Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 25, 1934 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 25, 1934
Page 2
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Hope H Star (HSR 1 "^ #eiWd From False every wwk-day aRWnoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. &• Pate** A AlMfc 1L YSrashburnh at The Star building, 212-214 South Walnut strett, Hopd, Arkahsas. - HOPE STAR, HOrtj.j But Will It Be Effective? Wednesday, July 25,1034 , C. E. KtLMEB, President AtBilt ll. WASHBtJRN. Editor and PuBUsher «»«*«! Settfed'dasS matter at Ifie poslofilce nt Hope. Arkanwu d Act t)( March i?. 1897, "th* n*W*t«ii»* is att institution develdped by modern clvU- Ization to, pt«Wnt th« h&Ws of the tfcy, Id Ibster commerce and industry, through ^id«ly clreulitSci advertisefrienls, anil to furnish that check upon government which no Constitution has ever been able to provide."— Col. Hi R MeCortnick. „, ..... ' ------- ..... '--- -• ••"" ->-—•— ----- -..-..--..-.. ...... ........ ; - . - j ' "* Subserijitton frale »AlWa;?3 Payable tn AdVanceh By city carrier, per weefc Ifici Si* Knbhth&jteJs'i 6RC ybai 1 $3.iW. By mail. In Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and LaftiytJtte ebUntieSi |3JO pei 1 year; elsewhere $5.00. Member 1 of The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively i 16, ttt6 tfsb tor retUblication of all news dispatches credited to It or -i»bt 6ttiefWiie Credited Jri Ihte paper arid also the local news published her*in, Natttfhat AdvertlSIHI ftcpresentaltvcsi Arkansas Dailies, Inc., Memphis, §tferI6ft Bldg.r New 1 York City, Grtij>bar Bldg.; Chicago, 111., 75 E. Wack- *r, Ifcivei Bitteit, Mlehi, t38fl Woodward Ave.; St. Louis, Mo., Star Bldg. Cfcdff cs m rriwtN, felfc' Charges wilt be made for all tributes, card* of thahfesi ffeSbillU6r)S, o? itierherials, concerning the departed. Commercial nfewspapdrf htilil t8 ihb pdlicy Iri the iieVVs dolumns to protect their readers fiftom a dfelUgS of^spatfE-taftlng m8niorials. The Star disclaims responsibility for tho safls-'IWepJiig Of return of ahy iirisoli cited manuscripts. Your Health By. DR| StoRRlS FISHBEiN Editor, Jaunial of th* Aiiterlcatk MedkniXAs&ciaOdhj and of Hygeia; the Ifcalih Magazine ' » Under a -Sutflle Bruise May Bfr a SerlbUs Injury this Is the first Qf two articles by Dr. Fishbelii lit which he discusses the serious results that might develop 'ftota sktn bruises. ... Most of the blows you happen to get on" your body may meffely leave blatk -marki!, or even none at all' and are easily forgettable. Sut there are occasional bruises CfQUR CHILDREN By Olive Roberts Bartbn ° f !S ' y , n: > ) ' oh1s . May Paralysis-Cautious Attitude Necessary In July, August and "S'eptomber, many a mother fee!s that a vague but dark shadow hovers over her home ready to swoop and destroy. She fears the scourge of infantile paralysis. It doesn't help much to call her at- Hed relatives here Wednesday. Mr. arid Mrs. Karl Robins and Mrs. Wnkeley rthd daughters Ruby rtnd Kathloefi motored to Tyler, Toxns on Thursday nrtd Spent the dny. Mrs. Jirh Ford Stunrt, assisted by Mrs. Ear,' Stunrt, entertained tho St, PMil EpyoHh "League Tuesday night with a hobo pnrty nt the home of Mrs. Stuart, won the prize (or looking the Political Announcements Tho Star In nuthoriied to Ahnounct the following ns candidates sUbjeet to the fiction of the Democratic prltnftrj) pier-lion August 14, 10.14. For State Senator (20th District) JOHN L. WILSON For Bhrtlff most like n hobo, Thp lawn wns lighted for outdoor gnmrs nnd afterwards delicious lemonade nnd cookies were I served to 28 guests. j tvir. nn