Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 21, 1934 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, July 21, 1934
Page 2
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^f^^^f^fy^^^^'*^^"^^ Star fldtt! ft*AS, flOftfii >> D«l«>«r Thy Herald, From False Report! Published every week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Ina I'' <& It Rdmer & Alex H. Washburn), at the Star building, 212-214 South .- Walnut street, Hope, Arkansas. Cv E. PALMER, President , ti. WASHBUHN, KdWor and Publisher Entered as stcond^clasa Matter at the postoffice at Hope, Arkant** Under the Act of March 3. 1S97. DdtnttUttU "^Jw ne*ts&aper is an institution developed by modern civil* teatlon to present tlw? news of the day, to foster commerce and Industry, widely circulated advertisements, and to furnish that check upon government which no coiatitution has ever been able to provide."—Col, R. R McCorrfllcfcv L L ullimiii i J " ' i n.r -.tiLiy :!!,'11 ' Jjrttan hsfe (Always Payable in Advnnceh By city can-ley, per 10c; six fflttith9jR,7$; one year J5.00. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and; Lafayette counties, $3.50 per year: elsewhere J5.00, Member of-The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitle*! to the use for repubUcation of all non-s dispatches credited to it or Hot otherwise credited In this paper and also the local news published herein. Natioaai Advertising; Representatives: Arkansas Dnilies, Inc., Memphis, Tens., SterickBhte;,New York City, Graybar Blclg.; Chicago, 111., 75 E. Wacker, Drive; Detroit, Mich., 7338 Woodward Avo.; St. Louis, Mo., Star Bldg. Charges on Tributes, Etfci Charges will be made for all tributes, cards of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers from t> deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility for the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. Your Health By DR. MORRIS F1SHBEIN ,Editor, Journal ot the American Medical ^ssopjntlon. an ,j „£ Hygola. the Health Magazine Pliysieal Education Is Way to Good i > gYOUR CHILDREN By Olive Roberts Barton Health I don't believ it is necessary for me \ to remind you how important it is to; have real physical education to be: healthful and get the most work and \ ' pleasure out of your body. i By phyjscal,education. I mean not; only calisthenics and muscular exer- j eise, but also instructions as to the i ways of health and inded everything! that relates to the body. ] As I have mentioned many times i previously, a high percentage of our, children in the public schools suffer. from defects that are easily corrected, : such as malnutrition, bad teeth, in-; fected tonsils and adeniods, defective; vision and hearing and occasionally; heart disease and tuberculosis. < Here's How to Ease 1'ain of Burns and Scalds—Baking Soda Sohitiun Is Soothing and Safe The do's and don'ts In giving first aid for painful burns and scalds are outlined by Olive Roberts Barton in (lie article below. Itst in n series on Summer Accidents. Vacation Post Cards CONFERENCE ON THE- STATE OF TT4& NATION. y, July 21, 1034 ' " ••'• • Political Announcements »»• • • '.i *~* Star Is authorized to announce the following as candidate* subject to the nctlon of the Democratic primary election August 14. 393-1. Cor State Senator (20th District) JOHN L. WILSON For Sheriff QEOJROE W. SCHOOLEY W. AUBUY LEWIS CLARENCE E. BAKER J. E. (JIM) BEARDEN County & Probate Judge H. M, STEPHENS Cmmfir & Probate Clerk KAY R. WD6WELL JOHN W. RIDODILL Tnx Assessor MRS. ISABELLE ONSTEAb R. L. (LKE) JONES C. C. (CRIT) STUART Road Overseer (Deljlonn Township) E. L. SULLIVAN L. S. MAULU1N FRED A. LUCK Peach Prices Help fhe Star gaiif/o the extent of ff.covc.ry in Southwest. Arkansas ft// filling out and wailing the wvppn. be-low at once, to "The Recovery Editor," Hope, $ta<r Hope, Ark. Your sift-nature. ?