Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 20, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 20, 1937
Page 4
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PAGE f OUR HOPE STAft, HOPR ARKANSAS "Th* More You Tell, the Quicker You Sell" RATES Om time—2c wrrd, minimum 30c Three times—She word, luln. 50c Six times—fie word, minimum 90C One month (26 times)—18c word, minimum $2.79 Rates ate tot continuous Insertions only. In making word count, disregard classification name such as "For Kent," "*"or Sale," etc.—tliis Is tee. But each initial or niune, or complete telephone number, counts as a lull word. For example: FOR RENT—Three-room modem furnished apartment, with garage, dose In. Bargain. J.' V. Blank, phone 991'?. Total, 15 words, at 2c word, 3»c (at one time; at ilVac word, 53c for ibree times, etc. MUTE: All ^rders placed by telephone arc due and payable upon of. bill. PHONE 768 Male Help Wanted Reliable man or. woman, neat appearing, steady, to handle Watiuns rtute in Hope. Experience unnecessary, training given. Hustler can earn ?i5 to $3a weekly. Write WATKINS 1-RODtrCrS, 70-88 W. Iowa, Memphis, Tenn. W-llp J Services Offered Monday, September_20,_1937 _ Stamp Plumbing, Contracting, Repairing Thirty years experience H. R. Segnar 12U S. Hervey Phone 171W 5-4-t£ For Sale FOR SALE—Sto~ves, heaters, bedsteads, all kind used Furniture. Used .Furniture Co. 3rd and Hazel, Hope, Ark. " 15-26tc fOR SALE—132 foot frontage. North Washington. Cash or terms. £-ign on property. W. L. Nanny, Rt. 8, Box 520. Dallas, Texas 20-3tp FOR SALE— 200 bales of Bermuda and Joluison Grass hay at once, 12 and 15 cents. Tom Carrel's Mule Barn. 20-3tp , FOR SALE— Old newspapers, 5 cents per bundle. Hope Star. 27-26dh For Rent FOR RENT—Bedroom adjoining bath with continuous hot water. Phone 664-W. 18-3tp Wanted to Trade FOR TRADE—Young Jersey cows coming fresh, some giving milk, will trade for yearlings see J. L. Anderson. Hope Route 1. 18-3tp FOR RENT'— Furnished or unfurnished apartment private baths. utilities paid. Also sleeping rooms. 413 South Main. 18-3tp pRESENT plans of the Postofflce 1 Department indicate that full information regarding each of the tour territorial stamps will be released simultaneously. The first two of the forthcoming series will be those of Hawaii and Alaska. One will come out in late September and one in October. Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands stamps will follow before 1938. * * * Guatemala will release four hew airmail stamps on Nov. 1 in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the signing of the U. S. Constitution. Previously, Venezuela, Honduras, Argentina and France had announced similar special issues. * * * Stamp collectors will not see the general reproduction of U. S. issues in black and "white at least until another session of Congress, since the last session failed to pass the Hayden-Duffey bill legalizing such, illustrations for use in catalogs, newspapers and magazines. The measure passed the Senate in the rush before adjournment but failed of House approval,. * * * First day sale of the 10-cent souvenir sheet at Asheville, N. C., and at Washington totaled 2,290,954 stamps, or far in excess of the original order of 2,000,000. As a result the printing order lias been increased to 5,000,000. Total first day sales aggregated $229,000. v * * .