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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, July 8, 1952
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»>-* iM^fiaifoffffifrrtif i itiifrfft T T5 V •» t- «. i r IHNOMttNT NO. 42 UVKD by Ihe tkmnt* of Arkflnmi* ftnri by • of n*pi*c«onHitlveii, a * All Hit" Member* | Knch Houie Agreeing T .llflwlnj: hi hereby pro- :,'jk1\ amendment to the tit Ine Sin to of Ar- upon belns submit led » of the Hlnte for ap. ectlon at the next R'm- fdr Her»reK<'nt«llVfl* r», If n majority of the ting thereon, «t such nn dopt iiuch nmenrlment, ihtill become « purl of ItUllon of thn Stale of ArWit: N 1, Cammlnlon Oraalid — Powert, There Is od a Hlnte Mlahwny ion which ohnll be vented e power* nnd duiif)tt now r Impeded by Itiw for lHrnllon of the Hlnte iOiipnrlment, to«eihnr powerti ncrc*w*nry or ennblo Iho Comml»«lmi , U |jffk'cr» or employee* 'foul fully nrirt effectively Htlonn and IHW« iplnilnK 'te Hlghwrty Owpwrtmenl. 2, Qu*llflo*tlont and ent of Mombert — Ttrrtti of Plr»t CommlHlon. dny» ufler the conven- A*«emlily of Ihti In the yonr llifta,. rnor, by ond with (he ml- con»ent of tho Swnuie, Int flvo |K'i«un« who me eolors of the Slnle lo io Stnte Hl«hw»y Com- W t8»m» of two, four, H!H, fld tan year* respectively, W» of the per*on« no np- mall be determined by lot, ij«l»sjlOiK>rii to be ttppolntod i fllatc nt lurKej provided, jrftbpil no two C(»riml*itU)r). BH,ba onjioluted from uny CQhjJTOfUlonn! Dlotrkil, fcvent of rejectloi» Uy the , « person whose name «0 DtibinUlcd. the Clover- Ithln flv'e dey» nftur ru- wrltlen notice from the Urn Sehiito of *uch re- tho riMine. of mi- ln(C8 to fill >ueh VHK- tho event the Uovernor Wltllln flvo dnys tbeieiifli'i flHpolnl or full to liubtnli to tmte for coiitlrmntlon the IB Of any |>«i«nn t« bo nppolnt- .« JMtnntti Mhall prucnod to tho (ippolntinciil of ltd own (ON .1. Tarnn of Offlco of Uj)on the t>»p2rnilun of terms of d«ld Com- l, a guceesKor »hnll be ^ by tlio Ciovurnor In the provided for In Soellon a o( ton yoHr», which member of tho Com- IN 4, Removal of Mom- Review mid .... r .._j)H>r may bo Governor only for — fts npnly to other officers nfUM' n hour- y bo reviewed by Hurry Court for Ihu l-'irst Diw- right ot appual therefrom l&rome Court, Much rovluw itti to be without ini'iiiimp. of uny finding by UK- tho trinl court, niul WHlter, In tidtUtlon lo the 'confirmation horolunbovu ,to the Senate, the Senate -jft.yte written requent of in lV«> (8) at Us members tluit or mgvnbei's of lha b« removed when In, sen* evidence ... tnvmttor.-'.or members 110VUl li HO I'WJUvallHl ittUUot! tu. bu heard lit the ind, to bo ttiprtttf'enttut bo- WjlWUi by legal Counsel, .. nhiitl be; public "ttiut'w of tho toHlimimy M> heard it ot Uiu Senate. The tneo pltlior orally or •hflll not be bound .I uilws of evidence, lufcion of the hear>. tilling a* H body kV t ^ **, ' # fn executive isnfclnn, may r«mov» tiftirt itismbfr or member* of ttio CommlMlQh by ft majority volo conducted by *»feret n»lloi. SECTION 5. V«6*Ael*t-PllMn0, VitcunclM on the Commlmlon due to r««lgn*tfon*, dealn nt removal »hnll be filled by nbpo, Urm'nt of tho C.Jovpfnor for Win unexplr«?d term v»lthln thirty day* from the data of Mich vdcuney. Upon f«llttro of the Govsrnor to fill the vacancy within thirty day*, the remaining CtotnrniMinner* until make the ap- IJoliilmimt for the iinexplrcd term. SECTION 8, The Commission Appoint n Director of High- who «linll have *uch dutiei m«y b« prenrrlberl by the Corn- mUitlon nr by utiituto, APPROVED: March 20, I9M. Becrwlftry of Klutfl C. Q. IfAU, Mny 5 *.!iru Oct. 27 (2/1 time*) Legal Notice PROP08KO CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO, 43 MK IT ItKHOLVKI.) by the Jlmmn of n<M>r0inj>n[nllvi'» of the Hlnle of AiltnnmiH nrul by tin- Srrinte tit tho Stnlfl of ArkiiimAfi, n Mn> Jorlty of All thtt Member* Klcct- cil to Knch lidiiiii' AiiipnliiR Tlmroln: Th»t Iho following l» hereby nro- poftod BII im itmcndmonl lo llx- Con- NtlUlllnn of tho Hliilo of Arkiinmiij, »n<l upon bnlng mibtniitcd lo ilia cleclom of the Kioto for iipnrovnl or rejection nt l|»i next Ki'imrnl election for ni-proHonln liven nnd KnnnlOl'N, If H majority of tho lilcctorw voting tluTi-nn, lit Hiich »n nllTllllll, lldnpt htlfll Illllflirlnuml, (III: Niirtto Hllnil become n purl of the CorittUutlon of the Slulii of Ar- iriHiiH, to-wlt; . . Ainimdrjienl No, ' If) to the Con- Mltullort of iliii Stiito/uf ArluinitiH, ed by Iho electom of thin (it the Clencrnl Klccllon held inul conducted on the nth dn.v of November. 