Abilene Daily Reflector from Abilene, Kansas on June 13, 1891 · Page 4
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Abilene Daily Reflector from Abilene, Kansas · Page 4

Abilene, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 13, 1891
Page 4
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IDatln ttcflcctor. Saturday Evening, June 13, '91 mum -iSOS RECENT REFLECTIONS. Thnifrry, morrjf mnldfn Nciw don her tennis drees, Anil Kofs fori h ruckt't-lti'lin To the iuiiiiner Mtm'ii rurf'MS. Why does the nmhlen do thin Von a It with nitre nirnpe. film doe it, Bon, the Irntlitr, To show Iiit pretty sh:ipn. f 'litraxo Times, Children's diiy tomorrow. -Tlielmt weather in back for nn- otluT vinit. Chas. S. Davis, editor of the .J unction City Tribune, was in the city. Vnu can do the pedestrians a favor by trimming up tlx; treis along your sidewalk. Wheat harvest will c iliiiiience in a few days in Dickinson county. Tim yield will In' all right. Tlii1 pupils of Mt. St. .losrpli'H w ill present Hie drama, '".Mary, (iieen of Scots.1' the ll'ilh of this month. -.Iiilin Mill .V Suns have thoroughly relltted the tiatliiooms. conifT Cedar mid Third and have the lioest rooms the city ever had. -"Hotter I lye iinil Hye" is the title of a Simla l-'e reading notice. If something worse than today is to tie expected Kansas is to he pitied. The S.tlin.i Journal has been purchased by O. II. Rutland who will consolidate the i llice with his printing es- tiihlishment. Now the Journal will be a paper that is a paper. 1 1 is diiiiouiiccd that Mrs. Jessie Woitinuu (i.ntner will resume her place in llnnsbrouiih'H g, tilery Monday. She is one ot the best photograph llnishers in this part of the slate. - Ilou't be tempted to lueak the coiiiiraiidment by picking cherries from I rees ttiat are in reach as you pas along I he Hl.l walks It. -o I'd'1 ll ' .1 a Topi k a ill 1 it the III III S in c u ot her d:i . The In ii ' of Mi l. Atl.ius III I Vrlllllji V Tin- )iiiiii:; p. 'Cial at He 1 eHlili'llce II (111 North lllilldW.'IV u .is a colnpli to micci'S-j. i'. uple ho i re piCM'liI 1 -mii i 1 1 1 I li-. lit m 1 1 1 -t and eej .,.,! II I he I o t V e i ,ui d a L- 'i'il 1 1 1 1 1 i f liioni y. . , , .)., - ... ti i li!l'bill"ti ol M,ll VxVlltf bought. I "0,- nun h:i,l.U .,V .Vl,i i! iv. is cheap. II" -io'd Mil' Olio lni,..'s this sitii'H for i six! ) -ore cm 1 1 s. ii mi hu ll he cleared mwi :y fill, win. 'J he p ni.'iinlug .Mi, (inn bushels he i'e l .i j lo sell. The Kiis.ih I'lly Star says: "This Is June w ilh a big I." If the Star will roll a m in H will see that June alwiis di I Ii.-, on with an upper ease,!. Theie lover as but one J in June. This is u hi re June gets the rub on Kansas City. Salina ltepiihlican. The hiiii'l bos covered themselves with glory last evening .1H t ,,.y ,js. coursed pleasing music from II e new band siaini. The stand Is not only a convenience to the musicians but to the auditors as well. It will be nppn elated Muring the summer series of concerts. Salina s Wesleyan music school i to have a musical contest June 17th 1 lie contest will be for two prizes; the Hist one a Hue gild medal furnished by thu V. It. Ambus music house, of Kansas City; the second a beautiful sil ver medal furnished by llroiighlon Hros., of Abilene. - J he young ladies' missionary society of the M. ;. chinch will give a lea at the residence of Mrs. T. K. Sew-ull Monday evening, llusiness meeting at S p. m.; tea at 7. A short literary and musical progrnin will be rendered iu the evening. The gentlemen and members of thu W. M. 8. invited. Cards are out for the wedding of Thomas Abbe, of this city, to Miss Katherine Cowles