> required a.t evidence of flood fail.li; but yoiir replies will be kept strictly confidential a)><! Used only -in tabulation of Mais. Burns are the nastiest of all acci- t only pain- sweet time bows up and arms relaxed while I vou're applying and removing the - vw-3. a. own dents because ful but take their about healing. Scalds come under of course. The the best pad. dip it in ice water, spread it over your face and lie "burn" | down for ten minutes. Close your 1 i eyes, relax your body and try to. rest of for burns is prevention. But! your mind. too. Stop thinking en- K toeasesl they will happen in the oest of fam- early and take all possible proper; '"f at times, even if matches steps toward correcting them, your: hidden, boiling kfM.es art- out r A . .... .... , vnr»r>h nnrl o:.i<: IroVQ arp lillH nwnv children should benefit enormously. A physician in the Pittsburgh public Of reach, and gits keys are laid away for the summer. It is usually the unex- schools observed that the 14 and 15- P«*ed tha ^happens and the danger year_old boys and girls, over thelQl ^om f.re though not so imminent year period from 1.923 to 193 J, and;™'* perhaps, should never be clis- found that their agerave weight in- counted. d-eased five pounds and 13 ounces, . Be sure that the box of-bakwg soda and their average height increased j B right there on the kitchen shelf. two.thirds of an inch. This may be Because it is the first thing to use in taken as a general affect of the ap-1 almo£t an ^ kl " d of bum : But plication of new knowledge regarding! I g' ve an >" directions is one health and physical education. ! J ™& '« :-PP res ? on , evt f ^ m ° t f le . r ' I While the middle-aged pers..n of to- Get the doctor, or take tne child to | day breaks down becau«> of the over- 1 see him— at once. Apply Soda Solut on Remember this is merely first aid. ' Scalds and burns need a practical thing tirely if you can. If hot, concentrate on pleasant things. When you get up, smooth on a cooling foundation lotion. H you use one of the new, luxurious protective creams, thin a bit of it with cold skin tonic until the mixture is about the consistency of milk. After you've used it apply makeup. by the relocation of lights and intermediate landing fields. Speed of air transportation on the continent cf Europe is far below that of the United States. At present some of the short hauls mark up an averakt speed of as low as 35 miles per hour. An English inventor has constructed _ a strange plane incoporating radical i owe ,.. new plinciples cf flight. It can hover | j^ j PITTSBURGH: Cloudy 72. Arrived Ga. On tracks 4 cars. Supplies mod- trati.', demand moderate, market about steady. Ga. g bu baskets Hileys US No. 2in min and 1 7.8 in min 1 to 1.15; 1 3-4 in min 85c to 90c. few 1.00. 1 5-8 in min Belles Ga US No 1 1 7.8 in min 1.00, 1 3-4 in min 75c to 90c; Elbertas, US No. 1. 1 7-. in min, 1.25 to 1.40, few 1.50. bushel baskets Elbertas Us No. 1, 2.75 to 2.90 for 2'.-. in min; Hileys US No. 1 bushel baskets 2>/i in min 2.50-2.GO; 1 3.4 in min 1.G5. KANSAS CITY: Clear 91. Arriver 13 Calif, diverted 3, on track 24 cars. Truck receipts light. Supplies light, demand very slow, market dull. Ark '/a bu baskets US No 1 Fair Beautys in rai[1 f ew best 1.25, poorer c a \/., ou baskets Hileys US j a .,j in min mas u y j 25. Are YOU Better Off Than You Were Last Year? "... the simplest wqy far each of you to judge re* covery lies in the plain /acts of your own individual situation," —From President Roosevelt's mes t.9 the Amor,iC»n people, JUDO 23, /""HECK here your answers to the ^ president's own questions: "Are you beller oil' Hum you •were last year?" "Are your debts less burdensome'/" "Is your b$uk accouul secure?" "Arc your working conditions bctlerV" "Is your I'ahli in your individual future more iirmly grounded?" 