Mrs. R. E. Stunrt nnd fnm- I ily of Plalnviow, Te.xns spent tho I week end with Mr. und Mrs. Ford i Hnnna dnroute to Chicago nnd Ihc i Fair. I Mrs. Kate Goodlolt nnd hoys were shopping in Nashville Thursday. I The fanning club met at tlr; Home | ;•>! Mrs. Bill Gist Fridny •if.i-nn'.on. j Tho Mi--".'0ii,ii'v sicii-ly ol" Iho P.ap- 1 list chiirih met at the church Monday ' afternoon pltins were discussed for a | '• lunchoon on the dny the cimdidiites | i .'n. 1 lo spciii. here j I Miss Grace Manna hus reurned ; home from Mngnolin where she spec- | iulisscd in school work at the A. & M. j college. i , The members of the Methodist so| (irty will tnect at the Goodlett uchool | j house Tue.'iduy afternoon and have a ' picnic on the school ground. They | i will serve cold drinks and sandwiches i j and ull members nro asked to ho pros- ; i out. | '" — ~ \ Mr. nnd Mr. Hoy Meyers nnd diuigh- : . . ,. ! ter. Lorraine, of Dallas, arrived for ' ««««« ">adc n busmc.ss trip to Hop.- i n visit to N. R. Lewis nnd other relatives. Rev. rlnrrell will fill his regular appointment here Sunday morniiuv »'> ; ' . W. AUBR.Y CLARENCE R. UAKfcR J. E. (JIM) DKARDEN County & l*rt)hnte .tudrfe tl. M. STEPHENS Cniitity Si J'rohntc Clrtk HAY E. M'DOWELL JOHN W. RIDGDILL Tax Assessor MRS. ISABELLE ONSTEAl* R. L, (LKE) JONES C. C. (CR1T) STUART Road Oversee* iDt-Ronn Towrinhlp) E. L. SULLIVAN L. S. MAULDIN • FRED A. LUCK Sixty different bird families havo been counted In Louisiana by the •stntb department of conservation. Ml la in Hutchcns of Hope called on Charlie Rogers a while Tuesday even- A hydraulic stabilizer, which prevents 'tho automobile from swerving or turninR after a tin* blows ou^ now available for waking the steering' HMf <>nfcl'. Pevspii-ing Fefct Meaft FOOT RINGWORM I'rrspirinfi, ili-hy nnd hllnterwl feet inonn you havo ringworm 'enllpd Ath- loto'.'i Foot). Tho liny parasites in your .'kin thrlvi- on moist toes And skin. Treat them rifihl away with !•; & B's RKIN-TOX. which kills th.- rlnijwoi'm and heals the raw, tender r.kin. SKIN-TOX also p.ivts amazinp, results [or Kczcma, "Golfer's Itch," VVi'tpinj; Skin and oilier parasitic af- fei.-tioi:. 1 ). Get SKIN-TCVX :it iii.y lirng sli;ri'. Two sii'tr. .10i: and ?1 jar.;. Or mailed, postpaid, by Snodfirajs & Rlncy !Jriu< Cn , I/ittlo Ruck. —adv. DRESS SALE Kntlre Stock Cotton and Silk THE GIFT SHOP Plmne 252 slightest trace of a wave 3 £7UL Hide iilc l>uv«jaiuuai ui uia^;, , ---- ^ ------- ---- ---- — that require more than just passing I tehtion to the faet that the victims •' attention - for under the black and! are 'ess numerous in a year's time Go in for ringlet ends. And if you re blue mark under the skin, may be ttlah th ° Ee of many ether virulent dis- 1 one who doesn't like to wear you!'some serious complication, affecting a i eases und deaths fewar in number. I hair the samo way for daytime and move tefider part of the body. i The mother mirid senses the worst, evening, you'll probably bfe thrilled An irfjurj? to the surface of the body !' naturally enough and envisages the with n two-way haircut sitch as we 'caused by a blunt object that does : little legs cf her children so perfect j have illustrated here. "not break the skin usually results m • today, as possibly helpless or shriveled i The bangs ure uut from the ceiHet 1 -e bruise. If there is a breaking of, tomorrow. of the crown of the head (they're 'the skin and bleeding oUUide the sur- j such an attitude is wrong. It is not about eight inches long) anil life sdft- ,faee of the body, the condition is us- right to anticipate such things or lo| ly waved across the forehead. Tn . ually. called -a laceration. You should be well acquainted with worry about them needlessly. rest of the hail- is brushed-back dnd mdst causes of bruises. They result j prayer that so6n a sure arid qiiick , from actual Blows with blunt b.b- ] c yrt> w in be discovered to rout the Jects, such as elubs or rubber hose or i pjagye that seemed suddenly to appear ••whips. Th.ejr iftay nsUlt from bUhip- from nowhere some odd years ago. ing into corners of chairs or tables, |j e Cautious and Prompt 'or from falK, or you nidy get them Ift {he menatime, if worrying is This is .written with the fervent the ends are done up in three rows of ringlets. The same coiffure can be rearranged to be cooler und more suitable for dnylime. Simply comb the bangs to one side, leaving u definite side part oh the other, and then brush these shorter locks right into the rest uf yolir hnir. Fill the ends Into a soft bun. More than 55 million rounds of gulf Were plnyod by 3 million golfers In Iht world Just year, it is estimated. Ozan Mr. and Mrs. John Locke were shopping in Nashville Friday. Mrs. H. O. Stuart and children, Nell .ur.'.l Mnnrco and Mary Naomi Goodlelt were visitors in Nashville S-aturday. Mi. und Mrs. Rush Jones and little daughter and Dr. W. D. Jones were visiting in Nashville Sunday. Mrs. Jerome Smith of Nashville vis- night. Hickory Shade Farmers of this community certainly would appreciate a good rain. Prof. George Hughes is teaching a three weeks singing sohoul at Evening Shade church. About 45 students are enrolled. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wilson und little daughter Edith Belle of Guiana, Texas are visiting friends and relatives in the ccmunity at present. Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Petrc called on Mrs. Malone Sunday afternoon. Misses Lelia and Pauline Joens Misses Lelln and Pauline Jones of Hope arc pending u few days with their brother uhd family, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Jones. Misses Rosa Brown and Millie Ree "IB- Mr, and Mi-h". Fred Wilson and Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Allen spent Tuesday v/ith Mr. and Mrs. Jack Allen. Mr. und Mrs. Earl Wilson and Mr. W. H. Carnes attended the preaching at Providence Tuesday night. Mif.ses Elsie Pool and Martini Duke visited our .singing school Tuesday afternoon. This Stops Laxative "Dread" Because of harsh action, bad ustr or Inter- ftrehrt with daily cUirie*, ptopU dfth{[ArOU\ly "dttliv." I ; e?n-t-minr, th* dtllrioui chtwintt Bum laxative, containing * laxatlvt ingrtdi*nt rrjcUUrly prescribe*' by phyiiciani, aniwart their problnn. You rhtw it, tlitij the Uxativ* tnKrfdicnt ti di.itribitted uniformly, giving A more natural action, complete and plcaiant. Deliciott* Feen-a-mint contains no tifhncik id upsi t stomach or di*t. DoUy is dahjtt'tbtis, •10 tcday safely Ret back On schodulp and i:ay tfirrf. C!>*w Prt-n-a-mlnt for consitfation, ' Gimranteed Typewriter Repair Service O. W. MILLS 2IS So. Walniil I'lione 38 worn We are Insurance •Sprrlallsts who study your rl;:ks and write I ns u r n n c c that checks loss at every hvlst and turn. COMPUTFIKSUMHCF SlRVICf PHONE 610 HOPE, ABK. SOPHIE KERR3 SVPERB LOVE STORY when struck by falling objects. wrong, let us try a substitute—cau- It is Important that y&u make cer- | ti&n Uft g ef cautior , i et us a dd I tain that a, bruise you get is only , •gFompfness' to act if a child seems to a surface injury and that it,. has not, be m It fe^yiprompt action andcer- inVolved teriovts^ att^ rf tRe; uiternal. lain" treatments known to help the af- organs, such..as«-brtiln, IrVer, spleen, ,; miated ^^ the xvorst