Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 23, 1934 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, July 23, 1934
Page 2
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is,* lllllliti. OJL Star 0 JK&ties>JD*tliv0r Thy &*rtitd, From False Report/ Published ewry week-day afternoon by Star Publishing OIK, Inc. R Palme* & Alex, H. Washhurn), irt The Star building, 212-214 South BtwR; 'ttdpe, Af Kansas. ttem® GR%AT 'NOVEL' rtEflRTODA* President . WASHBURN, Editor and entered « tfecdlirUclflss-matter 81 the posioffice at-Hope, Arkartta* Under the Act qf March 3, 1897. Institution developed by modem elvll- Jzation to present 'the ineWs ot the rflay • to foster commerce and intiustry, ^urtw|h widely circulated advertisements, and to furnish that chetik upon gavewinient which no •C&nslitUfion hns isver been able to provide."—Col. B. K. McConnlck, SubscrJpllon >Ka(e <AlwAys I^yable in Advance): By city cartier, iper week IPc; six month&jK.tn; one year $5.00. By:mail, in Hempstead, Nevada, HowattJ. Millet-and Ul^ayette counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere ?5.00. . Member of-the .Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitIM to the Use-for rcpublication of sll news dispatches credited to it or twt otherwiseicreaitgd fa'thls-paper and also the local news published her«ln. National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc.. Memphis, Tenn. Stertck;Bidg.'.,New York City, Graybar Bids.; Chicago, 111., 75 E. Wacker, Bi-ive; Detroit, Mich., 7338 Woodward Ave.; St Louis, Mo, Star Bldg -Oii i Wbatt^ Stcit Charges will be made for all Uibtites, cards of thanks, rese\u:Uons,. Or .memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers ho|d to.this policy in the news columns to protect their waders trcsn a delugej,af; st»ce-t^ktag,memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility tar the sife-foBBping oi; rttum of any unsolicited manuscriots By DR. aMJDRlUS FISlteSIN Editor, Joilrfjfi] ot, tiit American Medical Aishciadou, And 'of Hygeia, <he BenHh Magazine York rtHfrnilnrd io«hi>iv h(-r liuitir lonn. Jlnrbnrji, and i'»|icrliillj- AMI JACKSON (tint xbo rnn ni.'iki- n «nccrN« at B*r lltr. AIIIJ h:i« Iwrn rift bptM friend ontll 1IOU AR» J.tCHJJOSt briikr Ihf vnitnttv- •Mfm Uftrtc* 'hnd forcrd apao blra nnU tnnrrliKI Amj. -m M*w V**fc.-Jnn* oblriliM n pn- iltlun (a n tfnt ruintp oilloe nnti <oou it* Mrittlaa '« tntm tncntnt- She hir* n*i nlTnlr »Mlh IlOlilill •I'lirjRPP.. •nintT'lrW. '&n( 'llfp" 'tit hlih. -Wb*B -'if attrr* no hfnt fhf rxpvmr e't IhPlr Cblld *tif run- ipmutunmtT •>1l»niN«'« B*m. Ant) tnkfn th* 'hnby, nrtmpil . ,\*M'V. (ironiUlne nrrcr to reti'nl lc» iinr- ontnscr., Utofn America pni«i»» «bp \YoMO Wai- ll«iT«»tt -drc-ldr» 're VnlNt In iho nvlnilun rorp*. Amy, hi-nrt- ••ilpfe ov»r llil* IniprnHthB «ppnr:i. lion. «» ohllcul to plwr 'ho«(p«« to 'n romfn<*n<*c'manf (J!nri<*r rinrty nt nhli-h Jnnr l» n icnr«t. Amj- <trns- ulrx brnvrlT In krrp H«n-nr«l from irnevMlnB hpr Irrror orrr bl« -di*- imrinrc. NOW -oo o.v WITH Tim STORY CHAPTER RXV1I1 «TJ«titiRRT was vflry kind." 'sul'l -*- 1 .xr' " 'ilre will oe By Sophie Kerr j minded jaoks-iii.officc drrssetl in a little nrlff authority?" rnvr'd the old man. Howard grtmif-il whi'ii he tolt' ihi*. to Amy. "lie had 10 waft'thm Hours to see soutPiiody in the Wat F>epartmont nml'tv 1 '? carried on like man ever since, regular orations! Mixing tils riiHtaplior* and grinding his teeth! Snys no's polng to YOU IlBpiUdlf-an i be ne^t flection." Amy was siad to tlncl something 10 laugh at without ft'fnrt. ''Bu\ nl ?he samp ho's an old dnrltng. He's written in your mother. DW yot .