Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 28, 1934 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, July 28, 1934
Page 2
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MORRIS F1SHBEIN Editor, Journal of the American Medical Association, arid of Hygcia, Uie Health Magailne Tubercular Menaces Child in Snrtie Home YOUR CHILDREN By plivg Roberb &arton If'jrtnlor Is a Man cf Pew Words. Don't Worry. The child who lives in the .home -of ;; V*HV COUUPMT SETTLE \T IN TV\6 Political Announcements TIT* Star la rfiithoftted to the f6lt6wing as candidates' subject fo the action of the Democratic primary electiori August M, 1!KM. For Stale Senator (2l)t)i District) JOHN L. WILSON For Slietlff OfcORCJE W. SCHOOLEY W. AUilRY LEWIS CLARENCE ft. UAKEHi J. E. (JIM) BEARDEN ..... . ^. j.- . •• •• SIDE GLANCE By Geor County & Prohnte Judge II. M. STEPHENS County & Pformte Clerk R'AV E. M'DOWELL JOHN W. RIDODILL Tn* Assessor MRS. ISABELLE ONSTEABr R. L. (LEE) JONES C. C. (GRIT) STUART Rotid 6vorsecr' IDeRoan Township) E. L. SULLIVAN L. S. MAULD1N FRED A. LUCK Home Clubs Patmos-llinion The Patinos.Hinton Home Demon - .slration club met at the thonic of Mrs. G. C. Powell Wednesday, June 18. There were 14 members present nntl Mrs. Oscui- Wilson led the devotional. The canning of peaches and tomatoes was discussed and demonstrated by Miss Griffin. Our next meeting will bo with Mrs. F.zra Simmons. At the close of the meeting Mrs. Powell served lemonade and c-uke. 'Yeah, my wife is that way; she would be out dancing n!«:;;;, :•£ I could tako licr." ster or to get the affected person into. tome sanatorium. ! ff In (lie prevention of tuberculosis for . f years t . f.^A * I, „ l-. nr v.n «r> 4 ti*» e/MirnA nf i ** j Ccllis boys and girls: Boys 30---I words f(22 words Ui future, the tome as the source of years ™ woras most cf the case:: will be the center: < y«« }^ wol f of interest by public health officials.! >«,,, ^ wo d Girls 743 words 920 words 157G words t» t n,~t of ThH ' G vears 29W> words 20G4 words ' fc'or t-xperts point oui that most ot tne; u -' " T . mrs . ^uuisu juuu^n >Y... ^~~~ —tuberculosis occurring among children;,. Who buehs last Inugfe best, H fol . rfope after spe^ng a few Laneburg Mi. and Mrs. A. B. Weatherington left Friday for a week end visit with rdalives- in Afkadelphia. ( Miss Ruth Gann spent Thursday in visiting' friertds. Johnson will leave Sat- is due QSIii OLtU* 1 11I& *ii»iui*6 *-in»^»*'-** i i. i ,1 -tU \ * <*.« *-^« to infection directly from i "Mr. shouted with glee at the top " wilh ratives • here . is ClUe tO lIUeL'UOU U1I-CVI.IJ i*u.... Mi, • 1 « «« \VCtri\^ \Villi itt*iv.»v^ ....... °rov/n UC s having that disease in the i "umbers, Mrs. has ai the joke on and Ml . s sid]ley Loomis wlU "5__ "r_. i her side at the last. Girls, as usual, ]eave SaUlrclay f or San Antonio after have to take a back seat even in 1 spcnc j ing a few days here. . I • . !;_,,.. _1il . . .-.t, it,-,,. ,,4-ntif- f\ff 1 *• U he adult with tuberculosis offers for a long time with what is ! word-juggling, nl hough they start off Opposed to bo a cold or chronic bron- j w.th a flourish at two or earlier. children to become infected be- girls, that her Johnny is going to be hygenic precautions are | a stupjd^ ton^-tied dune, ^ e adults in a home might! is three he will chatter until >-ou hoM Mis:; Bessie Netms will arrive from Little Rock tomorrow to spend the weci- end with her liiother, Mi's. C. F Nclms. Mr. mid Mrs. A. F. Bertnett of Tex- arlcana are spending a brief visit with Mr. and Mrs. George Fore. A three weeks singing school will close here tomorrow at the Baptist (.hurch by the studt-nts of the school. Scientist; say that boylegs are a sign cf courage. Certainly, when the owner exhibits them in a bathing suit.