Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 26, 1934 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 26, 1934
Page 6
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HOPE STAB, HOPE, ARKANSAS^ _Thur3da^July 26, 1984 ^OOO New Planes UrgedjorU.S.A.: Air Corps "Second to None" Recommended by Baker Committee _.l..l Ilillll—•••"•I H ,-- , ,-- -• | •-•• •Death at 100 M.P.H. for Weevil WASHINGTON—(.'P>—Warning that the first clashes of 'the next great war" will take place in the air, the War Department's special aviation committee Sunday recommended the building of an Army Air Corps second to none. The committee of 11 weil known civilians and generals, headed by Newton D. Baker, capped an exhaustive three months' inquiry into Air Corps conditions with a call for "more financial support" for military aviation. Laying down five fajor recommendations, along with dozens of minor suggestions, the committee's report to Secretary Dern urged a 10-year development program. Outstanding was a call for suick acquisition of 1,000 new planes. Conspicious in the report also was praise for the spirit and manner in Which the army carried the air mail under difficulties. With this was mingled implied criticism of actual performance, charged to equipment and training, "The next great war. the report asserted, "is likely to begm within- • plo win S under cotton-this year dusting it over.. Hove a or fond M and ! Kearman "cotton duster" plane spreads death at 100 miles an hour or lanci ca^ci. ^ ^ ^ wcevi)( roarin ~ OVC r a field near .Hughes, Ark., m tho Mississippi Delta. In one dive across tho field the pilot leaves it film 'of arsenato of lead across the cotton plants. The dusting ia done .early frv the mornin?, so that the poison is assimilated by tho dew, ' Which is drunk by the weevil. "With reduced acreage under the AAA program;-growers are seeking maximum'production. Science Dissolves Fog by New Spray Secret Liquid Magically Clears Airport for Dist- I ance of 2,000 Feet I CAMBHIDGE, Mass. -(/P)— Fog, deadliest menace of the aviator and I UK mariner, has been able to disappear. Chemical dissipation of fog over , limited areas was tested for the first 1 time last Friday by the Massachu- : sett Institute of Technology's Round research station at South Dart- Weekly Sunday School Lesson MlCnlnh Speaks the Truth Text: I Ktiifrs 22:t-H The luternntlon Uniform Sunday BY W1U.1AM K. CULHOY, D.D. Editor of Advance Kings and commoners when they want to do some particular thing and have more or less made up their minds t c , di> it. frequently seek advice. The isellor who advises them against Iliu l«_^.<ili_u smu^tt ••- ----mouth, it became known Saturday, i The minutes after nozzles fitted mi to a 100-foot long pipe began pouring 1 a secret chemical into a rolling fog which had enveloped the airport on I the Round Hill estate of Col. E. H. R. Green where the technology station is located, a building 2,000 feet away I stood clearly revealed against a back. ! ground of turbulent walls of white j vapor. . i 'me experiments wer carried on I under the direction of Henry II. Hough ! ton. a member of the institute's re[ search staff. I The chemical employed possessed | the abilitv to collect or condense wat- ' it no matter how wise or just his advice may be, is likely to get himself disliked for his pains, no matter how ioua defeat. Jehoshaphat was killed in the battle and Ahnb, who had discarded his kingly robes, was killed by an arrow shot at a venture as nc tried to escape. Did Micainh hnvc divine insight into what wns going to happen? Posibly. but not neiessnrily. It docs not always require more than the judgment of nn honest and clearsighted man to predict disaster when he sees the sort of men who art in control, esy This story of truth-telling and tragedy has, mnnifestedly, its lessons in our own time. In 1905, the Aero Club of New York could raise only $1000 to purchase the patents of the Wright brothers, because the business men of that day said aviation wns merely n fad. The largest merry-Ro-round factory in the uorld is located at Coney Island, Ncf York. Its products are shipped to Japan, South Africa, Austria, and elsewhere. A machine which tells if two persons are in love and to what extent is the claim of a British inventor. 49c 49c 27c SPECIALS FOR THIS WEEK. 16 07.. Pnstell Shampoo 16 07.. Klenzo Antiseptic 3 Large Cnkes Cashmere Bouquet Soap : Electrix Electric Fans $1.98—$4.98—$9.95 JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "Tin: RKXALL Store" t|,,iv A'l< Kstablished 1885 H vapor in the air, causing to the ground it to be much the king or the commoner may ha\T urged him to be frank. Much of the time when we seek advice, we want to have our own jud- nenn-nt confirmed rather than upset, and we tend to value our counsellors somewhat according to whether they give us pleasant and favorable, or discounting words. Here, in our lesson, King Ahab of llsrcal had set himself upon a certain 'c'curse. He wanted to regain Ramoth in Gilead, then in the possession of the king cf Syria. He turned to Jehoshaphat, king ot I Judah for help. Jchohaphat was woll- inK to give him assistance and to ally CtUICL a«;e»-w\i-"wv ~ - -- - IM1 early aerial supremacy is quite likely to be an important factor. "An adequate aircraft industry is essential to national defense. The army's air forces must be ready at all times for war service." Speedy Relief of Chills and Fever Don't let Malaria tear you apart •With its racking chills and burning fever Trust to no home-made or mere'makeshift remedies. Take the medicine prepared especially for Malaria—Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic gives teal relief from Malaria because it s a scientific combination of tasteless quinine and tonic iron. The quinine kills the Malarial infection in the Hood- The iron builds up the system and helps fortify against further attack. At the first sign of any attack of Malaria take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. Better still take it regularly during the Malaria season to ward off the disease. Grove's Tastelss Chill Tonic is absolutely harmless and tastes 8 Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic now comes irt two sizes, 50c and $!.