Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 20, 1934 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 20, 1934
Page 6
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RWRfSBf J^W-VT'' . J 52TX 1 - 1 ' •' ' v i«rf'-? t V >AC$ St£ •TTilMi i iigin .••.•••i—i Second Period of Weevils to Begin Arkansas Expert Estimates Critical Moment Is Approaching Dwight Isely. associate entomologist, UnlVErsitj- of Arkansas, sends the following information to Frank R. Stanley, tounty agent of timely importance now relative to boll weevil and COUori leaf worm: . "t would expect the second period of infestation to begin son. Perhaps h Is already in progress in the most southern counties. It is during this sttonA period (that is the infestation Mused'by weevils which mature this year) when heavy injury really begins. "In the years when I was doing cotton dusting, 1 got my biggest returns 'from dusting during the last two weeks in July .that is. against wevils which are matured that season. The period of injury of the <jver-winter weevils, which begins when cotton starts squaring, is usually short. "Of course, if it is extensive, some good may be gained by dusting. But at that time the plants are smal and if hot dry weather follows the threatened outbreak may not materialize. As a result early dusting often fails to show returns. However, If an out- fcre*k is underway, by the middle of July the plants are larger and hot Mother will not stop a weevil out- briak as abruptly. If Arkansas as a •whole is having the hot dry weather that we are having here, I would not fctpect the weevil injury to be very great. On the other hand, rains can make it a big weevil year. We are approaching the critical period now. , l? We usually have a first report of cottdn worm occurrence in Arkansas between July 15 and 20. I have a fetter from Profesor, Harned, in charge of Cotton Insect Infestations in the Bureau of Entomology, that two generations of cotton worms had been observed in southeastern Texas." HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Friday, July 20. 1984 Enemies Blamed for Moral Probe Allen and Marsh Charge Frameup by Dissatisfied Movie Actors Weekly Sunday School Lesson Test Proves Bowl Ideal Spot for Stratosphere Hop LOS ANGELES. Calif. torne.vs for Dave Allen -(/P)— Aland Gloria Vl'l l*c» o •*-" .j-.. • — Marsh, charged with participation with June DeLong in an immoral party last April 26, began in earnest Wednesday their efforts to prove Allen was "framed" by enemies who sought to oust him as head of the Central Castings Corporation, which directs the employment of Hollywood's 17,000 film extras. Jerry Geisler, representing Allen, Elijah Hears God's Voice Text: 1 Kings 19:9-18 Tito Intcrnatlon Uniform Sunday School Lesson for July 22 BY WILLIAM E. GILROY, D.D. Editor of Advance It is a strange and parndaxial fact, but ofttimes the hour of victory is the hour of danger. Apparent triumph frequently carries a sting. Remember the warning of St. Paul that thoso who were standing take heed lest they fall. Elijah, in his zeal for the cause of what he believed to be true and pure religion, had achieved a great victory over Jezebel and the prophets of Baal. ney Matthews, chief special inspector for the district attorney's office. Matthews tcld of an interview he had had with Pat Harmon, motion picture "heavy" and one of the state's chief witnesses against Marsh. Allen and Miss Adding Machine Paper We Deliver Johnson Printing Co. Phone 31 New Beds For Old I will take your old mattress and rebuild it like new. All work guaranteed. Seven years in the business. Home Mattress Shop B. E. Hatcher 115 N. Hazel St. The witness said he called Harman to his office Apr!.' 30 in connection with a complaint made against the actor by Allen. "I asked him what the trouble was out there in Hollywood," Matthews testified, "and he told me he had been in the movie business for many years and was not getting the work to which he was entitled. He blaved Al. len for this. "He told me several days previously he had called on Allen at his office and Allen refused to see him. Later, he told me, he was standing on the sidewalk in front of the office, when two of Allen's associates came by. "He admited to me that he asked them if they were 'plug uglies' for Allen and if they were, his car was just around