*tiow that? 1 natl ;• loticr from hei '«>'h!!p j-ini were mine. And sho'( ?omtnv. to stay, provided she ctxr pay Hurt if (>IP llvin- expenses. Sh( eays It the piano bothp.ra l>er she'll CHILDREN Psoriasis Worst Form of By-Olive Roberts Barton B3hies One of the most -annoyin" diseases 1 *"""" ~" xp " lorc uesmu| y *"'Beds of the skin is called psoriasis. j Wnde Flat alul ^ Smooth In this condition the skin peels T , ... , .. away m large amounts in the form of . , d . on * Bonder that some children Mivcry-like scales. These scales de- ha 'e to go to bed m not weather, vtrlop on top orthe chronic inflamma- *\ *? u ve ? ec " what I ve f en hel ' e lion of the skin.-" - ft,-7' 'u , Way ° f beds and Treatment of .this condition has been *" Mln * , f ° r ***** and »«lc children, almost the despair of skin -specialists! f™ W0lltdn 4 wonder about the »' dis ' fcnr years, -All sorts of jremedies are; \, e ' , , . , , , ccastaatly . being tried. These fre-' Y^ 1 k now that hot feel even of a (juently produce a clearing of the con- I sn ?°° th sheet over a firm mattress d.Uon, but seldom-a complete .cure. i w . h f n y ° u touch the bed °» a hot Because it is associated with the' " Ight , You a !' e surc that there must •encral reactions of the -body .as a ' be a sl , ove unUer ll with a special-bui- .floxrar'd. snved for me. Tlioy won't take on anyone else. At least not for an other year." lie went on. "I'm gla'd that much Is settled. The old CUnp offered to continue my salary oilt of his own | pocket." '"Em you TOiilfluVMlre'thru," salt! A my. '"No. -I eoiifdntt take It. 'but 1 wanted to. He said ; he'hnd : no'neat km.ithcit'he .wanted- to 'make It possible 'for me 'to go : withoili ifeellnu worried ahum you." 'JPather :and ; Mothsr 'would 'like -me to' come antKIIve with -them, 'but; Tmrnougolng tO'tlo it. TThls is'our' ihome. ;and : l'm 'gotnp, ! to Slay Mn : It: itill;yoti co-me'biiek. ThlsiwaT'won!t Uast'long^" : "TJut. 'dnrllng Amy. If vyou were,. '•with 'them -thare-'d -he somehotly to i look after you." i "No, : 1 won't so. 'Howard. •! don't' !neetl anyone; to ilooh after -me. Bw, II '."drH think ''maybe .-your :motheri woiild'llke;ro comeih«re. 'She 'can't i lifeachmeniis Sought in Lander Faction 'Proceeds Without stablishing Its Legal Right > , IHSMARCK/ .„ , 0 -North Da- bolltu ,. fd Into llw -lap 'of Altonify Genera) P. O, Sathrp Sunday ami tlifn out Salhre, according to associates, had been .asked by senators supporting the r.i-tion.of William • Longer, ousted gov. ernor,-to rule on.legality of the special fcssion of the state legislature, wiled 'by Lanper' shortly before he was ousted by n supreme court decision. The ruling, had the request not been "pu't" cotton 'in""her "ears and nmke i withdrawn, would have held the le«motions: Your mother's the best i islalvire c ° uld mect '« all - v °"'y ff " I purpo.ves of impeachment und only in j rvenl n qiicrvim was presenl in both houses, it was learned. Unruffled by the lack of legal opinion. Langeriles prepared for their sport!" It was not until the time was actually set for Howard's leaving that Amy spoko again of wanting a child. "Don't you sec?" sho said. "It's our love for 'each other. "It's yon and mo. living together In one meeting Monday, nsssurod, they said, of a quoriim in the senate, lack of which has been a stumbling block in body, Howard. I'd be so Infinitely < the' 1 ' proceedings, happier It 1 knew I was going to have a child. It would be easier , to stand your being away." I'ficiahv seven "of whom'have'been op' posed->to'the>poliaies of <Langer. they automatically would 'be suspended 'Should the. house vote impeachment proceedings apainst brcsent state of- •'But. 'Amy, suppose I don't come reneral _. _.._ _, .