102JI, U hn'roby nmended to rend nn follows; SECTION 1. It being most np. parent tbnt privately nporntod fttciorlcn, Ituluntrlod nritl Inuuipor- iHllon fitolllilcu «rc norvtiinry for the diivelopruenl of n community mid for (ho welfare of lu Inhnbl- (Brim, nn iinnunl lux of not cxceud- inn line per cunt of the umeiBPd valuation of nil taxable properly wlihln Iho corrioriite boundnrlon thereof may be luvled by dtlco of tho flrut inul Hccoiul cliiKK for the purpomj of provldliiH fund» to bo itsod for tbe 'ficquliiitlon of Hilun wlihln or without mieh ultloii and for llui uonwtrucllon of aticb sllud of biilldliiiiN uitd other fncllUle», for IUUHO or »iilo. for tlio iiforonald Jjurpo.mil), or for the nmortl/.iitlon of uonds baurinii Intercut at not more limn four per cent per nn> mini iMHiied for mich purposed, SECTION 2. When potlllonod by not k'»H than ten per com of tho tjuullflod Bleetorn residing Ihereln, tho City Council or other sovorn- Intf body of any mioh city »hnll call for nn election to be held not nuuo than ninety dny» thereafter for the purpose of having tho quttl- If led «lue.iari votg on , the propo- •Illtm. SUCTION 8. The uetiornl Assembly »b»ll tiiuicl Nuclt ennbllnit lo«> Itilntlon UN tihiill bo ro<iulred to ef- i'luiilii the propontiK hereof, APf'BOVKU: March 2P, 11)31. SecrolHry of Stuto C, 0, 1IAU, Mny n thru Out. 37 dO tlmo»> Notkt uy, JuJf t, 1952 Home-Building and Realty Sales Decline By HOWARD ORAV6 LHTI.K HOCK •(ruction --— Imlh commercial - |» '/J'» -- New fun rP*ldenllnl »nd| on tho wuoc In ull^vlaio tho condition. Th«t'« the »tory given lo the A«- notl*ted Pr*M In » nut?wide tut- vey, t>t«-%*t.,b£Mlt for Mr. unrf Mi*,' ProK()ecilv<t'*nofne Builder, however, cam* whrn the government relaxed lu restriction* on how murh you mu»t pay flown in order to build or tuirch/ini' ft new houm.>. Unrter the new program, pur-' chaw™ will bo nllowed to make) dowri pnymenU 20 to 90 per cent'' j li>ai» thnn those- now required under i ' Hegulntlori X, which wai In effect! I nearly two ycnrn. i Tho Arknnonn building outlook' doesn't jibe with the national picture, Home conitrucllnn Is reportedly! booming nntlon;i1ly. In fuel it Is! a mark of one million newi In 1052 « level topped: Otily Iwlcc In the punt. Officials /u>yj they doubt the cimter terms would PRESCOTT NEWS ftflul <>8tnt<' Billet nri* down. The rfflHxnlion of Ili<golatfnri X Won't nffect conntnic'tion for ftt loftftl another (50 day*, renl t-staU' men »«y. f^ntrnrlorx nay t \nnnui-A fire Ihc blight In house Imil'lliiK Four Aikiinmi:i ritics i<.'|>iirt critical hoimlng Hhoriugfii,, lint under the Drfiwiif! fliinalnt! Production Act. unit* iiru being c on»liui-tcil t-.ijdo much lo stimiiliiU- construction. Monday, July 7 ( 'IV Wrsleywn .Service C.ulld of the Methodist Church will meet: Mi'ii'i-iy evening nt 7:30 in the; hon.•• of Mrs. John Kaglc with! Mis Hoi) Davis co'tiostesii. j I Tuesday, July !) : The 'fresfott Homo Dernonstra.^ lli,n Club will meet Tucsdny alter noun In the 'home of Mrs. Alien i 'Kiskiiie, Jr. j Wednesday, July 9 j .1, i-, ii <-s will be held at the A..<-inbl> of God Church Vv i.-dnes-' d;iv evening at H o'clock. nrnendwl modifyinu SfctUm in of Article 7 ond Section :i <>( Amend- mnnt No, 'M of nnM Oiiintltiitlon. •0 nn lo provide for itu- election of fl County Cli'ik In ,.11 of thci nnid countlun of (hi> Slntr, an follow?,: "The prnvlhiorifi for the election of A County f.'lctk upon a poptiln- /Ion biuilii urn heri'hy iibollxhed nnd there rimy bi- elected n County Clerk In like mumier n» a Circuit Clerk, /ind In such cnnei, the: County Clerk mny ))|4(.-x officlo Clerk of the I'robnto'Ufcurt of mch coMiity until utheiwUc provided by the (icni'i/il Aiincinbly." TlflM Ami-ndmenl i.imll be In full force nnd effect upon nnd after It* adoption, AI'I'UOVKI): Murch 20. 1»S1, Heerelin-y of Kliilc C. (J, HAIJ. Mny 8 thru Oct. 27 C!0 tline.i) NOfrlCG PROP08BD AMENOMBNT NO, IJE IT HIESOLVED by the Houtie. i\f ItopreoentntlvoH of the Stuto of ArkimsiiN imd by thu Sonute, a majority of All thi» Membum lOltictod tu Kueh HOUHU AHr«Hiln Thweto; Tluil the following Is hereby pro ^ed tin an tummdment to the Coniilltutlou uf the Stutu of Arknn- H, uiul upon belnu ovibmltted to tho eloftwrn of th« Stuto for tip- pruvnl or ivJbcUon ut the n«xl xeutn-ul (flvullun for Hopretientn- Uvos unit Sonutors, U u mujorlty of tho electors votlritf thureon In »ucb election adopt vucb umcndmont, Ilia Kumc »hwll become « pnrt of tho Constitution of the. Stntu of Ai-kunsus, tu wit; SECTION 1. That tho Conmttu- lion of tho Siato of Arkwasian bo NOTICE TO BIDDERS POWER PLANT IMPROVEMENTS FOR THE CITY OF HOPE, ARKANSAS fti-nled proposal); will be received nl Hit- office of the City Clerk, Clly Hull, Hope, Arluiiuitts, until 7:00 P. M. o'clock Centrnl Stundnrd Tlmu, on Tunaduy, July 20, 10,12 at which Unit! prono»al» will publicly opened and ri'tid nloud, for: Oontrm-l Nn, 3 - • Swltch|{fiir All i-cjulplnunt, mntiM-liil, and Ifibor mtiNt b<- In iici'iinliinee with tllo KporiflciitlniiK nn file with tin' City Clerk, City Hull, Hope, Arkan«im, und In the office of the TJurnw ,V MrDiPiini-ll KiiKineerloB Conipnny, 115th and Troost U 1 . O. Box 7011(11, Kmisiis City 2, Mli'Sourl. Copies of thn Contract linciinienls 'NnlU'c to HUldcrs, limlructionit to Htdilpi-N. Propniinl Korm, Contrnct Form, lUiiul Fonns, Hc«ulullons of tin- Conlnu-t, tmd Dt-UilU-d Speclfl- cntloiiH) deHlred for blddlnu purposes mny bo obtained from the Consult inn KiiHinctTH. A certified eheeK on u solvent bunk or u bid bond In tin amount »>uuiil to flvo percent (?