6 "Have you lost any of your rights or liberty 01; consUtu- tionul freedom ol action or choice?" 1 2 3 4 YES D Q D D n D NO D P D D Name Address Occupation in the air by means of motor-driven j DENVER: Clear 83. Arrived 4 Calif. elating wings attached at right-angles , on track 11 cars. Supplies liberal, to each side of the shcdlike fuselage. demand moderate, market about steady California baxes (tints) Klbertas 85c to The record for a delayed parachute 1.00 few small as low as 75e, Htileys jump is claimed by Clem So.hn of;, boxes 1 to 1.15 for US No. 1. lugs Brooklyn. N. Y., who upon jumping U5 to 1.35. Colo flat Carmans US No. from a plane at an altitude of 18.000 1 -small to medium GOc to 75c. few feet, he opened his parachute when only 2,000 fct from the ground. SQP&1K KERK'S SUPERB LOVE STORY By Sophie Kcrr H.EUE TODAV JANE TKHHV coiiifi. lo ."Sewr j go." I Hnow. I'm not really tired. Don't work of heart, kidneys, an.i circula. j ' tion of the blood, this Pittsburgh phy- ! sician believes that the present gen. 1 eration when grown will suffer less hand, even small ones, from such breakdowns, because of the better preparation through the means of modem health educaiton. Put a teaspobnful of soda in a pint of water and then get a very clean soft cloth or piece of gauze or cotton. FJ. JUUUCJlll UCalUL cuul.dll.ull. , ' As a result of proper attention to | Wet it and dab gently on the wound, correctable defects, through the teach-; all over. It helps.to relieve pain and [ ing of good hygenic habits and by the is soothing and, safe. If there is no use of suitably organized physical! soda in the house, make a quick brew training, the adplscent of today will of strong tea for the wet applications. devlop strong musculature, a cov-or- It contains tannic acid, a newly per- dination of movement and a better j fected treatment for use in severe balanced ervous mechanism. i burn cases. Don't bandage a burn. From what we knc>w of the causes I The doctor will put on his own spec- of breakdowns in midle age, the cor. j ial dressing. tection of absessed teeth, the removal; I£ a child is scalded by hat jam (this of diseased, tonsils, and the building of ; is canning season, so please be care- greater resistance to infection must : fuU get the hot gluey me:-:s off in- inftuence favorably the incident of stantly with vvater. Then the soda- generative diseases. ; then the doctor. Watch yourself, too. dear lady, in screwing tight tops on hot jars, also in other ways. If you have a stove that is likely to blow up in your face, a tricky oven that goes out when the wind comes in .or if you burn papers in, the yard, please.do remember to use every extra bit of caution you »«s.pss. And in the laundry, watch that loose leg on thV'stb'vViinder trie boiler. Don't forget yourself or the daily hay-urds and think that the chil- . BY BRUcg CATTON The Texas Rangers aiid Their Exploits, This Book Tells the Ad V ent M res of the , d n n need to loak out for . Great Police Force With the possible exception of the; Use Gasoline Outdoors It teems to me that with the advent Ynr.k doreniiliiwl «> »l«mv her bom«- iu\vn. .M.-irUuns. nml rttprvMUta .•V.M> JACKSON «hnl »hc i-nn insikc n suci-es.i or her Hie. Amy hnd lU'di liec btfiil trlpiul until 11Q\V- AUO JACKSON b.rofce <1i» CIIKIISV- itn'iji Juiie Iinit forced upon him In Nt-vv York Jane obinlioi n !><>- Htilnii li> » real putnte. ollicc (inO noun l« ninklni: u InrKo Income. Klip ti;:« an nrtair «llli [tOfinil THOISl'K. married. In" «!.