The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 26, 1940
Page 7
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TUESDAY; MARCH 26, 1940 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 1 PAGE-.-SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line for consecutive Insertions: One time per line lOc Two times per line per day,...08c Three limes per line per day...We lilx times per line per (lay 05c Month rate )»r line..'. GOe Cards of Thanks 60e & 75v .Minimum charge 5Cc Ads ordered for three or six limes dpd slopped hcfore expirn- Uon will he charged for ihe number of times the add appeared and adjustment of bill wade. All Classified Advertising cojij' submitted by persons residing out- i/ side ot the city must, be accom- ™ panted by cash. Rules may be ctis- Ily computed from above table. Advertising ordered lor irregular insertions lakes Ihe one time rate. No responsibility will be taken v for more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad For Rent &i ucrcs. Cnn be divided, 7 miles from BlytlicvlDe. Cheap renl. Kv- cn-'lt J5. Gee. 26rck-39 Front bedroom adjoining tatlj, Outside entrance. 027 Walnut. Phone 838-W. 26-ck-:.' Two fiirjiished rooms. Near Twill. 101 W. Ash. I'hojc 29£>. ZO-uX-tl room unfvivnlsbPd -Cull 327 day-iiiglil 55, 4 ruQins and batli. BulH In cabl- net in kitchen. Elcclilc Furnscc Jicut. ISO Sycamorp, Call 326 or 88?. !3-ck,117 room /tirnlshed apartment, and . K09 W. Asli. 2J-pk-26 3 room furnished apartment. Prl- VRte biilli. Mrs. Weil, phone 351. Nicely furnished bedroom. 101T W. Walnut, phone J02." 10-ck-tf 3 or 4 rooms (or rent. Phone. HO. Welding EXPERT ELECTRIC & ACETYLKNt WELDING E line and heavy well specialty, Barksdale Mfg. Co. Jione 19 or Res. in I Electric und Ac* WELDiNG Nice furjjlsljcd room. Adjoining t bath. Innersprlng niattress. AD convenlcncefi. Phone 630. J2-(ll» Grain drill and tractor for rcnl. See Ren Ci'«(g 'or Paul Byrinn. B-ck-ll PJione 19 or Res. 1UJB Expert Electric und ,'icclylenc 3 room furnished apartment. New ly d'-'coraled. Garage. Close i« 120 Dugan Street, Mrs. Belle Wood. ' Notice TERMITES i Work Willie You Sleep! Wake up before they dniiiage your property. For Free IlWi|>fcllcn C'flll 5P2-W. Walker and Archer Stale Licensed Operators MULES Will trade for Mules, Cows, Hup, Cattle, Corn, Hay and l,uinbri'. Delta Implements, Inc. tier Hwtf Slnipsvii (J.rt-U MARCH-END SALE KXCKl'TJONAl. VAMJKH THJiSK CAHS MUST GO! $228 ; 1937—}'V<! • itndlo, Heal or, nnl.v I 1 (>;i:J-T-J''onl Si-dun. Motor I TJri's Good. lOrily Room iwd Board Room iind board. Phono 083. Sewing Soivln s Mr.v llliieJunill, I IMG. jj. Mrs, .Smith ,% Armor?). Phoii'- l-rk-4-7 DISTRICT OI< COUNTV, AUKANSA3, Hy 0, a Smith, Piwldcnt Blirt Ii. H. Aulry, Secretary, 2G-3-0-10 SlOVOi-i For Sale C year old Welch Pony COO itoitmU. Evcvclt B, Gee. i tires. Motor A-5. "wVisiiiiig' Only < JD35—Ford Konlor, 'JTJT rondjlipn through- Save $100 on new Fore). Buy $200 m ,| due bin for 5100 cash. Would consider trade on light used csir.l ]<|;j7 [i'(iril Write P. O, )iox 5t>, nriiKsadocJp, I m .i., i Mo: •'" >•' °!"5 Hits $67 III JfOiXl $161 O. H Cdnpor Furniture Co. !!!'