Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 25, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 25, 1937
Page 3
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Jane Withers at Riajtoon Sunday "Wild and Wooly" Includes Walter Brennan,. Academy Winner A Wild buckaroo out where, the West begins, "Ginger" Jan? Withers begins whore the wild west leaves off in her grandest comedy, "Wild and . Wooly," .which opens Sunday at the Rialto theater. • • • Riding runaway trains, getting her gun-toting grandpop, plnyed by Academy AWard wiiiner Walter Grenmin, into a duel, scaring the wits out of tenderfoot pals in a 'graveyard at midnight, chasing city gangsters on a careening stagecoach, and roping young lovers into romance, Jane makes Buffalo Bill look like a softie. Completely surrounded by her greatest cast, in the most hilarious show these pandemonium-makers have ever bden in, that Jane Withers girl learns the ways.of the West from her old-timer grandpop, but what the West learns from Jane makes hilarious comedy. '.'... The play opens in the old frontier town of Mesa City, which is about to celebrate its first Pioneer Pay Jubilee. Jane has inherited 'the feud between her grandfather and Berton Churchill, unscrupulous town banker, carrying it pn with the lattcr's grandson, Jack •\ Scarl. Jane's chief Stooge is Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer, of "Our Gang" fame. They call him "Zero," but he's a regular adding machine for laughs. Jack's aide is Douglas Scott, and both are rank tenderfcet. Douglas Fowley plays the role of a big-city gangster out to help Banker Churchill in one of his nefarious enter- pVises. Their paths cross the romantic way of Pauline Moore and Robert Wit- cox, who don't even know they're in love until Jane ropes them in! • Deanna Durbin in "lOQ Men Girl" at the Saenger I, The motion picture in the news spotlight is "100 Men and a Girl." The fact that Deanna Durbin has achieved the heights of movie stardom in her second picture; of itself,, attaches new'interest tothis production. • The little singer has won the ac- <?>-——' laim -and sympathy of radio and' creen .audiences. That the, leading lusical figure in America, Leopold Woolsey's Idols Bob Woolsey, currently featured with Bert Wheeler in RKO Radio's "On Again—Off Again," admits that in private life lie is a hero-worshipper and has had three idols, one of whom, Tod Sloan, noted jockey, has passed away. The others are Jack Dempsey and John Berrymorc. Bert Wheeler's one rave (aside from his wife) is Lily Pons, the diminutive prima donna who now is a popular screen star. NOW SAT. SEPT. 251 NEW BOBSTEELE —in— "Lightin 1 Crandal'* Full of Fast Action Thrills. Cliapt. No, 13 Robinson Crusoe ' Chas. Chase Comedy "FROM BAT TO WORSE" , i'tokowski, has devised a new method for enriching screen music and giving it perspective jn sound, makes the film increasingly significant. This comedy drama with music, "100 Men and a Girl," which opens at the Saenger theater for a three day run Sunday, features many players who have played in notable hits. Deanna Durbin, Alice -Brady and Mischa Auer scored in "Three Smart Girls," Miss Brady, Mischa Auer and Eugene Pallette also registered in "My Man Godfrey." Adolphe Menjou won praise in "Sing, Baby, Sing," "A Star Is Born, "One in a Million" and "Cafe Metropole." Mischa Auer, the madcap musician, has a genius for torturing musical instruments. He declares he is the only pupil of his uncle Leopold Auer, able to play music which cannot be scored on papsr. Mischa adds that it might be possible with a squeaky pencil on a shrieky slate. The story theme stresses the drama and comedy of human living. Deanna Durbin as a musician's daughter, strives to save the careers of 100 musicians facing a crisis. Telephone No. 550 How two pixilated partners in a pill manufacturing business try to solve a long-standing-feud by one forsaking the business to work as the other's valet, is hilariously unfolded in "Oh Again—Off Again," current RKO Radio laugh-fest co-starring Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey. •i • • If you'll bring back Mitzie, my pe cat, you can have your pick of her kittens.