Whittlesey, daughter of Ilov. and Mrs. Klisha Whittlesey, at ianaan, Conn., June IHth. Canaan is supposed to be pretty near to the land of blessedness and Thomas' many Abilene friends will hope that he and his bride may always dwell in the latter. The Rkklkitoii extends congratulations In advance. Junction City I'niou: C. II. Man-ley, clerk' of the hoard of education, went to Borne trouble to ascertain the salaries of teachers paid in many of the cities of the state corresponding in size with Junction City. He received information from-Abilene, Manhattan, ileloit, Mcl'herson, Minneapolis, Ells worth., Hutchinson, Saliua, Marion, Ottawa, Emporia, Concordia and Clay Center. ICmpojia and Salina pay their superintendents $1,600, and Ottawa, Clay Center and hut two or three more on the list pay 1,200, the same as Junction City. Emporia pays the Highest of all in Leavening Power. ABSOLUTELY PURE principal of the high school $ 1 2 , Ellsworth pays tun, and Clay Center, Concordia and Abilene pay f75, as does Junction City. In the grade's Junction City compares favorably, Kmpoiia and one or two larger cities pay higher salaries in some grades. KICKERS IN CONVENTION. The Farmers Want a Bliare of the Spoils. The city was tilled with farmers alliance men today in attendance on the 'kickers' convention" as the meeting called for this afternoon is designated, The meeting was of course secret but the ltKKLKt "ion, as usual, had Inside information and learned that there was a wild and woolly time. The horny handed sons of tho soil were in a des-lierate mood and there was no disposition to mince matters. The cause of the difficulty Is the disposal of the oflices which Iho alli ance wishes to capture next fall but which will be a minus quantity when the voles are counted. It seems that when the list of nominees by the var ions alliances was sent to the central cofninitee last Saturday, the committee found that the citizens nlliunce anil Knights of lihor candidates were away ahead to inch an extent indeed that the fatmeis weie left out in the co'd When the committee sent out thesi city residents' names to the alliances to be voted on again there went up wail of anguish. The farmer!; declare that they had been "worked'' last fall only one man on their ticket being a farmer, and they would see the central committee in (ialileo before they wont stand such a game again. Hence tins afternoon's convention which is ii. ses sioh as w e go to press. There are easy to t e i-ei n the signs of a leaction in the ranks. The citizens alliance members and Knights of Labor all had prutty f.i.r health before they want into poUiics and lire not, in the business to improve it. The Abilene members ol l ilh unlets ceitainly bnvi never distinguished themselves as par ticularly warm friends of the f.inners The matter is far from being settled and as the better class of alliance men, especially the Conner republicans, ale liei'i'llllllg disgusted wilh the sit'ialiou ioteri'-itiiig developments limy he peeled. THE rOUUTII AT EELOIT. Some Big Prizes t hat Abilnu s peots to Capture. Ex Th 1 inly city In eo;.t I a! K.ius is l e e'i ex'eii ive l"i III" h of Hi Jo li'I'l i.ion is lie!. .it. I h it place is I preji:n (ol a !iil' d iy and tio ihinti I will i a1 Z" 'dl mi' ieip o i"iis. luvi'il lions lo S iliiui. .I'i'.ctii.ii civ. Abilene I Sol in ni. Minneapolis am! ('lay I', niei haw It en aceejilt d and I hi Kill' lie ne to hi l piriu f lime p. I pie: l i t III! I l.lk ! I'll.' It 1 .it lie i gold i i j l v. ill the I i.'.i ';ii'l,t 11V a l 111 ill l'lii-re i- ji'ii a a hose -Vi for a ll.Ce, .ll U ,-t . 