( fj, ) r 'i'M. riill line sllchlly iiM'd I'lomii-o D iid NPM-O OH Ftovfs, Other tlcins—(uintlnrii line. Nfni' Bills iholhcrs' Orotcry. aO-pk-'JT and heavy welding our .specially. Dragline D. W, CRANFORD Comfortable front bedroom, outside entrance. Phone 351, 515 W. Walnut. 1-ck-U 2 room furnished apartment. 1601 W. Ash. '29-ck-U Rooms furnished or unfurnished Mewly decoraicd. Reasonable. OH Hearn. 26-pk-3-26 Arli. R r.'iil Nice bedroom ronvenlent to bath. " Steam he»t- fhone 280. Ick-tl Farm Loans Large or Small At Low Enterest Katc$. We are equipued to handle Jargs or small loans on any sized tract of farm Inna, ht low cost, and ai a luw interest rate. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut St. Blytheville, Ark Unfurnished apartment In Shane Apartment Building on West Main Street. Call 571 or 101. 1-ck-tf Hardware We Specialize in SWEEPING COMPOUND Shousc-Henry Hdw. Co. , Phone 35' Male Help Wanted Young men -for.-Aircraft Factory-work. ; f,liist,_ be.-^able to finance > .short 'training period. Write, giv- 1 Ing . age, -i 'educaiion,: etc.. to Box "W.A." c/o Courier Ne'.vs. 22pk27 Garages 1940 Arkansas K ton Truck license. Number 2?X-T'i3. Owner may have same by paying cost of this ad. Courier News Office. 1810 Arkansas License Tag mun- !)er 51-086. Owner may have .same by paying cost, of- this ad. Courier News office. WheiKVonr Auto Gets Sk'k'Briiii) '_-:. |- / II I, tht Auto Hospital Next: lo Camp JUouHnc John Buchanan riionc 107 Personal Arouse SlUERlEh Liver, work off the .bile to rid yourself of const!' oation, gas pains, and that sour punk feeling. Take one box of KIRBY'S ACTIVE MVER PILLS 25c at ali Ktrby stores PIONEER SETTLER Answer lo Previous r»zzjr. 1,7 Most famovis | . » n ' hogs ns^yeh.ld. bR§P»F] 12 To run av/ay. U r-espectful titles. 16 God of Wiir. 17 Removal from throne. 19 Greek jetlcr. 20 Pound (Kbbr.). 21 O!d garmenl. 22 Ribbed fabric. 2-1 Before Christ 42 Preposition. (abbr.). 25 Visilor. 27Rc.?led on knee?. 2H Heron. 31 While-tailed eagle. .13 To vex. 34 Doctor <abbr.). 35 Highest intellect. 36 Affray. SRNole in scale. •13 Knn. 45 Ciivily. •!6 jiiflucnza. •17 Cleansing substance. .•10 l.,n S3 Winter rain. 55 Name. Ti6 Deportn.icnl. 07 He was thq iMormon - : — r- or cprnmuoity head (p).). Type standard D8 He was also •1) Incarnation of (he high -— Vishnu. (pi.). VERTICAL 1 Sharp projection. 2 Long inlet. 