* Interesting non-technical' book just out, of interest to philatelists, is "Lost Covers" (Random House, $2). • Written by Edna Turpin, this is the story of a Richmond family of Civil War days and the search for a valuable stamp issue. (Copyright, 1937. NEA Service, Inc.) NEXT: Who U known as the "champion of Spanish labor"? 18 The Eperor Nero was fond of playing a pipe organ operated by water power. The hydraulic organ continued in use for many centuries after Nerc's reign, bellows being introduced in the Middle Ages. Wanted SCRAP IRON WANTED Any Kind, any Quantity WE ARE PAYING 35c cwt—?7.00 TON Certified weighing scales at our yard No charge for weighing P. A. LEWIS MOTOR CO. 304 E. Second St Hope, Ark. 28-26tc HIGHEST PRICES PAID For old Batteries, Radiators, Metals of all kinds. Old Tires, Sacks and Rags. P. A. LEWIS MOTOR CO. 304 E. Second St. Hope, Ark. 23-2Gtc WE BUY SCRAP IRON . We are-paying 35c cwt. or J7.00 ton. "We weigh on oil mill scales which re certified. No charge for weighing. Also—we buy radiators and metals of all kinds. CCX-CASSIDY FOUNDRY & MACHINE CO Laurel St. Hope, Ark. Legal Notice WARNING ORDER In the municipal Court of Hope, Hcmp.stead County, Arkansas. Johnny Moore Plaintiff vs. E. V. Abcrnathy, Jack Abernathy Defendants The defendants, E. V. Abernathy and Jack Abernathy, are warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of plaintiff, Johnny Moore. Witness my hand and the seal of this Court on this the 30th day of August, 1937. . ANNIE JEAN WALKER (Seal) Municipal Clerk. Aug. 30-Sept. 6-13-20. Last Century Soldier HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured warrior, Giuseppe 9 He was a native of . 14 Foretoken. 15 Balance. 17 Great lake. 18 To devour. 19 Savory moat jelly. 20 To hasten. 21 Those who ruin others 23 Slenderer. 26 Like. £P Particles. 31 To. 35 Vestige. 36 Parrot fish. 37 Devoured. 38 Tooth incrustation. 39 Preposition. 40 In sleep. 45 Grass blades. 49 Bitter herb. 50 Recipient. Answer to Previous Puzzle 52 Doves' cries. 54 Black haw. 55 Apportioned. 56 Nimbus. 57 This fought to free Italy. 58 He was a by belief. VERTICAL 1 To depart. 2 Last word of a prayer. 3 To peruse. 4 In. 5 Armadillo. 6 Opposed to gain. 7 To immerse. 8 Cow-headed goddess. 10 Word. 11 Cuckoopjnt. 12 Row. 13 You. 1G Splendor. 21 He helped achieve a Italy. 22 Perfume. 24 To separate from others. 25 To dart again. 28 English coin. 29 To make lace. 30 War flyer. 32 Strife. 33 Social insect 34 Inlet. 38 Rabbit. 40 In the style of 41 Carbon in smoke. ' 42 To ogle'. 43 Taro root. 44 Bard. 45 To barter. 46 Pain. 47 To bellow. 48 East Indian plant. 49 Venomous snake. 51 North America. 53 Sun. II 50 11 ia '•52 OUR BOARDING HOUSE HP" •^T UMF-'F'-" YES, fcdAt?/ THERE ARE ENTIRELY TOO MAMY TRIVIAL THINGS MYSTERIOUSLY PISAPPEARING IklTHIS HOUSE- HAR-R-UMPH «•»••-• THIS IS MY LATEST IMVEMTIOM ~~A BUR<SLAR PROOF TIE RACK THAT I AM >MSTALLIM<3 IM MY ROOM~— THIS LEVER LOCKS POWM AMP CLIMCHE.S THE CRAVAT ~THE LEVER 15 UNLOCKED BY MEANS OF A KEY THAT IS CARRIED IM THE POCKET-— 1-M-*- AM EXCELLENT IPEA / with .... Major Hooplc VEH ! FOR TH' REST OF us/ siMce you LOST THAT OL.O STRIPED STRIP OR SATlM THAT'S BEEJsJ e PANJ<3UM<3 UMOEP, YOUR "THREE £HIWS FOP. TH 1 PAST TEM YEARS, X'LL GIVE YOU AM ORDER TO P-UT O(OE IM MY STALL BEFORE YOU STAGE A RAID OM MY SUPPLY//- TH'OMLYTIME I