Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 23, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 23, 1937
Page 4
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More You Tell, Die Quicker YAi Sell" HAMS iftut, mtaimttHi Me 34Sc word, mlB. Me Mk lHMt» fe word, minimum We OlM month (26 ttaies)-48e word, tninhniun »2.7» We f*t continuous liuer- IB ftMkttf word count, dkregard efariMftaitton name such as "Pot **t," "F»* Me," «c.-«hls is toe. Hi «*tk initial M name, or cofa- •hfo letejtfcone number, counts a ahUlwtttd. For exaraptt: FOB fc£NT— Three-room modem hed apartment, with In. Bargain. J. V. Vital, IS words, at 2e word, Me h* «M time; at «4c word, S3e for HwM (tee*, etc. NOTE: All orders placed by telephone ate due and payable upon ftMMntatkm at bill PHONE 768 e SuDper BOPE STAR, HOPlfi, ARKANSAS There will be a pie supper at Battlefield schoolhouse Friday night, October 1, sponsored by the W. M. S. A. it was announced Thursday. Proceeds will go to the Methodist and Baptist Churches. The public is invited. Although birds have a regular molt* ing season,- a lost feather is replaced b a new one at any time of year. Lost LOST: Four year old, setter birc dog. White with leather spots. Re .turn to J. S. Conway, Jr., name on collar. 22-3tp STRAVED-One brown horse mule Wt. about 1,100 Ibs., has sign of wire cut on left shoulder, white spot on right shoulder. H. E. Upchurch, Pat mos, Ark. 22-3tp -S_— i ••---• - .___ .... .,- . n _ -r- r Found FOUNI>-Two keys on small ring Owner may claim by paying for this notice. 23-3tdh Legal Notice Service* Offered Plumbing, Contracting, Repairing Thirty years experience H. R. Segnar 120 S. Hervey Phone 171W 5-4-tf " Don't sleep on knots. Let us buil you a new mattress or rebuild th. old one. HEMPSTEAD COUNTY MATTRESS SHOP, T12 West Fourth Phone 853-J. 23-6tc For Rent >' FOR RENT—Will have 3 vacan furnished apartments, with private baths and garage by October 1. J. A Sullivan, 404 North Main. 21-tfc Wanted to Rent WANTED TO RENT OR BUY—Furniture for five-room house. Mrs. Ralph Madden, 374-W. 21-3tp Wanted SCRAP IRON WANTED Any Kind, any Quantity WE ARE PAYING 35c cwt—$7.00 TON Certified weighing scales at our yard No charge for weighing P. A. LEWIS MOTOR CO 304 E. Second St. Hope, Ark. 28-26tc WE BUY SCRAP^RON We are paying 35c cwt. or ?7.00 ton. We weigh on oil mill scales which re certified. No charge for weighing. Alao-^we buy radiators and metals of all kinds. COX-CASSIDY FOUNDRY & ; i . MACHINE CO Laurel St Hope, Ark. j- ,. - 27-26tc HIGHEST PRICES PAID For old Batteries, Radiators, Metals of all kinds. Old Tires, Sacks and Rags P. A. LEWIS MOTOR CO. 304 E. Second St Hope, Ark. 28-26tc ORDINANCE No. An Ordinance to be nn Ordinance Entitled, nn Ordinance to Levy a Tax on Taxable Property In the City of Hope, Arkansas, for the Year 1937 and for Other Purposes. