Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 21, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 21, 1934
Page 3
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ocie MRS. SID HENRY Memory Bells W> Tlicre are moments of life we 1 never forget, Which brighten nnd brighten nntt time steals nwny— They give a new charm to the happiest 'of. And they shine on the gloom of the loneliest day. 'Tis swot to remember we could not forego The (.'litmus which the past o'er the present can throw Selected. Mr, and Mm. Edwin Do.wott have as house guests, Mr. Dossett' sisters Mrs. J. E. Eplin and Mr. Kplln of Houston, Texas and Mrs. Roy Causey and little daughter, Bettinn Ann of Terry, Miss. The Hope Garden club held their July meeting in the home of the president, Mrs. K. G. McHae in Brookwood.. Owing to the extreme dry weather, it was really a delight to find the McRne home so bright and festive with a variety of summer flow. ei-.s', always a joy to these flower loving women. Following the roll call and minutes of (he last meeting, the subject of the flower show was introduced and Mrs. J. A. Henry gave in detail the plan for the fall show that is being sponsored by the club, naming all committees as follows: General committee. Mrs. K. G. McRae, Mrs. J. A. Henry. Mrs. Sid Henry; Exhibit committee, Mrs. Clyde Hill! Dr. Etta f ; Champlin, Mrs. A. L. Black, Mrs. R. ' T. Briant. Mrs. A. D. Brannan, Miss Louise Knobtl and Carl Reese. Prize committee. Mrs. A. K. Hanegan and Mrs. Dorsey McRae. Hospitality com. mittfe, Mrs. E. S. Greening. Miss Mary Can-igan, Mrs. R. M. Brlant, Mrs. D. B. Thompson and Mrs. M. M| Smyth. Publicity committe, Mrs. Sid Henry, Mrs. R. B. Stanford and Miss Louise Knoljel; Phogrnm committee, Mrs. R. 'I'. White. Mrs. K. G. McRae, Mrs. J. A. Henry. Entry committee. Mrs. J. L Jamison, Mrs Thos. Brewstcr and Mrs. D. B. Thompson. Following a round table discussion on how and when to plant shrubs and flowers, the rlub adjourned to meet the third Friday in August. Each member was rc- ciiK'sted lo bring a poem on flowers, to be read before the meeting. The place of the meeting will be announced later. guaranteed RADIO SERVICE Hempatead Co. Lbr, Co. ANORES Phone 89 Mrs. W. Q. Warren is the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Clyde Yarbrough nnd Mr. Ynrbrough in Shrcveport. o—~ Miss Maggie Bell and Ike T. Bell Sr.. have returned from a few days visit with Mr. tnd Mrs. Fred Marshall in Texarkana. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Steinberg have returned to their home in Dallas after a short visit with old Hope friends. In celebration of her son Eugene's Hth birthday, Mrs. Erwin Green entertained a group of young people on Friday evening. Games und contest were enjoyed und an ice course with cake was served to the following: Pauline and Mary Katherine Brunei-, Abbie Hutchens, Gernldlne VanSickle, Dorothy Lee Boyett, Frances Simms, Richard Stanford, Wallis VanSickle and Winifred Huckabee. Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Young arc spending a few days in Clarksville and Bcntonville. Circle 5 of the W.M.S. will hold their July meeting at 4 o'clock at the country home of Mrs. Jett Williams on the Camden road. The cur committee is requested to see that all members have transposition. Mrs. R. V. Hcrndon had as guests Friday afternoon at her home on S. Main street the members of the Friday bridgl club nnd an extra table of game guests. Summer flowers adorn, ed the rooms and contract was played from three tables, with Mrs. R. D. Franklin scoring for the club and Mrs. Harry Hawthorne for the guests. Following (he game a delicious ice course was served. Friends- of Rufus Hcrndon Jr. will sympathize with him in the loss of his dot. Beans, run over by an automobile on Saturday morning. Beuns was a friendly soul and all of Main street will miss him. One Gang Girl Frese OLSON PLEADS FOR 'Continued from Pago One) GYPSY CREAM For SUNBURN Heal Rash. Ivy Poi.son, Motli Itch and other Superficial Irritations. