Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 24, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 24, 1937
Page 3
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Friday, September 24, 1937 HOPE S.TAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE THREI MRS. SID HENRY TELEPHONE 321 New Frontier There still is left to men a new frontier; Lot none believe there is no virgin soil For venturing, no Innd for pioneer To prove with plow and harrow. Fruit of toil Beyond the dream of harvesters remains. There is .1 land so trcauliful nntl fnir That is ordered well, both sun and rain, And men arrive in caracans of prayer. Unfatliomccl areas are yet untrod Where pearly vista lie on every side For him who goes adventuring with God. A man needs only faith for chart and guide, And prayer, angels hold. Let's help earth brcnlhc again, mukc wnrs to end, And find the mystic rainbow's pot of derson State Teachers' College, Arkadelphia and will spend the week end with home folks. The following program was given on Thursday at an all day Group Conference at the First Presbyterian church. The morning session with Mrs. Lee Holt of Washington presiding included the Anniversary Mymn, with Mrs. C. C. McNeill at the piano followed by the devotional by Mrs. R. H. Davis and the Welcome by Mrs. Carter Johnson, with the response by Mrs. J. J. Battle of Fultori. "Yesteryears of Group Conference" was discussed by Mrs. R. L. Searcy of Lewisville and the "Inspirational Message" was given by Mrs. F. R. Young. Luncheon was served at noon. Dur- to reach the place that ing the afternoon, Mrs. Dorsey McRac " ' Mission Study Book, Synodical Training School was given by Mrs. J. A. Wilson followed by a vocal selection by Mrs. Dick Watkins "Literature" under the head of "Looking Ahead With the Secretary j of Causes" was discusses by Mrs. W. M. Mrs. K. G. McRao is spending in El | Cantley, C. E. & M. R. & Annuity Fund Dorado, attending a group conference j was discussed by Mrs. John T. Barr of of the Ouachita Prcsbyterial. Womble, "Foreign Missions" by Mrs I T. E. Logan of Prcscott, "Religious gold- Let's pioncci' anew, O brother, friend! —Selected. discussed the "Other Men Labored." Arkansas i Tito Country club will hold its first opeit' house on Monday evening. A splendid orchestra will furnish music, and .there will be dancing, cards and other table games. MrsV D. W. McMillan, chiarman of the Woman's Advisory Committee of the Southern Presbyterian church, WHS among the distinguished visitors attending the Group Conference held at the First Presbyterian church in this'city Thursday. Miss Evelyn Briant, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Briant and a student in State Teachers' College, Conway, has been elected the frcshma'ii member on student government of McAlister Hall Dormitory. The student government committee is composed of the Senior Girls, One junior, one sophomore and one freshman. David Waddle and Bobbie Linakcr of Magnolia A. and M. college will spend' the week end with home folks. -o- Thc Junior Senior-High P. T. A. held its initial meeting oC the school term on Thursday afternoon in the Library room of the Hope high school, with " a splendid attendance. Miss Beryl Henry. City School Superintendent addressed the meeting and presented the school faculty. The president's message was given by Mrs. C. B. Presley. During me business period, plans were discussed and special stress was laid (in the School of Instruction, which will be held in this city on October 2. Misses Enoia Alexander, Mary Nell Carter and Margery Waddle of Hen- Education and Echoes From Ferncliff" was given by Mrs. W. H. Eltcr Jr., of Washington, "While Cross Work," by Mrs. A. F. Hanegan, 'S. & P. & Trail of Pennies" was the subject of a discussion by Mrs. Mattie Greer o: Lcwisville. The program closed with an open forum, announcements anc the benediction by Dr. Thos. Brew- stcr. The regular quarterly meeting of the George W. Robinson Co. Stores, Hope Prcscott and Nashville was held in this city Thursday evening at the Hope store, with the General Manager, C. C Lewis presiding. The meeting was featured by a splendid address by Dr Thos. Brewster, Pastor of the Firs Presbyterian church. -O- Saturday mornings (9 