— Huskcll Free Press. Emmet (Jucnisey The G\inrnsey Home Demonstration ;vhil) met at the home of the s'ccre- | a.ry for the purpose of discussing tlui ' plans for the c-otton house-dfcss con- Miss Mnrgartt Magncss left on the | tfi( T| lerc wcre 19 members and ono 21th to visit her aunt Mrs. Henry | visi[01 . ,, rcs ent. The irteeling opened Spragg at Bridgepoi'l, Conn. She is | ^ vit)l a song , in( j ., devotional reading also planning to stop in New York for. ^ Mrs if f ; ys Afterwards Was led by a few days. ! Mrs. T. R. Logan, followed by the dis. Mrs. Norma Kline has returned to CUKion o f t ), e )i O usu-dress contest, her home nfter spending two months! ^.fler a short social during which in Shreveport. • I melon and cantaloupe were enjoyed Mi's. Hattie MacFarland and son. by a)] t)le mee ting adjourned to meet 1. R. of Manning, La., are visiting on Ju , y 33 at (he home of Mrs. P, A. relatives and friends here. • Hug), son . Blevins Mr. nnd Mrs. Floyd Brooks nnd children, Mrs. George Sampson nnd Dallas HugK spent last week in Glfide- SOPHIE KERR'S SUPERB LOVE STORY By Sophie Kcrr ed, to some extent, against the disease. But not so among children. The . _. = magpie. Thank goodness people have learned to talk to babies and tiny children mans" are "give i 'ums a tiss" is all over. I ^Idespread is tuberculosis that ^ en i «£««£«££ .*£$$ \ larse dose of orgdpisms,, come seriously with the- disease. ^^^^^^^.^^^^^^^ vclvement of the glands at the roots ; Ies7 ^sks dtad. - jD^we ^don tjike ••"UU, "dSease remains confined to \ drink it." We want a doughnut and these glands until healing has occur- j we know very, very well we cant red, the ch ^ A ^ ™?tms "^out^of ' "charks may not blush, but he must thcs^ands and e in g to ri the lungs, or if | feel an awful goose, especially if he's ^f Vo^a^^h^^ H^her? ±" ^Sa^ ire thereby carried to tne Done ^ ^ ^^ ^.^ ^^ high tme 1 to drop it, and is likely to carry this ! denial of her boy's rights as an individual "he" to a ripe old age. Little people are very dignified. Believe it or otherwise, but this little BEGl* HEIIE TODAK JANB TERRY com*» «o New York determined to >huw her hiinie torVii, MarliuTg;, nnu" e»i»ci!tnll» AMY JACKSO.N tbni site can make a «nccpn» ol he* "**• * IU 7. ..^J*,* liccn hi-r hi-.it trlemJ anlll HOWARD JACKSON dfukf tlio cnKiiBc- nieni .fnne lini! forced mum blm and miirrli-il (Vmy. • In Se« Vorls June obtains n no• IlioM In n rrnl c«t:iic alllce iind «onn l» miifclnR n InrR* Income. She hn* nil nnfrfrr With ROGEIt TUOUI'E. mnrrl«-U. unl lire, ol | my Amy! lifin. Wlirn li« olr>r» 10 hear the [| Ule N t aney too .» expense nl tlielr uhlld >h« eon. f'lkt-* the tial>y. iimmMl .XAN<.'"V, n'romUlnti never* to reveal It.s unr- ber It." tie said. "Stop" nere under the street tight, darling, i want to know where she la. so If she should be any bother td you 1 can get at be' without lossf or' time." He wiote It down carefully, saying it aloud.. "Jan* Terry, 101 Part Avenue. Sew York City, and may the Lord nelp' not miss them. Alice Moreland', who Hart stayed away while Howard was there, t»pgaiv to com'e Iff agarn. Edgnr «as in France, out she heard from titm often enough 10 mal;e her. ir no' more cheerful. at least less an'rt she put no -i show ot brav'ery not to r disturb Amy. The' two Columbus The Columbus Home Demonstration club met at the home of Mrs. T. L. i Johnson with eight members present. The meeting was called to order bv the president Mrs. C. K. White and the devotional was led by Miss Helen Griffin. The secretary being i.bsent the minutes of the last mooting nnd the roll call was omitted. The house dress contest was discusecl arid Miss Griffin gave a short demonstration on you it you make any tro'nble fof | yoiins womon sat and sewed to- And th>i same' goes f6'r Wnr tlnn \Vlien Aiiu-rlpn enters Hie World loiViinl ei«INt» In the nvlii- ,.ri>-. nnrt K"e» <« » trnlnlnu iir 'l'e\n*.