10.1 ii.lv; i.ol I nhh'i race ol I n, l hook fur a At. ill least ml-; ill) ' ' 'Hill tile ll! W a' expt els to V lo tl.'pal I on nts n'!' elT with ..I in of the nun.. s. There w ill lie ll special t ain over III I'uion Paeiiie and astle reate parade and evening fireworks nisi included in i he day's d'Hogs a good tune is an ticipeted by the firemen. I 'or photos the liuest aristo (celluloid) go to lliinsbrough's reliable gallery. Eor Sale or Trade, l'iist class driving hone for sale or rade for smaller one. - C. A. LtiN.i. Missi s' and children's shoes at giveaway priceH at Mclnerney's. 311 4 . - At Cost. We oifer our entire stock of ladies' and misses' (iauzfl I'nderwear at cost. 2H-10 Mrs. J. (J. llAMAKKli. Notice. All persons knowing themselves to be indebted to Miss. I'atterson, will please call and settle at once. Reduced rates on celluloid photos at Churchill's for a short time only. Wanted, a good girl at Continental hotel. 34 Saratoga at Home. The Saratogo High Hock water is dispensed only at Xorthcraft .t Co's $ii(l0 fountain. 38 Prices low on La' dies, Misses' and Children's Oxfords at the Bee Hive. 33-4 complete line of line shoes, hand turned, high and low cut for less money than any house iu the county at Mc lnerney's, FIRE, C.C. flNF ) Plate Glass, j L. U. WORTHINGTON. V. S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1889. Insurance ABOUT PEOPLE. Mrs. (irey of Sedan, Kas., Is in the city. J. W. llrinkman, of Great Hend, was In the city. I.. I'. Osborne, Kansas City, Is stop ping st the Pacific. II. .1. Sherwood, Rochester, N. Y. is here on business. lion. v. M. Case and little son were up from Enterprise. filter .Samuel Martin left at noon for Chambersburg, Pa. C. A. Ritter, formerly of this city now on the road, was in town. Mr. J. II. Smith, of Ilerington, who goes soon to Africa, will address the R. J. 1'inley, wife and son left for Kansas City and other points in Mis souri. Wm. McK. Merrilield and II. C Harvey were in from northwest Dick itison. I.. II. West, of Ilalsey Valley, X V., and (i. M. West, Oswego, N. V. are Kmpire state capitalists looking after their investments here. Have Chosen a Pastor. The Christian church has elected liev. Iv T. C. Ilennett, of l.amont, Mo., pastor. Mr. Ilennett is a gentleman in the prime of life and a thorough scholar lie will bring his wife here next week being now looking up a house. He will preach in the Christian church tomorrow. Children's Day Exercises. The following is tomorrow evening's piogiaui for Children's dav exercises at the Methodist church: SonK, ( 'onirgal Ion I'niyi'i, Hey. Mayor scrlplni'H KetelliiK I, K. Iltshiip Song Iiifnnt (-lass I'up r Why We ihservv t'litnlren'i buy sore UhiMren Herniation, (;liililrHn's IMy no ,t Kemtiiiii riowora Itis'ltiitliin SoimitlllliK Hwooter soni.' (Jimrletto Kts. lt ill Inn 1'itpa'i, l.elter Souk Congregation Heeltatlon,. . Il janllftil, (Hail ( 'lilluren'd Day S mts Quartette Ut'c tallon, KulhiesBof Ills Presence Son rhll'lren Itcc nation, The Itiutitni' Kee I In I mi The Silver t'hain Souk . . Infant ehite. lint Ion. C'lill'lrens' mtarliiKS -Soni; Chll'tren C.llllS'llOII, I loxoli i y. ll'lII'lllCli A Great Play, '..e play "l,j mvooil'' to be given by ho oe lalent one wee Irom .Monday night piotnisis to be the best thing of the season. It is a ihiilling war stoty and Manag-i Harrison h is secured the xciusive right to present it here. The iiiiprovemenis on the opera house are going lorwiird rapidly and will make the auditoi iuui abeam v. The caste of Lyowood" is as follows; Victor Itliinch iril.v r'tncral ullieer.... Ii. M. llymlB 1)1111 ..y Melileti,n-A 1 liilili ll. rate ofll. '"' tlh-ia Harrison Col. 1 mimic i, i,,,t - Kll is la i.iiis CullOl 'loii tlrtller, .'i aitl-t l ll, MnU.ti Jnilf,'.' I'. IMHle I atllel ol I. m l le I'n I. . I Moulton I nc'e loc A faltliliil sci vioil, om r Kill on I'al. O'rii rily Kcilcriil ni'U'iito...... s. J . Klltaon Jllss laicllli! 