Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 21, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 21, 1937
Page 4
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HOPE STAB, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, September 21, 1937^ ICD "ttw Mote Tou TeD, the Quicker Ydu Sell" RAWS OM Uan 'le wvrt, nbttamnn J*c fhNt'.Yhfiefr- 3)£e ward, mln. 5te Six Umta Cfwotd. minimum 90c month (2C tta«s)-18c word, mtahnum 12.71 Me for continuous Inser- Ik mkktof wort count, dtaregaii vttMUtcatton none such as "for Mot," "For Sate," etc.-thls is tee. BKt each initial or name, or com* flcto telepflone number, counts as * full wont For example: FOB WENT— Three-room modern famished apartment, with garaie, etoe In. Bargain. J. V. Wank, Mri, IS words, at 2c word, Me tar MM time; at 3ttc Word, 53c for three tunes, etc. NOTE: All ttden placed by telephone are due and 'payable upon presentation o* MIL PHONE 768 SCRAP IRON WANTED Any Kind, nny Quantity WE ARE PAYING 35c cwt-$7.00 T6N Certified weighing scales at our yard No charge for weighing P. A. LEWIS MOTOR CO. 304 E. Second St Hope, ArX. 28-26tc WE BUY SCRAP IRON ..._... We are paying 35c cwt. or $7.00 ton. We weigh on oil mill scales which re certified. No charge for weighing. Also—we buy radiators and metals of all kinds. COX-CASSIDY FOUNDRY & MACHINE CO Laurel St. Hope, Ark. 27-26tc HIGHEST PRICES PAID For old Batteries, Radiators, Metals of all kinds. Old Tires, Sacks and Rags. P. A. LEWIS MOTOR CO. 304 E. Second St Hope, Ark. 28-26tc The Philanthropist "How can you talk to me like that," she wailed, "after I've given you the test years of my life?" '"Yeah?" returned the husband, unimpressed by her emotion. "And who made 'em the best years of your life?" "R e giilar meeting Tuesday night September 21st. Degree work Wednesday night Septem' ber 22nd." Services Offered Fluinbing, Contraoting, Repairing Thirty years experience H. R. Segnar 120 S. Hervey Phone 171W For Sale FOR SALE— Stoves, heaters, bedsteads, all kind used Furniture. Used Furniture Co. 3rd and Hazel, Hope, Ark. 15-26tc FOR SALE: 40-acre tract, two miles northeast McNab, Columbus road, small house, well, 20 acres cultivation. Price ?225. See or write) W. H. Etter, Washington, Ark. *FOR SALE—132 foot frontage, North Washington. Cash or terms. Sign on property. W. L. Nanny, Rt. 8, Box 520, Dallas, Texas 20-3tp FOR SALE—200 bales of Bermuda and Johnson Grass hay at once, 12 and 15 cents. Tom Carrel's Mule Bam. 20-3tp FOR SALE: 40 acres, 3 miles north Emmett No house, good land, plenty water. Priced without timber ?175 cash. W. H. Etter, Washington, Ark. FOR SALE—Old newspapers, 5 cents per bundle. Hope Star. 27-26dh For Rent FOR RENT—Bedroom adjoining bath with continuous hot water. Phone 664-W. . 18-3tp ' FOR RENT — Furnished or unfurnished apartment private baths, utilities paid. Also sleeping rooms. 