Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 7, 1952 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 7, 1952
Page 13
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Y.; IH3 IJ,, 'Detroit a< Mich.; i" Oklahoma City 2, .,.,,„ prtM. u fniltltd ex* .__ t« jh» u»» \w rtputilicodon P|h* teea new* primed In thlt 01 Wl 01 oil AC ntw* A ... . Qoo<i to *l>Bce IMi&litnlnK ' thn m. writ* u a. 4, Jkowlaville, Ar. 30-71 |el«h» uboui 100Q Ibtt, Mince Juno 11). i, a nUli-K out un «; K i on Columbus { J»»vu Uy uay. oson. giurn For Sola 100 PIANOS tell imrtmrflftteljr lo »top ISO, |7S, W5.. 202 B. Elm 8t. Hopo. !7-lm L Hereford m«ie wlih nollniid Mi»»«Iow Rnnch c/o Mvo- Wit W»rd, i'r^neoll, Afk. S7-I2 I0,0rt) fKKt or fltiy pnrt I" Htnn- ' clnrrt plp« lined plain end. <!<"H! /or wnlor, ««« or oil, Hoi»e Mf«. to,, Plume 7..1.H7, 10-151 NICK .'I room honJn> mi dr»ubl>' lot nn Kn*( "3rd Rtrcci. Rfiisoiuiblo pHcfi, SVrllp 1. W. Hpurks, flox 7*i7, IlniiliH, Now Mfxlio, nr full 7-.1I47 ttii< 4th <.r ftth nf July. 30-12! total Announcements The Star U authorized to announce thxt th* following Are candidate* for jmbllc office JUbJcct to the icllwi of the Democratic primary «l«elloni: for T*K A«t«t»or CIUT STUART und pi'fleheH, find rt'lwll, Kxpoilrncnt H Phono 7.44M, l>«<ni.'liKii plcki-d Mondny, Wcdnrwliiy, !•'; idiiy. I fit 1 A' Krl«UI«lrc rvfrlKerntor. I'me. tlfiiilly now. HMO, Floyd Woi.d, Jtt. !\, I'ii!»(:ott, Arkiuiflds. ;»xit 2 HOOIvf hoiiNO, Hnthronm, Rim, WHl<»r, nlvetrlclly, I nrrc lurid, Chiu'li-K Fox, 4fl() Soulli Klin. 1«.1 DISC brcnkJntf plow for Model H Kni'mnH Trnetor. Cwn !«• m-i-n lit ToMC.Tnx. a-nt MAOIC Chef rnn«(j, K'xfci'llcnt eon- dltlon. Ni'W outdfior Chiireoiil Grill: riuimt 7-4022, 7-;n JEILUK Tick, nid'homi, Tj|«ek ntul Km lUMiutl ptlpltloM, To be iioltl lit 0, K, Doitgln* 1 thn llth throiiKh the Kith of July, 7-;)i 3 ""'For JtpOM unriiinl-lii'd i!iir»Kc iiptirt- • ftivM. Attic fun, Otui liloelt nt InixIni'iiH dlHlrlct. C'oiiplo only, I'homt 7-fl(HI2. ;(il-tf NHIWI.Y (liH-ofiiied II room uii< fniiilMlied ii|iinimeni. ll Hi w. -till 1'llolle 7-.'ll,W. J.(|| NMAI.I. fnrnlNlii'il muniment d i- Vllte luilll. I'lleelile refrlucrnlin, Itilld, .114 I-:. Thlid. .^•:it a UNKUUNIHIIKD i-oonirt. I'riviile liiiih, iiililtioM puid, J;HI, . L';!:; N. 1*11. >St, I'llone "-flilllH. ri,;n. NICK four room furnlxluul duplex npnrtinent, l''rli;lilnlir, luii'dwoiul floors, Until nud hall icdei-oritt ml, I'rlviilo onlrimceii. OnniKc. Mm, I 1 . K. Cook, mill W. Ave. H, I'lionw 7-ail54. . 7.41 ft HOOM furninluul hoUfto nt HIJVIM'- ly Hiu*. liiOf South tlurvoy. liinl 7.4s«tt, ,-,,. v ,,•;•;•••.. 7.01 HOfl:IMI, i Hdl|, Legionnaires fofexarkana at 8 Tonight For Circuit CUrh „ OARHUTT WIU.13 8. A. (Hpocdy) HUTSON for R«pr«itntitlvi TAMJOT KKILD JR. For County Judge CLAUD If, BUTTON i). o, n Ann KIT fni-:i) A. LUCK For Bhorlff C COOK For Al<l«rm*n Ward 1 JOK HIUTT n, C. (llolu UANIELS Jol'; JONW8 For Alderman Ward 2 FHEU JOHNSON OWICMIT fMDOniUj I'AUI, IUI,KY For Alderman Ward 8 R L. nKTf-ajf -- • , .....innnfre* jrmrney to T>>xnrknnn torilifhl 'Monday) for a Kiitiut (it 8 o'clock with the Red HK.