the corner, and that his 'old equalizer' was in it." Harman previously had denied from the witness stand that he had made any such statement concerning an old ''equalizer" meaning pistol or that he had discussed such a statement with Matthews, Detective Lieut. Kobert L. Griffin testified that Miss DeLong had intimated to him the possibility of a "frame up." Griffin, one of the policemen who visited Miss DeLong's apartment the night of the ajleged immoral party there, quoted the flaxen haired film extra as having told him she had dis- cused with Pat Harman and Pearl Ownings, both of whom have appeared at slat's witnesses, the possibility of "getting Allen to her apartment." Farm Problem Solved The elder Dillinger has been offered $500 a week to appear in vaudeville. Conditions seem to have reached a pass where the only thing a farmer can raise as a profit is a scalawag Guaranteed Typewriter Repair Service O. W. MILLS 218 So. Walnut Phone 36 When a male scorpin finds the mate of his choice, he takes no chances of losing her. He holds her by the "hand" while building the home. Early tradition in many different lands declares that the human race spring from the roots of the ash tree more complete, and yet we wind him broken-spirited and discouraged, seeking refuge from the elements and from his felow man in a cave. There was no moral collapse, such as comes to men at times when they have worn themselves out with their zeal even in a moral cause. The depression that Elijah suffered was spiritual, and it did not, apparently, affect his own relationship with God. He was still strong in his own faith and in his own determination to follow the right, but in the intense reaction, when probably his physical strength had been spent, he was un able to set the proper value upon things. He thought of himself as the only true prophet of God left, and he saw his own life betrayed an dendangered. It was undler these circumstances that the voice of the Lord came to him in the cave, telling him to go forth and stand before the Lord. If there is .any vision that can come to strengthen and hearten a man, heis more likely to get it standing upon a mountain than hiding in a cave. It was not long before Elijah had a tremendous vision. A great wjnd- storm rent the mountains arid broko the rocks, and after the wind thero came a great earthquake, and afttr the earthquake there was a fire, but not in hte wind, earthquake or fire did Elijah hear the voice of the Lord although he felt his presence. But after all thes manifestations came a still small voice inquiring concerning Elijah's trouble, giving him i commision to fulfill, that he should anoint new kings over Syria and Is. real and Elisha as a prophet in his place. Then came also, the mild rebuke of the still voice, reminding Elijah hat there were still 7000 in Isreal who lad not bowed the knee to Baal. Elijah might have been saved this gloomy and desperate experience if ic had only been able to see these 7000 faithful saints. How often we make similar misappraisals of the forces of right that surround us! Either when victory triumps or in victory over wrong and we are weak- SATURDAY SPECIALS Wisdom of selection of the natural.bowl In the Blntfk Hills of South Dakota for the flight Take-off was prored when MaJ. W. B. Kepncr and Capt. Orville Anderson ascended In So-cubic foot arm, balloon, ihown here, to teat air currents The 37-mlnu e 0 B ht «£• a success Tho ground crew Is shown at the ropes as the gas bag was inflated for the trial. Mrs. M. L. Stuart and son Donald of Hot Springs visited relatives hero Wednesday. Miss Frances Stuart of Hot Springs ir spending a week with friends and relatives here. Miss Dee Holt is spending a few days with friends In Hot Springs. Mrs. May Thompson returned home at Highland Thursday after spending several days with relatives here. John Coolcy of Weaver Texas is visiting relatives here now. Tom Stunrt. nnd son John Willlam of Durant, Okla., are visiting here this week. Several from here heard the candidates spcnk nt Bingen Wednesday. W. T. Coolcy was a business visitor to Blngcn Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. L. M, Woods and Junior visited relatives in McCaskill on Thursday. Mrs. Henry Edmonton of Nashville visted hero Thursday. J. H. Coker was a busness vslor to Arnty Monday. Our county