-»» ol lilm. Win;n lie nOfe'rn Ip bc.T,r me rxm-n 1 *** (if tlielr rlillU Kite onn- AIII.T t-n iitzxt* j ! "\Ve may as well," said Edgar. "I don't believe we'll get any more ginger ale or cake." He patted l Amy on the back. "Don't let old L/ane worry you—or anything else." j When they had gone, Amy went look at Nancy and s to "1 suppose 1 am, In a way. The las; time sUe was here It was different. She showed a spark of feeling about Nancy—when she tirst came in. that Is. And It amounted to the same thing, I suppose, her wanting to help provide for Nancy. small 50e, '/i bu baskets Carmans few 1.00 for plain medium. DETROIT: Clear 76. Arrived 7 Ga.. oj\ tracks 32 cars. Supplies liberal, de. mancl .moderate, market about steady. U£ No 1 Ga Hileys Mi bu baskets 2 in min 1 to 1.25, fine quality good color 1.35, 1 7.8 in min 1.15 1 3-4 in min 90c to 1.00, few good color, 1.10, 1 5-8 in min G5c to 75c some as low as 35c. ',i;bu baskets Elbertas 1 7.8 in min But tonight. In that prostitute's set-up and bragging about the found her peacefully asleep, spread- ! money she'd made, she made me pftKled on the bed. her nightgown ! siclt. And the way she leaned over wadded up nmiev ;,c.r r.rns. H«r I to me and put her hand on my arm iiovtT ID rrvenl II" n:ir- body was long and sturdy for her age. her hair soft HOSH against the . \vkc-n .America fillers ihr. W»tld W'nr UoMiiril ilvulilra to enlini In tin- nviaiion I'orpn. Amy. bean- uli'b iiver fill" liiiiu-iiriiiiir m-pnra- limi. t<< oltlltretl lo play IIOMIPMM lo a < > iinini(-iii > t > iii« 1 nl dinner parly nl \vlilcli Jane- In ii Kiuvii. Jano Icavo rnrly. The other llnciT on. NOW CO ON WITH THK STOUX CHAPTER XXVII DOAR MOREl.AND addressed his wife. "Don't pay any atten- "Amy about nillow. Amy thought of Jane In her 'golden gown wh- had been in the : room below hardly more than on hour ago, and had not asked tor the child, did not seem to reinem- It made her feel began to thinlf reminded me 01 tliat scene she made that night, before you and 1 were engaged, when she kept dold- Ing on to me and having hysterics." "Howard. Jano was In love with ber her existence, strange and she E lion to Amy. Alice." he said. wouldn't admit the truth Jane. They were always friends- downrl_ghi_ and ^ honest, at least Amy was Jane's friend. But Jano never was Amy's." "I thought that, too," said Alice. more absorbedly of Jane, recalling the days before Nancy was born, the only time sho could remember when Jane had been completely But as soon as the child was born she had j turned her back to her old self, re- I fusing to accept anything ot life what sho chose from It. Edgar Canadian Mounties, there is no police! O f gas anc l electricity we have lost or- organization on earth which carries; Binary caution about burns. The old with it so much of the aura of ro- \ c \\ l a rnps weren't much more clanger- manlic adventure as the Texas Ran.; ous than anything else, or the log tiers. ! fires, or the big coal ranges, because Here is an outfit whose past is the • th ev carried their own fears and wild west incarnate. Its records make warnings into every house. dime novelists and movie scenarists j g o car eful, too. where and how you look like amateurs; its tradition is one I use oasoline and inflammable clean- c.t toughness; and self-reliance carried | m g s 'fluids. The open air is the only j to the nth-power. | £afe p ] ace . AH this being true, you'll be glad j -cg^m ,j o i Eee any use in borrow- to hear that '"The Gentlemen in the ' - ma trou t,] e 01 - hugging obsessions. But White Hats," by C. L. De-uglas, re- ! u ° s in summer that we usually thumb viws the whole history of the organ. 1 or noses at the Fire God. A bit of ization and plates innumerable tall obsess i on j n the fire manner is a good tales about its members exploits. i tn j , for everybody. 'I'he Rangers got their start while, the Lone Star state was independent.! .Th&y fought Mexican soldiers and they fought Indians; l^ter after the state had entered the Union, they devoted themselves chiefly to the Indians, especially the Commanches. It •was a Hanger captain who remarked that a repeating rifle was the finest SS" , known implement for cultivating a f^:?