-i PrldM. The lociil* will put a brand new mrmbi'r nt thr,- a'juad on Ihe mound I'lMiKht, Pitcher liimald Bencflcld, Tho Huinc wilt lie Ijtoiidcnsl over Hadi'o Htiilitm KXAH. Top Radio Programs t NKVV YORK i# Monday night: , NMC •- 7 Gordon MftcRnc »how; 17..'Hi ll/trlow ('.limit; t) Don Voor j CMS 7 Mm .Hid Hornblnwer; j II H"n>:iiK-e Druina. | AIM' ... • 7 iif-nry Taylor Com- jMi.nl; 7::m He, Maupln'* Chicago ; Miisir. ! MIJS - fi;45 Ni'wsrcel; 7:30 1 d ion,' Dot?i Not ['ay. Detroit Tourney DKTROIT UK'-Cnry Mlddleenff. t- Mr-mphl* dpntldt, yoMffday off with tho $2,400 first prize In tho $15.000 Motor City Open finlf Tournnmcnt. flut IK had to do.it the hnrrT way T'-d Kroll, onp of thr; more j promUinff rookies on the circuit,! played him to a standstill In thej i emulation 72 holpH only to lose) in Mlddlecoff in a sudden death i playoff on the 73rd hole. i Kaili shot a 14-under-par 274 over tho |)nr 72 course. Middlecnff wllhj round* of 88-B7-87-71 nnd Kroll with fl.-i.8H-71-70. Dutch Harrison, Ardmorc, won $11).', with a 71-70-73-71—285. Baseball Meridian Natchez Greenwood Monroe El Dorado Pine Uluff Hot Springs Greenville In tho Atkins' Trtiv )•<•! ond Female Help Wanted 1MMEIMATK plnoi'ment. Avon PruduuU only •• two'openlnit* in Itipe for woman Interested In iiliilUnw money, For intoi'vluw, wrltt! Box "11" c'o Houo Stnr. 1"l\K Dlununul Cttfo will pny » tfiwl sU'tuly oxperiuiiml wnlt- rcas $S.(K) pi-r tiny, plus n nnd tips, See Mm, Cttmill. 7-tH Mole Help Wanted U5 YKAH old hwt company tins cxoluijlvt! UM i'IUirk\s o|H'ii In this niul HummiullnK counties tor lull or pan ilino njjci 8S to 83, No Homo ni(jhts, Cwr Hood chimco tw JK WrlUs Uox *'\" ,(!•» Hope Star Vv. : " ' ' V-it fltale 8«n*t« TOM ,/. SIUVKY Hit, K. C. CROW Chancellor (Flr»t Dlvltlon, 6th OUtrlct) WKSI.KY HOWARD A. I'. STKKI. For Conurefia OIIKN IIAIJIUH Memphis Drops 2 and Lands in Cellar Ulidnled Southern A^'ioi'liltlon Oy The Annoclated Pr«B» MritipliiH rolled over .'mil playod (lend iwlee for ('liiitnuooi'ii Sumluy mid wound iiji Imrled nciiin In tl:e fiiinllliir Southern AKiiofiiitiiiii eel- liii. The vlelorie'i. e;irved nut hy (he ne.it pilelilni! of Al .Slum ioid Moli ChetDh and tills lo iipflre, also; polled ltd- lookiinis to within n half n u.iiiie 01 (our pcri'iMitiiRc poInU of f i out-running New Orlcnrm. Siinn, the Lookouls' nee south- p;iw, lin.Jtcd th<; Chick* to six hits n- he ficon-d hlx Mth victory. The l.ookoul.i in tiled throe pitchers for Hi lilli In tiikliiR thu npuncr, 12-1. Mitchell, u riglilhnnder, Hluitout the CliiukN on threo hlln In winning tile nlnhtenp, [1-0. Little Hock viiiiltcd ahead of the r'liiek.i by tiikiiiK 11 twlnljlll froin (1-5 and r.-4. Tho victory opeiu'r cnrne on homer in th<; Kllh. ler Mnl Simpson started tho Km no off with a bung by . ;i ,'l-rim homer In the first InnlriK. Nnnhvllli* tied It at 4-nll In the fourth, only tn see Little Kncli .score the winning run in tlio li.'itom of the HIIITIO inninn. The slumping Mobile Bears d lopped llieir xixtli in n row, bow- IMM to lllrmltiKhiim 10-2. Atlnntii nnd New Orleans split a rleuljloheiider, with home run», ^|li.'lllnK the difference in both! I'.iimeH. A 2-run homer by C!»ir| Allie in the sixth broke up a 1-1 Me to Hive tin- Pels it ,'l-t victory. In tlie nl|(lilcii|i. Diek Slnovle hit Iv.o homer.s with two men on each, lime .in.l Jim ll:isso picked up a •!