The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 25, 1940
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT Italy Forms Key To Balkans Plans; Fuehrer Add Tlu-CTts BY TlIOMASx M. JOHNSON N'EA Service Military- Writer Pence ternis? There's n subject! Let's gaze into Die crystal bnll of the future. A linzjv swirling cloud of minor nnd propaganda, the only light a universal hopo, focused 'upon 11 points: Hitler's. Arc they Just Ms wishful thinking, put forth lo weaken allied will to war, or something lo go on? j Even. In n crystal ball, to Liberals some points imist look good: disarmament,, religious freedom, interchange of raw materials. Hc- making Europe's crazy quilt by rearranging populations is drastic, but maybe practical if conducted humanely mid honestly. I Hut in the haze appear black | rpoLs: Democratic Czechs uwler | Feudal Magyars; Foles crammed I into .straitened space with strait- i ened 1 meaiis. r The'if treatment today is no earnest, of their future in n Central Europe and Bnlknn*: mute militarily safe for a Totalitarianism .vinder which the rest of Europe would be unsafe. Africa by one point would admit German nnd Italinn Immigrants WI1.I, ALLIES THtJST ' , THE "STRONGEST MEN?" ! Such immigrants are one thiiiB. as we know, but Totalitarian are another, as their party doctrines and conduct In Africa nnd South America prove. • In' the crystal gtither clouds, arotmd this storm center: Will the allies again trust Totalitarianism; Hitler especially, but. also Mussolini nnd , Slnlln whom the Nnzls talk of •admitting to "the new order?.' 1 The- French have, talked not ot triorc'fippeasemenl, but of punishment; putting Prussians Into one compartment, nil other Oeraians ! iHo another. Poles and Czechs •vnnt no Germans at all within stronger natural frontiers — the Oder, (lie Sudeten mountains. Wllh Britain, nil agree,.,Hitler must i/u Lightning.flash rjsJIrbm Die barbed tips of some'ot;jt!ioae' II points To clear the'slothV;ahfl bring his kind or weather, Hitler cannot count, on allied confidence. He must, offer threats, such as- 1. Italy win join the war. But .Italy, for all her key position Is . mllltaiHy strong here and weak there; economically weak almost everywhere: She might Join the war—If Hitler were wlnntnc it . Jlow?. - ' Reported n-Poinl Plan Of Hitler NEWS Control disarmament On land, it a. oir Bolkon borders to be guaranteed by status quo New for Itolions in Tunjsi Foimotion of het Polish stole ofoitnd Warsaw, with port ot Gdynia, me of Doruig for Baltic trod. Cxechs, Slovaki, Hunsorla «o form tripartite atott under German dominntt^ •Oonubion tedtraHon to be formed under trol .. i '» "€ loimca uni >g^»°|No»i, Fotcist con Black Sea lljtonbiTi ALGERIA f \ LIBYA J_l_!^ <"•' Unrestricted emigration of Italians to Tunitio, Germans to Africa; Europe to establish liberty of trade, w'th breakdown of tariff barriers Germany's former colonies, most of which were in Africa; to be returned in 25 years FRENCH WEST AFRICA Proposed Donufaian Confederation 800 FRENCH EQUATORIAL AFRICA HOLD EVERYTHING [SUEZ CANAL}"*' Special treatment of Italian commerce or French Djibouti; free passage ot Sue* in 1945 ANGLO^EGYPTIAN SUDAN (British). [ ITALIAN EAST AFRICA (ETHSOPIA) Supreme Court Affirms Eviction Of Funk And, McCravJn The state .supreme court, at Little <cck affirmed a decision of the lower court today (ll (lie ouster suit of Dyess Colony, Inc.. vs s n I'Unk and A, J, McCravIn, ( W o of he colonists. In which a judgment! l.«d tei rendered in favor or the' colony, | OHIelals of th c 16.000-acre K ov- •nnmit i-eh.-ibilliatlon project in. jc-ntcd in southwest. Mississippi j County sought to evict the two I ")lonl»ts who. it. is claimed were i imams at, will and had been fouii-l j iiBsiillsfnctory. The suit follmved a .wrtes of , .vi 1 !