The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 26, 1940
Page 5
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TUESDAY, MARCH 26, Osceola Society—Persona! Miss Harwell Complimented Beginning the series of j>rc- miptial parties that will be. (jivcn for Miss Catherine Harwell whose engagement mid approaching marriage to Phillip Parks Dark has been announced. WHS Ilio announcement bridge party given by i her home BLYTHEV1LLK (ABK.)' COURIER NEWS see "Three, Cheers For The Irish" and "Ice'Frolics." Allemls Ctnv'tnllon Miss Eebecca rind Virginia Nlckol loft, Thursday morniiig tor St. Louts where they will attend Ihe National Federation of Temple Youlh meeting there this weekend. The or- sniiixalion of Jewish youth is affiliated with Hie Union of American Hebrew Congregations. Frum there they will GO lo Indianapolis for a visit of three weeks wilh their sister, Mrs. Jack Newbacur slid Mr. Newtmeur. Mrs. JoJm W. Ecidngton returned Thursday night f ]0 ) n Ffcyellcviile Monday to begin R weeks revival services in llu> Baptist Cliuveli of (hts city continuing through 6m»- day, March 31. - Tlic Rev. Mi-. Jfaiiklns and family plan to leave In June for a period ' ot missionary service In Brazil, South America, Ha and tho Rev. Harold B. Tinman, pastor of. the Oftcoola church, were classmates in the Southern Baptist. Theological Seminary at Louisville. Ky. The Rev. Rui|)h Douglas, new pastor of the Luxora church, will be In charge, of Iho music for Ilio services. Memphis and was met thcro by her mother, Clementina Bowcn ami Billla Ncholson. Mrs. Lee Maxwell, Accompanied by Betty Ann Whllwortli, drove to Fayellovllle Thursday for tho Easter holidays with her son, Monroe Maxwell, who Is a freshman at Ihe University of Arkansas, -.Rouen, Jlhodes of Fnycttcvtllc relumed to Ills home wllh> theiii, Mrs. .'J. 'B, Bmui also nccompanled them a* fnr us MonllHon on lioi' way (o Pcrryvllle. to sptrntt tho weekend with her fnilier, n. A. Bovven, who is 111 with nu. Mrs. Maxwell is acting as house- SVSIIL.-T HUM fiiQi> ill — ••-.• »••**< iv-m-iMji Of UlQ i\lrUtlltt«i the ice course. Altaclied to the congim Daughters of Ilia /jti't- blue and white bridal tallies were I crlenn Revolution. Mrs. Edrllistoi) liny silver bells that rang, closely j had the honor . of making ilia tucked away In the bell received speech nominating Mrs. Hoberla by B. S. Driver was the engage- I|'Bi« of Proctor for State Vlcj- mcnt announcement of "Catherine and Phil". The brick cream was centered with a blue bell, Linen handkerchiefs were given Mrs. Godfrey White for highest score and a lapel pin lo Mrs. E. S. Driver for drawing the announcement. The guest of honor . . wns presented a blue ami white balh ensemble. Business W'omeiis Circle Aleels Mrs. C. \V. Walsoi)' and regent. In the group of students accompanying Willlnm Bard home for the weekend were Charlas B*I1 of Bassetl, Patsy Hughes and Margaret Smith of Forrest city. LeRoy Wildy of Etowah and Russell Rclnmiller of Blythevlllo came tu- Clnrlce - Ijitllc were hostesses lo .sixteen members of the Business Womeit's Circle of Ihe Methodist Missionary Socloty In the Watson home Thursday night for their monthly business and social meet- i"&. 'Hie buffet supper was served from a- Jaco-covered table wltli ;\ large centerpiece of fern and Jon-' (Hills In which white tapers burned. Tiny yellow chickens stood at intervals on the table. After the supper and brief meeting Ihe yi-oijp went in a body to the Methodist chuich for tile final of a series ot pro-Lenten services that, have been conducted this week. Miss Julia Mao Morrison is chairman of the circle. sether. Colonel p. p. Jacobs and Mrs. Jacobs of Ciritter drove- to Hot Springs Friday for tlic races. 