characteristics -bladder' or'simHar organs. • ^ . i of the disease may be repulsed to a tortances are known m wbch the . d . ^ , attack .bladder, ftlled with fluid has ruputred ^retoK it seems sensible to be following -a blow which seemed toj able io recognize certaln symp toms cai^.only a bruise of the surface In | see .nwny, instances the skull iteelf -does ^ om ™ row brin gs before getting -not appear to- be broken by an injury , d bh thg case which severely bruises the scalp, yet , ^ fa d does d back as fa By Sophie Kerf IIF.UR TODAY J.IN.!-. TUKHY vomr.8 In .Xfjsr, [limit* ' Amy. i The annwnr was followed hy a .. , . , . Pfu11 hl ? . chl " from Elde to and even uhconsciousness i "'"P"-" 1 j° ... ^and deterioration.) = mld or " d ^. wl " ••• Cases ore afao on .record of slight! d .°, wn and , shak( ;, hls , 'ruptures of the liver folowing a bruise j slde . to reheve the stlffne£S or draw :which seemed merely to injure the j ln | T ln h 'f neck surface of the body. A gradual bleed- | , He will have a headache very like- 'ing from the brokne pait of the liver i W and perhaps a backache, and run eventually resulted irt such a loss of ! a low temperature. He will be tired >blood that the victim became uncon- ! and apathetic and his eyes will look scious and died. heavy end dull, but at times he may " For this reason, if ever you sus- ' brighten up and seom to feel better. 'tain a severe blow on the surface of Mcsily there is vomiting— not much— •the body you should make reasonably but one or twice a day. Actual par•certain thatthe damage does not go ! alysis in tr.ost cases doe3 not occur 'below the surface .before undertaking i until th.e patient has been sick a week and sternuous physical activity. BY BRUCE CATTON Brazil' u Bitter ; or so—but this is hard to pin to any > particular time, as other early symp- i toms may not have been noticed. At | first the disease may resemble grip I or "flu," the doctors tell us. Don't wait, but get the doctor at once. ITiese symptoms do not mean that your child has infantile paralysis. Stomach upsets can come simultaneously with a stiff neck. But get the doctor anyway if only to reassure you. Other Symptoms C'ne other symptom is often characteristic of the disease. A pale look, York dptertnlniMl lo nhoW hrr to\vi>, .M.-irlmr;;. . anil I'sjHM'Inlly AMY JACIiSO.V thru Nhc i-:.iii Innkp :i *iic(M'K» hi tier Ill'o. A HIT li:i» horn lief IIP*l ffii'ml lintll IIOWs AUK .1 \CKSON lirok- I!IP PIIKMKI- nii-iii .InIIP .had forced h|»>n "lui nixl luiirrlfii Amy. In Xrw Vot-U .Irtnr »>hinlH» n |in- Kilinn In n rc-nl PSIHH- olllre und KOIIII In milklna » liirdf IfiW.lnv. Siir him nn nll'iilr ivllli It OK Hit '£ 1 tV BOII whV,,T' r o'?;J"li ilT/.h 0 : iilnd 'two minutes of. leisure. c\!li-ii!«p nf ilu'lr olillil »»< IciiililiiniiMly ilimnlKHi'* htm. Itlki-x IIiP linlir. llllllipll .V\N< l. trrnnitftltiu never lo rrvrill II* iirifr- Wlioii AniiTlc:! enlrrx rhr \Vorld \V:ir ll.iMhfd iliM-IUfii Hi enlKi In Hii- nvititlnii iM»r|i». Amy. hi'iirl- 11)111. l« iilillKlMl !« I' 1 '"' hdSII'SM to : , iiinvncciiicnl ilinni-r |>:>ny. li,i-.t;ml tc-nvi-n fill- n irillttlnii i'!iiii|i In TPXII* nun l'l« ninilift- iics 111 may »villl Amy \vho onn- iSiSi-H l» ln-r il>:<i "lie i» exiH'plliiB 11 I'liilil nt hi-r mvii. M)\V (10 0.\ \\ITII TIIR STOUT OllAPTEU XXX Take all the happl- ,,,.rrir,ir unii. iiinni'ii imt l wnulcllncsB you can, liOve it and live in it. It's likt? fine weather. You llf'd love j can't mi'-lto it to order, but when you've got it you can nnjoy It." promised t Amy r.pnlto thoughtfully: "You ! think happiness is line weiither— a long tele- i of Ihe heart.'' shower ol | "I r.nppnso so, it you want to letters written whenever he could jiurn It into a metaphor." '!