Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 22, 1937 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 22, 1937
Page 8
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• consented to preach dur- fi in Ihe country at Vih •eh. When he arrived ' cfcttreh on Sunday morning the Welcomed him and saids "Do Sh to wear a surplice, sir?" ^Brother," replied the minister, "I <ttfi a Methodist. What do I know about Hjr&lices? All I know is about def- Aslti." A HKKEIDRIXK-WORTH A DIME Important Change P«* Wears in New Footwear Monototty Is Impossible in ihg a New Shoe Wardrobe There are many important new treatments to shoes for fall, which make them doubly interesting, because sili houettes alone fire So excitingly dif-«v ferent. These detailed effects •, dram? atize footwear, and lif t it £ -f r6m ; ; th« classificatipft of "something to wear,'* to 'an Important. accessory to be keyed to every other phase of fashion. : "J Feminine Detail • > There are satin bindings and aps pliques, moire .appliques, narrow Irims of braid, gold pipings, and every; con4 ceivable kind of "stitching in sell oif contrasting color. Perforations, nail-i heads, and' metal touches are used in an endless variety of ways, arid an important change is seen In a symmetric treatment which giVei shoei new lines: , . • T6c "Softies'* :;.;..:.. v./; ; . ' Those fashionables who were,; devotees of the open toe shoe all 1 summer, will be able to keep just as cbm- fcrtable in new, soft toe shoes So 'designed to nevertheless retain their shape. i •' ••'' ,.,,.. . Those wide bands,, in sHpes have finally evolved as* the elastic shoe which actually stretches to f it the'foot, and molds it to 'beautiful sm6othness —which is, after all, '- the basic *ftew trend.' ' : . . • . ; There are some dramatic shoes with high backs, in ankle Mrajji and step-in versions,, particularly • effective beautiful feet. . ~ , "*•'•• Monotony is impossible in choosing a new shoe wardrobe, because there i& eben a variety of lasts, including the classic round toed last in all ;heel heights . .. the. square back, square toe last . . .the walled.last . . .and the modified toe for the conventional. Up and Up! ,Most impromptu are the high cut, corseted silhouette, shoes, which are in harmony with the ' corseted dress silhouette. Either as oxfords, or 'without a : front 'opening, using instead the clastit' gored : side, these shoes .give front height equal to a five or six ey<e- . let tie. The graceful D'Orsay silhouette is very flattering to the foot, Sheer Yokes lore Blouses for New Fall Clothes Dressy Blouses Work Magic With Your New Costume Suit;.', 1ft it season when suits are'so important, it is only naturaljjiKai blouses should.share the spotlight* With them, particularly because there is u blouse &* every suit—and'of ten a variety of blouses to make each' suit seem like Several. > TJhe three piece suit, for example, takes to casual blouses. The mannish ult is accompanied by the sHiM-type f blouse. The csaual hip suit requires qilftlly casual blouses. Dreesy blouses Vera Bore* puts a sheer yoke and deep hem of lighter .blue on a stunning floor-length evening gown of shimmering blue satin with belt to match. Sheer yokes and hems are important this fall. Clothes for Bttsmess and DresS Wear '.-..'. Outstanding Values Suits from famous makers tailored as,only fine workmanship and materials and experience can make them. Fabrics are all wool arid come in a most pleasing variety of patterns. Checks, plaids, stripes, and solid shades in ricK blues, grays and browns tailored in single and double breasted models. $20-00 to A SPECIAL GROUP OF SUITS in wool fabrics and ; well tailored models, riot new suits, but worth every penny we ask for them. Sizes 36, 37, and 38 only. $6.95; NEW TOPCOATS This fall's new topcoats in a large variety of patterns and styles that were bought to give our customers real value. $13.50 to $22-50 Becoming Brims In NEW HATS By Stetson 1937 Stetsons in the new metal shades, Gunmetal, Blue Steel, Copper, and Mixtures. Snap brims, welt edges, sticthed edges, and roll brims. ThePlayboy $5.00 The Whippet $6.00 TheDurand $7.50 SKIPPER SPORTSWEAR By Wilson Bros. A complete line of