'Mis. Mi t «l jacobs st °M>ed in Little Hock for '""* (he final session. of Ihe D. A. R. Convention oil their way to Hot Springs. JOR Cnltom of Wilson accompanied (hem. Mrs. W. K. Hunt, Mrs. John W, Kdrlngton, Mrs. D. B. Weilz. Mrs «. L. Clladish and Mrs.'P. P. Jd- cobs will go to Helena Tuesday for the sessions of the biennial convention of the Forrest City District Federation of .Womens clubs Mrs. D. p. Crouch is ill at her home west ol Osceola. Nancy Snow Wilson, daughter of home for the Easter holidays. Nancy Snow is a student at Stuart Hall, Staunton. .Virginia. Mr. mid Mrs. Earl Qiiinn had us their stiesls for the weekend their daughters, Mrs. Melvln Speck and Mr. Speck and son, Johnnie Earl, of Frenchman Bayou and Mrs. Jack Wilson,' Mr. Wilson, and Has Birthday Miss Emma Cox. assisted by Mrs.! daughter. .Sue Qumii'''w'ii.son'''of Walter Cox, Mary Lorliie Cox, and .-West " Rosalie Tucker entertained around ; " forty members of the fourth graac willi a supper and theatre party in her home Friday night In honor of the.eleventh birthday of her niece, Emma Gox, Jr. Tho Spring colors of K-hltc, yellow and pink were used in decorations, candles and menu. Tiny yellow chickens were iced on the pink cake lopped wilh eleven pink cnn- dles. The. ice cream had a chicken in the. center. pink . . Tn tlie. bingo games played titter • supper ea?:h child was given n yel- ,l9\y theatre -ticket each, lime, he or slie bingocd. After supper ' ami games the children were guests of Miss Cox at the Gem Theatre lo Mrs. D. p. Crouch Is ill at. her homo west or Osceola. . Nancy Snow Wilson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. a S.'Wilson, is at home for the Easter holidays. Nancy Snow is a student at'Stuart Hall, Stniinlon, Virginia. Mr. and Jlrs. Earl Qiilnn had 'as their guests Tor the weekend their daughters, Mrs. Melvln Speck, and Mr. Speck and, son, Johnnie Earl of Frenchman Bayou and Mrs. Jack Wilson, Mr. Wilson", anil : daughter, Sue .Qulnu Wilson of Weal' Memphis. • ,\yijt..Comlui!l Revival The Rev. W. Clyde Hankins pas- ter of the Field Street Baptist Chuiph of Cleburne, Texas, arrived - ,iy were- Joe Rhodes, Mrs. Hurl Quhm and daughters, Dixie Leo and Oeno Qulmi. Among those who went down Friday were Mrs. C. W. Wal- I son, Mrs. Joe Watson, Mrs. ci. u i Lloyd, and Miss Julia Mac Morrison. ( Mr. and Mrs. p. M. Bannister and children went to Kennell, M.o, Saturday to visit both their par| enlis, Mr. and Sirs. J. w. Bannister and Mr. nnri Mrs. O. T. Crawford. They returned Monday afternoon. Clementina Bowcn, James Hill ol' Made, Mary Virginia Cramer and ;Qnintin Jerome of Wilson were In 'Memphis Friday night, for dancing at the Skyway at Hotel Peabody, Pm-leti Wright ot Joiner, who attends Ihc University of Arkansas, was Hie guest of Louise Pon- way during (lie weekend. Mrs. Harry Miller, Jr., and M re , Frank Comvay were In Joncsboro Friday nt a district meeting of county health nuvscs. ! I Mrs. Sam T. Hardin of Joncsboro spent the weekend .with her daughter, Mrs. Elliott Sarlaln and family, returning; lo her home Monday. Mr. and Mrs. John Donaldson of jSikeston, Mo., are expected today lo IJP: guests of her pivrcnls, Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Weathersby. Mr. Donaldson will return home Sunday nigiu wlillc Mrs.; Donaldson will remain over until Tuesday. On Monday Mrs. Wea thereby, Mrs. Donaldson, Miss aernldiiic Llslon and Mrs. Tim Boles will go U> Memphis on business. Mrs. Val Campbell and son, James Wallace Campbell of Mc- Cleansboro, III., will