-li;i!!i:cr to sp;nk Atluntii to a O-H' Homer Decides 3 of 5 Games in Texas DALLAS MV-Three of fivn Ramos' In the Texas Lc.-inur were decided j last nlKht by home runs. Pour-]>ly! Hniaslien figured strongly In another nlte. Lt!ii(lln« Dallas had to use tho, circuit clout to innintnln its 4-^.'ini'; ! nuil-Kln .'on Mncko. the gifted i KiiKl' 1 first biiseman, clonred the! pnliiiKs In the seventh inning with ti'rcc niiites on base nnd Dallas beat Oklahoma City 8-5. It nave Dnvc lloskins his thirteenth pitch- iilK victory. The Indians pounded Tlosklns for 14 hits. , Second - pluce Beaumont edjjedl Slut-veport 7-0 as Jim Grcengrnssi drlvinu in four runs with a homer) I a triple and single. Joe Koppu had I U homers for Shcrcvcport to keep! the Sp.irts in the ball fjame down' in the last inning when Ford Garrison singled in the winning tally. Home runs were the difference in each «ume ns Ft. Worth and Tulsa split n doubleheader. Ft. Worlh won tho opener 4-3 with Wayni) Helardi's circuit clout wjlh two on providing the winning mar i;in. Tulsa won the niKhteap 4-a on Ktirl York's 2-run homer in the third. The only gnrne in which homers failed to fifiilrc was San Antonio's 4-1 victory over hapless Houston. It pushed Snn Antonio into tho first division •- tn n lie with Shrovoptirt for fourth |ilricc. It was Ilouslon's fourteenth loss in Ifi jfntnes. Lnst night's results: Monroe 7 Pine Bluft 0 !•:! Dorado 14 Hot Springs Natchez 8-9 Greenville 1-5 Meridian 4 Greenwood 2 Tonight's games: Hot Springs at Pine Bluff Monroe at 1C I Dorado Greenwood a I Greenville Natchez at Meridian Southern Association W L New Orleans 49 39 Chattanooga 47 38 Atlanta -Ifi 39 Mobile 4K 42 Nashville 43 44 Birmingham 40 4.") Little Rock 35 47 Memphis 36 50 By Th« Associated Pr«»» INTERNATIONAL, LEAGUE Rnci-f ster ."> Tordnto S Syntuse 4 M<intro,'il 3 I'.nlrin ore '2-1 SprinpfU'ld 1-0 f)tt.-K-. n 0-4 Buffalo ,'{-.-) AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Milwaukee (i-2 Kansas City 3-3 Lrnisvili" 11-1 Indianapoli.s ii-4 .Minncaiiolis C St. Paul 5 Columbus at Charleston, postponed, rain PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE Oakland 8-3 Hollywood '3-2 Seattle 3-5 Sacramento 1-4 Los Anfjele.-, 4-'J San Francisco 1-1' Pi,rtl:md .")-4 San Dit-«o 2-5 SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Little Hock 0-5 Nashville n-4 (,'ii:itt;inoo«:i \2-V, Memphis 1-0 Hit iiiin.'iliii'm lit Mobile 2 New Orleans :t-:i Atlanta 1-9 TEXAS LEAGUE Ft. Woith 4-2 Tulsa 3-t Beaiunont 7 Shreveport 0 San Antonio 4 Houston 1 Dallas 1. Oklahoma City 5 Public Links Totirneyon at Miami , „,», . , »* Jwiy * i IT»* •LONDtl n w r B a i M n t nvrEi «K,n«na«» •yCMekYounij % _ , ***•* i*t •?. ' .H-* Pet.' .5-11! .533! .5011 .4';?: .427 i .410; Last night's results: Little Hock 6-5 Nashville !)-4 Chattanooga 12-fl Memphis ]-() New Orleans 3-3 Atlanta 1-!) Birmingham 10 Mobile 2 • Icd'iy's games: Nashville at Little Rock Chattanooga at Memphis Atlanta at New Orleans Binliingham at Mobile NATIONAL, LEAGUE Brooklyn New York St. Louis Chic;if;o Philudolpliia Cmcinniiti Flostun w L 51 21 47 2G 4G 34 42 35 Pel .708 .044 .545 .55 GB 35 U . .'t(i7 .