinge fne«s who arc likelv tick along. Now, as bad iis Ihc Browns :.j)- lear lo lie, they are capable of i stirring up a few headaches 1NFIKM1 LOOKS LIKE TEAM'S HfST FEATURK There Is undeniable pitching talent among Vernon Kennedy, Oeoi-c Coffman, Bill Cox, Bob Haras, Jolinny Kramer, Howard Mills' John Niggcllng, Bill Trotter, Uusi VnnAlta, Jake Wade and Jolinny Whllehead, not to mention the newcomers — Andrews. Blldllil, i/jv Illuming and two or three more blokes named Joe. The Drowns will be liiokv i-j finish seventh, but Fred nancy's first .Job Is to gel hold of his ball club. As poor as It was In 1939. the outfit got away from the Little Mnn who Los Angeles ami Toledo know so well. Haney lias got lo quit being a good fellow with his ball players. The Browns will be fortunnlr to escape from the basement with their catching — joe Glenn, Sain Harshatiy and Bob Swift, up from •San Antonio. If Jolinny Bprardlno conies on at second base, as he is expected to do, Ihe infield will be set al three positions _ at. first with Gcora WANNING OKDKIt In the Chancery Court, chickti- sawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. William itoward Thorn, Plaintiff, vs. No. 7114 Nellie May Thorn. Defendant. The defendant Nellie May Thorn Is .warned to appctr within thirty days In ihe court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of Ihc plaintiff William Howard Thorn. Dated tliis ID day of March 19-10. •HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. Atty. for pltf, Ed B. Cook 19-28-2-3 Byrd And Dillman In Win Floyd Byrd and Joe Dlihnan were winners over Joe Welch and Del Raines in another tag wrcstllm exhibition at the Legion arena last nlglit. Rnines was the first to be eliminated, being thrown by Dillinan with the Jim Lomlos toe hold. Byrd then proceeded lo dLs- -»sc of welch with body slams and )dy pin. Byrd and DlUnian required a total of 45 minutes lo dispose of their opponents who failed to •-•aiii n fall. * In Individual maldics tallowing the tag wrustle. Dihwan ngniii was triumphant, over Raines, lellin^ the New Yorker with a right to° trie chin and falling ncraw him to pin his shoulders. Jon Welch fared better than his erstwhile partner, however, and losscd uyrd in Hi minutes with a series of Irish Whips The crack basketball team of Stecle Mo >ii,ri, C»n,cs during the ,010 .season «nS o & it points. Members of the team are: (left to rt-l,» Ketchum, Graham, Uodd and Carte, front is coach hamplon.s, won 2,4 strnlgtu > one-point, margin. The team made tun Smith. Hester, Burton, Meadows, Pierce Thornton. going to turn Bonura into a right- handed Hal Chase In a few t-asy lessons, I jfr Memphis BID, like Dyke.? aid Bucky Harris ahead of him, finally Bnve up In disgust. But Zeke is vastly more Hum a ball player. He's a box office attraction and something of a character. You can writhe about him, and there are too few ball players of whom yon can write. It's loo bad he can't find a s|>ot for baseball needs fellows of his type, FOR SALE SPECIAL BARGAINS room cottage on Kentucky. Nice home close in. Price $1650. «25u cosh, bal. $15.00 month, Includes interest, taxes and Insurance. e. l v iR/. along the line Hornsby's bat hit that sphere dead center. When ordinarily bright fellows — . .._7 VJ JQ4JV (VllUiVa like Fred Haney spend their time talking about chct Laabs, who has had more chances than a wayward son of (he rich, you know lli» Browns are more futile than the Phils. • THE PAYOFF BY HARRY GRAYSON NEA Service Sports Editor WINTER HAVEN, Fla.. March 2G. -Why did a big belter like Henry . Bomna have to shop around Florida trying to make n deal for •ilmself? The Giants were the third club :o give up on Zekc as a first baseman, yet ball pjnyers Ml you he Is not, as Incompetent in the field is he is painted. "Zckc's a much maligned athlete," says Vernon Gomez of the just at thai Instant, Bonura tup- ped him on the shoulder with "Stic): in there, Milt, old fellow!"' 13omira has been a grade A showboat and cheer leader since he broke in, and his handclappliig on the field won crowds to such an extent that four or five years ago he was voted the most valuable player on either Chicago learn. • PROTECTS AVERAGE BY STAYING OUT OF GAME Bonura seldom gives u manager any trouble, but will protect himself at all costs. Jimmy Dykes was very mad when his large first sacker failed to show up for the White Sox's final game of the season in Cleveland in 1934, Asked why he took the day of! Bonura explained " ' Yankees. VHe's not precisely a ieorgc Sislcr, but neither is he the wrost in the world." And Bonura has bailed in from McQuinn, second wilh Berarcliu: 85 lo 138 runs n season in the and third with Hnrlond Clifl,,,., j majors for a halt dozen campaigns ll(f. 3J*i f\nn *rfin i- *3'in f.