arrive today to be tlie guests of her mother, Mrs. W. B. Fiamiigan and of her sister, Mrs, John W. Etlrltigton. James Wallace Is a senior at Die University oi Illinois this your. • Mrs. Alma Morrison will have as her guests for Easier her sister, Mrs; Willie Thompson, her daughter, Mis. Hex Warren, Mr. Warren and son. David, all of Bly- Ihevillc. Mary Virginia Cromnr. who attends college at William Wood College, Fulton. Mo., arrived Wednesday night for-the Spring holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Cromcr. Man' Virginia ramo by plane from St. Louis to Royal Canadian Fliers Shot Down By Cupid , , .v. S, (UP) — While training here lo meet tho enemy members of Die Boynl Ca'nid'laii Ale Force left both flank* exposed lo Cupid's darts. , , The eastern air command placed (lie total of men who havo innr- la-d at 128 since Hie atari of the iviir. . . 'ITie government's wedding present was un Allowance for e«cli. A Pleasant Way.To Wake La/y " H you're constipated mid II has you headachy, bilious, upset, cross, yon ought to know nbout Mils'liq- uid companion to the famous powder: It's called Syrup of fllack- Draiight; bus ft n nc navor; ncl. 1 . gently l>y slnipto directions, its chief ingredient helps lone lany bowel muscles. Children welcome it, Next lime a laxative Is needed, use Syrup of Binck-briuight: 50c or 25c. - , ••• Indications First Showing Today Will Top thousand Mark Mnuy out-of-town peoplii were among the [Irsl midlencu lo sec "done With Ihe wind" which owned for the first pciTornmnco at ten o'clock this morning at the Kttz Theater. Tho onl-of-lown Patrons Included a Inrno group of •students from the Holland, school «a well as individuals from oth«r nearby towiu and communities. The technicolor version of Mar- «arol Mitchell's best-seller, starring Cinik ciable as Hhell uutlcr and Vivien Lslgh «s Scarlett O'Hura In Hie leading roles, will lio shoffii for ouo week In Diythoriilo. O. W. ^rcCulchen, opcmlor of tho local theater, reported n brisk sale of reserved Kent tickets lor tonight's pertormancu which begins at eight o'clock and Indications wiira <"« totnl tnimbfr of theiU'r- uoers to see Itio (lirce performances opening- day would run wall over the thousand murk. Perform- NU-WA Laundry-Gleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service Chicago F«t,'com/ortabi« Super CoacfiM every daf on convenient schedules Go GREYHOUND to si. i-° |iis Ncw Orleans J;icksonvilte, H:< i ouu «»r '"•" Tormtnal S4.ZO 4.115 - 7.115 10.15 One \Viiy GREY'HOUNIt— ^£nfi. FRIENDS A*e TEU//V& "BETTER Sw/r&rw P SO MANY PEOPLE WE KNOW HAVE SWITCHED ^••••^H|B| ' CAN UNDERSTAND WHY TO PUMOUTH_IT'S EASY.^BYOaoUGHTT^Ry^B IT ' S SO ECONOMICAL-IT'S THE TO SEE WHY! ; •§ PLYMOUTH'S GREAT B^"i T ENGINEERED CAR! LUXURY RIDE! ~ HHBP1 Of "AIL 3" Low-Priced Gars, Plymouth alone gives you a majority of the 22 Quality Features found to High-Priced Cars! T HE. tremendous popularity of t 19-10 Plyinoulli is based on ihc fact llmt I'lymoulli is llic one low-priced cat mos( like. (Ac high-priced cars in lizc, comfort, performance! You naturally expect car manufacturers to put the bcsl features into tlicir Wgli-priccd cars. And Ihc 1940 Quality Chart shows.. .that lliis ycar.high-priccd cars have 22 important features in common • . . and also .shows tlial Plymouth' is tht only one of 'All 3" loiD-priccd can u,7iic/i fiificj you ajnojorily of these features! • 'Sec the Quality Chart at your Plymouth dealer. Take the Luxury Ride. Plymouth is exceptionally easy lo buy— H saves you money iti operation and upkeep I PLYMOUTH DIVISION OP CHRYSLER CORPORATION. AJdRBOWES.CB.S..Tmms.,o.. M