The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 26, 1940
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS • THE DOMINANT hJBWSPAPRr? ni? Hnr?.THKAK-p *,)t,A», nin r ™ f • p> —' VOLUME XXXVII—NO. 8. Blylhcvllie Dally News Blythcvllle Courier Mississippi Valley Leader Blylhovillc Herald ^P^NAMT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST AUKANSA9 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Terrific Blizzard Has Marooned Places In New York State i FKACUSE, N- Y., March 20'. (UP)—Upper New Yorl state and •lower eastern Canada were storm bound torinj 1)3' the worst blimnl in 52 years. At least seven persons were (tend, thousands were imi- rootied nnd populous districts were threatened with a milk and tood shortage as snow, whipped about bv a 50-mile- rt£,n r r '• P , lcd up in lowna illul Countryside from (feptli of five inches to huge drifts 30 feet high. Wyoming county was isolated* b j und snow plows were having difficulty clearing roads leading Inlo "If they don't get through soon we'll face a milk shortage." Police Clifford Coefield reported by telephone. "At least 100 cans of milk are tied up in n garage. It is even impossible lo reach some sections with horse and sleigh." Sheriff Louis Spring of VYyom ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY, MARCH 26, 19-10 Moving Through Panama Canal ing county said the storm was tlie worst he could remember, worse than the blizzard of 1883 which has been regarded as Ihe east's worst storm. Many snowbound rural residents of Wyoming and Genesse counties were reported running short of food suppplles. Some families have been marooned for a week. Charged With Using Car Without Permission John Henry Baskln, negro chauffeur of Dr. P. B. Elliott, was jailed early this morning on a charge of using a car without the owner's permission after having allegedly taken Dr. Elliott's, car out of the city last night. He was arrested upon his return here eight hours later. Kiwanians To Hold Division Meeting Here The twelfth division of the Mo- Kan-Ark, district of Khvanis International will hold its spring convention at the Hotel Noble here it was announced today by L. S. Benlsh, secretary-treasurer of the Blythevllle club. The date has been set.tentatively as April 22. . Plans for the convention will be discussed.) : at the regular- weekly ItmchSoifof-.the local Klwanls'club lonforrpw. Club-officials were represented as well pleased over approval of this city as the convention site, particularly In view ot the fact that the local club Is not yet a year old. New York Cotton May Jul. Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. prev. open high low close close 1050 1052 1040 1040 1054 1030 1032 1019 1019 985 988 810 070 975 075 959 959 SCO 969 SCO 9CO 957 951 942 942 1033 991 078 974 SGI New Orleans Cotton May Jill! Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. prev, open high low close close 1058 lOfil 1049 1051 1040 1040 1030 1030 990 991 974 974 976 976 961 9G1 970 970 954 955 959 959 943 943 10(35 104-1 935 981 972 9CO Stock Prices CRISTOBAL, C. Z.,' March 26. (UP)—The British luxury liner Maurelania, striped and armed for war service, starts through the Panama Canal for the Pacific Ocean today and was expected to continue to Australia to pick up troops. The huge gray ship, which left New York Thursday for an unannounced destination, 12 hours before its larger sister, the Queen Mary, anchored in Cristobal Bay- last night with all -except her running lights extinguished, in peace lime trade she carries 1,500 passengers. She Is but a year old. After transit of the canal, the Mauretaiiia was to stop at Balboa on the Pacific side for oil and water. The Queen Mary Is too Inrge for the canal and if she Is also headed for Australia, would proceed down thc South American coast and round Cape Horn. Thc Mauretanln Is 35,739 tons, a little larger than America's largest battleships, and will be one of the largest ships to pass through the canal. She has a. beam ot 89 feet. The canal locks are 110 feet wide. 