1'arllale All heiress .Mm. '. P. tiullck lay I arm e-A lively ei uilii Mis. M. II. Mewett Mis:, l-atn Weiituori h I.ihiIiI..' nnemy Mrs. r. n. iinaro A Dickinsonian Aged 103. A lew days ago the Rkklkltiiu ask ed w ho w as the oldest person iu Dick inson county. A valued subscriber in Holland township informs us that the prize long-liver resides in that town ship. His inline is Francis Dougherty and he is 103 years of age. He was born iu Irelaud in 17K8 and emigrated to Canada 52 years ago. Three years igo he came to Kansas where he lives with his son in Holland township. He has been hale and hearty and is apparently as young as he was 411 years ago. He has, until four weeks ago, never been sick or taken medicine in his life. IJuring the past month he has felt somewhat under the weather but is still in fair health. He used tobacco constantly for 70 years only leaving off last fall. Whether that has had any effect on his spring's Bickness or not is not known but the tobacco using cer tainly never produced any apparently injurious results. Since coming to Kansas he has made a trip back to Canada, traveling alone, lie returned from there to Kansas last fall and to those who asked if he was not afraid to journey alone he laughed and gave them to understand that he was all right. Mr. Dougherty seems to be pretty well in the lead. If there is an older person in the county we would like to hear of it. Bath Rooms. The bath rooms corner Third and Cedar have been thoroughly overhauled, cleaned up and are now in first class shape to give hot and cold baths, and will be opened to the public on and after this evening, June 13th. H is under the management of John Hill & Sons which lusures llrst class accommodations. 35 2 ' Lost, A pair of gold bowed eyeglasses, with gold chain and hooks. Finder will piease leaye at E. C. Little's office or 507 West Third street. SB S Mits. S. K. Litti-k. I guarantee all my work to please or will refund your money. Churchill, photographer. 3o-tf Mclnerney sells shoes made by good mauafacturers for less money than any hoiue in town. Try Uiem. IN THE CHURCHES. Sunday Services to Be Held in Abilene'! Sanctuaries. The church notices for Sanday's services are given below. Strangers in the city are cordially Invited to attend. The Rkki.ki.tok. is glad to receive notices of any and all special services. tlllACK KKFUKMKD C'HL'RClt. Regular services at 10:45 and 8. .Sunday school at 9;.'I0. Young Peo ple's meeting at 8:4.", Rev. A. 8. Dechant, pastor. Subject of morning sermon, "Our Inheritance;" evening, "Student Life of St. Paul." There will be A bible reading on next Tues day evening on "What Must We Know?" Y. M. V. A. SKItVII.KS. Men's meeting at 4 p. m. Sunday. All men of the city inyited. Rooms upstairs, corner Third and Cedar. TKIN1TV I.l T1IKIIAX CIll'KUU. Sunday school at 0:S(), public worship at 10;45and 8. Rev. W. L. Seabrook, pastor. Subject of morning sermon, "The Church and the Masses;" of the evening, "An Kventful Day in the Life of Jesus." KI'ISCOI'At, CIII'KUII. Service tomorrow in St. John's church at 11. Sunday school at that). KVANIIKI.IIJAI, ni men. Services every Sunday at 11 and 8 Sunday school at HI. Prayer meetings at 7 o'clock. Holiness meetings Saturdays at 2. Rev. (i. J. Schumacher, pastor . LA l lliil.u; ciimcii. At 7:3H a. m. Mass at St. Joseph's college; 10:.'!