^" 8 ,, 0 "' 1 '," 10 pn ' sl two J' ears ( in '.Uiieii Hie colony officials sought, lo evict the colonists who claimed f icy were victims of repudiated "(ilils, proflteerhns ami mhlreal- "leiit on the part, of the colony ulU-lnis. They ,|cclnre<i they were orniK clmiitQd from $80 to $100 pel- acre for land tlmt cost Hie government S2.SO per acre and they were oeliiff torced to pay sigoo for ordi- naty fnnn Jiouses worth no more than $800. At ihc time the suit was tiled, I'loyd Sharp was head of the S3- 390,250 farm rehabilitation corporation experiment which has since been taken over by the Farm Se- ciirnty Administration for opera- It is understood that McCravIn .ind Punk have continued to reside ' on their farms nt^Dycss after having made bond following their ai>- I'eal to the supreme court. Frank Barham of Oseeoln repre- s:enled Funk' and McCraven and &l«mc and Fcndler of Blythcvlllc nnd J. M. Pntre!l represented the colony owners. face totalitarian v,,l, in tho East. The eleven point „, Hu's , been Inspiration for Hitler-Mussolini conference ni Hramer Pass. c( , 2. Beating the allied blockade through Russian supplies and Balkan, after "closing the Balkans." But cfin he do It against allied armies? Perhaps, but only Mussolini can' help'him exclude "rival— and cash—allied -trade—and see 1 above. And In the World'War nnd her allies milked all ' the Sultana but Greece, also Poland and the Ukraine—and lost. ' 3. Ring In Stalin for a Totali- tarian crusade (hat might arouse class-wnr In the "pluto-deinocrn- clcs." A deadly weapon, perhaps two-edged, bringing in Japan on the wrong side. •). Show with ruthless use of nil weapons, nlr-poivcr especially, that allied sea-power, money- uowcr and man-power are helpless. ' .MUST LONDON', IMUIS HE ROMRED? The latter threat Is more .pos^Ible since the Scapa Flow raid, 'Init here again is a gnme thnt two ;can piny—n»d the British took [(Mr (urn «1 bat with the raid on Sy]/. Success of the riusslnii ntlnck on the Mamierhelm Line also bolsters this threat. But behind .lie Maimerholm Line Finnish supply lines had to be broken, cities ruined by bombing. To break (he Mcylnol Line, must the Germans :pmb London, and Paris? Tlicn ..'hat happens to Ilieir western in- cmslilai arens? And lo American public opinion? Enough to brlnii us in? -mink back lo 1017. ,,. T , llcy sny llliu ftl - t! » Drennei- Miller's face was white. • Not white now, is the crystal bnll, but black as cvii. Let's put It nway. nnd turn oa some dance music. At The Hospitals Illyllicvlllc Hospital Blllc Choate. Dell, ariinilte:! Clarence White Jr.. city, dismissed. O. D. carpenter, Texarkain dismissed. A. M. Saiujullt. Texnrkimu, dismissed. Ernest Johnson. Armorel, dismissed. Mrs, Wltifred Miller and bnbv city, dismissed. Mrs. Burks l!nrkcr, city, dismissed \Valls [|i]-i|ii(:it Doiothy Nowiln. Jlani.'a, admll- led. I ecnnnl Mayo, city, dismissed Ruby rJeFrlest. Slecle. dismissed. B. J. Ltiwler, CootiT, dismissed J. F. Gwyn, Huytl, cilsmlssed. Mre. JaiiK-s Middlinoa and bnbv city, dismissed. Memphis imtut Itospllnt Mrs. A. C. Bluyloak. city ad- Hilttcd. Orders Ethyl Firm To Abandon License System WASHINGTON, March 26. (UP) —'llic supreme court today affirmed a decision holding the Ethyl Gasoline corporation guilty of li'n- H upheld a li-trusl violation.*:, lower court decree ordering the (inn to abandon Us country wide system of licensing gasoline wholesalers. Colorado Road Patrol ,(; Sets Safety Example 'DENVER (ui j >— supervisor jo- ..i.'ph Marsh of tin; Colorado Highway Courtesy i'litrol believes tliQre is nn excuse for a serious automobile accident If a driver knows how to drive nnd stays sober. Marsh cited statistics whjph slio«'«l tlmt the 81 automobiles' of j hb said. Town Clerk, 74, Begins 49th-Year in Ofiice OKAFTON, N. H. (UP)-Grafton residents apparently have a great deal of confidence In Town clerk Fred VV. Barney, 74, for he lias begun his 49th year in the same job. His actions belle his age for he still is as spry as men many years his junior. A Graflon native, he served as station agent ir and retired on B pension. And he\ bsen a state representative, too. Pensions for Blind •The state of California pays a pension of approximately $50 n r.-ionth to each blind rcsitleril there Mrs. Arthur McLaglen handles the care of the 1000 blind persons In the slate. 