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The REXALL Store" Hope-, Ark. Established 1885 my troubles. "I don't blame you for complaining about conditions among farmers," lie told the visitors from North Dakota's drouth stricken counties. "I have nine children to support, and I feel that food for their mouths is a greate duly than paying taxes." Olson said he had not been able to pay his own taxes for two years. The committee was headed by J. H. Miller of Bismark, one of the leaders of men on federal relief who declared a strike from their jobs several days ago. Langtr had lold them to "raise more hell" if they wanted to realize their demands p.f cash reliefs. Authorises said some Communists were member of the Farmers United League which, with the Farmers Hoi. iday Association, paraded to the slate- house. Revival Services at Bethel A. M. E. Church Rev. Willard Lcake, of Presootl, is preaching here each night and on Sunday, except Saturday night. These services arc being held at Bethel A. M. E. church. Large crowds are in attendance at each service, and the meeting will continue through the 2!). Robber crabs, natives of Christmas Island, in the Indian ocean, climb the coco-palm trees and break off the cocoanuts. They hammer in the ends of the shells with their strong claws. Only one ot tho girls who played prominent roles it) tho Dillingcr gang terror reign to remain free, Mary Kinder Is shown hero with her pot dog, at tho In- dlannpolis home of her mother nud sister. She disclaims knowledge of Dillinger's wliere- obouta or his plans nnd has given up hopo that Marry Pjer- pont, her gangster husband, •will escape death In the Ohio olectrlc chair. Joan Crawford! at Saenger Sunday "Sadie McKee" Also Features Edward Arnold, Sunday, Monday When it comes to acting ability, beauty and charm, critics and public alike are agreed thM Joan Crawford can "give it" and when il comes to Legion Team Will Play Here Sunday To Meet Nashville Independents—Storks Go to Texarkana A baseball team representing th.o American Legipn post of this city will ploy iyi independent team from Nashville Sunday afternoon at Fair Pnrk, starting a,t 3 b.'cloek. The Storks resume their regularly scheduled games in the Two States League with, a battle against Southwestern Transporters in State Line park at Texarkana. KITCHEN These Crisp, and Cool Salads Please Both Eye and Ta s te BY MARY E. DAQIJE NEA Staff Service Writer Slimmer menues cry aloud for crisp, cool salads. The eye does half the eat. ng in hot weather and so color and jcauty in food are of double value to them. Try this moulded crab meat salad vith watercress sandwiches for luncheon on the pprch some hot no.on. Moulded Crob.Meat Salad Two clips flaked crab-meat, 3-4 teas. )oonful diced celery, 2 tablespoonfuls shredded green pepper, l-?4 teaspoon, "ul onion juice, 1.2 cup mayonnaise, -2 tcaspoonful salt, 4 tablespoons lime nice, 2 tablespoons vinegar, 1 table- •poon granulated gelatin, 4 tablespoons cold water, 4 tablespoons boiling water. Soften gelatin in cold water for five minutes and dissolve it in boiling water. Add lime juice, vinegar, salt, onion Mrs. Insuil Arrives to Aid Husband •tf!%;v< £- ^'-jy» %r:%y*ffi$$ffl%$ >' , " l *' 7 1 r V ! * PAGE tSfil HES OUR LADY OJF aO.QD HOPE Ninth Sunday After Pentecost 8:00—Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Discourse: "The Merciful Jesus and the Penitent Magdalene." 9:15—Study "Our Sunday Visitor." 6:30—Bible Stories. 7:30—Benediction with the Most Blessed Sacrament. A two weeks' religious vacation school will open on Monday morning. Calechism. Bible stories, Catholic practices will be studied. • - — —•>••-*. -- CHURCH OF CHRIST Services for Sunday are as follows: 10:00 a. m.— Bible Study. 11:00 a. m.— Preaching. The subject will be "How to Build Up- the Church." 7:00 p. m.— Young Peoples; meeting. 