Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 22, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 22, 1937
Page 4
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to Frighten American Sucker J 1 * : LIT''- A "°" „, _ jftishmeftt of Stock M&r- fV« v ket Doesn't Keep Little : Fellow Out By PRESTON GROVER WASHINGTON. —Apparehtly you 1 catt't scare the great American sucker. , After the punishment the stock market has passed out to its participants ,iii recent days; it would seem that the small bird With his few hundred dol- ',.\&f& of sock-money would stay out until-the trouble blew over. .Not so. •., The securities and exchange com- misslott has been keeping' a daily tab„ t ulation on the doings of the little " fellow in the stock market His buy- WE PAY 5% Jeffers«n Standard LUTE INSURANCE CO. Pink W. Taylor first National Bank BuiMftifl Hope, Arkansas w : " Heradon-Corhel'itw . Burial Astociation Office at ROPE FURNITURE COMl'ANY i ' Hope, Ark ••.•';/-•-'• For Safe Protection . Call for agent—Phon«r 5, 56V JZ7 '>& t \ \&1&— jfcji.^i a J JA F M(i-l/jtia. A^^< 1k.lJfciJriLa. Jfr^jr A 1*^ ^ -* tola 0111 KUinSi uv KUMiiy unuiucu to? the hilty trtrfers a* "odd lot»",deais in which Mil Utah 100 ihartt *t* involved. H ''th« exchange began keyingthai report daily 6n June 1. With the exception of, two days, the courageous little fetiowi oft the outside continued to pour in"$eif money in Steadily greater volume than they took out right through the hectic week ending July 11. In that week there were repeated slumps in the market, slumps that recalled IMS. But did the little fellow's panic muscles tighten? Not so that it was especially noticeable. It is true that :after the. earliest sharp break of September 7, the little fellows seemed to feel.some.alanrt. The following day their efforts to get out of the market brought sales to 389,528 shares while they bought in only 387,778. Even on that day there were more "odd lot" orders to buy than to sell, 14,900 to 13,592, While the number of orders is not an exact measure of the number ..of buyers and sellers, it points strongly to the conclusion that the actual;number .of little fellows who bought into the market despite the .break was greater than the number who'sold out, But the following Saturday, September 11, there came another wave of selling among the big buyers in the market that brought a slump as sharp as on the previous Tuesday. Tuesday it had been suggested that the sharp note of Russia to Italy on submarine piracy was. responsible for the drop. By Saturday that theory had been discounted almost wholly yet the bewildering drop came. n ,J8Ut.,did;the littio fellow take fright? -m!, Paul Mutton Winnw irt Muirhead'* Te«t flaut Hutabn, Hope Stw ntwqttfttt carrier, was awarded the priM in) th« "pan bit pennies" contest conducMd by Mudhead'sS cents: to llstoii*. HUtton led a field of TOO persona in the contest. i Runners up were Freeman Stone, Albert May, Tafe McKee and Robert 'Jewell. .•..'; The number of pennies in th« pan totaled 429.' Huron's estimate was 425. rle wfes awarded ?1. ^ V? MJK"! 1 - -f, !'i»<W BOM ttAJL HO •<rtvj, " ft v? - O^> •*'^O *;/'**''/ 1 '' ^*:* -.tr- /, >i v*"% Wedhorday,] . The peanut -was, popularirtd In the United State's by P. TV Battuuii, who linked, therti forever to the "feeding the elephant" , and other* citcOs <*». ditions. Prior,, to Bamum's time, many states did not even know .of. the peanut. ..••!• Not so it could be measured in the "odd lot" transactions. On that day 9,494 "odd lot' 'orders cam* in .to buy 238,764 shares of stock while orders to sell came from but 7,723 involving 222,621 shares, a neat margin considering that Saturday is only part'of a day so far as the stock market is concerned. Nor did a week-end of. cogitation convince the- little fellows that there was- danger ahead. The following Monday, September • 13, "odd-lot", or. ders flocked into the market 17,998 strong to buy up.457,064 shares, com; pftred with selling Orders of 11,532 involving 337,483 shares. So much sustained buying by th« "little fellow out in the street" must indicate a wealth of public'confidence. The Fall 'Clothing' Picture * Autumn's Fashion Caravan Is Opulent With Beauty «y MAftlAtt