until 12) wil be added to the regular five day schedule of the Hope Public Library. Thi change will take effect Saturday September 25. § Gobb's Radio Service = = RCA Radio Tubes = E Evcready Batteries r E Expert Rcpahr Work 5 E Phone 3811 208 So. Elm= Church Head to Be Tabernacle Guest Rev. David Burruss Will Speak at 11 o'Clock Service Sunday The Rev. David Burruss of Russellville, superintendent of the Arkansas District of the Assemblies of God, will speak at the Gospel Tabernacle, North Main, Sunday morning at the 11 o'clock worship service, according to an announcement by the pastor, the Rev. Bert Webb. Mr. Burruss will have something to say to the Sunday school as he was formerly the district supervisor of Sunday school before his election to his present office. Rev. Burruss Is a man of wide experience in the teaching and administration departments of the ministry and is the author of several books and pamphlets now in general use in the Arkansas district. The pastor will deliver the evening evangelistic sermon on the subject, "Hell Discovered, Eighteen Miles From Hope." Special music will feature the evening service which begins at 7:45. Mrs. Maggie Martin of Shrcvcport is visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Taylor. -O- Loy Fay Miller of Hope enrolled this week at the Chillicothe Business College for a course in secretarial and commercial training. The school is located at Chillicothe, Mo. _ HES FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH V. A. Hammonds, Pastor Attendance at the Church School has held to an average of about 90 during the past three weeks. With your help we can go above the goal of one hundred this last Sunday in the month. Officers and teachers are urged to come 15 minutes early Sunday morning for a short session of the Workers Council. Teacher assignment and other important matters will be discussed The Fellowship Supper at the Bungalow Wednesday night was enjoyec by many of our folks. The address by Rev. Frank Runyan, of the Department of Public Relations at Phillips University, Was well received. The 25 cent chicken supper served by the Service Class and the Ladies' Aid 'Society was in a class by itself. All who came went away well satisfied. All Christians are invited and wel come to share in the fellowship of the Lord's Table at this church each Sun day morning. The breaking of bread in this memorial service is the rea reason for our coming together each Sunday morning. Other parts of thi worship service are helpful but inci dental to the Communion. The pastor will speak Sunday morn ing on "Seeing Things Invisible, Measure of Faith." Nothing can hind cr the richest blessing we could wish cither as individuals or as a church nothing but unbelief—lacks of faith sight. Unbelief stops prayer, stops ex pectation, stops work, stops growtl Lack o ffaith deadens every nerv and sinew of effort. But faith re moves mountains, surmounts difficul ties, overcomes the world and brings sure success. But we need not expec great things from God until we ar ready to attempt great things for God The evening service begins prompt «i LAST TIMES FRIDAY PREVIEW 11 P. M. TONIGHT ' Atl'American ttartt Revival Interest Growing Greater interest is being shown in the revival which is now in progress at ^Xnig^s^eSt crowd' -g, scripture reading and prayer th of the meeting so far, a nice delega- P astor bers. The same delegation will be *» of«J«« ^ ^^ ^ back Friday night to again assist in the musical program. The Rev. A. J.; harmful as that may TKeir "Mur'der" Was Exaggeratecl The confession of Philip Krahl, 27, that, he had murdered Helen Whebley, 6, and her brother, Frank, 3, in an attempted attack, proved to be a happy exaggeration when they were found near their home in Philadelphia. Above the father, Frank Whebley, clutches hie children lovingly in happy conclusion to the tragedy. Weekly Sunday School Lesson By WM. E. GILROY, D. D. Editor of Advance God In a Nation's Making Text: Deuteronomy 8:11-20 thr realm he realms converion of the soul. There comes a time in all ts for who know then he "Don't J.US11 ,"a[JLm.u un LIIU oujj-ia tu k,uiiv***.»»n/i* taking his text from Ps. 119:59-60 he "'£" said the greatest task that faces the f 10 ^ . _ church and ministry today is to get ^^^ ^^it or not" needs people to think on their ways of liv- wnewu-r wi. '•«"•" !,„_.