'Cotton' Ice Cream Makes Debut in Soulli SINGLE COPIES VIVE CENT* Allies Expected To Increase Requests Wilh Go Ahead Signal WASHINGTON, March 2<i. <up) —The Allies were expected today lo place huge new orders for late- model army and navy airplanes a>. u result of the administration's newly-developed policy of permitting Ihclr sale lo foreign powois Full details of the new policy were expected to be revealed olli- cially tomorrow when Secretory ol War Harry II. Woodrlag appears before the house military affairs committee. The committee will begin then an Inquiry into government policies regarding sales o! planes and munitions. Development 01 me plane policy leaked out despite the secrecy wllli which If hnd been shrouded. Authoritative sources predicted thnt Its promulgation would end Ihe impasse met by the British and French purchasing mission in l.ieir eifort to obtain concessions before placing oroers for nn estnci.uu'il 8,000 j)!auos valued at appriwi- mately $1,000,000,000. Tlie ixilicy wns developed after iiimerous conferences involving treasury and naval officials, VYUO.I- riiig, Assistant Secretary of War Lxwts Johnson, Gen. George O. " , ' *" • •' Marshall, chief of staff, ana MaJ. Ice crram ' »' which n cotton product Is the chief inurement, wns Intro- Gen. Henry H. Arnold, chief of <' llc «' «t the National Restaurant Association's banquet In Dallas, Tex. Informed Local Unit Also To D e s i g n a ted "Heavy Weapons" Company ho army air corps, sources said'It would: 1. Permit the Allies to obtain experimental and hithcrlo secret nodel planes developed for tne army and navy. 2. Result In allotment lo the Allies, with the war department's >er.>nis5ion, of 500 to QUO combat )lanes now on order for thc nrmy, provided manufacturers agree lo deliver later and better models lo the army. 3. Prohibit export of secret military equipment used on American fighting planes. 4. Force thc Allies to reveal to American authorities characteristics and performance ol tne planes so that lutcr planes may be Im-j proved. 5. Forbid • assembly or • mnnut'ncr lure of such planes abroad so Hint , ex One thousand members lasted the product for Hie llrsl time. Prosper Ingcls, center, pastry chef, is shown above serving the new Ice cream to Audrey Mann, left, and Patsy Marie Thompson as they sll )n n Herman Ford's S e c b'n cl Trial Slated To Open Al Carutliersville .- CARUTHERSVILLE, .Mo." MiiWh 25.—The second week of. Hie Mnrcli" tiui- ui ^Liuii JJJHIII.-^ tiuiuau so inni — "• •"-i."im >vi.i.tL uj , uju wii American iiioustry will get the full c °urt term got underway here h!,,-,n,it ,,r ,„..„;..„ „.... — d of foreign orders. | dny with Judge L. II. Schult prc- Chairman Andrew J. May of thc ' MCJ1| 'B- M °sl of thc day WHS spent house committee, nnd Kcp Dow '" dis f losln f! of divorce case.-, of Hnrter (Dem., O.), who heads the ), lrtl tl>ere arc abollt *"<•!' «« sroim's aviation sim-cnmmittnr. , Ule docket for this term. flclnls during drafting of thc policy dl ' lver ' Cnar 8«l with manslaughter, and arc understood to bo fullv an- was Canted n change of venue to .,..(.—i _.