—Plea of Mrs. Hazel Benjamin of Houston, Texas. SUN. & MON. Direct From Capital Theater Little Rock. First Time in Hope. SAENGER Sun-Mon-Tues. "100 Men and a Girl" Wed-Thur-Fri. "Varsity Show" RIALTO Sun-Mon-Tues. "Wild and Woolly" Wed-Thur. "SUZY" Greenbelt, Built By (Continued from Page One) HOWLywood's Ravishing Beauties Supply the Sugar ''' ^^jjjjk Coating for these ^ ^^^^ Pie Slinging , V : •*^\ pm Makers! seven-room houses. A three-room apartment will come to ?27, and ?32 will rent three rooms and a sleeping porch. A Home in the Country FoFr $300 or $400 a year, then, a Greenbelt family will have a superbly built, completely equipped and highly attractive home in the country, but at the same time within a super-sanitary city planned forever to gar slum crowding. Each family can have a garden plot if it wishes, the size depending on how much the family cares to cultivate for its own needs. Bushes, saplings, and shrubs are also available free from the town nursery, both to the town itself and to the individual ten ants for landscaping. Greenbelt's friends and foes alike agree that no such housing bargain and no bargain even comparable to it has ever been offered before in America. Both agree on the fact—but they draw widely divergent conclusions. Next: What Greenbelt's critics say —and how the government replies. At New Sunday-Monday, Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey in "On Again Off Again" plus the Easy Aces in "Fool Your Friends" and a Superba comedy "Uppercuts." Tuesday-Wednesday, Double Fea- ture'Program. Walter Connelly in "The League of Frightened Men" and Don Terry and Rosalind Keith in "A Fight to the Finish." Thursday-Friday, Clark Gable, William Powell, Myrna Loy in "Manhattan Melodrama." Saturday, October 2, Johnny Mack Brown in "A Law Man Is Born." Last chapter of the serial "Robinson. Crusoe" No. 14 and Comedy. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH W. R. Hamilton, Pastor Sunday is promotion day in the 'Sunday school. It is a time When all mem- >ers of the Sunday school and church will want to be present. Class work as usual in the adult department fol- owed by special program; beginning at 10:30 in church auditorium and clos- ng at 11:45. The pastor will make a en-minute talk as a part of this pro- ram, and the invitation will be given o church membership at its close. Many who are contemplating uhit- ng with the church may be received his Sunday and start the new Sunday school year right. All the members of the Sunday chool from six years of age up are irged to go to the church auditorium or the installation service and the >rogram which will open the new Sunday school year. They will be dismissed at 11:45. In the evening, the Japtist Training Union will meet at :30 and the church service at 7:30. Awards lor Training Courses which have been taught during the past year will be presented. The pastor will preach on, "Lighthouses." Following the evening service the rdinance of baptist will be admin- stered. A cordial invitation is ex- ended the public to attend all ser- 'icea • " •• — " ' '"'I'' ' II". 'I 1—— !___ Wheeler and Woolsey in New Fun Foursome at the New ON AGAIN OFF AGAIN •$ with' ^MARJORIE LORD PATRICIA WILDER a—Superba Comedy Friends' Horse Thief Detective Group Still Gathers GARNAVILLE, Iowa.-(/P)—The Gar- naville Horse Thief Detective Associa- .ion, organized in 1850, still functions. Thirty members hold annual meet- ngs on Whit Monday (second Monday after Ascension, in May) and they 3ay dues, elect a captain and eleven iders. According to original plans the captain and his riders were notified when a horse was stolen. The "detectives" started search immediately. They were allowed ?5 a day expenses and stood a good chance of getting the $50 reward if the thief was caught. If the horse was recovered, the owner paid 10 per cent of its value into the association treasury; if not recovered the association paid 75 per cent of its actual value to the owner. Dog Will Be "Seeing Eye" for a Blind Child LOS ANGELES. — (/P) —They won't give the dog a diploma but he'll share credit for the bachelor of arts degree that Louise Shull will seek at Occidental college. Blind, Miss Shull appeared on the campus with her "seeing -.. .' guide to take up a scholarship she had won and announced she would study here four years in the hope of becoming a short-story writer. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Fred R. Harrison, Pastor Sunday offers you another day of worship in God's "House of Prayer." Alter a busy week you owe it to yourself and to your God to turn to wor- hip for spiritual refreshment. The sermon subject at the morning ervice is "Religion Which Thrills." Remember that the church school begins promptly at 10 o'clock. No evening service will be held, as lie pastor will preach at Stamps. He will preach there each evening during he week, but will be back in the pul- >it here next Sunday for both services. The Intermediate and Young People's Epworth League will meet at 6:30. The Homes Committee will mee Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clok