(l, Mis.ia Cantata at the Catholic church; catechism at 3 p. in. Vespers at 3:3(1 p. in. Sodality at 4 p. m. Rev. i tllier I.eary pastor. L'NIl'KI) llllKTIIIUCN. Services every other Sunday at 11 and 8. Sunday school at ii:3U. Rev. Willoughby, pastor. II.M'IIST CIII KI'II. Sunday school at (1:30; young peo ple's player meeting at 6:3(1. Rev. William Wilbur, of Winiield, Kas , will preach at 10:4"i and 8. (IHtlSTlAV Clll'lll'll. Sunday school at 0:30; preaching at 111:4") and S; young peoples' meeting at 6:4"i. Rev. K. T. C. Ilennett, pastor. Mjrning subject, "Open Doors." LAIIIKS Al'XII.IAIlV. L i lie.,'. Auxiliary meeting at I p. in. Sunday in the Auxiliary's room. Miss Cora l.o't will lead on the subject Shipwrecked." All ladies invited. IIIIVS' MKKTINO. Hoys' gospel .Heeling and bible study in V. M. C. A. hill Sunday 2:30 p. in. All boys of the city under the age of 1IJ years invited, lllackboanl and chart lesson. MKTIltililst' Clli:it ll. Sunday school (1.3(1, preaching 10:45 and 8, young people's meeting 2:3(1, class meeting (i;."i. Rev. J. T. Mayor, pastor. Subject of morning sermon will be appropriate to children's day and will be a children's senium. In the evening there will be children's day exercises composed of recitations, songs, dialogues, etc. Tha exercises will be conducted by tho members of the Sunday school. rilKSIIYTKUIAN cut' nun. S ibball) school at 1):3II. Y. P. S. C. K at 7. Preaching 10:4" and 8. Huv, . S. Rlayuey, pastor. Examine Hansbroiigh's aristo (cellu loid) photographs, before going else where; guaranteed to be far superior to any made in the city. FIRE & TORNADO INSURANCE Written in the best Companies at lewest rates. M. H. MADOTT, See those nice laces at the Rescue Prices low on La dies', Misses' and Children's Oxfords at the Bee Hive. tio to Churchill for Urst-class photo graphs liuished in celluloid. False Economy is practiced by many people, who buy itiferior articles of food because cheaper than standard goods. Surely infants are entitled to the best food obtainable. It is a fact that the Gail Rorden "Kagle" Rrand condensed milk is the best infant food. Your grocer aim oruggisc keep It Still tho Favorite, If yon are contemplating ftjtripjfor busi-nose or pleasure It will be woli to remember tliat tbe Burlington route li still ttie favor ite. Her old established line to Obicago taardly needs more than a mere mention for the reason that every man, woutai and child In the country is so familiar with the fact that over this line runs the famous solid vostlbuleKlt" with Ha splendid Pullman sleepers, chair cars and dining cars. Your attention Is now called to our Double Dally service between Kansas City, AtcU son, St. Joseph and St. Louis, Heretofore we had but one daily train from the Missouri river to St. Louis, that being a night t i-al n, placing rwsse liters in Ht, Louis In the morning In time for breakfast and all eastern connections, but on account of the In. creasing demand another train has been put on now leaves Kansas City, Atchison and St. Joseph In the morning, placing I tbe pas. senger in St. Louis In the early evening ol the same day. Omaha and Con no 11 Bluffs are pat In rapid communication with the lower .Missouri river points by two superb dally trains, one leaving Kansas City late In the morning and the other la the evening, making the run from Kausas City In about eight hours, Tbe tnornlng train carries a through buffet sleeping oar to s. I'aul and Minneapolis, placing tbe passenger In the Twin cities, twenty hours alter leaving Kansas City. ror further Information call ui or address II. C. Orr.ti. S. W. F.A.,900 Main Ht., Kan sas City, Mo,, or A. o. Dawks, g. p. a t. a, bfc. Joseph, Mo. 0 TRADE MARK. The jfT lolHard or 5oft Water this