413 South Main. 18-3tp FOR RENT—Will have 3 vacant furnished apartments, with private baths and garage by October 1. J. A. Sullivan, 404 North Main. 21-tfc Wanted to Trade FOR TRADE—Young Jersey cows coming fresh, some giving milk, will trade for yearlings see J. L. Anderson. Hope Route 1. 18-3tp Wanted to Rent WANTED TO RENT OR BUY—Furniture for five-room house. Mrs. Ralph Madden, 374-W. 21-3tp. CROSSED A MILLION Mn.es /"VUT over the vast Pacific roared ^ the four-motored, 26-ton China Clipper, Honolulu-bound on the first leg of its flight to link ihe Orient by air with the United States. That was scarcely twc years ago. Recently when Pan American airways' Philippine Clipper returned from Manila to moor at its home base, California's Alameda airport, the log of these giant ships totaled more than 1,000,000 miles across the world's greatest ocean, and all 'without accident or mishap. J Logging this amazing distance, PAA officials computed the regularly schedulett"flights . carrying either mSil, express or passengers, or all three, in training and test flights, the. clippers have flown, since 1935, an additional 197,707.42 miles. On the regular schedules these liners of the air put in 7659 hours and 46 minutes above the water. Today tne clippers snutile regularly between the Orient and the Occident, via Hawaii. Guam, Wake and the Philippines. They have climaxed man's long struggle to conquer tne Pacific The China Clipper was pictured on a U. ST 1935 commemorative. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with U. S. Airman —1936 'Trans-Pacific Issue The "China Clipper'- 25 c blue Srrvlce. Inc.) Magnificent Falls HORIZONTAL 1 Famous falls between Canada and . the U. S. A. 7 Tulip seeds. 11 Nut coverings. ^•Intelligence. 14 In a row. 16 To combine. 18 Cravat. 19 Grin. 20 Closes with wax. 21 Title to anything. 23 Note in scale. 25 Railroad. 26 Flour box. .27 Morindin dye. 28 With might. 30 Parrot fish. 32 Mongolian monk. 34 Desolate. 35 Poem. 37 Like. 39 Accomplished. 40 One time. 42 Plate used at Mass. Answer to Previous Puzzle « Bushel. 45 To vaccinate. 50 Grain. 52 And. 53 Pope's scarf. 54 Electrical unit 56 Ulcers. 59 Iniquity. 60 To gaze fixedly. 62 A portion of these falls, Falls. 63 The pool of these falls is famous. VERTICAL 1 Convent worker. 2 Part of eye. 3 Sapphire. 4 Like. 5 Rots flax. 6 Cuckoo. 7 To exist. 8 Arranged in layers. 9 Brink. 10 Sun. 11 These falls are near the City of ——, 13 Dry. 15 The Canal is close to them. 17 To merit. 19 Part of a boat. 22 Pound. 24 Punk (substance); 27 Ventilating, 29 Last word of a prayer. 31 Stem joint 33 Kind of shellac. 36 Writing tool. 38 Perched. 41 Quotes. 43 Molars. 44 To beat. 46 Preposition. 47 Money. 48 Freshwater mussels. 49 Solitary. 51 Roll of film. 52 To sin. 55 Monkey. 57 Hawaiian bird 58 Southeast. 60 Southwest. 