Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 22, 1937 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 22, 1937
Page 6
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j '" " •" "'• BOPE STAR, BOW; ARKANSAS . - . -•• ........... ..... — -i . .>,„. _. ----- j. . .......... ...\. -.- Wednesday, September 22, jljjj) * By WILLIAMS OUT OUR WAY TO *>AY TH' LAUGHIM<3 IS POVMTO THE EKlb Of= "THIS VVE SHALL BE VVHY WlM» TO KUIW MY TH' SPIRIT/ TfeLLTHfe-A YOU t>ON'T WAMT TO BE AWKJOYEP "THEY'LL PRY OUT THOSE WB MOtSD U.BT THEM SUE/ EITHER PAYOR CSO OU A •DIET/ OW HIS CREPIT tOf a. 1937 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT.'OFF. THE DEAD U.1WE BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By MARTIN Most Embarrassing WO OOOO \ I L OONil HE COOV.OWT r_CpPR. 1937 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T M. SEC. U. S. PAT. Of f. _j Odp Is Probably Right By HAMLIN , WE'VE GOT OUa KB* 6UM,I WlSM WlGMT-RUWMEC.-AeDUNDEe) WAKE UP! 1 WANFTA WELL, OOP--I 6UESS VOU CAM TELL ME ABOUT IT IM TH' MORWING.' I'M COIW TO TH' PALACE AM' TURM IN) - , - &UT, SOMEHOW. 1 DOM'T THINK / THERE'LL && MUCH TO TELL! I 1 HAVE. A HUMCH HE'S V &OMMA DO DA6.MED LITTLE TALKlM'.! KNOW UNTIL HE DOES. / HIM, HE'LL AW TH£M, OWkV' IF j/ POR SOME OKAY, GUI' &OOO MIOHT- MOMg -AW HE AIWT. COME, TO, VET.' KNOW WHAT TH#T VJfiS ALL ABOUT.' 7 BY NEA SERVICE WASH TUBBS RIM Kat to Do? By CRANE WARPATH, BURNINJ6 EVERYTHING I WEETHDRAW MY OFFER OF $5,OOO. THERE, VOU SEE! YOU \ OUGHT OF SOLD OUT, > HEY, THEY'RE SETTING FIRE TO THE TOOL WEIL BE LUCKY IF WE AIN'T MASSAvCRED. PON! CRY, BEBBY. I TAL VOU WAT I DO — I BIN COMPANV '. WAN 90U5ANP DOLLARS IT'S &ETTER'N NOTHING, MISS KELTON. FOR PETE'S SAKE, WHILE THERE'S STILL SOMETHIN6 TO WEKb WIPEP OUT! THE SAWMILL'S GONE! EVERV- LIKE T APVISEP YOU TO. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Final Instruction By BLOSSER I VE GOT TO REPORT AT THE ATHLETIC RELt> 70 GET MY FOOTBALL EQUIPMENT ' PRACTICE STARTS' IKI A DAYS ' WELL, ITS' TRUE. ..AMD POP PROVED IT TO ME LAST MIGHT! BOY, HE SURE LAID THE S LAW DOWN!.' IT WAS ) ABOUT MY STUDIES' ) THOSE ARE PRETTY BIG THOUGHTS TO COME OUT OF A LITTLE SQUIRT Lli<e YOU, OSSIE .' WHERE ©THE COWWECTIOH WfTH FOOT BALL,"? WHERE (301 M' WELL, HE SAYS IF I DOM T CONCEMTRATE OM MV PASSIWQ THIS YEAR^HIZ'S COMMA RUM AU AWFUL LOTTA PLAYS AROUKID AM EW&....AWD You WHO'LL RJRMISH THE END GOSH, IT'S FUMMY HOW THE RULES OF FOOTBALL CAM SHAPE A FELLA'S AT S5CHOOL ' r/ T. M. RED. U. S PAT. OFF. V.COPB 1937 BY We"A SERVICE. INC f More Vou fell, the QuickC Ydit Sen- RATES li>lfr—2c wwro» ttunlmuin SwS " times—3#c word, mln. SOc word, minimum 90c (26 times)—18c word, tnlnlinbitt $2.t» taet> for eoattftiious Inser_ ototy. Hr Making word count, disregard HfcMttlMUon rtttmc such « 'Tor Hurt," «*W 8afc,".