8:00 p. m. — Preaching. Subject, "Growth in Christ." Gilbert Copeland doing the preaching. FIRST BAPTIST . , , , juice, crab meat, celery, green pepper and mayonniase. Turn into a ring mold and let stand on ice until chilled and firm. Unmold and garnish with mayonnaise cucumber sticks and rad_ ishcs. Lime juice is suggested instead She once commanded private yachts but it \yas in a modest $12Q tourist class cabin that -Mrs. Samuel lusull, wife of'the indicted Chicago utilities magnate, arrived in New York from a 2G-month stay in Europe. Pictured with her son Samuel, Jr., who greeted her, Mrs. Insull told reporters sho "believed implicitly in her husband's HARRY AYSON Badger Beauties' Boat Interest Spurred by Handsome Coach CHICAGO.—They have hung up the "No Classes" shingle for the summer ishes. Lime juice is suggested instead at , he University of Wisconsin, but of lemon juice and the flavor of lime tha( doesn , t u an inlel . eslinB story . is parlicularly delicious wilh crab- meal. If limes are not to be had, lemon juice may be substituted of course. Ham Salad Two cups finely chopped, but not ground cold boiled or baked ham, 1.2 cup shredded new cabbage 1 shreded green pepper, 1 package lemon flavored gelatin, 3_4 cup boiling water, 1-2 cup cold water, 1 cup mayonnaise spoil an interesting story. It has to do with rowing on Lake Mendola among Ihe various sororily crews. You see, the Madison institution dropped out of the big time in men's sweep swinging, owing to finances, but until Mike Murphy's recent resignation from his head coaching position there was healed competition among the girls. • •-•---, - —,r ----„ -.--—_-. i among me gins. Poul boiling water over gelatin and I No rewer than m oi the fair ones when dissolved add cold water. Let L^ orgqni2cd into ^ boatloads by cool and add ham, cabbage and green Murphy and Ralph Hunn, who was nnnnot* IVl i V \\7f>i 1 eir»rt frvlH in m*iirnr»_ .. " . - . _ _ NOW Double. Program HOB STEELK 'HHFMD OF THE BORDER' Chapter 1 New Serial RIN-TIN-TIN Jr. "THE WOLF I)O<i" WAHNKU BAXTER "SUCH WOMEN ARE DANGEROUS" Let's go to I he cool— SUNDAY & MONDAY She had too much beauty for men to resist! as you desire her ... in a role more g I a m orous and brilliant than her Dancing Lady!" She rose from calicos t<> silks, with men as the stepping-stones! lllcKee T.KNE RAYMOND HOWARD ARNOLD KSTHEH RALSTON —SHORTS— lietty Hoop Cartoon Paramount Nexvs pepper. Mix well and fold in mayon- aise. Turn into a brick shaped mold and let stand on ice for several hours to chill and become firm. Unmold and serve in a bid of leltucc With a garnish of dill pickle strips and mayonnaise. This salad can be varied in many ways. Ad celery and grape fruit pulp in the place of cabbage. Green pepper adds a refreshing touch of green as well as a tang that is pleasant with both combinations. You may want to udd two or three teaspoonfuls of vinegar, reducing the amount of cold water that much. ing. I suppose he is going to do all this lige slopping on Ihree anls. "I shall ignore any. ouster order , . yarsity coxswain for Uvo years. l\lur- phy and Hunn cooked up the plan of a sorority championship, and set Ihe day on Lake Mendota. •There was much excitement. Male students with no more interest in rowing than members of bald-plated row at the burleycue flocked to the shore to see the co-eds in abbreviated coslumes. The girls watched Murphy, who is more than passing good looking, with evident admiration, as he called Ihe boats into line. The Badger beaulies had practiced earnestly, and had studied Ihe sport even to Ihe poinl of learning rowing slang. Cv-cds Fall for Murphy Well, they finally got the final race — -„ —,,. .--.