•I'^il MAUL ntul vpronri *«nd $UA yniul Ornvcl uvuiltible, Fuy 3lantnu>ni Phimu 7-91)50, JU-IM JP, T, Stu««s hum niuvert ids law nfflco front Oturljian Mulltlinu |u th« fourth floor of the First Nuliouwl Bunk UuiUlliiH, Itooius 400, HOJKS ArkansHs. 7-t!t League Leaders By Tht A»*0ol«ttd Pr«ti NATIONAL LEAGUE 8A'ITINO - Musittl, St. Louis. .333: At well, Chicago. .324; Huliln- »au, Urooklyn, ,315, «VN8 — Lacknum, New York. 8ft Mustul, St. Louis, 53; Uobln- t\, Brooklyn, 55. JtUNS HArtKD IN — Bauer, Chica«u, 6D; Th^ntson, New York, i UtKigcs, Biookiyn, 9T. HITS — Musiul. St. Louts, f»j , New York, 8»; Admus. ,oii\«aU. W. UBUES—Witliaina. New York St. Louts. ID; Muslal, — Thomson and Muel- York and Etwls. PhUa- —• Savior, Chicago, ilyn, It; Thoin- SYNOl'SIH f.isnnox, hniiiliioniii yomiB . .... of « liinhlDimtild N.'W York cliunh. anil ConilnnfA MtU>tlmll, luKliiort «lrl. urn nidtinlly m inva. Mini* with him nl ilmnar tnniBhi. c»nni« HPII«» no will plf)]>O4A, toil Il4 llO*9 not,'.' Itlfttcilltl. ~h(j fell* her of hi* qimirul with hla |>n- II'OII*!!*. wruMliv. eniixlio AKHllin Mur- clitnon, of lil> ipftififll to upcopt lu>r con- trlliiitlmi la hi* chuii'h (iiriil, of hei Ihrssl tn cini«» (tint Itonhlc I'Mu'hinB luiniri (liH'tily ilinnnpniiiK'il, Connltt nnd* hcf filtind Kime ih'simirhiH. plninn yet for f«ti!» n«nii!i. tho rrlvoloim luiiititiiul tli* IIHII long ten illvniTfti, Co nn if fcitkd nnil tlilils Dt'iinln, plonils with tilm lo oi» hi* former wlfo onca moro. im n^ru*.'^ to tlo no, CIIAFTBR KIOHT CONNIE wont on with hor ex- plnniukvn lo Peto Dennis, "1 have bocii very Btuptil.,. But ll WHS n try, 1 tiHHuro you that n happy cndlnjt (nun my Hiiindpolnl would not uu'luilu Kiim unil niako up. You'vo outgrown cnch other, nnd nnywiiy I don't think you're KOOI! cnotiKli for hor!" Ilia oyea vvuiotii-tl with Intvrcal, he Ki'liuicU at her, cofiliully. "You MO » rcmnrknUlv Rlrl," ho nnid. "I'm tioKiniund to tic told. It iuk- li>H n KMH\ look <u uontcono Klnlo nover saw tMJforo will wlpo lh« clean, I'm all for it," "Thanks," iwld Cohnlt 1 . "I'm «voi» It I did vvciikon. JtiNt one tiling more, I'd niu< to Iscop h«r frtendsinn, which uothlntj to do with our usaociulUm. I'louso' don't toll her 1 t'»iuo to MOO you," Mho roue us he s»lU, "1 won't" niut tlu-n, "Stay uiul luvvo a drink? Why not, ns I'm late to my nc.\t i cn«!iH\'HUMU, w\y\v«yY" "No, tlmnka," ahc sttld and held out her tmnd. That'll th»t, aho thought, feeling drained and tired us the clovator dcacciiilcJ, And I Rue.ss I'm craay, Wien Conule w»cl>«d homo and ellmlxHi the »tuirs «u« ««w Hlsip haniftnK over the rail nt the lund- Inn. "1 thought I lu-iud your step .,. Hurry,., quick, cams In before Grace arrives," nti« orcler«><i. "Wh*t'» upT" askod Connie, knowing; thinking. He didn't jftvo hhuMflt time to ghnngt,' lu* iniiul. She took««t at Klsio, thouiiht she liMik* year* younger, "Anything tha matter?" "N o, ttv«ryth1n)r'a woiul*rfuj. l^t'Wr leU'phonod. Juat now. He •aid he'd Ilk* lo sea m«.,. I'm having dinner with hUn Wednesday night.