Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 20, 1934 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 20, 1934
Page 5
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Friday, My 20,1934 '^aasat^rt^T^-ts-s.-- SOPS STA&, HOPE, -Aftft ANSA3 Blevins Mf. ami Mrs. 3. H, Pnrnrll nnd child ron nnd Miss DLnlsy Bonds, nil <i r Shreveporl are the guests of Mr, and Mrs. C. A. S. Bunds. Miss Vera Dale McGchee of Hot Springs is the guest of Miss lono Ar_ rington this week, • Mr. and Mrs. Hex Taylor nnd dnu- ghter of Houston, Texas are visiting their mother, Mrs. Aimustn Taylor. Miss Qlndys MoDougald of Washington, n. C. is vislin gnf ton, D. C. is visiting her sister, Mrs. Mont Harris and family. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Cooper of Prescon wore week end guests of Mr. und Mrs. W. E. Austin. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Wndo were {shopping in Prcscott Saturday. A protracted mooting wil begin at the Blevins Church of Christ. Sunday.' Bro. O. E. Phillips of Abilene, Texas will do the preaching. Every one is cordially invited to attend. Tom Knnpp of Little Rock was a Week end guest of Mr. nnd Mrs. Marion T. Ward. Miss Marie Ward spent Wednesday and Thursday of last wed: visiting friends in Precott. Mises Churline Stewart and Dorothy Stewart of Prcscoll were the Wedncs. day guests of Mr. and Mrs. Tom J. Stewart. Mr. and Mrs-. Ed Lavender,, Homer Lavender of Hope and Mr. anr Mrs. Sylvester Honcn and children of Pres. cott wer (he week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Austin. Misses Marie Clark and Edna Sharp Messrs Lyal Bruce and Joe Covington were the week end guests of J. J. Bruce, and family. Mr. and Mrs. Hiircy Nolen and their JLook Young With Melio-glo Beautiful women, admired for youthful : complexions, use MELLO-GLO, the new wonderful French process face- powder. Purest and smoothest powder known. Stays on longer. No flaky or pasty look. No grime or grit. Prevents large pores and never smarts or feels dry. Blends naturally CiLO. SOc and SI, children and Mrs. B. H. Nolen nil of Tuscon, Ari/onn are here on nn extended visit with relatives nnd friends. MI-K. Jack Foster nnd children, Mrs. Perry Smith and Miss Mary Sue Smith left for their home in Tuscon, Arizona Sunday. Mrs. Jim Brooks Is spending this weok with her duaghler Mrs. Arthus Sewell nnil Mr. Sewell in the Sweet Homo community. Mrs. Mont Harris and Mr. and Mrs. Wcss Hrndrix worr shopping in Hope Friday. Mr. and Mry. Claud Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. Garland Bni.'ey all of Rosston were the week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bailey. Mr. and Mrs. Corner Ames, Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Bruce and children were Sunday guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. Jack Bonds. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Cheaves of Tul- su, Okla.. are visiting relatives and friends in and near Blevins. Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Bonds and Miss Mary Bonds spent Tuesday in Hope. Bro. S. E. Sherrils of Bcnlori will begin a meeting at the Sweet Home church on the third Sunoday in August. Everyone is invited to attend these services. J. A. Wade and W. U. Wade were attending to business in Prescolt on Tuesday. Mr. nnd Mrs. Bryce Taylor and son James Perry, returned to their home in Pyotte, Texas Monday. 'Pretty Boy' Floyd's Son on Stage KlTCH Sour Cream Finds Many Good Uses In Peach Prices BY MARE E. DAGUE NKA Staff Service Writer Wo liavi' all been through the unpleasant experience of finding thai the :rc:im has ':'turned 1 and can't be used tor the breakfast cereal. But this same sour cream which seemed such a tragedy at 7:30 can be turned into a real PITTSBURGH: Clear GB. Arrived 1 Ga.. on (rock 11 cars. Supplies moderate, demand moderate, market about steady. Ga 'A bu basket Hileys 2 in min 1:15 to 1.25, 1 7-8 in min 1.10 to 1.15, 1 .1.4 in min 90c to 1.00, few 1.1(1; 1 5-8 in min 75c to 80c. Bu basket* 2 in min 1.75, 1 3-4 in min