r.M..EJ.T.' Tim Sedan SJ?" : --- T --£i ,,." ~ ''•'""I"""'! «->J FcJtnl I '"«•• TrBiuiwilalicrr. stale, local i a *«.tfnny, nm Incluileil. d Irivc «,, „„ Pi Jmou ,,, C , mm u pick . UMl WVl itricc.s- oncli ilny ara scheduled to bcjln nl ton a.m., two p.m. and cltht p.m. Scats fur iho two miitlnce nae- formance.s each day arc unreserved but those who see the evening shows will Imvo resen'cil te»U. "Clone wilh the wind", Ilio motion picture rights oi which were bought by Producer David o. Seli- nick for $50,000, the highest' price ever paid fora drat novel, Is being shown in Us original length In Blytiiavllle just as it was shown In Us world premiere in Atlanta. The picture runs approximately three hours and « minutes muf to)iota closely Ilio coin-so of the novel. The picture Is In uvo pads wltli an Intermission between. Blan Wifliamwn Home At Tyler Destroyed COOTER, Mo, War. W. - Th» homo of Mr. «nd Mr«. ; Blari H. WlillaiafOn of near Tyler WM destroyed by JJre at 4:30 o'clock Sunday morning and the origin of the tire is unknown' unWss the house VUA struck by lightning which is believed to have teen tlig cnu«e of the fire. Part of.lht Iiovwhold goods In the down st»lr« was saved but none of the furhitwr* upstairs wns saved, Th« entire Joss Is '«tl- inlvd at approximately $2,000. The house, which was owned and occupied by tho - \Vtlllaiii8ons, wru thy old Brljjgtnce hoinritcad plac? During (««, for »ll ct»»«; , u- atlon lucrtMed IS to'M per ami eve though Read Courier *«w* %aot WO«K CALL 106 i Margaret's BEAUH SHOP REDUCE .-SENSIBLY MUM(», Vtf. Bathi K*k Uwhra Just Arrived Another Carload Of KELVINATOR REFRIGERATORS Ho i?reat hiis hcen the dcmnnd for the new 19-10 Kelvina- lot' th»l ,\vc ordered unolher carload which arrived In niyihovllte the (irsl imrl'of this .week. JJc.surc to inspect these new models if you haven't seen the new Kei- vinator. Ymi'H ngree with us when we say that it is truly America's best Hcf rig era I or buy. Fall Teims With As Little As 1-4 DOWN $6 Down -- $6 Month For Any 6 Ft. Kelvinator $8 Down « $8 Month For Any 8 Ft Kelvinator BEFORE YOU BUY ANY REFRIGERATOR IN 1940 NEW 1940 KELVINATOR Dellvwid In y«ir kHch*n «HH S Y«*r Pr«i«ction Plan S JS^THB w-AV iq pick the !}e»t refrig- l . SJZETItVa fuiliS'/«oi6ic foot-holds »n »vcrag* Weft's supply ot (pod. NAME? It's* KcKirrttoc...niac|c by the oldest maker o! electric refn'gefaiors. I'me.K? tfs only $ 11 4.95 'deliver ctl in your kitchen wijlr 5 Year Protecupn Plan. It's poivcrtd by the ama/ing Polarsphcre that uses ciirrcnf IMS than 2v% oi the time, yet can 'keep 5 refrigerator? cotd, unrfer • vtrjgc household conditions. P//M other fcahues and savings— that make ittlie biggest refrigerator rtlatt we've «v«r seen. _ , ' We want you to he sute to set it— and the other brg(j arid 8 cn.ft. 19>iO models, how offered at S*vrng.sotS30 to $(JO ^fan)•ha^e (hat nesy Mpist-&taster Sjstem, tqo, To help you pick. th« best refrigerator', tome ia and' get a free copy or "The 1940 RefrigeciiorGiiiilc ' See our complete new Jine ot Ip'IQ Kflvimtors toda>! AT ALL THESE FINE FUTUIES twy-T.oixh door h«ndl» « Miciob* tujjodty- 9 >b». « A'ul wit atf< KtMn tonlrel • Hmtt n toftim* ' fre«ting shsirrt •' 'V \n glad io tH. Com) In r ':WARHWG( Hon't pay good 1 rtoney for 40 oul-of-d^lc, la<l year's ^refrigerator offered -. ^t ''rcJu«d" prices —«hcn you can o*;n a hrdnil now 19 (0 KeUinator ac such an amaz- f ing low.price! F.6oK. b«forc >od rio>» and get' .a J7<0rilodel,withatlrhe 19-fOimprovt'nitnTJ. E. B. GEE SALES CO. Inc. Bljfllieville, Ark. Phone ^ Kennett, Bio.

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