-'• "Hut had weather always conica urge you:—1 suppose I really am I vehemently. nr'ginB yoiu thniiKh. hut 1 would j nesB you cnn tell him. \Vrilc him a spncial lot- tor that liR oan l;<?eii. that." •Til do It tonight, "*""• 'Coherent, rapturous, ridiculous A "' y J letters, full ol solicitude for A my and fantastic plans and funny admonitions. "Lucky 1 can teach ', him how to handle a plane for hy the lime he grows up thoy'll lie as common as antohiobllns." and "Ho's not lo call his father 'tin; jold man' as snmo of thesn hoys do. i t won't stand for It." and "For I ht-aven's sal;e Kivo up thnt j music class. 1 know it's too much along afterward, Mary." "And good weathor again aftnr that, my donr. So now. lieforo you think ot another answer, I'll start off to Hosa's men!ing and assist tlic embattled matronhood of Mnrhurg to pack Christmas hoxna for tho ovnracaa boys. At llio last one there was a high argument as to wlictliRr or not hollies of hrilllantine should be included as a liomeliUe touch anil T I'TTLE hy little Amy was com- my •*-" ing hack to a normal state of mind. She had Begun to feel secure onco more, losing the Imagi? of the shadow hcast fate stalking for you. I can send yon morn of j oi](? ol( , - (lnar ( , |( , n , t want cisar - her. capriciously ready either to pass lier by. or leap and Btrike her down, unpredictahle, unes- capuble, outside of reason or of hope, the image that had been with her since Howard's decision to enliKt. pay and never miss it for there's nothing 1 need hut rig- arots and shaving soap." Amy passed the messages over to Mary and they both laughfid. The house was full of light and cheRf- fulnesa. ... "No reason why not," said Mary Jackson. "It menus another life, and a life that is wanted and welcomed—" Amy. "t the piano. ghuicf.il -on "Uncle Tom" Had Life Navel fells Of Abuses in Jungle and a trembling, usually ailght. of -..--. SlaVfe Huts i the lips and hands. ..... ( Almost I hesitate to write thcsa .-'/Red McCaw." by Phoebe Haggard, ; symptoms, lest I suggest hysteria, to, ,,, ot i lr , r t^irtul \miso of is a gory little reminder that the the mother who tees any of these.L' iu , d y <"»'"'" fearful un.mo ot southern part of the United States signs. Remember they may come from New other causes. Don't get panic strick- this there war, the good ! round with sudden gravity. Howard, having wot, ! don't." she .aid "It rmiUcs HI ' remember about Nancy. news that Howard, having won liis wins;*, had promptly been made into an in:;t"uclor and there seemed small chance thai ns would be soul oversea:; very soon perhaps noi at all. That tool; wasn't the only spot in the World where Negro slavery vas once cn . But it doesn't pay, I think, to a great problem. ! iubstitute hops: for help, or waiting Brazil had the problem too, and j or rea i action. the abuses which .developed under. AS this is written news has corrvj Brazilian slavery were-^fl "Red Me- ; that a new immunizing ssriurn is bc-- Caw" is authenic-^so frightful that i ng i r j e d out in the East. Let us hope they make Uncle Tom's experience i ^ 13 \ s a t i as t the answer tu our pray- with Simon Lagree look like n pleas- ers ant little summer idyll. '. j n epidemic communities all chil- ^.T*his novel deals with a great plan- | ( ^ ren should be taken for txamina- tation on the fringe of the Brazilian t j on E i c k or well. jungle, founded early in the 19th century by two Portuguese brothers who went to the frontier and, with the aid of negro slaves, turned a vast stretch of it intp rich farm land. 