- :._ . • I NeiV AlflflrM nnnnlv TiT*T,(,, ,,,nc prised of its contents. New Madrid County. Tinnln was ^^«^ ^ — • * "-£7?,—r n ,c _ set Iii Blythevilte's National Guard g ™"P' s •"'.ation'" s'u^comrnitt'ce~, th ^ d< ! ck , ct , f ° r ! ™= 1t , er "V , , unit, Company M will be changed c or.'c-»'«l with war depanmtnt of- . , cc " rinuin, Hayll, Mo., truck from a machine giin company^ to f^">k dnrins. drnfthm of the nnllr.v dllw . c "«8«l with manslaughter, the designation of "heavy weapons" company, motorized, of the 153rd Infantry (Rifle), when n new table of organization Is perfected. The new organization becomes effective May 1, according to Capt. Wendell M. Phillips, commander. According to the present allotted strength for tlie regiment this unit will be increased from the present full pence time strength of the three officers and 18 enlislcd men Mrs. fitfflLT EFFifil Certain Faction Joins Revolutionists Whil-c Other Remains Loyal l.A I'A/,, Bolivia, Mnr. 20. <U1>)~ Troops and cinb carabineers, supported by Inuks and machine guns, surrounded Iho presidential pnlaco here lodny nnd prepared (o copo with imslblo outbreaks nfior <|i s . covery of a plot to overthrow Iho government. "Some troops hiwo rebelled," General Demelrlo Ramos, minister of the Interior, (old the , Unite:! Press nl Die presidential (mlnco "Tho futo of the chief of slaff, General Icluuo, Is not known. H appears thnt c<uU>I.H also are in- volvccl." llntiiar. mid (lint pending furdicv news It was. not known whether lue revolutionaries hnd been checked but he said Unit thc government, backed |jy n || nvulbble military strength, was prepared lo rcpiilso any form of attnck by rebels. Government quarters jmlcl Hint dissident factions in Ihe nrmy had planned the rebellion which wns lo have been led here by an escort J'cgliiionl and n b -,-c;ip of cadets. They hnd been scheduled, U was said, to act on n signal from tho Interior. First reports said the revolt hail been suppressed but precautions taken by Iho army lo defend tho government Indicated that all danger wns not considered over. | When word ot tho plot spread n regiment of carabineers attached lo the presidential pulnce nnd Iho Vtnclra garrison Immediately pledged fidelity lo President General Carlos Qutntnnllln. Officers of the loyal troops salr! they were prepared to meet resistance. been torpedoed Zf'T lS 'one "','" »»«C™jnfng the other, pin-imps two, i,,,d E( ,no m standard of living, nfii-oimd In the last fo\v clnys Nn- rl ' e resolutions, adopted by such nctmu Oermnn uhlpx, it W ns re- ov e«n»!ntloj>s M the National Un- lorled, hail nlrendy tinned bnck to ot 6h °J> Assistants, the Essex Clonnnn ports wllh cargoes of coal i ?, QI J, ' ot Ulc National Union of \nd cnk(% fn,' .ci^,in/nnn,,tn Itnilwav Me-n amrimiU nf ii, 0 IM' uul coke for Scnndli)avin. Urlllsh dt'.slroycrs ns well ns suh- mirliios tvero reported to bo lurk- North Sen Hnk nml entrances lo the Resigns As Commissioner To Take Private Utility Post . WASHfNbTON,' March. 25. ' tUP5 —Securities and Exchange Coni- inLwloDer Ocorge 0. MiKhevrs rc- slened today cffccllvo April 15. White House Sccrctnry Stephen LA PAH, Bolivia, Mnr, ZO^dTl 1 ) — A stale of siege was proclaimed •throughout Dollvla today as the government mustered all available military sources lo copo will) a revolt plot among dlssldeht factions of the Army. T. Early Malhcws had ac- ccpteti "an exceptionally attractive offer from a public utilities COjnnnnv." Malhews, In submitting his resignation, sntd that when ha accepted President Roosevelt's Invitation lo come lo Washington In 1033 "I had no expectation thnt I would still be here In 1D40." ' •vpprcclnllon of ,Matho WS ' efforts to " makc tllc SEC '"" Instrument to four officers and 85 enlisted The new- (able provides for expansion in each company lo a strength identical ' Sr^^^^TnoV' ^" ^iSTta Allies, was described as '"wmnln" ' Hear ' ng °" charges the approval of all concerned." It MoffH^oniic^Vi-Tat™"' ^ K ^-- wns shaped to carry out President fii-nthove,,iii. ot i , Roosevelt's statement Iti^i M-^M.-- , , c stwlm Lnunclry, wns of- constructive helpfulness." tnat nc mlMary "cere"; wm dcrerretl "»"' ">ter pending nrg,,-, Mnthews, n Republican from be dsclosc by sehnt new (m ™ lts on a » ew " loti() » '° quash 1 Wisconsin, was appointed one of tjU of .Inc., aUad' nd tha c o^l^^ Ulclr n » on »*; J" B - 1 " 1 "" 1 •"•»«"*« ol the SEC large forci»n orders will hnUtnr ,', .,' shcl " ll(1 - rhev "re charged, In 103'1. Previously he had spent domestic m"nui^ Jointly on seven counts of vtolatiou ; a year ns a member of Ihe Peil- for Ihc be.loflto:. a ional e 'e « c °V llC Mtasollrl sMc labor lnws '» eral '^^ commission. Li L n ± n » !, " l .