woolen sweaters in sport and conservative models. Sport backs, plain backs, slip-overs, and twin sweater styles in high colors and more subdued shades. Brushed wool models and smooth knits are available in most shades. and is suggested by trimming, if the shoe itself doesn't actually follow tlv line. Pumps go from one extreme to th other—either very high throated, ani clinging to the instep, or very low cu with neat bow or buckle trimmings There are some authorities who say that the shorter the skirt the higher the shoe ... but other insist that short eir skirts demand lower cut shoes fo graceful contours of the foot and leg Straps and Sandals •..Yet another fashion trend is to be followed in really smart footwear— and that is the one for strap shoes o sandals. The very dressy versions of fer cross straps, multiple narrow strap and gored straps to choose from, an in more tailored shoes, the classi Wider strap and monk strap arrange ments have appropriate ruggedness. work ma|lc with the cCttftttnft suit, and there's a variety of formal blouses hot only for the afternoon, but for the "don't dress for dinner" occurtons which will be plentiful this fall , and winter, Draped Treatment Just as there is draped treatment in dressier dresses, so it occurs in the dressier blouses. There are couturiere details that warrant this seaaon'p blouses being -costlier than usual in the past; and they Include lots ot stitched -accents, hand-saddle stitching on tailored types; cording and shirring, tucking and fagotting, embroidery and passementerie, and loads of little pockets. Amusing Detail There are excitingly new accessories applied to blouses, \ to make .them amusingly desirable, such as zippers at center, back, side or shoulders— matching or In contrasting color. Buttons are beautiful, In pearl, crystal, or composition. 1110 more tailored blouses take to shirt studs borrowed from the men, and there's a plentttudo of novelties such as alphabets, animals, fish, nuts, flowers, and balls in miniature. Take your neckline high and soft— because that will be the most popular version of it, although there will be some low drapes, particularly In the more formal interpretations. Helpful "What happened, dear?" she asked her husban'd ajs he was getting out to investigate -j}fj 'J .;,'•• t *, ,.-,; V^uncture," he. said briefly. ^ou Might tff. liiVeutfeferi 'on the lookout for thi«jV)WM the helpful remark. "You 'remettiber «»»- «•«*«'« the guide a, fork Collef e Graduate Put* Indian Tribe to Work CROW AGENCY, Mont.—(/P)—Soft- spoken Sob Ycllowtail, leader of the once powerful Crow Indians, is striving to make his hard-working tribesmen economically independent. Yellowtail, n college graduate, has devised a "rehabilitation program", which includes building up of the tribe's buffalo and other herds, stock raising and diversified crops. He also hopes to restore to the Crows the proficiency in horsemanship for which they became famous throughout the West. With a view to making the Crows "the best mounted tribe in the world," he has imported'stallions and brood mares, and gathered the best technical information. Yellow tail is the first Indian to become superintendent of a reservation. Qftttlcnitef tyfctnc j*vi»wv«,v, ground, throW Stottes with „ at th* pursuer; the gre»t not aware o! this fact, ' ' The sextant is an measuring the angular distance *I»W!:, Jects by reflection. Wt wai^t* «,/,/£ PHONE 385 HALL BROS! Cleaner, & Hatters'" in New Fall Hats Upturned Brim in Men's Hats Becoming Vastly Popular The men of America are in for radical changes in appearance this fall, not only in suits and colors and new tastes in haberdashery—but in head] gear as well. The upturned brim is proving vastly popular and crowns are being left unpinched. These hats may have raw edge, welt edge, bound or stitched edge—according to the degree of formality inferred, with the Homburg proving most formal in this type of hat, with slight dip back and front, the crown tapering and sharply curled at the sides. The snap brim hat, because it now has a competitor for popularity, becomes more interesting as well, placing its crown lower and widening its brim, preferably with welt-edges stitched ,in four rows for "finish." New, too, is the cupped brim or hooked back silhouette, and the snap over the face is sharper, the back upturn higher. • • • ' • El Paso and San Antonio, Texas, are about 50 per cent Mexican in population. $1.50 lc . $4.95 Rq/inbeau Leather Spovtwear 'Leather coats and jackets in suede, pig grains, and genuine r^orsehlde 1 . ' Zipp-r and button styles and combinations o£ the two. $port and plain backs in tan, dark brown, and black. $6.95 to $12.50 HAYNES BROS. "There Is No Profitable Substitute for Quality ' iGJSTJHID OtM CRANE WATER SALES *nd SERVICE Harry W. S $5.00 Down taiver Plumbing-Electrical PHONE 259 INSURE NOW With ROY ANDERSON -.-.• and Company Ftte, Tornado, Accident Insurance QUILTS Properly Laundered 25c . Nelson-Huckms Life Insurance in Force Donald V. Moore Representative of Jefferson Standard LIFE INSURANCE CO. 11937—THE PENNEY YEARl 36-inch \ Fast Color Rondo Deluxe For Dresses, 22 C , Shirts and House Coat* 54-inch , • , Penney Quality WOOLENS Huqe Stocks-Peak Savmqs/ Plains, Fancies $1.59 I yd. We Are Out to Set a New Record September and With Values Like These We Will Set a Mark That Will Stand! SHOP and SAVE! 1500 Yards New 39-inch FALL SILK Plain of Fancy Penney AQ^ Quality *ivyd. Ladies and Childrens COTTON & RAYON BLOOMERS 25C Pair mmmmmm IT'S. NEW* 36-inch CORDUROY 81x99 Nation Wide 1.00 SHEETS ea. Dress Material Fall Colors Yard 69c 81x108 Fine Rayon BEDSPREADS $A.98 Eacli £_•—. 81x105 Seamless BEDSPREADS $J.OO Each . 1^^ Heavy Outing Flannel yj . IQc 36-inch Fast Color Suiting yd .49c 1500 Yds. New Curtain SCRIM 10c 40-in. Brown Belle Isle Domestic yd 10c 81-in. Brown Seamless Sheeting yd . 23c Jumbo Size! 72x90 Double 29-in. 8 oz. Grade A DUCK '13c BLANKETS $A.9 &P PART WOOL LADIES FALL Dress Coats 14 to 46 Plained Tailored, Fur $17- 50 Trimmed 1 1 ea. FOR FALL LADIES WOOL SKIRTS $1.98 I ea. Assorted Colors ISO New Fall DRESSES 27x27 NURSERY Diapers, (it or 49c 22x44 Heavy Bath TOWELS ea 25c 70x80 Part Wool Single Blanket „ 98c 300 Pair New Part Wool Double BLANKETS 70 x 80 PLAIDS $-1.98 Each I — Just Arrived 36-inch Velveteen For Dresses 98C yard ••••••• 300 New Fall Wash Frocks Long Sle'eve Fast Color Sizes 16 to 50 1 ea. ea. NEWEST STYLES, HIGHEST QUALITY, LOWEST PRICES. Group No. 1 200 New FALL DRESSES 14 to 48 12 to 46 PRINTS- PLAINS— FOR FALL LADIES OUTING GOWHS Penney Quality $1.98 1 New Shipment! 100 Dozen New FALL HOSE Full Fashioned First Quality Chiffon Weight MEN'S Ribbed Shirts and SHORTS Each Men's Heavy Weight Work SOCKS 3 P r 25c MMMHHMWM^4MHMHHH| Penney Quality MEN'S DRESS OXFORDS Children's Fast Color DRESSES ea. 98c Boys 6 to 141/ 2 Fast Color DRESS SHIRTS TA A Each. 13C Children's Rayon Bloomers .. 15c ea. Children's 2 to 8 Playsuits ea .49c Boys' Oxhide--2 to 16 Overalls ^59c pr. Boys' Fast Color Dress SHIRTS 49c Boys' 6 to 16 Leather Jackets $5-90 Men's Cotton Covert PANTS 98c Men's Heavy Weight UNIONS , 79c Children's School Sweaters ea.' Children's—2 to 16 UNIONS 49c Group No. 2 50 New Fall Glet\-Row Dresses n to 4G $H.98 I 6 to 11 BLACK $ Group No. '! 5(1 New Fall Jean Nedra Dresses $D.98 300 Only New Fall Dress SHIRTS For Men 14 to 17 flllC Fast Color ^Sle Children's School ANKLETS „, IQc Join the Many Men That Are Saving, by Buying Penney Quality Suits. 250 MEN'S SUITS Group No. 1 MEN'S Sport or KcKular Model SUITS :ii to IK $75 (m>u|> No. 2 MKN'S SUITS of Qiiulily |C ' ea . P EN N E Y C O M P A N Vr^ ACROSS STREET FROM POSTOFFICE WHERE HOPE SHOPS AND SAVESj a t e d For Fall MEN'S LEATHER JACKETS 36 to 46 Black or *7 AAl Brown Of .911 A Value! '-;* 100 NEW FALL*" PURSES BLACK AQJ BROWN SJOGI For Comfort! Men's Outing Flannel] NIGHT SHIRTS & PAJAMAS All Sizes Each Men's All Wool Melton Jackets 36 to 46 Each S2.98 Men's Fast Color PAJAMAS Assorted Q4 4A Colors, ea. 01-49 Men's Heavy Domet Flannel SHIRTS 14'/ 2 to 17 Aft- Each 90C •••••i For Service! Men's Marathon HATS The Hat of Quality S2.98 Men's All Wool SWEATERS! 34 to 42 ed Colors, ea. Assorted QO AQ 0£,So No. 2615 MEN'S HEAVY Black Blucher Rubber Sole and Heel 6 to 11, pr. Men's First Quality Iff* Rubber Boots 6 to 12 Fresh $4 .91 Stock! I pr.

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