'The foundations of the Brazilian sji&ve economyweer much like those of southern slave economy in the United States—large plots of. ground. a labor supply steadily replenished by slave ships from Africa, mass i-ro-; duction ot staple crops. But it worked out differently. LeGree's life and death power over Uncje Toni was the exception, in the slave states of North America; in Brazil it. was the rule. Pitiless, sadistic naming, falling Dalllo planes, wiih Hie added mercy of boins able to have leiiers froiii him fref]iiontly. and of knowing fairly well where he was and what he was doing. Bui chief causf- for Ainy'H new .security was ihe cor.iins child. jnevor "I wouldn't have holieved," she told Mary, "that I could possibly I)? ro h:ip|>v with Howard away. l:nt I am happy." "And what docs Howard say?" "Her mother didn't want her 1 .'" "N'o." tilie thought of Jane, quick litlle iiictiircs uf Jane u:une to her. Jane saying, "Motherhood's only a physical thing." Jane lellin^ lior goodhy in Hie station without looking at her baby. Jane before the lire in the nursery remarking acidly Unit Nancy wasn't very pretty. Jane In her golden dress, consciously beautiful and fascinating, hut so much as asking for Nancy. "It's n u e e r," her thoughts ran on, "1 have to gc hack to the tir.ie she lived in Mar burg to havp any memories of .lane that don'l hurt." Alnud she asked: "Mary, do yon think "I haven't iold him and I'm ; N ancy | H a pretty ehild'.'" GLORIFYING _YOURSELF JP§ By Alicia Mart ^ Two-Way Haircut Allo\vs Cool Coiffure Sleek, too sophisticated coiffures arc not feoing to until hr- gets his first . . inuvo. I want to tell him myself, -ijAR'Y JACKSON, surprised, an- m.-i i-nt It in a letter, fint from , 1VI 3V/ere( | heartily. "She's morn the way he Delia ver] when 1 iold! lhan preUy , S | le . g unusnal and him I'd adopted Nancy. 1 suppose ; inlErest | ng . i noticed the other he'll ta!:e it as a huge jo!;e." ; day when lhose lwo | iule M ars h she fairly And oddly i'.pL'T suppo.se lie can't '--* |,.-:ive until Cbrisitnias- gti ul girls were here how shone between them. ets put in—smoking, she said, was u dirty nnd degrading habit leading to worse." • A FTER Mary had gone Amy went on with her music, but her thoughts wore not on it. She was thinking of Ho\\ard and when he would come homo. Not before the holidays, he had written, ' e- cause of the heavy work, ami then, tho cnst of Ihe trip. Mary Jackson went cut to meetings, to parties, to pay dills, always bringing back a gi'int ol little news and amusing cum- mi-iits, but Ai..y, except for a twilight walk across the campus ana Sunday evening at the Lowes stayed at home and let people conic to her. They came, too, always her mother and father. Professor Kllert. lior younger friends, threaded in with the half dox.i:n pupils she had taken. Alice More-land came every day, sometimes twice a day, sitting bo- side the piano silent and white. Marburg was critical of Alice, and nhe know it. but she could not. be Spartan about Kdgar. Whenever Kin- was asked about him sho liPgnn to cry and could not Ktrip. She could lint learn lo knit and at gatherings of zealous feminine war-workers her while clinrka and grr-at eyes were an irritating reproach to thr-ir en- jnyment of their labors. So now ,-;lie went almost nowhere excepl lo Amy's house, for Amy did not try to talk to her about the war Head lutL-r'.' I don't thinl: good u«ws= ought ever lo be held tiack. especially from t;o:nc.- one witu a H|;''i:iiil rca:-on lur being si'aiJ ahum it. Ueally I dun l. ^Aniy And in limi-'s like those—" ilitf bioiuicd suddenly, airuiu of in* 1 enough, sometimes I think she | !uul hcr looks like you, aud you know —you're lovely, my dear." in.