° nn , R L < lfT.™' refcie » cc .'° "laximmn hours wo-, Ho revealed that he will become are permitted to _ . -- , time strength for the regular army nits. .- j This organization has therefore a possible strength .of five officers and , 123 enlisted men. i In addition to the present arm smcnt of .30 caliber machine guns, of which there will be one platoon, this unit will have one platoon of .50 caliber heavy machine guns, 121 3-4 | tars and n company headquarters 37 3-8 ] of H men. 53 5-81 There will be an increase in the A T & T 112 Am Tobacco 88 1-2 Anaconda Copper 77 3-4 Beth Steel 74 Chrysler 84 3-8 Cities Service $ 5-8 Coca Cola General Electric *' "loiois w tj-\i I IIIEIL: Mm uu nn increase in inc Int Harvester 54 3-8 tion-commlssloned officers from 1C Montgomery Ward 53 1-4 to 20 making n total of one first; N Y Central 15 1-8! sergeant, eight sergeants nnd 11 i North Am Aviation 23 3-4' corporals. Likewise there will be' Packard 3 5-8 ' an increase In the specialists from- Phillips 37 1-2 eight as at present to a total of j Radio 6 1-8.23. ' Republic Sleel 19 3-4 ! All of these increases are at an fiocony Vacuum 11 1-2 advance In pay over what, the Stddebaker 10 3-4 private Is allowed which Is one Standard Oil N j 43 3-8 dollar for each drill attended and an officer of thc Northwestern Slates Power company. Mr. Roosevelt explained that such mc n em things as designs, engines fusel- n-nvi- <.. • ...0^1 V, urH in ituimil ILS 1111(1 nillCCl 111(1111- ages and other parts of aircraft, tries except a few special devices, quickly T 'hc murder trial of Herman become known, and hence cannot Ford or Kcw MlKirlt , ~^ be ciassilied as military secrets. - brought here on a chaiig- of vc.ine The Allies have filed n. request is scheduled for hearing tomorrow' for permission to buy quantities Ford, former Rlsco, Mo., :ity mar- of hah' H clown types of the newest slml, Is charged witli fatally.wo.inj- W nn uic nassmB 01 mo ui-norni experimental interceptor tng Braxtol Gray In the KI.CO w'dluc mil,'^ or cl ) *» o IxTy' mlrsS "\^ hn Lt ™ ^^\^™J™:.°'^ «» -1 "verW. be laken cnrc of ^ Sees General Welfare Bill As Great Aid -With the passing of the General j ~ 3 — .-uv,, U »M t.v vm have not March 1938 term of court here was .3V caiioer neavy machine guns J *.->". ..i.. ...«.v.* *^ JO icnu u, tuun uerc wns one platoon of 81 millimeter mor- j )rf : ;isctl lhc request pending iormii- sentenced lo ten years, an appeal „. the new policy. As n re- | to higher courts resulting In n now suit, the new agreement will pave • trial being ordered due to nrace the way for them to get prompt durnl error in the trial here action, it was said. payments of nbout $50 a month, all people needing work will be given and business Says Polish Jews Are Facjnq Death Overturns Hot Search, Burned w i employment and bt '•- aided by keeping money In circulation, according to advocates of the-plan, .which wns discir.sed by Dr. H. A. Chapcll, national representative from Little Rock at the Townscnd club meeting Friday the court house. Texas Corp ... .. 45 j.f " S Steel 54 3. May July Chicaao Wheat open high low close 106 1-2 1065-8 1053-8 1051-2 105 105 1033-4 1037-8 Chicago Corn open high low close May 567-8 57 5G3-4 563-4 July 581-8 581-8 571-2 575-8 • Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III., Mar. 26. (UP)—Hogs: 15.000. 