roads nrc hcng worked up n good shape at ths wring. Judge H. M. Stephens was a business visitor here Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Hnrper of Oklahoma are visiting relatives here. Mclvin Smith of the blackland was a Tokio visitor last Saturday. Several from here attended the revival at Bingcn Saturday night. We are needing rain very badly and crops nrc already cut fully thrcc- fourlhs. C. M. Coolcy was a business visilor to Nashville Saturday. ' Mr. and Mrs. Walter Winxort and children of Bacahomn, Texas arc vis j King relatives here now. _ ^ ^' Mr. and Mrs. John wrilutsoh of Oznn are visiting relatives here. Mr. nnd Mrs. G. C. Theoboll of Pump Springs visited Mr. nnd Mrs. C, M. Coolcy hero Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Coolcy of Pleasant Home visited here Sunday. Order In the Court A burglar's wife wns being vigorously examined by the county attorney. "Madam, you nrc the wife o( this prisoner?" , "Yes." , . ' "You knew he wan n burglar when you married him." "Yes." • ." May I ask you how you came,, to marry such nn individual?" < "You may," snapped the witness.' 'You sec I was Retting old and I had, n choose between a burglar and w awyer." Chevrolet Sales Best Since 1929 SUGAR CLOTH BAG 10 Ibs. 53c CORN FLAKES-package 7c TOMATOES-Full No. 2 can 8c GREEN BEANS-3 No. 2 cans 1 9c GRAHAM CRACKERS . ened by the struggle, it is the tempters way to whisper to us that the | cause of truth and right is not as' strong as we had suppored it to be, j What is the cure for thees moods of depression? There are two cures. One is to get out of the cave of one's own depressed spirit. This was the way of the psalmist who com. muned with his soul, saying, "Why, art thou cast down?" Why art trou disquieted within me?" | The other way is to get in the mountain vision, where God can reveal Himself to us and where we can find new hope in Him. Greatest June in 5 Years —Best Single Month Since 1931 World production of Chevrolet cars during the month of June totaled 98,147 units, making the company's production for the first six months of this year 525,093 units or nearly 50 per cent greater than the first half ol 1933, according to an annouhcemenl made by the officials of the Chevrolet Mootr company. Despite this obviously high production for the first half of 1934, there is still a shortage of Chevrolet cars in the field, officials stated. During the month of June more than a dozei solid trainload shipments were moyec into as many key cities in various parts of the country in an effort to catch up on unfilled orders. Plans call for duplicating these shipment in additional cities during July. . Chevrolet's production maintained : steady pace during the early part o July. Figures released by companj officials today showed that domesti and export production for the week ending July 11 tolalcd 23,089 unils, . better daily average than was achicv ed ih June. Chevrolet's record-breaking sale continued their advance in June, shattering all monthly records since May 1931, and achieving the highest June total since 1929, officials of the Chevrolet Motor company announced. Retail sales for the month, as compiled from dealers' reports, were the basis of the announcement. Murder Warrant for Oklahoma Boy Formal Charge Filed in Maternity Death of Marian Mills NORMAN,. Okla. -(/P)-A murder varrant Intensified the hunt Wednesday night for Neal Myers, panicky college boy who fled the scene of Vlarian Mill's tragic death. ''We may have some information .shortly as to the whereabouts of Nea Myers," said County. Attorney Pau Updegraff as he filed the murder charge eight days after the death o Miss Mills, 20, University of Oklahoma beauty queen, allegedly the victim o an illegal attempt to prevent mother hood., . Rumors were that Myers had been seen in Brownsville and across the in ternational boundary in Mntamoros Mexico. Sweet Home Hot Summer Needs Cool Laxative In ttli< fiot wrlllltr, nt.c thM fool UtJtivu ' th.l ictinlly rffruli" «nd n""" upwtJ. «•' (••itn-i-mini. <bc tMi'iom mint t 1 "" B'! m I.Kitiv*. All you IHtr l» llj d«l flivotl ind ml von »w«ltow i« imitive innr«di«nt (hit doctors r tib». And htrausc you ,|,t flow of V.«nctfi««l "li»» i»> lil>d. »nd ihf l.xiHvr i» dlitribut Ihtoiinhout ill' inttJlin" >° B' Rtnllt bin thorough »ction. 