- HI" mother i-imif" ;it with Amy nnd ''«"«'' Am> eonfiili'a to ilAii* 1 feel a' lot better from' h'avl'rig put It out ot- my mind' sn'or vnic/ yours." said AmyV as th'ey wat-h'ert- 1 getlier. "This child Is surely irig to be snrpr:srrl by the n'«!m- sti'tcl'iing and tinbroldcrort scallops on his clothes." doc hi rod Afary Jackson. afriitd' -different seams. The member; were culled to the kitchen and Miss Griffin gave a demonstration on canning tomatoes, after which a short discuss, ion was made on the canning of other different fruits and vegetables, file club then adjourned until the next meeting. cirmp • I,. H»: Nnnoy iim iwnrd ttoiiien home tor the •»ttnit« IVirHrtnyx. Amy n-ll* ,,r her r,-nr llmi J»ne nii.J along, "but 1 also feel' t rnane 3' fuss about nothing', if J-an'e rta? new offices arid more clefks arc. such, she's not itiln'klrYg' of Nancy. p | ayod n ft doesn't e?°n sc-era' that she s W <. 0 rk1n<: prnciiro. coming to Marburg." "She'd better not come ami tlis iif-odlowork thore was always Amy's- music. She noticed She nrifi tievci How tinlinitPly Green Lasctcr The Green Laseter Home Demonstration club met July 10 at the home of Mrs. Judson Byers. Ten members weer present, together with two visitors and one new mem- ' period wati'i. TeSiis. Mrs. Calvin Honea visited hor sister in Tcxarkaan lat wi-ek. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Sfono of Tus con, Arizona are the quests of Mr. and Mrs. Albert. Dye. Mr and Mrs. diet Amo:; of Oklahoma art.- visiting Mrs. G. B. Arncs this wool'.. Miss Flora Cotton, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Wudi; won- the dinner guests of Mr. iilul Mrs. Jack Bonds Thursday night. . . Horace Honcri was :i Hope visitor Saturday. Mr.--. Wells Harnby and children are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Warren Ncs- bitl. Coy Cummings was a business visitor in Hope Tuesday. Mrs. BOBS Wood left Saturday for Pcabotly Colleg at Nasrville, 1'enn to attend the summer term. Mr. and Mrs. Winifred Holmes of Malvcrn were the week end guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. Chns. Brooks. Alvin Osborn and Edgar Leverett were attending to business in Hope Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Lester While and daughter, Wilrrui, and son. Leon, and Elmer Bell spent Sunday in Little Rock. W. T. Yarberry and Arthur Sewell cf Doanyville were in Blevins Saturday morning cnroute to Hope to attend the meeting of the tfinntrs of Mcmpstead county. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Bonds are spend- ing the week end in the Bethel community visiting Mr. ami Mrs. H. E Nolen. Miss Eva Bonds is spending this week with her brother, Harvey B6ndS and Mrs. Bonds. . . Miss Lorehe Arnold nnd Miss Gfaco Tluimns were shopping in Hopt Monday. Miss Janet McCaskill of McCnsKHl is the guest of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Stephens. Mrs. Clarence Tidwcll of Prcscott is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Morris. Mr. and Mrs. Tom J. Stewart and son, Dwifiht, spent Sunday afternoon in Prcscott visiting Miss Charline Stewart. Miss Marie Ward spent the week end in Prcscotl with Miss Dorothy Stewart. Mrs. Fletcher Smith of Gurdon sporit Monday in Blevins. Mr. and Mrs. Harlon Honca were iit- tcnding to business in Hope Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Harmon Griffin, Mrs. Henry Griffin nnd Mrs. Alrod Brooks nnd Mrs. Joe Bailey were shopping ifl Hope Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. L;iwrencc Cullens and Miss Mottle Cullens were Hope visitors Monday. Mrs. Ed Jordan of Roseboro is the guest of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Lii". ¥ Stephens. President Roosevelt is making one notable record at least. He may go on frcciucnl ocean cruises, but he htid nr.t yet been photographed in a ten- gallon'hat or in an Indian costume.— Waxahatchic D;ii!y Light. nard f I U >» U j certain ^ as conducted by Mrs. Earl Ross.