«tfcMhls is tlike. •It MM* initial or name, or cota- |Hte ietepAolie ituMbef, counts as t fall Word. FOt example: UENf—three-room modern apartment) With gatagcv In. Bargain. ^ V. Blank, Mfe at 2c word, 31* Ume; at 3V4c word, 53c tot etc. »*tO*fc M orders placed by MtefrtiMie are due and payable upon Indentation «t bill. ' PHONE 768 Offered , Contracting, Repairing , " ' Hiirty years experience A K Sejmar 120 S. Hervey Phone 171W Ui 5-4-tf^ newspapers. S Lost nog. Whi turn to J. cOllat 1 . r old, seller bird leather spots, fce- n%vay, ^r. ( name cm 1OST—One five gallon can. lost S*pt, .1S,on Ptttmos road. Can has pftint mark of B-iS, notify Kraft Cheese Co. 22-ltp- Ol'R BOARDING HOUSE .... . AK£ 'THEM/ LIST £NJ -to tuns SIR, UNLESS THB STRAYED-pne bro\yn horse niule( Wt. abdut 1,100 ibs,, has Sign bf.'Wire cut On left shoiilder, Ayhlte ^pot ,ort right shoulder. H. E. Ifpchurch.^ mos, Ark. 22-3tp Monument For yax , Belgium.—(ff 1 )—This placid little village on the banks of the river Meuse plans to raise a monument to Antoine Joseph, inventor of the saxo* phone. Joseph, who was known as Antonio Sax, \yas bom here Novem-" ber 9, 1814, and died in Paris February 4, 1894, before the popularity of his instrument was assured. "Practicing tfor Heaven*' NEWCASTLE, England.— (JP)~ Envoy L; Lowd, Newcastle Salvation army veteran, celebrated his 92nd birthday by taking an airplane ride.. Tm just practicing for heaven, he told interviewers. ' :••:••• t FOR BENT— Will have 3 vacant ftirtllshetf ' apartments, with private • baths 'and garage by October 1. J. A. D4 North Main. 21-tfc Wanted to Rent WANTED TO BENT OR BUY—Furniture for five-room house. Mrs. Ralph Madden, 374-W. 21-3tp. Wanted • > 'SCRAP DION WANTED ' ' Any Kind, any Quantity WE ARE PAYING &c cwt-?7.00 TON Certified weighing scales at our yard .'• ,• No charge for weighing '"'P. A. IiEWlS MOTOR CO. 3M1B. Second St. . Hope, Ark. *r^ • 23-28tc T j tVE BUY SCRAPIRON W* are paying 35c cw*. or $7.00 ton. 'Wffe.weigh on oil mill scales which re\e£rtified. Nb eharge for weighing. . \ Also— -we buy radiators and -metals of all kinds. e0X-CASSIDY FOUNDRY & , , MACfflNE CO Laurel St. Hope, Ark. • ?' ' ' 27-26tc-,. > HtQHEIST PRICES PAID „ „ ia Batteries, Radiators, Metals of j> >B »nds.,"Old Tires, •. Sacks and Rags. ''P. A. LEWIS MOTOR CO. 384 fL'Second St Hope* Ark. ' ' . •« For Stilts —£ s— •--, : »_ FOR SALE—Stoves, heaters, bedsteads,'all kind used Furniture. Used furniture Co. 3id arid Hazel, Hope, 15-26tc , Arfc.',,v' FOR SALE—132 foot frontage. North Washirigton. Cash or terms. Sign on property. W L. Nanny, Rt. 8, Box 520, DaUas,tTexas 20-3tp FOR SALE—200 bales of Bermuda and Johnson Grass hay at once, 12 and 15 cents. Tom Carrel's Mule Barn. , ', 20-3tp , FOR SALE- Residential property, 92x223 feet, Southeast Corner Hervey and ,A*enue C. Box 1503, Shreveport, La, 22-14tp. OJORE than-250 years time, true recognition is Cofn- ns to Joost van Vondel, the [reatest of all Dutch writers and he Shakespeare of his nation, lere is the siory of a man who, hough the greatest poet -of his (ge, is scarcely known on tibia :idu of the Atlantic. One