11 Is reported that 75 per cent 01 all the gasoline used In the united states annually Is consumed by pussenuer vehicles. "And tlml despite the fact BETTE DAVIS Today's outstanding star, soon to appear in Warner BJOS. All THIS ANO HEAVEN TOO, has won the Redbook Award for Distinguished Contribution lo Motion Picture An. CHESTERREtD is oulstanJinjS as today's Cooler-Smoking, llellcr- Tasting, Definitely Milder cigarette. AMERICA'S 1 Chesferf/eld Js today's Definitely Milder...Cooler-Smoking Better-TastJng Cigarette Ahousands of new smokers every day are turning by choice to Chesterfields because they find everything they want in this completely pleasing and satisfying cigarette. The makers of Chester- held keep far in front w '^ 1 evc) 'y k»own means of improving their prod'<ct- You can'{buy a better cigarette. fi i 1940 IKcm fc MTI TotKCQ Co. reia me exactly wlml bnppened." Export Subsidy Next Fall Held Entirely Likely WASHINGTON, Mar. 35. (UP)_ Agriculture department officials said today tlmt there Is a -stvon" possibility" of revival next fall of a cotton export subsidy to offset decreasing purchases of American cotton. They expected British buyiii" of American cotton to continue to°decline. They have been Informed ;hough not officially of Great Brittain's Intentions to "decrease cotton inrc liases. The senate approved agriculture appropriation bill provides funds which could be used for re-estab- Ishlng a subsidy piiyment to cotton •xporters. Officials emphasized .low-ever, that no decision had been nade on the subsidy. The subsidy will be revived only If officials believe it would be effective in increasing markets for American cotton elsewhere officials mid. Evolution of "Hot Dog" Coney Island, N. Y., reports thnt a frankfurter was placed between inl?M Ce fi° f \'°" f ° V tlle nrst tilne ,",., 3 2' tht>l ; cb5 ' eralvlne the "hot As of Jan. j, 1B40i tnei . e were 24jl airports, landing fields and seaplane bases in the Uniuk States. Don't Scrafch IfchyTkin T" fS "* them to n. Instead, eel vnur mliof from their Itching,T llr S ™g >'<-f. with Black Snd While Ofat- UM",'- £ l( : an 5 e sldn with Black and White Skin Soap. Sold everywhere! 25, 13-10 Head Courier News wa, lt ads . What Diseases Bo Piles Cause? •nioiisands of .suffc-rcrs from such common compl-ilui* a .s- Headnclins, Nervousness, Constipation, Slo-iiach jiiwj Uwt Disorders, madder DIs- (.n-tance*. Heart Troubles, Dcssoiitl- m<T. and general "Tired Out"' reel- i»B, Imve fomul Iheir condition closely connected with >>j| M orsoiiif «)»'i flcctal trouble. In addiiloi.. mere is medical authority to the ettcct, (lint vectnl cllsordci-s do nol ordinarily correct themselves nm! llial (teliiyj; in securing proper tvcatinent may resuii in seiioiw coraplicatioiLs. So, if you suffer from nny of the disorders shown on above chart write today for a copy of large, illustrated Free book which will enlighten you on the serious nature of Piles and other Kectal ills, send your request, to Thornton & Minor Clinic, Suite 019, 920 McGeo St' Kansas Ci(.y,.Mo.—one of'the worldjlf largest and oldest rectal dimes;' where over 50,000 men and women nave been treated In the past 62 years without general anesthetics, radical surgery or the usual hospital experience. Your copy of Free Book will be mailed you in plain wrapper and wilhoul obligation. STONEVI'LLE RED TOP GIN TELEPHONE CABLE SPLICERS... tie together thousands of tiny copper highways for your voice. PEOPLE at work plus MONEY at work equals Arkansas telephone service Furnishing you telephone service in Arkansas requires two things... people at work, and money at work. It takes money to provide the poles, wires, switchboards, cables ... it takes people at work to mold this equipment into a telephone system for Arkansas. Busy at the job are 1,300 skilled men end women. Behind eac/i of these 1,300 telephone jobs in Arkansas is some $13,000 in telephone equipment and plant. The invested savings of thousands of people, the skill and judgment of Arkansas telephone employees, team together to furnish the best and most dependable telephone service at the lowest possible cost to the user. SOUTHVVSS7E8N B£U ISIEPHONE CO.

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