Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 26, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 26, 1934
Page 3
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M3 Thursday, July 26, 1934 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS MRS. SID HENRY TELEPHONE 821 Happiness Happiness is like a crystal, Fair and exquisite and clear, Broken in n million pieces, Scattered far and near; Now and (lien along life's pathway, Lo, some .shinging fragments fall. But (here are HO many pieces, No line ever finds them all. You may find :i bit of beauty Or nn honest slime of wealth, While another just, lie-side you fiiilher.s honor, love or health; Vnin to choose or grasp unduly, Broken is the perfect ball, And (her ar(! no many pieces, No one ever finds them all. Yd the wise 1 , as on they journey, Trcasuse every fragment clear; Fit them MI, they may together, Ima^in^ (he shattered sphere; Learning rvrr to bo thankful Thoiii:li their share nf it be small, lor it has .•-:•) many pieces, No one ever finds them all. Selected NOW THE OLD MAESTRO HIMSELF! " Mrs. Morgan Griffin of ElDorndo is the guest of her coosin, Mrs. J. R. Williams and Mr. Williams. Mis sLucy Boyd has returned from a 10 days visit to the Century of Progress Exposition in Chlago, 111. Miss Frances Harrell is spending the wck visiting with friends in Waldo. The Edith Thompson Sunday school class will enjoy a picnic Friday evening at 7:30 at Fair Park, with Group 3 as host. Y o w s a h I Leading all 1110 lads and lassies in ond out of si* new 1111 lonqs in a speedy, romanc ing musicomcdyl JACK OAKIE BEN BERNIE DOROTHY DELL ARLINE JUDGE —Hollywood on Parade— Carlnoii—nncl—News Mr. and Mrs. Van Mills and daughters, Olive Cleo, Mary Van and Patsy of Little Rock, Mr. and Mrs. Ike Mills of Gurdon, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Yocum and son of Hope were Wednesday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Adams and Mr. G. E. Roberts at Pleasant View Plant Farm. Mrs. Me- Adams was presented with a beautiful Colonial lea set. Ihe Wednesday contract bridge club held htcir regular weekly game with Mrs. E. M. McWilliams at her home on East Third street. Bridge was played from two tables with the favors going to Mrd. Lloyd Spencer and Mrs. J. F. Gorin. Mrs. C. E. Lowthorp will leave Friday for a visit with relatives and_ friends in Little Rock. Miss Hazel Burzeltc of Memphis will arrive Saturday for a visit with friends in the city. Mrs. W. Q. Warren lias returned from a visit with her daughter, Mrs. Clyde Yarbrough and Mr. Yarbrough in Shrtveport. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Williams are spending a few days vacationing in Galveston. Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Higgason and family of Irving, Texas arc guests of Judge and Mrs. L. F. Higgason and other relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon H. Campbell announce the birth of a little daughter, Thursday morning, July 2fi, at the Josephine hospital. Mrs. F. M. Vclvin and Mrs. James Vaughan who have been visiting with friends and relatives left Wednesday for their home in Fort Worth, but were to stop overnight in Tcxarkana with their nieve, Mrs. T. C. Arnold. They were accompanied as fas as Tcxarkana by their sister, Mrs. Cox, who has spent a few days with hlr daughter, Mrs. Arnold. Straighten Up Now "Lend me five dollars, old man. promise you, on the word of a gentleman, to pay it back tomorrow." "Bring the gentleman around anc let we see him."—Montreal Star. Slain Wife Was Planning Divorce Mrs. Thomas' Letter to Husband Found in House by Coroner LITTLE ROCK.—While R. B. (Tommy) Thomas, 32, was being arraigned in North Little Rock Mninicapl Court Wednesday on two charges of murder, in connection with the slaying of his wife and Horace F. Steclc, 35, cigar stand proprietor, who Thomas said was his wife's paramour, Dr. Lawson C. Aday discovered a letter indicating Mrs. Thomas planned to leave her husband mid divorce him. The letter was found in a drawer in Mrs. Thomas' bedroom at their home, 154 Sheridan rond, Park Hill. It was addressed to "Tommy," and read: "I hale to have to do this, hut there is a limit to what 1 can take. I have done my host, linve tried to keep everything down and tried lo make it as'.easy as 1 could on you. "You haven't cared a damn about me, only as a servant, and I haven't been appreciated for what I have done as that. So am leaving you for good. | Will spend my 520 for a divorce— what I've been saving it for. Probably will surprise you but even though I seemed to enjoy your un- kindncss and ungratefulness, I hate! you beyond words. You needn't worry about me doing you dirt; I will iromise 1 won't, but if you ever lay j hand on me again I'll go the limit. Sec if you can find some one else to ill my place, ingrate." The letter was unsigned, and there vas no date on it, but Dr. Aday said ic was convinced it was written by Mrs. Thomas, probably before she left lome several days ago. Thomas said ic did not know of such a letter. Thomas, without an attorney, appeared in the North Little Rock court vith deputy sheriffs and waived