* CoitnU went in and sat down on th* couch. She felt- aliithtly ill. Sha thought, I'm seared, and then *sk«d, *Ar* >-ou aur« you want to go, KUle T Yuu could call back and say you'd reconsid«r*ti." "Darling don't look >o stricken. Of courss 1 want to go. I'm ler- rifted, but | wouldn't not go for to« wpTKL Do you think there's anyinlng In telepathy T No, I sup- poau not, or «ls« he would have fcall«4ju<! loivg ago, Ue>l up, help '' ^ '' what to w**r.., pet? lu red, there's that « into h« tak« trocfat hnnda and looked at her friend. She said miserably, "Elsie, I do hopo this la risht for you," She didn't moan tho dress. On Wednesday .evening Connie had nn early dinner engagement with a client. She came home early to n quiet apnrtmant. Orac« was at the theater. Slio waited, trying to road, to listen to the radio. Connie thought, Why don't I go to bed ? She'll be out till all hours. Elsie caino tn about ten o'clock, tier face was composed, She said, "Hello, Connie, back so soon? What happened?" "Mrs. Mitchell liked the idea and layout," Connie bcjjan. Then she iiuul, "Never mind me. What happened with you? I've been sitting hero tor nn hour, nearly jumping out ot my skin!" Dime suit down. She still wore her coal and hat. She at HI-tod carefully stripping off her cloves. "Nothing. Kvi-rythlnR." she be- nan 10 IniiKh, and Connie looked ai her sharply, Sh« wasn't hysterical. Sho was genuinely amused. .She said, "lie told mo, 'A quiet place, don't dross.' So I wore the ml." She looked down at her lap, nslcod, "Why nni I sitting here In my coul? He liked it, he said, •You look extremely well.' I met him at tho ivstuuituit, we'd never btvn there together. It's new. I've been there with (leorglo . . ." Connie said, "Uet on with it, Elsie." "Like a dose of castor oil? All right. Pete's a nice person, a very nice person. A little on the shrewd iiulc, smart, amiable, successful. Someone I never knew," Connie's iifld breath was released, shtf felt limp aa a rag doll, Klsio put her hands over her (ace and as Connie moved nearer, ap- pivhenslve, said, "U'l all right. Let me cry. It doesn't hurt at all." After a while, she took her hands away, her face ravished by her tears, but quiet She at>ld, her voloo roughened, "I was crying over a denth. Two; a boy's and a Slrl'ai.,, 1'hey don't exist any longer, 1 feel grieved, but M if I'd been born again or cured of * fever. And t thank Qod for It, Connie." She rose, leaned to touch Connie's shoulder. "Don't worry now, after tht first half hour tt was almost painless," She yawned, and yawned again "I'm so tired, I'll sleep tonight," she said, She went Into her room, shut the door, and Connie sat M she was, feeling u If the could never get up again. e • • On the following morning when Paul opened his personal mail, neatly sorted by Ut*s Qnuiby, ae found an envelop* bewtnf tht return address of i gre»t blinking institution. (Midi* WM a Jltifc our* which waj t pe«Unga to Lenno*. with BALDWIN there. He told himself that It wasn't her way cither. Yet he waa not convinced alt tough the check represented a i urn one, thousand dollars in ex- c ess of thot which she had given t Ini and lie had returned to her. He turned the check over in his Dig hands And found himself smll- I ig with wry astonishment; Miss " Or an by, coming in, looked at him in wonder. Ho said, "We've had a Christ- maa gift," put the check on the blotter, endorsed it, and gave It to hfcf, for Uielr treasurer's attention "It Is earmarked for