^ D V Ajj r j a L| ar f p/ new lad. i SJ^ f«* * /»HtlO nalt ^ Then came the day of the western' va^—^t- "'" _> i*"* bad man, after the Civil war—the . movie hard guy who killed for the' Bank en Frequent Home Facials lo fun of it (one suph slew a hotel guest "'"" "» v "'' r ADnearaiiL-t- because his snoring annoyed him> and who made such later-day thugs as Barrow look almost innocent. Amy. will yon, but 1 thought she was, doing her best tp^yump How- j ard 'and' that-was 'why she'went home so soon. 1 mean because she didn't get anywhere with him. But that was a divine dress she had on and I was crazy about her clgaret holder. 1 wish you'd get ona lor mo. Rdsar." "Yon stick to cake, baby. It looks better In your dimpled hand than a clgaret holder. The reason Janie went homo so soon wasn't entirely because Howard didn't play up. Slia couldn't benr to see looking so handsome anfl and being tliR center-of attraction to Amy rallied her attention to re- 1 think she's in love wll.h you People In love are bound to "You won't mind my paying so. I ha( , sald , that Howard was afraid of Jano. "But I'm inot," thought Amy. "I was afraid lot u«r when I thought slia nilglit try to take Nancy back, but I'm not afraid now. I'm sorry for her. And how sho would hate that! Poor Jane!" S HR heard Howard on tho walk outside and hurried down In tlmo to meet him at the door. "You came back GO early!" "1 bated to be away from you a minute more than I had to. I asked Kllert to excuse me. Ho didn't really need me. He only wanted an attentive ear. He'a lonely. I hope everyone's gone." "Bdgar and Alice stayed a while. We sat out in the garden. Let's go back there." The quiet cool dark was waiting l.icii»iivtu. mi Liiat.^ 1113»».-; i »j in t. i «»*- t put tliankB for the kind ^ords j for them and^thoy^down^and GLORIFYING YOURSELF ply. I look handsome and I happy, and was 1 the center ot attraction? All that's news to me. you. still, do wild tilings." • • • • 44T'VE told you a thousand times that Jano was never really In lovo with me. or anyone except herself. I merely happened to be around, so she worked up a situation with herself as prlma donna." "No, you're not fair to Jn.ne. neally, you're not" "All right, let that go. There's no reason In raking up old scores. It's not my main count against her. What;l can't stomacii Is uer callousness about Nancy and her damned self-assurance. Here she Is, a woman who's had n shady affair, borne a child and discarded It, and expects to be treated as if she'd done nothing out of the way. Gnd itnows 1 don't want to set myself to judge her, but I can't help It. I think she's brazen and I think she's dangerous. And the one thing I can never quite understand about you, darling angel, Is that you accept her as If she was just the same sort as yourself. Honestly, I don't see how you can. 'I suppose It's because you have known her ever since you were children, that creates a sort ot unchanging background—" "GOBS" of Ice Cream 5c Made-Rite Ice Cream Pint 15c Briant's Drug Store fair ciuulity and condition 3.00. Ala Hilcys bu baskets 2 in min 1.75 to 2.00, l .'1-4 in min 1.25 to 1.50. ST LOUIS: Clear 88. Arrived 2 Calif G Ga, on truck 15 cars. Supplies moderate, demand moderate, market is .slightly weaker. Ark >/4 bu baskets F'air Beauties 2 in min 1.10 to 1.25, mixed varieties, yellow aud white freestone good quality 2 in and 1 3.4 in min 1.25 and 1.50. Ga US No 1 El- bertas bushel baskets 2'A in min 2.25 to 2.50, Vi bu baskets 2 in and 2'A in min 1.15 to 1.25, .2 in min few sales i!.00 ber bu. Vi bu basket 2 in min 1.15 to 1.25. 