Soap vorKs so veil, that Womep vaot tiO OTHEFfc A BIG DINNER. nanqnet (infii by Mn Italian Mag-nate In (lie slxtfenllt (ntry. Prom the nninsing article on "Renaissance Cookery" contributed by Sir Austen I.avtinl to Murray's Magazine we quote the following- account of a marriag-o h:uiiiiet given In 1nS0: A dinner was given In November, 1M80, Ivy Murcnntonia I olonna, grand constable of Naples, on his marriage with Princess Orsini I'eretti. niece of 1'1 v., at which several en rdinals were present. On the plates were figures of boys hold ing shields on which were the nrms of the guests so that they could find their places without euuslng confusion and cupids and angels holding labels with amorous mottoes and nosegays. The first course of the "crcdcuxii" was of twenty-one dishes. Including sulnds of radishes, capers and kids' feet; heads of wild boars Isiiled In wine, with their snouts silvered lind nrtiticial lire issuing from them, garnished with herbs and flowers; salted buffalo tongues boiled In wine; cock pheasants, on their feet as if alive, and holding perfumes in their beaks, mid roust peacocks Rerved with u Kaure made of pomegranates and lemons, their benks and feet gilt nd their beautiful necks and tails dls-plnyeil. In the first course of hot meats were the most delicate birds ortolans, pheasants, woodcocks, larks nnd "torili" (lleldfiiicsl; In the second, of twenty dishes, calves' bends with htutllng, roasted on the spit; bolojrna sausajres, capons stuffed with chestnuts, roast red-legged partridges In paper garnished witli r-our oranges, roast irrav I partridges stuffed in the Spanish fashion I and sprinkled with rose water, and a sweet dish called "bis-che dl ilnne" ; (ladies' mouths), ui:nle bv the nuns. The thiril rourse was of eighteen dishes, ninonf,' vbieh were pheasants stuffed with trollies, olives and fresh fennel garnished .wilh sour oranges nnd fennel, roust sneking pigs, peacocks larded with lampreys and stuffed with trufilcs, Indian pigeons, large truflles surmounted by Imperial rrowns, Wnder crabs, eaten with salt and vinegar, with n duenl coronet upon each, imd lobsters erowned with the papal tiara. The second courso of the "ere-denza" consisted of twelve dishes, among whieh were entire truffles served In napkins anil sweet fennel nnd thistles served with butter in silver plates nnd garnished with sour oranges nnd ginger. After the dinner wen) handed round sweetmeats from different parts of Italy, such ns preserved fruits from llenoa, whieh Is still renowned for them; quince-cheese of Nnplcs, "vaisetti" from llolognn, "per-slcata" (peach cheese), also from (ienoa; little boxes (of comfits) from the llomagna; sticks of cinnamon from Bergamo, and bonbons from Foligno and Portuguese tnnrmalnde. FUN WITH A TOURIST. How an KnKIU!i Truvplrr Was I'lioleil by Tim SpitnlKli CilrU. A traveler is likely to he seriously gulled by the practical jokes of foreign countries. With the witticisms of his native lnnd, to whii h he is accustomed, he can contend, but there is an alunn-hig element of 'the unexpected in those of other races. Irving Montagu writes, in "Wanderings of a War Artist": "fine evciiiier I met two very fascinating Spanish fh-ls i :i a quiet quarter of Inin, one of whom, being n blonde, was enveloped in a white manldln. "It being customary on meeting a white mantilla to extend her somewhat similar homage to that paid to royalty, I raised my hat, and stepped on olio side to allow the couple to pass, when, in doing so, I saw, to my horror, hv the llglltol the moon, that they were followed closely by a prim and irrotesoue reptiio, half-lizard, half-frog, which, with a series of spasmodic hounds, was making directly for their heels. 