at th church. Mi.. Muir Reunited With 'Bert' and 'Bob* •Th« -Cist ing at Either Ifuir in • leading feminine .role opposite Wheeler »nd Wootaey tn."On A(ja!tt-0« Atfain* w«s ih *he neftufe ot A reunion tot tht actress and the RKO Radio comedy team. Miss Muir w« 4 giveh her first screert opportunity by Wheeler and WooJsey four years ago 'when tiiey tnade'"S4 This is Africa." • The ao,tress recently completed a road show engagement and film role opposite the Marx .Brothers. Marjorie Ixird, Patricia Wilder and Maxine Jennings are included in the cwst'a feminine contingent, while Paul Harvey, Russell Hicks, George Mteek- ft, «a4 Jftl K Dawson an among the 1 male players hi support of the cookoo comics. Edward dine 'directed "On Again— Off Again." Home Towns Bert Wheeler, Patterson, N. J. Robert Woolsey Oakland, Calif. Esther MUir Andes, N. Y. Marjorie tx>rd, San Francisco, Calif. Russell Hicks, Baltimore, Md. Paul Harvey, Sandwrich, HI, Geor «f *J«*f r » Brooklyn, tf. Y. Patricia Wilder, Jtfacon, Ga. Maxine Jennings,'Salem, Ore. if DkkPowell Revue at "'Varsity Show" , Wednesday and K tot Three "Varsity ShoW,' filmus!c»l;6*fiMg»j dinary, has its local nesday at the Saeng ever-popular Dick Powell ducing in grand manner to"_ ture audiences, Fred Waring nationally famous Penn»yivanlans. marks a new, high in < comedy entertainment A -, Included in the stelttii> atfNf Dick Powell and Fra such leading figures as ' Dixon, Priacilla Lanl, and Bubbles, ., Davis and Roy Afr Berkeley, known for Ms" and lavish production mil Warner Bros, musicals/ o-~ self in "Varsity Show" with j ng finale that climaxes mo^.,^_.. hour of supreme fun -and ttnraaefrf ••••i ft In their latest comedy riot, Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey are surrounded by a bevy of beautiful girls and the new feature is interspersed with song and dance numbers. The above foursome consists of Woolsey and Patricia Wilder, at top, and Wheeler anil Marjorie Lord at bottom. This time the boys are big. business men dealing in small pills and the side-splitting action concerns their battling, betting and jealousies amonr . the beautiful contingent of femininity. Edward Cline directed the RKO Radio laugh hit, titled "On Again—Off Again." Esther Mulr has a prominent part, as do Paul Harvey and Russell Hicks. Dave Jtryer and Herman Ruby wrote the song numbers. Highlighted by a bevy of pretty girls and spiced with songs/ and dances, the top clowns of the screen, Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey, hit a new high "I H « ty mLtheir latest °P US - "On Again-Off Again," Sunday and Monday at the New theater. ® Partnership troubles comprise the background of the side-splitting story, and this background is satirized in the ST. MARK'S EPISCOPAL CHUKCI The Rev. Chas. C. Jones Priest in Charge 'Services Sunday, Sept. 26, 1937. Holy Communion 7:30 a. m. Morning Prayer and Sermon 11 a. m Dilly the Duck Now Is a Recognized Coiffeur EL PASO, Texas — (ff>)— Dilly the duck was a contented mud splasher, with apparently no higher ambition in .ife, until he took up hairdressing. Now bail-dressing has become an ob- ession with him and he neglects ev- irything, except his domestic responsi- >ilities to comb the hair of his young master, Dick Lea, nine, of El Paso. Dilly can put as attractive a part hrough Dick's hair as the boy's mother. He uses his beak. Dilly was an "Easter" duck present- dizzy duo's best style, from the musical-comedy chorus which makes up the personnel of the company's offices to the hectic complications that develop. Wheeler and Woolsey are partners in a prosperous pill-manufacturing Company; but never agree on which one is responsible for the world-wide success of their product. Their constant quarrels threaten to drive their legal adviser, Russell Hicks, insane. The discord is augmented by the rivalries of Woolsey's wife and Wheeler's fiancee. A notable supporting cast appears with the two mirth-makers in "On Again—Off Again," their twentieth costarring vehicle in the last seven years. Besides Russell Hicks, the featured players include Marjorie Lord, a lovely newcomer from Broadway who made her debut in the recent "Border Cafe"; Esther Muir, who was with the team in "So This Is Africa"; Patricia Wilder and Paul Harvey, The action takes place in a' large Eastern city, and most of it is in two elaborate'settings—the palatial offices of the pill company, with modernistic decorations and modernistic stenographers, and Woolsey's costly home. The romantic element, always an important part in the Wheeler and Woolsey filmfooleries, is supplied by Wheeler and Miss