1 3.4 in min 90c to 1.05. mostly 90c showing decay •HJ-lSc. NOTICE OF SALK NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That the undersigned us Special Master of the District Cpurt of the United States for the Texarkana Division of the Western Dislvicl of Arkansas, nctins under and by virtue of the authority of a certain decree rendered by tbb court on the 2Cth clay of June, 1934, in :i cause pending wherein The Buckeye Cotton Oil Company is the complainant and J. P. Robins, Administrator of the Estate of A. J. Robins, deceased, J. P. Robins, Ava Crenshaw, E. U. Robins, Exie Goocl- lett. Lillian Robins. Nora Carrigati «nd Harrie L. Robins are \hc defendants, will on the 25th day of August. 1934, between the hours of 9 a. m. anil 3 p. m. at the front door of the courthouse in Washington, county seat of Hempstead County. Arkansas, offer for stile to (he highest bidder the following described real estate situated in Hempstcnd County. Arkansas, to-wit: All of Block Ten (10), Town of Oziin, Hempstead County. Arkansas, being situated in Section Thirty (30), Township Ten <UI< South, Range Twenty-five (25) West, together with the following personal property: One 3-80 suw Gullett Gin iind » Piiirbanks-Morse Engine, all buildings, machinery and improvements. The purchaser «t said sale will be required to execute a bond with surety thereon to be approved by the J^a-s- ter and u lien on said properly shaU be retained to secure the payment o.f the bond thus given for the purchase inone.v bid at such sale. Suid sale is to be made for the purpose of satisfying the judgment in the above entitled cause, and is made subject to the confirmation of the court. BERT B. LAREY, Special Master. July 21 -28; Aug. 4-11. in hand. "Did asked Amy. Alice.. I tell you again, pay no attention to Edgar wben he inlks scandal about Jane, and Imputes I motives and Imagines things, rihc in hit him with a baseball urn onrv j man a sleepless night besides. He's and 1'ls masculine pride recovered. I tliiul; lie's her." "1 think Howard's afraid of hur. said Kdgar. "and well be may IH Jane's an unscrupulous 'No. 1 knew It would Involve me a lot of talk, aud cost tba old a sleepless night besides. He's fi.-is never j fond of me. He likes to have me ilnncl of'around. It's going to upset him a j yond bit. It can wait until tomor- or next day, after you and I "1 didn't know you strongly about Jane. 1 A Girls who put aside thick creams nd lotions, substituting liquid clean- 4^JVUU tmilww »w"«* *»••»»«»*,• .•...— — — ---. ] j I • The Rangers handled them, eventually , ."^, soap and water and skin tonics _•«. t+tr <»»•« fj —• , . • ,i rfit.i* r-,-,f.i-t t t-ic- c-n/'ii i Iff cleaned them out. during the summer months, should .MY wished they would stoy talking. She wished llicy would go. She bad felt June's antagonism when she was leaving, but it could not touch her. U did not matter. Tomorrow was so near, wben sbe and Howard—she forced : The Ran.j «ive tLnlves.nccasional refresh- away .from that lierself very r A homo facial. A iimpk- compltx- invade{i Mexico, on various occa. si'ons, and, broke up border cattle- 1 ion IK raiding gang* whom the U. S. Army f-on,-jl couddn't touch. And now, because but ke Texas is peaceful, the Bangers' great, and ro fiat day is over. But they are still a you h;i ivvo-fisted, hard riding force, proud of ;md ^ tr'-ir past ' ! you II look. This book is published by the South-j First of all. clean ft.ce and neck W*. Press and cost |2. | ^ ^^"^'f ^ ™^ aunt not only improves p(;r- arance as well as morale the skin irom getting dry . Try one the next tirnf.