Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 24, 1937 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 24, 1937
Page 5
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Friday, September 24. 1937 KOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGfi 5O Passes to the Saenger Theatre - - 5 Each Week Here are the rules for the Food Page Contest. 1. Write out your favorite rcceipe (baaed on economy and originality). 2. Clip out any advertisement appearing on Food Page. 3. Mail or leave receipes and the advertisement that you have clipped care Food Department, Hope Star. * Look in next Friday's paper for winners of this weeks receipes. Winning Recipes Cabbage-Pineapple Salad 1 medium head cabbage (shredded) 1 can pineapple (diced) Vfcpound marshmallows (quartered) Put cabbage into cold water for half an hour. Drain. Add marshmallows and pineapple. Mix thoroughly with one cup boiled salad dressing and one cup whipped cream. Serve on a leltuse leaf garnished with paprika and parsley. MABEL C. SCHNEIKER Italian Delight 1 box spaghetti 1 can corn 1 can tomato soup % cup olive oil 1 cup broken cheeso 1 onion 1 clove garlic 1 sweet pepper Cayanne and chili powder to taste. Chop pepper, onion and garlic and fry in the olive oil 15 minutes add corn when hot, add soup, then cheese, when cheese is molted, add cooked spaghetti, and cook all in double boiler an hour or until well blended. MRS. G. PAT CASEY Ham Loaf 1 Ib. Smoked ham 2 Ib. pork shoulder Ground together twice. 1 can tomato soup 2 eggs 1 cup bread crumbs 1% cup milk Onion to taste. Mix together thoroughly using Vi the can of soup and saving the rest to go over the top. Make in a bread loaf pan and bake, one hour. Serves 12. MRS. F. M. HORTON To Women: If you suffer every month you owe it to yourself to take note of Cardui and find out whether it will benefit you. Functional pains of menstruation have, in many, many cases, been eased by Cardui. And where malnutrition (poor nourishment) had taken away women's strength, Cardui has been found to increase the appetite, improve digestion and in that way help to build up a natural resistance to certain useless suffering. (Where Cardui fails to benefit, consult a physician.) Ask your druggist for (pronounced "Card-u-i"). Swiss Stcnk 1 veal round steak, cut thick (about l'/i inches) 1 T lard Salt and pepper 1 onion, sliced thin % cup vinegar 3 T Worcestershire sauce ! /2 cup hot water Salt and pepper steak and sear in hot lard. Cover with sliced onion and pour over this the sauce made of vino- gar, worceslersheire sauce and hot water. Cook in slow oven about one hour. Baste while cooking. MRS. WILLIAM H. ORTON Bakclcss Fruit Cake 1 Ib. garham crackers rolled fine 1 Ib. marshmellows, cut fine 1 Ib. dates, cut fine 1 Ib. glazed pineapple, cut fine 1 cup cream—not whipped 2 cups nutmeots 2 bottles of cherries, cut once. Mix ingredients thoroughly. Pack firmly in pan lined with oil paper, put in refrigerator or cool place and lot set over night to get firm before cutting. Half of this receipt makes cako equal in size to the average two-layer cake. MARGIE MUIRHEAD Sharpe Pitches Pebs to Victory Byron Humphreys to Face Crackers in Third Game Friday LITTLE ROCK.-(/P)—Koln Sharpe pitched the Little Rock Travelers to a 1-0 victory over the Atlanta Crackers Thursday night to even the Southern Association Shaughnosy playoff finals at one game each. Official attendance was 3,849. Jim Tiib6r's leaping catch of Mailho's liner with the bases full in the sixth saved the game for Little Rock. He stepped on third to double Luby, who had started for home, and to retire the side. Sharpe, the 140-pound veteran right- hander, gave up nine hits, the same number collected^ by his Traveler mates off Leo Mon, Atlanta's veteran lefthander. Three running catches by Center fielder Nonnenkamp that appeared labeled for extra bases and Art Graham's perfect throw to the plate to cut off a run helped Sharpe's cause. Luby played a brilliant game in the field for the Crackers, handling 11 chances at second base without a bob- MOTHER SMART USED CAR BUYER a reliable car. As I discovered, every 'Dependable Seal' car carries a Triple-Checked Tag that gives all *he facts about the condition of the car right down in black and white. Well, 1 got just the car I wanted and I've been driving it every day and it runs like a top!" • Motorists who are in the market for a good, dependable used car at a low price will certainly be interested in the experience of Carl Russ, window trimmer. "The first thing I did when I made up my mind to invest in a used car," says Mr. Russ, "was to turn to the Dodge dealers' classified ads in the