^ ,. ,, c bother you. It I could only take [ co m p o s e r s inlluenoed nei rime try to iriuc Naitey from | Detler care , o[ - vou . {( only .thoughts, her spirit, now directly duced. Whenever a child has a constant cough, whenever he has a low daily fever and loses weight, whenever there seems to- be a coi nt. wneiiuvci , «-«-- ' - ----' «i«r,nllv Hrprl fellow I'm telling about was barely there seems 10- oe u t-ontmually tired , i( -"™ ' . =, . , ift d on Yeungsters Are Brainy • 1-c.uld be {Trowing is a sign of some j s 1 ugnificance,' although it is not con- i ^^ ^ of ^ fifty ^ s ^addition to these .symptoms and | was whirling like a dervish. His' the ni NOW GO ON WITH TI1K STOHY C'HAHTEH XXX111 A MY, looliing at Howard, toltl herself that she could nevei •xplain to him now she knew that didn't nave to so so soon. It's j they moved nc-r to another ur\- no more than a minute since I | varying ambience. "It's not the usual mental lesponse to a change hi rhythms." --he told Mary. •It'll only be two minutes bo- , fore you're 1 bad! again. Say 10 | "They ch.-ingc rr.y ihnnghts as It "ane had ov cf r, m ™ no weeks. 70 days. I don't Know use tryin- Aloud she said. "I'm < how many hours for . cant mul- Tstartert all this excitement, tlply 24 hy 70 In my nead-" lorry I didn't realize where It would "One thousand six hundred and take us. Of course. 1 don't set eighty." "Aren't you clever! Howard-, look at our house.! Doesn't it- look nice! I bfclieve Miss Rachel \vould sell It to us. if we wanted no'is can be made by the In^hT^ £ ^y pic- «^ Walt a bit. You mustn't do the child's chest. t-ii ularly ill regard in homes where %-,ho has tuberculosis. ; that again." myself letting Jano coolly step in Kntl take Nancy — Init 1 was afraid she might want to. And WU-MI you asked me if I'd do it. provid- '/.ig Jane needed and wanted ano really loverf h«r—" She hegan tc [artgh—" t ni S i s all very Involved Isn't it?" It. She tenants.' s;iys \ve make ideal 'D'you %vnnt to buy It? Sup- I'd be offered a chair In an- Interesting discusions regarding score cards and dresses to be made by club members wer given by Mrs. Riley Lewallen and Mrs. Leslie PurtU', respectively. Due to the absence of Miss Gritlin, Mi«s Evelyn Murph was in charge of .. . _ the" meeting. The requested that all tney spoke to me. finch Is Kind ! wno ccl ,ld do so go to the demon- and good, but :i little delachPd: straticn at the Experiment Farm on 13'rahms scolds and tease* and ; t he llth of July and enjoy the day. asks why I don't use my urain: Chopin shows on beauty a little too consciously, and Schubert shows off oeauiy. loo. but unconsciously and iis if tie wants to convert the world to 'We're goinc to uniiivolve IT. , other college, v/c'd be ntucl: with completely a.-id permanently.- darling girl." -said Howard, as tliey it." Vans Miss Host's w - -s-i *»:iT"i±'r- n - Sr™.» XV \vho V grownup | no brains, no ' dignity. Don't use claptarp talk. •'That's what 1 told her. An.l "If li'» siia "aid. 'llni|,h. Marburg's uot good e n o u E h for h I m, 1 Miss lloaa was at home and de- I siippot-e!' " lighted to see them. "TlioiiKL I They came in smiling to Mary you ought to be ashamed to ioo>: i who sat reading the evening Treat them as real people. If so they me in lhe face." she reproached j paper. "Marburg is «ertalniy tuli •* * v » A«*4 ... I ^.i .. A*, n n*> ii r^\r\ <mlc c«11rl J I A\L**I nl will grow into still realer people. And don't embelish words with a bright A real smile—a calm, straight look—gentleness ot tone—all very well. But a voice in a falsetto key, or everlastingly loaded with some emctional cadence, is grating. Bet- grin. Chinese Bandits Treat Their Vic- tcr to s-'-Plnite Junk" b Diary of a , lanes or - amphibian airplanes Man They Captured .. be able to land passengers "All 1 v.-aiitrd was a lu- I rjl Papery old gals." f Kvc-rybody wouln | "Miss Hnsa and l Hooth— " "Kvoryhody would have saitl ' "For heaven's s:il;^. wh> do have to listen to thai bore'." So Hov.'ard. minute talk, have adored it." mo." added Mary, j "Where've you two been gadding ci'onnl 1 foi'inaliti'j- of nis and ccHirilcrrt. but IJeethoven, yen. and F'rancli—oh. Mary. ihr;y understand nl! poor stupid mortals." "nationalization of the masters! 