-xi floggings were a part of the daily out of place in the summertime- when ruqtine. Killing a slave was too com-; one wears vaporous gowns and a mon a thing to provike comment. minimum of makeup. The hot months Its picture of this slavery gives !"Red give a girl u chance to «o in for u Macaw" a certain amount of interest, -eft, rather feminine mode of hair The book is clumsily written and is dress. rather hard to read. But it doe.; give A permanent you need, of ccuriu, an unforgettable brutal picture of. but that doesn't mean that you havii i "Thui'H irilB. slave life* ''-* spend hours and hours under a ho-1 f ( i ( .[jv .-elii^h. It words. She went on. more t-u.-iily — "Howard would be as liappy us you are. Amy—and — I "She's a swcel-nalurcd baby." Amy passed over the compliment lu herself. She scurcbly heard It. "Ana o! course." she went on more lightly. "I've had Nancy to practice 011 so I'll be able to take as a soldier's wife. Nancy was very fond of hcr und Alice liked to take charge of Iho child wht.'u Amy was busy. Once in a while Alice went with Amy for her even in; women would pus under the bare elms, speaking hardly at all. for each understood walk and the two across the cam- ei'v Published by Seribners, the book dryer whenever you have to set. Aft-j | i;i ppen. ;u:d lie sells for |2. c; " '•' shampoo, aak your operator to i no | ^—: ^—- , emit lotion find lo tet your hair in J A ntw radio trpewriter has trans- soft, loose waves while it's still wet. i vol ,.. mittde a weather map with tabulated Naturally, they won't stay in as long., weatb«r data in 7& minutes as com-! but you shouldn't care anyway. It'^ ; pared, with ab<nit 15 minuies required possible to have a flattering, well i by the wire machines wow in use. ) groomed coiffure that shows only the [ bring np than a girl." being per- , "You and Howard are awfully should i'ilire of a boy." care of the new one as easy H« j and respected the preoccupation kisa-me-hiinii. 1 shouldn't thin!: I of the other. Groups of students •u'n —v.'by shouldn't ha have ev- i a uoy would be much harder to | passed them, vlgoroua aud young i und laughing, and there would Ije warm lights in the dormitory windows aud echoes of glee c!un practice or football argument to give them the sense lhat their normal world slill uxislc-d, even though they themselves for the time being were outside ot.lt. (Copyrifiht. 1934. by Suplile Ken) (To Be Continued.) liilu't laiow—oh. i "We certainly are. and don'l Mary, yon don't iK-llr-vi? anything j you begin projiliesying a girl — or could happen t(i Iloivnril now. d- 'twins. Oh Mnry. I'm ao happy, it i frightens m^. It might changi- j "I thinl; t-.e'B as v.nTe as he ("Jii '. so s\uldenly. und BO l«rribly." j pof-.'Ubly be- and b.'-yona that we I "Don'l fay that. Don't, even | can't t&il. Aod I don't want to ! think it." ^uiu Mary Jackfjou' I A FAIR QUESTION Stirred hy a growing tendency of his fellow townsmen to use the newspaper for everything but advertising, a South Dakota editor recently asked them pertinently: "If a member of your family died, would you send out the obituary in a circular letter? If your wife entertained would you run a slide on the screen of the movie show? If you were to enlarge your store, would you tell folks in a hotel register? If you were to have a'wedding at your hoiu-e, would you tack the news on a telephone post? "Then wh in heck don't you put your advertising in the Oklahoma Publisher. newspaper, too Star J

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