Lord, with Miss Wuir in the role of Woolsey's wife. There are two songs, "One Happy Family," sung by Wheeler' and Woolsey and a chorus of employes, and 'Thanks to You," sung by Wheeler. The two funsters and their feminine accomplices also put on a sparkling tap dance routine in the "Happy Family" sequence. Edward Cline, who previously directed the clown prince in "So This Is Africa," directed the new offering which was produced by Lee Marcus. Nat Perrin and Benny Rubin wrote the screen play, and Dave Rreyer and Herman Ruby the music and lyrics. ... —: . •• ^-^^^~ • " At the New Saturday I? I ALTO ft ft- BIG Double Program BUCK JONES Western A Racing Picture SUN. MON. & JANE WITHE -In"WILD AND WOOlLY" —SHORT UNITS— > on right here NOW Let's Go! MONDAY —and— 1 TUESDAY The Boss said:— "Step on it" ... "3 Smart GWs" was good, we'll .all admit that, but this is 100 times better" DURBIN CHAPLEX CHASE JnJteL RQACH Coyote. That fun maker of many comedies Charlie Ciia.se appears in the "two reel comedy : "From Bad <o Worse" on the Saturday program at the New in addition to the serial and Bob Stccle feature. d to Dick by a friend. The two were nseparable companions until Dick's JReal Estate Notice \ ALL OWNERS of residences, building lots, or farms, for rent, sale, or trade are courteously requested to phone S26 and give descriptions and particulars of property to— Foster & Borden | 123 W. Division St. Licensed Real Estate Brokers MRS. SID HENRY Windows Rain washed the windows of my house Today, and suddenly The sky that had been dim became A shining canopy. The trees, whose dull leaves yesterday Were dusty, crumbling things, Discovered vibrancy again And danced on brighter wings. I scrubbed the windows of my heart, Washed out false hopes, old sin, Worn grudges, jealousies—tonight New stars are shining in!—Selected. -••-•Miss Mollie Hatch will spend next week visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Ben Goodlett at Ozan. Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Branch and little son, Jimrnie, are spending the weekend with relatives and friends in Little Rock. -O- Mrs. Johnnie McCabe will have as week-end guesti, her sister, Mrs. John Green, Mr. Green and Mr. and Mrs. Dick Emerson of Little Rock. Miss Jeannette Witt has as week-end guests, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Smith of Shreveport, La. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Williams of Sheridan were Friday night euests of Mr. mid Mrs. S. C. Biwdy father purchased Donna as a "girl friend" for Dilly. I've just been informed that bloomers are old-fashioned.—J. T. Cooper, Oklahoma welfare commission, who listed bloomers on a working girl's • budget. TELEPHONE 321 Mr. and Mrs. E. F. McFaddin have as house guest, Mrs. McFaddin's mother, Mrs. Milte McCammon of Fort Worth, Texas. —o— Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Horton announce the arrival of a little son, Franklin Nelson, Friday, September 2-1, at the Julia Chester hospital. -O- The Woman's Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church will have its rog- ular Bible Study at 4 o'clock Monday afternoon at the church, -O- The Executive Board of the W. M. U. First Baptist church will meet at 3 o'clock Monday afternoon at the church. -O- We would like to call your attention to the two beautiful Yucca plants that are in bloom on South Main street. The lovely waxy white blossoms of Iliis rather rare plant arc really worth seeing, and we never saw them more beautiful than at this bloming. Another thing we would like to recommend, is the placing of a traffic top on South Main at the intersection of Sixth street on football nights; it isn't so bad for Hope folks to get in the jam, but when we have as many out-of- town visitors as we had Friday night and all intent on getting to the stadium at the same time, it is rather bewildering to strangers. SEE US For BefiiUshing Bed Rooms Suits and Ice Boxes O. K. Body Shop . 1015 S. Elm (Old Hgb. Shop) J, M. M. MORGAN Orville W. Erringer Hope, Ark. Representing Hamilton Trust Fund Sponsored by Hamilton Depositors Corp. | WE PAY 5% Jefferson Standard LIFE INSURANCE CO. Pink W. TayloR First National Bank Building Hope, Arkansas -+ QUILTS Properly Laundered 25c Nelson-Huckins SATURDAY ONLY DICK POWELL —with— FRED WARING —and his— Peuasylvaniaus in "Variety Show" —of the very A best pictures mm BUCK JONES "Black Aces" —and— James O Patricia DUNN IX ELLIS "VENUS MAKES TROUBLE" rniuiNir " s ° uis at sea >" <<Life ° f Emiie z ° ia >" "LOS VxUiVJlllVJ Horizon," "Double or Nothing-" & "Thin I <ost Ice"

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