Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 26, 1934 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 26, 1934
Page 5
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Jutjr 26, .1934 Roosevelt Views Crater President Visits Kilauea Volcano and Hears Its History H1LO. Hawaii — (/(>)__ Roosevelt, the first Americnn president to set font on Hawaiian .soil, pnid n visit Wednesday to Kilaticii volcano. The president spent n quarter hour en the brink of the fire oil honrini? the/history mid description r.S the vol. cnno by Dr. Thomas A. Jagpnr, Jr.. volcnnolcgist of Hawaii National Park. A larffc crowd gathered along the roadside rmd shouted RrcotiiiRs nnd Mr. F?cosevelt waved back. The road to the volcano was roped off for his protection. • President Roosevelt came here Wed- nesdty rnorninr; on his cruising warship, tlit- Houston, and Inndini;, v/aved ;j welcome to Ihe largo crowd and entered an-automobile for a 31-mile pide to tht> volcano. '"= Fie smiled broadly on Sam Spencer, chairman of the local reception committee us he placed about his neck a flr.wcr lei, Hinwniian symbol of poling. It is. made of Hawaiian dais- it:.. Spencer then decorated Roopevclt'.s two .sons in similar fashion, while the I'nnleia.'-, clicked. 'the i.-rosidcnt's program allc.wed him several hours in the Kilauea region before returning to Hilo, where u par- uclc-wn.-i planned before he hoarded the Houston for the overnight voyag? to Honolulu. HES First Baptist Church prayer meetings will lie lu'ld ii> Ihe different wards of Ihe city lo- liifjht ,-it H o'clock in preparation for tho revival meeting which will beuin :il the First Baptist chuhc'h Sunday nipht. Wi.i-d 1, Mrs. W. P. ABCC and Mrs. Edwin Dc.ssutt; Wnrd 2: Mr. and Mrs. Chandler and Jim Bowden; WnrdS, Mi-. Hawthorne; Ward •). Mr. and Mrs. Alton Honcyciitt. Tho younu people's meelinK :it the i-hiirrh. 7:JiO. Don't fail to go to the prayer meeting nearest you. Dlnslance H.-incor Belle—"If 1 wore you. Percy, I should toll him just what I think of him." Percy—"How can 1? The end has no telephone."—San Diego Union. NOTICE! Hnvo thnt old Maltrer-:-; Renovated. .Wi' make them look new. Call for and deliver, (live Us A Trial Home Mattress Shop It. E. Ilnlclicr 115 N. liaxcl St. Adding Machine .Paper We Deliver Johnson Printing Co. Phone 31 25c Sixe C.ii-hmcrc Boquct lOc each—:; for ....................... lilil Wnodberry's Soap, ' inn Wonder Health Soap (full si/o cakei HIM Briant's Drug Store * SALE * COOL Summer Wash Dresses k m 15 LADIES SPECIALTY SHOP "Excusivu But Not Expensive" nnnia TODAY 3A>IO TF.nilTf comm to ...... York determined to nhotr br> linnie town, Jffnrbtirff, and tuperlnllr AMY JACKSON thni »h« <-nn mnke n iincciMi* ot her life. Amy hit* lircn her bent friend until HOW- AIID JACKSON brokn the cnttnnr- inrnt Jane linil forced upon bint nnd mnrrlccl Amy. In New Yorl: Jnnf nhtnln* a po- ult Inn In n rrnl tmtnlr olllre nnd noun I* mnklriK n Inrirr Income. She him an ntTnlr tvllh ItOUKK TIlOni'R, Dinrrlrd, but tlrox of him. When ln> offer* to bfjir the «pen»« of iliolr child fthe eon- tpniDtnonnlr illnmlnum him. Amy taken the linliy, nnnipd NANCY, promlnlne npvcr to rprpal It* pnr- Whcn Amprlpft enter* the World Wnr IloTrnril pnllntn In the nvln- tlon cofp* nnd ROM to n trnlnfatc cnmp In Te*n*. IIU mother porflr* to ntnr with Amr nnd little Nnnpy. Amy eonfldea to ItlAIlY JACKSON thni "he I* ptppctlnc • child of her oon. NOW GO ON WITH TH13 STORY CHAPTI3H XXXI W ALKING with Alice made Amy think at Jano, because nhe nnd Jnno hnd so often taken this name path. Watching Alice wilh Nancy reminded Amy of Jane, too, nnd with a kinder feel- Ing than sho had had In thomimmor. Now and thon Mary spoke o£ Jane, reported something Miss Rosa had told her, something pHtterlng and Bpoctacttlar. Jane was head ot a special committee of business women to sell Liberty Bonds. Jano wan making speeches on the steps of tho Public Library. Jane's business was growing. She meant to enlarge her offices. Everything was to Jane's Importance and success. Amy listened with an amused twinkle. She could perfectly see Jano swanking around, playing her part with dashing conviction, hut she felt no tingle of envy. But when, one, day lato In November, Mary naid that Jane was coming to