>''< > of tho totnl amount of the bid must «c company t>»vh propOMnl. No bidder may withdraw his bid for n porloil of Ihlrty Cllli days after the tliilo of opDiiinj* bl<ls. HUlders nro rc(|ulii'(l to use the printed form* which im> contained In Ihe contract doctiim-MU. The Purcliusur renorvoH the ri«hl to roJiTt any or nil bids und to wiilve Informalities therein, to do- termini) which Is the lowest nnd host bid, mid to approve the bond THE CITY OK HOPfi',, ARKANSAS, JOHN L. WILSON. Mayor UUHNS & Mt-OONNEU, KnuinutM'tnu Company llox 70(11! KIIMSIKH City, MlH^ourl, July 7-14 Dot Dm relnxiitlon of Regulation X 1» expected to make it easierf for mnny people to buy and selli fiousi-s — |)»i IK uliirly tho more; costly one*. '• In n nutihell, hure'H a rundown' 'in tht! bulldlnK. reul I'.m.ile and 1 effect of IlcKulnllon X nt scattertdl Ark/msds pnlntn: Kuyettcvllle — Unlldlng activity ndjiidK^d by city construction permit ifcordH, bus fiillen off con- ildrrnbly. A real estate spokesman diild "clly property is a HUli; slower thnn lout year." fU'iiltoni say farm properly is uellinK nbout as fiisl this year as n ID.'il. lli'pnlrx nnd alti-riitlori.s to '•xmtlriK structureii conlinui! hi«h. Softened credit controls an; ex- peeled to result In more "starts" duriiiB Ihc second half of 1932, Hot Sprlnus — A $500,000 extension to a hospital sent buildlnn per mils for 1052 through May to $9i:i,. 000. Permits for 1051 through June wore $740,000. Frnnk Harper, president of the Hot .Springs Real Estate Uourd, suyg real estate sales In Hot Springs were 20 per cent under those for the snrnu period in ID.'il. Reduction is InrAcly In rcsidcnllnl field. Harpor mild It was too early to feel iiny effect on the relaxation of He- dilution X. Hope -- Building permits through June I, 11)32, totaled £HM,()(><> as compared to $.V;(1,(/00 for the same period In 1051. Kl Dorado — l)tiild!rij{ activity on about pur with 1051. Permits Issued through Mn>v 10">2, totuk-d $1,050.000 and through the same period i In 1051. $1.047,000. Heal estale sales; np In .second quarter after falling 1 iff Kit' first quarter of \9~i2. Official notification of relaxation of TU'gulntion X has not been received although realtors feel lifting nf restrictions may stimulate interest to some degree. Posse Looking for Roy Kimes Finally Quits MOUNTAINUURG. Ark. Ml -- A PUNKC that has been combing the back country noar here for Hn.v Kimes, escapee from a federal prison farm, has given up Ihc search, State Trooper Ed }31ackard said Saturday, Blacksmt suid officers In the posse "arc itatlsfied Kimes Is no .seen In the Area. Tho posse went out early last week to track down Kimes and a companion, James J. Tomlinson, who ijscaped from federal prison (arm at Platto City, Mo., on June 'I I, "ic will be prayer meeting! V,. MI- :<dny fvcmnt; tit 8 o'clock! nt (!,•• Church oi Nii/arene. n' wading pool fnr small child-! in the. rear of the I'resbyler- ! Church is opt-n on Wednesday i iM'on for childi i n of pn'- ' n; ane and th<.-rc will be rio ! i vision provided. Kach child i 1 be uccompunifd Ijy the mo- j . onday and Fridays are for nen from the- iigus of (1 to nd .iiipervisinn is provided by; Presbyterian Youth Fellow- j The hours are lioin ;i p.m. p.m. coin, N'eb., is the euoFt of Mr. arid Mrs. Charlie Thomas. Miss Rebecca Daniel of Miami Florida has been the guest of her iVsirenls, Mr. and Mrs. N. N. Daniel. Miss Berniee Daniel nc- companied her home for an ex ' tended visit. ! j Clarence Gordon HI, who has! been attending summer school ati Ifunderson State Te;y:hers College! Arkadclpbia, is .spentiing the ie- inalnder of the summer with his mother, Mrs. Hess Gordon, and other relatives. Mr. W. A. Newth of Popular' Bluff, Mn., is spending the inon-' <kh of Jury with his daughter' Mrs. B. C. Stivers. inii ther .M clnU II ii th<: ship Lo .1 On Wednesday afternoon at the | Fn.ii li.iptist Chuifh there will! he an ullici.-r.s and toachcrs meet-1 nn; .it 7 p.m.. pnijer mecling at 7:-l;"i and choir rehearsal at U:30. Mr. nnd Mrs. W. F. Denman Entertain Canasta Club Members of tilt; Blue Ribbon Ca riiista Club were entertained son \\etlnesiiay evening by Mr. Snd Mrs. \V, F. Denman at their home on West 1st Stiect. The playing rooms were decorated with a bright array of sum HUM- flowers. Hi^li score, honors were held by the ladies. Mr:;. Marion Franks und Mr. D.ilc Denman were guests of the club. Members included Mr. nnd Mrs. C. O.. Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. C. 11. Moore, Dr. and Mrs. A. S. Bui-lianan, and Mr. and Mrs. H, J. Wilson. Teddy, Harold and Andy Hcmisj are visiting their grandparents, i Mr. and Mrs. Harold Simpson, in! Cincinnati, Ohio. Miss Caroline Warren has returned to her home in Chandler, Ariz., after a visit with relatives. She was accompanied by her cousin, George Howard llaynie, who will spend the remainder of the 1 summer there. John C. Stetfas, Jr., of lixcelsor Springs, Mo., and Mrs. Wilma Joyce Stiles of Kansas; City, Mo., were the weekend guests ot Mrs, J. C. Stegas. Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Gee and daughter, Mary Ethel, of Greenville, Miss., were the holiday guests of relatives. / ^ Mary Buchanan and Johnny Iitingley are attending the Baptist Youth Assembly in Siloam Springs. 25 Killed in Arkansas Over the Fourth By The Associated Press The week ended Ipst midnight was th< second deadliest of the year in Arkansas. Twenty-five persons were known fn have died violently in the 7-day period, and that toll was exceeded • rily by the 1^9 of March 17-23. when tornadoes alone claimed 110 lives. Traffic accidents claimed eight lives hist week. Fire was the second! v/i.Tst killer, accounting for five deaths. _, , Four persons'- drowned and ohe dii-d of heat prostration in fatalities attributed directly or indirectly to thn scorching summer weather. One died in a plane crash, and miscellaneous causes accounted for five, deaths. Johnny I. Pcrritt, 24, Magnolfa, was injured fatally in an unusual Occident on the Ouachlta River j near Camdcn yesterday. He fcllj from a motorboat and was thrown] into the propeller. His legs were cut severely and he bled to death before companions could get him to a doctor. A 'H-ycar-o)d...6th graf. A 44-year-old dairy farmer, Raymond Ernest Grant, was gored to dentil by a bull .at his farm at Austin. Ark., yesterday. He was attempting to feed the bull at the time. Arie Lee Wright, 45, was found dt-ad of pistol bullet wounds at Mal- vei-n yesterday. Coroner R. W. Griswold said Ihe man took his own life. • Clarence Ray Greenwood, 1,6 months, died in a Little .Rock hps- pital yesterday of injuries suffered when he was hit by a car near h'js home at Colt, In St. Francis County, Saturday. Drinking kerosene proved fatal j to another child yesterday. He was! Rodger German, son of Mr. and Mrs. Coy German, Jacksonville. tlon tight In each precinct. "We do not concede to the opposition a single voting precinct In the United States," Cobb said. "We shall, fight with a 1 1 our might..." Tbe Arkansas Republican party lender's proposed civil rights plank' snys the problem of equal fights "l.< one that must be met at the local or community level." Cobb said ho is not committed to any candidate. Seven of the members stand for Taft and three for Eisenhower. It is believed that the atmosphere of Mars contains virtually no oxygen. Rotary Foundation Student to Spe.ik at Inter City Meeting I'.iul Glover of Coalville, Kng- land, student ;it the University of Al;ihiima on tho liolary t'ouncia- tinn Kellosvship will bi.- guest speak er at iin Inter-City Rotary dinner Tiu'sday night, July il at the Hotel l.tiwsoii. Glover is majoring in Economics nt Alabama and is one of several t'nroign students given fellowships to study in thu states by Hulaiy Clubs. After he receives his degree in June he plans to iu-i-rpl the post of professor in Kconomic Geography at the University of London. Following V\or Id War 11 lu 1 was discharged from the British Army with thu rank ul captain. llupi- and Ciindon Uolarians will be guests of the Pre-scotl Club. Miss Caroline Ann Cox of Lin- The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-4474 Or bring Itema to Miss Turner at Hlcka Funeral Home LISTtN TO THE Republican Convention OVER KXAR DAILY 10:30 a. m*. 4:00 p. m. 7:30 p. m. Presented as a Service of Hope, Prescort and Nashville The city wide singing of the junior choirs of Hope was held Sunday, July G, at the Church ot God in Christ, 911 B'ell St. Eld. O. N. Dennis is the pastor. A basket of groccrys will bo given away Wednesday night, July 0, at the City park sponsor by the Hope Civic Improvement association. Miss Hazel Bradley and Milton i Green left Monday night for Phoi- nix, Ariz, lo visit friends enroute to Oakland, Calif, to make their home. Henry Clark and Henderson Rhodes t and children of Detroit, ore visiting friends and relatives. £7. The two men had boon reported sene in the- area. Kimo.s, a cousin of desperadoes Matt and George Kimes, is a native of this area. He was in prison for robbing a post office at Chester Ark. , v I Prentice Carter of Kalamazoo. Mich., is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carter and friends, • .Lt. and Mrs. JR. -A. Hicks Jr. of Evanston, 111., are visiting rela- Race Issue on Local Level, SaysGOPer CHICAGO Iff) . —Osro Cobb of Little Rock, Ark. says that the .Republican platform should containj a civil rights plank placing race nnd religious problems "on a local basis." Cobb, one of the 11 Arkansas delegates to the national convention here, said he had proposed two planks for the GOP platform to National Chairman Guy Gabrielson. He said his second proposal would pledge the party to make an clec- tives and friends. Mrs. Catherine Jamison died at her home Friday, July 4. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. Funeral services for Mrs. Aula Wilder will be held Tuesday, in Foreman. Hicks Funeral Home in charge. Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Hamilton and son, Donald of Rockford, Hi:, arc visiting Mrs.' Hamilton's mother, Mrs. Mary Harris and other relatives in Emmet. i Condition of OF BLEVIKS •vUw, Uompstcud Go,, Ark, .!. J\«w 80. IMS, u Stnlo b.inkinu Institution Uider thv hmikmg luvvs of Ibis Stutw, Pub- raq eiill miuUi by the Slute Hunk Conwits. State Wat-runts, WUB'f ;iil 87,801.