«».,. w ~ u ~* i»\_-jj, LJJL'V miuuy gut, uie niifti race from Governor Allen and refuse to over with. Alpha Gamma Delta de- surrender the office," said Superin. • • • — tendent Reyer. "I'd like to see the law he intends to use in removing me from office," said Dislricl Attorney Stanley. "I'd fcatcd Kappa Kappa Gamma in a wildly splashing scrap. The AUpha Gamma Delias were out for a riotous celebration, so (hey marked Iheir victory with- purchases of "Soldier ----- : ----- • — *' «*M,*»*-J. *« luij wiui purcnascs oi ooicuer like to know what right he has to! Boys." A reporter asked Doris Bur- remove me from office. If he thinks dick, captain and stroke of the win' ' _....... Joan Crawford and Edward Arnold in "Sadie McKee." taking a little punishment in a screen role for the sake of realism, Joan can "take it" too. In "Sadie McKee," Sunday and Monday al the Saenger theatre, Joan is the victim of a drunken millionaire's blows in one of the picture's most gripping dramatic episodes. Edward Arnold plays the drunkard, . he can remove me, let him go to it." Allen's move against the New Orleans officials was another chapter in ning crew, whether "Soldier Boys" were whisky or gin drinks. It turned oul that they were ice cream con- the bitter political enmity existing eoctions. between stale and city authorities Rowing's popularity arnon" iht since Mayor Walmsley's Old Regular } young women of Wisconsin could be' tactiodn .delated the Long forces in I trace dlo a number of factors, but last January s municipal primary. cynical males insist the chief I'easun Mayor Wahnsley sajd over the tele-'| was Murphy. "Mike always was the most pop- ular coach on the campus," said one, "but now he ranks with the movie- stars with the sororities." Not CosmetieaUy Hampered Murphy, who at 158 pounds with Washington on a June afternoon in 1932, remains the lightest stroke who ever rowed in the historic Poughkeepsie Regatta, refused to comment on his vogue with sororities, but readily discussed rowing for women. "Girls learn much faster than men. They develop smoothness in lesstimei although, naturally, they never- get as much power. I really was impressed with their spirit. They like to row for the same reasons that men do. It's grand sport and exercise." Murphy was asked if he moderated his language when instructing the women, after 'a session with masculine crews. What did .he say when one of the girls stopped to powder her nose? "Strange as it may seem, oars-women are not cosmetically handicapped," replied the coach, "and I never curse. Why, if a coach ever cursed at me, I'd lell him lo go to ..." And Murphy turned to bawl the dickens out of a bunch of oarsmen who had disobeyed instructions. The girls rowed half a mile in clinker boats, which are slightly heavier than shells. Jusl what is going to happen to, Wisconsin's rowing with Mike Mur- The regular services of the First Baptist chuvch will begin with the Sunday school at 9:45. Preaching service in the morning is'at 10:55, and, in the evening at 8 o'clock. The B. Y. P. U. meets at 7 and all the young people who are not associated with some other group are urged to be present and take part in this training service. The evening service will be the first of the out-doors meeting and will be preceded by 15 minutes of sacred and classical music broadcast over the speaking device to be used in the services. This special program of music will starl at 7:45. The pastor will speak and Mr. Claude Taylor \yill di T rect the congregational singing. A larye chorus choir will be used in the evening service in preparation for the series of meetings to begin, a week from Sunday. phy gone is not cl,ear. Bu,t it's certain that to keep the fernmes turning out, the department of athletics will have to land a coach as handsome. Maybe it can get Clark Gabla for the job. New Beds I will take your olcf mattress rebuild it like new. All work g anteed. Seven years in the business. Home Mattress Shop * B. E-. Hatcher 115 tf. Hazd l9t DRESS Entire Stoc Cotton and Silk THE GIFT SHOP Phone 252 Shampoo, color rinse, finger wave and oil manicure all for.., $Uj£ Permanent fl.OO and up Mary's Beauty Shop Phone 28? Caiinon Apartment* FOR SALE 1931 CHEVROLET Low mileage—Exceptional Value— Like New. Hempstead Motor Co. Phone 850 207 East Cool Off Install a Shower Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical AppflanoSi Phone 259 * SALE * COOL Summer Wash Dresses. S2.95 