__ „ whale, psoriasis frequently ehnnges.its! ne '; wnere y ° ul : torso touches. Uiaiacter with' changes in ^the diet,' Wow W( ? u ! d we ^el .if we had a \vith freedom from worry, with .the: mattrcss ™ at sagged Mike a hammock incidence of -some other disease, or* m ^ e nllddle - and over it a pad and a with almost any condition Affecting i rub ° er sheet - perhaps another pad for 'the body as .a-whole. . " •''"' '•'• .-j good .measure and then a rumpled When" the white scales are forcibly shest ° ver ' lhat - h °l d 'nS impish heat I lemoved, there are tiny bleeding! w / ves ln evel 'y fold? A strong smell ' points just benedth each of them. -With of am . raonl « " dd = d won't help any. many patients .the areas of-inflamma-I ~ Ke , e . p , Bed Smooth, Odorless tion disappear either wholly or par-! f ut lh , ls bed over in a corner some- tially during the summer and return i wh f r f' let SO!r ' e °" e cl °se the door £n the cold weather. i an . d !eave us £o our missr y- The on the arms and legs, espeically around tha' disease -usually Appears first, ^'"Id.we yell cuter or extensor sides of the! llk h« n 'mg up yell? No. we would feel a weapon and going out for honest prey. We certainly elbows and knees: It may, however. 1 wu "' a va . u " ov P r those h 'S h sides ,«cur on any part of the'body, but! ! p f ha £ £ £ e winter shields are still most rarely on hands and feet. ! M) * h jV * ct oul of that P lace so we Psoriasis occurs most frequently in' CO V , 1^°.' , ., „ , , the second and third decade of 'life, i ,, ~ baby su or * llds bed should be but no age .is exempt. It ;is unsual! fla *' smo °fe.-flad,«-^vrmkless and with- for a first .attack to appear after' 45j °"±, any iodQr .? f , unnc - . , years of age ' There should be a bit of .rubber The disease-apparently is not con- ; heeti "S. draw n tight over the mat- Iff -"^ —' -»«.. -~ — .. tt'dCC t\--lr+fr\rl n «,l „.. 1 1_ _1 » tagious or directly transmitted from tress (rinsed and sunned each day) but it should not extend up under parents to children, but heredity i ., , . . . seems to play a ,part in some cases.! '™, h , ead ' ^ cause «, head sweating. The definite cause of the disease has |, " baby has ^pillow of "feathers' not been'established, however. | take it away. Use a piece of-some- In early stages of this condition, a thmg <not wo ° !) Mded lat and cov - . ® recl , modification of the diet with elimina- i ® rec y a /°° f\iP- Pillows are sel- tion of meats sometimes is effective, i ?°™ "^ J K S ' he has the The skin usually is treated with mild j hablt - break hlm m to a ver y » at ointments. ! c ° o1 °"?- n.chornic cases the ointments most! „ Floor Sleeping Advisable Now P ul1 hls bed awa y from the freqnently used contain a substance t called chrysarobin,-which seems to; have the specific quality of clearing up the spots. The-strength ot'-chrysa- rabin used varies according to -the individual case, and the doctor prescribes it according to its effect on tho skin of the individual patient. Sometimes ipersons with psoriasis are improved by having injections of blood into the muscles,and sometimes by being given what is'called a nonspecific protein treatment, in which boiled milk or-typhoid vaccine is .used corner > out 'he night breeze, if any, can circulate freely. Of course, this in taking it for granted lhat any change in weather is not going to catch any one napping, or that ihe houce is not on a mountain top where nights mean blankets and- cozinc-ss. Beds need to be made flat, sheets pulled tight, pillow slips smooth, and n whole general appearance of neatness should pervade. In the daytime the baby doesn't 53 the protein substance to be inject- 'feeds .lypJIjhv to sit on in his per- ec j_ tainbuMbr. > Fold something (not Obviously these methods of treat- !