-'5 00,830.tK) 33,460 "0 i.ttaa.oo 300,CO 184,899.18 • 380.00 85,0001X1 18.000,00 ll.S8t.Bi) 3.474.50 ,' 303,018.40 180,00 tSSKlSfS • ^^^•^^•^•B •'• • %^| ••^^IflT •••%0 ONE DAY OF RED HOT MONEY SAVING VALUES ^'~Wv 4U«tls Sf^K&,*' MEN'S BLUE CHAMBRAY WORK SHIRTS 99c ONE DAY ONLY A regular $1.39 value TISSUE GINGHAM CHAMBRAY 'eyd. 250 YARDS OF PUCKERED NYLON! $1.47 yd. TUESDAY ONLY 45 inches wide. Regular $2.39 value. In navy, pink, blue, gold and maize. SEE THE *6IG BARGAIN SHOE TABLE SAVE Vt and More BUY TUESDAY AT OWEN'S 41 LADIES $4.95 and $5.95 SHEER DRESSES $2.87 TUESDAY ONLY SAVE •Bl 600 YARDS SHEER COTTON GOODS 40cyd. 36 inches wide. # Regular 59c and 69c sifter. ON THE BIGGEST CAR VALUE IN TOWN Provj Dodge Value 'SHOW DOWN' WAY B. K, Homm Motor Co. Our Doily Bread Slitcd Thin by The Editor H. W«»hburn 1 Apology to Oren Horn's— ond a Story of El Dorado Days Today's Quotation "Frankly," said Mastcrman, re[crossing his lugs and expelling a jet of smoke luxuriously, "frankly, f think this civilization of ours is Ion the topple " —Herbert G. Wells Hope Star Arkansas Partly cloudy 1C toreri ihundershowors esst,' " 11 lodny, south tonight, Wfllr Cooler today, east, south tOfttt| • Warmer Wcdneaclny n(torndo*(fip|| Monday's high 101; low . ' The Star owes Congressman Oren Harris an apology for pro- mature release yesterday of his statement to the people of the Fourth Arkansas district. Yestcrduy's was supposed held from publication until Friday luly 11, said that the congressman had arrived home from Washington. As a matter of fact, Mr. Harris is en route from the capital and will be in the district this Thursday — our announcement was a trifle early, indeed. The error is mine personally. Managing Editor Paul H. Jones being on vacation your corrcspon-j dent is handling the news desk; as well as his own — and in read-1 ,ing Congressman Harris 1 letter tj 'failed to note the July 11 release dale. When a newspaper jumps a re lease date on a wire story — AP, UP, or INS — it costs somebody some money. I never have been found guilty on this score, but it's fascinating to read where the New York Times or some other journalistic mogul was assessed $1,000 by the Associated Press for pre- malure release of some advance matter. With their many editions. and a great quanitity of. "advance" already in type in their shops, a single slip by any one ot their hundreds of staff members puts Ihe fat in the fire. , don't know what a -congress-] 53D YEAR: VOL. 53 — NO. 227 Congress Ends 82d Session; Atom Fund Up Slot of Hop* 1899, Pt«n 1927 Coniolidnleri Ian. It. 1939 HOPE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, JULY 8, 1952 M«mb»r: The Auocinltd Av. Nit Paid Clrcl. 3 Ib Audit Ru»au »l CirculaMani Mm, Indlng Mor.h 11, 1951 — I,«»S PRICE 5e By JOHN CHADWICK WASHINGTON and — The 82nd statement, which Congress added almost a billion to have been with- dollars to an expanded atomic weapons program yesterday then voted to quit for good. Unless President Truman calls' .-» special session, the law-making t days of this Congress are over, i The next — or 83rd -- Congress with a lot of new faces convenes Jan. 5, 1953. Daylong negotiations on two money bills which had blocked ad- i journment plans Saturday brought > a compromise which both houses approved. The bills would provide: 1. $11,793,776,339'to finance atomic expansion, foreign aid and mil- itay construction throughout the world. 2. More than half a billion dollars for river, harbor and flood control projects. With most Republicans attending the GOP National Convention in Chicago and many Democrats out o£ town, only a handful of legislators were on hand when Congress adjourned. In the House were about 60 Democrats, seven Republicans; in the Senate, 11 Democrats and two Republicans. Major controversey centered around the $11,793,776,339 supple- t. . .........— - —=---- i mental money' bill, which carries man feels like doing under similar 1 ' circumstances — but any way| Battle Over Dixie Votes Explodes in Chicago Convention 93 Seats in • OPENS — Guy Gabrialron, chairman of the GOP National Committee bftngs a left-handed oavcl to open the 1952 Republican convention at Conventlo \ Hr.h In Chloaao at 12:30, p. m. (CDT), July 7, 1952. To Gabrialson's right Is William H. Mylander, assistant to the national chairman. — NEA Telephoto. MacArthur's Speech High Note for GOP By WARREN ROGERS JR. we're, explaining and apologizing before Oren Harris gets out of. his automobile at El Dorado Post Office building, where he'll maintain an office during his stay in the home district. I am reminded of the wry story, with which the late Ncill C. Marsh used to entertain us newspaper folk back in the oil boom days at El Dorado. The afternoon paper at El Dorado, the Evening Times, derived its name from an old weekly published by George Washington Mason, who finally suspended it and sold the name to