^ illUCU DEPENDS ON HOOIUK SHOHTSTOP That brings us lo the key |>osi- lion, slioi-tstop, which may be filled by Alnn Strange. This young mati was with the Browns before. They traded him lo Washington for-Lyji i Lnry. Now he comes back from Seattle, with Ills manager saying: "He car.'t do anything wrong.',''He 1 mode 224 hits, scored 108 rims: Strange easily could make Haney look like n good manager. ' | ft Strange flops, there always i« . Don 1 Hoffner and Mark Chrlsliir.n. I The always generous Yankee: ' who hit all of .234 as » Newark outfielder. ' But the Browns will be 'tiie Browns, outfield and nil. ciiet LnabK, Joe Gallagher, Joe Ora?; Myrll Hong-and Radclitf are In.the gai'den. Tlu> tlpoff is Frc I Htiney'K .en- :!i»slasm about Laabs. ' Years ago Mickey Coclmnc In the Detroit camp claimed Limbs swung like Rogers Hornsby. Others thought so. too. as for as the motion went. The difference Is that r;o:nC',vl'<v Hospital Bill Is Paid With 1,000 Nickels was n "nickel at least his hospital PHILADELPHIA (UP)— Perhaps Emanuel Doerncr iiurser," bill bill is paid. Boerner startled Osleopathie hos- pHal clerks by bringing them 1,003 nickels to pay ills wife's bill. All the nickels iverc datmt IU3J mu nit were tjiken in trade at tils newsstand. Call for REELTOOT BRAND 1'iirc Pork Sausage. Tliere is none better. Made by— REYKOLBS PACKING COMPANY UNION CITY, TENNESSEE LOANS Jas. B. Clarlc CIrncoc BuiWInr Blylhevllle, Ark. *"< h , I > rl2C <l .Mortgage Loan Solicitors for Ihc Mcfropoli- Un Life Insurance Co. LOW RATES PROMPT INSPECTIONS I.OXG TERJIS REPAYMENT PRIVILEGES Clark-WUson Ajencj-, Insiir. J«S. B. Clark 'Creahf OF KENTUCKY itts straltkt Itaurbon U in iht world. At your favoriti- package slore. . hit .345 one year, .330 an- olher, .321 for the Giants in 1S39. The managerial indictment, against Bonura seems to be an-accumulation of annoyances, not the least of which mny be' (raced lo rather one-track itilnd. In 1937, for example, Luke Eew- ell. then catching for the White Sox. and Bopimi picked 16 runners off first base with n certain sign. The banana man thought ii great . . . became expert on the Yet when he transferred ^ Washington the following season. Sen-ell, employing the same sign, promptly tlircw to Joe Kuhol to plek off Bonura. Milton Gnslon, formerly with the Pale Hose, had a fair kind of move to first base, and had spent some time encouraging a fresh runner to take a little longer lead. Gaston «<ns watching the runner out of Ihe corner of Ills eye. and when he had liim where he wanted him, wheeled and threw. Imagine Ills embarrassment when lo remain away from the park. Donura proved a costly investment for Bill Terry and the Giants who gave Washington 525,000 and two players for his contract. 04 E. Davis. 7 room stucco. $l v i Owner says "sell it." $350 cash, >al. $21.00 mouth. Possession to- ttay, On Highway Gl — 20 acres nn'il handsome brick residence. All conveniences. Tills home Is new Price $0,500; See us for terms. Thomas Land Co. Sole, Agts, 22-ck-2fi year ago, Terry announced he was S TO NEVILLE 2B r RED TOP GIN to finish in Ihe charmed circle was I tuned in on faster-roljing, milder. tastier smotes!" GRINS RADIO DEALER, IIM HOOD, PRAISING PRINCE ALBERT! R A. SMOKES ROLL SO PERFECT, THERE'S NO NEED ' TO EVEN TWIST UP THE ENDS/ STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA AND PRINCE ALBERT VMAKIN'S'SMOKES ARE EXTRA MILD-EASV .ON THE TONGUE. THERE'S f*LfcGOOD.i RICH TASTE, TOO j fine roll-yciir-own cigarettes in every handy tin of Prince Albert Beautiful New" 1940 FRIGIDAIRE ELECTRIC RANGE ...W attend iln's special'showing of tlic betucifnl new FrigiJaire Electric Range models. Smartest designs . . . most advanced icaturej . . , you've ever seen Conveniences that make electric cooking faster . . . cheaper. . .. easier than it has ever been before, Extra quality throughout every model -at no cxtn cost. Don't miss our showing of America's new cooking and baking sensition-tlie Frigidaire Electric Range! Farmer Terms: 1-3 Down' 1-3 This Fall 1-3 Fall 194] HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. 206 W. Main St. J. W. ADAMS, Manager Phone 233

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