61 Railroad. IT TT H P 9 10 MV TIE TH' OAJLV BETWEEN THEM IS THAT THIS FELLOW PRINKS WATER AMD WAVES TWO LESS CM I MS AT YOU 1 WHEM ME MODS V HELLO/ BUT, I'F j BACK TH' AVXCJOF? IM A MOOSE ALL NEE12S 15 A COLLAR TO B.E HIS TWIN) BROTHER TH' SMOUT LUTE AS BULBOUS AS TH ORIGINAL AWP ,f!ffe. IT LACKS TH' SIcSMAL (SLOW WHAT GOES OKI CONTEST/ "FROM TH' * ORIGINAL I SO-INOZZLE4 LOOK WATUF?AL.= Major Hoople OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS SAY - DON'T MAKE ANV SUPD6N -f MOVES ON THET HOSS,N6R. STAfiT HIM OF? QUICK, NER. PUT VDPLE HAND ON HIM NO PLACE, NER. SPUR* HIM, NER. WAVE VOR.E HAND AT ANYBODY, ER. LET TME SADDLE SUP, AM 1 . PONfT LET HIM GET HIS HEAD DOWN.' OUTSIDE O 1 THET HE'S FINE. COPR.1937BYNEASEPVI«.!NC V. T. M. REC. U. B. PAT. OtT. CRAMP. \ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES That's What Steve Thinks By MARTIN ALLEY , SYtXT OOOQ.. , WE- V\fVb WE V\\«b TO •. •" v ^*; N^ ?f<& • ' $?&r^. ^cX\ ?c 4l > COPR. 1937 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFFJX. The Old Order Is Reversed IOW I GOTCHA LEARM VUH BETTEe'M LISSEN IN) OM & j£ 'mff- i^-^:^^^ WASH TUBBS Breeze Is Worried By CRANE DO-DO VOU THINK THERE'S ANY PANGER, MR. WATT? T HE BOOMING OF TOM TOMS GROWS FASTER, MORE VIOLENT. OTHER SHEPS BURST INTO FLAME, THE UOCOMOTlVE IS OVECTURNEP. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS WHAT THE SAM HILL VOU THINK I'M BARRICADING? THESE WINDOWS FOR? EVERYBOPY INSIPE: RIFLES ANP PISTOLS ALL AROUND! I'M TERRIBLY WORRIED [ ANP WHAT'S MORE, . ABOUT WASH AND EASY. AGIRLIE,THEY A\NT «> THEY LEFT THIS MORNING; LIKELY TO. HERE, GRAB ANP HAVEN'T COME ..,uuu,...uucn- &ACK. A RIFLE. IF VOU CAN'T SHOOT, IT'S HIGH TIME YOU'RE LEARNING. ~? Found By BLOSSER A SMALL CAMPI=-IF=<E:....AN' UMUE I'M MISTAKEN .THAT'S OSSIE SLEEPING ALOWGSIDE OF IT f ASLEEP WAKE MYRA"NORTHrSPECIAt NURSE WHY;THIS is OKIE OF THE WARMEST ^ j WHEW A C3UY * "TRIES TO DOWW AT MIGHT WITHOUT HAVIWC3 A A New Job I BET THE SWITCH ^v SOMETHING TELLS ME THAT OSSIE'S PAD GRABS JTWE TEMPERATURE: AROUHD THE WON'T BE A ^^SEAT OF OSSIE'S PAINTS IS STRAW !.' J^L COMMA REACH A KIETW HIGH FDR THE YEAR .' b ^«^®' ; DC JASOM THE " CALL, LET'S LISTEM IKJ WHILE EMIL VOM BOD£U —U/i/W- /YOU SAY YOU'VE BUT / (2ECEMTLV ARRIVED IM ( SPLEMPID- I SHOULD I EMJOV S6EIM& YOU \ A(3AIW. I AAAY EvEM &B A&LE TO EMPLOY YOU A^- AM ASSISTAMT-^ THAM^-r. A LOT, PC. VOM PODEM- EC ... SAY.' COULP YOU POSSIBLY Lj.5 E AMOTlirt 1 MUCSE r'rHC.CE'5 A CEC-TAIM C'OOD FIvlEWl^ 1 OP V AMME, HE (CD:, WHO.... /^ ~A t^ v\ ^ -sX*^ IT'S ALL SETTLED, MYI2A.' WE'RE LEAVIM& FOE MEW >O|.?l< P.IOHT AWAY.' VOM BOPEM SAV5 HE'S VERY .AMXIOU5 "TO A WUC6-E HE CAM •\T- BUT, JIM! WHO TOLD 'rOU I WAMTED TO <5O? TO WEW YOG.K? WHAT RIGHT HAVE VOU TO.... By THOMPSON AND COLL /COME, COME, MVEA ~ I COL'LD / TBLL BY YOUli EYES YOU'RE [ JUST DyiNG TO GO '. WHV, V THIS MAM 15 WOCLP-FAMOUS V FOE- HIS WORK OM THE ^—- 1 CCIMINJAL BEAIM! ^. "V "n >*.*«* .^ ^Si> M

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