„ ,, W - wi n ing and where they will sptnd eternity.. '° be replaced by a hearty We will To get people to think is the problem of the clap. If we get them to *hink do it." You are cordially invited to worship wc can get the mto act, for every man wit)l ^ Sunday. The Churchl School to get saved must act. The Rev. Tosti • mcets a t g ; ,j5 F morning worship at 10:50. ....... , ,:_u 4 __ t 1 ^ c E meets at 6;3() and the evc . service begins at 7:30. said that it is not more light or knowledge that people of this country need today, nor more preaching o£ Gods word as important as that is, But to ACT on what light and knowledge we all ready have, for the Psalmist said that I delayed not to keep thy Som- mandments, or to embrace them to own them as personal. HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE Bert Webb, Pastor May we look for you next Sunday at the Tabernacle Sunday school begin- Open 10:30 a. m.«I Shows 11 toll "I # BOBSTEELE -CAT :Dfll "Lightin' Crandal" He's coming riding into (own with A-C-T-I-O-N No. II! "Robinson Crusoe" Charlie Chase Comedy A cordial invitation is extended to nine at 9:45. The weather is cooler all to attend these meetings, and en- now and the clascs are getting settled joy the Gospel in word and in song. I for a winter of interesting study in Services will begin each evening at the Sunday school. We invite you to 7:45 starting with a booster chorus j visit us next Sunday and if possible which is being led by Mrs. Tosti. I make your plans to attend regularly If our lessons seem insistent to the point of repetition upon the need of religion and the recognition of God in the life of a people, we can only point out that the attitude of the children of Israel made this insistence necessary, and the attitude of masses of people today make repetition and insistence necessary now. There are solemn words of warning spoken here. Beware, says Moses, of forgetting God and failing 'to keep His commandments, lest when soul and body are surfeited with ease and prosperity, and the hearts of men are lifted up with a feeling of their self-sufficiency and a forgetfulness of the dangers through which they have been led, destruction come upon them. ' The temptation of a people to national pride is very deep. We are apt to say that what we havt achieved was through our own might and power. We are apt to become complacent and Pharisaic when we think of the wealth that we have created, and we are apt to forget that these things could never have been done by ourselves but for the resources of nature and the powers and resources of rod. Moses instructs the people to remember that it is God who gives them power to get wealth, that without God they are nothing, that everything they thing, and do, and say, depends upon Mm. How strange it is that men will not heed that solemn warning, so strongly enforced in the experiences of life! When a man has forgotten the pit from which he was digged, he is in danger of falling into the pit again. When a man has become proud of himself and of what he has clone, he is in danger of having it all undone. What men and nations build for themselves do not always make them great. The nation that is self-satisfied and vain-glorious has cut from beneath itself the very foundations of true progress and betterment. How can we apply these tilings in our modern America? How can we SUN. & MON. "t HOWLywood's Favorite Sons ... in a Patent Medicine Drama I Plenty of parking space. Come and bring a friend. James R. Walsh, Pastor. It is to be regretted that China has failed to understand the true inten- lions of Japan.— Emperor Hirohito of Japan. Unemployed Will (Continued from Page One) Homecoming for St. Paul Sunday Sermon by the Rev. S. A. ; Whitlow, With Luncheon on Church Grounds The fourth annual homecoming will e held at the St. Paul church, two miles west of Ozan Sunday, 'Septem- Der 26. A large number of out of town friends and relatives is expected. There will be a brief program and preaching services in the morning by the Rev. S. A. Whitlow, pastor of Ozan Baptist church. Dinner will be ssread picnic style at 2 o'clock. 