13500 on sale Top, 5.35 170-230 Ibs., 5.00-5,25 Bulk sows. 4.10-4.75 Cattle: 3,500 Steers, 7.75-10.00 Slaughter steers, G.75-11.50 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 7.50-9.25 Beef cows, 5.25-8.25 . Cutters and low cutters, 4,00-5,00 should be an attractive inducement for prospective applicants tor on-1 llstment according to Capt. Phillips. Any young man who is single, had a common school education, is « resident of this locality and intends to remain here for at least three years, which U tb c usi , n i lerm of enlistment, is invited to investigate the opportunities of the national guard with a view to en- ', llstment, It Is stated. There are i at present several openings In the i company which can be filled. Ap-1 plicants will be interviewed at (he armory here during the regular drill periods on each Wednesday night at eight o'clock. Buckner Surrenders To Begin His Term NEW YORK, Mar. 26 (UP)- Willtam P. Buckner Jr. sauntered Into the federal building today In a gray ensemble with no hat ready to start a two year term In Lawls- burg, Pa. prison for mall fraud. _. i A visual educational picture and fcmriey Dean Molt, age two and' transcription talk by Dr. Francis a half years, *ns badly burned on E. Townscnd and Louis C. Sllva the abtomcn ami left nrm when was presented by Dr. Chnppell. she overturned some hot stir:!i at| The speaker also explained the ncr home in Haytl, Mo,, yesterday, changes In the New Towmend bill nl '"" otm ; I before which Mrs. Harry Ogle read in-ougnt to Blythevllle hospital, reports from Washington. T. L, ™!i, i rcs , tln & ver i' well today. I Lewis presided. Musical selections While her burns arc very painful were 'given by Betty Jeanne Schearcr they arc not believed to be critical, and Fowler Lcr,dcnnlc. > *>"<: Is the daughter of Mr. and j Announcement wns made of thc Mrs. Herman Molt of Hnyti. Fifth National convention of Townsend plan clubs to be held In St. Louis, Mo., .June 30 to July 4 inclusive to which n Inrge locnl dclc- Three Babies Are -.Ill Of Pneumonia , Ballon wt ^: s !!!h Three young babies are seriously 111 of pneumonia at Walls Hosi pital where they arc being kept In 1 the oxygen tent at regular Intervals. Leon Mowlln, age four months, was brought In Saturday night and |tioie lyn Hodge, age two months, of Half Moon, nnd JacHle Flce- man, age nine months, of Leach- vllle, were removed hero yesterday. Car Taken Yesterday' Is Found Abandoned De-rues Reports That Governor Plans To Oust Him UTTLE ROOK, Mnr. 20 (UP)— Ed I. McKlnley, Arkansas labor eommt.ssloner, denied toilny that there was any likellhooil thnt he would bo removed from ofllcc by Oov. Bnllcy ns reported. "Of course the governor has Ihe power to replace me or any other appointive office holder "McKlnlcy sn Id. "Hut when I talked to him Ihls morning by telephone about (lie story thnt appeared in a morning paper he said It was Ihe first nc had heard of Ihe mutter." Attaches of the governor's office reported thnt the governor was In Arkadelphln find would not return lo his olflcc until lalo Ibis afternoon. McKlnley sakl all relations 'between his office nnd Bailey had teen friendly nnd Inllmntcd thnt the rumor about his removal had been slnrtcd by persons who thought Ihcy had n cbnncc lo bo appointed In his place. British Labor Hits Government; German Ore Ships Endangered wn« i-cpwlcd today to bo ed a group of mi reso consulcrijiK whether to order lutionf nd'opted bv y or or- nll Cierninn shipping „ o w ffnnknUons as •oxpressioiw of ccdn the Danish fear tlmt Uie govcnmc t of lIIIn , 1)0rt Pd '» e Minifte N bloel " 1(le ChnmberJain was using ' .. oil ..... ... :oast und in \\\ v ill, *MiVlC[[UVj C i i\i tn i\.fa j(j [jj^ Uultlc, looking for Qcrinnn frclRhl- !tS. ncllnbli! sources conllrmed that Ihe- Edi ' •• • - -• *••*• "HVIWKU Ullll Hallway Men and iinils of the n- dependent Labor Policy denounced tho war iis 'ii. "capitalistic" or ' Imperialistic" venture nnd called (or nn end to the political truce between Brlllsli labor nnd the Chnmljerlnfn government. IJospllo (he resolutions, some at which ciiiplmslzcr);i opposition' to Nazism,, ihc majority of the or- i a?! took ' ") I0mo noll!i warships Intercepted Uiem ' !''