1 quite 1IU-B It. only 1 don'l think you're doing Mo-/ari Justice." "I'm not doing any or them Justice, but that's what they say to m'c. as nearly as 1 can put It into words. I don'l Know thai I ought to try to put it into words. 1 re- Howard, i member once belt!;; very superior Rachel I with .lane Terry about describing of another— exactly Entrants for the dressmaking and canning contests wcre elected as follows: . Dressmaking: Mrs. Purtle, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Lewallen, Mrs. Robinson. ¥ ^ _ ^ .._ a _ Mrs. Blevins, Mrs. J. Byers. irowm""never torgets the enliven, j Canning: Mrs. Wolff, Mrs. Icla^s Mrs. Simmons, Mrs. Duhn, Mrs. ins, Mrs. Cumbie.. . Tlie next 'meeting will be hCia me secon'd Wednesday morning '" Aus " list at the home of Mrs. Leslie Purtle. Tlie demonstration will be on tne making of pickles and relish'-'S. The devotional will be led by Mrs. ! .-:o late? And so 1 was setting worried was Nancy.- She that's all settled, and now v u'll | atrllj ,|' Howard wouldn't he home ia time to kisn her goodnight." il rff I By BRUCE CA1TON Every now and then you read of ical design. wne white man being captured by i . A . in downtown New York, with comple. tion of two new landing docks of rad- glider consmof a sin- Hi , the bare fact, of the case and no ( liave a nice time." "I- thfiii'j'.it Jane was comine. j Ro«:i," I'.iid Amy. "Maiy so." a me millt-niuin. every day tolling' why sli'.' wore. You know that there's an story of danger and privation back arc a of each laconic paragraph; but some- absorbing' tending the entire width of the wing attached to the trailing edge. didn't start l:i--t nighl and promising to l>e nr-nr tomorrow. So today 1 v.'irod ner shed belter how the stories don't get told, and j in :j tiny compartment or a verminous each one leaves you wondering. \ Chinese junk, anchored in a desolate ' save tier mo;n.y on telegrams 01 Bhe' v.-ouldn t DC aMe to buy bei . tlchL-t. She's us bu.y as a wtiol, h ". I'O^.b.luios , rroWARD rah.cd bis eyebrows * * and' looked hi Amy. who cave a nod ot understanding. The> could not sp'-'itU ot N'a'ncy's real mother in froni of Mary, hut that message cllnolied what they hart just discussed. Nancy would rt- main th'eir own. After that, foi the brief timt lull ot Howard's slay. Jane uuu one art in terms tlioui-.h I'm not that." "Jane Terry — you l:nnw she's really coming tomorrow? Rosa's f.o pleased." Amy turned hack to the piano and went- on phiMiig. Mary was not do-ne with the subject: "You know 1 haven't si-en the Blrl yei. I'm vulgarly curious about her. liacls inn. hive of bti.iy bL'Co. I i:uow thai "Novr'however, in Clifford Johnson's ; swamp! They were bitten by every i She's renti-d new oHlees. lary- '•Pirate Junk," it all comes out. Mr. : conct: j V able kind of insect, including ones, and in-;'-!:.;• in.' Miss Kosa ' . . _ i . 0 , (!i;u ••Tln.-y'rd a; ,! "Jane's; th ;- WOIIKl^l- Utti'-'t Amy- , Johnson, with two others, was seized | mw: quitces; their food was atrocious,! ft . as |, n ,., ( | by Chinese pirates a year ago, and , tne : r qu arters were unbelievably fil- I 101 1'ark AVUIIUC. i'i;;lu »y (ir.inil was taken from the pirates by bandits. ,h y t ) ie heat was terrific, their cap- ce. llt ni| diati'Jii She's ^oiny to The three men were held for ransom : tors wfcr( . ingeniously cruel— although j uil . c more periple. loo." c/n the fringes of Manchuria practi- : ,_[ ^etLial torture there v/as very lit- tally all of last summer, until the i t ] ( . Japanese finally negotiated their re- j AS a day-by-day record of human j ea = e ' endurance, the book is simply aniaz- j "Pirate Junk" is a diary that Mr. j ina . U is ;iL so, by the way. very cap- • --r'!t ;Y l; ' ll: '" 1 a " l "'' "'"" er : " |G Johnson surreptitiously kept through- i a Wy v/ritten. Read it, and your im- j *. wlu-ii thev •.