>ooly)/under him flat. A bit of hard- must be administered by a doc- i ness ls - : K° od f(;r " bab y anyway. r j 'Can 1 sleep en the floor, Mummy? ' „„ ! asks small Charles. ; Don't get that "impossiblle" look in ! your eyes, mother. V/hy not? A I clean sheet, a flat cool floor—well. | you know beat, but I know what I'd j i take if my bed v/as a hotbox of dis- 1 comfort and the mercury was grin; rung from the top of the- tube. 15) ::go : abr<mH:ngoln;now and sh :ai»y 'Uxe'd ;plnee ',10 M^ve. !I don'tj ikrtow, :thoush. -ff -I should -give: 'musfc lessons, 'tlfrtt /nilgltt 'bother! 'her." ''If ;-you ^tve 'mustc ; tessonsT' "I'm not'going to slt^arountl nnH .do nothing btlt '-wait. : l'h igo crazy, il'll :glve 'lessons -and >get : the 'Gon- :Kregatlond:i church corgnn 'to ^plny: it's'not:much.pay, but-It's-not'much, •work either. 'AnB'.with'half a Uozen or so pupils -week -I'd make enough :'for :the Tunning expenses'd'f 'the'.house. exeept the-Fent, I'f ^your 'mothar woiiltJ -come, ^he coiild 't>e with :Nancy ''While -.Via out. :tt ^she doesn't come /there's always Mrs. ana Nancy's "so - Individualism Dies in Underworld, Tc:;—"Hansom" Shows Hew Mod- | crn Crime Picture Changes BY BRUCE CATTON Crime and criminals hav echangeJ i ir. the United States during the last generation, just as everything else has • changed. Rugged individualism has j just about vanished from the underworld; in its place there is a regimen- : t;.ticm strict enough to satisfy the most ' ijj-fk-nt of collectives. You get a picture of this change in Charles Francis Coe's new novel. "Random." : Mr. Coe tells about a young crook v/ho, back before the war, planned to make himself rich by a carefully devised kindaping. ; He stole the baby daughter of a 'rich banker and hid her in a way that i v/as absolutely beyond direction. Then he figured he would wait two years. ! to let the hue and cry die down, before going out to collect the ransom. it was a good -idea—'but while he •was waiting he wandered into Canada, got picked -up on an old swindling charge, and was sent to prison for 20 years. He got out in 1933 and hurried bi'd; to pick Up the threads of his ran.-om plot. And he instantly found t!i. ' the v/hole cri/ne picture had chain," 'i The day of the lone worker wa;s over. So our crook has to seek an alliance with the local gang chiefs; and what happens to his careful plot thereafter i —how it becomes the plaything of j high pressure, gangsters arid politic- i ians, with its original-sponsor getting' doublecrossed and frozen out—makes) an exciting and illuminating story, j Published by Lippincott, the novel' sells for |2. GLORIFYING YOURSELF By Alicia Hart -— . _ _ - ,j Eat—And 'He Happy—In Summer 'Relax Strict Watch Over Diet It's more than likely that most women get pretty tired of hearing "Watch ycur diet!" -Well, July and August art two months when you'll hear no .such thiiv^- Ycu simply don't have to v/alch it during the hot months. Don't cvtrtat. of course (as if anyone could J-tand the sight of very much food light now!), but outside of the one lule. do about as you please as far as the daily diet is concerned. In other words, eat whatever you like—whenever you want it. Don't feel that you hr.vo to go to lunch just hteauiiL- it's one o'clock or to dinner because it's seven. If you're- not him. ,'iiy. pyjs up a meal and %vfiit to eat. until your .stomach reminds you to <.i'dei- 'onielhiny in the way of notir- ' i. .'hment. ! K.-iiads. jollied -soups, cold, crisp vet;- { U.Vr/lc.: ;-nrl fruit:-; appeal to nearly' Lvuryoi.c durins thi:> kind of weather. HI,V.