newspaper. I knew that Dodge dealers were taking in an unusual number of used cars in trade and that they'd naturally have a wide selection to choose from. "Then by buying under the Dodge dealers' 'Dependability Seal' plan 1 would be absolutely sure of getting TURN TO THE CLASSIFIED SECTION OF THIS PAPER FOR TODAY'S MONEY-SAVING SPECIALS AT YOUR DODGE DEALER'S! YOU'LL FIND A CAR OR TRUCK TO FIT YOUR POCKETBOOK! AND YOU CAN BUY ON EASY TERMS TO FIT YOUR BUDGETI B. R. HAMM MOTOR CO. 73k J&t&ndinef* X NATIONAL LEAGUE Club W. L. Pet. New York 87 54 .617 Chicago 85 59 .590 St. Louis 79 66 .545 Pittsburgh 76 68 .528 Boston 73 71 .507 Brooklyn ' 61 84 .421 Philadelphia 58 86 .403 Cincinnati 56 '87 .392 Thursday's Results New York 8, Chicago 7. Boston 2, Pittsburgh 1, Philadelphia 9, Cincinnati 5. St. Louis 8, Brooklyn 4. Games Friday Chicago at St. Louis. Pittsburgh at Cincinnati (2). AMERICAN LEAGUE Club W. L. Pet. New York 96 46 .676 Detroit 85 59 .590 Chicago 80 63 .559 Boston 74 66 .529 Cleveland 75 76 .528 Washington 69 64 .519 Philadelphia 48 93 .340 St. Louis 43 ,101 .299 By MBS. GAYNOR MADDOX Nca Service Staff Writer Corn, both white and yellow, makes this a month of corn roasts, fritters, pancakes and succotash. On the cob or off, corn is grand American food. White corn if you like, but right now golden bantam is the big news. Tomorrow's Menu Breakfast: Orange juice, broiled mackeler, creamed potatoes; whole- wheat toast, coffee, milk. Luncheon: Spanish omelet, Fsonch broad, baked apples, tea milk. Dinner: Cides cup, veal cutlet, baked fsesh cosn with tomato and curry, steamed riie, molded green pepper and cucumber salad, fresh pineapple, oranges and shredded cocoanut, coffee, milk. To convince yourself, try these recipes. Special Corn Fritters (4-6 servings) Three cups flour, % teaspoon sugar, 6 medium sized cars of corn, 3 eggs, 2 tablespoons milk, 1 tablespoon lard. ., Boil corn and cut from the cob. Sift flour, sugar and seasonings, Beat eggs, add milk and corn and flour alternately. Stir well, Heat frying pan, add grease and drop mixture by spoonfuls on pan. Cook well on both sides and serve with maple syrup. Crisp bacon is the perfect garnish. Baked Fresh Corn With Tomato and Ciirry 4-6 servings) Six ears of com, 3 egg yolks, % cup cream, 3 tablespoons butter, 1 teaspoon salt, % teaspoon pepper, 1 teaspoon paprika, l ] /i teasoon curry powder, 2 cups canned tomatoes, % cup bread crumbs. Melt butter, add seasonings, then cream and corn which has been cooked and cut off cob; Butter a casserole dish, put first a layer of corn, then a layer of tomatoes and continue until dish is full. Cover top with crumbs and bake twenty minutes in a moderate oven (350 degrees F.). Corn Puff 4-6 servings) Six ears of corn, 2 tablespoons butter, 2 tablespoons flour, Vj green pepper, 2 teaspoons salt, 3 eggs, 1 cup milk. Melt the butter and in it saute the chopped green pepper, add flour and milk and seasonings. Cook until thick. Boil corn or use left-over corn and cut from the cob, add it to the sauce. To this add beaten yolks and lastly fold in stiffly beaten whites. Bake in a moderate oven (350 degrees F.). thirty-five minutes. ble. He went over nearly to first in the fifth to take O'Neill's smash and throw him out. Little Rock played heads up ball all the way in contrast to a slow game Wednesday night when the visitors banged out a 6-2 triumph. Three double plays were chalked up by the Travelers. Little Rock scored its run in the first inning. O'Neill singled to left. Nonnenkamp beat out a bunt. O'Neill was caught in a chase and tagged out. Tauby doubled to left, scoring Non- nenkamp but was out attempting to stretch it into a three-bagger. Graham's throw to the plate came in the third. After Chatham singled and Moon sacrificed him to second, Luby hit a line single to left. Graham's relay beat Chatham home by several feet. The Crackers' final bid came in the ninth when Hill singled with one away but Richards hit into a fast double play. Byron Humphreys is Traveler Manager Doc Prothro's mound selection for Friday ngiht's third tussle. Bobby Durham will hurl fgr Atlanta. Atlanta 000 000 000-0 9 0 Little Rock 100 000 OOx-1 9 1 Moon and Thompson. Richards; Sharpe • and How to Get Your Money's Worth at the Butcher's With beef prices soaring, lamb and pork find bigger place on the food budget. What could be more tempting than it deliciously browned leg of lamb, surrounded by browned potatoes, green peas and a dish of gravy? By BETTY D. SUPPLEE Written for NBA Service With her food dollar rapidly shrinking in value—due to.rising prices, of course—it behooves the homemaker to 1 learn all she possibly can about