Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 25, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 25, 1934
Page 4
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I»A<3E FOUR HOPE STAR, HOPS, ARKANSAS ^ejnesdayJTuly 25,1934 Historian HOIUZONTAI.I i Second note. 3 Peti name of the historian, •Edmund Green 14 Spain, (abbr.). 13 Hence. liTho groat artery. 15 Large oceanic fi-sil. It firccn crowing : things. ISForin of Iron. 19 Breeding, 20 Eiicmirarrcrl by shouts. 22 Lariat. S<j Proportion, 30 Coalition. 31 Astringents. 32 Slov.-. S3 Fi?M. 34 Lubricated. SSCountcvpart 4" Midday. •43 Walks tiiro-.i water. 48 To inter. Answer to Previous I*uzzlo 49 Small child. 50 Music drama. El Eucharist vessel. 52 Boy. 53 Curvature of a column. 55 Indian. 5V To agree. 5S He was a librarian j and . VEHTICAL ot "The American ." 2 Before. • 3 To make a brief note of. •1 Mixture of chopped food. r> Short letter. 6 To liberate. 7 A passage. S Auction. 9 Epoch. 10 Sorrowful. dent of i 13 Grain. 163.14K. 20 Cone-shaped solid. 21 Ancient Greek weight. 23 Data. 24 Male courtesy title. 25 Turf, 27 AVIng part ot ft seed. 2S To card wool, 20 Little <Jevli. 35 Particles. 3G Burdens. 37 Finish. SO Striped fabric. 40 Wen. 41 Box. 4 3 Custom. 44 Ready. 45 To apportion. 46 Gaelic. 47 Ketch. 52 Minor note. 53 Halt flu cm. 54 Street. 1 He was author 11 He was a stu- 56 Either. Sell It! Find It! Rent It! Buy It! In the Hope Star arket Place Remember, the more you tell, the quicker you sell. 1 time, Iflc line, inin. 300 8*or consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one sd, 3 tiir.es, 6c line, min. 50c 6 times, 5c line, muu SOo 28 times, 3Vic line, min. : $2.7!) Coverage 5\a words to the line) NOT3—Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the bill is.payable on presentation of statement,, before Uip first publi- Phone 788 Screen doors—Hoce Bldg. Mat. Co, NOTICE Accident Policy provides $5000 fcr public carrier accidents and $3000 for all other accidents. Only 25c per day. Wayne K. England, Telephone 475. 24-3t. NOTICE. Oil Royalties & Leases bought and sold in the vicinity of tho three wells being drilled in Hempstead county. ' BRIDEWELL & TYLER Ark. Bank Bide. 11-Gtc WANTED STANDARD COFFEE CO. is in need of salesmen in Hope and other towns in Arkansas to take orders and qualify fo restablished routes. See Mr. M. Blassingame Sunday afternoon between, 2 and 5 at Capital hotel <T write Postoffico Bex 258 Hope. Itp Ride to Chicago. Write Wilson Hall, Hope, Arkansas. 17-3tp. Garage Men Are in L R. il- Competition Code Will Be Drafted for State August 5 LITTLE ROCK.— Every independent garage owner of Arkansas is expected to attend a state-wide meeting Sunday, Auyitst 5, for the purpose of considering the basic Code of Fair Competition as proposed by the National Industrial Recovery Administration, according to announcement by J. R. Ricks, president of the Arkansas Garage Owners Association. The meeting will be held at Rainbow Garden, Little Rock, August 5, starting at 9:30 a. m. Owners of small garages are especially urged to attend, according to the announcement. STANDINGS Southern Association Clubs— Won Lost Pet. Now Orleans 14 8 .636 Memphis 15 10 .600 Nashville - 13 10 .565 Atlanta 13 11 .542 Birmingham 9 12 .429 Knoxville 10 14 .417 Little Rock 9 13 .409 Chattanooga S 13 .381 WANTED: Small Diamond. About '/i carat. Hunt !;o cheap for cash. Apply thin office. 18-3t FOR RENT FOR RENT—-Five room apartment, furnished, .south cxpt.yuro, garage. To couple. Phone 2J7-W.—Mrs. W. F. Saner. 23-3tp FOIl RENT—Moders five room house v/ith 'I ntrc'i jifljoinini', I.v23 South Main, phone V.'.",. 14-3tc Six room house furnished. South Spruce street Also five room house Gateway Park. ivlr.-;. J. E. Schooley, Phone 1C3S- 4 rings. 21 .3tp. FOR SALE IGli-rjftLind fjarct-luir.-linecl refrigerator, jr.racti'ji.liy new. Piiono 321. 25 3tp Used parts for all cars. P. A. Lev/is Motor Co. 16-26t. Best Paint Sold—Hope Bid?. Mat. Co. Used cars bought and sold. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. 