(;VCT, if you find yourself Retting t.o-j ti;-_d of a told diet, sv/itch to a full-course hot nit-iil and see how you fetl. It may prove to be a Hcav- en-scin tonic! Dun t foi-t'et to drink ten glasses 'of cool 'not ice-cold) liquids a day. Plain water is preferable—if not, then "THHE'littletglri'lookod up. "Nancy *f good .girl." 'she 'said mlschtev OjiiBly. She spoke distinctly, wlt'i •no sJurrfng. ^but her -voice-was sell! sweetly ibabylah. "So yon are a good girl/ 1 snlrt 1 Howard, 'patting her hand. "Tin 1 •best-little glfl 1 know. Good -Unit^Nancy." '••Good : IIttle Nancy, de-ar little • N'anoy." she said.'beaming-at Htm 1 with : a sudden radiant snide. "But., Amy." went on Howard •stii: 'patting the child's Dana. "I'll 'he getting pay, you -know, mors than I'll need. I'll be able to send •you something." "Then we'll save something." Ry great effort they were talking as ir it meant nothing special, but they did.not look at each other, except with quick, almost furtive glances. Neither of them could eat, but.they both made pretense. Amy sipping tea, Howard crumbling hla roll beside bis plate. Even Nancy felt tho tension. When Amy .lifted her down and unpinned her bib, the. child turned her far*: to be kissed. "I love you, muvver," she said fondly. "Go and kiss Daddy, too," said Amy. Nancy cama around the table in a rush of affection: "I love you, Daddy." "She can p!ay In the sandpile until time for her nap," said Amy, as If 'this wasn't part of every clear day's program. But she had to say bnck. We've got to think about 'that, too." *• • • • •44MO. I won't think about that I ^ won't think of It tor one-eec- ond. I want another "reason 'to make you look out for yourself, -it from -office ''pending final disposition of charges J brought by the house. j Hou<;e>members'friendly to Lnngerare | to begin 'the •impeachment action. Minority 'members of the house have little voice und have been .consistently overridden In their attempts to we had a child you'd not take so ', ind " c p ''"^bars 'to adjourn sine die. many 'risks. You'd not do extra ! A shift-in-the.'Ixinger Auctions plans ' was indicated Saturday when the former governor made a dramatic appearance before the friendly house and asserted "I am still your governor." 'but indicated IIP wanted peaceful methods-employed in the attempt to regain his position. 'Previously 'with the calling out of guardsmen and threats of Langer partisans, there had been SOITIL' fears Of application of more forceful methods. foolhardy things—" "A war Isn't-exantly the place to be'cautious." r ~A war Is exactly the place to be cautious. A dead soldier's no use to his country. Those young British officers who lead tholr mon over the top with a swagger stick! Mag- nificent'In one way, but a fearful waste of good material If they want to win. You'll never bo a coward, not for yourself, but you're belns a coward for me. You're gfllng Into an adventure of.life and death. I 'have a right to my own life and fleath adventure. That's *nt sentimental tosh either. It la true." "Yes," ho said at last. "It Is true." They -were very pitiful, those-two. : ln the last hours of Howard's stay. They were stoically calm. They in••vented small busy duties about the bouse and when Amy packed 'Wls : bag she sent him down In the garden -with Nancy, but that was a nils- take, for she could hear their .voices and the tears she had .dreadoll J conld not he held back. | At the end of it she washed her I face and went down smiling. He I was to leave on the train that 'his mother would arrive on, for Mrs; Jackson had been afraid of her own courage and had so arranged things that she would see him for that one •-moment only. She bad been generous, too. in giving bis time to Amy. And Professor and Mra. Lowe left them