1J aeroui, «o lodiy " ihtful mint If ta*ttl»* jularly pr»- pcn-t-mtnt, • n ii. stinvi' . I uniformly r natural, iy hrdulft , din- aeroui, «o loiy «f • • ----- •;••-, "liy thft«, wilh non-habit lormmj Peftvu-mint. 3 Packages SUPER SUDS 25C 1 Package PALMQL1VE BEADS faw ** %^ or SOAP-6 Large Bars 25c EGGS-GuaranteedFresh-Doz. 20c Fresh Turnips and Tops LarEe „.»..* 10c Werners and Bologna-Lb. 10c PORK STEAK, nice, lean-Lb. 15c CHEESE, Full Cream-Lb. 18c Dressed Hens and Fryers PORK ROAST-Lb. t4lc DRY SALT JOWI£-Lb 7c BACON SQUARES-Lb. 15c BABY BEEF Roast, Ib 7c STEAKS Stew Ib 5c Round, Ib 12?c Ground for LOAr, Lb Jig Home HOBBS-:- Home Operated 250 Miles of Air Beacons in State I 13 Rotating Beacons on Line Between Texar- , kana and Memphis Every night in the State of Arkansas lights on more than 250 miles of Federal airways flash on to guide airmen safely on their journeys. These lights, established by the Bureau of Air Commerce of the Department of Commerce as a part of the federal ystem which extends into nearly every section of the country, consist of .3 airways rotating beacons at 10 to 5-mile intervals to outline the roules, and boundary lights at the 4 Department of Commerce intermediate land- ng fields which, in conjunction with other airports, are spaced 40 to 50 miles apart. This state is served by the Dallas- Louisville lighted airway. The New Orleans-St. Louis airway which is now being surveyed will go through the extreme northeastern part of Arkansas, adding about 34 miles to the lotal airway mileage in the state. As a part of the Federal Airways System in Arkansas, the Bureau of Air Commerce maintains a radio communication station at Little Rock for the broadcast of weather information to aircraft in flight and to airports not located on the airways. Also there are radio range beacons at Little Rock and Texarkana which provide directive signals to mark the courses for airmen flying while visibility is poor. .There are two teletypewriter stations in the state at Little Rock and Texarkana which are connected by leased wires for the i collection and transmission of aero- I nautical weather reports to the air! ports and the radio stations for broadcast. Department of Commerce intermediate landing fields for the emergency use of all pilots flying in Arkansas are available at Prescott, Malvern. Hazen and Forrest City. These fields are conditioned for the operation of aircraft, marked for day identification and are boundary lighted for night use. Caretakers are employed to sec that the fields are always in proper condition. In Brazil, poisonous snakes are hauled by railroads free of charge. A national law requires that all poisonous snakes captured be sent to the snake farm at Sao Paulo, where their venom is extracted for use as snake-bite serum. The Rhine is the switest of all important rivers. Its current ranges from six to forty miles an hour. Last Thursday Myers, 21, a pharmacj student, abandoned his car in Hous ton, Texas and fled on foot. Two day earlier he had frantically summoned a doctor to a little duplex apartment here. When the attending physician arrived, he foud Miss Mills on a bed dead and Myers gone.' Ih thi murder charge young Myers was accused of ''an attempt to com. mit abortion by means of certain implements, to your informant unknown," and by the "use of certain medicines." Authorities have been told by Mrs. Hazel Brown, 39, fraternity house cook and student confidante, who owned the apartment where the death occurred, that Myers and Miss Mills had ben there for more than a day, at. tempting to prevent maternity by the use of a "quack remedy". Rev. Fred Arnold of Prescott filled nis regular apointment here Sunday | light. . i Mrs. Horace Pyc and sons Leon ana Billic spent the week end with herj parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Nolen n the Bethel Community. I Mrs. Luther Burns and little daughter, Dorothy Jean, of Little Rock were | guests of her parents here last week. Miss Gladys McDougald of Washing, ton, D. C. lias arrived for a visit here wilh her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. • McDougaid. • | Several from hcrce atlcnded the church services »t Pleasant Hill Sunday. Bro. C. C. Merrill of Blcvins closed his revival Ihere Sunday- night. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Spears of Hope | were here Sunday and attended services at the church. j Lynn Single of Gladewatcr, Texas, spent two days here last week with relatives nnd friends. I Mr. and Mrs. Sweeney Copeland, nnd little son of Hope attended the all- I day services at Pleasant Hill Sunday Friends of Mrs. Will Campbell will be glad to learn that she is again at home and seems to be greatly improv- ' cd. She had as her guests Monday 1 Mrs. M. H. Montgomery, Mrs. Will Spears and daughter, Betty Joe, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Huskey, Mrs. J. R. Huskey. Mis Inez and Harold Huskey. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Huskey and daughters Marjorlc and Patricia were ( Sunday afternoon guests of Mr. and, Mrs. Hamp Vaughan. . | Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Carman wer the week end guests of her sister, Mrs. Bert Carman. Harry Morton and daughters Mary j and Martha were shopping in Pros-' cott Tuesday. I L. Recce McDougald is here visiting his parents and other relatives . I ALL OVER THE WORLD LEMON S—Dozen FRESH GREEN BEANS—2 Lbs LIME S—Dozen LETTUCE—Nice Crisp Heads SPINACH—Fresh and Tender—Lb. CABBAGE, Colorado Green—Lb. CELERY—Large Stalk ORANGES, Thin Skin—Dozen . 23c . 25c 12c 5c -.-7'/zC ...4'/ 2 c -12'/ 2 c 29c BOG O' SWEET SUGAR-Cloth Bag 51 c COUNTRY CLUB COFFEE—Lb Avalon MATCHES, Large Box—6 for SOAP, Large Bars—P & G—7 For WESSON OIL—Pint EMBASSY SALAD DRESSING—Quart. 27c 25c 25c 23c ....23c Diner: " Do you serve crabs here?" Waiter: "We serve anyone, sit down." MEAL-Full Cream, 24 Lb. 49c LUX SOAP—4 Bars For 25c GREEN BEANS, No. 2 Can—Each He CATSUP, 14 oz. Bottle—2 For 25c MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE—1 Lb 29c CORN, Standard Brand—3 Cans 25c COUNTRY CLUB MIF K LARGE CAN—3 For 17c ITllLIV QMA1 T PAN 3c SMALL CAN My Position on the Salary Ad London has so far escaped earthquake shocks because it rests on a bed of soft clay, according to beliefs. There has been a good ojeal said about a county salary act. I want the people to know how I stand on this question. Two years ago the Hempstead County Taxpayers' League recommended the salaries of the various county officers, beginning August 1, 1932. I signed np and agreed to abide by this salary schedule, and have lived up to my agreement. Under this schedule, the salary of the assessor was fixed at $1800.00 a year, with $300.00 for necessary traveling expenses, which amounts in all to $175.00 a month; and this is all I have drawn since August 1, 1932. Under the law the assessor's salary is fixed at $3000.00 a year, or $250.00 a. month with expenses, and I could have drawn that amount, but I have lived up to my agreement and have drawn only $150.00 a month salary and $25.00 a month for traveling expenses, or $175.00 a month in all. Under this salary schedule as recommended by the League, the county clerk's salary was fixed at $1800.00 a year, with a salary of $1200.00 a year for his deputy, and $300.00 additional as long as he is required to make the tax books. It is my understanding that the Taxpayers' League met recently and adopted the same schedule as was adopted in 1932, and that this League proposes to initiate an act fixing the salaries of the county officers according to the 1932 schedule. I am willing and hereby agree, if I am elected clerk, to abide by said salary schedule and will only accept $1800.00 a year salary, with $300.00 additional as long as I am required to make the tax books, and that my deputy will receive $1200.00 a year, and this is all the salary I will accept, regardless of whether said act is initiated and adopted or not. John Ridgdill Candidate for County and Probate Clerk TEA, Wesco—'/ 2 Pound POTTED MEAT—2 Cans LUX FLAKES—Large Box MALT—Guest Brand BEANS, Country Club—1 Lb. Can .29c . 5c .22c ..59c .. 5c AVONDALE CHERRIES-NO. 2 can 2 for 25c APPLE SAUCE—No. 2 Can GINGER ALE—Large Bottle PICKLES, Sweet Mixed—32 oz. VIENNA SAUSAGE—Can RED SALMON—No. 2 Can .10c .10c .23c . 5c .19c Home Baked Ham—Lb. 49c 12ic Quality Chuck Roast Stew Meat Ground Beef Brisket Roast STEAKS-Rouncl or Loin-Lb. SUMMER SAUSAGE-Lb. LUNCH MEATS SPRINGERS-Each FRESH FISH-Lb. Jar Pickled Pig Feet-Each LAMB SMOKED BACON MAC. LOAF 1'IM. LOAF LIVER, CHEESE—LB. SHOULDER— Pound LEGS— Pound SWIFT'S VVOODLAWN— LB. 22c 35c lOc 10c ..."He 24c 16c

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