• The SI size contains "Ph. times as much for your money. Get a bottle today at any store. Tokio The Elberta peaches are badly dam- aced from the drouth and the quantity and guality arc both greatly reduced. J. F. McLaughlin was a business visitor in Nashville Saturday. ;. C. Simmons of Bingen was a Tokio risitor Saturday. T. M. Simmons of Bingen was a bus- ness visitor in Tokio Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Wisdom vis- ted at Highland Saturday. Fred Green of Perry county is visit- n« his sister, Mrs. A. O. McHughes. E. T. McHugst was a business visitor o Kirby Friday. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. McLarty of the Tollett community visited relatives here Friday. C. M. Cooley was a visitor to JNasn- •ille Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hotch of Durant. Okla., are here to make the Olile Robins of Ozan was a Todio visitor Saturday. Farney Holt and Truman Holt of Bingen were Tokio visitors Saturday. Mrs. Isabelle Onstead of Hopecandu date for tax assessor was hert in the interest of her candidacy Thursday Earn Stuart and Afton Cooley were business visitors in Nashville Satur- Jim Dodso'n of Nashville was a visitor here Thursday. Dr J B. Stewart. Mrs. Earl Kelley and' Jack Stewart of Norman were Trkic visitors Thursday. Miss Irene Warren returned home Wednesday from McCaskill after a few days visit there with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Hanse Jackson were Nashville visitors Saturday. Taylor Smith of Doyle spent the week end with relatives here. Dernier Sullivan of Traskwood, iS visiting relatives here. Providence Protein-Rich Ptaiuils Help Vegetable- Dinner BY MARY E. HAGUE NBA Service Staff Writer As vegetables come into the market in greater variety, the vegetable, plate dinner becomes more important in the Tomorrow's Menu Breakfast: Greengage plums, broiled livcrwurst. celery and radishes, crisp toast, milk, coffee. Luncheon: Potato and parsley soup with grated cheese, graham bread and butter sandwiches, tomato and green pepper salad, lemonade, cookies. Dinner: Baked stuffed beets, creamed new potatoes, green beans with grated egg yolk garnish, poach shortcake, milk, coffee. i precipitated ! drop:; fall. I It is a well known scientific fact that (on cannot form in absolutely clean air since it is necessary for the atmosphere to be filled with fine particles which in turn constitute the nil. clei on which the infinitesimal droplets form. In sea fogs these particles arc invisible grains of salt tossed into the air by breaking waves. Friday's experiment was made after several days of waiting for a fog. The i pipe had ben suspended horizontally, f I 30 feet above the ground and the centrifugal pumps were in readiness to drive the mixture through the pipes. Night was at hand when a fog bank drifted in from Buzzard's bay. As soon as it had enveloped the airport the nozzles began to spray the atmosphere with the chemical and within a few seconds the fog drifted through the falling chemical curtain turned to a precipitation. Suddenly a path of visibility approx. imately 100 feet wide and 30 feet high began to open in a northwesterly di_ election as if a hugh invisible plow were moving through the enshrouding vapors. It continued to open wider and as the relative humidity dropped off Balance SALE his epople, his horses and farces with those of Ahab, but he suggested that first, of all it might be wise to inquire of the Lord. 1 suppore that pagan peoples would i;,vo said "consult our oracle." This •as practically what it amounted to, or Ahab called in some hundreds of -rophel:; who were ministers of ple,«s- words, rather than clear-sighted md honest advisers. They sensed what Ahab wanted them to say, and they said it. telling him to go on and fight for Ramoth, because the Lord would deliver it into his hands. Jehoshaphat apparently sensed some thing rattier unsound about it. He did not seem to have very great confidence in this group of prophets and he wanted to know if there was not still another whose judgment they might seek. Ahab told him there was such a man. Micaiah by name, but that he hated him and did not want to gel his word because Micaiah did no prophesy good things concerning him but evil. Jehoshaphat, king of Judah, was ur gent about the matter however, and Ahab sent to have Micaiah brought Micaiah seems first of all to hav sharply until within three minutes buildings on the opposite side of the airport, 2,000 fct away were clearly visible. Starting Friday Morning 9 a- m. Our Entire Stock Going on Sale at Pri ce More than 60,000 women and girls are employed in seasonal work as seaside waitresses, cashiers, and bathing attendants in England. . . . is appearing almost daily in the advertisements on the inside pages of this newspaper. Important—yes more important than "Front Page Stuff" because it effects your pocket book. Tremendous savings will be effected by reading every word of these advertisements. Clearing time for merchants is Saving time for you. Buy The Advertised Product Every Time The revival meeting closed at this place Friday night by Bro. Willie Rister of Lewisville. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Campbell and children spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Yates of Blevins. Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Cumpbell and son Perry spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Gaines of Hope. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Watson a children and Mr. and Mrs. Scudder Bateman and son spent last Sunday with heir parents Mr. and Mrs. R. S Watson. Miss Ruth Ray is visiting her sis ter, Mrs. Earl Allen and family o Dallas. Texas, Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Campbell anc son Perry spent Friday with Mr. am Mrs. Frank Campbel of Antioch. Mr. and Mrs. Grady Brownin home-maker's life. For skillful use of many vegetables during the summer makes for boih economy and health. r There arc several important points j to keep in mind in planning vegetable I j plat" meal:-:. Tho •.tructurc of ihe vcg- ; j etables, the method of cooking and , serving, and food values must be con- ; sidtred. Contrast of color and flavor' should influence lh- civ:ice as well as i ; the method of cooking and serving. It one vegetable is to he creamed, have : a cr»coiui plain with butter, a third , rilled or browned, and a fourth done . j Uo a fritter, limbale or croquette. I \ Low in Protein I ; Remember, too, that while all vcg- i tables contain at least a trace of pr«- ein, it won't be enough to keep the alance between the give-out and the ntake of energy. Also vegetable pro- ein is of poorer quality than that ound in other sources. Consequent- y, nuts, egps, cheese and milk should i je introduced into vegetable plates to •estore balance. . ' Cheese may be added to the white , sauce served with vegetables such as \ Captive snakes in zoos and circuses often go on hunger strikes and would die of starvation if they were not forcibly fed. Large snakes dislike to be seen eating. mocked the false prophets and to hav spoken to Ahab in much the sam> words. Ahab apparently sensed the fact that Micaiah was mocking him and then I Micaiah dared immediately to speak out tho truth, telling him that his armies would be scattered and that his own life would be lost. Instead of listening to hom, Ahab turned to Jchosaphat and said, "Did I not tell thce that he would phophcsy no good concerning me, but evil?" The two kings went up to battle and it turned out as Micaiah had predicted. They suffered a most inglor- This sale includes our entire stock of wall paper We i e sacrificing it at 50'; off to make room for the new Fall line. You'll save plenty by buying now. Hempstead County Lumber Co Hope, Ark. END lauliflowcr. notatoe and tomatoes. Here is an adjustable collar shirt that will fit your neck exactly as you want it to fit. You have the choice of throe U neck si/es and no matter which sue you me, the coll.-ii- sets perfectly with just the right tie space. Finest prc-shruiik broadclotn — white, solid colors, cis-.incuve patterned shirtings. xkiia r ^gy 111 1'J.VUI i (Ji_;vu iw-ti i**»« Summer squash and eggplant are good with chec-be melted over them. Toasted cheese sandwiches may be served with any combination of vegetables to furnish protein. Either poached or hard cooked eggs add interest to vegetable combinations. Pramits With Vegetables Tomatoes or peppers stuffed with a combination n rk'f. and peanuts finely chopped "I''-' particularly good for an August dinner. Other nuts may he usr-rl, hut peanut:-' arr; cheap and rich in protein. i''r>inuU; combine well with nearly all vegetables, by the way. The following vegetable combinations oho:;en for color and flavor, may -.uggest others: fluffed baked tornados, creamed celery, corn-on-the-cob, ittc-red pen.". A :,nnrle deir-ert of fresh fruit may llow this meal. 1,'mdmi IIH:, V municipal hospital;. \ u'i.:, ej:-;d'i'l'. Y'jliiiil.n y iiiMilution >, j s-hich contain u total of 15.000 beds. , The jellyfi.-h \:-; the lowest form of animal life )>o:-; essm;,' an eye as a distinct oUu'-.iur'-': its eyes can detect nothing more definite than light, darkness, and movement, however. A Brooklyn b-'iker u:-ed htat ed from radio ;.hoi >. waves m f nienta intended 10 produce cr bread. I spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs Charlie Roberts. Miss Fame Mitchell spent Sunday afternoon with Miss Octavia Wilson. Mr. and Mr^. J. W. Ray spet a while Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. Victor Camr.bell. Mrs. Henry Morton t,pent Monday : ahe'-ncon with Mrs. Charlie Roberts. M-s Medfoi'd Hazard spent last Monday afternoon with Mrs. Henry Morton i t; o' B'-'v:r.- ipent l3St -: - -».,. y-i" Victor THANK YOU- I thank you, ever so m«ch~but I couldn't even think about smoking a cigarette." " WELL, I UNDERSTAND, but they are so mild and taste so good that I thought you might not mind trying one while we are riding along out here," T5 Mr#VORK STORE i f,i:c is i.'ivitcd to co.-r.e ^r.a be witn i us. '

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