«t otic unlilen ' o ltain gcn- i ,i 1 ' which orally were .bpllcved to be behind , ° Dlmls)> collst . ! lllc Ifovcnmieiil's expressed deter" by ' mll ° l( > mll '^ lm ^ wMJiiuc Ihe war until Adolf Hitler Is brushed. Political circles' novtrlhcless agreed in BWcr'n'i "Ihnt unless tho labor niul trade itnlon leaders can ' ' — • ... . ~ .»i.v...^it nmu uiiy lllliuen- llllcd nonimn frclgliier hud U0 iic nBroimil yeslcrdny on Iho norlh- west Unnl... .. British warship, Healed. The German <ihlps i n j< c Iron coal nnd other cargoes to Scan- jlnnvla and lako back iron ore lo Jermnny H was the lion oie vnlch Ihu Uritlsh Bought, to stop. At present Narvik, up on the Norwegian const, wns Iho principal wi'l of exit lor ore, Reports from London were Hint ships (jolng dawn the const from Narvik hnd lo go outside Iho thrco-mile lon-ltorla! mill nt two points on the way to Ocrmiiny nnd It wns Indicated thnt Brltnli) ml c ht keep warships at these points to Inlorcepl them. U will be another month, nt least, before tho Ualtlc la silfllclenlly free of Ico to permit shipments of oro' dhcot from such ports ns Lulen on the Swedish sldo of tho o'mt of Bothnia, to Clermnn norts inside tho Bnttlu, . j 1 Slockholin roporfl-d lod/iy' tlwra was n big Ihuw In '('he Bollmlnn part of tho Baltic niid much Ico was In movement. But another colci ivnvc \vns In prospect. . This Is thc most dangerous time of tho ycnr for shipping In u ln t ifti-l of the Baltic becnuso moviiiit !>ack Ico closes In quickly on an> >assngcs which ICQ brcnkcrs mlgnt nake. Several ships have been cnislied in the Ice In the last few days, lhc Dlspnich said. Ferry service between Denmark nnd Sweden was suspended Inst nghl owing lo Ihu formation of co barriers. There wns speculation whether Germany would seek lo drive oil Jlockndiiif; BrMJsh trarsMlps by i \i tu jiui Hi- 11 in u i v; V.1JUJUUSJJ IU1JJ IU ICJIUyC bUUlU •n chiding n of the hardships the war is lii- hn<| been re- Hiding on the poorer classes tliey will face serious trouble when. the labor party conference meets May Inducc Cluimbcrlnln, lo relieve some 13, uREDH ILlfljE'SPLEft Says Federal Land Bank Loan Policies Should Be Relaxed WASHINGTON, IVfir. 26Y (UP) — Secretary ol Agriculture Henry A.- Wnllnce toilny askod congress to make It cn'slQr _for farmers, to ob- l«ln Credit^becaus|j"a 'serious* con- (lUloii exists with one fourth of'the fnrn? ''mortgages hi arrears. 116 sMrt the period of ••lln.uldntlhg' made nbceMary by erroneous policies m tho 1020's still was in progress niul that additional credit relief is imperative'. Wallace estimated that the proposed program would cost $305,000,000 for the next seven years, $15,000,000 In excess of his estimate for the cost of the present system. The proposed crnnj-es, he said, would 1111 Iho "dire need" of benefits to "hundreds of thousands of farmers who cannot get them otherwise." In this connection Wallace, ap-. pcarlnj before the house agricultural committee defended the easier lending policies of the Farm Credit "cans of iilrolniios or Its own lentli "K I 10 ™ 1 " of tho Farm Credit led, As regards airplanes it was Admmli 't''<" 1 °» which'hits under- si'ssestcd Ihe planes would have! e °!' a nn cxtcns!ve shakcup of ad- to fly far from homo bases nnd '"' llistrfllll '« Personnel since ft was then might encounter British |)lncwl mltler agricultural depart-' ..lanes. As regards warships, H said lhal Germany was unlikely to tsk sending Its warships into the ^forlli Sea area in which the lirit- sh navy Is always active. German mciil supervision. He told the com- mitt'co Hint provisions ol the Jones bill for modification of the Federal Land Bank system were sound. He believed