'Oh, the horrid beast, the indescriba ble monstrosity! To rush forward and trample on tho uncanny thing wns the woric ol a moment. 'I was. dumfounded: mv.exnlolt of heroism, fur from inducing tho jrratl-tudo I expected, was Immediately followed by roars of lawrhtcr. tha merrv ring of which reverberated on the still night air. ' 'I nconscionablo fool' does not ex press tho littleness I felt, as I was siilt- jected to the ridicule of those wily damsels, and if a man is capable of that becoming -peculiarity I must have blushed scarlet "I had trodden on el dran a niece of cloth cut into the semblance of some monstrous lizard, and attached by a thread to the skirt of the maiden, so that, by certain dexterous movements and hitches, It couli be" made to leap Br ner as sne Hurried alonir. It was the Uasaue eaulralent for the old En. lish Jokes practiced on the 1st of April. Churchill is the only artist in Abi lene making celluloid photos. Fruit jar rubbers and sealing wax at'w. Northcraft & Co's': Great bargains in shoes at Mclner ney's. For Ladies'. Misses' and Children's Ox- I fords see the BeeHive. Pianos and Organs. Those contemplating the purchase of a piano or organ can get the very lowest quotations for cash or time by addressing Tiiko. Mosiikii, 33 2 Abilene. The He.sciie has just received a large consignment of silk and linen laces. If you need anything in that line call early. ,t5 Give Your Attention, l'int, quart and one-half gallon Mason fruit jars; extra caps and rubbers for same; also the only full line of queensware and glassware in the city. Fine groceries a specialty. Headquarters for home flrown strawberries, raspberries and blackberries in their season, at F. J. Murphy'B, North Ilrondway. ;t4 8 The lienefit has commenced to cut prices in all departim-uts owing to a largo stock of goods on hand. 35 2 A complete line of men's line shoes all widths and plow shoes away down in price, Ifoys' and youths' shots of a good kind for little money at Mclnerney's. Pasturage, l'asture for horses and cattle, near town, good feed, foncing and water. Hates reasonable, Sl-tf liKouoK Mkuicii.l. Do You Want to go to the World's fair and go. light? Do you want to have all accommodations ready for you on your arrival? 11 is not to early to begin. SEE L. II. Wortbington, agent of the Columbian Exposition Savings company and join the club 12 tf NOW. For Ladies', Misses' and Children's Oxfords see the Bee Hive. Fire Insurance. Fire insurance can be had at reasonable rates in tho following companies Liverpool & London & Globe; Springfield Fire, of Massachusetts: North llritish & Mercantile, of London and Edinbiirg; Westchester Fire, of New York; l'licenix, of Hartford; German Fire, of Peoria; Caledonian Fire Insurance Co., of Scotland; New York Howery and Southern Ins. Co. The best iiisuiunce agency in the city. l-tf II. E. Skeus, Agent. Here is Your Chance To go to the World's fair. F.vurybody can afford It. Call at my oflice over Hodge Jlros. and get information on the best plan for going to the fair cheaply you will ever have. Transportation and all expenses furnished. Kouekt Kane, Agent for World's Fair Transportation & Trust Co. BUSINESS BRIEFS. Dr. E. Bergstresser, dentist, Cedai 132-tf street. Mm Mlki k Loan tss'i! City Properly for Sale Cheap and On Long Time. The Brick house on Vine ibtrect, formerly owned bv W. S. Stambaugh, for rent or sale cheap. Wc have a number of smaller very desirable residence properties very cheap, from ?200 and upwards. Also houses to rent. ! SALE Office over Case & BiBhqp's-

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