pre- iminary hearings on charpcs of mur- ler. He was held to the grand jury jy Judge Wills, and returned to the Fulaski county jail to be held, without bond, until the grand jury meets. Mrs. Thomas' complaint to Dr. Aday, i short time before she died, that her itisband frequently mistreated her, was corroborated Wednesday by her 'ather, Cleve R. Berry, rural mail carrier of Conway. "Thomas mistreated my daughter throughout their married life,' 'he said Wednesday in Conway. "She left lim scvcra Himes and the only reason she returned to him was because of the fear that he would do just what he finally did. . He would not permit her to have any friends at all, even among other women, and Ireatcd her cruelly at all limes." He Qualified ' Motorist—"I want a chauffeur who can htink quickly in an emergency." Applicant—"That's me, sir! I never smashed a car yet that I couldn't think up an A-l excuse in five seconds."—San Diego Union. THREAT OF WAR (Continued from Page One) ment against eGrmany's interference in Austria ad declared the situation extremely serious. Slightly more than a month since Chancellor Hitler of Germany and Mussolini met in what seemed the most cordial almosphcre in Venice, the government-inspired press was Wednesday viewing with great resentment what it termed German interference in Austria, the nation on whose independence the two government leaders had said they agreed. Reports that the German ambassador at Vienna had taken part in the arrangement for safe conduct of the killers aroused particular resentment, although these reports were not verified definitely. Leaves were cancelled, and each unit was told to keep itself in full strength with all of its mechanical war devices in order. The order applied to 75,000 men north of Padua. A. & M. BOARD (Continued from Page One) had resigned when he refused to answer the direct question: "Have these trustees resigned, or have you a resignation signed by them for prcsntalion to Ihe governor?" It also became apparent that should the trustees resign or be removed by Governor Futrel), both J. B. Duncan of Enyland and R. L. Hyatt of Monticello the other trustees, also would offer their resignations. GATHERING CLOUDS (Continued from Page One) cd to run into millions of dollars. Tho reported dead: Adolph Socha, owner of a fishing camp near Sargent. Mrs. "Red" Howard of Bay City and her daughter. Hugh W. Herford, 03. of Houston. Daniel B. Singleton ofTcxas City. Six unidentified negroes. Mrs. Howard and her daughter had been staying at the Socha camp which was engulfed by a great tidal wave at the height of the storm. Singlelon was drowned at Freeport. The neg- roes wer reportd to have lost Iheir lives near Sargent in Malagorda county, but details of their drownings were not available immediately over the crippled communication lines. Collon crops were complelely ruin- ed in costal counties around Corpus Christi. Drouth previously had burned cotlon, feed and other crops far below normal production and the rain and winds today were believed to have finished the destruction. 19 Million Acres Revert to States Tax Delinquencies Heaviest in Florida—Second in Louisia NEW ORLEANS— (/Pj—The "alarming" reversion of land to public ownership because of tax delinquency in seven Southern states was cited Wednesday in a paper released by the United States Southern Forest Experiment station here. The report, prepared by Ronald B. Craig, assistant, forest economist, showed that in,238.000 acres of land, valued at more than $50,000,000, have reverted to tho seven states. Of this area, 12,272,000 acres were estimated to be forest land. "The effect of such wholesale reversion of forest and agricultural land is patent to anyone," the report slated. "Not only does it render the continued existence of local government precarious, but, it also increases (he lax burden on the land which is not delinquent." Tlie reversion of land to Ihe slates, which the analysis said began "on a large scale in l!)2fi," increased during the depression years lo "phenomenal and alarming proportions," and is "still rising." The acreage known and estimated to he in public title in the latter part of 1933, by stales, was given as follows: Miss Bernier in Lead at Saenger Miss Evans Second, Miss Simpson Third—Only Two Weeks to Go At the end of the fourth week in the Saenger's Hollywood Free Tour Contest there are startling changes in the lineup. With only two weeks to go, it's anybody's trip said Robert LaGrone, Jr., who with Walter E. Hussman, checked this week's votes with the Saenger manager. At the end of the fourth week .the standing is as follows: 1. No. &—Pudgy Bernier 30,620 2. No. 9—Mattie Evans 24,220 3. No. 6—Evelyn Simpson 21,115 4. No. 10—Mrs. Oliver Williaws....l8,910 5. No. 3—Crollar Walters 15,155 Some good programs this week brought the tailcnders up and with come extra good pictures for the coming week, some more big changes can be expected. Next Tuesday and Wednesday will again be contest days when James Cagney appears with Joan Blosdell in, "He Was Her Man." For next Thursday, Manager Swanke has arranged another big Western program when Ken Maynard comes in, "Smoking Guns," with a good line-up of good short subjects to follow. Watch Hope Star for further contestant standings and buy from your favorite your theater tickets. Florida Alabama .... Mississippi Louisiana Arkansas .. Oklahoma Texas ...11,800,000 80,000 ... 