New^-Timcs- Publishing-"Su: ' At torney Marsh's story explains 'why the Weekly Times died. Said Marsh: "Old George Washington Mason used to make so many errors in the Weekly Times that he had to keep on publishing it because it always took another issue to correct the errors he made the week before. "Now George Washington Mason was a big Baptist, and one day in order to attend a church convention in another part of the country he hired a tramp printer to get out the Times in his absence. Well, when Mason got home he found the tramp printer hadn't made a single mistake in the edition the week he was gone — and so, there being nothing to correct, he had nothing to publish . . . and he killed the paper." Marsh had a razor wit. Later he ran for congress. But I don't recall voting for him. He lost the election — but I've never forgotten his story. $2,898,800,000 for the atomic projects, $6,031,947,750 for foreign aid, and $2,140,000,000 for globe-circling military construction projects. When the Senate and House- first deadlocked over the measure arguing into the early hours Sunday morning, the bill provided only $1,450,000,000 in atomic funds. This was later boosted to two billions by the house as a compromise move but administration leaders in the Senate insisted on more. The original bill also contained a rider that many — including the President — interpreted as barring the Atomic Energy - Commission from starting any projects it didn'l have the money-Id complete. As finally passed, the spending curb was retained in the bill. Bu opponents of the rider said its effect was offset by the additiona $898,000,000' voted yesterday for the atomic commission. AEC Chairman Gordon Dean agreed. Also resolved was a secondary dispute over a $584,061,600 rivers and harbors and flood control bill CHICAGO I/I')—Old soldier Uoni; li.s MncArthur, amid a cannonade of applause, blistered the Homo- crals as a blundering "war party" and rallied yelling Republicans lust night to a "crusade" to rout thorn from office. The five-star general's keynote address knifed through the strife stirred by the Tafl-Elsenhowcr bat-1 tie for presidential nomination. Ill united the packed convention hall I In a standing ovation as It bit I sharply at the Truman admlnistni lion's policies. 'Give 'em Hell!' and Old Soldier, Smiling, Obliges By INEZ ROBB (INS> — The old soldier In the blue serge suit Rave the GOP Its first glimpse of victory In twenty years last night as he levelled the heavy artillery on Uie enemy and piunvd It on for fltty-cliihl blister. Ing minutes, '.•(live 'em hell, Mac," cried i spectator In the galleries as Gen. 7 Slates Are kill iSi m MncArthur, In thu blue sorgo uniform of American masculinity, walked to tho rostrum to deliver the keynote address nt one of Hit- most turbulent conventions In Republican history. For almost nn hour, Ihe old ivmpiilgnor obliged, smiting the Di'inneraUc enemy hip and thigh, working over with power and per •uinslon the administration which The 57-mlnute speech, punclua- ; [,(i, H . n months ngo relieved him of led 73 times W handclapplni! and | us fnmrnund In the Pacific at tho roars, formally plotted a non-pur- culmination of his military career, tisan course in the nomination but- n W!1S n spectacular performance us On. MncArthur, one of tho most controversial and dramatic fii'iirc.s in American history, waded of Gen, Dwttf Sen. Robert Aj today to.w^d*;...., dclogalG c v nl«8ts Ihe OOP t" "" The bt« 12,000 lust _, tack by Ocri. Douglas... : ..^ V - T! on what ho called U\q iTrj»i|f{| ministration'!! ih robbed with; new t parly strife. This time •;«, seemed "W>tj to explode pve'rj n C|cdontt|i mlttoe reports.'^ tne;seatji Uc botwei-n Gen. Dwlght U. Elsen- hower mid Sen. Robert Taft. MacArlluir, who backs Tnfl nml wlui has been nieiillimrii us a pos- inin Iho Domocrallo administration sible vice presidential runninii with Iho kind of blistering attack male for thu Ohloan, said: I Hint his audience hungered to hoar, I. The Democratic parly And limy lapped It up. It was man- li-''s ....... noble heritage but has been cap-jna nfter so many pussy • fooling lured by schemers leading Ihr! years in the wilderness, country toward "the socialistic | The old soldier marshalled regimentation of a tutiilltnriun titlark In force and cle.uth Queen Contest to Highlight Melon Fete One of the highlights of Ihe 1952 'Hempstead County Watermelon Festival, Thursday, July 24, in the Coliseum, will be the Queens Contest which is being handled by Ihe B & PW club. Mrs. Otis Breed, first vice president, who is acting in the absence of the pvesident, Mrs. Paul Klipsch slates that plans are being made for a large group of entries and for all interesting and appealing contest. Presenl expectations are for some 12 to 15 entries from all over Hempstead county. Entertainment and activities are being arranged for all the contestants and lovely gifts for the 1952 Queen. which Congress sent,,to the White House just before it adjounred. Sen. Maybank (D-SC) and Sen. Olin Johnston (D-SC) had threatened to filibuster