stay with her aunt for the holidays, Amy only commented absently: "That'll pleaso Miss Rosa," nnd thought no more about It. The holidays this year meant only to Amy that Howard was auro ot his leave for that time. With Howard's coming In view Amy first went through her house llko n stern and captions stranger, and then, with lists beside ner, began a series of renovations. She planned her meals, too, ot tho dishes Howard lilted "And If," she paid to Mary, "the Kood Administration comes along and puts ma In Jail for it, I'm not going to use a single substitute while Howard's here." "Go ahead," replied Mary, "I'll aid and abet you and go to lall with you 1C It's necessary." Pres nntly sho adofe "Rosa would like us to como to her for Christina dinner, but I told her wo wouldn't think of it." "I'd rather have no dinner at nil than go out anywhere." * • • TVTAUY answered hesitatingly: • L *-*- "Amy—how would It ba It 1 went to Uosa's that day—and lei you and Howard bo to yourselves? And I could take Nancy— "Oh, you make me feel a pig! Do I seem to be trying to crowc you out? Oh no, Mary, please You belong here. And I want you. It would spoil everything £ you went out—and I wouldn't .Ike to Bend Nancy away either. Especially to Miss Rosa's, while Jano'n there—" aho went on quickly — "Jane doesn't care much for chlldran, and oho rubbed me the wrong wny tho only time she ever flaw Nancy. Very foolish of me, I siipnoue, but she—well, sho said that Nnncy wann't n pretty child and 1 resented It. I keep on resenting It, too, In n nmnll-mlnded maternal way." "Why Amy, you of all people let a chance remark like that rankle sol Does It mnttor what June thinks?" "Oh no. It doesn't, of course. Not really. But If anyone had told yon Howard was a. plain little hoy would you have hee.i pleased?" "I'd have been as mad as hops." "There—-you BOO? And even If it wasn't any question ot exposing Nancy to Jane's comments. I wouldn't have you go anywhere else for-Christmas for the world." There was such earnestness nnd sincerity In her voice thai Mary Jackson smiled with gratification. "It's very sweet to have you say that. But truthfully. It doesn't matter so vitally to mo to spend tho time with Howard as It docs you. fiver since he's been grown I've trained myself to bo contented Just to know that he's well and happy somewhere, oven when he's not with mo. It saves such a lot of emotional wear and tear on both of us." Amy shook her head doubtfully. "I don't believe I'll ever fee! that wny about my son," she said. If sho had • not had so many things to do Amy could hardly have existed through tho last weeks before Howard camo. • * • TTRR beauty bloomed In expectance. Sometimes Mary JncU- Bon nnd her mother opoke ot it. There wan something beyond reality In it. Her eyes did not see them but only her great happiness, her month was curved and red und Roft, her Rkln was trans- luccntly fair. She was luminous, radiant, waiting. In the very last days aim did not talk very much. Sho was wltn Howard an he tool; his way toward her. She know the hour w.hen ho started, the moment of each stop, just where his train would bo every mile of the way. And then, miracle, he was there! Tall nnd strong, co.ld from tho keen winter outside, but with a living and hearty cold that is akin to heat, dropping his cap, his gloves on the floor, smothering her against his greatcoat, holding her, saying her name—"Amy, Amy—Amy—Amy!" telling her all that she needed to know In that one word. "Oh, hut let me look at you!" she-said-, drawing away a little; but holding him tight. "Why, 1 do believe you've grown! And what a proud, elegant uniform! And the wings! Oh Howard— you're grand!" He could say nothing but her name, nnd he had tears in his eyes like a child wanting consolation. Finally he stammered: "It was too long. I felt as It all By Sophie Kcrr this—and you—didn't exist, aoy morn. That I'd never BOO you again." After his mother and Nancy came In ho found coherence, but all of thorn were too. excited ana over-wrought to do much but begin Fcntences nnd leftvn them half spoken, forgetting what-they, meant to say In the' overwhelnj- Ing joy ot reunion. Howard eat on the frofn 1-e- tween Mary and Amy* Nancy on hla knee*. "Rverythlng looks so wonderful!" ho kept