alone until the time came to go to the station. Other faculty members and some ot. their friends were waiting for them there. Edgar Moreland wrung his hand. "1 may bo seeing yon before long," he said. "I'm going In." As a small anxiety takes the sharp edge off a large one. so .the necessity of making sure that Mra. Jackson didn't miss Howard relieved the party. Amy stood 'by Howard's side, touching his arm. but she did not hold It If she had held It, she would have clutched and dragged him back with all her strength. She knew it They had said their goodby at home, alone. At the car steps they kissed once, and then sho stood back, beside his mother. The two women watched the train pull out, looking at him as he leaned from the window. (Copyrlfirtu. 133-1. by Sophie Kerr) (To Be Continued) A mirror, mounted near the right Iront wheel, is being used to demon- tlrate to passengers how "Icnec action" wheels operate under actual running conditions. .. Ster Js mithortwd to announce the-following «B candidates subject to the action of (he Democratic primary fleclion Atifnist 14, 193-1. For State Senator (20!h District) .JOHN L. WILSON for Sheriff OEORQE W. SCHOOLBY W, AUBRY LEWIS CI/ARENCE E. BAKER J. K. (JIM) BEARDP.N •Connty & Probate Judge H. M. STEPHENS Cmmfy & Probate Clerk N;\y E. M'DOWELL JOHN W. RIDCJDILl, Tax Assessor MRS. ISABELLE ONSTEAb R. I,. (LEE) JONES C. C. (CRIT) STUART Road Overseer (DoRoan Township) E. L. SULLIVAN L. S. MAULDIN FRED A. LUCK Legion Victor in Game Here Sunday Harold Hamiter Pitches Locals to Triumph Over Washington Harold Hamiter pitched the Hope American Legion team to n 4 to 3 victory Sunday afternoon over Washington at Fair Park. Hamiter allowed the visitors two hits. He led his team in battin;?. j;ct- ting two doubles and n triple out of four trips to the plate. The Hope line-up consisted of plny- ers under 21 years of uge. The Legion team will go to Gttrdon next Sunday. The 'Hope 'line-up: Harper, cf; Hay Turner, 2b; Kennedy, rf; Freeman, ss; Urban, 3b; J. Turner, Ib; Lcwnllen, c; Wimbcrley. If; Hamiter. p. •Dark-meal in:poultry conUiins'lwice ar nines iron is thu while meal, diet-- iliuns say. Sufferer Here Identified Brother From West Texas Reveals Man Is Dee Chisrn The amnesia victim, hold in the county puil nt Washington for nearly n week, was identified Monday us DPO Chisrn. A brulhrr who came liere^frorn West Texas mmlo positi'.'o his Identification, Ohis-m WHS removed from the jnil to Josephine hospital whore he will be given mrdiral treatment and n 'bolter rhnhco In recover his memory. Officers «ot in touch with the brother when Chisin. under questioning Saturday night, told where his brother could be located. i Dntnils of Chlsin's rocenl pnsl could not bo Ipiirncd Monday. puoposEn coNSTinmoNAi, AMKNDMENT NO. 20 Referred to the People by the (ienornl Assembly In regular session asscmbletl, Bo it resolved by the Senate of the Stnte of Arkansas and the 'House of Representatives of the State of Arkansas, n majority of .nil members elected to each House agreeing thereto: That the following is hereby proposed as a amendment to the Constitution of the State 'of Arkansas, and, upon being submitted to the electors of the Stnte for approval or rojection at the next general election for Senators and Representatives, if n majority of the electors, voting thereon, at such an election adopt such amendment, the same shall become n part of the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, to-wit: Except for the purpose of refunding the existing outstanding Indebtedness of the State and for assuming and refunding valid outstanding 'road Improvement district bonds, the State of Arkansas shall Issue no bonds or other evidence of indebtedness pledging the faith and credit of the State or nny of its revenues for any purpose whatsoever, except by and with the consent of the majority of the qualified electors of the State voting on the question nt a general election or at a special election called for that purpose. This Amendment to the Constitution of .