against it be,cause the House had erased four million dollars the Senate had approved for the Hartwell dam on the Savannah .River between South Carolina and Georgia. They dropped their .fight, how ever, after the supplemental ap propriation bill was amended to request the AEC to investigate the importance of the dam to the giant Savannah River atomic plant and submit a report to the next session ot Congress. Maybank said the hydrogen bomb plant on the Savannah River, still under-construction, would require one half million gallons of water a minute and the Ha-ftwell dam would have to be built because "we can't take a chance of a drought on the Savannah River." Senate leaders -pledged they would try to get funds for the dam early in the next session of Congress. CONFUSED — Utter confusion reigned at Convention Hall as GOP delegates marched Into the hall and beqin looking for their seats. Guy Gabrlaleon, opened the 1952 Convension at 12:30 p. m. (CDT), July"?. . Mr. Gabrinlson is chairman of the GOP National Committee. — NEA Telephoto 1 THE BIG "IF" If you like to speed ... If you're careless when driving •tfsight or in traffic ... if your brakes are bad or your tire* worn ,.. the a there's a big "jf' in your We. Bettej; get rid of n before you h»y* Accident.. Light Drizzle in Town; High Monday 101 Low-hanging clouds over Hope finally produced a slight precipitation this morning, but nothing that could be called a rain. Monday's official high temperature was 101, according to thc| Fruit & Truck Branch Experiment; Station, only one degree under the season's high, 102, established! June 28 Monday's low was 74. stole." 2. The • Republicans must, enlist nil kinds of Americans, who are "desperate for a plan which will revive hope." to win the November election. MacArlhur named ncMllier Taft nor Eisenhower. But he hit at the administration's policy of Communist containment, which ISlamv jqwa^er- .supports, and ..called for' nore rily power, a Taft objective, Wearing civilian clothing,' Iho 'ive-stnr general .spoke slowly find Jellberalely. He loaned well forward into a thicket of microphone.') and, closely following |I!H prepared ,ext, leveled his heaviest blasts nl he administration of President Truman, who fired him lasj. year as United Nations commander In Hie Far East, He said Truman's claim of inherent powers—which the Supreme Court hold did not juiilify the stucl Industry seizure—was fictitious. The administration's foreign pol icy, he said, "practically invited Soviet dominance over the free peoples of Eastern JCurope," This carnc about, he said, by withdrawal Continued on Hatie Two hla nnd charged the Democrats with twenty yours of maladmlnialrallon, graft, corruption, military Ineffectiveness, Irresponsibility In forelRn affairs, recklessness, extravff gjiict! nnd weakness. The audience, which packed the amphitheatre to tho raftors, sat willi rapt attention which U. punc-i UuUod wHh frucicunt bursts of tip-1 I pltuiHv IIH MacAv'thur HuiTQundau the enemy and began Its annihilation. ' On the platform, tho old soldier stood nrrow-stralKhl In his civilian suit, looking Incredibly younger thnn his 72 years. Ills brown hair, scarcely touched with gray, grown thinner with tho years and his pate is bare. There were no vacant scats In thu amphitheatre as MacArthur began his indictment pianissimo, his of'thorn Taftaa;eh*r;.y ; ' '- ot thv land an men—were tlon yosterd seating cotttpslSv until Mnlus Is ddWded Although Tnfl; . 348 on thai Issue by.A,. Elsenhower's supporiorsj ers ot other back to cnptur.o coht.rpl . v«Mition's .CrodonlluU This group namod-tormoJIfl noss Rl/.loy of ' backer, as It* chairman^ a Some ElaonhcAvor loadors|| Iho commlltoo would brW to the oonvont,roti7ri»oai()B^ ConUnued oh voice deep, resonant and dramatic. The voice grew in power and intensity but while Mac poured It on, foroboro to , ho or make the In fighting mood, chow the- scenery eiiwle scream, It was said, Continued on Page Two more what Ihc general and tho scorn und portent Roy Kimes Taken Nil Von FT.SMITtf, today nabbed Roy Kimes, up an extending' scjMjh,, i federal prlHoper escapees', James J. Tpmlln8onj*wh^ from a federal prlgon Lcavenwcrth, Kan., " June 27, wan captured vllle, Ark., FBI agents and-., officers apt.'ohcrtdod out Inotdbht as,' blankets BlciJblJS house ftt Nl" Burcn in,.No; 7 Harry Will Carry' Button Stirs Republican Suspicion a Democratic Spy Is Around (Editor's note: Wilbur Rouble, America's mof.t average citizen/ reports a quickening pace at the Republican convention In the following letter to his wife, Trellis Mae). By HAU HOUfE FULL — General view of the first session of the 1952 GOP National Convention which got under way at Convention Hall July 7. In the fore-flround Is tl.e press gallery. Guy Gabrlal«on is on the speakers platform ready to call the conventioi to order. — NEA Telephoto. Chicago Convention a Stage R e ds Kidnap Upon Which 5-Star Generals 2 Officials Fight Their Political Duel in Berlin By RLMA NMORIN Quotable Quotes BY INS ' CHICAGO — Gen. Douglas MacArthur: "It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it. 1 " . -The two the a'.ory : CHICAGO generals are today. One of tin-in, Dv.'i hower, came home a first, thri'l-packi'd five-star I Chicago! jht D Eisen- winner in the vote on the WASHINGTON— Vice President Alben Barkley: "I'd not reduce my age one hour to become president of the United States." N«W*4PCHEIJUE. N. Y. — Ab- bestos Heii^l^mmy ManviJle, discus* i|B hi* forthcoming niutb mjmage: "This is my ls*t marriage— that's Cor wire.'' full convention floor. It may have been jr.ure iniporturt psychologi-. cally than inau-naiiy. Nc-vertlie- less. the consensus lK-n.