ways and means to get the . most for her money. Since 15 per cent of .each food dollar on the average household budget goes for meat or meat substitutes, Such as fish and eggs, knowing the best values among these products is all important. Let us consider the ear marks of quality meat of all kinds, discuss specifically beef and lamb, then dwell a moVnent or two on the subject of fish. If tender and delicious meat is wanted, do not choose the leanest. Good quality fat flavors the lean and improves its tenderness while cooking. It is best to buy meat with goodly fat deposits and marbling, even though the fat is not eaten. Remember, too, that poor quality fat indicates poor quality lean. For these reasons it is wise to pay more attention to "at than to lean when choosing any kind of meat, Cheap Cuts Rich in Flavor If you must buy cheap cuts, console yourself! These may be less tender, but their flavor is richer, their food value greater. Therefore, by learning to cook less expensive cuts longer and in such a way as to release the woclerful flavor, you will be doing your family and guests as well as your budget a real service. In buying graded meat, whether graded by a government agency or private concern, be sure that the name of the company or the initials "U. S." are included in the stamp. First quality beef has a deposit of fat over most of the exterior carcass, also generous deposits of interior fat. This fat is white, brittle, flaked. Fine threads of it run here and there through the lean, giving a slightly mottled appearance. The lean is bright cherry red in color, firm and fine in grain, velvety to the touch. Bonos are red and porous. Poor beef has these characteristics: the fat covering is txeremely thin, or absent entirely. If present, it is yellowish, soft and oily. The lean is soft, watery, has not a trace of marbling. There may even be tough fibres of connective tissue running .through it. Bones are white and flintish. Selecting Choice Lamb Early winter and Easter lambs are best, whether freshly killed or from the very excellent, modem storage vaults. Entirely milk-fed, those ane usually light in weight, and'the cuts are small but of superior quality. Bones are soft, porous and slightly red. The meat is light pink, fine grained, velvety in texture, well marbled. Fat surrounding top grade cuts of lamb is smooth, somewhat thin and evenly distributed, soft and creamy white, with a definite sheen. Poor quality lean cuts of lamb range in color from dull red to dull light ibrown. They are flabby, soft and watery (not juicy). Fat is barely visible. Bones are sift, slightly porous and white. The hind quarter of a lamb is best for roasting. Keep in mind that lamb, and mutton, too, should be served from medium to well done—never rare. How to Tell Fresh Fish When you buy fish, conceded by scientists who have made an exhaustive study, to be, pound for pound, as rich in nutriment as meat, and in no few instances richer, shop carefully. Even more important than realization that fish has a definite place on the table is knowledge of ways and means to get best value for your money. If a fish is good, the skin will be shiny the eyes transparent, and bulging, the gills bright red, flesh elastic and firm so that a finger-print will not rmeain on it. It will smell fresh at the gills, and the mouth and gills will be closed. When you get the fish home put it in water and, if it sinks, you can be doubly sure that it is fresh. All of these signs need not be present. One characteristic alone may be sufficiently predominant to decide the question. Generally speaking, one pound of solid fish can be counted on to serve three persons. If skin, head, bone and tail are included, then one pound will serve only two. If your fish is delivered to you in a special parchment wrapper, simply put it in the refrigerator. If not, wrap it in heavy waxed paper yourself. When ordering, it is wise to be explicit and include directions for the preparation you wish the fish to undergo before it leaves the market. For example—"please send two pounds of mackerel, cleaned and split for broiling" will save time and trouble in the Jcitchen and probably be more satisfactory. football Games College Bacone Indians vs. Arkansas Tech at Russellville (night). Arkansas State Teachers vs. Springfield (Mo.) Teachers at Springfield. Ouachita vs. Oklahoma Baptist University at Shawnee, Okla. Cape Girardeau Teachers vs. Hendrix at Conway (night). Arkansas A. and M. (Monticello) vs. Northeast Center at Monroe, La. High School Byrd High at Hope (night). Hot Springs at Jonesboro (night). Clarksville at Pine Bluff (night.) Forrest City at Benton (night). Piggott at Blytheville (night). Nashville at Camden (night). 