1C-261. Wall Paper—Hope Bld«. Mat. Co. Clubs- New York Chicago St. Louis Pittsburgh Boston Philadelphia Brooklyn Cincinnati National League Won Lost Pet. 59 32 .648 56 35 .615 53 36 .596 44 48 52 53 58 42 44 39 38 29 .488 .478 .429 .418 .333 American League Clubs— Won Lost Pet. Detroit 57 33 New York 54 34 Cleveland 49 40 Boston '18 44 St. Louis 40 43 Washington 43 48 Philadelphia 35 * 53 Chicago 30 61 TUnSDAY'S RESULTS .633 .614 .551 .522 .482 .473 .398 .330 Southern Association Little Rock 5, Memphis 4. New Orleans 7, Birmingham 0. Knoxville 3-3, Chattanooga 2-2. Atlanta 3, Nashville 2. National League New York 5, St. Loirs 0. Chicago G, Brotlilyn 3. Philadelphia 9, Pittsburgh 0. Boston 4. Cincinnati 3. American Lef><"'e Chicago 4, Wash!.:-.ton 1. St. Louis 4, New York 2. Detroit 6, Boston 3. Cleveland 10, Philadelphia G. Toyrisf Court Hlcl.'ory Barbecue Sandv/iches, Drinks Open All Hours P.a v f .uck Phone 222 H. E. Luck n'Huckins LAUNDRY Wash Suits Properly Laundered. PHONE 8 .50c OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS WONT YOU DO\VN AND IT WONT BE LONG. "sir VTH'OL' "CULL " / OH.THAT AINT \ WAIT? / OF TH 1 WOODS \ IT. Hfc'S BEIN 1 \ IONJG. / HIMSELF/ TRt-ATED PER ' TREATED PER HEADACHES HE CAMH HERE!' TO BE TREATED FOR HEADACHES, NOT TO GET A WORSE OMB — LOOKIN' AT US' TIM TO* TUB* IN WORKIN6 THfc AND 1 WILL. SEND MY NOT POOLIN6 ^ l THIS CHECK \S ^SOOD? IT BOUNCES BACK, THE -BpUNCEjOUT'OF HERE HOW YOLTR <50Lt> ti I DON'T SUPPOSE IT WOULD BE HE GOT FROM /NIO-NO MA'AM^N Y I'LL DROP IN LATER!! MUCH FUN PER WORRVIN' ABOUT A GENERAL IS TOO MUCH TH'SHOP- BUT TO SIT AROUND v LIKE TH'SMOP. , A HEAP ACHE I S 1 t-1-UH-WELL, I'LL WITH TH 1 VICTIMS "PRVENO '©CXrmBY,\N LONDON A HIGHER CLASS I BE BACk - SAY / A IN AtOUPLE OP / HOURS. FINGER MAIL. YOU, THAT MONEY IS ,—. ^>- ' f"". .--ri-^-Saar THE RUM-OUT Bv HAMLIN It's Love All Right! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES VOO YOON6 MAM A X VAUST IV. ANO V? WE. \^>Ki\ AfcOOT TO OASVX OFF TO T.6V1 OAV TW3OUGH — MY b'VAte-b '.!'. WOWO'ER WUAVs, GOT INFCO V\\M ? ON UP UWt A CRA'ZV VtRSON ALLEY OOP Have One on Denny! C, IHC T. M. ntO. U. 5. PAT. Qffrf By MAKTlN ( PUT THAT BLASTED THING ^ BACK IN TH' WATER J BEFORE SO^AE8ODV J GETS HURTf ' \f;v»5 ' .-.••./;•'"'/.', HOLEEKWOW/.' HE VJANTS TO 6\VE 13 TO ME ' i^^^-ffiS^ * DANG ^1 THAT FOOL ') DIKOSAUR / • - ( .; ;. JU34 Ur Nt* 5CHVICC IflC. T M OEC. U. ii PAT. OFF WASH TUBES Just the Ticket! By CRANE Ui-l? VOU WANT VO KMOW ) TKAT5 WHAT t S=-.iD. DOM'r \/ y£S, SIR . WHV. \ SO t GATHERED^ WHO CAPTAIN EASV IS, / BEAT AROUUD THE BUSH. | AH, I THIUK HE'S \f:ROM "THS PAPERS. HR. BOARDMAM? ^ I'M A 8USV MAM—A VERY J SORT OF A SOLDlER I0UT WHO IS HE? eusv MANJ. X OF FORTUNE, SIR. /WHAT'S HIS (.AST - x NAME? WHERE'S HE BEEN? WHERE'S HE I=ROM? FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS /MV STARS' \ BAH.' I SEB THAT WHV-AH-LET YOU KNOW NOTHING. ME SEE— /ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! r r WEU-,SIR, HE'S A HAPPV-QO-LUCKy, TWO-FISTED 6UV WHO DOESW'T GIvE A V.'HOOP WHETHER HE EATS OR STARVES. HE'S A MOT. ALL HE CARES ABOUT / (S THRILLS AND— SPLENDID,' THE VSRV CHAP I'WE BG6M LOOKING POP.. c r *N ^rrrgcioo^"''IS:i|^ p; : > SCRVICE.THC.' T M. HCG. u, s. P«T. ot V Of POL ICC .' DOKJT TURN ME OVER To THAT GUY. 1 LEMME CO, The Kids Tell Him! By BLOSSER YOU ROBBED I CHARLIE'S TRARS... TOOK SOME OF HI9 BEST PELTS...AND THATS HOW HE i MAKES HIS i L-IVIKIG ;! /^§ THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) IF YOU'LL LET \ ME CO, I'LL GIVE *• 'EM BACK,AND f YEAH, A LOT Mope ,/SOME You WITH 'EM. 1 /STOLE FROM SOMEBODY _ / ^~-' (^ ELSE, I / L BET ' S 5 - LISTEN UOCklKJ' UP AINT GONNA 7 I'M RSALLV A SOFTHEARTED GUY, IF YOU ONLY KNEW IT... GENEROUS THAT'S ME.' Exoectinsr Too Much! ...YOU'RE so GENEPOUS YOU'D GIVE ANYBODY IHf.t LAST BULLET THAT Y- HAD IN YCLIR GU:-J !.' By COWAN jiff v;j//,(/( ^^>.^ HE ^,I i :,1 ^'l-X ^ r Vtf?S.HEASE SHE RUNNA. OUT A WHY TJON'TCHA. F MOp\N MAKE THE FIFTEEN TO THE DEPOT-SHE GEEV-A NjOt4G,GElTTIN' SOAKED YOU FIFTEEN-A CENT ^wMfrrft wmnD-ii ' s w i,

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