LAPIES SPECIALTY SHOP "Excusiye But Not Expensive" ! Adding Machine Paper We Deliver Jqhnson Printing Co. Phone 31 phone from Eagle River, Wis., that "no such action was justified, or possible of accomplishment." "In response to the governor's state, ment," Walmsley said, "I may say that inasmuch as there is no occasion for the action contemplated, any action he cares to lake in the premises is en- Guaranteed Typewriter Repair Service O. W. MILLS x 218 So. Walnut '"• Photic 36 Diving Contest Sunday, July 22/3:30 p.m, Edward Arnold plays the drunkard, Urely up , o him! MeaVwh e I vv I! and in order to give his scenes the continue mv vacntinn with «,„ f,,u necessary realism, lie was instructed by both the director and Miss Craw, lord to make his blows real ones rather than love taps. As the consequence Miss Crawford wont about the "Sadie McKee" set for a number of days with honest to goodness blue murks on her eyes. TO VENT HIS SPITE (Continued from Page One) establishments in New Orleans and surrounding parishes, based o an in. i'crece that the tale militia, vvas "not contemplated." "It won't be necessary to use the militia," the governor said, after making public the letter to the New Orleans officials. He left his office Friday to drive to Now Orleans. After denouncing alleged vice and crime in Now Orleans and charging that the mayor, chief of police and continue my vacation with the full knowledge that under no provision of the constitution is any such action, jus. tificd, or possible of accomplishment.'" Shortly after being advised that the governor planned to go to New Orleans Superintendent of Police Reyer detailed a squad of eight officers to stand guard «t the doors of the district attorney's office, with instructions to permit no unauthorized entry or tampering with records. The police chief said it would be a 24-hour de. tail. '.VAHNiNCi ORDER In the Hempstead Chancery Court. H. M. Stephens .'plaintiff vs. Oda Hollomon, et al Defendants The defendants Magnalene Coker, Carrie Hollomon Russell, Lily Cpwit, Lois Hollomon Dorrah und Lola Hollomon are hereby warned to appear in this court within thirty clays and i.,t,v mi,- jtiKsvt, i.tit^i vi pouce yna i answer Ihe complaint of the plaintiff district attorney "support or permit i heroin. this vice and debauchery," the letter Witness my hand and seal as clerk "f said court on this 21st day of July, said: "Now .sirs, this state proposes to proceed against these filthy official practices and against the vice and crime. We propose to undertake the prosecution and removal of the officials responsible for the same. "Either you proceed to do your whole duty as officers of the city and of the slate at once, or stand ready for the consequences." Senator Long, in New Orleans, de- jlinecl to be interviewed, after the letter was made public, Mayor Walmsley was out of the stale, und traveling through the west by automobile. Acting Mayor A. Miles Pratt laugh, ed grimly and said: "Is that .so? Well, isn't that interst- 1934. (Seal) July 21-28, Aug. 4-11. DALE JONES, Clerk. We are Insurance Specialists who study your risks and write Insurance that checks loss at every twist aud turn. ROY ANDERSON LCD PHONE 610 HOPE, The Voice of Experience If there is one enterprise on earth that the quitter should leave alone, it is advertising. Advertising- does not jerk— it pulls. It begins gently at first, but the pull is steady. It increases day by day, year by year, until it exerts an irresistible power! —John Wanamaker. Hope m Star Don't Miss It Spectators Free RULES The contest is open to anyone that cares to enter. No entry fee will be charged. Each entry must be able to execute the following dives: Jack Knife, Forward I'/ii, the Swan and two more of his own choosing. Pool opens at 1 o'clock. ^ Contest starts at 3:30. PRIZES First Prize $5.00 Second Prize $w»UU Third Prize $1 ,00 Contestant Admitted Free COOL OFF AT The Pines Formerly Collier's Lake

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