best 1.25 to 1.5C, poor coidition low as 50c. CINCINNATI: Cloudy 74 Arrived 1 Ga. oft truck 26 cars. Supplise liberal, demand slow, market unsettled. Ga. Hileys ',4 rni baskets 2 1.4 in min 1.15 to 1.25, 2 in min 1.00; 1 7.8 in min 85c tc 90c, poorer, all sizes as low as 40c bu baskets 2 1-4 in min 2.75, 2 in min 2.40. Elbertas bu baskets, 1 3-4 in min J2.00. CHICAGO: Raining, 75, Arrived 4 Celiif, I Ga, on track 40 cars. Supplies liberal, demand and trading slow, market about steady. Ga. 14 bu bas. kets Hileys 1 7-8 in min fair quality and condition G5c to 75c, showing decay 35c to 40c; 1 3.4 in min 50c to 90c, few fine quality high color 1.00 to t.25, showing decay 35 to 40c; 1 5.8 in min few sales mostly around 50c, high color 65c to 75e, bu baskets 1 3-4 in min to 1 7-8 in min showing decay 75c to 1.00. KANSAS CITc: Coludy 90. Arrived 8 Calif., diverted 3, on track 16 cars. Truck receipts light, supplies light, demand very slow, market dull. Ark cbu . baskets US No. 1 Fair Beautys j 2 in min fair condition 75c to 1.00, few bets-1.10 to 1.25. Ga Hileys bu' i baskets 1 3.4 in min few 1.2S. HARRY asas Foreign Sires Driving Brothers Jnln American It Pays to Buy Quality Groceries Hot Weather Specials Saturday SALAD DRESSING NICE LARGE HEADS—EACH QUART JAB 6c JELLO BANANAS ALL FLAVORS— PACKAGE 3 Lbs. 17c SUNSHINE Vanilla Wafers Del Monte PEACHES FiiniHr She LAKGK CAN 20c 17c Kellogg's Corn Flakes MiLK(PetorLibby's) PACKAGE 7c 3 Small Cans....lOc 3 Large Cans....l9c Ice Cream Powder Ice Cream Salt—10 All Flavors 0 Pkgs. POUND SACK 15c Grape J Ging uice Ale WELCH'S—QUART BOTTLE LAKGi: HOTTLE 2 For 35c 25c Lipton's Tea— \ lb pkg (ioilclU'.UX LIJ. CLOTH BAG 21 c 56c FLOUR-48 LB. SACK GOIJ)KN 1'UFF MEAL-Climax 24 Lb. Sack SOc -MARKET SPECIALS- HAMS KNI) CUTS—5 to 7 Lh.—POUND 12ic Decker's iowana Box Bacon, lb 25c BEEF ROAST 3 Ibs 25c SWISS CHEES&-Lb. 29c PORK ROAST-Lb. 12fc PORK CHOPS-Lb. He- Decker's Smoked C.S. Sausage, lb 19c Cashing in.on the notoriety of his father, "PreUy Boy" Fibj-d, the 9-year-old son of tho Oklahoma outlaw, Charles Dempsoy Floyd,.Is shown here with hfs mother at Oklahoma City as he arranged to start a stage tour, appearing with a film exposing modern rackets. The proceeds are to be used for tho boy's education, his mother says. asset at 9 if you use it right. Cakes and cookies for instance, made with sour cream have unusual delicacy of flavor and perfection of mixture. Foreign cooks use in soups and meat Fauces, salad dressings, cake fillings and frostings. Almost any course in the meal gains richness and flavor by the addition of sour cream. j Very little additional shortening is I required when sour cream is used in I cakes and cookies. There are two grades of sour cream and these two grades are sweet and heavy. Measure Soda Carefully On souring, the light cream separates into two layers. The fat rises to the lop and the milk which was left in the cream settles to the bottom. If the cream is skimmed from the top it is the same as heavy cream, but if the top and bottom are stirred to geth- er the result is less rich and some other shortening is needed. Remember the one-half teaspoon ol soda is used with one cup of sour cream and be careful to measure. i curutely. The amount of baking powder ordinarily used is reduced one- half. Heavy, solid cream is used to make pies orf tart fillings, sour cream frosting and some salad dressings. Quick bread, cookies and puddings of cake- like texture can be made of light cream with a small amount of additional shortening. Tomorrow's Menu BREAKFAST: Baked sweet ap- i pies, cereal, cream, cinnamon toast, milk, coffee. j LUNCHEON: Tomatoes stuffed I with corn and poppers, cheese bis- ! cuits, watermelon cones, milk, tea. | DINNER: Salmon loaf, creamed wax beans, cucumber and lettlce salad, sour cream blueberry pie, milk, coffee. Sour cream salad dressing is especially good with fruit salads and keeps well. Sour Cream Salad Dressing Two tablespoonful melted butter, 1 tablespoon flour, \j> teaspoon salt, 2 tablespoons