YOUNG NBA SMVfe* Staff Correspondent NEW *O!UC — Fall's formal gowns are the handsomest things you ever d eye* on. Slim, modern ones hug the figure; romantic, fulLsklrted types mold the body above the waistline and Wllow about ankles; glittering, sparkling sophisticated numbers are trimmed with sequins or jewels or are slim, and tight and Worn with shimmering lame of fanciful embroidered jackets. Waistlines are corseleted or eke have a definite lower line. 1938 robes de style in satins or taffetas have bustle pannier draperies. Hoble skirts arc very much in the evening picture. Fabrics are truly elogant. ., Rich and sumptuous lames are featured In all collections' For an important evening, one couturier Suggests a quilted.swagger wrap of silver lame, trimmed with black fox, over a black sheath gown. A black silk taffeta evening gown with a gold jacquard design, seen recently at the St. Regis, has a flaring hemline and drawstring • decoltetage. Worn with it was Schiaparelli'9 bondage gloves in black silk velvet. Afternoon Elegance , , 'In honor of the annual'Silk Parade, to be held the week of September 20th this year, we show today a full-skirted •bayadere striped silk metal dance frock- with a high tie neckline and a wide black velvet corselet girdle. For dinner-and the theater, a metallic hat would be jilce with this. •Fdr the first time in-years, formal afternoon gowns arc important. In silk crepes, suave satins' and jerseys, these.' usually have slim skirts and draped bodices. Dinner ensembles are lavishly trimmed with furs and sequins. ;Trimmings.that used to be seen only on the stage now decorate the frocks of our most conservative fashion- minded. A. gray satin evening goWn Is entirely embroidered in matching beads. A gold tame creation, draped iri 'Oriental fashion, is completely covered with dull white sequins. Silk" satin, supple 1 and clinging, is included In every wardrobe both for formal • afternoon and evening and often is combined with velvet or the mat side of the satin. A directoire model has a heart-shaped decollctage and slightly raised hemline with skirt fullness brought to the back. A silk metal French liberty hat and black suede gloves with sequin cuffs go with | Tills long-sleeved gown, by Ira Bcllinc of Paris, has n nude bodice, iit filmy black net over which drapery of black chiffon to match the skirt covers. the chest and winds mound at the buck of the sleeves. A dance dress of black silk taf- cta with gold metal jacquiard design has n drawstring bodice and the new lowered waistline. The richness of the frock's material and its subtle simple lines echo the elegance of the 18th century. it, Variations on Old Theme The sponsors of the Silk Parade mention that the clacticity of silk is the customer's guarantee that a silk dress will not bulge on the shoulders, sag at the hem or pull at the seams. Besides, pure silk doesn't shrink or Geo. W. Rbbison & Co. is bringing to the men of the Hope, Nashville and Prescott trade territories the most..complete clothing stocks ever shown in Southwest Arkansas. Every stock in our three stores complete within itself with a reserve to draw on that is unequaled in this part of,the state. Our top lines^pf clothing this fall are the pride of our stores. In these lines you will find the finest tailoring and most handsome fabrics that you have ever inspected. With hundreds of patterns to select from and any style, model or size that you may require. It's Time for a New Fall Hat $24 85 to $ 32 50 In our popular price ranges our stores are particularly strong. We have the best buying hook-ups in the country and have packed our clothing racks with only the best. New fall models in all .the best colors. Sizes are so complete we can fit 99 out of every 100 who walk in our store. Knox and Dunlap Hats Knox and Dunlap have been a welcome addition to the many nationally known brands of merchandise handled by our stores. Make your fall hat selection from one of the many styles we are showing. $ 5 00 Swan Hats Swan hats have long been a Robison feature. These fine huts are made of the highest quality felt and will give long and satisfactory wear. $3.98 Rothschild Hats Now fall colors in mixtures or smooth 1'elts with plenty