3 In case Ihal. •1 Takes notice of.. T)llig!i mountain, n Lunar i>ri>. 'I To long. 8 Plural pronoun. 9 Aphid egf. JO To (=naich. J3Poslscripl (abbr.), 15 He built up H community in yiali: 17 CompoFition for Iwo. IS Opposed lo wenther. 21 One who due);. 23 Fullness. 25 Fierce. "6 Menaces. 28 Jogging'- gajl. 3p To Jcavc. 32 Chaos. 34 To Hbdicalr. 37 To Ii<rk up. •10 Large rtecr. 1C Lawyers' rhiirgOE. <(? Seed bag. 50 Italian river. 5) Little devil. J] lie sclllcd hi? 52 Pastry, people in the 54 You and 1. Utah . 5>6 Nolc in scale. D. & P. 11A Cotton Seed Certified & Treated Ginned on 1'rivute Gin Ben F. Butler Co, Osccola Tomato plants, cabbage, swct wid hoi peppers now ready. nave been growing Jn our green- nouses and arc free of disease. Heuton's Home of Flowers. 200 E. Davis Avenue. Zl-cfc-28 Four head fine mules. Will sell cheap. Wiley Smith, Burdetlc. Itl-pk-i-10 Poultry miles. Only 1 '.K5G— J'onl I'k'k.nj). rcconditiuncd. good. .Only or I Nuiire |« hereby nlvci> llwl the JMmlHlo ^ici-lnl Hehuol uktrlcl of . , .. , I Mississippi couiuy, Arkansn.s. will pick-up. AlolOl'i offer for sale for rash at public l)C'Ci\ driven 'lOOOj'inlr lls l«ue o( $1'(,(]1KI in vrfuiul- II'K bonds dated ,lniun\ry 1, inio, bwiliiK hilcrcsl nl llif> rule of •!'•:•'. per unniim from dato until paid, nnd nntm-hi-' nn ,)iu-uiirv 1 $224 Motor MOTOR CO. Bib <t WaluuI I'liiiiic H1U Help Wauled Wanted .seven fa to of 1IM2 to inSO, 1051 lo ItiliO, li)r)u:;ivr, $i.0'll)'c. .'.'t.ri'i'l .The sulo will he hold ;il |0:i)1 A. M.. April 10, IQ«. In the office. or SuiHTliitpiirfciU of schools In JJiinlPlIc, TJio dtaiijct will reserve the right lo ri'Jri'i uny and all W<!K. .Given this W diy of March, loitl. UUIIOETTIJ 6't'iJClAL BCIIOOl, live on tin-in and perform dayl Inlrai-. I'ny 51.10 for cad) d"y^ worked. Hr!. Dubobc, Iloiilc K, M«-,' Tiy One of Our Dellcloui PIG SANDWICHKS Ole Hickory Inn Why Drive a SHABBY CAR? Bo jnuiirf of y^wf nr mid |;iln tilt »diifd rp>|»tr( ot ottim. Our cxprrt r*|i»lr mm ytjll be |i»j)|>y (» five you an cMlmate, /!<><!{/ Denlvd? Fenders Kent? i (lions llrokwi? THEN 3EE US TODAY! LOOK L1KH NKW A'l' VBHY Ll'lTLK COST TO YOU. PHILIPS MOTOR CO. H1U SPECIAL! \/'i Mart for Jhe KCIIC moii«y Johnwn's W«» »nd tiJu-Ciul SHOUSK-HENRY HAKinVARK CO, 35 Fleet Joyner Say : YW (ijy, ft e your On* Busing I'll Oiv e .Vpii lh« -rSAVK Baby & Started Chicks 1 Custom Hutching Marilyn Hatchery Blytheville Jliwy. 61 North Safe r • Accuratt Vour Prrscrlpllou Dru^lst Fpwl«r Drug Co, (Wit A tint Phon* HI Spec/of '/'/us 5 room resilience, 100 foul lot. I'rlcu $1250. $125 cash." Balance JIJ.W Thomas Land Co. H. C. Ciinipbcl), salesman TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS H APPY UOUR GBO.