the gym," lit artld, "by the giver's request." "But who?" she began, and then looked at tho check closely. Hoi eyes widened. She cried, "This it wonderful, it's Ilka a miracle. Now you'll bo able to do everything you wish, without delay. Have you no Idea who sent it?" "Only that It comes from someone who can also quote Matthew, 1 he responded, to her bewilderment. "For instance, 'Let not thy left hand know' what thy right doeth —'" he leaned back In his chaif and closed his e^<»s, adding—" 'that thine alms may bo In secret; and thy Father which seeth In secret Himself shall reward thee openly.' " On Christmas eve, at six o'clock, the church was candlclightcd, the people crowded In, young girls wltli holly on their coats, the college students, the very small children, old men and women with quiet faces, the middle-aged, the In-betweens. Agatha was there, with Emily. But not Connie. She waa with her mother tn Pennsylvania. in the church they sang the carols, and prayed together, and Paul spoke to them briefly of a Child and tt Star; and then stood with Bob Simpson to say, "Good nlgot, God bless you." He saw Connie at the special New Year's Day services and again the following day, which was Sunday, She looked thin, he thought, •nd UrttL On Wednesday morning, In the second *e«k, he waa dictating to MIM Qr*4»by when the telephone rang. She answered and reported. "Ifi Mr*. Dennis Mr. Lenno*. she U to know if she can see you todniy.- Hit heart Jumped. Elsie T he thought Incredulously. And then, ~ im«tAii«9't AopptMed to Connie. Hi took the telephone and asked. U anything wrong?" Not exactly. I hate to trouble you—but..." «!• Connie—T" "No. She's out, she doesn't know Pm calling. I don't want her to know." fie *&ld, "U you can come now, {•It be waiting." iaul w»ited for Elsie through jttetatlon ot tettera, tod «everal ; a. He had a*ked her. Connie—?" aad the h*d cut •hfirt, *ftylBf "No." co«W fit <*nc4Y» ot «Ay- fty^!ffHi Oonnijt't vhftMui4i w^MlMBf G1«H to Ua ot- upon an urgtat err«n4, 8h« Mb«d IfiM Qranby for w «t tomorrow, a«xt voefc. No. »«w vUh«4 to »N 3,'i 4-1 :iii >u; P;ttslnir{!h 21 "i!) .2(i: SUNDAY'S GAMES l}rooklyn !! Boston 2 S't. Louis 2-\ Philiulel))hi:i ()••! St. Louis G-(i Piltsburnh 5-1 C'liic:i;.,u ."i-L! Cincinnati 1-0 AMERICAN LEAGUE Now York CliiciiftK Cleveland Wash inn ton Boston PhiliuU'lphiii SI. Louis Detroit Hutchinson to Manage Only, No Pitching DETROIT W—Fred Hutchinson waited only 20 hours after Inking over ns Detroit Tiger manager to s;,y th:il he may shelve all pitching duties ;ind concentrnte on (,'uiding Ins team out of last place. The 32-year-old righthander, who hurled in last year's all-star game, said he didn't plan to give himself i Miy startins assignments in tho pear future. And lie said he didn't plan to jut himself in the bullpen with the other relief hurlors. "Can't, be out there and mana.no," were his words. The scrappinf, curly-haired favorite of Michigan fans- had been a relief pitcher this season under Manager Red Rolfo, who was fired Saturday. Hutch never had a losing record in six previous seasons as a starter. "Dues all that mean )'(.iiiK to quit, pitching?" man asked Hutch, whose v.'on both y.amos since over. "Well, yes, I f'uoss you could