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY.OF HOPE ARKANSAS. SECTION 1: That a tax of Five mills (.005) be, and the same is hereby levied upon all taxable property, both real and personal, within the City of Hope, Arkansas, for the year 1937; and that all moneys collecied and raised by said tax shall constitute a general fund to defray the. general and ordinary expenses of the said City of Hope Arkansas; and that said levy be certified to the Clerk of Hempstead County, Arkansas, to be placed upon the books and collected at the same time and in the same manner as State and County taxes are collected SECTION 2: That all ordinances and/or parts of ordinances, in con- fl\ct herewith are hereby repealed- and this ordinance being necessary for the public health, safety and general welfare of the inhabitants of the City of Hope, an emergency is hereby declared and this ordinance shall be in full force from and after its passage and publication. Passed and approved this 21st clay if September 1937. Published in the Hope Star this 23 lay of September 1937. Albert Graves Attest Mayor. T. R. Billingsley c . „„ , City Clerk Sept 23 lie OUR BOARDING HOUSE jfrl^ •"- -*ffr iLV* ---"-^- • .-JL8--T-,_- - jh-"- -•--.-«,_•.-if.-. , . . f | _.. ..,-._ -•—•„_ (^ "WlS/LADS, ISTHfe LATEST MlNf- CHlLD OF MY INVENTIVE GENIUS-~THE HOOPLfe SELF COOLER/ B3AD, with Hfe Major Hoople OUT OUR WAY Thursday, September 23, 1937 WIS BRAJN THINKING BACK TOO FAP> TRY- TO RECALL THE ENTIRE.SUMMER MOMTHS HAVE BEEN TAKEN UP WITH ITS COMPLETION' UMF-FUFF-F~- OBSERVE- "THE MECHANICAL PERFECTION" OF W^ THIS WORKING MODEL—AS If WHfeRfe HE MISLAID YOU T?OCK,THE ACTION OF THE CHAIR SPINS THE FAN THAT SENDS A COOLING BREEZE to DISPEL THE HE-AT OF VEH T THEV OU3HT TO PARK HIM IN TH "ROWDY- GAR A<5 E AND KEEP HIM OFF \ TH' HIGHWAYS/ /f BEFORE HE LOSES COMPLETE CONTROL OF HIS' THIWKINS MACHINE AMD (TRACKS UP/ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES COP*. IWrrr HEA SERVICE. IMC. T. M. BEC. U. S. PAT. Off. lS 'CLUTCH SLIPPING AQAIN==-w By WILLIAMS WE'VE LOST PART OP IT BECAUSE SH6 WON'T RUN. I PON'T 55E ANY 'PLACE FOR THIS. NO. &ECAUSS IT'S ' AM OLP Alfe HOSE OFF A FREIGHT CA^-AND THET IS A-WELL IT MIGHT feE A PART OP IT. OH PA -TRY THIS. HE S&2. IT MI&HT BE AN 1 IT MIGHT YOU CAN'T TELL! PI aro 188 . as sr r INe ' BORN THIRTY YEARS TOO SOOM. , f- 1 ?. \M « V.L i r\ M c, 4-23 ALLEY Tell Us, Boots For Sale FOR SALE—Stoves, heaters, bedsteads, all kind used Furniture. Used Furniture Co. 3rd and Hazel, Hope, fo fe - 15-26tc FOR SALE: Residential property, 92x225 feet, Southeast Corner Hervey and Avenue C. Box 1503, Shreve- P°rt. La. 22-14tp. FOR SALE—Old newspapers, 5 cents per bundle- Hope Star. 27-26dh WARNING ORDER No. 1732. In the Circuit Court of Hempstead County, Ark. lox-Cassidy Foundry & Machine Company : Plaintiff vs. * ernat hy & Son, E. V. Abemathy, Jack Abernathy, W. E. Stewart Oil Company, W. E. Stewart, Hariy Spooner and G. P. Birdwell Defendants The Defendants, Abernathy & Son, E. B. Abernathy, Jack Abernathy, W. E. Stewart Oil Company, W. E. Stewart, and G. P. Birdwell, are warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, Cox-Cassidy Foundry & Machine Company. Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 8th day of September, 1937 RALPH BAILEY, Clerk. By DALE JONES, D. C. John P. Vesey Attorney for Plaintiff. Sept. 9-16-23-30. OOoo! HEAD! WHERE 50 NOJVey/2? BE7T32 COME OUT 1NOTLE7HM KNOW1 SAW 'IM GET SOCKF.P' )N 7HAT AFFAIR, M6HT- CONSOKTING? So He Won't Talk By MARTIN . . 