'Everyone is asked lo bring luncheon. The homecoming for the past four years has been a very enjoyable occasion. At the New ','The Big Game," thrilling gridiron saga, provides patrons with an hour of intense excitement, laugs and suspense. Following the game between Hope and Bprd High Friday night a late show starting at 1 p. m. with football players of both teams guests of the New theater management. Saturday the favorite of many will appear again on the screen as Bob Eteele in "Lightin 1 Crandal" comeg full of action in his newest release. The 13th chapter of Robinson Crusoe and Charlie Chase comedy complete this oneway program. Sunday and Monday the laugh taem of Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey costar in "On Again Off Again" with Marjorie Lord and Patrcia Wilder. These two fun makers are at their best in this first run feature length hit at the New for two days. the states, counties, and town* set up elecion machinery for an "employment census day" late this year and presumably bear the cost themselves. (Election machinery usually costs about a dollar a vote.) A Cagey Appointment That little trick will leave the federal government free to spend ?4,000,000 for: . 1. A poll by extra rural mail carriers in country districts; 2. A recheck of the 5,000 persons listed with x the federal employment service; ; 3. Elimination in the returns of 1,500,000 persons now receiving relief, and their relatives; and 4. The huge accounting job required to keep the totals from getting diluted or clipped off by bookkeeping accidents. Then the President promptly put political critics at a disadvantage by inviting a Toledo. O., Republican to administer the "census." He is John Biggers, a successful business executive. To avoid other snipers, the President insisted the tally must be voluntary and therefore possessed of no powers to "brand" citizens. (That voluntary provision makes the tally resemble a straw vote.) It Has Its Faults A.critic would find himself in po- session of a lot of arguing material by charging that any census of the unemployed is a negative, and therefore, relatively pointless thing. For instance, if the medical profession wanted information about teeth- brushing, it would not ask how many people do not brush their teeth. The question would be, "Do you wash your teeth?" Similarly, in a normal census the question would be, "Are you employed?" And the question would be put to every citizen, not merely to those persons who actually are, or may be, or think they are unemployed. Admittedly the scheme is not perfect, but it is quite possible that the states, cities, and the federal government will get a good $4,000,000 worth of information about unemployment. American Pennant Clinched by Yank Detroit Drops Game to Red Sox, Giving Yankees the Pennant 900-Foot Line Bring* in a 27-Pound Trout DULUTH, Minn. — (/P)- Charles E. Pearson of Chicago had to make a big "play" for his fish, but he got It. Angling in Lake Superior, he had to play out 900 feet of copper line before landing a 27-pound trout. "Fish 'em deep" is his advice. it's Never Too Late MILWAUKEE, Wis.- (/P) —You're never too old to learn, says Dr. Lewis E. Drake, and he can prove It. From tests made with 1,000 adults at the University of Wisconsin extension division here, he found that persons from 40 to 49 years of age were better students than youths of 15 to 19. The older students received 24 A's and three D's in college coures, compared to 17 A's and 12 D's for the younger group. f Real Estate Noticej I ALL OWNERS of residences, building lots, or farms, for rent, sale, or trade arc courteously requested to phone 826 and give descriptions and particulars of property to— JFoster & Borden 123 W. Division St. Licensed Real Estate Brokers \ WE PAY 5% Jefferson Standard LIFE INSURANCE CO. Pink W. Taylon First National Bank Building Hope, Arkansas NEW YORK.