take il thai way," said tho lanky control artist. .However, it's likely Hutch will slay on the aeitve list. He's a ti rrific competitor and a fair hitter. He may use himself as a ptnchhitler and a possible starting" S. W. Arkansas League Through June 30 Won Lost Pet. MIAMI, Fin. WThp rugged, 6- day, mnn-to'inan battle tor, Ulrf Na,* lional Public Links Golt Championship opened 'today over tMe 6,411-yard Miami Country Club course, the oldest and one of tmV toughest in the south. Two hundred stars of the municipal courses wore here to compete in the gruelling, eight-round struggle, including 199 who qualified in district tests throughout the United States and Hawaii. Defending champion Dave Stanley of Los Angeles wiis exempt from the qualifying round. ; Stanley and 55 other players clrrw ' ) .vt'-' i in today's first l8-ho(c round of match play. A second round of 64 matches is scheduled for tomorrow, and then the race will become more severe for the survivors. Two rounds Wednesday and Thursday, will pe necessary to weed out all but the four who will meet In FrU clay's 36-holo semifinals. The finals are Saturday. f^-l / ••:.,£,! 1^ «« &\ -'• '•• rj-7 pitcher should his hurling staff collapse. Hutch faces an immediate problem — finding a replacement for second baseman Jeny Priddy, who broke his right leg yesterday sliding home and will be out for the seasond. Pridy had played in 386 straight games. First baseman Don Kolloway, who played second with the Chi- can" White Sox, may take over or slick-iielding Al Federoff may be called up from Buffalo. you nro a news-1 club has' he look; - j Team SUNDAY'S RESULTS New York 5-0 Philadelphia 2-7 Chicago^ Cleveland 2 U3 innings) Washington 5 Boston 2 Detroit H St. Louis 0 Nashville Prides Mineral Springs Hope Tomics Hot Springs 11 10 !) 4" 3 1 2 3 4 9 9 11 .846 .769 .092 .308 .250 .083 LISTEN TO THE Major League ALL-STAR GAME Tuesday, July 8 11:15 A.M. KXAR " Water Travel , ^HORIZONTAL VERTICAL tlShip captain's 1 Network 1 . first officer 2 Toward the ! 5 Floor of a ship sFhellerftedh slde * [ 9 Triangular 4 c iV^ 12Hebre^w 5 Women's "2S3T organization 13 Operatic solo -XJ^', r.,,. io . ! 14 Fruit drink ® °^,° ef Flu '"„ ; 1 18 Warms Arn^rTca" 1 'I 1 0 TtsliAOiL ' * /All 1C 1 1*, a ^m oiM,;*»f»^ 10 Roman date* 21 Not hata , , Prooit-j • 23 Hebrew \-rotmea • ;: 16 Indians niieasuro nnr.«*i«« «u 24 A snnnro ^all'« 20 Eating ald .-S q }L o 22 Sailors are yard-—- called " old 27 Pant ««• '. 29 German king 32 Dress cloth 34 Not ripped 36 Most aged 37 City in New Jersey 38 Funeral fire 39 Let it stand 1 41 Night goddess 44 Great Lake |48 Bright star sailors watch 49 Climbing plants 53 War god 54 Alphabet i learner '56 President Coolidge 57 Boy's nickname 38 Heroic 59 Abstract being 60 British statesman 61 Soeed contest i 15 18 ZH 32. 36 34 * bi Si si I 25 •n 3 26 Hi 1 ^ * Answer to Previous Puzzle A, u A A W U f fcf B A C7 T L x * B ' U t B r S • T t A 1 l_ , 6 < 0 1 . A », N ? 