sugar, Vi teaspoon celery salt 1-8 teaspoon paprica, few grains cinnamon, 2 drops vanilla, 4 tablespoons lemon juice, 2 tablespoons vinegar, 1 tablespoon water, yolks of two eggs, l k cup heavy sour cream. Mix and sift t'liur, salt, cinnamon, sugar, celery salt and paprica. Add to melted butter and stir thoroughly until blended. Stir in lemon juice, vinegar and wafer. Cook and slir over a low fire until thick and tsmooth. Remove from fire and stir in yolks of eggs. Let cool, chill cream and whip until firm. Add with vanilla to cooled mixture. These seasonings, carefully selected and blended make a salad dressing for fruits. Tho omission of cinnamon and vunilla and the addition of onion juice jind mustard produce dressing for use with vegetables' and meats. For a copy of Sister Mary's new volume, "50 Desserts" send 10 cents to Special Service Bureau, Room 305, 461 Eighth Ave., New York, N. Y. Union Mr. and Mrs. Bud Fincher were Saturday night and Sunday guests of Mr. und Mrs. Lester Lee. We are sorry to know that Mrs. Daniel Copeland is sick; we hope she will soon recover. Grandpa and Grandma Fusion of Waco. Texas are visiting their son O. Z. Fusion and family. Miss Bsatrice Carlton spent last week at her uncle Lois Lee's. Prof. Stafford of Hope began a sing, ing school at Bodcaw Sunday. Bro. Chris Barham wil begin a few days meeting at this place Saturday. He will bo assisted by Bro. Johnnie Jackson. Mrs. Mildred Snodgrass and little daughter of southern Texas are visiting friends and relatives here and near Sutton. Mrs. Birdie Smythe und daughters visited Saturday evening at Mrs. Ar_ thur Mattison's . Maggie Carlton visited Mrs. A. Z. Fusion Monday afternoon. Misses Anna Lou and Wilma Davis of Hope are visiting their uncl u Chas. Carlton this week. The first Diesel powered car to appear in an Indianapolis speedawy clas. sic covered the 500 miles in 1931 on 31 gallons of fuel at an average speed of more than 86 miles an hour. Not until the final year of the World war did China take an active interest in aircraft construction The- Naval Air Establishment, under the supervision of the Chinese Navy, wa;; created in 1918 with headquarters at Foo- chow. NEW YORK— Whatever the answer, foreign sires of running horses are at present driving their American brothers into eclipse. Breeders now cannot afford to overloo kthe achievements O/ certain progenitors of foreign birth. Sir Gallahad III, for example, the French stallion that got Gallant Fox, High Quest and many an other good one, such ;>.s Gallant Sir, Happy Gal, and Sir Thomas. Foreign-bred horses or horses by foreign sires, have fastened virtually a choke hold on American racing. Tho great line of Fair Play appears to be the lone American strain able to stay, up with the outlanders. From thir line came Peace Chance, Discovery and Mata Hari. Until recently foreign tags meant little to American horsemen. They recalled Challenger II and Papyrus, and tho efforts on this side of the French animal, Epinard. They remembered that save f 0 r Bonnie Scotland. Australian and Eclipse— all imported during the Civil war period— no foreign stallions had been able to found an enduring line. Bear Foreign Trade Marks But things have changed, > for instance Calvacade, English bred, although he was born in this country, is the dominating factor in present ii-year-old racing. Possibly next best is Peace Chance. But the veteran New York handicapper, W. S. Vosburg, thought enough of Cavalcade's stable- mate, High Quest, to handicap him higher than the mighty Equipoise. Singing Wood, the sprinter that captured the world's richest event, the ure, $2600, and his own IfitertSstfi known general or, Teddy, at Chicle hits his Bgri, WhicrRHifS list, both standing at $ttW. Depending- on Britons claim the stallions arc not their best, and Ms often, 'he case. Anvirican-j contend that foreign . being of poplar strains are given,?100,000 Belmoni Futurity last Sepl.