—(/P)—Although beaten 9 to 5 by the St. Louis Browns the New York Yankees clinched the Amer-' lean League pennant Thursday when the second-place Detroit Tigers were beaten by the Boston Red Sox. Beaten by the Brownies after kicking away a four-run lead, the Yankees sewed up the pennant beyond any mathematicl possibility for any other club in the league. The standing after Thursday's game showed 96 victories and 46 defeats. The Tigers, 12 games behind, had 85 wins and 59 setbacks. The Yanks have 12 games to play, the Tigers ten. Good medicine for giggle glands I NOW Constance BENNETT Cary GRANT TOPPER UCK JONES "Forbidden Trail" Big Racing Picture "BREEZING HOME" OMAGAIM OFFACAIK pith Marjorie Lord Patricia Wilder First Time in Hope CRANE WATER HEATERS $5.00 Down SALES and SERVlpi Harry W. Shiver Plumbing-Electrical PHONE 259 thereafter. Next Sunday is promotion day for the Tabernacle Sunday school when all those eligible will be awarded certificates of promotion and sent on to the next class ahead in the Sunday school One of the largest numbers in attendance is expected next Sunday, don I miss it. This is a'good time for parents to start their children in for the ensuing year in Sunday school just as it is the time to start them in the grade and high schools. Rev. David Burruss, Arkansas District Superintendent, will be present at the Sunday school hour and also at the morning worship service when he will be the speaker of the morning. The pastor will speak in the evening evangelistic service on, "Hell Discovered Eighteen Miles From Hope. Children's Church and Christ's Ambassadors meet at 6:45. 'Spend an enjoyable hour, Sunday night at the Tabernacle, it is Hope s Full-gospel center. CHURCH OF CHRIST Gilbert Coiicland, minister "If We Take the Bible as Our Guide" will be the subject to be discussed by the minister Lord's day morning at 11 o'clock. The Bible classes begin promptly at 10 o'clock. The young people meet at 6:30 p, m. for their service. Preaching at 7:30. Bro. J. A. Copeland of Delight will work with the church in a series of revival meetings beginning Sunday morning, October 3. Bro. Copeland is ' the father of the regular minister, and I is no stranger to the people of this j part of the state. For 30 years he has been preaching in this part of the state. Congregational singing, prayers, and plain Gospel preaching will make up j these services. Those who love the |old time Gospel will enjoy the services greatly. Your presence is always appreciated at the church. We invite you, one and all. to attend all of the services of the church. make real lo our people the vivid teaching concerning the things that make a nation* great, and the things that in a nation's apparent greatness may bring it down to ruin if truth and righteousness and justice and mercy be forgotten or disregarded? Moses laid all the emphasis upon human values. He was a far-seeing prophet in setting the social welfare of the people above all considerations of profit or gain. His own unselfish devotion to his people to the disrcgard- ,ng of personal interest was to him the very law of a well-ordered society. We of modern America have a great deal to learn from Moses. Italians Bar New Dry Victory Has (Continued from Page One) (Continued from Page One) Africa. Would Be Logical Step Diplomatic observers said that it would he :> logical step for Great Britain and France to strive for Italian friendliness before Mussolini meets Hitler. This would lessen the probability of an Italo-Gorman agreement inimical to Britain and France. It would strengthen Italy's bargaining position with Germany and would reassure Hitler against the possibility of German entanglement in Italy's quarrels. Information here was that Mussolini and Hitler would discuss five other topics—ar. unti-coniiiiterii resolution. Austria. Czechoslovakia, a declaration in favor of Hungarian rearmament and establishment of the f;ict that neither Hitler nor Mussolini wants an Halo-German defensive alliance. I'd like to help them all, but 1 can't because all I have is 78c of my own money.