'El Dorado at Haynesville (La.) night. Dermott at Fordyce (night). Berryville at Rogers (night). Newport at August (night). Harrison at Fayetteville. Walclron at Springdale. West Plains (Mo.) vs. 'Sloan-Hendrix Academy at Imboden. Marked Tree at Rector. Lake Village at Benoit, Miss. DeQueen at Horatio. Gurdon at Malvern (night). Bauxite at Sheridan. Marianna at Brinkley. 'Batesville at Walnut Ridge. Hoxie at Paragould. Chidester at Murfreesboro. Searcy at Stuttgart. Magnolia at Prescott. Harrisburg at Corning. Earle at Wynne. Siloam Springs at Paris. Helena at Clarendon. Parkin at McCrory. Dumas at Warren. Cabot at Carlisle. Lonoke at McGehee. Blovins at Amity. Oak Grove (La.) at Eurocla. Danville at England. 'Cotton Plant at DeWitt. Bearden at Monticello. Princeton at Rison. Conway at North Little Rock (night) Ashdown at Catholic High (night). Little Rock at Muskogee. Rheumatism Study Is Planned by Michigan Ann ARBOR— (IP)— A cure for rheumatism is being sought by the University of Michigan. A clinic will be established in which specialists in chemistry, dietetics, surgery and bacteriology will concentrate their efforts in a study of the malady about which science knows little. Dr. Cyrus C. Sturgis, director of the ROBERTS GROCERY & MARKET West Third Street MIXED SAUSAGE- Home of Better Meats -Pound ISc SLICED BACON—Pound 30c BABY BEEF STEAK—Pound ..... ISc BABY BEEF ROAST—Pound Baby Beef Round Steak—2 lb$. ISc 35c Thursday's Results St. Louis 9, New York 5. Boston 4, Detroit 3. Chicago 1, Philadelphia 0. Washington 3, Cleveland 2. Games Friday Detroit at Cleveland. New York at Boston. Only games scheduled. Only games scheduled. Six State College Games This Week Hendrix to Open Against Southeast Mia? souri Eleven LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-K/P)—Sii AMl- ansas college football teams will stylnM into action this week-end, four oi them against out-of~state competition. Three of the games are to be 1 played on Arkansas gridirons'. Four gfimeS are scheduled for Friday night_and two for Saturday afternoon. ( y 1 ' On Friday Hendrix and Southeast Missouri Teachers meet at Oonway, ^_ while Arkansas Tech faces Bacone'In* , ,| dians at Russellville. State Teachert journey to Springfield to meet'Sftuth- west Missouri Teachers; and Monti* cello A. and M. tangles with" LSU , Northeast Center at Monroe, La.' The Razorbacks will face Central r Oklahoma Teachers at FayetteVill* Saturday, while Oniachita, gpe* to Shawnee to oppose the Oklahoma JJap- tist University eleven. §&\ Henderson and Arkansas State ate the only teams not slated for action this week. The Reddies' openin&Hune was scheduled with the Magnolia A. and M. Muleriders which disbanded for the season. Arkansas State ^opened last week against Southwestern at Memphis and has an open date-this week. '~i'c- T Last year Hendrix defeated Southwest Missouri Teachers 6 to 0 Ouachita tied the Baptist eleven 14 to I4 K and Monticello A. and M. won 6-t<*$ over Northeast Centre. ' "' Oklahoma City Win From FtWorth, 5-3 Panther's Rally in Ninth Inning Falls Short Two Runs - FORT WORTH, Texas. — (/P) — Last minute throttling of a Fort Worth uprising by relief pitcher Clay Touchstone pulled Oklahoma City through to a 5-3 win here Thursday night that left them 'lagging by a game in the Texas League championship playoff. Five runs to the good going into the ninth frame, the Sooners developed a case of jitters and watched three runs go across and the sack^ became loaded again before Touchstone slipped a curve by Jim McLeod with a 3-2 count on. Oklahoma City 100 130 000—5 9 0 Fort Worth 000 000 003—3 8 2 Brillheart, Touchstone and Friar; Selway, Whitworth and Jackson. department of internal medicine, says rheumatism is one of today's major medical problems. TULSA.— m— "Tsk, tsk," sighed Detective Sergeant Lynn Moss, "to steal so much for so little." A business establishment had just reported the theft of 1,000 Oklahoma tax tokens—value ?1. £££ Malaria • II 111 in3day. vvv Colds Liquid, Tablets first dajn Salve, NoteDro^^^^ Try "Rub-My-Tism" World'* JBeiit Liniment HOPE STAR TICKET WINNERS Shows the tickets are good for; —at the— ' 'i SAENGERi Sun. Mon. & Tues. DEANNA DURBIN —in— "100 Men and a Girl" Wed. Thur. & Fri. DICK POWELL —in— "VARIETY SHOW" PAGE'S CASH .&/ONLY Phone 348—We Deliver LAMB LEGS—Lb „ 19c STEW—Lb 12'/ 2 c CHOPS—Lb. 22c SHOULDER—Lb. ISc POUTLTRY HENS,lb 19c FRYERS, Ib 22c BEEF ROAS T—Lb ISc BRICK CHILI—Lb. 17«/ 2 c VEAL CHOPS Pound Blue Ribbon Bread -»nyj i> A^t. At Your Grocer and CITY BAKERY

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