- today ii that it has improved hii chances of winning the Rtpii'aiican nomination for the pri.-sitii.-ncy. As a man put it — a man who had been to a black-tie dinner on the city's elegant North Shore — "A lot more people over there are wearing 'Ike* buttons on the oat-; I sMe of their lapt-ls now/' j The other general. Powglas Mac-} j Arthur, delivered the keynote I speech at the tsonyenttwj last night.) At the mere mention of Mar- Arthur's name, the crowd nearly blew the rool off thi.s bit;, b'.ji!- chc.-Acfl auditorium. And then, "•' tic walked down the center ai. !'• :m erect soldier in a plain b!;i'- busineps suit, tin- cxcilei'iici,t mounted to near-pandemonium. Wht-ther any political inferences can be drawn from the ovaliuii and thr cheers is not to impo.sii- I:!L to Determine. CHICAGO I* —Well, honey, this is no longer any place for an Innocent bystander. Things are moving fast. I was run over twice this • morning on my way to breakfast. First, I was bowled over by a hit-and-run Taft parade. Then, while getting up, I was struck in thu head and trornped down again by a fellow carrying a bass drum in art Eisenhower band. When I finally did make it to the curb, I found 10 campaign buttons sticking in me — three for Taft, throe for Ike, and one each for Warren, Stassun and MacAr thur. The tenth button said, "Harry will carry." There must be a Democratic spy loose somewhere among these Republicans, • But it would be hard to find, him htre, at> the Republicans arc acting Democrats arc supposed to grabbed It back when I made the mistake of announcing I was an Independent voter. .',' "You got some crust, brother," he said. "I thought you was a delegate from Pennsylvania —• and naturally we want Ihe fellows from Pennsylvania well laken euro "of," While I was watching the proceedings on a television screen in the Conrud Hilton Hotel, an old lady came up to me. "1 cun't tell them apart," ahe said. "Who?" I asked, politely. "These fellows Taft, Elsenhower, and Stafiscn," she paid. "My eyes aren't so good, and on television they all look alike now, 1 guess it's because they arc all kind of bald. One thing about Abraham Lincoln or General Cranl, if they were alive today a body could tell which was which — even U the television was fuzzy." Nuturully. Trellis Mae, all wgrk und no play makes a dull gate. I went to' a night club some delegates to relax, and wl v.-iis- our surprise to "nd we w in a strip tease place. after • hidden In the Ft. Smith, Search (or Kimes,- a cousii the notcrloue Southwest,,' * George Kimes and tho Kimes, and Tomlinson 1 week when the two we| MounUlnburtf. Ark, Klines -is under sen •*A$M office!' Tpmllj trarwpor^ Bud< '•If 1 knew it wag like act. The elephant has lost bis w n r K , lorgnette, and the GOP now stands 1 , place i would certatnl, ''',hr w, .-', R -iin * 01 ' "« ood old pendemonium." Tbe I come in here," L - lival factions are accusing eaclii tailing off hb} oth( . r of evcry C| . ime posolble — j feet - and putt including political cannibalism. ! to rest big eye.s. The fellows who are kicking them! Well, dear, a: Delves here are the committed i far 1 had lo »t A sp';i-check of the Pennsylvania ai.d Michigan delegations ~- wiu-r.- ht- is itported to have fervm'. M.:mirers — indicated no uniform ri.actior: Beyond agreement that, it was a good speech, and go'/i: for the Republican party, thoiv' seemed no other strong attitude. | MacArthur may slill .be thp X j r TWO BERLIN UP)—Dr.. •> tojj nfiic-ial of l-'ree Jurists, was kidnaped this: iiioriiinK and driven off to the Soviet zone amid a flurry of gunshots. The head of the economics department of the Kree Jurists, Linse was attacked by three men short-, l.v after be left his home in the American sfct-tor. He was dragged into a car which drove at high speed into the Soviet zone. The kidnapers threw hundreds of nails out of their car and fired at pursuers. One of the pursuing cers had to give up when a tire was punclur, : When the car cuntaihirjif naped official fjiS&jjd W* delegates — those already pledged .0 support one candidate or the other. "Nobody is bothering to us," one said, oe is an They are courted by bachelors. th« 4ele*9te,fotiW)rj _ jirl bejnj jawt wh#a tbe tewn's b*|J waj .»*v«w» a. ..£, WMtt "I'll beiipgbt now y I weie «j|, committe4]I cpuld h»v* my bre^k' swnwd m#yl?e fnr a T\1o^<* n>i ifaa ww*^ w ffa^m 'T -fjl* ^ift * Ther* i was one g;

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