-... -m ,.*•••>• and lu- out the period of their captivity. ! agination will be able to fill in the . door wat u'u-L-d uKii-na tb-:-m V/hat kind of time did these three j picture the next tune you read a Howard pu'l'-d ui.i m.- uoteboon young Englishmen have, anyway? -'Chinese kidnaping. i "I'm i;o-ir.p 1.0 »-<-u* down Uia: Pretty bad, says Mr. Johnson. They Published by Scribner's, the book j Q dri ,- K1M ol Juue'a ~'-i!'- 1 remeui- gptnt most, of their days cooped up js price d at ?2.50. oblivion. Tlie tune was loo sc-jnt to waste on her. Tliey coul<l only stay together, trying to piece tt.i.- bours to a reasonable, length, trying to put off i ue end of them Soou. alino.si belcre Ihey liuew it he was gone -i-,- ubrupily as at had come, and the old bou~t echoed with loni'lin'.vs. ll was Ml;c' a di't-um ih:.i :)•_• Dad been UH.T- al all. At li.-a:-t. thoii.-^lit Amy. it ti:n: bec'u a ijluriou- ilrtam and tl.ui-. was the irr;-.ii 1.0:, ;ulut ion tlui n. would com-; i/icl> again uefurt very IOIIK. A-; -.-.lit: naa iironiirf-d blie lei nor pupils no, out slie dm Could we to tea, with Uosa? H wouldn't put you out'f" Above the pattern ot Auitra'a Dance. Amy answered reproachfully: "This is your home, isn't jtV You ask anybody you want. tor tea. lunch, dinner, breaklast O/.an, St. 1'aul The O/an and St. Paul Home Club met Friday, July 20 at tht home of Mrs. J. W. Gist. Miss Griffin, the home demonstrator gave an interesting devotional after which a business session was held. The roll call and minutes weer read and lli members answered the roll call. Two new members:, Mrs. Roy Tollett and Mrs. H. {•• Hcberlson were presented by the membership committee. Reports of pro paration, preservation, poultry a'Hl clothing leaders were made. Mrs. Matthews was appointed as program leader lor the next meeting. Miss Griffin gave a demonstration on packing and canning tomatoes and also distributed some helpful pamphlets. Next meeting will be with Mrs. C. K. Osborn and demonstrations will be on frozen desserts. or midnight U and it's all with mo arid you know it. Misses Lillina and Madge Roseberry ' Mal- You really ought not to miss Jane. ! have returned to their home in Mi m- t v nuite a person. We'll net , vern after spending a week ehere. > urn oui the MUi'.on ;'iip:i and the lace tea-doth." It v.-ub, she thouiilit, inevitable that she should tee Jauu. and better right Ut-re. so it there was the least thing lurking lu Jaue'b mind about Nanc>—h'-'fidc-s. It s'lie asked June h'Ji'e u would jimw her chin ^'!it- wa.-u't afruid. iv.id i."xi>rt'ss-.'tl 10 again, bui were Tlie doubts sin? Hov.'iu'd awoke not so dark. s-'t't 1931. Ijy Sr,|ihli; Kt-rr) JUe Continued. >_ I1K10R cotton, Hut crepe or thin woolen are materials be.it t>uitc;l 36 to 52, size -1-1 requires 5 1-2 yards of 39-inch material. To secure a IMTTKRN and STKl'-KY-STKl' SK\VIX« IN'- STUUCTIONS, fill out thu coupon below, being sure to .M10NTIOX NAMK <)!•' THIS NEWSl'APKK. Mrs. J. M. Johnson has returned home after spending a few weeks ut Bradford. Mrs. Norman Smith of Strongs has been visiting her father the past week Coland Sullivan and ffamily of Norphlet spent last Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Robert McFarland. Mrs. Dcru Emory has returned to her home after spending several days in Shreveporl. Mrs. Mattel Segler is visiting hur son Ambrose Adams at Strong. j Mrs. Nash Townseiid of Little Rock | is visiting her sister here this week. JULIA liOVI), 1015 PARK AVENUE, NEW YORK Enclosed is 15 (.-cuts in coin for Pattern No. Size ... Name Address City ytato Name ot this newspaper The Sl'MMKIt I'.Vr'J'KKX UOOK, with a complete Kuleelit.n of Julia Jluyil di-sinns. now is ready. It's 15 cents when iiuivhuseti aeparatoly. or, if you want to order it with the, patteru above, send In jusi an additional 10 cents with tho coupon.

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