reason for the comparative ic-glect of Vondel has been the 'ailure of the Dutch to tran'Slaffe n's works. It is only now that /ranslations are being made and 'he real depth of the man is be- :pming apparent. Vondel was as much of a po- (jtical, writer as was Milton, but Srtiile .'Milton was a pamphleteer, fohdel expressed his political fiewS figuratively in his poetical vorks. His greatest work is -XiUcifer," the drpirsa which places lim in a eategory with Shake- ipeare. Unfortunately, however, ie is little remembered' for his squally notable prose.. Born in 1587 in Cologne, the ion of a merchant, a Baptist who iad fled from Antwerp to escape tie Spanish Inquisition, Vondel noved to Amsterdam when he was 9. It appears that x he bagan writing early. HonorwJ in the last year, Vondel's portrait appears on a Dutch stamp, portraying him as a scholar. ICopyrlght, 1837, NEA Service, . r Modern Music Writer | HORIZONTAL 1,6 A composer of American Answer to Previous Puxzle 13 Ta declaim, 14 To, revere. assistant. •VI Mover's truck. 18 Bulb flower. 20 Beasts' skins. •'22 Membranous bag. 23 Pertaining to an,Btea. 25 Ready. 27 Conjunction. 44 Comparison word. 48 To arrange cloth. 52 Certain. 29 Narrow lanes. 53 Father. 33 He wrote inusical scores. STCljristmas carol. 39 He helped write musical 40 Heathen god. Blue.' 41 To satisfy. 62 Musical 43 Fern* ol "be." VERTICAL 1 Grain. 2 Roof edge. 3 Egg-shaped. 4 To lease. 5 To dine. 6 Cy na. 7 Genus of evergreens. 8 Corded cloth. 9 Scalp covering known num- 10 To telegraph, 54 Onager, ber," in 11 Thought, 57 Company. 12 Northeast. 58 Road. 15 Powdered. 59 Affirmative earth. , vote. 55 Series of epical events. 56 Ocean. 57 Crude. 60 To dibble. 61 His best- 20 He was * trained as a ' (PL). 21 To remark. 23 Decorated. 24 Infants' ouflts 26 Postscript. 28 North Carolina. 3Q Danish weight 31 Lion. 32 Measure of cloth. 34 Encountered. 35 Night before. 36 Payment demand. 38 Rogues. 42 Either. 45 Silence. 46 Region. 47 Low tide. 49 To do-again. 50 Armadillo. 51 Head of Catholic Church, compositions. MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE On to the Future JAftOM HAS A12 GAUGED PDG MVEA ^ ACCCMPANV H^ TO M£W VOEK TO VISI7 PE. VOW BOPEW, MVI2A WONDEEs JUST HO\V JACK LAME WI1-L REACT WHEW SHE TELLS HIM THE NEWS. so/ you AWP JASOXJ ARE LEAV ING -foe. WEW YORK EIGHT AWAV? YES, JACK, I THOUGHT SIMCE VOU MUST GO BACK TO HEAD- QUAR.TEES, I COULD WOEK NJEAR. BY- AMD -- / SOUMDS. LIKE A GREAT^V^ / IDEA, MYRA - WORKIMG \ ; f f=OR \/OM BODEM. I'VE \OFT£W WOMDERED HOVtf \> \ HE REFORMS ALL THOSE /: \HACDEMED CRlMlMALS <~/ '• I MUST SAY I WASW'T PREPARED FOR SUCH READY FROM JACK.'- WHY, HE EVEW PROMISED TO DRIVE U5 UP. TO THE CITY.' By THOMPSON AND COLL OOC, VOU DOM'T REALIZE HOW FO&TUK1ATE YOU ARE TO GET THE CHAMCE TO WORK WITH VONJ BODEKJ. WHY, THERE'S NOT A SOUL IM THIS COUM1CV WHO KWOW' £XAC7LV HOW HE PEEFOCMS HIS MIRACLES... OR WHV.'

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