nn Immediate refinancing program lo reduce interest rates. warships could go through tlie illg P ro -J ram lo reduce interest rates. Circat Hell channel between the ' on ftirm mort Sages and give fnrm- Katiegm and tlio Ualtlc, but tnh crs lon ser periods in which to puy irca Is heavily mined. To sweep i tl10 P rmc| pal on their loans "Is a, the mines away would open tne i •" Ollntl credit policy." ,, _ T*)>/1 .Trtll/nr Mil if/Mil^ „„.,,»„,] .,-,„,.». shlps. lor British as well ns German Finnish Invasion Of Hollywood ' DeclarmR that 3.500,000'Jews m Poland 'ace annihilation. Joseph 1. Schnecrsohn. former chief rabbi of Russia and Poland, arrives in New York. Intervention . of orommem Americans saved ' him after the German invasion. The 1928 automobile owned by W. A. Jnrratt, which was stolen from Ils parking place down town yesterday morning, was found abandoned In the late afternoon In a parking place on Ash street, The car was undamaged. The standard biplane fighter of Th C Englls ,, supcnnarlno Splt- Ihc Russian srmy's alrforrc Is n fir() has ttb top spcc d of 382 miles f°FL°L a " ,S~ o!ete , Brltlsh B > ls ' a» hour, while Iho lop speed ot tol Bulldog, rrm plane has a top the Oermail He-112, the fastest speed of 173 miles an hour and a German plane, is 358 miles an range of 310 miles, ' notlr . ' Barlow Blows Up Log, Scares Newspapermen , The Jones bill would spread mort- I gage payments over a longer period Und reduce the liability of farm ; borrowers on stock In Federal Land Banks. "Tne Farm Credit Administration should be guided by considerations much broader than those of nn ordinary private banklnj Institution operated solely for profit," Wallace sntd. Ida Cherkasskv IB-year-old Finnish screen beauty, wi'l peck a place in American films' sb-- said on hsr arrival in New Vork, MIDDLE RIVER, Mil., Mar. 2:1 (UP)—Lester P. Barlow blew up a tox today with his now explosive and that was enough to frighten reporters and photographers who .ittended Us first public demonstration. Barlow arranged this first demonstration aftor asserting before congressional committees that thc U. S. Army and Navy were overlooking a new nnd powerful defense weapon. An eight-ounce charge, placed behind a lo^, ivas detonated from 75 fed. It hi.rletl pieces of wood weighing as much as 12 pounds ISO feet in the air. The press corps scattered and Barlow set out to woo them back by demonstrating the safety features of the explosive, Thc blowing up of tlie log of course didn't prove anything as to the military uses of the new liquid oxygen and carbon explosive. Barlow will demonstrate later for the army and navy using real military size charges In some Isolated place. The safety demonstratilris which Barlow made today at the Glenn L. Martin aircraft, plant were d.e- signed lo show that the explosive can be handled easily and can be set off only by special detonators. Burdette Electors Vote Bond Refunding Voters of the Burdette School District 35 In special election Friday voted to set aside 8 mills for a bond retirement fund to consolidate its three seperate bond issues. The district proposes to sell the new bonds so ns to take up all outstanding bonds. The lotal deot of $16,000 will be retired over a 22 year period under the new arrangement which provides for a' longer period of retirement with, small annual requirements of that service at a lojcr rate of inter- sst. The new arrangement requires no increase In, school taxes, according to L. H. Autry, superintendent of .he schools In this district. WEATHER Arkansas — Cloudy and warmer, occasional rain In .west and central portions tonight;. Wednesday occasional rains nnd warmer. Memphis and vicinity—Increasing cloudiness, followed by 'rain Inte tonight and Wednesday; war- twr oi'd lowest temperature tonight «. i

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