- M wry special dinner date io'.v much /nore charming Airplanes are ra c-^m in carrying " replacing clog ward and outward movements and north of Can.: then, with a thick cotton pad that you line. north transcontinental railway i can make I tonic-. Remember cold skin siiiai't." sbe said ^eari:;. "I'm gla4 she's looking after Mias Kostt's al- fairs. She's got a good head for business. Miss Rosa's uot been up to iimcu siuce sbe was sick in the spring." "You're tired, aud no wonder." said Edgar suddenly. "We'll run aloag. H was a swell dinner, Amy. and we were proud to be amoog those p-eseiu." "t was proud lo have you. but don't thank me for the dinner. That row. have decided." The weight of the coming tomorrow tell on them and their bauds uyld closer. Amy tried to evade it. "liveryoue seemed to enjoy tho dinner," she said. "We got a lot of credit we didu't really deserve." "It was funny when Barney tasted the wine and cocked his eye at us. He was wondering what a poor young assistant professor was doing witb that vintage. And. ob, Amy, you looked so marvelous. 1 couldn't think about anything else but you. You, in tbat dress, all white and slim, like tba day we were married. I wauled to shout out loud how much I loved you. I don't know bow or wliat 1 talked.- 1 simply blithering, I know that. And all the time tbat loathsome Jane ha stopped, but be bad said bor name as If Indeed he loathed her. "Edgar says you're fifi'ald of felt so wouldn't have asked her tonight. It just happened, as I told you. And It's queer, I was thinking tonight wben 1 looked at Nancy asleep, and Bhe looked so darling—that Jane had been here—that no one knew except you and me—and that here, wltli her own child so near to her, not »ven to ask—but Jane's like that. 3Ua can't change." "And then again about Nancy, She's a dear child, I love ber My Position on the Salary Act There has been u'good i]&\\ said about a county salary act. I want the people to know how I stand on tbis auction. Two years ago tlpe Hopipstcad Count]' Taxpayers' League recommended the salaries of the various county officers, bug-inning' August 1, 10JV2. 1 signed op and agreed to abide by this salary schedule, and have lived up to my agreement. Under this schedule, the salary of the assessor was fixed at $1800.00 a year, with $300.00 for necessary traveling expenses, which amounts, in all to $175.00 a month; and this is all I have drawn since August 1. 1932. Under the law the assessor's salary is fixed at $3000.00 a year, or $250.00 a month with expenses, and I could have drawn that amount, but I have lived up to my agreement and have drawn only $150.00 a month salary and $25.00 a month for traveling expenses, or $175.00 a month in all. ; dl un com an.... u ^^ keep your el- f»" *•« ' more than I ever can tell you—but she Isn't our own. Tin going to this war, 1 don't know what will happen. But bore you are with this responsibility and—there won't be much money. Well, we won't milt about it now. That can all wait." There was a Ions silence. Howard moved Ills cuair to put his arm around Amy'o shoulders, she leaned against him »u d tue x fclt tbe piteous comfort of touching bodies, warm and quick with tenderness for each other. •fit's true—about Naucy," said Amy after a while. "1 lova her, too. you know It. but she's not our own. Howard. I waul a child uf our own." , (Copyright. 1934. by feoyMa Kt-rO . (To Bo CoiitiuucU.) Under this .salary schedule as recommended by the League, the county clerk's salary was fixed at $1800.00 a year, with a salary of $1200.00 a year for his deputy, and $:H)0.00 additional as long as he is required to make the tax books. It is my understanding that the Taxpayers' League met recently and adopted the same schedule as was adopted in 1982, and that this League proposes to initiate an act fixing the salaries of the county officers according to the 1932 schedule. I ain willing and hereby agree, if I am elected clerk, to abide by said salary schedule an,d will only accept $1800.00 a year salary, with $800.00 additional as long as I am required to make the tax books, and that my deputy will receive $1200.00 a year, and this is all the salary I will accept, regardless of whether said act is initiated and adopted or not. John Ridgdill -"•Vv Candidate for County and. Probate Clerk '*>

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