exclaiming. "Here It Is, Just as I - dreamed about it! It's all real!" * * • T ATER In the evening, people '^ began to come to see, I-tbw- ard—Professor Ellert fltat of all. beaming at htm, lamenting bid own age that he could not onlUt, working out schemes to get Howard another Btep In rattle—"It's largely pulling the right wtres, my boy,"—fingering Howard's Insignia covetously and unwilling to nay a word about colleg« affairs or anything but th» eriny and the war. Professor and; Mrs. Lowe came In and thn'Dnan.''atid two or threo more of the •faculty with their wives. Amy .noted that the men were obsessed by the wnr, but that the,- - wornen' listened with a sort of futile angry impatience. She Wfls'.grfjrl, when they were all gdina -> : and' Mary, yawning, had 'kissed -her son and gone to bed. .'..,•'•„;. Then Amy and • Howard sat down before the flre, her head;6a bis shoulder, their hands clasped. "While I'm here and when^w.e'rft alone." he said, "we're gojngta pretend that It's Jnst as alwaya. .1 -don't: want to talk about 'sjr- plnnes or guna or soldiers with, you, Amy. I want Just my-, wlfa. and my home. Let's forget everything else." . "Tell me. one thing flrst. I» there any chance that you'll 1 b« sent over, any time soon? • I don't want- that, in the background, threatening me. If It's therei-Fd rather face It." "I honestly don't know,, darllnfl. Nobody can tell a thing. -/My work seems to bo going-all right and 1 f may be kept right at It In* definitely, or I might he'ordered up' to tho Long Island eanro-i that's where they give tho OnjU training, you know—and eVoa.W I go there I might be kept'right, on as an Instructor—or-l : mlgl>t get overseas orders, t won't say/ a word, or do a thing to. trjr-id. stay in Texas. It wouldn't hi .decent. I've been seeing, too rria'ny fellows who seem to think this war is, a great chance to wangle something slick for themselves, and not a war at. all. t do my stuff tho best I know,, and', if the orders come—well, they come. There's the whole truth, Amy darling,,: and -.the. minute 1 know anything else I'll tell you. And now let's forget It. My time with you Is too precious to spoil. I want to have every bit of !it, taste it, feel it, look at It, thia room with a fire and flowers-— these walls safe around us, and you, my very own, with me. I've starved with longing for.you/'' (Copyrlorlu. 1034, by Sophln Kerr) (To Bo Continued.) 4 Out of 9 Get Renomination Casualties Are Heavy in Oklahoma Congressional Races OKLAHOMA CITY.—(/P)—Just four of Oklahoma's nine Democratic con- EreKsmc-n were in line Wednesday night to t'o back to Washington. Two fell by the wayside in Tuesday';; run-oft' primary—the veterans Jim V. McClintic and Tom McKeown; and a third lost out in the first primary three weeks ago—Representative F. B. Swank. Representative W. W. Hastings has retirel. Representative E. W. Marland is the Democratic nominee for governor. The cowboy boots and "10 gallon" luil i;f P. L. Gassaway, Coal county's judge, will appear in McKeown's place from the Fourth District. His mujorily excL't'ded 10,000. Sam Mussingale, Cordell, lawyer, beat McClintic in the Seventh by about the same margin. Incumbent nominees are Wesley Disney, First District representative who had a majority in the July 3 voting. Wilburn Carlwrighl and Jed Johnson, nominated Tuesday in the Third and Sixth districts and the con- gressman-nt-largc with the popular name—Will Rogers. Rogers beat. Henry S. Johnston, impeached governor, by more than 40,000. WOMAN 92 YEARS OLD Has Used "Mendenhall's" Chill Tonic Over 30 Years . 92 Years Old Mrs. Agnes Rendlemen Alto Puss, IU. Sold by All Drug Stores Agnes Ilemllemen, Alto Pass, 111., dictates the following letter to In 1 !' Knuul-dutighter, Agues Gunu, a registered pharmacist: "i iini lr_! ycitr.s old, mother of eight children, all living. Have UNi'il .Mi'iidi'iihaH's Malurlu Chill anil I'Yver Tunic over thirty years for .Malaria, Chills and Fever, Conutiiiatiun, :s».id as a general tunic. Also for Colds and Coughs duo to colds. II liu.5 Us place in unr iiiiHlii'iuo (.'lii'st all Hit yciir ui'uuud." NOTK: We inalte TUpiidonhall's MaUirta <'hlll :inil r-Yvcr Tunlr i'l t\vo funns—-with ami without «i-M<nlr. As to tin 1 v:ihie ol' our ('hill Tonir \\-iili :u-*fiiir. vrc quote from the l r . S. lil.