of body to keep them in shape. Lined or imlined in a large variety of shapes. $1.98 to $2.98 85 to $ 19 85 WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS THE LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE Geo. W. Robison 6* Co. HOPE PjRESCOTT NASHVILLE See these handsome suede shoes in brown or gray. They will harmonize with your new fall suit. $4.98 The newest styles in brown or black calf. Cap toes, wing tips, seam toe— in fact uuy stylo you prefer. . $2.98 & $3.98 We Give Eagle Stamps The Leading Department Store Geo. W. Robison <S- Co. Hope Prescott Nashville One of the most elegant dinner dresses in the new season of luxurious, glamorous costumes is this Bayadcr strip silk metni model with black silk velvet corselet. Notice the puff sleeves, high neckline and billowing skirt, the whole effect being to conceal rich sophistication behind a disarmingly simple appearance which is captivating. Puppets Used in Language Study More Feeling Can Be Put in Speech, Says University Head EVANSTON, 111. —(/P)— Saying it with puppets is the newest wrinkle in language study. More feeling can be put into "Ich stretch at the cleaners. If you can have one, and only one, evening gown, better pick a black model, simply cut and made of the handsomest fabric you can afford. Get it untrimmed, use it as a background for various accessories, then you, not to mention your loving fircnds, won't tire all too quickly of the sight of you in evening attire. To, begin the season, you might wear heavy gold, chunky jewelry (necklace and a bracelet) with the black gown. Later on, try a short bolero, made entirely of tiny pink velvet pansies, and a large pink pansy in your hair. A wide red girdle of shirred velvet and scarlet slippers might be a third good idea. Use your imagination in selecting accessories to make the dress look different each time you wear it. liebe dich," says a professor at Northwestern university, if the student of German is manipulating his puppet in a love scene at the same time. • Puppets Inspired Goethe So says Professor C. O. Arndt, on the school of education faculty,-whose high school students take to the new method of studying German with enthusiasm. . "I tell them puppets are very adaptable because they can speak any language," Prof. Arnde explains. "Goethe was interested in puppets from the time his grandmother brought him some when he was six. She used them to act out stories from the Old'Testa- ment. Later Goethe wrote that this stirred his imaginaion, and hisorians claim the first performance of the Faust legend were produced with puppets." Speak With Feeling So, Prof. Arndt's pupils try it too. When Gretchcn plucks daisy, petals before young Faust's eyes, murmuring "He love me, he loves me not," it takes more than an academic understanding of German to animate the.puppets with the proper intensity. ( "The student propqcts himself into the thought world of the author when ho uses puppets," says Dr. Arndt. "Tliis he would not do if he. were merely reading the lines." The fiuolution, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder," is from Thomas Hayncs Bayly's "Isle of Beauty." New Fall Accessories for Your 1937 Wardrobe SHIRTS Handsome shirts in the newest full patterns. Woven fabrics, clip clots, prints, and solids. Tailored to perfection and featuring the Trubonized collar. $1.55 & $1.95 A large assortment in high quality men's shirts. New fall patterns in blues, grays, tans and green. Finely tailored and guaranteed colors. 98c Neckwear The new fall neckwear has just arrived. We are showing hundreds of gay new patterns that will add just a little spice to your wardrobe. 98c Suspenders A pair of Hickok suspenders will let your trousers hang yierfect- ly. Choose a pair with action back in all leather steer hide or clastic. 98c Sox Colorful patterns, solids or clocks. All by Phoenix and made with "the doubled sole and heel foi 1 extra wear. Long or ankle length. 35c & 49c Underwear For perfect fitting underwear shorts. Just try a pair of Cooper's broadcloth shorts with the knit seat. 49c We Give Eagle Stamps The Leading Department Store Geo, W. Robison £K Co. Hope Prescott Nashville

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