-Arkttrjaas Shall he *>tf-c*?cuttng and require no efiaBHng tfdt, but shall tnkn ftnd have full fa*co and cfffect trnmedldtoly upon Its a*dontlon by the electors of the State. flip rtbovo resolution \vns filed In the office of the Secretary • of State of the State of Arkansas on the 30th dny of Jnniwry, 1933. Kach elector mny vot6 for, against, thn above proposed amend- men I, WITNESS MY HAND and Official sdal of this officu the 28th day of March, Ml. ED F. MCDONALD, Secretary of State. jonstipaffon I If constipation causes you this, Indigestion, Headaches, IJSd Sleep, Pimply Skin, get •Otttpk relief with ADIOSKIKA. flmor- action, yet gentle, safe. ough A OLE RIKA JOHN S. CilRSON DRUG CO. NOTICE! Have that old Mutlresii Renovated. We make them look new. Call for nnd deliver. Give U>: A Trial Home Mattress Shop R. E. Hatcher 115 N. Hn/.el St. DRESS SALE Entire Stock Cotton and Silk THE GIFT SHOP Phone 2S2 Guaranteed Typewriter Repair Service O. W. MILLS 218 So, VVnlnut Phone 3C We are Insurance Specialists wliirstudy -, your risks and write insurance that checks loss ut every (wist nml turn. ROY ANDERSON t; CO. COMPLfTF/tfSlfMNCFSfRVICF PHONE 6(0 HOPE, ARK. XHiVROLET A record-breaking demand has sent Chevrolet production to its highest total in four years Peach Prices ST LOUIS: Clear 87. Arrived 1 Ark something, sho was so close to cry- 11 Cal., on track 9 cars. 111. truch re- lug Howard carried Nancy outside and when he came buck Ainy'E ifiroat had stopped choking. ''Ellen thinks if 1 pass the testa there'll be ceipts very light. Suplies moderate, demand moderate, market slightly ! weaker. Ark V> bu baskets Fair Beauty ! 2 in min 1.00. Ga bu basket Elbestas I US No. 1 2'<v in min 2.25, "/i bu bas_ i betr 2V-j in rnin 1.10, 2 in min 90c and ' no doubt that 4M1 get a commission, j bot! , , „,,.,,„. I'll be Interested to take them. lr_ 1 -°° few low as 80c ' •"- bu baskts HlL ought to 'tell mo n lot about my eyes and my sense of -balance and 30 on." "Why are you so set on aviation?" aslted Amy, tMnklng fearfully of spinning, crashing, burning planes, but determined to show no fear. '•Oh, It's the new big thing and I've got a regular kid hankering to drive a plane. Besides," he finished bitterly. "If I've got to kill other man. I'd prefer to do it at as far a distance as possible, into that.'' Let's not go plain fruit juices. •A MY did uot a»k anything more. t* Thp.y both tried, as they had iritd from the llrtH decision, to be lomuiouplace and practical, but the iaya wont by in a strange hurried •;baos. -where there seemed to be no bitue adjustment. When Howard [)U3secl the first physical test he would be seat to Texas for train- tug, but beyond that be couldn't [ilot bis future. Nor did he try. The deau. the president and Professor Ellcrt wire-pulled and manipulated such influences as they could de-vise to gut him a commission, and be bad to go to Washington twice to see abput it. professor Ellert wont with him on one of these crips and came back snortiug with rage. "These smalt- eys, US No. 1 1 3-4 in min 90c to 1.05, fair condition 60c. PITTSBURGH: Clear 81. Arrived 9 Ga. 1 So. Car, on track 11 cars. Supplies moderate, demand slow, market about steady. Ga Vi bu baskets Hileys: US No 1 1 3.4 in min 85c to 1.00. Elbertas. US No. 1 1 3-4 in min 1.00; sixes, six-basket crates Elbertas unclassified medium, 1.75, mall 