1,250,000 ... 2,708,000 ... 1.880,000 ... 600,000 .. 920,000 Firemen Celebrate Rodeo With Banquet A banquet was given Thursday night at New Capital Hotel ti members of the Hope Fire Department and other pcrscns instrumental in successfully staging the Fourth of July rodeo here. Shover Springs Crops are needing rain in this community. Mr. and Mrs. Oma Venerable anc family and Cecil Laseter are visiting John Laseter and other relatives in this community. Miss Ruby Walker of Naples, Texas is spending a few days with her aun Mrs. J. W. McWilliams and Allen Walker and family. Mrs. Kelly gray and children wer Wednesday guests of her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. John Reece. Mi. and Mrs. S. W. Bumpurs ol Marquez, Texas, and Mr. and Mrs Charley Garner were Sunday guests of Mrs. Ratun Aaron. Mr. and Mes. Chester Darwin o: Hope weer the dinner guests of Mr ant Mrs. J. W, McWilliama Sunday. Mrs. Younger Gentry; spent Tueday with Mr. and Mr. Grady Rsece. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rogers spent the week end with Mr . Charles Rogers. Singing school is progressing nicely at this place. The revival meeting is being held at this place with both attendance and interest good. Several have been added to the churrh. The MWilliams well No. 1 is down about 700 feet and'work is progress- Ing niely now, cleye ing nicely now. Mrs. Emory Thompson and daughter were Wednesday guests of Mr . Gif- frod Byers and attended church here Wednesday night. Mrs. John Card spent several days with relatives here this wee kand at* attended church services. Winston Cobb and Miss Ruby Walker of Naples, Texas were Monday guests at the Virgil England home. Miss Ruby Walker of Naples, Miss Catherine Ross of Oak Grove anc Winston Cob were dinner guests ol Misses Ida Mae and LaVeta England Monday. Miss Forrest Ruggles has returned home after spending several days with relatives in Illinois and Pennsylvania. Bring on the Rack The natives of Central America whd gather the chicle-sap which forms Ihe basis of chewing*gum .lead terribly hard lives. But not so hard as they ought to be.—Boston Evening Trail- script. Shampoo, color rinse, finger way* and oil manicure all for.; $1.W Permanents $1.00 and up Mary's Beauty Shop Phone 287 Cannon Apartments WANTED OLD GOLD Watch Cases, Spectacle frames, Dental Crown, Etc. Umbrella and Cane Tops. LK. Butler 315 West Division PHONE 634 Fletcher McElhannon Candidate for CONGRESS will speak in Hempstead County at the following places and dates: Hope.... Saturday, July 28,2:30 P. M. Blevins....Monday, July 30,10 A. M. McCaskill.. Monday, July 30,2 P. M. Ozan Monday, July 30, 4 P. M. Washington..Tues. July 31,10 A. M. Columbus..Tuesday, July 31,2 P. M. Fulton ... Tuesday, July 31,4P.M. t f BUY NEXT WINTER'S Penney Presents an Out Standing Event Clearance 3 Days of Super Values Friday, Saturday, Monday July 27,28 & 30 Be There Early-Share In the Bargains Cotton Sack Each Bleached Only a few left. We are cleaning house. Ladies' Undies Bloomer;;, Panties, Step-ins. Never such values Remnants A big new assortment just made up. Price Clearance Shoes Repriccd from higher priced lineb. Still plenty of time for wear. Full Fashioned Silk Hose A clean up of summer colors. C House Dresses Another big assortment added KETS ^m y I "\7" I"] "j C^ I Now! loulL save! Hundreds of New Blankets Just Arrived Burr's Annual Summer Blanket Sale Opens Today With a Wonderful New Stock of Blankets, Just Unpacked! Now is the right time to buy! BE WISE! LQOKA&EAD! Prices may be higher in the Fall! Come in and see the beautiful lovely blankets you can get at these Low Burr Prices! Warm! Wooly! Astoundingly Low Priced/ Size 70x80 Sanitary .Napkins 12 to a box lOc Box Close Out Ladies' Silk Dresses While they last $ «fl £*i*> 1.66 Children's Anklets Pr Big Bath Towels Size 22x44 M e n' s Summer Caps Fast Color Prints 36 inches wide J.C. PENNEY a MtUitn- Sk Our "Lay-Away" Plan Guarantees Present Prices Come in now and make your selections— pay down only a small deposit and small weekly payments—and we'll hold your blankets until you want them! What could be easier, more convenient, and better insurance against price increases! Deep nap that gives that cozy, soft, luxurious feeling—and a LOW PRICE that gives you assurance of the greatest economy of the year! Choice of soft Pastel Plaids. Size 70x80, Fart Wool Plaid blanket. Sateen bound. Choice of shades. Size 70x80, Part Wool blanket. Sateen bound. Choice of col- $179 •• PR.. Size 70x80 Fart Wool Flaid blankets. Sateen bound. Choice of colors. PAIR. Size 72x84, Part Wool Plaid blanket. Sateen bound. Choice of colors. PAIR. PR. $998 MB PR: Size 72x84, Wool blanket in choice of soft pastel shades. PAIR. Size 66x80 Part Wool Plaid blanket. Choice of color combinations.

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