1937 BY NEA SERVICE, INC." T. M. REG. Q. S. PAT Famous. Scientist WXSITTOBBS A Wooden Fortune . . _ REALLV DOW'T KNOW.' TH' LAST I REM6ME TILL A MOMEMT AGO -IV, IN TH' JUNI6LE. A'\WALKIW'ALOKJ6 LOOKIN HOW COME VOU T'GIT KMOCKED OOTl COPB. 037 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T^M. REO. U By HAMLIN <j MUKNIM . UUK -wbLU.X AW, TM' BOOB.'A DID FOOZV TALK WHEM) ALL I FOUMD I '' - 'OUT WAS THAT* HE THINKS H' CAM SING/- HE CAME TO? WHAT PID VUH FIMD OUT? HORIZONTAL .1 Who was the' pictured scientist? 7 Italy made him a — > for life. 13 Gibbon. 14 Land measure 16 To elude. ' 17 Tree. 18 To liberate. 19 Pried. •20 Musical note. 21 Perishes. l ^~' 22 Married. 23 Peruse*. 24 Distant 25ftnason. ; »7 He contrib-* '. uted much to -— progresg. 10 MorselA '31 To free. ' j 32 Crippled. : 33 Musical note. (34 Idant. J!35 Strong wind. j36He was i \by the world ; .for his i invention. Answer to Previous Puzzle 40 Dry. 41 Flame. 42 Form of "be.". 43 Metric foot. 45 Arm bone. .46 Mathematical term. 47 Branches of ; learning, f 48 Hastened, 49 Scented. 50 Animal that nests. 51 He invented ^ telegraphy. VERTICAL 2 In the style of. 3 Male sheep. 4 Credit. 5 Nostrils. 6 Frozen desserts. 7 Southeast. "8 To require. 9 Farewell! 10To knock' lightly. 11 Poem. 12 Scarlet. 15 Musical note. 17 He was an . by profession. 18 Sheer. 19 Fairy. 21 Portion of medicine. 22 To .walk through water 23 Braided. 24 Destiny. 26 Dry. 27 Verse. 28 To think, 30 Having no head hairs. 32 Seculau. 33 Delay. 35 Ground grain. 36 Indian vernacular. 37 To lift up.' 38 Sea eagles, 39 Actions. 40 Social insects. 41 Soared. 44 Native, m'etaL 45 Above. 46 Sun. 48 Senior. 49 Northeast, HOLY JUMPING BLUE LOOK/ NSTEAP BARREN VINES ANP STUMPS,-* WASH ANP EASY RNP /MAHOGANY TREES gy_THE THOUSANDS. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS V/ELL, BOYS, WE FACE AWOTHER F TOUGH COMPETITION ! EVEF W THE CONFERENCE WILL BE GUNNIMG FOR i( US ! '' BEA1 S THEIR MOTTO Heart to Heart By CRANE WHY, IT'5 WORTH A THEN WHY TH' HECK PIP MR. WATT TELL BREEZE THAT THE COMPANY'S WORTHLESS] LISTEN, STUPID, HE'S A LIAR, A THIEF SKUNK; HE'S TRYING TO ROB HER? BUT 5O HELP ME HANNA, HE'b NOT GOING TO 6ET AWAY WITH tl EVERY TEAM WANTS TO KWOCk US OFF OUR PERCH f so WE'LL HAVE To BE: ow OUR TOES .' WE'LL PLAY HARD AMD GIVE: 'E:M EVERYTHING (1 'I'M ONLY THE COACH...I CAM ONLY TELL YOU WHAT TD DO ! YOU'LL HAVE TO DO IT ? THE FIRST PLAYER WHO BREAKS TRAIWIWQ RULES WILL BE ATFSAITOR ! QOT THAT ? WE'LL HAVE TO BAWD TOGETHER ASID WORK HARD FOR A COMMON CAUSE By BLOSSER MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE They Arrie THERE CAN BE WO LEAKS IN THE DIKE? THE FIRST PLAYER WHO LETS US DOWN WILL TTJRW IW HIS IN MY CASE, COACH., THAT WOULD BE NO SACRIFICE .' vl By THOMPSON AND COLL JACK, IT WAS MICE or- you TO DRIVE US TO NEW YORK ? IT WAS A PLEASURE, MYRA... I'VE A PILE OF WORK TO CO AT HEAD QUARTERS, AMD I'LL BE GLAD TO HAVE VOU SETTLED NEAE WE'RE WEAR THE ADDRESS VOM BODEM GAVE ME - rn NOT A VE:~V !MP'">- ,- i THE POCTOR. HAS A REPUTATION) FOR BEIMG A STRAWGE PEGSOMALITy, ff MYRA... EG, I'LL STOP THE CAR HERE. YOU WOM'7 1 MIMD IA/ALKJMG THE |\ REST OF THE WAY, FvWILL YOU? THANKS A LOT OLD MAM -WE'LL BE SEE IMG VOU • I WOWDERWHY JACK DIDKJ'T DRIVE US UP IM FRONT OF THE. HOUSE. WV/&E HE'S AFRAID OF MEETING SOME OF THOSE REFORMED CRIMINALS 1 / HOOP FOC, SUCH A FAMOUS) CRIM/M- corn. » 3 ; ar NE* SEBVI^ INC

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