1.25; bu baskets, Elbertas US No. 1 2',i in min fair condition 1.50 to 2.00. i CINCINNATI: Clear 84. Arrived 5i Ga. on track 8 cars. Supplies moder. j ate. Ga. bu baskets US No. 1 Elber. ! ta;: Vk in min 1.75; 1 3-4 in min 1.60 to 1.75; Belles of Ga US No. 1 1 7-8 j in min 1.25, poorer lower, bu baskets Hileys US No. 1's 1 3_4 in min and i 1 7-8 in baskets Elbertas US No Is 2'/i in min 1.25 to 1.40, poorer 1.10, 2 in : min 90c to 1.00; ^ bu basket-; May- j flowers US No. I 1 3-4 in min 65.70c; : Belle of G'a US No 1 2'<i in min 75r to j 1.00, 2 in 75.90c. j CHICAGO: Clear 81. Arrived 3 Cal. 11 Ga. on track 36 cars. Supplies mod. trate, demand and trading low, jnurkc-t steady for good stock. Fa Vi bu baskets Hiluys US No. I I 7.8 in min few sales 75c and 85c, 1 3-4 in min mostly 75c, showing decay us low as 40c; Belle of Ga US No Is 1 3.4 in min 65c to 75c; showing decay 50c; 1-5.8 in showing decay few sales 40 c. bu baskets El- bertas US No. 1 2 in min few sales 1.75 to 2.00. :PINCE January 1st, Chevrolet'has produced more than hall' '*•' a million cars and trucks. Thi.s tremendous total has broken all Chevrolet records t'or'the last four years. And hero is the reason behind it: No other manufacturer has so much 'to offer as Chevrolet. Chevrolet is the only low-ipriced car to give you patented .Knee-Action, and only patented Knee-Action- gives you nhock- •proof -ateerhifi combined with the new jolt-proof gliding ride. Chevrolet alone in its field provides Pinker bodies with f/eu- 'idttK No 'Draft Ventilation —the safest and most coni'ortable bodies'built today. No low priced car but Chevrolet has safe, sure, -cable-controlled brakes, the sturdy Y-K frame, and a dozen and one other important features. Do you wonder that the trend is to Chevrolet? Let these features guide you when you buy your low-priced car. Don't accept anything less than all of them. And lot yourself be guided by Chevrolet's popularity. As everyone knows, every buyer of a product is a recommendation, and Chevrolet can sho\v you hundreds of thousands of them in only six short months! CHEVROLET MOTOR COMTANY, DETROIT, MICHIGAN Compare Chevrolet'i low delivered prices und cosy d.M.tt.C. terms A (itiieral Motors Value CHEVROLET NEW REDUCED PUSES STANDARD MODELS Sport Roadster ..................... $'46fi Couch .............................. •!').•) Coupe .............................. 485 MASTER MODELS Sport 'Roadster ..................... fi40 Coach .............................. 580 Town Sedan ........................ 615 Sedan .............................. 640 Coupe .............................. 560 Sport Coupe ........................ <,00 Sedan Delivery ...................... 600 'COMMERCIAL GAUS Commereial'Ghnssis ................ 355 Utility Long Chassis ................ 515 Dual Long Chassis .................. 535 Utility Chassis and Cab ............. 575 Dual Chassis and Cab ............... 595 Utility Long Chassis and Cab ....... 605 Dual Long Chassis and Cab ......... 625 Commercial Panel .................. 575 Special Commercial Panel .......... 595 Utility Panel ....................... 759 Dual Cab and Stake Body ........... 680 Dual Long Cab and Stake Hody ..... 740 Mow RmlutH) Amount of LIU Prlto fteducilun $25 -Ti 25 35 Mi HO '.15 '.15 .15 45 30 50 59 50 50 50 50 35 35 50 50 50 St "° '"' P"' c °* "' puwenfer cara at Flint, Mich. With bumpera, spare tire and tire look, tha list price af Standard Modtl* ,a fla additional; Master -MaJols, f20 oaaitianal. Lint prices ofconuiitrciulcaru quoted are f.a. b. Hint. Mich, Special equipment ottrH. Pt jqes subject ta cliantfa without notice. ADVEirriSLMIiNr Young Chevrolet Co.

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