& n now W. S», Phow W I J. L GUARD Ontanrietriirt Only <3n»du»(« 0|l<ome- trlsl In Bl) IhciUirc. Gl»»sf8 'Fllltd Correctly I Wcrt Optometrist "HK MAKES 'KM SEE" Oyfr Joe (wary Store t'hone 540 VIIII'MJ trlwl |t«i Kusl, Kim |ry THE BEST «;OAIV' LOWEST ABH—H1GHFST HtAT ,' REDASHffilO.OO DIXIE QUALITY UP, S6.95. tll.f) NVI'hKIOK VAUK-rilONK 7(10 PRESCRIPTIONS FreKhcsl Stock Gunraniecd Kcst Uric«a i.% Kirby Drug Stores Ffow J.ocntcil In Glencoc Hotel Dhlj;, ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KIMVAKDS, Troprklor All RJuMi* uf l(<!lmllt T)JH'«rHcrs, Aililliie IMHChhits ami u— litji.'ihliig—I'nrls Oairy CuJJ .4S5-W.-1 lor o) : (iers of mill cream, or churned butler milk All cows government treated, till sell's Dairy, 12-pk-S-12 VJIKSII OUEAH1EI) Cottage Cheese Craig's Dairy ; P)lo;ic '•! '•' Expert gun repairing!. Sec B. M Damon at the Blytheville Armory on Wednesdays and Thursdays. WE FIX ANYTHING \Vc Call For & Deliver Bicycles, Irons, Fans. 'Toasters, Hot Plates, Lamps, Upholstering, Furniture, Slip Covers or . anything you might have. • " '•;.•' Bj.vtfieville Fiirnidtrt' Co. •' 126 East Main St. Washing WajileJ Family Laundry. All clothes wash' cd separately. Mrs. Mick. '6H5J Lake. • <l-pk-4-4 Winus, Liquors The MUlc Shop—Hold•I'lohlc. Hue wines ami liquors. Wo, specialize in .Scotch and imported ilcjins. Leo j LtnlKClilch, Miiiiiiger. 25-ck-l ' Jjtllcs j<cltfl|i yeljcsv-gold n rls'. j walch. wilii tnltiais "H. p." en back. Finder please return to 510 W. Ash lor REW.ARO.. BUY Tlre$f6tit" STANDARD TIRES »OTHE* SIZES —• -• ., PROPORTIONATELY LOW // At Today's LOW PRICES! As " Cftc I'cr Wuek Low As 3v • On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO, Stli Walnul Phone S10 ilrrnsj I'riim llljli I5Y UOY CItANB HER! IT WAS GHASTLY All HE WB WAS FISHT AMD ERA6 AMD EMBAR R.VS5 ME ZEOLO FEAR OF OISSBACE ANO TOISOW SRA,VUAUV 14WEP. BlVT BECEMTIV 76 DUKE APPEARED. SOMEHOMHE ... UABHEPOF MV PAST! UNUS6 1 Rt CDTASTOLEM WWWND -• FOB HM, HE THREATEMEB TO EXPOSE ft.1 I VJAS \—.-p<> ZM OME FAVJE MOVE 7.6 P06UE BSOlJtSHT WORE AMDMHE PWWO|Jl)S. WOW MS OF WEFT TO SAVE wsosw wcvfi COULD WOT Ptwwe (v\y ItlUKeMCE JA)L- ftKO REP TO AMERICA.T BECAME DID OM ME. AKjri ZAT UY I'KlflJ) HA KM AN AHAFT».SIT ALL OVER.TH' 5EAV ? 3CE(JE." RUIIJS OF TfO/ 1500 B.C. ^COrp, l»MBtKr«5[«;C.' f. IJ. Btii «.'sjpif. nrr As Simple us Thill ROOM CHtW V\A'3 FRBCKI-KS AN'O HIS HIMRNDS BY MPRRIIJ, BU)SSEK i ( WELL, i low MUCH. WOULD You GUESS we " IM I'!30M OLK. SHOW? THAT scxx OSJ THE CHIN THAT 1ME L SAW cr HIM He WAS lle»l- TAILIMG irour r^o. t. J. GUESS WE NIPPED HIS GAME, IN THE BUD ' lH!?.TY EI6H1 DOLLARS AND TEM CENrs / NOf 8AD. HUH? . HOLD ON A MiMurt- / '. MR- SLABUE'S BILL K3R. .THC FIUA is f. as, / THAT'I \_ UfAVfi f 2-10 '!D SPLir BETWSEN US ' REA& ABOUT THE BIO AXFJ DUCcRS PAY ' PUCOEY,' '— ;

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