- M'-O^ert American marcB, and that'tlp ember and the Queens county handicap and the cherished Withers (his Reason, is by the imported Royel Minstrel. As a matter of fact, the first three to finish in the Bslmons Futurity were by aliens. Among them Cavalcade, Ringing Wood and High Quest 'already have garnered close lo ¥250,000. Bazaar. Die filly which captured last ycar'r rich Hopeful and other slakes, was, as was Cavlacade. imported utero" fr 0 m Old Albion. Starting with Reign Count a representative list of 15 great, or near great horses of tho past few years includes Equipoise, Twenty Grand, Gallant Fox. Sun B?au, "whichono, Cavalcade, High Quest, Mate, Burgoo King, Peace Chance, W-ir Glory. Dark Focret. Gallant Knipht and Gallant Sir. Ten 0f these arc by foreign procreators, only. Equipoise, Burgoo King. Peace Chance. Dark Secret and War GJcry being American bred. Locking over the list of mares, rjiie might name Tred Avon, Top Flight, M'ata Han, and one or two others. Tred Avon was by the imported Sir Greyslcel; Top Flight by,,the 'imported Dis Done. Man o' War Still Tops Nineteen stallions are standing in the United Slates at n published price or stud fee, of S1000 or more. Man o' War, hold at private contract, and the mported Sun Briar are-tops at S5000. Eight of the 19 are imported, and tun Briar has two of .his- .dff-spring on the list, Sir Beaut at ?3000 and Pompey at $1000. Sir Gallahad III was Gallant Fox standing f|t 'hisi-own fig- American mares make the reputa(Io| * cf (he English stallions. ' Whatever (he reason Artietfe ii hr-f-cden: arc- no longer wont td nind tho British hcree in scorn. fiinrje becr-ming an independent sfflfc in 1831. Belgium has had but kings. An automatic welder which sews sleel automobile bodies, just as a sewing machine sews two pieces of cloth, is being utilized rn the production of a popular make of automobile. A "remote control" oil drain plug! which has a control button located conveniently under Ihe hood does away with the necessity cf crowling under the car "GOBS" of Ice Cream 5c ;fc ' - .."!.- - -' •-•.-• ' ;Made-Rite Ice Cream Pint 15c Eriant's Drug Store guaranteed RADIO SERVICE Hempstead Co. Lbr. Co. HOYT ANDRES Phone 89 GYPSY C'RE'A'M For SUNBURN Heat Rash, Ivy Poison, Moth Itch and other Superficial Irritations. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The REXALL Store" Hope, Ark. Established 1885 WWAT WOULD POR*VpUJ That's Exactly What You! Should Insure It For j I When you save money, 1 you put it in the bank for; protection. Your home is : also your savings—protect' it FULLY with insurance.! IWANDi^ONtCO. |O COMPUTE INSUPANCEsHMrt ffi Phone 8IO ^* Hope, Arkansas The new airmail map as concetVi by (lie Postoffice Hoparlment wijl ccver 28.548 miles, an increase of mile." over the distance flown befolj cancellation of the contracts. Camouflag artists in the States Army Air Corps are busHyfiri '- gaged in devising new ways for hi^ * int.; a plane from an enemy. Pilots 11 Ri-.ndclph Field, Texas have been & inn a plane camouflaged to reSembl i the mesquitc and sagebrush of til i surrounding coutryside. • t Insects are the filthieBt, most dangerous things that get into your home. They cause more deaths J than all the accidents. combined. Demand " tho genuine FLY-TO X KILL FLI£5 8 < A WEEK It's just about as reasonable to try and do the Louvre in Paris in one day without a guide as it is to try to shop-and-save in Hope without the Hope Star Ads to steer you right. Sore feet and a headache in one case—sore feet and an empty pocketbook in the other. And nothing to show for your trouble but a buch of odds and ends. Hope Star Ads guide you to what you want to buy, where you want to buy it, at the price you want to pay. If they didn't do jusl that those ads wouldn't be in this newspaper in the first place. For your desires, after all, aren't so very different from those of other value-wise Hope women. And most all of them read the Hope Star. You'll save time, steps, temper and money if you let the Hope Star help you on every shopping trip. Hope

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