--|ieiiK;itorv: "Al'S'Mllr IM tin- most siln-i-ssf ill HKi'liI in tin* Iri'Ml Ill iif ,-hronli- I'la htria, inaliirial or Liilinu.'- ft-vrv, inli-Tiiilltrnl iVvc-r or cliiH.™. brow- :i.,'4'ii'. hc:iilin.-hi>, iirurulKKi oc rli«u- iiiatisin din.: to in:t.laria m- j^ciM'ral li;nl lii-jilth. II lin-ri'ii:<i--s tin- a|i\ie- lili- ami (llK'^tion. v,i-ih"hl ami slri.ni.flli of tlu- tuitli ul, ami has Ki'i-at jio\vi-r lo improve tin- (.'oii- diltoii of the hloiid. It i.s one nC the few liiilj.'ituiir^M \vhii_-h iloHerve tho name of a K^m-ral tonl* 1 ." ^^a(lo by J. C. Mi-ruieiiliall llodl- cino Co., EviUiavllle, InUluna. Bankhead Control May Be Suspended Government Waiting on Next Cotton Crop Estimate Due August 8 WASHINGTON —(/P)— Belief l>y lawyers at the Farm Administration that tho Bankhead control bill would be legally suspended this year has increased speculation as to whether the compulsory measure would be applied to this year's crop. Lawyers believe that the president may .suspend the opralions of the bill at any time before 193G. Farm officials said, however, that they had taken no stand in the matter and that growers who want th" bill set aside would have to petition the president. They said that they were going ahead with plans for the application of the legislation which levies a tax on all cotton sold this year in excess of approximately 10,400,000 bales. The continued drouth in Texas and the West, however, has led to many inquiries as to whether a move will be made to suspend the bill should the August 8 crop report forecast a yield well below the total allotment under the measure. A normal yield on the basis of the gcvtrnment's acreage forecast, would be less than the tax-free quota fixed by the bill. The contention has been made, however, that the bills aim would be attained should the cotton crop fail below 10.400,000 bales. HERE ANcTTHERE year ago. If we are going to talk about what people NEED it would be the same story in 1929 that it is in 1934. You, myself and the next fellow—we always NEED plenty, and always will. But what we GET, what we actually EARN, is what we are talking about. The candidate speaking to Mr. Rodgers was discussing another matter entirely. He wus discussing a further betterment of the condition of men. He was looking 'forward. But on this ballot matter The was looking backward, to a yeari ago today. it And I am frank to admit that looking backward is something we don't do very well. (Continued from Page One) two rural subset ilxTS for every one in town. XXX Mr. Koilgcis talks about people who "need from $25 to !>5U worth o[ cotton goods." We're not talking about, what people NEED. We're asking ourselves whether we aren't BETTER OFF now than a Explains fully the marvelou* WillardTreatmentwhich has brought amazing; relief to thousands everywhere. Willard'a is designed for the relief of Stomach or Duodenal Ulcer*, Poor Digest ion, Acid Dytpepila, Sour or Lfp**t Stomach, Gassine**, Bloating, Heartburn, Constipation, Bad Breath, £/e«p/*Mn*M, Poor Appetite, Htadachit, due to Excet* Add. Ask about Willard's 15-Day Trial Offer. WARD & SON Cool Off Install a Shower Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical Appliances Phone 259 Roosevelt to See Reclamation Jobs on To harness Columbia river; Inspection l.^ |(!LACIHH PAUK tV4»',:-^ ' Motor tour ^H.ST^L ™j DKVH/S LAKK, X. J.). f.M'O livnnlli Kl'H Will be Kludi.-il —-M '•"•'-•'. Ml Nil'' '>-'' OH KEN BAY. AVIS. Only major address of (rip here I!')\NKVll.r,n DAM .'••-'O.ilO.Ofio Jo lo hn vii.'Wijil FT. I'KCK DAM Iit"pocl.ioit tou JiOrilF.HTKFi/MIXN' For I.etiion tril)iil.f> brothers "~~TO WASHINGTON x^Yi/, ST PAOL \ U ' v Ar $ '/ Reclamation project;!' will receive major attention of President. Roosevelt on his journey across the country to Washington, nl'ler he disembarks from the cruiser Houston in Portland, Ore., Aug. 3. Following tho route shown here, he will inspect Honnevllle, Coulee and Ft. Peck dams, as .well as halt a.t Devil's Lake, N 1 . J)., for a study of water table subsidence and its aggravation, of":the droHth. Another project that will be viewed is l.hn $«':],500,000 PWA lock, channel, and dam rirork on, the upper Mississippi River. The president is scheduled to .reach,. Washington on Aug. It, nesday night in an dent, a dispatch from hfe ShettrtfliO, T^X89i i«VlS6tt" j here. Particulars could not be Dick Wstkirts left Hope fat,' man, and will accompany the, of hin uncle on the return Nashville, Ark , for burial. FOR SALE 1931 CHEVROLET Low mileage-Exceptional Like New. Hempstead Motor Phone 850 207 WASH OUT 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES Reporters, Jailed, Keep a Confidence Kentucky Police Judge Insists They Placed-Court • . in Contempt DANVILLE, Kk. — (fi>)— Jack Durham and Wesley Carty, young newspapermen who have refused on Ihrte cccastoa? to ; tell the Danvilte police court on their advance information on a hanging in effigy, went, back to jail late Wednesday to servl another 'fix hours. Judge J. W. Harlan ordered them to appear in court.again Thursday. . ; At the conclusion of Thursday's hearing after Durham and Carty repeated .their refusal to disclose their information' on' the ground that it was given them in confidence. Judge Harlan said;' . "Well boys, if this is. going to be an endurance contest, I con stand it. You understand that this is a challenge to the. cbvjrt." .- .Tuesday Durham and Carly served a jail sentence of there hours. . Monday they were fined $10. Judge'Harlan each time held them in contempt of his court because they refused to tc-11 what they knew abtout the hanging in effigy of S'ta'le Representative J. Sterling Towles. '',;'• ' The Danville officals-'contend' that the affair was a.breach of the/peice. A handbill pinned to -.the'stuffed, 1 fig- ; lire that was hanged,,in .the . court- hcu.se yard early June 19 -denounced, 1'cwlss for supporting'.the'state'sales tax. •'•..-.. . '* - .",'.-' Brother of Mrs. Hi . Watkins Is Killed John Dickson, brother of :Mrs. Henfy ; Watkinij of this city,-'was killed'-Wed-' Win Beck Pep ... Vigor... 1 Medical authorities agree that yott* L neyg contain 15 MILES of tiny t*&tS c «t}'i filter* which help to purify, ttia WWd ; keep you healthy. ,,', , If.yon hove trouble xfith too-jreqfiettt bladder patsages with scanty amoiHit cmtt*; ? IiUt burnlmt-and discomfort, the JB.MILEa,-; ot kidney, tubes need washing oaf. This atka* ,; tttr- signal may be the beginning of in .backache,- lee pains, lo»a of pep and vftility, / getiinz,up', nights, lumtjago, swollen feel : ,-,* , , , , , and-.ankU>, rheumatic pains and diltlrt*»«. v '.. If : kidney« don't empty 3 ptntS'evettr a$"> 4 'SPIELS.'.. , , Jption . . . WMcTt-Jia* W*»/ I? lued.cucceskfolly.by million*.M^klda«y fttf' /C tu*r»'tor-o<ter 40 years, Theyvgi*e.<j11icll <» relief -' and "Will help to wash, out, the H MILES 6fkidney-tiibe». • • *• " ^ • But dtm't tAkc chalices with strong: drtHM : or lo-caUed."kidney cures" that claim'ta ft! ' ,. you up In 15 minutes, for they ma/jierjouilj * ; Injure-'and Irritate delicate tl«sues..-ItiilstA,, on DOAN'S BILLS ... the old reUtfre ire. 1 B»f'that;contain, no "dobb" or Jiati&Iarmlna -, .Be-tore io« (Wt DOAN5S PILti •t lour druesist. (Z5 19S4;'Footer-MilBnri» Co guaranteed RADIO SERVICE Hempstead Co. Lbr. Co, HOYT ANDRES Phone ija THE TIRI SENSATION TO SEE it is to buy it! That's the- way extra value etaiids out in the new Firestone Century Progress Tire. We found out what car owners wanted most in a tire—then we gave it to them. Out of more thuii ten million visitors to the Firestone Factory at the World's Fair last year, we obtained this opinion: "Give us Blowout Protection, Non-Skid Safety, and Long Wear, at a Moderate Pi-ice." So we built the greatest tire ever made to sell at these low prices. Then the wave of buying started—car owners from Coast to Coast bought— -not just one or two tires— but complete sets! Go to the Firestone Service Dealer or Service Store in your community TODAY! See the new Firestone Century Progress Tire—just look at the broad, husky shoulders, massive flat tread, deep-cut non-skid and Guni-Dipptiii cords. Did you ever see so much tire'for so little money? No wonder it's the Tire Sensation of '34 and Sells on Sight! Why not equip your car with a complete set—while prices are still at today's low level. 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C. — If E .1 F A' e tutor I; Other Size* Proportionately Low

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