98 \ M M S 5 X R « N \ T S B K R S T U 1 O V % O H s <5 T U e P In T 3 A $ C , T O i M ! e R A P MIAIO £}j"tj± ~m k T ? U a s s F 1 S a T •/ E B N 91^ K\ N P .», A N R e u 1 R N 13 M B o r U 1 ^B%« U 1 1 N < T S B 1 e i R i| • ll 1 r] 1 n i iJ 1 51 I ^ 1 ~ 1 7 I 7 I S I 24 Upon. 45 Sea duck 1 25 Depend 46 Mince 1 26 Part songs 47 Algerian 1 28 Cleaner seaport 1 30 Salver 48 Retired for 1 31 Kind of the night 1 chalcedony 50 California city ;1 33 Foretellers 51 Norse seaman '' 35 Inborn who settled 40 Cylindrical Iceland 13 Russian 52 Bengal groom storehouse 55 Century (ab.) > . n « 41 VI W 3. fl iL 39 18 n % /' '•'•'' 10, 11 '•%% •I* •M yi f ffi.' 55 * ^ i W 'to 'ID //,'/ 45 5V bl I HI ' ? 0 4" ii. m ' 31 S" 7 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William* ' AM OLP FA-5HIONEP Y I'P WAMT 7H 1 AT'THE" ewb OF A \ MAYBE THAT-& M PERFECT PAY..WHAT \ WHAT THEY'RE ^ , . w \ A CHAKNAIWC) SCEWE... / WA|TIM<2> FOR/ / i j _' s \ TUP FOMt? ^/J -~*r • " CARNIVAL •v Dick TvraM STARTING TUESDAY 8 30 A. M. SALE MENS SHOES Good Range of Sizes and Widths in Both Price Ranges 12 NUNN BUSH SUMMER SHOES Regular 17.95 and $18.95 values ALL REDUCED FOR CLEARANCE NOW ONLY .95 EDGERTON SHOES (Made by Nunn-Bush) ALL $12.95 SUMMER STYLES REDUCED TO SPECIAL LOT PORTAGE SHOES Summer Shoes in Broken Sizes, Close Out BE EARLY FOR BEST SELECTION '*• "Get a bad of this, Clady$J Mrs. Higgins is having {• •• - . vvoccJ* x~ SIDE GLANCES •y Golbrelth * VIC FLINT „ THAT5 WHAT 2f IP HE ,. . FLUBSXT.y' HAPPENS TO \COTO, VVBP tA.V|A,ltl66 L«B HI' . \C*B TOW6RPULTHAN I'LL 6STA8 THIS dBT C3UT WASH TUBBS WC-EL VOU LBAVB NEW YORK WI5 VOUR P6ECTURES A.FTBR WE GO THRU CU&TOMft W'&IBUR WcKBB ? OUR BOAKDINC MOUSE Major Hoopto 5VMPHOMIE5/ MAV X ^ 5T tHAt YOUR BALLADS _. - _^^ H ,, N TKE MARCM 60 -^^^ •'^••^ fiONAE PRACTIC6 S FOR PARADE-, 6PIRVT OF '52 THEY PESfcNvE fr LOOK AT WY WOR.H1 eeeiPEe, THE WBTROPOLIUN MU^EIM IA<kY WISH TO DICKER WITH MB ABOUT A PERWNWEWT HOME f*OR*0ME Of THE^l THEIR 1066- WOULP BBN ,/ZB CONCCt - »R FOR QBMERK- /Oi.0 GOKfr YETUWBORMt ~ --•tfflRBmi BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES •y ' WUVL Wit 6O-OO t vtv..wtRt <w. G'RtW S^O't^ ,^.\\ • e«\\»*O r\V)KV Vi^VX. ,VOO coovo p WWCJt VOOV'c.'D Wt... ,J ^«=i—• n " 3f-^:v! . .vljp^ljfe, •-• %feeP- by MA'fcnlif. Im. T. M. >UGS BUNNY FUNNY BUSINESS •y Henttberger OKAV, HERB'C TH' )/ OUR. •SlP'E SOKIHBAP/ 8U9SYS 1 * <£' > 'i" 55 l i*?«M»3M* , I,.,. e.,u«u, In, I. M. n-c. U. I 1,1. OK. ALLEY OOP •y V. T. H« "George can't resist watching the Republican convention , .but he refuses to listen to it-^he's 9 Democrat!' 1 j WHILE OOF AND Ff.ozy RG6T AF'ICl! A HECTIC BIT Or- ADVS^TURINS, OOOLA SET OUT TO CUV HKRSELH IN ON GOMt= OF TUP WEALTH OF THE QUEEN 1 . DON'T KNOW > NEVER MIND.,.WHAT I WAr<i iv,t ...PUT IWING I HOW YOU GOT IN. KNOW 19 WHY I-PINO ^ KINO' i NEGOTIM ED \. HERE FAST MY /ON THE THRONE OF 0HEP*- * THOUOAMOSOFlQUAJJDSMEN, JrC INSTEAD OF A> QUEEH' YDARG IM VIMG >C BUT., M>4P3PA£E,OUR HEROINE FINDO ALL ^ NOTA6 IT B~ULP BE. CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS •y. THAR. SHE BLOWS.GENTS/ YOU CAM START NAIUN&- UP THATAIR.-OX3LEP SK5N. fSNIFF^ MMM/ REFRESH YOURSELVES, GEMUEM6N. WITH BREEZES DlRFCIty , ciiri'l FROWk THE ARCTC RJEOON/ I SNIFF/ TELLING THAT KOCtay ZTARK UX$ B&5H 6T&ICKI5N WITH TH5 N UBCAN m OF €4U.iN HIHRY BEMOLP THE POWER. OF jYot/o BCTTEHCXLTW^ CASH RKWSTERi APVECTisTMeT iJ HyeRMOMy-rr* ©ONNA w^/f A . '.7. f -*. m « k "d

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