—Mrs. Josie Bishop, woman prospector who spurned 10-millio"- dollar offer for her radium mining properties, commenting on pleas of persons who iiskcd her for aid. to 42, killed a legalization bill last spring. In Memphis, which in 1933 piled up such a majority for repeal of the national prohibition amendment that i' overbalanced a dry majority elsewhere in the •state, there was only slight interest in the referendum. The leader of the political organization, Edwarc H. Crump, declined to have "anything to do" with the referendum, which he termed "silly" and a "farce" because it was not binding. The vote from all but 20 of Shelby county's (Memphis) precincts was 3,194 for repeal to 1,765 against. Big DORS Bite Higher INDIANAPOLIS— (IP)— The only dif- 'erence between alarge and a small dog, say Indianapolis postmen, is that a large one bites higher. The average postman here is bitten at least once ivery six years by a vicious dog, records show. Bobcats Sets For (Continued from Page One) visitors and tell of the building of the stadium. He will then introduce Qoach Lee Dobson of Shrcveport and Coach Foy rfammons of Hope. Both coaches will make brief talks. Claude Mann of lamden, WPA district supervisor, will attend the dedication. Floyd Sharp of Little Rock, state director of WPA, was invited, but sent notice that he would be unable to attend. The starting lineups of the two teams and officials are announced in a two- column box on this page. QUILTS Properly Laundered 25c Nelson-Huckins The Best in Motor Oils Gold Seal 100% Penn., qt 25c The New Sterling Oil, at 30c Tol-E-Tex Oil Co. East 3rd, Hope—Open Day & Nile INSURE NOW With ROY ANDERSON and Company Fire, Tornado, Accident Insurance We mak« yourt smart, /atftionab It, rtmovt * 11 toih, dirt& a/rinklet by dry (Iteming. PHONE 385 HALL BROS. Cleaners & Hatters ANOTHER SMART USED CAR BUYER *\>2*<: Waitresses in a New York restaurant are being taught how to lake orders. This will stir the wrath of the uprisers against teaching military principles to the younger generation. Herndon-Cornelius Burial Association Office at HOPE FURNITURE COMPANY Hope, Ark For Safe Protection Call for agent—Phone 5, 561, 227 y.'.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.w.'.v 'I SEE US p •J For Rcfinishiiig «J •« Bed Rooms Suits and Ice Boxes "• •: O. K. Body Shop :! .M015 S. Elm (Old Hgli. ShopJ / •I M. M. MORGAN "t "?.v.w.v.v.v.w.v.v.v.v, Orville W. Erringer Hope. Ark. Representing Hamilton Trust Fund Sponsored by Hamilton Depositors Corp. getting a dependable buy because the car was backed by the Dodge dealers' Seal of Dependability, and the Triple-Checked Tag gave him all the facts and information about the car before he bought it. "Any family needing a second cat will do well to check the Dodge dealer's classified ads and get a used car carrying the Dependability Seal." • "My husband used to drive off to business in the family car every morning, leaving me and the children without a carall day,"says Mrs. Edna Edwards, housewife. "I didn't like to fuss about it because I knew we couldn't afford another new car. Then one evening I happened to notice in the classified section of the paper bargains in used cars featured by a Dodge dealer. 1 called them to the attention of my husband and he checked up the very next day. "We got a perfectly grand used car at a very low price. I've driven it several thousand miles already without having the slightest trouble. My husband says he was sure of TURN TO THE CLASSIFIED SECTION OF THIS PAPER FOR TODAY'S MONEY-SAVING SPECIALS AT YOUR DODGE DEALER'S! YOU'LL FIND A CAR OR TRUCK TO FIT YOUR POCKETBOOK! AND YOU CAN BUY ON EASY TERMS TO FIT YOUR BUDGET t B. R. HAMM MOTOR CO. It's Got That REAL OLD COUNTRY BEER FLAVOR And it's made right here in America by old time master brewers who learned how across the ocean. FoxDeLuxe Beet is leisurely brewed and expertly lagered under uniform temperature control until aged to the peak of perfection. That's why Fox De Luxe gives you real old country goodness ; : i with a rich, creamy collar and a mellow tasty flavor that makes every glass a drink of delight; It's so fine in quality that it won FIRST PRIZE at the Brussels, Belgium Exposition in competition with the world's best beers. One taste will convince you it is the real thing in old country flavor. Try it. Get a sup• ply from your dealer today. 12-OZ. STEINIES Handy short necked bottles easily stored inre- frigerator. 8-OZ. CANS The newest thing in canned beer. Holds just a handy glassful. 14-GALLON DRAUGHTIES Full 32-oz. bottle in convenient family size. Contains 5 lull glasses; PETEK VOX. BREW CO., CHICAGO DE LUXE BEER Distributed By JAX SALES CO. Main St. Phone 11 Nashville, Ark.

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