GET SPOTS OM MY TIES IS AFTER ONS OF HIS CHOWDER PARTIES AT TH \ OWLS CLUB/. • 1 / • s/rs ^ ftlt,C<, OUT OUR WAY ,9-20 HVBO .T. M. MO. U. 8..PAT,' ®WE IDEA THE ' BOYS OKAY= / OH, THAT f WOW'T HURT HIM-ALL MIPS T£Y TO IMITATE THEIR HEEOES, BUT 3OOM eT OVEE. IT- WELL, JUST T£LL \ ME WHO THE, FAMOUS \ PITCHER. IS WHO \ WALKS AMD LOOKS \ LIKE. THIS-I WAMT , TO WRITE HIM A / LETTER 6EFOR.E HE / CRIPPLES HALF THE KIDS Ik) THE TOWM. By WILLIAMS , — _ WHY MOTHERS GET 6£AY. 1 M KIG U 5 PAT Of r. q-2.0 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Not a Bad Idea By MARTIN ALLEY OOP w^pi SOLLY, A Bad Break for Ooola By HAMLIN VEH, AN 1 WMO WUZ TH' GIRL JOLLY, 1 < HE AM' THAT OTHER GUV FI6GER\WHAT\ \NLIt CHA5IM'-AN' WHO WUZ. TH' FELLA THAT RUWMlW AROUND OUT HERE IN TH' MIDDLE OF TH MI6HT WOULPN'T COUMT OM IT-C'MOW-LE'S.UJG IM IM TMOO-WE CAW LEAVE 'IM LAYINJ' WASH TUBBS Worse and More of It MEANWHILE. FOOZY'5 COMPANION, UWAWARE OP FOOZ.y'5 FATE, CONTINUES HIS PURSUIT OF THE FLEET-FOOTEP 6IE.L — BUT A TRAIL!M6 VINE NO RESPECTED OF NIM&LE FEET. By CRANE LET THIS BE A LESSON! ANY MORE. TROUBLE, YOU FLEA-BITTEN BUZZARDS, AND I'LL BAT THE EARS OPFA AIX.OF YOU. 6OTTA SHOW 'EM WHO'S THE BOSS. AN HOUR PASSES. TOM TOMS BEGIN n TO BOOM. BLOWG'UNS ARE SNATCHED FROM HIPIN6 PLACES. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ULLENL-/, THE INPIANS PICK UP THEIR LEADER A.MD WSAPPEAR (MTO THE BRUSH. Trail's Getting Hot SAWMILL BURSTS INTO FLAMES. COPR. 1937 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. V. PAT. OFF By BLOSSEK SSIE: HAS DISAPPEARED, AND TAG IS BEING 3 USED AS A TRAILER BECAUSE: TAG AMD OSS-IE THINK IN THE: SAME: TERMS'.... ALL RIGHT..... AFTER HAVING A SODA., WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DOWE? FRANKLY, I THINk THE SODA BUSINESS WAS JUST A <3A<3 IT WASN'T SUCH A BAD IDEA THO ! : AFTER THE SODA j j OSSIE PF50BABLY ! vVENT DOWhJ TD THE #\ 3IVEF9...A GUY WOULD LIVE A LOMQ TIME OW BERfTETS AuOMEy DOWM THERE ?B'SIDE£ HB COULD SWIM^ ^ TOO,' You CAM a AMD THAT'S WHERE OLD MAN HUBBARD TIES HIS GOAT... AM' GOAT'S MIU< S AWFUL GOOD / ATTE . MD|hJG IF-VOU'RE / SCHOOL' HUMGRV ? OP fi BET WE'LL FIND OSSIE • 'S'OLD MAW HUBBARD^WEWT SLEEF'INCS OFF FOUR QUARTS ) "TC> THE CUPBOARD....TO FIWD HIS POOR GOAT ,<» AS DRY AS A BONE .' OF MILK ! THIS GOAT DRY J HE'S BEEN HERE, ALL RIGHT .' MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE . COPR. 1«37 BY UEA SERVIC Looking for New Fields By THOMPSON AND COLL AYSA WOETH, SPECIAL MUeSE, WO6KIW6 WITH PE7ECTIVE oACK LAI-IE, H£B SWE1TT- HEAtTT/ AMD PC. JASOM, HAS, JUST SOLVE P THE 1WO A&ANDOWEP BABIES..., AMD TOPAY WE FIMP HEE W A HO&PITAL OFFICE TAUKIM& TO WELL, J/M... WOW THAT BOTH "THE BABIES HAVE A HOME, AND STEAIOHTEMED OUT, JUST WHAT AEE VOUE PLAMS? JVE SEMT A WlCE TO PE. EMIL VAM BODEM, IM MEW LK MVCA- >T" VOM BODEM? ISN'T HE THE PAMOU6, CE/MIMOL- OulST FROM AUSTCIA? VES- THAT'S WMEE& I MET HIM yEAR-S AGO. PEEFOCMED eOV^E. STAC'I- L/WC5 EX PEE I- MEMTS TO REMOVE CEIMIMAL V.TENDEMCIE5. /AJD I (2ATMEE HOPED HE'P ALLOW ME. TO STOP/ >-H~~i MET HOP=>. IT'5 A SUBJECT OF OCEAT IWTFCEST TO ME. - THAT PO£S aOUMD INTE E'STIMi-n-' JUST A MOMEMT - THERE'S THE, 'HELLO/ 'THIS is £MIL VOM BODEM CALLIMo FCOM MEW YOCK. I'D LIHE TO , r-PEAK, PLEASP, WIIH PIC JA'rOM. ^ WEIL BE SEEING LOTS A1OKE OF 7W/S f

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